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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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the me, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily angland. this is the news allen live from 0 coming up in the next 60 minutes. more countries impose travel restrictions is the w h o warns, and you only crohn at various places, a very high risk of infection when live in vienna with the latest on yet another round of talks, taking to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. living on president is in casa while he faces economic unrest at home and an unprecedented diplomatic crisis with golf
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nations, and war she, jeffrey, at the same point, or complet a new york course. he's opening arguments in the lane maxwell fixed trafficking trough. i'm john asked with board, there's a new man in charge at manchester, united the english premier side of the german coach around rank, nick and toby, and i hello and welcome to the program. the world health organization is warning. the new heavily mutated variance of covered 19 poses a significant global risk. although there being no depths linked to the only cron variance so far, experts say arise in infections could lead to severe consequences. if there is one thing we have learned is that norwegian, no country,
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no community and no individual is safe. until we are all safe. the emergence of the highly mutated army crone violent under lions just how pitiless and pre cut is. our situation is south africa and both swan, i should be tangled for detecting sequencing and reporting this vaughn and not penalize south africa's presidency. a ram, oppose that has urged the world to resist what he called unjustified and unscientific travel restrictions infectious diseases. experts in his country have said existing vaccines should be effective in preventing serious illness. but many nations pushing on with their meshes. japan is banning all new foreign travellers in an attempt to keep the new strain out of the country. while health ministers from the g 7, a meeting virtually to talk about the global response. governments in se asia have
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also imposed restriction restrictions rather in a bid to contain the spread of omicron. hong kong is the only territory in the region that has detected the new variance. tiny chain begins down coverage from bangkok. no. soon as the japan declared victory against curve at 19 and relaxed its entry requirements and the door slammed shut its prime minister announcing on monday that he would be taking no chances with a new variable. geico was in with regard to foreign visitors entering japan for midnight of november 30th. we will buy an entry from all parts of the world. thailand and indonesia announced new although less stringent bands on arrivals from southern african nations lockdown have been devastating to the tourist industry here. and many southeast asian nations will be reluctant to impose blanket bands. the philippines started, men bishops, banks, a nation drive on monday to inoculate more than 9000000 people in 3 days. it's
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travel. bennett, 14 nations include european countries with a new variant has been found. we already bought buy more volume. we just did a d as much as we can really prepare and he has the capacity our decides i recently, luckily reconstruct one travel gateway that was opening up rather than shutting down is the land border between singapore and malaysia. 3000 people cross this border daily until march 2020, when it was shut down, stranding thousands. so pretty much i'm excited to go back to my militia to my home country. i know a lot of families, i've been taught singapore in the for me to go back here to visit my grandparents, my parents, my families and stuff for now, a special bus service will limit business to 3000 to day as other borders around
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the region shut down these travelers will be hoping this journey isn't one way. tony chang al jazeera bank or white house correspondent kimberly hell, katy is standing by president joe biden is expected to speak about the new variant in the coming hours. but 1st, let's go to join a hall in london for more on the g 7 health ministers meeting hosted by the u. k. thanks for joining us. jona ministers are expected to meet this hour. just how important is this discussion? what it was convened by britain on sunday evening britain holding the rotating presidency of the g 7. it's an opportunity for them to get together and discuss what they know about the new varied what their respective scientists know about what they believe it may be capable of. and how best in a coordinated way to try and deal with it rather than the road rather than the sort of frenzy of restrictions and measures being implemented country by country at the moment. and there'll be noting, of course,
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that the numbers popping up in countries all over the world now of confirmed cases indicate that community transmission is probably underway. that means it's spreading independent merely of travel from south africa and independent of the ability of travel bands to be able to, to prevent it. and also presumably be talking about vaccines, not just a w, h o 's call to step up vaccine programs. but also the cool, specifically from dr. tedra, the secretary general to step up vaccine distribution to do whatever they can to close the enormous vaccine inequality gap between the rich north and the south. the developing world in the south. as far as vaccine campaign isn't leaders in the developing world of coal been calling upon them to do for months. now these countries have not even met the pledges. they set themselves at their june summit here in cornwall, to donate doses to the developing south. they're being called upon to donate
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technology as well to allow those countries to develop the vaccine themselves. and in the absence of that, of course, the conditions arise for these sorts of variance to grow and they'll have in their ears ringing the words of civil ram opposed to the south african president. a short while ago you said on the call should be a wake up call to the will. the vaccine inequality cannot be allowed to continue until everyone is vaccinated. everyone will continue to be at risk in day. thank you for the update. jenna, how live for us in london last spring in kimberly health care who is a white house correspondent, hello. they kimberly. the u. s. is on high alert. tell us about the new travel restrictions which started today. yeah, that's right. they started today, but were announced a few days ago last week. it is an effort by the united states to try and prevent the 1st cases of the micron barrier from showing up here in the united states, the u. s. president meeting at this hour with his covet response team. and as we're reporting, we'll be talking to the american public after that about how the united states
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intends to deal with this new variant. what we know is that the president is likely to once again urge the 10s of millions of american still not vaccinated to get to vaccinations as well as a booster. we also know that there are efforts underway by pharmaceutical companies to tweak the existing booster vaccine to address what little they still know about this variant. given the fact that it's not very much and as well. we also know that the u. s. president is expected to stop short of calling for further travel restrictions sticking to the restrictions that were previously announced. those 7 countries plus south africa where we know that the ami chrome variant is spreading rapidly. thank you for the update. kimberly help, and we will bring you, you as president dra biden's address next hour. thank you. moving on, iran says it's determined to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal,
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as talks resume in vienna, representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. a, sitting down with iranian officials, the u. s. is there, but only holding talks indirectly talk stalled. in june after the election of runs president abraham racing tehran, one sanctions to be lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. meanwhile, is the prime minister, and if tale bennett urging world late is not to give in to what he calls runs nuclear blackmail. iran want to keep its nuclear program from today. they'll be getting paid for it. iran deserves no rewards, no bargain deals, and no sanctions relief in return for their brutality. i call upon our allies around the world. do not give into your runs nuclear blackmail. for more on the talks is go live to dosa jabari in vienna. hello there dosa. what can we expect
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from yet another round of discussions, there's not a lot of optimism. the deal can be salvaged, use their no, but this is seen as the very beginning of what could be really the newly appointed team from iran, and from the government of it, where he racy is headed by the reigning deputy for minister alley barbary and his team of 38 men who are very well versed in the countries economy. they're all specialties at their specialists in iran's economy, from various different divisions of the government. they are here to find out what the other side will likely do in terms of moving forward. they are trying to gauge the mood from the europeans as well as the americans. i've spoken to sources into iran who are looking at the other parties involved to say that they are seeing some members in the negotiating teams from all sides. that are very well versed in terms of the security of the countries,
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meaning that they are expecting iran and other programs, not just a nuclear program, but also be brought up. that is of course something the ratings of said they will not do. and they said they were only here to discuss how the americans will lift their sanctions that they've imposed on her, on the deputy foreign minister has said their own nuclear program and other programs as well as iran regional involvement is not for negotiations. so this is seen as a starting point to see whether or not there is any room to move forward. of course, the iranians said that they are here for the next few days. we expect then by friday this week, the party to go back to their capitals and discuss how things went and then hopefully they'll be in a round in the near future. but of course, the parties involved, including europeans, have said that these talks are not going to go on forever, that there needs to be some kind of resolution as soon as possible. and also where does all these leave runs and nuclear program given to iran has been ramping up
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violations of the old agreement. yes, according to the i e. a which is the you and watch dog. the police is iran nuclear program. they are very concerned because they say there are aspects now since iran decided to limits it, cooperation with the they don't have as much access as they had in the past. and they are basically pretty much line now to iran, advancements and involvement in terms of where things are moving around and its nuclear program. the director general of the i was in town on last week. he said that they did not come to any kind of concrete agreement about how to move forward there still roadblocks. and he said that it's very concerning that of course, affects what happens here in the negotiations. because in order to talk about iran nuclear program, they have to know exactly what is happening. the radiance for their part say they have limited their involvement with the cooperation because of what the united
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states has done. and as soon as the us returns to for compliance, so we'll iran, but for the time being. so things are not very clear. and of course a very much a cost concern for the i. e. a and the iranians have said that they will continue to advance their nuclear program, which they say is a peaceful one until they see some kind of it good will gesture from the americans or concrete results from these negotiations. plenty of moving parts of the story. thank you for the update search bar live for us in vienna. so let's take a closer look at what's at stake. anthony told him vienna m d u n z a nuclear watchdog has complained about it's reduced to access to a ron's nucleus science, which has led to tensions between tyran and the i. e. a and even washington, as we heard from doza. iranian officials insist sanctions relief must come 1st before discussing nuclear issues, tyran one's all u. s. and e u sanctions dropped. but washington,
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which withdrew from the jail in 2018, says it's unwilling to return if iran resumes for compliance. let's bring in a barbara slaven now. she's the director of the atlantic councils, future of iran initiative and joins us from washington day say, thanks for joining us. barbara. how optimistic can we bay that the deal will be salvage this time around? well, i think this week is going to be largely an exercise in political posturing by the iranian so i would not expect any real progress this week. the larger question is whether iran is still interested in a return to the j. c. p. o, a. whether it still sees benefit in the limited sanctions relief, that is, it is going to get you know, a ron's demand that all sanctions be lifted is completely unrealistic. that's, that's not going to happen. many of the u. s. sanctions are tied to terrorism.
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human rights abuses, not to nuclear issues, but iran still would get a substantial amount of sanctions relief would get access to about a $100000000000.00 in oil revenues that are frozen in foreign banks would be able to sell a lot more oil, a lot more freely and so the calculation and to run will have to be whether it's worth it to roll back the nuclear program. yet again for this kind of relief. and we won't know that this week. barbara, how is the change in administration in iran helped or hindered these negotiations? racine seemingly less hostile than his predecessor. yeah, well it certainly hindered them because the, this, this team of negotiators are largely people who oppose the original agreement back in 2015, so called hard liners. they don't speak english, they're not educated in the west, like the previous negotiating team us so on. and you have several layers now
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between the americans and the iranians. the talks are indirect and you have a lot more translation that has to go on because of the fact that the negotiators are speaking in farsi, they're not speaking in english. so again, i think a lot of political theatre this week, but not much progress. what fool when it does or if it does happen, what form should the deal tank? well, look, the the i, the goal is to return, at least initially to the original deal of 2015. that means that iran can have no more than 300 kilograms of low enriched uranium. it means it has to take all these advanced centrifuges that it has put back in and take them out, mothball them yet again. it has to resume its full cooperation with the international atomic energy agency, which has been limited over the last few months. and in return,
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the u. s. has to lift a lot of these sanctions, and it has to, i wouldn't say guarantee, but i strongly suggest that this kind of sanctions relief will remain certainly for the remainder of 2 bonds. first home barbara, do we know the state of the nuclear program? does tehran have the expertise and material necessary to make these kinds of weapons of ohms? i think city ron has long had the expertise to make weapons, and it's always been a question of. do they have enough material and a fuel for a weapon? and do they have the political will? i still think that iran understands that actually going for a bomb would not be advantageous. the israelis, as we've already heard, would certainly take actions covered actions over actions to try to sabotage that it would also start a nuclear arms race in the region. saudi arabia would want weapons, others,
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so i think iran wants the expertise wants to get right up to the limit, but not cross over. and the question is, kenny ron being persuaded to hold back the program rollback. many of the advances that it is made. i mean, it will still have the knowledge, nothing can be done about that, but at least take away the material that could actually be used for weapons so that iran could not rapidly produce one barbara, we appreciate your insights in breaking it down for us barbara, slave and the director of the atlantic councils feature of iran and you should have thank you. you're welcome plenty morehead, on this news hour, including china promises a 1000000000 doses of corona vine respect seems to african nations as a summary on economic cooperation gets under way in senegal. victory for india, farmers as parliament scraps reform protests to say. the struggle for justice will continue and a portuguese football club. consensus,
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13 cases of new code 9 came variance among its plays and all that and more coming up in the hall with jim ah, lebanon's president has discussed his country's deepening economic crisis with cotton, amir michelle arns holding talks while on his visit to joe hall for the opening of the fee for our cup. he's also discussed lebanon's diplomatic feud with golf mentions. saudi arabia withdrew with ambassador from bay rouge and banned imports from last month. in lebanon, crowns has been blocking roads in various cities in protest against worsening living conditions. the government being accused of failing to provide a social safety net for the poor after removing subsidies. then a honda reports from bay ruesch. these young men say they've run out of options and
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that's why they've returned to the streets. lebanon's economy has all but collapsed . i know we are hungry and buying me for our children is a dream. we are living a life of humiliation. i read in there is no end in sight for the financial meltdown. the country needs international financial assistance, but politicians are not reforming. a state riddled with corruption also never read them. no, we don't. paul additions are destroying us. they made us for this young man don't have the crisis is not new, but it's got worse because the government lifted its subsidies on essential goods due to a lack of foreign reserves. the fall out of the economic collapse has left the 3 fourths of the population poor, and the united nations is warning of even worse conditions. if no solution are found. the local currency,
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the lira continues to lose its value against the dollar. it's affecting purchasing power, while a cash strapped state has so far failed to give the poor promised financial aid. although while inflation is climbing into the level of the dollars exchange rates fluctuates every hour. that's why we don't put the prices on good side. and since they are adjusted all the time, the crisis began in late, 2019 authorities use force to end a nationwide protest movement and thought about cabinet seats for more than a year. they form the government in september, but it hasn't met for 6 weeks now, because of new political divisions in lebanon. we are not like any other country where people are going to the stated things would change because we're not only confronting a government week on sunday. a government which is backed up with a very powerful militia, been laying down and age in which it has will last, but many worn growing poverty could change that. mom, mom,
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we don't have money to buy bread and medicine for our sick family members. we can't cope with the situation. many have lost faith in a political class blamed for ruining the economy after decades of corruption. but for now, there is little hope for change. the road to recovery appears blocked. santa hood, their elisha zita, they root. the trial is under way for british socialized glen maxwell in new york. she is accused of enabling the crimes of light sex offender jeffrey epstein took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting trial. maxwell insist she's innocent and denies any wrong doing. opening statements have begun in a closed courtroom. gabriel elizondo is covering the case for us and is live from new york. gabriel. what's the background to this strong well, the background is that prosecutors wanted to have jeffrey epstein on trial today.
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that's what was planned a, but when he committed suicide in a new york prison, they had to go to plan b and plan b was to look at his alleged co conspirators in his lead crimes and front and center of that was elaine maxwell, who is a long time girlfriend and associate of jeffrey epstein and prosecutors say that she helped enable him to commit the alleged crimes that he did. this is a trial that is just getting underway here in new york. and the trial of maxwell is expected to have a lot of drama create a. so how much did the lane maxwell know about geoffrey epstein alleged sexual abuse of under age girls? that will be the central question. in the trial of the 59 year old british socialite, facing charges of sex trafficking and other crimes, he is going to be the invisible presence hanging over this. and that is why
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i think that she is going to have to explain something that everybody really wants to know. what was his hold over her? what was that relationship? a big unknown on the trial is how far the judge will allow the prosecutors to probe and epstein and maxwell's high profile social circles that included many household names from politics, industry, and entertainment. one being britain's prince andrew and his accuser, virginia roberts, who says she was trafficked by maxwell to the prince per sex. when she was a teenager is likely not going to be called as a witness. he denies any wrong doing, but prosecutors are expected to call at least 4 other women. all epstein accusers who are going to tell the jury, maxwell groomed them for sex with epstein, one when she was as young as 14 years old. it's a trial with all the trappings of
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a salacious, drama, sex power, money, and fame. but victims rights advocates hope that the jury does not get distracted by that and instead keeps their focus on the women who say they were abused by epstein. and that it could have only happened with the help of maxwell. this is an example of one of the most horrific and long enduring patterns of sex trafficking and child exploitation. there are so many victims and what's particularly disturbing about the case is how open they operated. and how many people knew, and how many people they involved in this exploitation scheme, maxwell has pleaded not guilty and denies all the charges. her legal team will try to cast doubt on the allegations and the testimony based on evidence that happened more than 20 years ago. the trial is expected the last 6 weeks, if convicted maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison. a big
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part of this trial will be looking at how much the judge will allow the prosecution to probe in to epstein and maxwell's personal life. clearly they had a lot of very high profile friends and acquaintances over the years. and it will be interesting to see if the judge will allow some of those names to be brought into the trial even in extended fashion. but the bottom line is, those people are not on trial here. this trial is very much about elaine maxwell and the accusations and charges against her. nevertheless, jeffrey epstein shadow will loom large over the next several weeks. it's going to be a fascinating trial. thank you for your coverage. gabriel ellis, under live for us in new york in his parliament has repealed agricultural laws that lead to a year of protest. farmers from across the country demonstrated against the 3 laws
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we should, they say would ruin their incomes inside the corporations. elizabeth, veronica has moved from new jelly. close houses of the indian parliament have passed. the farm was repeal burle, as it's called, as expected on the 1st day of parliament's winter session. now the repeal of the laws, which farmers have been protesting against the 3 agriculture north for more than a year now. and what have been some of the biggest protests in modern india's history that follows a surprise decision by prominence that in more than 10 days ago that the government would withdraw these laws bought. neither farmers nor the opposition happy about exactly how it happened. now the laws will repeal through very quick voice forwards . but without the discussion that prime minister, the day ended morty,
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promised when he opened the winter session of parliament to add which the opposition parties wanted. now to be clear, opposition party support the repeal of these agriculture laws. they support farmers, but they wanted to debate exactly what was in the bill and also no doubt the government few turn. but the speaker of the lower house chairperson of the upper house ended both meetings just minutes after they began just after the bills were pa saying that the opposition was being too unruly. still ahead on al jazeera, george's former president, for example, as he can called on charges of corruption and abusive power. tribute for in virgil of law, the claim demands where design for louis the tom who's passed away, aged $41.00 and defending champion novak junk of it. he's unlikely to play at the trail. you know, if you've dad describes the organizes back. same mandate as blackmail will have all that a more coming up in force. ah,
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hello, we got some rather ly, the weather in the forecast, the parts of the middle east, northern parts of the middle east. that as you can see, a fair amounts of cloud up across so much of turkey sitting across that western side of turkey and increasing winds as we go on through the next day or so. so the 30 celsius there in bay route $27.00 for damascus. jerusalem had around 26 degrees, but that came wind blowing in across the levant. i was going to bring something of a change as we go on through the middle part of the week. so struggling to get into the mid to high teams at that stage and there will be some wet weather at cloud and rain making his way across turkey. at that station to the east side of the country . much of the middle east will be fined a dry. there's a chance of one or 2 showers just around that eastern side on parts of a man, eastern areas of the u. a. ye cassie some showers to just across the far north of
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africa. some larvae down, pause our to northern areas of algeria once again, wet and windy weather sweeping through here and that wet weather was affecting more than areas of ch, nicea plenty of showers into the heart of africa, across the tropics, sinking further southwards angola. still seeing some rather heavy re eastern pass the south africa also still seeing some heavy rain. it will, grassy ease as we go thru wednesday by that state, it does turn rather wet for a good part of madagascar. ah, in the country with an abundance of results. great. foreign one, indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment to be part.


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