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rice discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable cities on al jazeera ah. ready this is al jazeera. oh hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news our live from doha. coming up with an act, 60 minutes police in saddam use tear gas against anti military protesters, adding to the presidential palace demanding a full civilian government. united states ones, russia against aggression in eastern ukraine. russia says any nato forces in the region would cross a red line. far right french television, host and politician at exec more announces he's going to run for president with a video attacking immigration. and the u. s. removed columbia as former falk rebels from its list of terrorist organizations. 5 years after the group signed
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a piece deal. i'm given us sweet spot live from our special studio. hey, on the wall to find in day off on day one of the fee for our company. ah, we're going to begin this news are in sudan for anti military protesters are outside the presidential palace in call to the pro democracy movements rejected. last week's agreement with the military, which so abdullah, hum dog reinstated as prime minister, the protesters want changes to that deal earlier. security forces far tear gas. to break up, the crowds. sudanese authorities released the last group group of political detainees on tuesday. march, as it is haber, morgan's joining us live now from the capital autumn. hey, by any hopes that the military might have had that putting abdullah conduct back in his prime minister was going to solve the problem of the process seem to not be
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working at the moment. you can add that agreement that was fine with you can, military and harmony in november. amount of clear douglas cried that hasn't solve them continue to gather gatherings for a few hours. now concluding that that agreement saying that they've been demanding that could be no negotiation. and no compromise unknown with a given to the military. and but i'm going to have the finding that agreement on november 24th. that is what he has done. and so they're now coming out again as well. the army and the military and the prime minister. when he was reinstated, were saying that people should wait to see what they could deliver, what the military and the prime minister was able to put in place as a step forward towards democracy. but it looks as though people's patience is
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beginning to run out. yes. now people say that they don't want, i did in the 1st place, they wanted a complete civilian government. and the fact that the with the military that is against their demand. so even the fact that prime minister has to have a government effect civilians with no political affiliation, any party at all, that hasn't appease the 3, even the fact that he has met the director general of the police has been accused of using violent and brutal force against the processes with at least 43 killed, even that hasn't appeased processes as well. continue to come out and demand that the military part or some civilian room have a thanks very much. and he does have a morgan talking to us from how to or uganda as long as cross border airstrikes against the on group allied democratic forces in democratic republic of congo. and uganda grant ships have entered the colonies. problems of benny as part of an
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agreement with the government comes weeks after 3 suicide bomber taxing kampala killed several people. you've got an authority, blame adf for the bombing smoke on webs. following developments from nairobi, the gun to army spokesman treated that it was a joint operation which the con, release government initially denied. but have since a knowledge that you can deny the spokes and said this began with uganda and warplanes and artillery firing into eastern conger attacking faces of the allied democratic forces who i've use as you said, you've gotten the government, blame them for those 3 suicide bombings in uganda, capital camp out i just 2 weeks ago. but we've heard from companies military sources that this intervention has been planned for weeks before that the iowa democratic forces. they originate from uganda in the 19 ninety's. but you got in the military at that time pushed them into eastern kong, aware, ever since they've had substantial business interest in cocoa timber,
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some of the minerals in the area. and in and recent years, they've been responsible for a series of brutal math because of civilians in and around the town of benny. and more recently to the north in to re province as well. you got in the military says that it's now pursuing them in eastern congo to defend its own its own territory, following those attacks income, part of which it did blame the adf. all these embodied democratic republic of congo has seen a conflict which has lasted years. the allied democratic forces, or adf, is an affiliate of isom in central africa. it was formed in the 1900 ninety's against the government of uganda. a long time president, you are the most of any, after several years, you've got the forces drove out beyond group, which then went into neighboring democratic republic of congo. the adf began its attacks against the congress military in 2013. it's blamed for thousands of deaths in the region. a lot of vines is director of the africa program, a chat, and then he explains the reason behind uganda's military offensive. the adf is
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a car issue for the you got to government the attack on november, the 18th was the 3rd attacked by this group and uganda, uganda air force. they're also looking what they've also launched long range of hillary as well as sending some some, some units to pursue the idea. they have claimed responsibility for the 3 types in uganda. since october, the 8. initially there was this report that this, there was a joint intelligence sharing and operations together with the democratic republic home, the government to dfcs ortiz in contrast, now denied. so there's a history here because of course you got to did invade the d. c. and politically, this is not necessary, but the greatest thing for the construct government to say that they working with one of the neighboring states and this way. but the reality is, the adf is
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a vicious group. it's been very operational in eastern congo, killing thousands of people over the years since it was properly pushed out by the you got into a government. it's read about uganda. and its focus is mostly about uganda, even though it has claimed affiliation to islamic state. funding bar had the needs are including iran, see the solvers for 2015 nuclear deal as representatives from the signature countries meet. we're going to have more and what's going on in vienna. and in sports we'll get some of the late drama on day one of the fee for that's coming up with gemma. ah, the us secretary of state says any russian aggression in ukraine will trigger serious consequences to the blanket is attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers. to discuss the build up of russian troops and
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ukraine's border. sees far monitors say there's been a significant increase in fighting between russian back separatists and the ukrainian military. any escal tore actions by russia would be of great concern to the united states as they would lafayette, and any renewed aggression would trigger serious consequences. we are very concerned about the movements we seen along ukraine's border. we know that russia often combines those efforts with internal efforts to destabilize a country, you know, the chinese in riga, when nato foreign ministers meeting. in fact, we are seeing a more press in subject. now the, today on russia, they've been mentioned by almost every one of the ministers here, especially the secretary general of the need to yonce, told him better. and as well as the secretary of state of the united states. antony blinking is also been what fulton bank said would be a heavy price for russia to pay if it continues to build up military force on the
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ukraine eastern borders. and they have mentioned also that the nato, in all of its activities, either the military buildup of the, of the nature in eastern europe or both in the baltic and black seas. it's only for the purpose of dependency mentioned that that a few times actually both in his doorstep and also in his statement during the riga security summit. so this issue of how to deal with this build up. it was mentioned by both part is the u. s. and the nato on as well. they is also the idea of what to do if the, if russia actually gets involved in ukraine, once again, sold him back, said that all that's been happening from the side of the nato is just a reaction. and it's not intended to actually invoke any conflict with actually to detect any conflict. and that's what's been mentioned so far run in smith has moved
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from moscow and rushes reaction to the allegations from nato. thought him booting says that russia has read lines. one of those red lines is the deployment of certain offensive. what it calls offensive missile capabilities on ukrainian soil is the sort of missiles that could hit deep into russian territory. and foreign minister survey, lovegrove, he says that they are concerned about ukrainian military move maneuvers in the east of ukraine on the use of drones. and this is in areas occupied by russian fact separatists, it reviews it, views those actions in that part of the ukraine as a threat. and russia says he's ready to respond militarily, if necessary. sure, this is the you 3 move this up. it is posing a direct threat to russia. security president putin spoke about it and expanded panel of our meeting on november 18. he stressed that we don't need conflicts,
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but if the vest cannot hold back ukraine. now, on the contrary, encourages it will take all the necessary steps to ensure our security. now you could look at rushes, acts and actions in this context, and that is in april we saw a very similar scenario playing out large build up of troops on the ukrainian border on a month or so. later after this happened, the white house says the present joe biden is preparing for some meeting. we vladimir putin now, a few days ago, russia, the kremlin here says that it is hoping for a meeting with joe biden, either before the end of the year or early in 2022 and has been talking to the americans about the white house says it her, it's heard nothing about plans for a summit meeting, but it admits it is its officials are holding talks with russian officials about ukraine, which i'll start for is johnny as life from the city of christian to nice in eastern ukraine. charles, you've been to the frontline tell us what it's like there or
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yes, we are on the front line and suddenly a couple of times since we have been here, we spent the night with ukrainian forces and on the front line they nervous about what they perceive as being a very real and potential threat from russian force is that huge troop build up. we're talking about. because as we heard, bernard say the russians denying and have from the get go. that there is any plan for an invasion. just interested me on a political level, the ukrainian foreign minister to metro co labor saying that the situation was increasingly grim. we know that ukraine is doing all they can to try and galvanize as much support amongst their nato friends or something that is very much riling the russians. collabo sang that term. there was no strong evidence yet of any invasion. and, but he also recognized, according to him that he thinks that sir,
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this kind of plan is certainly on the table, potentially for russia, if those kind of red lines and are crossed. and meanwhile, the people that you speak to on the ground in it around the conflict zone are fundamentally tired and, and increasingly angry with the leadership here, 7 and a half years of this conflict. and they wanted to end. and the kind of political stalemate that we're watching at the moment does not bode well for any kind of real settlement in the near future. and as you say, we were on the front line a couple of nights ago. we spent the entire night there. and this is what we found pouring rain and pitch black. this is a frontline trench in east of ukraine. we follow ukrainian army soldier who leads us along the path with mud. filming using night vision,
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trenches like these that snake hundreds of kilometers across a conflict zone, in which more than 14000 people been killed. you sound that machine gun barrel echoes through the blackness. so in the last 10 minutes, sounds like a lot more smooth homes are coming from the direction of done yet can't hold. the commanders taking us up to a fordable lation post that is a lot closer to separatist positions. we reach the observation post with 3 soldiers stand in the cold. they are nervous until us to keep our voices down because of the enemy is close in the per say, oak up a little music newsletter. it's sporadic shooting from both sides because we can't see anything even using the night vision. nathan to loosen loop of when we say
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shooting, we mean shooting is no man's land at no particular target. but it's important to prevent reconnaissance. teams taken advantage of the fog and rain visibility 0. i can vertical. i recommend you leave this place now. the canteen, a small but well stalked, 23 year old rome of joined the ukrainian army 6 months ago, was trained by the u. kay's royal lancers. as part of nato's mission to defend ukraine against what it says is russian aggression, numbness group just admits. we have a lot of things to improve on. the trainers had great combat experience, so we learnt a lot from them. i joined the army because of the injustice on woodson and our people are forgetting there's a war going on in our country. the designer we alleged down into one of the dog else sleeping quarters, warm and quiet. soldiers grab what sleep they can before their shift starts again. this soldier who doesn't want to identify himself. he says he had friends who
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joined the russian back separatists fighting the government, the other than your boys who i don't think about it. i don't feel anything. i'm a soldier and i have a task to do regardless whether it's someone i know he's now the enemy. all relations are lost. reconciliation will take generations. these people have crossed red lines and so what kind of friendly relationship could there now be? early morning light reveals trees in the foggy gloom. the rain has stopped. soldiers discuss the night's events and plan, looking out across the conflict, broken landscape for an enemy with no doubt equal convictions. who say they also have a right to fight? so according to monitors are. busy trying to monitor, they cease fire violations. they're saying that sir, it's been a very real escalation since this reported truit build up on the russian side of the border. and there were reports today from the ukrainian military. they saying
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that to ukrainian soldiers and one civilian were injured in exchanges afar last night on the other side of the border, the self declared in its people's republic, the pro ration separatists saying that they had a civilian injured as well. of course, we mustn't forget the kind of trauma that thousands of civilians are suffering on the other side of this conflict or this frontline, an aside that we are not allowed into no, not very few international media have been into that area since 2017 so it is a very worrying situation, despite russia, saying that it has no intention of invading nato warning, a very serious consequences if russia pursues any kind of further escalation. but just what those consequences would be. and whether indeed it has the resolve to act remained to be seen. charles, thanks very much. and he just struck for talking to his from questioning if car in
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eastern ukraine. ah, this time next year cutter will be hosting the fif of world cup and a preparation, the golf nation staging, a major test tournament, the fee for arab cup, which kicked off to de escalate. now to expose presenter geminus at our special studio. thank you. yes, welcome to our home for the next 18 days. that if our cap is underway with a 16 nations or from the arab world, competing across 6 stadiums, which will be used as the next is wild cap. atonement it kicks off out there on tuesday with the 1st game between the 2, missouri and morris, hannah. she has yet secured a 51 victory over the african rivals. stephanie does area with the 1st goal is the tournaments that it was at mohammed been avi high school at the pick of the bunch she has yet a top of great be with that plastic victory and in the icing match if great
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a long and iraq true one, all the favorite say mom, it took the lead in the 2nd half thanks to have penalty and late in stuff which time iraq cool. so i gave it an opportunity from the spot him on key put saved the shots, but he leaves off his line too. early so it was retaken. iraq then changed penalties, acres, and this time they found the back of the next base teams and returned to action on friday hays nation ducats ha, play ball rain and just over an hour's time, we can now cross it to our reports at lexia. brian, he's one of casals iconic locations as see quite keith and lexie woah. the atmosphere like that will definitely be in seeing the numbers building over the past hour or so. but as you say, just over an hour to go until one of the most highly anticipated games of this opening day of the arrow cup would seem families coming to try and take their seats and prime position in the coffee shop behind us. the actual game though,
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is taking place it al, bite stadium about 50 kilometers north of the city. now you'll hear more details about both of the 2 stadiums that day viewing today. later on in school with our colleagues, joe and andy, but just quickly, albania is designed by content that was traditionally used by catherine nomads that will host 60000 people for the world cup next year. but the other game of the evening is the emory versus syria that's taking place just a few kilometers away. and that is stadium 974. and that is named because it is made out of $974.00 shipping containers and will be the only world cup stadium that can be dismantled after its use. this arab cup, of course, 356 days ahead of next year's with beef a well kept the world's biggest sporting event, the 1st ever to happen in the middle east. so it is, as you said, an important stress test for that world cup, not just of the all important full full infrastructure, but also places like this tourism destinations, the, the traffic, the security,
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the public transport of fans are being encouraged use public transport it to get to the games to get into the match, you've got to have a fan pass and that will give gain go is free access to public transport on those days. there also being a car to use it to get to places like this, like supermarket and some of the other events that are happening around the city. there's an international food festival of is a light show. they the flower festival kicking off tomorrow. there's also a festival if the traditional sailing boats lots of things going on to showcase that or to the traditional cultures of the middle east. all of this, of course, happening on a much bigger scale. next year 2020 to $30.00 plenty going on right hand cats. how thanks for that alexi will speak to you again later in the nisa, and it'll say we live at the 2 new stadiums at being inaugurated at liaison cheese day evening. see them gentle. thanks very much indeed, ma'am. a fall right commentator in france is announced he's going to run and next year's presidential election said exam or as known for his hardline anti
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immigration views that attacks on islam is facing charges of incitement, of racial hatred. after making comments about unaccompanied child migrants during a broadcast, he was convicted and find on similar challenges in 2011. okay, the q me is a freelance journalist based empower is joining us now from there. good, happy with us on al jazeera bradshaw surprise that erickson was making this bit. why do you think he's doing it now? well, i think that a certain point, you have to announce your candidacy for the presidential election next spring. there are limits it within which the candidates have to either come forward face primaries as in the case of the more traditional law, right when conservative party which will be happening in the next week or 2. and i think he has been talking about it for, for several months. it was not entirely a surprise. it was announced by one of his press people this morning that he was due to make the announcement this afternoon. and he duly did in the form of a 10 minute long,
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more or less video that was distributed on social media. trying to look as presidential as possible. he had this very large, somewhat old fashioned looking microphone plunked in front of him. and i think is trying to react to some of his great heroes charles de gaulle speeches, while he was president or many, many years ago now. so it's, i think it's, it's a matter of timing. he's now got a few months ahead of him as he prepares. what presumably will be some kind of election platform which so far has been somewhat missing for the rest of the world . funds has had a long standing right wing. the face of which of course is marine the pen, her father before that. how is this going to go down with marine le pen? and of course the supporters while he's, sir moore is certainly posing a major threat to le le pen. dennis de, the term you say has been around for so many years, if not decades. marie le pen,
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let's not forget, came in relatively comfortable 2nd position. and the 1st round, last time around 5 years ago. and in the, in the face off was come to plead defeated by emanuel micron, the current president who stole the favorite for next year's presidential election . so i think he is a more is likely to split the vote amongst those that are more intend to vote in the more extreme right wing, which is a substantial number. if you add up the opinion polls between le pen and the more where it turn 2223 percent on average, over the past or over the past few weeks. i mean, that's approaching a quarter all the people that have been asked anyway as to their voting intention. so it is very significant. is campaigning? it hasn't been, should we say without controversy m. it's been thrown into question to his ability
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to actually hold office that have been several incidents one at least find the financial backer that i'm just reading about. say that has pulled out, seeing his campaigns are amateurish. what do you think his chances are when it comes to the election? well, that's right. i was, i think a substantial amount of money. $300000.00 the euros as the incident you're, you're talking about. and at this point, as a more, it's not really presented any real policies. it's been appealing to people's emotion, very populous message. he is looking to take away, as i said earlier, the votes that would normally go to marine le pen. and, and we haven't really heard any kind of long term policy. certainly, economic policies, international relations policies. we've just heard about what he is against by and large, and that is a populous and emotional message where he hawks, back to the great days of france, whether it's the, whether it's the knight's in armor he mentioned today the image is created and the
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story is told by victor hugo of france's great periods and her romantic background and history. he says, he represents the france of all the people that need representing and have been let down by the power elite, the politicians somewhat ironically, he also threw in the journalists as part of the power elite. and of course, the most own background has been in journalism, both print and television and radio. and i was going to be in an interesting few weeks, isn't peter human, we appreciate you giving us the benefit of your experience and expertise in this. thank you very much. the fan says iran must engage constructively in discussions to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal, representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. maps iranian officials in vienna on monday, the u. s. is there, but it's only holding talks in directly to hand one sanction lifted in return for
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limits on its nuclear program was still hadn't al jazeera ah, barbados begins in your chapter. it's history is the island nation. briggs ties with the british monarchy and becomes a republic. diamonds for tire woods admits he'll never make it back to top level. go full time after his car crash. ah. hey, their temperatures have come crashing down across sullivans. hello, everyone. good to see you. we've got that front, it's moved her cross drop in temperatures by about 10 degrees in bay root. we've got some wet weather as well. and we may see some showers through the northeast of oman, impacting mosque at, in the days to come, otherwise smooth sailing. plenty of sun to go round into the middle east. same goes
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for pakistan. things are dry in the north towards the south. is wall beauty of a day in karachi, coming in with a high of 31 degrees at quite potent system roll through. this is a cold friend punching across a turkey, left, a trail of destruction top wind speed here, a 130 kilometers per hour and killed at least 4 people. so temperatures have dropped big time across turkey. look at encore, a 5 degrees, and now the bulk of this is pushing across the black sea into georgia central parts of africa. right now. our equatorial countries have got storms come in and go, and especially in and around late victoria. if i take it further towards the south right now, we can expect a scattering of showers both for su to and also as for teeny and things, are calm in cape town, coming in at a high of 22 degrees. and you know, i think we're going to stay dry johannesburg and we've got your pencil in for a high of 28 on wednesday that ship they'd soon ah,
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ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. were greed tv, even supplied by tradition and where beautiful possibilities are offered. can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite team to cut off for the fee for our upcoming 2021. brightness is in the air. light sources, warner and reach new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package. now at canton. a ways dog. tom
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lou. ah, your job, is it a reminder about top stories? this our security forces a fire tear gas, it anti military protesters in sudan and outside the presidential palace and called tomb. mattie won't last week's deal with the military scrapped, which so abdullah hun duct reinstated as prime minister the secretary of state warren to russia. but any aggression in ukraine will trigger serious consequences.


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