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is up to 80 years in prison. gabriel sandow al jazeera new york. i'll still have yet under the earth. my frances declared, it won't be held hostage by british politics and migration of the crisis meeting that excluded the you can more on the chevy instrumental abeline. the acclaimed men's where designed to leave it on an founder of weiss has passed away. 41 and the green bay packers continue their fine form. jo, be here with absence on me and a half. ah. how i was studying dryer and brighter across spain and portugal over the next couple of days. that's the good news elsewhere it's looking pretty cool. wet when the am wintry for much of europe got. amassed the area of low pressure now being
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some very heavy showers over towards italy. the balkans have tools, grease very strong winds. they're packed in across the western side of turkey. plenty of rain they're pushing up towards ukraine was got some snow still. they're rather baltic states and when we mix there and we're good part of best scandinavia, it does improve on please to say over the next couple of days across. so the british charles had the island of ireland. we have got a celsius, therefore, glasgow society of some warmer weather, pushing through just 5 degrees there in london on monday, but picking up in double figures as we go on through choose day, as that's a milder as pushes down into the cooler co central parts of europe widespread snow coming in, it does brighten up complete a se across good part of southern europe by the states. we're still pretty breezy across at east the side of the mediterranean. wanted to shower, still continuing, just around the far north of algeria, northern parts of ch in india. it brightens up here as you go on into tuesday. bright took was a good part of west africa. what
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a 2 showers just along the south coast. ah. in columbia, transforming open white to building block. we use a still for a same there. waste blast of the war. we can finish their house in charge of fishing, not in america. you just can use any single pole critical farms and living buildings . anything you do on land, on the ground doesn't make sense to do that apply on a building. now can, we might have not just decorative, but can we make it biologically productive. first rise. describe as cutting edge solution for sustainable cities. on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of resource rate already won indonesia whose turns booming. we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs
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investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou. oh wow. oh, are there, i'm stars you tame doha. let's remind you about top stories here. the south japan is banning foreigners from entering the country after the discovery of the new army, kron variant prime minister from yoshida, says other measures are also being considered in these parliament has repealed agricultural laws that spoke a year of protests from funds. they argued the laws would ruin their incomes and favored big corporations and representatives from russia, china, germany, france,
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i'm the u. k. all said to paul talks with iranian officials in vienna. it's in hope of salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. turnarounds, new government is calling for all sanctions against it to be lifted. well, let's dig into this with seal shaw. he's a policy fellow at the european leadership network. he joins us now from london. now he also works closely in consultation with the a on j. c. po, a policy silly of these talks a resuming now after what 5 months was the in that time we've seen a real hardening of rhetoric do actually expect much progress. thank you so much, mr. garcia. you know, i think that the rhetoric is one thing because iran has politics to and during the past 5 months there's been a transition to a much more conservative government. and i think that the positions that they've been putting out publicly are unlikely to be their bottom line. so although there has been a hardening of positions, i'm definitely cautiously optimistic. i think that although the new administration
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needs to portray themselves as being tougher than the last administration, the ronnie administration, the goal remains the same. they want sanctions to be lifted. and the easiest way to do that is through the j p. p. o, a through the iran nuclear deal and they're not asking for a new deal. they want this one to work and for it to be sustained. and so if you work with the i a on policy, and i'm curious about the strategy that's going on here because we've seen iran ramp up pressure, refuse the access. so where is trust now? so you know, iran continue to abide by the agreement in fall for an entire year after former us president donald trump. i exited the deal and during that period and thereafter the i. e. a was indeed able to have full access only over the past few months. have there been different problems that have arisen and you know, go here often about how there isn't much information and we don't know what iran is doing. but the reality is, is that we have a pretty good idea,
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but we definitely need to get the full verification and monitoring restored to be able to understand what is happening at every single moment. and that's the thing i think that a lot of people take the iran a deal for granted because they forget how monumental it was. you know, 98 percent of enriched uranium was eliminated. 2 thirds of centrifuges were removed . there was no enrichment allowed with advanced centrifuges. no re processing, but the main thing is, is that the verification and monitoring was the strictest in the world. a lot of it remains, but a lot of it does need to be put back in place. and that's the goal. that's the goal . if iran gets what it wants from these negotiations, then that will be the 1st thing that they'll have to do. well, i wonder if they will get any of what they want. i know that in the past you yourself have said that joe biden must be bold and his twins choices, and i know the answer the blank and said just last month, but now every option is on the table. so what does that actually mean?
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i don't know exactly what they mean by every options on the table. it's definitely not a positive signal to the iranians. i think that, you know, when it comes to iran, pursuit of guarantees, they're not only trying to protect themselves from, say if donald trump or donald trump 2.0 comes back into all. but they also want to make sure that businesses and banks have now been deterred from investing and trading with iran will feel more comfortable even if sanctions aren't reimpose. so iran really wants to see those benefits and by didn't, does have to be bold because, you know, the onus is on the united states to ensure that iran gets tangible and lasting economic benefits. if they don't, then the deal no longer is the win win deal that was envisioned in the 1st place. well, this also involves a number of other countries, and i wonder how united part in the states are. now, let me see, the u. s. has a rather tense relationship at the moment with both russia and china.
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absolutely. i think that everybody has a role to play in these negotiations. and i think that the new us administration certainly appreciate the bridge building role that russia and china has been playing, especially over the past few miles. you know, there are a lot of tensions, especially right now in the bilateral us, russia, us, china relationships. but this is one issue, one of very few issues where there is a mutual goal in mind. and although the position will always be choreographed, they all do play a constructive and positive role to get us to this point. because if you, if you remember a few weeks ago, a few months ago, it wasn't even certain that these talks would be resuming and just to go back from my original point. that's why i am cautiously optimistic. i think that when they get all around the table and the actually layout, what work is left to be done to get this over the finish line, they'll see that this is more manageable than they have been taking over the past few months. all see how it all plays out in the coming days. so he'll saw that
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policy fellow at the european leadership network. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and algebra him thinking. now moving on the conflict and if you're a p as trigger i region has been expanding to other areas including neighboring, ne, in a far where most imports actually come through. out. there is mohamed, how to walk all of the 1st journalist from an international media network to gain access to that region. since the fighting gum not been met in a different model is set up to let you know we are now with the city of c for strategic city, but separate regions of a far hara. it's also not far from the t grey region. it was the main stronghold of the t grey frontrunner, which controlled this strategic area and the manifestations of the fight in a very clear around. this was a major fighting front. there's been a large number of killings and a large displacement movement. the situation is still chaotic and difficult. everyone around us has been turned into an armed person. that could be militia,
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members of federal soldiers. i'm still, most of the residents are civilians. this is the strategic shift for a city which was the center of the fighting between the fight of the t great front and forces from afar supported by the federal government. mom about our visit, just for him over all the trial. a former george and president michelle such as really has resumed in the capital tbilisi. he's been held in jail since returning to georgia from exile last month. he faces 6 years in prison for corruption during his time in office. well, let's bring in robin forest walker. he joins me now from tbilisi robin as we can see from the crowd there behind you. this trial is clearly captured, the public wound can usual this or what's happening. yes, it certainly has in them. there's been 2 drama drama going on in the court room, which i'll get to in a 2nd,
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but the crowds outside also creating some drama of their own earlier when they blocked traffic in both directions, coming into and out of the capital city. the main are 3 road completely blocks and in fact, it's not really open, as you can see behind me now. and it was scuffled with to the we, we saw pepper spray being used against some of the processes. and it's a pretty ugly scene really, between those people here who pro because that could be they think that he's done an awful lot for their country and those who would like to see him behind bars and some of the dr. it's going by heckling the supporters of me call back. i should be . and some of the things that people try to fight and attack some of those drivers . this is, this is what we're seeing today because people have been waiting so long for me to make an appearance. the previous attempts to get him to make it appear in court failed because the prosecute because the penitentiary service wouldn't release him
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from prison. citing health and safety concern rather than i believe he's also been on hunger strike while being in prison. can you remind us of how we got here and, and the conversations that have taken place. yes so well because that could be when he was arrested off returning to georgia, smuggling himself back into the country illegally. if he doesn't have a george impossible that with strips of that he was stripped of his george impossible. several years ago, he went on hunger strike off the probably being arrested and the country's been watching his progress and seeing how he's been doing, and he's supposed to say he got very sick doctorates eventually managed to get him moved to a military hospital. but all the, all the while it looks as if the government has been reluctant to give because that could be the, the stand because knowing full well that once he got that opportunity, he would be able to speak directly to the georgia public. and he's
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a man of great talents or a tree talents and he's been speaking now more or less for quite some time. i think he's still talking people here and listening to him on social media and so on. now speak that they set up outside the court. we think he said he doesn't recognize the cause, but this is his opportunity to talk about how he came back. why he came back to safety, the country as he put it from ruin and well, the government now has this problem on their hands. but they have said that he will stand trial at the number of charges against him. and of course, the opposition saying that these are politically motivated charges because sac is really should not be in court in the 1st place, rather far as to because i was the latest for us from the streets of tbilisi. thanks so much robin on our from says it will not be held hostage by the u. k. domestic policies on migration. european leaders attended an emergency summit on
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the issue and the northern french city of kelly. but the british were not invited. the meeting was called after 27 migrants di trying to cross the english channel for we challenge reports now from kelly. they wait, because that's all their lives have become here. the queueing for charity clothing, anything to fight the early winter chill. but ultimately they're waiting for an opportunity if and when that comes, it might kill them keys and from see don heard about the 27 people who died in the channel this week. it hasn't put him off when you date and do something that is good for day, but you dead and you is leading fire dealer so dilute. i think that is good and so, but it's a dodge res. validate drive. you're running behind your dream. they're trapped. no european country wants them and they know it until we are dying of death or our
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discipline. those, the only option just do is their shoes. tell them the to say french police have stepped up beach patrols recently. storms have made this a treacherous time to attempt to crossing, assuming you can afford the $3300.00 smugglers, a charging. and the inflatable. ding is they use a small and vulnerable refugee charities, according on governments to make legal options for migrants and asylum seekers. easier, and what we need is a, is a better, a solid system is not fit for purpose in a moment. and we call for something that doesn't force people to rest their lives in about across the channel. on sunday ministers from france, germany, belgium, and the netherlands and he repeat, commission diplomats met to discuss the crisis. they pledged more unified policing and the use of e resources like an e u. border agency, plain to patrol france is coastline. past the u. k. was absent dis invited by france after boris johnson angered emanuel my cron. by tweeting
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a letter he'd written to the french president containing previously rejected policy suggestions. said to handle that, have i, this joint work mating can only be done in a serious way. and with that being hostage to domestic politics, macro said several times this week that the relationship with britain must be relationship of equals. we are not auxiliaries of britain. this issue has always been one that requires co operation between france and the united kingdom. and right now that is fighting. yes, british politicians like to blame france to distract from domestic problems, but with french presidential elections approaching the case, isn't the only government playing to the home crowd by throwing insults across the channel. meanwhile, desperate people, a shivering in the cold and drowning in the sea, will reach helens out his era. kelly. now the internationally renowned fashioned design of agile abelare has died at the age of $41.00. he was the fast black, artistic direct, st. louis beaten. he also recently showcased his wife kander hall and was hailed
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for his stance on social and environmental issues. hattie lopez hadi an marbles ah, he was a high end designer and a visionary who rose to the top of the fashion industry. virgil ablow was often described as a renaissance man in the world of fashion as boy taunts 1st african american artistic director. he push boundaries, redefining the designs of luxury brands. you can't talk about st. we're specifically luxury street where without mentioning the name verse at low, it's impossible in the more than 160 years that louis baton has existed as a fashion house. he was there 1st wack read of director styles once unthinkable on the catwalk like mixing sneakers and camouflage pants with tailored suits and evening gowns became a blueprint for other designers, a combination of luxury and st, where also attracted
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a new and younger market. ablow was born in the us state of illinois to immigrant parents from gonna his mother, a seamstress taught him to so and even though he did and how formal fashion training, he understood the industry and the role that plays in modern culture for more than 2 years. the founder of the label off white had been suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. despite his illness, he kept active. earlier this month, he traveled took a tours capital for his 1st museum exhibit in the middle east titled figures of speech. he leaves a legacy that influenced fashion and managed to inspire the world of art and culture. virgil ablow was 41 while still i still had here on al jazeera american skin. mcallister friend ties a 32 year old record. joe will have the details for you and sports
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ah. with with mm
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whole o. a back. it's now times of history. it's elvia. thank you very much. portuguese football side balances have been hit by the new. i'm the current variance of current virus. the club has to take 213 cases among its players and staff off to one play recent returns from south africa. the very was found off to the portuguese league when she gets in the car on saturday, which has the abandoned finance. they started with only 9 plays on the pitch because the rest were isolating. and only 7 returned to the field. after halftime,
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they cooled off with them trailing 7 nill clubs. they 44 people currently isolating at home. well, the best tennis playing a joke of which could skip the upcoming australia and open. if rules on coven 1900 vaccinations, all relaxed. according to his father. speaking on serbian television, his father described at tennis australia, the vaccine mandate of black male joker, which is defending champion for the tournament, and the sofa declined to disclose whether he is vaccinated. is 19 titles in melbourne. now conditions may things tricky for english premier league plays on sunday. in one instance, fernley match against tottenham was postponed, play was possible between the mansion city and west ham. cordial aside, overcoming the snow and busy defense. midfielder graham opened the scoring with getting worse than the 1st tough weather wise, but they cleared the pitch at the whole time and kicked off again. 10 minutes later
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than a year made it to nil $250.00. and manuel lindsey nice constellation go came on the strike a full time city, keeping out the pressure on leaders. chelsea city when meant they were level with chelsea, trailing odeon goal different chelsea were hosting months united in london where there was no snow. you know, i just took a surprise lead against the lead leaders at stanford bridge. jason center with his 2nd goal for the club was you take by so senior in the bill that was the time for as italian put away a penalty. $11.00 is how it finished over 2 fronts. now, passenger man, latest, when league was overshadowed by serious looking injury to name all p s g will one know down against and i see in that equalized before half time. now let's see then got his 2nd assistive again to set up unhealthy maria to make it to one. then came that injury to name all his ankle, a paid to give way. right? show you the moment that actually happened is pretty nasty. the president had to be
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structured off messy, provided a 3rd assistant, set up mcdaniel, $31.00. the final school, p s. she had 12 points clear at the top of the standings. golden state warriors are made at 8 winds in a row now. thanks. so $15900.00 victory against the los angeles clippers. steph curry contributed 33 points on the 9th, worried about a tory time with injuries in the past couple of seasons. previously, they 13 and b, a titled in 4 years. and they look like they are getting back to their best. now they lead the league with 18 wins to 20. came green bay food back. i'm rochester for more than 300 yards. is the pack has recorded the 9th when it's a regular season on sunday. green bay were up against the l. a ram and i had the chance to tie the pack is on a win win here. but it was not to be for the rams rogers through for 307 yards as a seam, brenna win, as by 36 point to 28. their level with our reside or 9 winds down the and if the standing. although the cardinals have lost one last game,
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tom brady and the defending champion, tampa bay buccaneers also went on sunday. they took care of business against the indianapolis colts on the road. brady throwing 226 heels in this game with running back to the phone and going over for touch sound final school. $3831.00 to tampa bay american scale. mckayla schiffron has tied a record set 32 years ago. the to time elim picked champion beat her main rival petro hover to win the solemn and killing 10 a month. placing her 46 gray weight and a single discipline to match the marks set by swedish, great. in the most mac, you did it in the giant swollen. she's also a 3rd on the old time list behind copatrick, lindsey bon and stan mark from one world champion. louis hamilton says frank williams legacy will live forever as he pay tribute to the longest serving team principal whose diced and died $1879.00 during 50 years. at the top, he led williams racing to 9 constructors championships and 7 drive as titles,
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but it was also one of his calls at 3 time world champion as incentive was killed in $994.00 williams was eventually acquitted of manslaughter in italy, 3 years later his achievements made all the more remarkable flowing serious car accident, 986, which left him in a wheelchair forming one journalist lawrence burrito says williams is one of the most driven people he'd ever met. frank was a real titan, a former one. he was around for 5 decades and to survive improvement one you have to be the very best. and that's what frank was. he started from the ground up. he was a grocery salesman. he's had used that money to create his own team. he then sold that and created the team that went on to become the 2nd mice accessible from the one team in history. and he was a nice guy, a funny guy. he cared very much about his workforce when the team was sold a couple of years ago. it was very important to him that the 400 or 500 staff that williams hate chief were looked off to because he saw as
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a family. and i think it's because he treated the team in such a kind hearted way. but he was so driven to succeed and wanted to do everything that he could is why there was a successful when and passed away. thought really hit him really, really hard of see when he had the accident as were on as well when he was on his way and touched you on a marathon. he was very fit and healthy person. it was very important to him to, to be fighting from the front in the team. it him hard, but i think that i thought that he came back and then he went on to when all of his while championships. and when all of those races and make the team as successful as it was, and then really move on from, i'm after at and passed away and try and push on the safety to improve safety for one he kind of always tried to, i daily make the best them of what was a bad situation. i think that he will be remembered as one of the great teen bosses that spool has ever seen. as for me, one teams prepare teresa the 1st time in saudi arabia. this week,
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the country's also confirmed the route for the deck call raleigh, which will take place in january, is the 3rd time the race will be held in saudi arabia with the 12 stages taking the 500 and $78.00 vehicles across various terrain in the desert for the 1st time in the history of the race, hybrid vehicles will be taking part 14 time champions. stefan pet hansel will drive one of them that i currently is putting to make all competitors. they called low emission by 2030 to try to win. the deco is electric car. it's pretty complicated because you know that the deca is poorly the. the tougher threats cosigning to clinicians long distance before the 1st testing with a car. i never drove electric cows on i need to say that i'm really impressed about the poor city. be specific to the of the engine. so this is why this challenge is so incredible on the, it's really a good opportunity for me. all right,
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that's all you support for now more later. natasha. thanks so much. well, that's it for me. and for this news out. hello will be here in a moment with more of the day's news and i will see you after that. do you stay with us here on a ah ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. work with even supplied by tradition. and where
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beautiful possibilities are offered. in the light of the open sea hides the dark secret men forced to work without paying inflate for years, but a glimmer of hope remain for the forgotten fisherman. as a group of activists delve deep into the illegal fishing industry, demanding justice and freedom. ghost fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera talk to al jazeera. we always ask, how would you, these like tiny bands, relationship with the us? we listen copies. my kid is not over. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human stories that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that match on al jazeera. did you know,
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you can watch out to say we're english streaming live on like youtube channels. plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah . japan becomes the latest country to band foreign visitors in response to the new coven 19 variance. ah, hello, i'm hello marchese. this is al jazeera life from dough home. also coming up, it's mild, very, very mild symptoms. they don't care who 1st detect it's the only cron variance says
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patients who suffered only mild symptoms so far. talk saying that reviving the iran nuclear deal are to you to get underway in vienna. and after more than a year of protest, cindy is parliaments is voted to officially scrap controversial form.


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