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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an option. but we're not most people. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is the news, our line from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. the un secretary general urge as nations to reconsider their southern african travel bands, as the country is praised for identifying the new army con variance. this period is cause for concern not of course for pen. the u. s. president says the travel ban is necessary but is not expecting additional restrictions. another round of talks
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begin in vienna in the latest effort to reinstate the 2015 nuclear agreement with iran and twitter go found a jack. dorothy steps down as c o a year up to surviving and invest a bead to asked him. i'm devin ash, with sports as a new man in charge at manchester and i said, the english premier leeside have hired a german coach ralph, and run nick until the end of the season. we'll look at why later this news our ah hello and welcome to the program. we begin with the latest developments on the on me crohn very. and the un secretary general says he's deeply concerned by the isolation of southern african countries through the recent covered 19 travel bands and 20 a good terrorist says the region cannot be blamed for its lack of vaccines. is comes as the u. s. president says travel restrictions were necessary to curb the
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spread of the new variance. however, job bought and added there are no current plans to implement more restrictions. this period is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world and the best medicines, the best scientist. and we're learning more every single day if needed. my team is already working with officials at fires. remember durn and johnson and johnson. to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed, w h o is warning the heavily mutated very in poses a significant global risk. although there has been no debts linked to it. experts say arising infections could have severe consequences. if there is wanting, we have learned it's that norwegian, nor country, nor community and no individual is safe until we are all safe.
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the emergence of the highly imitated army chron variant under lions. just how perilous and precarious our situation is. south africa and was sworn, i should be tangled for detecting sequencing and reporting this warrant, not penalize nevertheless, many nations are pushing on with their measures. japan is banning. own you foreign travellers in an attempt to keep the new strain out of their country. we have a team of reporters covering the latest developments. jenna hall is standing by for us in london. we have our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett, and we have our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations. james, let's start with you. and what's the latest from this special 3 day meeting? well, un secretary general has made it quite clear that he believes that travel bands are not the way forward his spokesperson, making it clear that south africa had done great work in finding this new variant.
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and there shouldn't be collective punishment of south africa and its neighbors. in southern africa, he firmly put his weight behind the world health organization statement, a ball position. with this statement which was read out a short time ago. the secretary general said he is now deeply concerned about the isolation of southern african countries due to new coven 19 travel restrictions. as he and others have long warned low vaccination rates or breeding ground for variance. the people of africa cannot be blamed for the morally low level of vaccinations available on the continent, and they should not be penalized for identifying and sharing crucial science and health information with the world. the secretary general appeals to all governments to consider repeated testing for travelers together with other appropriate and truly effective measures with the objective of avoiding the risk of transmission so
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as to allow for travel and economic engagement. now the secretary general has also made it clear in the past that war time, logic should be brought in to the discussions of kobe 19 in order to deal with the virus. and with this new variant, i asked his spokes person about that. and whether now, if you need a new vaccine or at least the existing vaccines need to be adjusted and adapted because of the new variant. whether the pharmaceutical counter companies should share the licensing of those vaccines and allow laboratories across the world to produce the vaccine. and he said that yes, the secretary general strongly supported that sort of move by the pharmaceutical companies move. they resisted until this point is also worth pointing out that the 2nd general of the united nations is a strong advocate of the w. h. chose view on vaccination around the world and the target the w h o set,
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which was for 40 percent of people in the world to be vaccinated by the end of this year and 70 percent by the end of 2022. and he made it clear the spokes person that when nowhere near the target for the end of this year. indeed, thank you for that update. james bays outside the united nation. all right, let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly help could hello the kimberly . the president tried to reassure americans a short time ago. what more did he have to say during his press conference? the u. s. president did have a message at largely to target the domestic audience, but he did address the criticisms. the u. s. has been facing with regard to vaccine inequality globally view as president in his message under scoring that the united states has shared hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines with 110 countries. and he is calling on the rest of the world to do the same. so the u. s. president certainly addressing some of those criticisms, but at the same time,
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reassuring americans that there is no need to panic in his view. with regard to this new, highly contagious ami con variant that he believes the science in place in the united states is effective. there is a belief, although it's still not understood fully, that the vaccines that many americans have already received will be able to combat at least the most severe aspects of the disease. but the u. s. president, once again used his address to the nation to remind the 10s of millions of americans not yet vaccinated, that their best defense against this new varied is to get vaccinated and to get their booster. so the u. s. president once again reiterating that message and saying that there will be a development of further boosters if needed. thank you very much. kimberly how can live for us in washington, d. c. all right, let's bring in at jana. whoa, who's been following developments from london? and after the u. k hosted and meeting of g 7, ministers in china,
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that was obviously a very important meeting. what was discussed what it was, opportunity obviously for the health ministers of the world's most advanced economies, to get together share their knowledge at all the knowledge of their respective scientists and what they think they know about on the call and what it might be capable of and how best to come up with it with a sort of coordinated response, if not in the view of many an appropriate response. kelly and no ting as well. that the numbers of cases now being distributed around the world indicate some level, at least of community transmission so that you know all micro where it has arrived globally. and is to some extent, a large extent outside the scope of travel bands to be able to contain it. they released a statement. they praised the exemplary efforts of south african scientists. and the speed with which they operated to make the world aware of what they had found. and then they took into account this idea of vaccine distribution that we've been
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hearing so much about clearly very high up the agenda. they said, they said they recognized the strategic importance of ensuring access to vaccines and that they would take forward their pledge made in june this year at their summit in cornwall to distribute a 1000000000 doses of the vaccine to the developing world. now they are nowhere near according to the experts, the g 7 at this point near being able to meet that pledge, whether this is adding impetus to the dr. now that we've heard for the w, h o from president biden, and from the un secretary general as was laid out, the impetus to this drive to vaccinate the world will remain to be seen. but the campaigners will say, look, we've heard these promises before and leaders like ser ram. a poser have reiterated their complaint saying that this should be a wake up call to the world that the vaccine inequality mustn't be allowed to continue until everyone is vaccinated. everyone will continue to be at risk. let's
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hope that something gets done. thank you very much for that update. john, how live us in london. and as we mentioned, japan is banning only foreign travelers, governments, in se asia have also imposed restrictions in a bid to contain the spread of these ami cranberry and hong kong is the only territory in that region. though that has detected the new variant, tiny chain, big reports from bangkok, no sooner had japan declared victory against curve at 19 and relaxed its entry requirements. and the door slammed, shut its prime minister announcing on monday that he would be taking no chances with the new berry and guy who was in with regard to foreign visitors, entering japan for midnight of november 30th we will ban entry from all parts of the world thailand and indonesia announced new although less stringent bands on arrivals from southern african nations lockdown have been devastating to the
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tourist industry here. and many southeast asian nations will be reluctant to impose blanket bands. the philippines started and the bishops, thanks to nation drive on monday to inoculate more than 9000000 people in 3 days. it's travel. bennett, 14 nations include european countries with a new variant has been found. we already buy more value. we should delete these as much as we can really prepare the capacity our decide. i luckily i to construct one chavel gateway that was opening up rather than shutting down is the land border between singapore and malaysia. 3000 people cross this border daily until march 2020, when it was shut down, stranding thousands. so pretty much i'm excited to go back to my money here to my home country. i know a lot of families,
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i've been up all in the for me to go back here to visit my grandparents, my parents, my families and stuff for now, a special bus service will limit visitors to 3000 to day as other borders around the region shut down these travelers will be hoping this journey isn't one way. tony chang, al jazeera banker, plenty more ahead on this news hour, including china promises a 1000000000 doses of current virus and vaccines to african nations. as a summers on economic cooperation gets away in san ago. she was more she jeffrey seemed poor or accomplished galle maxwell. 6 traffic in trial begins in new york and will tell you why defending champion novak jokers which his father is critical of the astronomy and government more ins forced. ah,
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iran says it's optimistic after the 1st day of resumed talks in vienna, and it's salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. met with iranian officials, the u. s. is there, but only holding talks indirectly discussions stoled in june after the election of a runs president abraham rising tehran, one sanctions to be lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. tulsa jabari is covering the meetings from vienna. this is seen as a very beginning of what could be really the newly appointed team from iran and from the new government of every racy is headed by the reigning deputy foreign minister, alibaba murray. and his team of 38 men who are very well versed in the countries economy. they're all specialties at their specialists in iran's economy,
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from various different divisions of the government. they are here to find out what the other side will likely do in terms of moving forward. they're trying to gauge the mood from the europeans as well as the americans. i've spoken to sources into iran who are looking at the other parties involved to say that they are seeing some members in the negotiating teams from all sides. that are very well versed in terms of the security of the countries. meaning that they are expecting iran and other programs, not just a nuclear program will also be brought up. that is of course, something the renew of said they will not do. and they said they were only here to discuss how the americans will lift their sanctions. that they've imposed on or on the deputy foreign minister has said they are on nuclear program and other programs as well as iran regional involvement is not for negotiations. but of course, the parties involved, including europeans, have said that these talks are not going to go on forever, that there needs to be some kind of resolution as soon as possible. for more
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analysis on this story, let's bring in. i leave i is who is the director of the iran project or the international crisis group? he's also a former, you an official who worked on nuclear negotiations in join says from washington d. c. thank you very much ali. you're obviously right across the face. how optimistic can we be that the deal can actually be salvage? russia has come out and said that it started quite successfully in iran, says it's optimistic, but is that the truth? well, you know, i think we have to temper our expectations about what can come out of this 1st round of negotiations after 5 months long pause. the reality is the 2 sides are far apart and diplomatic momentum has been lost. there is a new iranian negotiating team and they have a lot of maximum. the demand at this stage is really hard to say, what did they also have the requisite flexibility to meet the us halfway and find a way to restore the compliance with the original agreement or not. you've talked
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about these demands. what are the speaking points 50, ron, and also what are the sticking points for washington? and can they made in the middle? well look, it's true that obviously iran has been burned as a result of us withdrawal from the 2015 agreement by president trump in 2018. and i was asking for guarantee that this would not happen again, that the us would not re, neg, on, on its commitments. the problem is that the original agreement was negotiated as a non binding political understanding. the word agreement is not even into title. and so some of the things that are wrong, ones like wholesale lifting of sanctions and the long term guarantees are really difficult to fit within the 4 corners of the original agreement. and the u. s. also has a lot of demands about iran rolling back. it's nuclear program to take into account for advancements that it has made that are not re reversible like on advanced
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centrifuges and research and development. but you know, the reality is that there is a narrow pathway forward, but it really requires both sides to be flexible and try to find innovative ways. and so this would take some time. but the problem is impact runs. nuclear program is growing exponentially by today. how has the change in administration in iran hindered phase negotiations? well then you run in negotiating team is comprised of the people who are either skeptics of the original agreements or outright opponents of it. and so it's, they haven't much tougher approach and, and again the u. s. and the western parties expected that this would be, you know, they're, they would try to drive a much harder bargain. but the question to which we don't have an answer yes. after the 1st day is what are they, ronnie and team is pragmatic enough to understand that unless they also compromise and flexibility,
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the only outcome is the diplomatic deadlock and with the growth of ransom for program by the day, we would soon reach a point that the the non proliferation value of the original agreement will be very difficult to restore and the risks of military action by israel already united states would grow to danger. so what is the state of that nuclear program? does terran have the expertise material to make bombs? oh sorry, right now has the enough material for several weapons. the reality is that the measuring stick here is what is known as the breakout time, which is the amount of time that it takes for run to enrich enough uranium, a to weapons grade to be able to develop one nuclear weapon. and the j. c. p, a, the original agreement extended that timeline to 12 months, but now that timeline is less than a month while we appreciate you breaking it down for us. thank you very much. allie, via the director of the iran project at the international crisis group. thank you
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for your time to other world news now and left wing opposition. candidates to morrow castro is claim victory in honduras is presidential election. she has a commanding, laid over her ruling party rival as vote counting continues. castro says voters have reversed authoritarianism. manuel, rapids reports from the capital when the yeah celebrations and the 100 capital agency got the preliminary results from the national electoral council, police opposition candidates your magic ass through in the lead, the final tally was far from completed. the news was enough to spark celebrations in the streets of the city of europe. for the, for the 100 people. this represents an awakening. peace. a hope. the people are
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overwhelmed by so much wrong doing and misery. over the past 12 years, the people needed to breathe. the people have woken up. earlier in the day, eager voters queued for their turn at the ballot box. and pulling locations extended their closing hours to allow everyone a chance to cast a vote. many expressed a distrust of the electoral system signing a disputed general election 4 years ago when the governing national party claimed victory despite evidence of fraud. on the 30 being going on the right. always like with our so i'm actually quite happy. good morning ladies. my phone call is in the late hours on sunday opposition leaders. he'll monica spoke
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to. supporters claiming victory over national party, candidate, nasty as food by most we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country. a government of peace and a government of justice. the 202100 general election took place under one of the most polarized political environment in recent memory. with many people worried that violence could still out in the streets the mood out now. oh, we got a celebration on to run election officials have also said voter turnout is the highs since the 1980s when the country returned to democratic rule and men, while rap hello joins his life from the hunter and capital. hello, there men, well, slightly less excited stains around you today. what's the latest on the vote counting a much calmer day than what we saw take
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place last night. celebrations of called a little bit. you can see, it's pretty much a pretty normal day here in the 100 capital people have the day off. there's a shopping mall near where we are. people are coming in and out. a lot of that zion that many people had ahead of the general election has also quelled. now the latest figures that we're hearing from the national electoral council, or that only about 53 percent of the boat has been counted, but that general trend remains in favor of opposition. candidates. you might have gastro who leads with a little more than 51 percent of the vote. now, with that said, only the national electoral council is able to officially declare a winner in this election that hasn't stopped. 2 left this leaders from across latin america from taking the social media and congratulating the left us opposition. candidates, jo, amount of capital. we've already seen, congratulations from the leaders of cuba and as well. and also from the former president of bolivia,
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able morales. and the latest news that we've heard is that the one of the opposition candidates, the candidate with the 3rd most votes in this election, has already conceded to show magic as, as well. now there are a number of reasons why this has every potential to be an historic election for a 100. as we mentioned in the report, simply the vote, the voter turnout, it's more both, it's more votes and that the country has seen since the 1980, when the country returned to democratic rule. and if the national electoral council does declares tomonica the victor in the presidential election, she would become the 1st female president of honduras. there's many people here in the country of feel a hunger for change after 12 years of a single party rule, many are hoping that a new government could improve conditions. could many people see the ruling, the governing national party as being endemic, lee corrupt which is lead to worsening poverty in the country. they're hoping that a new government will, in condition so that we may see
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a stemming of that flow of migrants that historic wave of migration that we've seen out of honduras over the past few years. plenty happening there. thank you for the memo rep la joining us live bit from the capital. keep us updated. charlie's and away of british and socialized glen maxwell in new york. she's accused of enabling the crimes of light sex offender jeffrey epstein, who took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting his tramp. maxwell insists she's innocent and denies any wrong doing. gabriel elizondo has been covering the case for us and joins us live now from new york. gabriel, what's the latest from outside the court for the latest is that it's been a slow process so far, or they've had some delays this morning here in basically seating the jury. there were some sort of issues that the judge had to work out with the jury pool. there ultimately now are 12 jurors. 6 alternates and they are at this very moment
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actually getting their instructions from the judge. and we expect that after they go to a lunch break, that opening statements will begin. it gives you an idea on how complicated this trial will be. they initially had a pool of over $600.00 potential jurors. they will that down slow waves by slowly over the last couple weeks. but this is such a high profile case. elaine maxwell, jeffrey epstein, who's not on trial but nevertheless tied to this case. and it's gotten so much world media attention that the judges really had to admonish the jurors. do not pay attention to social media, do not discuss this case. and it just gives you an idea of how much attention is on this very hope. high profile case, there were over 2 dozen people waiting in line at about 5 o'clock this morning, outside the court to grab one of the few seats in the court room or in the overflow
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room to watch the trial. and then watch these opening statements that we expect here to start momentarily. it's going to be fascinating to watch it on file. thank you very much. gabriel alice, under light press in new york, china's president has promised to african nations, 1000000000 corona virus vaccines and increased economic assistance. and today somebody's underway in synagogue. china is africans largest trading partner with nearly $1900000000000.00. the meeting takes place after a recent visit by us secretary of state to boost cooperation. nicholas hug has this report from the summit. were an hours away from the capital of the car and the new city of germany on june has been largely built thanks to chinese investments, including this conference center where the africa china conference is taking place now. so that has rolled out the red corporate hoping that delegates would come in large numbers, but many have chosen to take part in this event. virtually because of the fear of
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the new strain of the current of virus, including chinese president teaching pain. this are to help the african union realize its target. vaccinating 60 percent of its population by 2022. china will provide another 1000000000 doses of coven, 1900 vaccines for africa, including 600000000 doses for free. and the remaining 400000000 doses from joint production by chinese enterprises and relevant african countries, only 2 percent of african are vaccinated because rich countries failed to deliver on their promise to distribute vaccines on the continent. and so this donation comes at a relief, but many wondering will be the actual cost of them. several countries in africa are crumbling under chinese. that continent has become a place where various superpowers from china to the united states. and now russia design for info in this playing field. molly's foreign minister says african
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countries see an opportunity. you know, these big powers, they have their own problems. monday, for instance, is a small country. we don't want to will be in the midst of the fight among elephants . we are just looking for the interests of money. so if russia and france have issues, they have to do it with themself, who it is always are with the us. so that's the message mighty, want to carry to say, we are not against any country. we are looking for our interest as much as any other country is, will be looking for its own into each country. has specific needs to go want to have the backing of china to continue to extract liquid natural gas of fossil fuel . despite the call 26 agreement. the end of the event will culminate with the signing of the de car agreement under this banner of shared prosperity. something that african nations have been promised before,
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but many are waiting for this prosperity to be delivered. still, head on al jazeera kirk is dan's opposition announces its next move after government loyalists suite to power in disputed parliamentary elections. sounds like i'm not coming from the direction of done. it pulled out a 0 gains access to the front line in east tim ukraine, as russian forces gather at the border. and after the recent struggles, the golden state warriors back to their bess, jim will have all those stories and more useful. ah hello, we got some rather live the weather in the forecast, the parts of the middle east, northern parts of the middle east. that as you can see, a fair amounts of cloud up across so much of turkey sitting across that western
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side of turkey and increasing wind as we go on through the next day or so. so 30 celsius, they're in bay route 27 for damascus. jerusalem around $26.00 degrees, but that cain wind blowing in across the levant. i was going to bring something of a change as we go on through the middle part of the week. so struggling to get into the mid to high teens at that stage, and there will be some wet weather at cloud and re making his way across turkey. at that station to the east side of the country. much of the middle east will be fine, a dry. there's a chance of one or 2 showers just around that eastern side on parts of a man, eastern areas of the u. a ye cuz see some showers to just across the far north of africa, some lobby. dow pulls out a northern areas of algeria once again. wet and windy weather sweeping through fair and wet weather. also affecting northern areas of ch, nicea plenty of showers into the heart of africa across the tropics, sinking further southwards angola. still seeing some rather heavy ray eastern pass .


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