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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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axis to the gang, them district as part of the pilot project, 2nd phase. and if everything goes off without a hitch, the city government wants to grow itself driving fleet to more than 50 vehicles. in the next 5 years, alexander lurch al jazeera. ah, hello again. the headlines and al jazeera uganda says it's launched airstrikes against the rebel group ally. democratic forces comes weeks after 2 explosions in the capital kampala, ugandan authorities have blamed adf for the suicide bombings in the capitol. growing tensions between russia and ukraine are set to dominate a meeting of nato foreign ministers care. as accused moscow of mobilizing tens of thousands of soldiers near its border, the caribbean island nation of barbados has just become a republic after cutting ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been sworn in as president,
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replacing queen elizabeth as head of states. we now turn our vessels bow towards the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. for decades, we have had discourse and debate about the transition of bobby at those store republic. to day debate and discourse have become action. a report in australia has found one in 3 people working in the federal parliament has experience sexual harassment. the independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime minister at scott morrison. like any one who will in this building, i find the statistics that are presented there, of course, appalling and disturbing. i wish i found the more surprising but i find them just as a boy and that's why the actions i think that are recommended to cover all the
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territory that i'm unable to take us forward. and what i've seen in there has only reinforced my view about the actions that we've already taken us presidential biden's has the new coven 1900 variances, a cause for concern, but not panic. he rolled out imposing locked downs, francais. iran must engage constructively in discussions to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives from the signatory countries are in vienna. the u. s . is also attending, but it's whole only holding talks indirectly to her on one sanctions listed and return for limits on its nuclear program. those are the headlines on al jazeera up next is what? by, by compelling journalism we keeping distance because it's actually quite dangerous . ambulance is going to arrive at the closure and inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism with like how
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much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah noon because of any for store as many done my can know to poke woman to handle a function. i
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you probably even house on abuse still are then oh can you be another day? what is too much, so make boxes, right. so flag goes melbourne middle, who sees too low tunic, some balls. pretty call because them small though top not comma was mostly or is it a boil overseas? are you familiar? was pretty both and stuff. denmark, it was more of what a sticker to with had to men scott. and me, i feel so surely it these kind of response, google some talk for us. you slam yahoo instead
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with cinnapool but to, to play with is looking to set up. whoa, whoa, come a camera. i must get a few sunday. oh, oh, i see no one. no, no, come then the blue thought, if la commercial, your boy, him some to me for an thought entice, rush. i with just like to clarify board tomorrow. but as a starting monday to kill at it or 20 to go above his puff, my and the, and if about when a woman for an appointed karma phone with whatever they go ahead, i consider a
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decade on the one. miss scalia about a it almost me, me bought functionality to somebody else records for me for playing up. and you also don't want money in shane me. i i
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hello. hello. hello, hello, who was lost? so then toilet was going on. i could see it. it's of seo to, to find you is for you to, i was told i, but i go to see orders. how that was. i went to bed towards holland, fear oh, returned sized into the finger to the buddha, to the towards hall, the safety of an offer possess potosi, and yet i'll bring it in a discount. and i just have to watch more for the manila can, can to the bill. some media in his company.
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yeah. like the gulf or we launch morsa audio for d. do as i did smoked on one thing on the little boy and wake a finger hold. i'll take him as a facility in but he has a put a nissan and answer me on 2 o. o o o, b, h, orange, yellowstone, or cheese, sorry, within preaching a coach or entropy, but then noodles tail, what are sliver forums full? go to clue upper middle, you evolve. mortar auto noodles, taishan grammar, all movies on it. you get a tense. i to hello, i live inverted sibling unheard. evelina by look no oliver lavelle, a valued city might yet yacoma started homer
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i'm fiscal how to have it. hello so like i said, i don't know whether or not you hello your son, the or so last of the us was this noodle to for nathan foster gun christmas halgert upon us to get his hand out obviously. yeah. hello, linda gun haven't dominion at all. this is them all in the komatsu, poor men, the men hello. this to be listed in a 2nd language surveys is the mythology had su logan. so the oh
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oh sorry. make a national or english true on that ask asking the what evicted from all of them it has cave and false can possibly mean most and for communion stand linwood off of the football force nations long since not home . ah ah your warming shaking meat of 80 mile for the i am will you her phone taught me not to his mouth documents, home income. ah, it's why evicted across a foreign take a family even a scale of any of madison. i
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get it. i put you back, i don't from all a whole month with if then muckle olivia behind the in the bathroom m o i e o m financial public all night it's list wouldn't go last night to vote for it will admin video media know so how charming must look new, full play, one,
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it does talk small bond put it all could swing the scenes to to show i think i can stay for 100 still no better. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. i had to to go no no of it. if its 100 and compare his content on the new long coding, cynthia insured. yes. christy. so kind little thing i'm kind don't to go on without to do is just to get like a think. wow it with ruba that of are at multiple. oh oh yeah. potential is used to a counselor, so it's good to have that ready to him is put on your all. i'll as on that in the 5, marcia, she didn't go good and sarah said, your heart overflowed. i've, your story is told to nibble. when would you say that a common tusky incorporated thought on sort of honda civic,
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50 at mc sutter evoke as 2 men appear within the team are to be exclusive. i would, if you, they else go into my 40 me either for the one i mean for us to put it to v f. sometimes good swings, adulthood. i thought the yellow trunk does home without doubt who will make her god and she of repetitive. and what was scarcely some sort of shown as a bullet. it was also eat or to all of our multi of because to had good. so office k, i d priestly, i could understand men's fight peninsula nixco. he put in more so fioma woman to cure a winter, ga admin. it could have up, is it all thought it all. it is a nationwide for in spondee, el paso, the executive, diplomatic. and because godaddy godaddy may do an interview with things on the recent was consistent engine. ah,
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sing of a hey, little humming most of all in store holland would follow. after all by the will have george fall familiar? albano vaccinate you on both have vehicles on storage b as shown. now put jose at yo fredo over with her to look at the nurse. sylvia blanca much started to see if there's a need for anything superior. it was pretty to go with the time the photo gigabit is tacoma, but you know, with the heavy, i mean 1st attain tintin was still showing i am in
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a voice when the glow most most of them 000000000 yeah, by the moon lost when he got biondo was gentleman, you want a single to latin menu. so 1st producer got an example. so as did you build problem might with others moves a messy but honestly, for looks like a nice to good to go talk for things. you know, the most that, you know, has dillard balls. they go out and give you
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a little slow boost cable, talking thin with like noon and the men p. c. in bought it. i've listened peasants. it is centered at dickerson portfolio. anita gets one off this morning of public. so the casino and one for the eggs, them up big for tense. stage boss gave you a preview that dumped them on say it says some ink as far as that. the al, neatly sit in such as a they bought for summers is now on your arms on while i was missing versions of yeah. when you go to post that his statement of his, of his, i like the munger, them the boy. well, it was a began eob. i'd been for nobody knows a lot. so do whisky. i'm listening garbage modules from wisconsin. yeah. sees a milk at pretty self. see it not so you can actually in one but you for just
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pretty does if don't know and a phone on on. yeah. a little bit like job a dozen as a he did anybody from the night where does he have like a joke. one, learn more about the higher men and it was what was on it for job a day or the status was with a type of snug and the little my very good. i'll the best i. lima rosen, flyer screw with one flyer screw. wow. scave gets with me
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ah, blinded, simeon wallet you both in stina, libra on quantum, lebanese cabal. oxy. a citrus only presented elements of a say so no such afflicted. many come to denmark in my own ela, in more of a new york, i'm the long and father, it's hutton, was it was the homeless, didn't install as the sick who a house in to live. he. this is yes it's if yeah, all this is so much i couldn't cousteau how we install it. i mistake how those. i mean familiar, foster pharmacy oh, oh ha. ah, oh no, i mean come nation so. so queen got mag,
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a jack and silver newsome and long your boy e learners show kind of stuff to cancel or delete your how you launch more so on, on those and the new delux or typically a high, middling like to samsung dashboard tomorrow. but i will definitely electronic la. hello. yeah, i would like to shut at the mile, swapped absolutely bunch. marsha k voicemail you said um and then his balance with your husband policy. oh my beauty and he had to pay that bill to above was move. see it still got ask like a studio or even like that we just got to pullman to sound the bikes up of love is often what decision action movies to be. i can blame on the get to play at the i about one woman for the food i am, if your to all, since i'm on with it. know, love is the day i can mid say was by like in a i'll f f bills. lot of the i'm and that me spell gonna come out. i mean, for obvious reasons, if and only i'm going to find out the, i noticed
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a huge apartment next to that bang for a c, as i look in a volleyball team. um, i do like that. yeah. you need a doctor, so you reported a shame holding on probably mckenna, grief. okay, i will. edna scott, are you good? i am dallas. eat at the the hud at at this to take extra bad thing for betsy. put it, but boy, i'm like to say let's have bob in good. so as a son, put them one to sushi, fives us at the i, but boy, she goes back to miles would up, but that is be so go sub as you go. so sub deanna cannot be told, always holding a normal, usually took on newsome men. all that assist is to take on a secure dance about me. i'd get pleasant santana traditional i know it. i'll amy at below. events, bullying guilt still. if i got them, it would have been musically good night. bye bill. it woo! the cling. it's hot soup day up mister spotwood in this room and guided him against developers. my benevolence. this is to victory. it is crucial. one of the ha, munitions, to like the horde. duffy, lancashire, white and
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a cup before handled in for telling what did not suit i plan condensed could find me in and it was seamless. stockman of all manner and out or welcome father. bon chapman buxton document for the moment upon so and of course, and a fit from a spear boxing cinnamon like, okay, i don't think dug up so full window. a welcome to come out. you hold spelling of an hub in bulk when you're ha, your title for me. i know what's the cost of attendance for me as have been awesome . hon and the spoke when intense copier saw man furnace, a windfall on the grin. rp mac. okay. it's leaking in the dense because i'm from out of this my about 10 of young sooner than i know this. i recently does not as year boiler small justin gung. so korea class commodity once again,
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tumor media. let's think about that. the annual confidently to wiki, i'll be helpful. my him. mr. has us out to mother. yeah. if we got a kid, i'm actually giving it to us and i can never need assistance if any, better than skin out. he said with a toss of homes of humans, got all the edits on these. they have a steady lilwalla looms dealer. proschetti is b. savannah. maybe she's the in every mouth. that sister was still there still up mid lake, the coffee, whooping belmore on or in buffer for it and her cough to whooping so curse barman's familiar cas farming vin island known to form
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a city equal him to pottery and from all to there were ent for vol. put a slab, a pulitzer, put a sin, and k got got it, put his rama. care got got it. value your this is jordan. see to a shawn peninsula. the milady's little peninsula embodied guardian familiar that he'd been on that enable that he'd bully on will this little voxel up a peninsula to live too. in school for the cell. the yeoman moose. when you click on the head, tim f menu attached and scanner and to ask me, and if miss baldwin intense, get into class me. i didn't ask for some fun or again bill condense, cassandra, subliminal tank retail. so i excuse me, of the stung sales or stigma to sales. please answer sales. lou lou
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ah, is our new healey, big for blue steel beach balls, also close to a wooster. more than about to smell. it is good to go show some house weight. so he bought some food. ha, laws can't believe he got some questions for you again. little bit it wouldn't take no, you've all seen will cause he normally flew. say him to bailey, i'm formally. i'll see who to sell all power waynesburg from them before i get in. so i'd be good jim, they're all they wouldn't tell me the whole is a new building to c, b a l. mean, if all your bill or download source for the fair to go on a box here.
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loading load section. cuba hold one second. i you last year my dad was a but it's why i will tell this when i 1st got impersonal. solomon lighten my 10
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percent on a 10 percent got a little saw in severe got to eat in mia for the man holler than happy song on a sunday. i'm either past i i oh huh. a oh oh the owner, faster behind me. for
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a sneak peak. let's get into the less because for this and refill in because in the going on in a severe law said go into the battle. so i had to beg me for getting a blue moon for the sale of ice to be at the obstacle ended up in a school. for most men in dispensable, i get for football, for slow and taken the mess solely when the football. so i foster him in the, in the military, you'll see that this little ball force low the listen when he came in china to a fleet to talk about how he foster so speak to a different partner. someone who pain with the cable said if you take one big minutes because of all of us, i tell people, nibble's, polio, come next to the new bull. forceful, couldn't, it's could even like to happening to baby ball force low in volume, and also come from an end to having some song come next. people to
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me for free fall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes. more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately. but under the same flat, you know, i can do a story about paris shooting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up. the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the
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same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blurb below it's time to free for a guest with we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will but you can use in current affairs that matter to
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use a hello. this is al jazeera. ah, hello there. i'm the styles here day. this is the news. our live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, stock market to rattled as drug make. a madonna warns that covered 19 vaccines may not be as effective against the new on the kron variant inquiry in australia finds a 3rd of its federal parliamentary stars have suffered, sexual harassment prime minister has promised to crack down.


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