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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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this is the aim, this is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. lou, i'm on the inside and doug all here. tube stories on al jazeera. dr. officials have just confirm, but in cases that the new coven 19 variant omicron have been found in the netherlands. a growing list of nations including the u. k. germany it's lee, ann belgium, have reported cases also. several countries have blocked flights to from southern africa. israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country for 2 weeks. it is the toughest trouble bound so far. since all me con variant was detected in south africa this week. australia is also confirming infections from the new varied
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to passengers coming from southern africa to sydney have tested positive video variant parts of the country have only just reopened for international travel. a fast moving issue that we will continue as we always have sensible, balanced, guided by the best possible medical evidence and medical expert advice that he's what is enabled to strive to be so successful. through the course of covert to open, safely, and to remain safely open unders of health work as far as the protesting in the caribbean, on an guadalupe against compulsory inoculations. the island is an overseas territory of france, where the meshes have already been implemented. the unrest comes just ahead of a 3rd and final referendum on independence. the anger against vaccinations has also led to violence in the nearby island of martinique. at least 9 people that were arrested on the petrol station set on fire and other property vandalized protest.
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this happened blocking roads and setting cause a light. dawn says 6 of its soldiers have been killed during and attacked by ethiopian forces. it happened at a sudanese army post near a contested board area. european army chief denies his forces had any involvement in the incident. european men assist due to mason kelly in the coming out to discuss b cross channel migration crisis. 27 people round trying to get across the english channel between the you came from anything he on wednesday, people in august on, on braving snow and sleep to vote in a parliamentary election president saturn jeff it'll, that's from us to make sure this election is fast and that's greg struck the western coast of her room. the magnitude 7.5 quake hit near the city of bunker. there's the headlines come up next to 0, weld broad
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organized crime within israel. palestinian community is on the increase. and tamara al miss harl of al jazeera arabic is examining wine in 2020 a record. 96 murders were reported almost double the figure of 5 years before every one's agreed on the numbers, but not on the reasons why they're increasing, even among israelis. before in the whole short shamperdeen, an alternate global quimby soil. yes. pal. been mushroom because the me will be in the muscle to probably marvin or rip are mean are mr. arthur's or him or of him? can you look as a him chateau hoftedler short latino families walheim? sherlock overland. the ssl should be met. she inevitably knew them loving a fellow. she kneel early from him sha kits. if archie, i'm his star professor data pushed him hooker, hobbit, and his mom,
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most of cynthia liskey is a gun fish. mom i bumps sugar, deal with the suck is an 8th. we provide you with any aubrey. melissa melissa, penalties on it. i've been with nothing so local. i'm. i'm in the michigan river. we still at the local a moment in the shavon vow a my thighs are uh v. nathaniel cult members shop. there isn't a hunter. hunt up the casino on his guitar. neither kasha, bum exam, harvey and machine, i'll be nailed. you'll dean me or him, or tom pushed him ha machine all along the us. i teresa, or your ha benicia hale or but south of didn't within a couple thumbnails. hutcher and also because i got them up. my push in will work middle very the very let me start the car, show me money, game or money. get that all on the game. will see parking or money. get him volley
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. nashua hale. ok to respond to the living in the palestinian city of alma firm can be risky. suleima maria is a former mare and survived in the assassination attempt. in january 2021. he's only too aware of the risks of combining activism with public office. the cities current man opposes the criminal gangs, but says he only has limited powers to use against them. ma'am and the model of a mat in nor amadine it or it will be a full do how to with jeremy. i learned that if and the daughter of how to get even what a lover macula and i didn't have me then he didn't move to hello. hello lemons. have had them all added well that in 15 minutes had water met the fraud in the doorway in the, in the hill, her pay will be at home or the one pick bus will be a mil for him. if alpha and lockheed all patel one should in shop best sellers,
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philip pallet them because you find it and it's a let me know how they should halle of an equal. have she? yes. queen missile dean. she level the alarm still about half of it. so of a low they or chill, she mama seem will him to go when the thought of them support because it hasn't been this issue for sure. mommy haley like usually mac involved. but tell me the figures however, tell a different story according to the times of israel, the was 71 killings among palestinian israelis in 2018. 89 in 20. 19 and 196 in 2020. this is 5 times higher than the murder rate. in jewish areas, because i'm in one of them. i mean, i'm with the mr. medical a feeling what it can have more than a man boy,
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a step if most of them spend any adapt was to set them silly. was the last amendment, but you can call it cfc war him. call him holly, who i am, policy limits. death and mostly the csc of philosophy. me what i've been, how often is i'm in one of them at the haughty, what could be more effective? how late? well, i understand that because it's the se valid. now you can and you won't be doing the walk for me to show up. we don't the waffle and more. had it clear that c s a. you can a workable mean? give him a hub up li. welcome bob. before the soft cs you want to shut off the merry. when the shop harvey, could many tamar then a layman of barrier, why he suspected the israeli security services were involved, the need for them. okay. let them fi, fi, necka as is
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a fun assault fee and i can i do that the we are let j a lot more harbor off or salt off enough system. ok. some honda law has an internet that may be that can you fill them in and i can talk about them as well. how about the young men, mccann. i met with my vehicle around 11. we'll do the end. the year around i comes to the a. m dot com just a little bit when jerry was the last of the victim, jimmy had said that that will sell of either myself medina lush, all on shelf in on ex oxley at betty's. i'll spot the higher i had the heal. amen. and i need an assistant islam leah to hendrick, had the he and do you have a little mia? to her? softly yet betty's in law had though your trouble been this bet. luasa said is
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ladia moselle. annex, which is a little piece of chalk that much of on a lot of share money. palazzios, sheila medina, a lemme suckling gorbinko me mas swimming quoted luma on a she, muff, my slummy, a on the horseshoe before my mac, almost elisha, my limit, mcdonald, come on, the 2 shall apply, slamming, you will be moth. i'm at them in a similar spirit. i am it could the law law law a lesson but, but also the human cost of organized crime among palestinian israelis is rarely reported 21 year old mohammed, nasa og buddy was the 4th member of his family to be murdered in the space of 18 months. he was shot dead in omar from the day he was murdered, he returned from a protest against violent crime and the lack of any railey government response to
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it. no one above that had yet minute. gary. would you not a bit anomaly? rob woke up at the theatre, hammer the rob locally about the lack of the new iraq, a good listener, bad new butler. i le barbie's bit galley mosul till i can bid how they deliver out that you will, you must not sought, not flock, not to let him know, but on the budget him him. and if y'all are it a nurse the seller, so you're not in the to come and get it america. elisha, liverpool. it's durand. i am hungry this manner in no a shuttle is that elia, xerox bit comparable a young men, had his hats mocked and even common hammer, the lay hammer show. casa is true, thought diana, to bed with a dish. the sla elmira lula, w. a dog fella do so the t m cannot to shut down d p bed via kiki lab. how. 1 does is that a lot of people,
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what does that data cost up? will bed castillo to cover dar macalucio issue mccann. my particular be and did you not have had time to get on cow for? how are you? did you learn it, john? did you poke generally to head her unacquainted? allah! allah were undone, but with but the telemark them but william? sure mean the 5 boom! only! what do go had the dominant of t shirt? the hammered? how don't with ohio map. but 1st jackie's dealt with your min app, sit up, dish. got it in the b o, b, o man. not since we're not fit out. that julia bought a dish out there. as dub marapoo de la, your mich attorney. what do i need to call your vin? at sin, mccadden kettle feed me one the bad monk kettle ebony as the truth of the foolish give the art of our own in the hall. a mac mac is my mafia camera lamp. i didn't go backwards. so the input, why didn't the help a little bit, let me, i could, i had to admit to have the public akila, la jolla, how is trooper what it does,
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look at that, if them, him at home mccallum, like bugs and get the young yamaha al jazeera asked the israeli police if in the week before mohammed doc murray, his murder on the 22nd of january 2021. any of the units had entered the victim's family home to search for weapons. they replied, saying that their investigation did not find that a search was carried out as indicated by our request. ah, there is clear evidence that the murder rate in palestinian israeli towns and cities is increasing. these communities also think that the israeli police could do more about it, but it's not so clear what motivates the gang members themselves. why do young
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people get involved? how do they choose their victims? and most importantly, where do they get their weapons from? one man who being a gang member for around 15 years, agreed to speak on condition that his identity be concealed. darlin cur is wrong regardless. go to her through issues receivable. sorted follows, well, we'll talk fun of them. well, fusion lou isn't fair and i'm learning how to log on fun, og sucker, livable bushel while the has how you learn on them, so broken on, on the bottle for know. most history read hold good. all just will renew, sir. for no reason why will is hello. so when the little little one is on us, why you knew i sent him the a little small. these are, well, you should do a little bit on this one we have,
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i didn't mean it is north is on who of you after the for know which be any bit. so you want us to she, let's we, are you sure why, you know, what does it hold on? because you to miss lose or shot on my food, how much, what i mean there's moon and learn of the blood. all the risk and i had a normal to little funnel even had a renewal with who, which lose. so we just money in with our my, my high level is all i, shawn don't be massage music. the big dollars from the member to has a bill over religion for i fear hawk calling me. she'll be there on the star on the bill because we started, we should be sawyer ok of a gun gum. push it down the you the visual call. much show of get him show me
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a shout back and be a whole unit on the done before. mr. dillard the damage though, even on the spot in miami darzy mushroom lecture, no hurry, that's crucial for me. star. i mean, how much your initial jump published are fear in the muslim world. how does that work? just as you know with is robin enough and he was really nervous. and you went an 18 in the mob. all that english are going to go. how do you see muslin? leave it mr. roberts, off it journey. 1100 thought of it, 30 harlow. we swore we still do them. we should do, or we do have an issue. we want to talk to no one on the lucky letter. ha, ha, ha sony. my law. in with our name. he joe was cease. shame
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haley name is actually all i am a shot back. let me start the shaheen, but thought i ok for him for him out of the of, and the local shame. see holly uttered, come on low that put him on the duke. her com with the hendrick showing it. can the feel to patient a 100 loads up a cba shanisha, tara moments colleague more deadly doughty emma duncan feel? ah, al jazeera contacted the israeli police for a response to the allegation that they collude with palestinian crime syndicates. it also asked them to respond to the allegation that it's not doing enough to protect palestinian israelis from the activities of palestinian crime syndicates. a police spokesman replied, saying, these accusations have no basis, please, railey police operates incorruptible through the year for the personal safety of the citizens of the country. while it's doing so,
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one of the main goals that they is really police have laid to it's doorstep is a violence, an arab society. pleasure. the police operates extensively against all criminals, including the seizure of illegal firearms, arrests and filing charges against them. israel police will continue to act with all means at our disposal in order to treat the scourge of violence. one of the most controversial aspects of this whole issue is where the palestinian gangs get their weapons. reports say that around full $100000.00 unregistered weapons or in circulation. these reports and statements by israeli officials say that 90 percent of these arms and ammunition has stolen from israeli military camps in january 2021. these railey army admitted that around 93000 bullets had been stolen from
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a training base in southern israel. this was an o daisha raid on a large military base. whether had been several alleged thefts in the past decade. liam can and your from valid hello mon kilo for go ahead. well here and home. yeah. live on the moon. i you know? yes, i was other fella woman was pharma biopharma who will be having and i saw martin married and i was family. and as you know, as well as well me, aiela, moon valley for homeless clinical home have kind of horn like it home. not mom. why couldn't let me out if you feel out of love lower what is? yeah. i would imagine some me for the over then. you know a lot in let me let me still wait. must be me. death. well the in the list, kill it. the volume a little love in me more help me to help system it. an issue mima,
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viola thumb is shamika triple me to have since the middle of a low, hollywood chef killed the new check. lo, holy shit, she clicks on more than a shit bar of all of it. may gear massy. similar lame, well met the 100 with the 100. let me, stella yet let me show rather here, june. good. she and miss you look here, john. good karma kelly or any, i'm not going to call us any them a call college if that the dollars give a lot more that we had fish that the him and was really and was it him assess it in the enter just in he and followed them one of them and for the one of me in the here, i bought all, i'm a cilla, alamo dude. how want me to get that laugh and what's not a lot of it. we're here to laura mckibben as easy
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a me is really it. therefore, we'll get that to let her know do with it will have the seller and them are you, what year did the, who, the, it didn't bill, carl come, dana, so i'm still here. well, how can little we're lacking and dana, how the cielo you're what jan. muslim, the st just belmont has in july. i'm did mature. who nocka though? awful. well, when i got the love the ugly barbara a cedar we'll, we'll soon. oh, so who little soon he well pop on at the water. other item i'll catch you on an was re me in on a fairly well hobby. he also, i've been an older heineken, clownish mcgarr, me son m a. hamilton megan the vault their hug of again the voltaire elizabeth sought gum disorder. and actually, marcia, oklahoma, shamar know i could be social calling when they go mean, missouri daub, bedroom of embezzling she the casino, mahonnan san zera schmidt per se. michel been more the welcome. sharon parson,
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but her them perfect lagoon. oliver officially buddhist war of his wrestler from arbor. look soon for lou. earlier i heard bernard new super loosely duster off, ran in the rear. luke goodrow was heard when more when it was to the slur. willoughby burslur. good marathon go to warm up soon. this is what lung warm of saw on of ashes. all. hello, good, remodeling. lose sort of will amone's little. you're not eligible suit. of a lot of work now know about don't lose asms horrible. my was assumable girl when i was looking for you below shoulder a little issue, something a little bit more for your a woman who al jazeera, contacted the israeli army about the fact of large numbers of weapons from israeli
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military camps. that allegedly ended up in the hands of palestinian crime gangs in israel. it also asked about collaborate as within the army, said to be operating in israeli military base. is there replied, saying incidents of theft and attempt to theft from closed military zones and training bases in the south by israeli citizens are recurring. incidence, which the i v f and the israeli police are actively working to prevent they added protection and security surround the idea of faces are constantly and continuously being improved and upgraded as evidence to such the frequency of both theft from and breaking the idea of basis is steadily declining in february 2021, then israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced a new strategy to combat increasing violence in arab areas of israel. he pledged
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$32000000.00 us dollars for the plan, which he said would remove weapons and reduce crime. netanyahu appointed a retired police major general, a har on franco to implement the plan. franco is a controversial figure who previously called palestinian israelis, quote, ungrateful, the clenching with police lens of the order of the day in lamb on us to hire more mas old well, half of them, frankly, who are slightly wants to me. all 3 men possibly had inside of the a lot of other the for us, the name is jackie lam lacking. i have a, a, a e. yeah. team and as illiterate. medford, oregon. yeah. they were like a normal the normal ha ha, ha camila. mocha for hotel sharing, a shaw dawslet balloon mushroom will be doing better damage. would be door hot. yes . yep. and that's a good. it was very me as you until i happened was,
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i mean i was have had you off it was or had you, how can i ask any pain channel or that sort of lower a survey, thin, thin macalester. i'm with beer. if i'm not under a warmer in tornado more it a little more moments of had the loss. elena, what is your fell if the for her there from go, the fall will have libya feeling long for you, but we started out of it develop model model for both of them. medical cool little part on a back as a single engine career. the more affordable is him or mar, 4th of on a layer will be enough. al jazeera asked major general franco to be interviewed, but he declined. ah, early 2021. thousands of palestinian israelis protested against what they said was a deliberate lack of action on organized crime by the israeli police. the protest has expressed a little confidence in the new israeli crime fighting plans. one palestinian
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research said it was not a solution, but rather quote, a mockery of the situation. ah, a german, one of them had a scenario practical. mister mindful of seni, webinar theory. the fecal mister mal philosophy, me, you've had the tomato alarm was you had a see effect at the museum, was it for you? the book and he will share sure you have all of it. so middle him, a mildness multi built to vote in the blue to manage, you know, and was rightly yet what i'm so lucky if i need a right to the how do you another, a silly ha. now you can and yahoo, lucila han, i'd be dunphy and wisdom out villas. lini lakin. how does eula, yoman say a gourne katara is to what you see ya, dolo labriola dolan radio. why does i, as,
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as the who d shall shave island over there of him? a law. zoom a gear. look on mako of a out of him. the came she army lena? if to with of i of a while gum or you will be with him, leo love inches, the gum, you get a lasting solution to this problem that's acceptable to both sides. still seen some way off the increasing death toll has a tragic human cast and the perceived failure of the israeli police to confront the su is exacerbating arab israeli tension. it remains to be seen whether horan franco's initiative will address a problem that continues to blight palestinian israeli society today. ah,
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a gynecologist working as of who's here in areas of conflict. he's not only a skilful doctor, but he's also known for his time delivering babies and treated women who medical services are limited. you're truly a doctor of humanity and hope al jazeera world. what was the doctor medical mission? it syria, yemen, and southern turkey. dr. with hold on now to sierra ah, [000:00:00;00] with in the country,
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with an abundance of resource raid already won indonesia whose firms for me. we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle at ways. hello. we've got some rather heavy downpours cross northern parts of our team with the mapping. see the thunder head showing up here, pushing up towards paraguay. really heavy rain could see some localized flooding as result of this system moving for. it's still pretty wet. they're just around the river plate on sunday afternoon. some lie be showers to into eastern parts of brazil, and they'll continue the punch their way across the key part of the emerson courses . we go 13,
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monday by monday. believe you're seeing some of that wet weather west or whether they're sliding into the southeast of brazil, but it's dryer air, bright, and warmer. want to serious a 27 degrees celsius in the sunshine thing started to quiet and down nicely. then lottie choir to prosecute parts of the caribbean city across the eastern islands. such on his shower was coming through here the greater antilles. lars, he settled in sunny for the next couple of days. the weather weather will be crossed. the western side of the re, to me got some lively showers, longest bells if re pushing into costa rica and day to panama for monday, by that stage, looked up peninsula in northern parts of cuba, seeing some wet weather to receive some wet weather and which were the moving away from the canadian maritime, still some snow. they're just around the lakes lake effect snow. we have got some snow, some wet weather, i'm afraid, returned the bc, returning a little dryer for monday. oh, the weather sponsored by katara always on counting the coast. can't japan's new
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prime minister tackle income inequality loss? well, the world trade organization health countries to secure it nicely, vaccines will be speaking to the w t. o new director general counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm molly inside. this is the news. our lie from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, 13 passengers who had arrived in the netherlands from south africa test positive. the new variant of coven 19 israel was closing his borders to all foreigners for 2 weeks in response to the new virus strain. and i'm soon bas robbie live in bush kat


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