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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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of tenicia county, a showers into the hearts of africa, across the tropics, sinking further southwards angola. still seeing some rather heavy right. eastern parts of south africa also still seeing some heavy rain. it will grassy ease as we go through. wedding stay by that stage it does turn rather wet for a good part of madagascar. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results rate far and wide indonesia, his turns forming, we moved pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let be part when denise is pros and progress, invest in indonesia. now can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your
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favorite teen to cut off for the fee for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air . let saul is juan and rich new heights. join as in cat, off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada airways dot com. oh, the a . hello you what, you know do 0, i'm emily. angling reminder of our top stories this alum, what, how long is ation is warning and you heavily mutated only cron variance of cause of 19 is a significant in global risk. a growing list of countries have imposed to travel
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restrictions that south africa president calls unjustified and unscientific. iran says it's determined to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal as told to resume in vienna. the u. s. is negotiating with iran indirectly high around one sanctions to be lifted in return for limits on nuclear programs. and the trial is under way for british socialized gland maxwell in yield. she's accused of enabling the crimes of life sex offender jeffrey, who took his own life 2 years ago. while away from the trial. schools in uganda are to reopen in january nearly 2 years after they closed because of the pandemic. the u. n. is wanting many students and teachers may not want to return to the class. catherine so explains why from the capital compiler. timothy cyril go is a high school student,
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but he has not been in class for much of the last year and a half. uganda closed it's learning institutions in march 2020 because of covet 19 . some classes were reopened earlier this year, but only for 3 manse, several go is now landing to fix computers. so he can start a business. he says he'll go to school in january, but many of his friends may not do some friends of mine. really though, i'd be good some walk through some ones there in vio, dean, somewhere i v, i a me mechanic in very cause and some of my friends totally the in do things and we are there, we're of the bill over there each year, government officials, talis, they're working with teachers and other partners to make sure that at least the basic facilities are in place before january, but a little time left and not enough money to prepare,
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inserting safety. and they were being ordered to tires and, and as we need them to be alive, we're talking about the opening but to we have no t taken it into other factors from 40 since we are looking at now, what is, what is it that has been prepared escalate the infrastructure level. in some neighborhoods, volunteers try to keep children busy. uganda has had one of the longest school closures in the world. and it's the only nation in africa. the students are still at home, but this is a classroom of a privately own school in the city. other schools have been converted to is missed, and leaving spaces for rents. many schools are in a bad state, and some teachers stelis that they may not be able to provide a safe environment for students to come back. some aid workers see you, kunda is facing a landing crisis that could take many years to fix. many children have been out of
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school for 2 years. they are lost interest. they are engaged in some other negative, it is like tied label. some of them have sh, 1st or cycle psychosocial effects. some of them having abuse, getting all that character to come to school, getting the schools ready to accept the children and help them learn, getting the thesis back and getting the system ready for all of it is a big challenge. some students have been starting online or with private tutors, but many like say rugle can't afford that. and once school starts, it may take a long time for them to catch up catching solely al jazeera kampala, i said to the u. k. now, where british health minister is sergeant javert, it is a speaking empowerment about the impact of the only con variant of coven 19. it follows the making of j 7 health ministers. let's listen in confirm cases have been reported in many countries, including austria, belgium, the czech republic,
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denmark, germany, italy, the netherlands, and portugal. in this race between the vaccines and the varos, the new varied may have given the virus extra links. so our strategy is to buy ourselves time and to strengthen our defenses, while our world's leading scientists learn more about this potential threat. on friday i update to the house about the measures we've put in place, including how within hours we'd place 6 countries in southern africa on the travel reckless. today, mister speaker, i'd like to update the house on a more balanced and proportion steps that we are taking 1st measures at the border, the slow, the incursion of the varied from abroad on saturday in line with the updated advice from the u. k. health security agency, we acted quickly to add 4 other countries to the travel records and gola mozambie
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by law. we enter. this means that anyone who's not a u. k or irish, national or resident who's been in any of these countries over the previous 10 days will be refused entry. and those who are allowed entry must isolate in a government approved facility a 10 days beyond this red list. we're also going further to put in place a proportional testing regime for a rival from across the world. so will require anyone who enters the u. k to take a p c r test by the end of the 2nd day after they arrive. to south isolate until they receive a negative result. the regulations for this have been laid before the house today and will come into effect at 4 am tomorrow. second, we've announced measures to slow the spread of virus here in the u. k. where making
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changes to our rules on cell fine, relation for close contacts in england to reflect the greater threat that may be posed by this new varied. so close contacts of anyone who test positive with a suspected case of only con must sell fire slate for 10 days, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. face coverings will also be made compulsory in shops on public transport in england, unless an individual has a medical infection. the regulations for self installation and faith coverings have been laid before the house the day a will come into 4th at 4 am tomorrow. and i can confirm to my house that there will be a debate and focus on these 2 measures to give the house the opportunity to have it faith and to perform valuable scrutiny. my honorable friend, the leader of the house, will be setting out more detail shortly. i will be reviewing all of these measures that i set out today after 3 weeks to see whether they are still necessary. 3rd,
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mister speaker were strengthening the defences we built against of ours were already in a stronger position than we were when we faced the del for varied. we have a much greater capacity for testing and enhanced ability for sequencing. i'm the collective protection that's offered by 114000000 jobs in arms. and i, so i would like to update the house on the activation program as well. our cobit 900 vaccination program has been a national success story. we've delivered more boost doses than anywhere else in europe. and we've given top a job to over one in 3 people over the age of 18 across the united can. i'd like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the n, a chest, the volunteer, the armed forces, and everyone else that has been involved in this like saving work. okay, that was the british health minister there speaking about the impact of ami kron very. and let's bring in join a how now,
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who's been following developments from london to join a he spoke a little bit about further measures being taken to protect citizens. what can you tell us? yes, that was such a job at the health secretary addressing parliament making a statement about all metro and the measures that the government is putting into place to deal with it. reminding parliament that the u. k. government was quick up the box 1st up, the mark in fact, on friday in introducing trouble bands on those 6000 african countries quickly followed by other countries in doing so. and then on saturday, adding another 4 countries to the list. the decisions happened to hours off to the information about on the call and was communicated by government scientists to number 10 downing street and making the point that it was necessary to act fast in order to buy time for scientists to do the work that they need to do to assess the threat that on the con poses and. 3 to be able to strengthen defenses that it is
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the strengthening of defense is that he laid out for parliament. now it involves more testing and borders for all new arrivals. it involves strengthening the self strengthening the self isolation policy for new arrivals in this country. it involves reintroducing mosque mandates in some indoor settings, and it involves extending the booster program. and he said, all of this, in spite of the fact that numbers of croner popping up all over europe. indeed, all over the world, widely suggesting that community transmission is already under way beyond the scope of specific travel bands to be able to prevent it. but as i said, this is all in the interest of buying time, and mister java fresh from an online meeting with his fellow help ministers of the g 7 at which they collectively praised south africa, scientists in their work and the speed of their work. and the speed that they were able to notify the world of the potential of the current threat. and recognizing the statement says, the strategic need for wider vaccine coverage,
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perhaps indicating that moves may be a foot to address the huge vaccine inequality between the global north and the global south. which of course, is partly why these variance are allowed to continue to emerge in date is going to be interesting as the holiday season approaches. thank you for that update. jonah jenna, how live in london china's president has promised to african nations. 1000000000 corona virus vaccines and increased economic assistance. and today, summit is underway in synagogue. china is africa, the largest trading partner with nearly $1900000000000.00 in tribes. the meeting takes place after a recent visit to by us secretary of state to boost cooperation. nicholas hark is following the summons. it's something that's very important, not just for china, but for african country is also present virtually as the president of south africa, the head of the african union. and obviously the host present,
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mikey south and on everybody's mind. but not mentioned by name was the new variant of the coven. 19 ami kron and shooting pain address to head on very quickly. and is address said that a 1000000000 doses would be delivered of the farm vaccine to africa. and 600000000 of that will be donation. we also mentioned that there will be a creation of a chinese african research centers and manufacturing centers so that people here can have better access to, to vaccines and achieve that goal by the african union to have 60 percent of africans vaccinated against cove in 1900 like present, serial rama, post explained on this meeting. it is unjustified and unfair that so many people here on the african continent do not have access to those very important vaccine for president of georgia. mikhail, it's a cash he really has
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a heating court on charges of abusive office. he use the hearings in the capital tbilisi to denounce the georgia authorities, such as really has been held in jail since returning from exile last month. he's facing 6 years in prison for corruption. second release says the charges politically motivated magdalena anderson has been elected as sweden's prime minister for the 2nd time this month. she became the 1st woman to hold at the office last week, but i may hold it for a few hours before her coalition. collab. sweden's green party withdrew support over and assumes a budget proposal. this time her social democrats will form a single party. mon, i, minority rally government. the caribbean island nation of barbados is becoming a republic by cutting ties with the british want to king. prince charles arrived to transition ceremony, which will say queen elizabeth removed as head of state barbados gained fully
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dependence from the u. k. in 961, it will remain a member of the commonwealth group of nations. in honduras, the left wing opposition candidate, samara castro has claimed victory in sunday's presidential election. castro says that voters have reversed all thought terry and his m governing national party also announced that its candidate had won and well wrapper explains from the capital a losing when for celebrations in the honduran capital tegucigalpa ah preliminary results from the national electoral council placed opposition candidates your magic ass through in the lead. ah, your final tally was far from completed. the news was enough to spark celebrations
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in the streets of the city. oh, for the follow up with a photograph for the photo, for the 100 people. this represents an awakening apiece. a hope the people are overwhelmed by so much wrong doing and misery over the past 12 years the people needed to breathe. the people have woken up those manyels. oh, earlier in the day eager voters queued for their turn at the ballot box. ah, and pulling locations extended their closing hours to allow everyone a chance to cast a vote. many expressed a distrust of the electoral system signing a disputed general election 4 years ago when the governing national party claimed victory despite evidence of fraud. i mean certain, been going on with the right and always like with howard. so i'm actually just, i'm actually quite happy with all of them later. my bony poll is in the late hours
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on sunday opposition leaders humana. gastro spoke to supporters, claiming victory over national party candidate, nasty as food farm us. we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country. a government of peace and a government of justice. the 2021 on your in general, like wise under one of the most horrible environments memory with many people worried bit violence. it's still on the streets. the moved out. now, you gotta celebration one to run election officials of also said voter turnout is the highs since the 1980 when the country returned to democratic rule. oh man with up a little algae 0. big lucio both wonders i contain his judiciary is launching
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a case against senior me and mar officials. the persecution of the muslim ringer minority and u. k based ringa advocacy group has called it a historic step. a federal criminal court in upon a series says able investigate the full range of crimes committed under the principle of universal jurisdiction or than 24000 ringa have been killed since 2017. hundreds of thousands had fled to bangladesh. leads, nationally renowned to fashion designer virgil ab law has died at the age of $41.00 . it was the 1st black, artistic director at louis baton blah, who recently showcased his work. here in dar ha was hailed for his stance on social and environmental issues. katya lopez, hold a yon reports. ah, he was a high end designer and a visionary who rose to the top of the fashion industry. virgil ablow was often
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described as a renaissance man in the world of fashion. as blue returns, 1st african american artistic director. he push boundaries, redefining the designs of luxury brands. you can't talk about st. we're specifically luxury street. we're without mentioning the name ver, to at. wow. it's impossible in the more than 160 years that louis baton has existed as a passion house. he was there 1st black read of director styles once unthinkable on the catwalk like mixing sneakers and camouflage pants with tailored suits and evening gowns became a blueprint for other designers. a combination of luxury and street were also attracted a new and younger market. ablow was born in the us state of illinois to immigrant parents from gonna his mother, a seamstress taught him to so and even though he did and how formal fashion training, he understood the industry and the role that plays in modern culture for more than
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2 years. the founder of the label off white had been suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. despite his illness, he kept active. earlier this month, he traveled took a tours capital for his 1st museum exhibit in the middle east titled figures of speech. he leaves a legacy that influenced fashion and managed to inspire the world of art and culture. virgil ablow was $41.00 still ahead on al jazeera american ski and mckelly schiffron ties at 32 year old record. gemma will have all those details in support. ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't
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handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line one, i'll just era is done with blue .
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ah, it's time now is forty's jammah. thank you emily. manchester and i said have named german coach. ralph rang. nick is the interim manager until the end of the season rang next appointment comes 8 days after the fact. ali gun associa, the german, his coach, a number of clubs in his home country achieving back to back promotions with oftentimes, leading shall cut to the german car bound. establishing all be leipzig as a leading bond, as they could seem during 2 spells as their coach. united certainly need him to turn things around as they currently sit, 8 in the premier league united christiana. rinaldo was one of those on the short list when the prestigious mens bondo award and power slater. the 30 man list also includes the likes of buying the next row, but evan duffy, who scored a 73 girls in 60 games with a strong favorite for this,
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he has trophies lino messy. the parasite forward ended his long wait for a major international trophy. when he helped argentina when the corporate america, if he is the when i say it would be a record of 7th time he's been named player of the year. and italian journalist has filed charges against a man who slaps on the bottom on live tv after a series of will much aggressive because he has a so happened that she reported from out by the stadium following em. please match against your and see the on saturday. the case is fox outraged in italy and the incident occurred is the lead wants to campaign against violence towards women which so quiet and take to the field with a red knock on their faces. fine of all is our portuguese people side, but then says has been hit by the new on the chronic variant of corona virus. the club has detected 13 cases among scored and staff off the one player recently returned from south africa. the variant was found after the portuguese league match
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against ben pico on saturday, which has to be abandoned. and it says it started with only 9 players on the pitch because the rest of isolating and only 7 returned to the field off the half time match was cooled off with the training 7 mill club, say 44 people are currently isolating at home as well. as best tennessee joke of h could skip the upcoming australian open rules on cobra. 1900 vaccination. relax that's according to his father. speaking on serbian television, his job described tennis, australia's vaccine mandate out blackmail shock, which is defending champion for the torment and has so far declined to disclose whether he's vaccinated. he's 19 titles in melbourne, valley chilly nature or did she whether he goes or not, it depends on whether they want the 9 time window to go all the way to a straight. yeah. of course he'd like that with all of his heart because he's an athlete. and because there are so many of our countrymen that he can't wait to see novak that i really don't know. under these conditions,
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under this blackmail is done in this way, probably not, not secure this. the golden state warriors have made it 8 wins and a right thanks to a 15 to 90 victory against the los angeles cliff is steph curry. it contributed a $33.00 points on the night. warriors have had a horrifying with injuries in the seasons previously. they'd 13 and 4 years. and they fashion that getting back to that bus. now they lead the league with 18 winds from 20. again, the memphis grizzlies were when it's against the sacramento kings and brooks score 21 points while they will for 18, from desmond vein grizzlies taking this 1128 to one. i want to snap game losing streak and the nfl green bay's a quarterback. aaron rogers of 3 for more than 300 yards as the packers recorded the 9th when the regular season on sunday green bay up against the l. a rams. and they had the chance to tie the packers on 8 when for the victory habit,
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it was not to be for the rams. butch's 3 foot, $307.00 yards as his team run out. when is by 36 points to 28 level with arizona on 9 winds in the f. c. soundings. although the cardinals have lost one last game. merican skin mckayla schiffron his title record is said 32 years ago but to time and and pick champion b main rival petra lava. the when the solemn in killing of the month printing her $46.00 korea when in a single discipline the match, the mock set by sweetest grade in the most denmark he did it in the giant, solemn. he's also said on the all time list on copatrick, lindsey von, and as for me, one teams are prepared to race for the 1st time in saudi arabia. this week the country has also confirmed the route to the dak, all valley which will take place in january is the 3rd time the race will be held with the 12 stages taking the 578 vehicles across various terrain in the deserts. for the 1st time in the history of the race,
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hybrid vehicles will be taking part 14 time champion and stuff and the pet harmful it will drive. one of them that i call valley is planning to make all compaction vehicles low emission by 2030 to try to win. the deco is electric car. it's pretty complicated because you know that, that, that guy is poorly the, the tougher threats cosigning to clinicians long distance before the 1st testing with the car. i never drove electric cows on i need to say that i'm really impressed about the pussy. be specific of the engine. so this is why this challenge is so incredible on the it's really a good opportunity for me and that so as well for now i'll have more later emily. thank you very much jim. that's all for this news al, i'm emily angland, but i'll be back in a moment with more of today's news. don't go anyway. ah
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. news news, news, news, news, december 4th, received on both of the countries the most significant election. so it's been 5 years since the form on long term lead. time is $22.00. we are ready. what's broke down and what it's called division remain, can be delivered on a demo project. progress in personal coverage on algebra, on counts in the course, count japan's new prime minister tack or income inequality plus will the world trade organization health book countries to secure port with 19 vaccines will be speaking to the w t. o new director general. counting the cost on al jazeera,
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there was since i was a little boy in india, my dream was to make body wood fence. so finally, i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and good das permission going behind the lens as gotten was saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish, were greeted even supplied by tradition. who were beautiful, possibilities are offered. ah,
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the un secretary general urges nations to reconsider their south africa. travel bands as the country is prized for identifying the new ami kron variance. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera ally from dough house are coming up. talks get underway in vienna, on rain, stating the 2015 nuclear agreement with iran, new york court. he's opening arguments in gallon maxwell sex trafficking.


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