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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera. ah hello there, mr. jose and how the headline t. amount of aaron, uganda has launched the air strikes against the group. the allied democratic forces across the border and democratic republic of congo, and comes weeks after 3 suicide bomb attacks income. paula killed several people. you guys are to blame the idea for those bombings. now some web is following developments for us from nairobi to the ugandan army spokesman to, to just to show a guy that had begun this joint military operation with both strikes and artillery fire. but we have heard from security sources in the congolese military that this has been discussed for many weeks before. since before those suicide bombings, 2 weeks ago, come part of the gun. the government blamed the adf,
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the democratic forces for those attacks. and uganda's, deputy foreign minister spoke yesterday, he said you got to has a right to pursue his enemies, to try and keep itself safe. but certainly you gun to his military and your gun. the government will want to be painting the picture that this is a coordinated and agreed operation and not because of the history neighboring uganda. and rwanda, the military invaded congo in 990. 6 and eastern congress remained unstable. ever since you got into under wonder of accused of bucking rebel groups and the stabilizing eastern congo ever since then. the us secretary of state says any russian aggression and ukraine will trigger a serious consequences. anthony blinking is attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers to discuss the mobilization of russian troops on the border with ukraine. now, japan has confirmed its 1st case as ami kron variant of 1930 selma has
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more from took care. the government has been very swift in enforcing across the board ban on interior of all for visitors through japan since 0 o'clock today and the band all foreigners from coming in the country except for the foreigners who have risen there. and even those people who have exempted before from staying in current in facilities now, they have to stay for 14 days, especially people from 14 countries that have seen the new variant of omega. and so the government has moved very swiftly and by mister from you should have explained that. he understands that many people could accuse him that he has been too cautious about the issue, especially from the business sector. but he doesn't want to take any risks. this is, this is one of the test for his did for his leadership since it's since he took
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office in october 4th. so it's less than 2 months and he wants to show that he has the leadership and he doesn't want to fall in the same sports where his body. this is mr. suga phil, when he acted very slow and he preferred to emphasize on the economy activities that lead to a backlash and forced him to design data. revolt in the trailer has found that one and 3 people working on the federal parliament has experienced sexual harassment. the independent inquiry into a parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime minister scott morrison. the caribbean island nation at barbados has become a republic ending its ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason was sworn in as the president after the country removed, queen elizabeth as its head of state. barbados gained independence from britain in 1966, but kept the system of monarchy. the country will still be a member of the commonwealth group of nations. we now turn our vessels bow towards
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the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. for decades, we have had discourse on the b about the transition of bobby at the store republic to day do bit and discourse have become action. protest has ensued on our preparing to march to the presidential palace to oppose the military take over there, demanding a civilian government and the replacement of police chiefs. although the headlines, i'll have more news for you here. off to al jazeera correspondent, do you stay with us? ah
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ah, my name is gotham singh. i work like a da 0. making documentary. there was since i was a little boy in my small village in india. my dream was to make body terms. so 5 years ago i decided i was finally going to do it. the story i chose, that was one which was closer to my heart of my one village and its john's commission. every day after work, weekends,
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holidays were spend working on the script. now if the chance i get, i traveled from door to bobby, to get my cos grew and products in the face. all only lightings last is not in that village, so it has to be out of in this new to. so. so now they're not limited. then you started working in the costume od team building, getting the right character right after it. all, all those are done. so now we have the base to the sick in the stays. i'll say, what are now where we are finalizing things like odd, but it came with a lot of designs. maybe came with the costume. yeah, the last to show because it was a door piece, aged carty. it's supplied
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with from here on the next plan we have apart from the clue meeting each other in between. we are going for the look test. and after that acting looks up for the need character. ah, around 8 o'clock in 1999. i landed in bombay and i didn't know anybody that and i didn't know where to go. people in my village used to talk about jewel beach. and that's the only place i knew in von b. so i took a cab and came to jewel beach. and i spend my 1st night here with
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my father had given a death of tubby in a small ship. this is where some of my villages lived. it was then right in room with more than 7 or 8 people living in beth. and every morning i'll get up and go a studio for a studio that was not easy to come up. i didn't have any feed is i didn't have much exposure as i learned anything from a small institute in jim j 4 and came here. so it took almost 3 month to find a job or can we do it either? very soon, i started getting good offers and all i, i started with tv and then moving to phone some big phones like being cited chocolate. you see, my dream was always to become a filmmaker, but i,
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i wanted to do a proper but if addition and lost a new is, i've been doing documentary films and know i've been very confident to do a future. mm hm. and we're just didn't look best to have many and nea. i see the lead actress and shadow lead actor. what of this study is extremely close to my heart because i come from the gallery. we used to be a very slow down a now becoming really big down. and so it did relates to the idea of the fin, the nighted, this group, i was sort view, defeated them things. and
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i don't think it is his side. what sort of you told us, i mean i let him on for those. ha, ha, ha, ha, exactly. this is the car. deal my knees with what and back in that making was not that much. he was doing what you feel at guardian talking about all those. got it to us in my film already. i nod impressed me. and for me it was important to goest actors who need to be famous, as well as have very similar experiences. so they fit in that to lean to the correct extension office in after the look, just who did the smallest more since with each character let go. you did her once in puddle and single. so, and we did very intimate scene just to check it board the lead actors, how comfortable they are with each other. and that was great. in fact,
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they were meeting for them, but both of them. sure. how professional they're in the same way we did once in with web d. n mung la. within 510 minutes. both the characters prepared and did imaging no delivery. okay. with this is our last meeting from here on, we'll just meet on the sip a a good fit for you is a small travel village. from there it ended up
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becoming the largest video. this did open if you see this factories, this used to be a residential combined. it's me almost ready for the when the small coming out, then the leaves are really hot in them shape or because of this pollution in the factory. when we were in college, this is to we are hard to spot. this was our cinema hall visit guinea. now there is none. thanks to this place and finish the status you had access to the best cinema from around the world. this, the land here is very rich, full of natural resources and minions. and unfortunately, that has been the biggest goods for childhood. are almost
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the entire state is dug up. people very constantly get moved from their own place. somehow it's already connected to my film as well. almost the same thing is happening that in the name of freedom in the name of development, in the name of technology. how slowly and slowly we destroy ourselves. with
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data, men have dressed as women is part of part of the fist with. 7 7 you from yeah, oh little of them. i didn't think a. 6 boys in i was know with, ah, when i came to this village, suppose don't these unheard, not existing. it's a year and a half, i'm talking about. so that's why we had selected this village unit in the other
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part of it is there is no, none of these things were to happen. and now that most of our location says here, look, and we are showing a village to stick with a do the interval. and so we have to somehow hired these things. do the enter with like every other body would penance. my for me is also divided into parts by an interval in the 1st spot of the phone, the villages anonymous completely cut off from the rest of the world. and in 2nd, but when rolled that he stripped 1st and when i came, nobody was speaking to us. it took a roof, steven for it time, when we realized that dick into speech. indeed. oh, i
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go with her for of august 1 of our with no that either i, i think i love you. i don't want him to say i. 2 thought you huh. you filled with ng is oh so just well i if i have to work so hard for us more they will quit smoking. if these do again, all match box can be you will need. yeah, i just, i just my, just the latest delay. you yeah. that, that match the others. you know,
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i live in my spot with so this is the exactly the kind of villas i grew up in, which was completely cut off from the rest of the world. we had our own sort of economy, which was i said, all of them about a system where everybody did everything for everyone. so entire community will assemble down to dave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. but then go commentary is technology. it is developmental east money list. all the characters are in my story, are the real characters. i mean, this is exactly the same, a story of shaped right, which was already there. i think government has got the news of us suiting here. because the only reason i selected this bill is because it would no more than if you had to come there was no electricity,
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no fault that we didn't know you are, it has what has gone electricity has gone through almost now we are playing cheating game with government we don't one development rush and they don't want us to suit not develop village. i won't get to use them as it is. but yeah, when we came for ricky, this gone has gone. almost the script is playing exactly the scoop is playing out here. with so i'm heading towards my bed and split the village where i grew up and in last tried to 25 years. i've been away from this village, but perhaps from outside i could really give the difference while people are
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richer, they have bought money, but something went missing in the process. and that's why it hurts. when i see changing it, when i see people not talking, when i see it's growing into a more or less individualistic society. and i think that was the result. i started writing and i ended up writing official is a school that should be there. that's my that with so this but the tree has huge significance in my life. this was out of school. in fact, ology used to sit there and we used to, i finished my family education here,
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right. and that history. this is the place we're 1st am, i was a film. this is where the magic started seeing, i mean thought which in look of the domestic and those moments. and i'll go and acting like him for next 6 months. that nearest silly mahal from here wasn't, has any bug was, is almost 50 kilometers away from you and her. i'll bunk my school. i'll do everything. i'll walk. there was no rush, no bus or no and i think to go there. so i would walk 50 kilometers on most of the air to watch a film and then come back here. and the only thing i wanted to become in my life was filmmaker for last 10 years. i've been making documentary films, but my religious won't consider me a filmmaker because my documentary doesn't flee in the nearest and amazon,
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which is still typically we just have in best or so one of the reasons why i want to make a feature film, which can play in the nearest city mahash, where i can take my religious and show them look the dream which had a started very 5 years ago. is here with. i love you with oh, oh, to go literally. it's the it is. i just
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don't know where to go with it as an image. so an idea all that up here tag it though. sadly a lady wrote some simple in fact the leg mapquest may have a non line cannot be not void that i gave linette. again, i need a me a was a limbic now you either a you please can that they owe you as i'm pulling up a the lab and i can that they either watch and
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that's when i had out nicky. i saw gentlemen woke up at a go get gone, the haven't gone gone. it does, but i'm gonna go, well, obviously the big about is making a lot of things happening because of this will lady, she doesn't want to leave this host. i didn't give a figure which would get to leg lake in years. he had minutes at the ah, this is lake close to what it was. little things had to leave them in floating has come. there was have been floating. the biggest thing which hurts me is this whole because i used to run from here to the end. now because that belongs to my and other english and both of these and i've decided to keep it warm. so they don't
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fight. this used to be my, to this with this has she just got it to me. this is where i was 30 and i just did he winding back 30 years. this please was completely different but a few ways. everything was, in fact, it was one of the most self reliant village. it had its own economy. everything got produced here. people were happier, there was no religion here. everybody celebrated edge of history. so there is some very fundamental question we need to us to us. and that's what this one does. i just put sort of to india side by side for people to see and decide which was good, which was me ah,
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ah ah. with no question. yeah. am i did local exhibit. yeah,
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i don't know if you want to live with me who up with a lot of hard to this for her to see that ago maybe reading was with with all the members and indicted cost. she's here today. i took them to all the locations and said everybody now knows where basically they belong. this is also a good day for grew in cost to interact with each other, a
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certain company. we had a lot, he finally got a lot going on with my boat cuz he here got them. they thinking that at least i don't see how good could be my room. nathan, probably, madam fact denied that we're behind. i don't got yaki sorting was got started be probably dark mode cuz he said he was going to say something can be progress. what's that see? so it's got to get on with because then we have tried our best to look into everything. but i'm sure because look, isn't everything that laura can convenience,
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but you need to just read it to write people that it will get sorted immediately for sure. every evening will have production meeting and then it will, it is we'll discuss together this work hard to make a beautiful one. backup a group. what? oh oh, ah, free fall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes . more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines.
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freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately. but under the same flag, you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blurb below it's time to free fall as this earthquake is cause a lot of disruption. i know the local network is down, but these guys know what it looks like. they're setting up a network once that connected to our visa services, they'll be able to share the network and give people the vital phone and data connection. it looks like it's up and running. data is coming up to was back down to where it is needed. good job guys, thought even i could have done that fast as child sat space to deliver your vision
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. lou, hello there, i'm this fancy a tanda. how with the headline on out of there, you gander has launched cross border air strikes against the on group the allied democratic forces with the approval of democratic republic of congo. and it comes weeks after 3 suicide bomb attacks and camp allah killed several people. you've got no authority blame to greet for the bombings malcolm web is following developments for us from nairobi to the gun. an army spokesman tweets a just a short while ago that had begun this joint military operation with both strikes and artillery fire. but we have heard from security sources in the congolese military that this has been discussed for many weeks before. since before those suicide bombings, 2 weeks ago come part of the gun. the government blamed.


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