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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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ah plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and debt news reports. subscribed to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah . japan becomes the latest country to ban foreign visitors in response to the new cove with 19 variance. ah, madame hello, ma, hidden. this is al jazeera life from dough home. also coming up. it's mild, very, very mild. sometimes the doctor who 1st attacked it's the only kron variance says patients who suffered only mild symptoms so far. talk saying that reviving the iran
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nuclear deal are to you to get underway in vienna. and after more than a year of protests, cindy is parliament has voted to officially scrap controversial forming laws. japan is banning foreigners from answering the country in an attempt to control the spreads of the you army crone variance prime minister for me. ok, she does says it will take effect on tuesday and other measures are also being considered. you normally good ongoing schema, so we are responding to the army con variant with a strong sense of urgency in my country. we've suspended the entry of foreigners from south africa and 9 other countries from yesterday at midnight. as the new variance spreads further around the world, we're considering additional measures to strengthen our border control measures. second, i'll announce when necessary issues or the south african president has demanded an immediate end. the travel bands that he's described as unjustified and discriminate
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3 against his country and its neighbors. the world health organization has warns the omicron variance is likely to spread globally and poses a very high risk. it's searching countries to speed up the vaccination wall loads more than 10 countries have no confirmed cases. all the variance and g 7, health ministers are due to whole talks later on monday or south african talk say, who raised the alarm about the new variance says hope patience of shown mainly mild symptoms so far. for me to miller reports from johannesburg. angelie good sir. it's the south african doctor who 1st to take the new symptoms in patients who had contract cove at 19. well, she says the symptoms up and tuleya cases so far have been mild. so what is interesting is that, that the clinical symptoms or not the same, then with delta,
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extreme tightness, and fatigue, and the young people that was how we 1st detected with a bit of her body i, campaign, and headache. very, very similar to what you will normally see with any viral infection. so the average has to take to just over 50 cases of the new variant and enabling, but swan or 900 people have been infected. they've also been cases in belgium, israel and other countries. scientists say it may take up to 2 weeks to better understand the variance to determine how easily it spreads and how well vaccines work to protect people. because these more than 30 mutations, that might, it might escape the immune system, or it might xscape the vaccines. what we have seen so far is people that has been vaccinated specie we're far, is it around? we had the last short in august this year did contact the virus and it's mild, very, very much symptoms. there are no known admissions to hospitals. hill people,
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the contract, the new variant. what is your view then on the global reaction to this variant being detected in south africa? extremely premature. and you know, it is as if they went into a frenzy and each and everyone out there on biking a great a high about this. and the question is, you know what, why we have, we have won't that we are going to see a full or a wife. we have said they will come variance. we did say that the variance will mostly come from unvaccinated i v p. people who's not controlled on the medication or never been to taking any medication. that's not, that's something that's new. well, scientists say the variant is behind a sharp rise of cases in the halting province. how the spread of the disease is managed should be carefully considered. an increasing number of experts say the low
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downs and travel bands don't work. as i instead damaging economies and causing unnecessary panic, then says the focus should be on ensuring everyone in the world has access to vaccines. south africa, india and other countries have been for months calling for patient waivers to allow for vaccines to be manufactured around the world. so far to 70 percent of africans have received a job with very low vaccine access, with the inability to be able to fully make our own vaccines and to be able to get out of this been dynamic fast enough in a timely manner with the vaccine martin that we are witnessing and the stigmatization of certain countries in africa related to the variance. this is not a good look for the global not what we need is cooperation. what we need is global solidarity. and what we're getting in return is actually of a punitive approach to how we can actually all managed has been doing 2 weeks from now. when we might see a different picture, we might see
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a total different clinical picture from, from us what we experienced currently. but, but for now, we can't even cite, escaped the vaccine efficacy. we can say that while travel bands are often used by time to better understand new variance and the spread of the coven, 1900 virus. some scientists in south africa, a calling it's a futile exercise for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg. well, let's bring in june whole who's following developments from london june. we've just heard that if you from south africa, meanwhile, the rest of the world just putting up its defenses as new cases of this new variance keep getting discovered. what's the latest where you are? well, i mean, we've been here before i move. we've seen how rapidly new variance, new, and more transmissible periods are able to spread. i think extremely likely on that basis that the numbers we have are just the beginning of those numbers will continue to grow. there's already evidence of community transition transmission.
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and all of that, in spite of, you know, travel bands on selected countries. so yes, the numbers are there. the numbers are growing. 6 new cases in scotland, 3 in the u. k. 13 in portugal, 13 in the netherlands, france, germany, denmark check republic. and so the list goes on and you know, countries adding to their restrictions in response to this new variant as well. that frenzy that we come into, middle talking about new restrictions do in france. we understand here in the u. k, the government adding to its travel bands with a more strenuous testing regime for people arriving from all countries. the return of mandatory mosque wearing in some indoor settings and booster jobs now being offered to over 18. so they will be from this week and that's happening all over the world as the world continues now to hold it spread possibly for the next 2 weeks, while that detailed forensic investigation goes on into the actual properties of
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this micron barrier eval bill that really is watching weight at the moment, june of what we trying to determine just how very linds and how dangerous this new variance is already governments to taking action in the g 7 ministers are set to meet this afternoon. that's right. the u. k. presidency has called a meeting, a virtual meeting of health ministers of the g 7 to share information to discuss a coordinated response. among other things, probably to hear that w h o cool for a stepped up vaccine distribution program. and of course, in line with that they will be again bombarded with calls. i have already been from the south african president, several ram opposed for that vaccine program to be more equally distributed around the world. vaccine inequality is something, of course that perpetuates the pandemic, particularly in the global south. the g 7 hasn't even met. it's pledges that it
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made in june this year, the summit in cornwall to donate doses, to the global stop that hasn't happened. the call goes on for the vaccine, a technology sharing, so the global staff can produce their own vaccines. one assumes that this will be on the agenda at the g 7 summit today. again, they coordinate their response to a barrier, but we still don't know very much about. okay, jonah, how they're bringing 2 dates from london. jonah for now. thank you very much. in age representatives from russia, china, germany from some the u. k. that's, that's a whole talks with the radian officials in vienna. it's in the hope the salvage in the 2015 nuclear deal comes days after the you and watchdog release to report detailing concerns of a lack of access to surveillance. this is from yvonne's nuclear sites. to homes you government says warning the talks will fail unless all sanctions are lifted or dos
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. jabari is following those talks 1st, enjoy started from vienna door. so where do things stand? this are well, at the moment, we are waiting for the iranian delegation, who arrived in the austrian capital on saturday to meet with the european, a members of the signatories of the j. c. p. o. a has gotten nuclear deal is known . the iranians have held meetings with the chinese and their russians on sunday, and in the next few hours, they will be meeting with the europeans. they have a very specific list of demands for the americans. the americans, of course, are also here, but they're not meeting directly with the iranians. they're at another a venue and the europeans will go back back and forth between the 2 sides. there we didn't say all these sanctions have to be lifted. they have to be compensated for the revenue they've lost since the u. s. left the deal in 2018 and impose a series of sanctions on her ons, oil and banking sector. and of course, this delegation is new, afford the europeans and the americans because of the new government in teheran,
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it's headed by the deputy foreign minister at buggery, who is accompanied by 38 other members of various levels of government, but most of which come from an economic background. so there is a sense that this huge delegation from iran is very much concentrating on lifting dough sanctions. and the fort deputy foreign minister has already said that they're not going to be discussing iran's nuclear program in these talks. this is about how the u. s. will come back into the fault of the nuclear deal. well, everyone has all these competing demands here. doors and we have been here before the gulf between the 2 sides. really is quite substantial. do you get a sense of there being any optimism over breakthrough or are things really at a low point as low as the ever been? well, many here believe there are the lowest points and i think they're coming days here will determine how things move forward. this date of november 29th was set by the
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iranians. it is a significant for them because it is almost to the day a year later after one of their highest ranking nuclear scientists last and fact was out there was assassinated inside iran. and that is something that they have been alluding to and, and they are here because they believed that the united states left the deal and, and went back on their commitment. the remaining signatories, state iran has to go back into compliance. and the iranians say we will as soon as the americans do. so it is a matter of who will actually take the 1st step. and many analysts have spoken to here say both sides have very high lists of demands. and of course, there's also a lot of opposition to this deal, not only within both united states and iran, but also in the international community. we know that the israeli foreign minister is currently in the u. k. he's going to reading with his british counterpart and then he will move on to france on tuesday. there is a voice from that side of the board as well. that is very much against this the
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years really say that around nuclear program is not transparent and it is a threat. the radians, say they have a right to a nuclear peaceful nuclear program, and they will continue to make advances and the they will continue to work with the i. e a. but of course, in a limited capacity and the director general of the i a who was in teheran just last week, said that there is elements of the program that are no longer transparent to the agency. and that is a cause for serious concern to them. okay, a tough task ahead for all sides. they're dorsey jabari, bring us up to date from vienna. thank you. doretha. lots more still ahead here on al jazeera schools and uganda are set to reopen soon, but there are fears. some students may not go back to the classroom, they'll explain why plus more on the tributes to virgil ablow, the acclaimed men's wear designer from believe it's all and finds are off of white, who died at the age of 41. ah,
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look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored play cattle airways. hello, the weather's fight and try for japan at the moment that is about to change. we got this massive class weeping across northern china. it swings through the l. a. c, the east china sea. through the korean peninsula, bring some very heavy, radiant hue shoe into southern parts of honshu. thankfully, it does move very, pretty quickly. so by the end of wednesday, it should be somewhat dry and brighter, although a cool backwash of smo just sliding in see effect snow coming in force that western side of honshu into western parts of her kind. a combination there stays dry if cold, crisp sunshine. so live around 2 degrees celsius, lottie fine and try there across a good part of china. not you find a dry across the far north of india for the time being, but we have got some wet weather in the forecast over the next few days. southern
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air is at the moment still seeing the lion's share of that, where to whether we have got this circulation, which had been brewing up in the arabian sea, it made its way across southern parts of india and that will spread some very heavy rain through carola upper by russia, easing up towards good to right. we could see some flooding coming in here as we go one through wednesday. eventually it makes us wear little further northward sliding out into the northern plains. and it is another system to watch by the weekend turning wet for the northeast. oh, the weather sponsored by catera, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of results with r and one indonesia, his firms. for me, we move full to grow and fry. we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment, likely parking diseases, growth and progress in indonesia. now,
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ah ah, this is out, is there a quick reminder over the top stories? this are japan and spanning foreigners mentoring the country. after the discovery of the you only kron variance prime minister for mucous. she does says other measures are also being considered. representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. are sites a whole toltz was raining. officials in vienna in the hope of salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. terrans new government as colon for all sanctions against it to be
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lifted. ah. in honduras, the left wing candidates jamara castro has claimed victory in sunday's presidential election. castro says that voters have reversed authoritarianism. the governing national party also announced that its candidate had one minority hello reports from the hunt geron capital i celebrations in the honduran capital agency. go, ah, preliminary results from the national electoral council placed the opposition candidates your magic ass through in the lead. ah! your final tally was far from completed. the news was enough to spark celebrations in the streets of the city. what a follow up with a photograph for the photo,
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for the 100 people this represents an awakening apiece. a hope. the people are overwhelmed by so much wrong doing and misery over the past 12 years the people needed to breathe. the people have woken up those channels earlier in the day, eager voters queued for their turn at the ballot box. oh, and pulling locations extended their closing hours to allow everyone a chance to cast a vote. the many expressed a distrust of the electoral system. signing a disputed general election 4 years ago when the governing national party claimed victory despite evidence of fraud on the 30 being going on after right, as always, like with our. so i'm actually quite happy to major. i voted in the late hours on sunday opposition leaders. tomonica spoke to
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supporters, claiming victory over national party. candidate, nasty as food, a bible. we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country. a government of peak and a government of justice. 2000 is what one under, in general, like why under one of the most polarized political environment memory with 30 people worried that violence fill out in the mood are now all you gotta celebration under an election. officials have also said voter turnout is the highest since the 1980 when the country returned to democratic rule. manuel, wrapping the al jazeera, goosey gun franklin during the dry live former george and president because the cash 50 has resumed in the capital tbilisi is being housed in jail since returning
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to georgia from exxon last funds faces 6 months in prison for corruption during his time. in office, if convicted, protest is in germany on calling on the government to welcome migrant stuck at the border between poland and belarus. 6000 green lights are placed in front of the parliament symbolizing the people who are trying to reach germany. european leaders of accused federation president alexander lucas shanker, of orchestrating the surge of migrants trying to get into the european union in the parliament has just repealed agricultural laws that lead to a year of protests. farmers from across the country demonstrated against the 3 laws which they said would ruin their incomes and favour. big corporations. elizabeth per item has more and i form new de both houses of the indian parliament have passed. the farm was repeal burle, as it's called,
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as expected on the 1st day of parliament's winter session. now the repeal of the laws, which farmers have been protesting against the 3 agriculture north for more than a year now. and what have been some of the biggest protests in modern india's history that follows a surprise decision by prominence that is more to 10 days ago that the government would withdraw. these laws bought me the farmers, nor the opposition. happy about exactly how it happened. now the laws will repeal through a very quick voice forward. but without the discussion that prime minister in the day and ramadi promised when he opened the winter session of parliament to add which the opposition parties wanted. now to be clear, opposition party support the repeal of these agricultural laws. they support farmers, but they wanted to debate exactly what was in the bill and also no doubt the government. but the speaker of the lower house chairperson of the opera house ended
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both meetings just minutes after they began just after the bills. we'll talk saying that the opposition was being too unruly british socialites because knoxville is set to go on trial in new york in the coming hours. she's accused of enabling the crimes of late sex offender jeffrey epstein took his own life full awaiting trial. maxwell insist she's innocence and claims. she too was a vixen. gabriel alexander has been following the story from new york create a how much did delay maxwell know about geoffrey epstein alleged sexual abuse of under age girls? that will be the central question in the trial of the 59 year old british socialite, facing charges of sex trafficking and other crimes. he is going to be the invisible presence hanging over this. and that is why i think that she is going to have to explain something that everybody really wants to know. what
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was his hold over her? what was that relationship? a big unknown on the trial is how far the judge will allow the prosecutors to probe and epstein and maxwell's high profile social circles that included many household names from politics, industry, and entertainment. one being britain's prince andrew and his accuser, virginia roberts, who says she was trafficked by maxwell to the prince per sex. when she was a teenager is likely not going to be called as a witness. he denies any wrong doing, but prosecutors are expected to call at least 4 other women. all epstein accusers who are going to tell the jury, maxwell groomed them for sex with epstein, one when she was as young as 14 years old. it's a trial with all the trappings of a salacious, drama, sex power, money, and fame. but victims rights advocates hope that the jury does not get distracted by that and instead keeps their focus on the women who say they were abused by
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epstein. and that it could have only happened with the help of maxwell. this is an example of one of the most horrific and long enduring patterns of sex trafficking and child exploitation. there are so many victims and what's particularly disturbing about the case is how open they operated. and how many people knew, and how many people they involved in this exploitation scheme, maxwell has pleaded not guilty and denies all the charges. her legal team will try to cast doubt on the allegations and the testimony based on evidence that happened more than 20 years ago. the trial is expected the last 6 weeks, if convicted maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison, gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york schools and uganda, or to reopen in january. now the 2 years after they close because of the pandemic.
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but the u. n. is warning many students and teachers may not want to return to cas. uganda has imposed one of the world's longest school closures. katherine sawyer reports from the capital compiler. timothy cyril go is a high school student, but he has not been in class for much of the last year and a half. you gonna close it's learning institutions in march 2020 because of covet 19. some classes were reopened earlier this year, but only for 3 mans. several go is now landing to fix computers, so he can start a business. he says he'll go to school in january, but many of his friends may not. some friends of mine. really though, i bill good some walk to some one there in your dean somewhere. and they, i, me, mechanic in very cause and some of my friends, the daily the in the things and we are there. we're of the bill over the
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e g. government officials, talis, they're working with teachers and other partners to make sure that at least the basic facilities are in place before january, but a little time left and not enough money to prepare and sweating safety and the well being all the details and the land as we need them to be alive. we're talking about the opening but to we have no t taken into other factors from 40 since we are looking at now. what is, what is it that has been prepared at school level? the infrastructure level. in some neighborhoods, volunteers try to keep children busy. uganda has had one of the longest school closures in the world, and it's the only nation in africa. less students are still at home, but this is a classroom of privately own school in the city. other schools have been converted to business and leaving spaces for rents. many schools are in a bad state,
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and some teachers stelis that they may not be able to provide a safe environment for students to come back. some aid work as c u, kunda is facing a learning crisis that could take many years to fix. many children have been out of school for 2 years. they are lost in truth. they are engaged in some other negative . it is like tied label. some of them have suffered her plato psychosocial effects . some of them have been abused, getting all that character to come to school, getting the schools ready to accept the children and help them learn, getting the teas us back and getting the system ready for all of it. is a big challenge. some students have been starting online or with private tutors, but many like say rugle can't afford that. and once school starts, it may take a long time for them to catch up catching. sorry, i'll da 0, kampala,
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the caribbean island nation of barbados, is becoming a republic. my cousin ties to the british monarchy. prince charles arrive for a transition ceremony, which will see queen elizabeth removed as head of state or bate of gainful independence from the u. k. in 1961, it will, however, remain a member of the commonwealth group of nations. the internationally renee and fashion designer, virgil ablow, has died at the age of $41.00. he was the 1st black artistic director at louis vuitton, a blue who recently showcased his work. here in doha, was hale for his stance on social and environmental issues. catchy lopez, hoodie, n reports. ah, he was a high end designer and a visionary who rose to the top of the fashion industry. virgil pablo was often described as a renaissance man in the world of fashion. as voice taunts,
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1st african american artistic director. he push boundaries, redefining the designs of luxury brands. you can't talk about st. we're specifically luxury street, where without mentioning the name for to atlanta, it's impossible in more than 160 years that louis baton has existed as a fashion house. he was there arse black read of director styles once unthinkable on the catwalk like mixing sneakers and camouflage pants with tailored suits and evening gowns became a blueprint for other designers, a combination of luxury and st, where also attracted a new and younger market. ablow was born in the us state of illinois to immigrant parents from gonna his mother, a seamstress taught him to so and even though he did and how formal fashion training, he understood the industry and the role that plays in modern culture for more than 2 years. the founder of the label off white had been suffering from an aggressive
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form of cancer. despite his illness, he kept active. earlier this month, he travelled, took a tars capital for his 1st museum exhibit in the middle east titled figures of speech. he leaves a legacy that influence fashion and managed to inspire the world of art and culture . virgil ablow was 41. 0, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. japan is banning foreign visitors from entering the country after the discovery. often you omicron variance foreign minister from new york, she thus says other measures are also being considered representatives and russia, china, germany, france, am for u. k. a set to hold talks with iranian officials in vienna. it's in the hope of salvaging the 2015. you.


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