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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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is best known indigenous actors, david gully has died of lung cancer. he made his name in the 1971 movie walk about before performing in films such as crocodile dundee, and vast lumens. epic production. australia may also receive the several honors for his acting. born in australia's remote, our num land, he did not see his 1st white australian until he was 8 years old. his exact birth date is uncertain, but he was believed to be 68. ah . and other top stories on al jazeera, the world health organization says the on the con, variant of cuba 19 poses a very high global risk of surges. more countries have closed their borders, concerned by the new variant. south african experts are predicting cases could rocket the 10000 the day by the end of the week, up from 300 a day just 2 weeks ago. but they also believe that existing vaccines are prob,
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probably effective at preventing severe illness. we're doing everything possible to make sure that a ready and we know that as the in person's rise, people will get sick. some will good severe, especially those who have not been budgeted that but know that they will also be incidences where even those robertson ledger major in the district already. the trial of british socialite, galle maxwell has begun in new york. the 59 year old is accused of enabling the crimes of convicted peter fall. jeffrey epstein, who died 2 years ago while awaiting trial. it's claimed that she sent gifts such as long jury to win the trust of girls. maxwell insists a she's innocent and denies any wrong doing, talks to resurrect the 2015 nuclear d. o have restarted in vienna, representatives from russia, china, germany, france,
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and the u. k. are sitting down with iranian officials, iran stop negotiators said that he was optimistic after monday's meetings. iran wants all us sanctions dropped before agreeing to any deal. storage is former president mikasa cash really has appeared in court on charges of abuse of office. secret really has been in jail since returning from exile last months. now, if convicted, he faces 6 years in prison. he says the charges are politically motivated. hundreds of his supporters came out to show solidarity. and activists and lebanon have been blocking roads in protest against deteriorating living conditions caused by the economic crisis. the local currency is in free fall, and the government has failed to provide a social safety net for the poor. that's a news witnesses next asking what it means to be danish. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no
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matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, al jazeera. ah . because of any forestall edmund, denmark can know to poke women to handle the function
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i you probably even have abuse still or do you not to day? what is too much so make boxes right. so plug those melbourne middleton sees to. it doesn't old. you need some balls per duty call from coast of small booth top dot com, or what was most, are you, is it the boil? voicemails, are you familiar? was pretty golden stuff. denmark, you most most important issue with how to men. scott: i me, i feel so surely it these going to be sparse. google some talk for us you slam your booth in said
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it was set up or what to to play with is looking to put a po po, come a camera. this is monica sunday. uh huh. oh oh, it's nice. yeah. once i'm done it in or gone, then he blew fraud and flog commercial. the boy him some movie for info on types. commercial i with hectic, lawful board doesn't work, but i forgot him. ok to kill that it are pretty to go above his puff. my and nina papa, when a woman 4 in the appointed commerce on a shipment, advancing a
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decade on one, miss scalia. about a it only me, me body function that said someone else, goods for me, for thing. and you also don't want money is shannon me i i you hello. hello,
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loved one. what's going on? because it's, it's a feel for you to try. but i'm going to see how much of it towards feel turned size to this year to the border to the toward the 6. 0 yeah, a blended in this good stuff for the min, netapp clinton for the bill. so me doing this company.
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i'd like to go football we want to do for the do as a smoked on one. they are more boring. wake a single affinity in just a bought a nissan to me and she will vote on and i'll be each one you know, we stop and she just slap it within which you know coach. but then then you lost her. when i was lever forums for girls a clue of a middle or even smaller, or the noodles have some kind of movies on a hill. i live in valley here when i heard evelyn the by look nil oliver lavelle of elmwood city commerce dall homer
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i'm just going to have it. hello. so i got my son allan none of them know you. hello, your son the oh, so last the last was just noodle, 10 for nathan foster gun personal go to upon us to get his hand out. obviously. the hello the india gun have in dominion. this is tomorrow in the komatsu, poor men, the men like this to be listed in the gun surveys. mister mcdonald had sou logan ah, oh oh
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fatima can national or english true on that ask asking indeed, what evicted from all of them. it has cave and false can also prevent elman most and for communion winston linwood off on the football force. nations belong sounds not ah ah ah, you're warming for shame me to thanked him all for that. i am. will you? her phone taught me not to dismount to come and sound income. ah, and a toy evicted across her fine tika family. even a scale of any of madison. ah,
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i were to get it with you guys from all along with it. then michael or any player behind the in the back. all righty. ah, did i catch up article night? it's hist wouldn't go was meant to vote for it will admin video media know so how
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charming must look new full blo. um it does take small bon, put it all, could swing the scenes to the shop now on the phone lines. different ones. nope. it whenever you. yeah. yeah. yeah. i had to to go. no, no, no, that is a for tell you what, i'm going to get his hotel on the new don't doing something that interests you get to so kind to get to that and i'm kind don't to go on without a g is just to get like a think wow it with ruba that of i did want to, oh oh yeah, potential is used to a console so it's good to have that ready is put on your ola as well but india for i'd much say she didn't go in and say, i said yeah, off i just thought you saw to nibble when would you say that a common tusky incorporated thought on sort of honda civic city at mc sada,
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you will go to and to peer want to send the team ought to be exclusive. i would, if you, they all school in the, in t my 14 of either 41. i mean for us to put it to v f. so who's got swing as it al tindall? i saw the dileo tongue tied down to my forgot n c o. the facility and vocal scarcely some sort of shown as they have all the ear, it was also eat or to all of a multi of because to had good. so office k, i d, proceed. i could understand men's point peninsula like, excuse he put in more so film and saw women to go. it went to korea admin. it could have all because it all thought it all it did i put in spondee, lp, pencil the exit, that deville daddy, wendy cost godaddy. godaddy, do an interview with things on recent bicycles contested in j. lou
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sing of a hey, lily. humming most of all in store hollingworth and follow it all by to george falls. familiar? albano vaccinate you both have victory. vanstory spears shown puts jose at yo fredo o groups with her to look at the nerves. sylvia blanca much started to see if there's a need for in superior, it was pretty to go with the time before. the biggest thing is to come up with, you know with the help them in 1st attain tintin still showing it in
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a very small nicholas most of them 000-000-0000 no bite on the moon. mostly gar. biondo boss, jenman, you want a single to latin menu. so 1st producer got a couple so as did you build problem might with others moves a messy but honestly for small so i added the night to goes, we'll talk 4 things with balls. they don't go out and give
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you a little slow boost cable time you thing with an old men p. c in bought the home. this is peggy, a is centered at dickerson portfolio. i need you to get one of the stuff this morning of public. so the casino and one for the eggs, them are big for dental stage. boss gave you the premium that dumped them to on said, says some ink as far as that the out neatly sit in such as that they bought for summers is 9. 1 your arms on while i was missing was of yeah. when you go to post that he's speaking of his, of his i like the modem. the boy was, was a began eob. i'd been fall apart and noticed a lot. so do whisky. i'm listening. i almost modules, fungus, linwood. yeah. sees a milk at pretty sunset. it's not so you're going to lunch. wanted one,
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but you thought just pretty does if don't know. oh, and a phone on. oh, yeah. a dismal as he did anybody from the night. where is he up? why get joked one, learn more about the higher men and was what was one foot job. one of the oxford bill. yeah. now sits in a day of the status. awesome. yeah. from a type of snug and the little bits. can i the best i, lima rosen, flyer screw with flyer screw. wow. scave gets a school post. mm
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hm. and blended for me. and while i pull up and see, you know, a lever on currently, bernisha scapoziello or shawnee, christina dominique of a say so no. so to afflict many come to then lightly my own ela. m more than the yoga melamine fathers hadn't. didn't mean what the homeless didn't install says the fick hooper, her son to live. he. this is yes it's if yes. hi. this is donna jacqueline cousteau, how we install it. i mistake her. those i mean from india, foster pharmacy oh, oh ha. ah, i'm in connecticut so, so queen got mag, a jack and silver, newsome and london,
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your boy e learners show kind of stuff to cancel or delete your how you bunch more to animals and renew. delia, typically a high, middling bye to samsung dash booker, my boss. that'll be able to electron loma hello, a nick to should at the miles swap, the absolutely much. marsha k voicemail you said um and then his balance with your husband policy. oh my vicki at get to pay them both set up was move. see it's still about half like a still there that are like that we just gotten to pullman to sound the bikes up love is often what decision action there is to be. i can blame on the get to play at the i about one woman for the food i am, if you ought to all, since i'm on with it. know, love is the day. okay. and mid say was back in, i'll f f fell out of the i'm and that me spoke when i come out. i mean, for obvious reasons if and only i'm going to find out the i noticed you department
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to excavate bang for a c a doesn't get a valuable theme of omission. i do like that. yeah, you need a doctor tell you ruefully. shaded. was hoping, hoping. mckinney griffith. i will. edna scott, are you good? i am dallas n e e at the, the hud at at least take each bad thing for that gets you put it. but boy, i'd like to say the bible. good. so as a sub but then one to supervise us at the i, but poor, she goes back to miles, but i've been members be suckle sub several sub num at vienna can a bit told i was holding a normal bechtel gun, newsome, men all that assisted to take on to secure dance about me had good pleasant san antonio to reach out to you. oh, i know it. i'll amy as below them, it's beautiful. you know like guilt still if i've got a 1000000 men do the clean good night, you buy a bill. it will be calling tut so day up mister spot to put it in this room and guided him against developers. my window now is to victory. it is crucial. one of the ha meniscus. they like to hoard now for like a sham white and
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a cup before handled them for telling what did not suit i blank and dense could find me in and it was seamless. stuck men out of all manner a welcome. hug up bon tippy buxton document for the nominate. bon, so adequate and a fit from a superior auction. so filament was like, okay, i don't think i could not shuffle linda or walk on to the comma in hold spelling of a hub in bulk when you're ha, your title for me. i know clear what's the cost of attending fleming. i so been awesome. hon, and that the spoke when intense copier saw man furnace, a windfall on the grin up in mac. okay. it's leaking in the dense cuz i'm from others may about 10 of young sooner than i know this obese. and it does not. is she a boiler small justin gung. so korea less commodity not much again to my media
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lesson grandma, that the annual confidently to wiki on behalf of my him miss ohio. so sorry to bother you. haven't even gotten a mentally eric. i can never take and never see, so they are pretty bad. thank you. if you now, he said with a toss, a humps of the minister of the enemy's behalf was kelly williams, dealer was kelly is b savannah. maybe she's the, in every minister lindsey stores till they're still up mistake the coffee, who pin belmore or aunt or in buffer for it and her comfortable. p. success. varmint. familiar caspar mean vin island known to form
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a city equal him to pottery and from all to there were ent from all. put his slab a pulitzer, put a sin, and k got got it, put his rama care got got it. value your this is jordan. see to a sean peninsula, the milady's la peninsula, that are embodied guardian, familiar that he'd been on that enable that he'd bully on. will this little voxel up a peninsula? they lived too in school for a cell. video man moves when vehicle can be had tim f menu attached and scanner and so asked me and miss falcon intense sca inside class me. i didn't discuss some fun or again, built a dense cassandra subliminal tank ruby else. i excuse me, of the stung sales or stigma to sales people. that's his house. lou, lou,
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i saw new healy day. want to stay all of these balls onto the play. so a wooster. more then about to smell, just go show. some has weight so he bore some foot high levels. can't really go to the gym sport. he can politic one. make no, you've all seen will cause he normally flu. see him to bailey. i'm hopefully, i'll see who to sell our power waynesburg from then before i getting. so i'd be good jim. the old place wouldn't tell me all the new building tools in b a. l mean, if all your bill or download source would have to go on a box here
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with with last year my sister was a box with mac. yeah. yeah. but it's my old service when i 1st go in personal solomon 80 my 10 percent. and then person gone to little saw him
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so popular. got the ink in mia for the men holler than happy song on a sunday. i'm either bad sky. yeah. i oh, i oh oh, you see, oh no foster behind me to the foot sneak peak into
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between us because for us, listen gleeful in cars in the going on in a severe law said go into the battle. so i had to back in the fall, getting a blue moon for the sale of ice to be at the obstacle ended up in a school for mill. min, dispensable, i get to sell for football, for slow and ticking. can seek the mess. it's only when the football, so i foster for him in salute. but in the military, you'll see that off or slow, the hopeless already came to visible in china to lead to talk about how to foster stick, the different part know so the pain tape will save you to take one to 2 minutes because of all of us i tell people, nibble's polio, come next to the new ball for so it's good happening to pay the skip all slow in volume, and also conference, and having some sorry,
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come next before me o sacred himalayan summit, law treacherous than everest, cumber kona has never been tamed. reviewed and feared by local, yet an irresistible challenge to western climates, a sharper family must choose between going against their religious beliefs and guiding a group of mountaineers, or rejecting much needed income. the wall of shadows on al jazeera. this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of a new era and television news. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone to go to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line,
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but it's on the road. we saw the union army flag hoisted high in the city. many people here have told me that that war will not end until they secret duffy and his son brought to justice. gonna get 90 seconds for this on. so we're being told that it's an army is very real, it is coming. our way buying brides is lack of respect for women and lack of any value that a woman i was just for you guys by the police on purpose. there's at least 20000 for him to refugees live here. i'm on l 20. i got to commend you. you're not trying to push people to believe in this or believe in that the atmosphere has completely changed you with our 0 offices in garza, our house in that building power has come down. never before in human history has
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the once per steam environment, the arctic didn't such peril. i me. the world health organization warns of very high global risk from the army kron variance of coven, 19, and severe consequences. if there is a surge in cases, this period is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. joe biden rules out locked down in the us, but there are warnings then you cove it very and could pose a risk to the economy. ah, alarm has.


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