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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 3:00am-3:30am AST

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o r g israel will ban the entry of old foreigners making it the 1st country to feel it. borders off the emergence of a new coat with 19 variants. ah, hello and welcome peter w. watching al jazeera life from more government, affecting the cases of the american variance and imposing travel bands on southern african countries, the johannesburg says he's being punished for identifying the variance and alerting the world also ahead. fury in booking a fancy protested, call for the president to go off for a fax, they say he failed stop. ah,
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the israeli government says it wants to ban the entry of all foreigners for 2 weeks . once approved, this will be the toughest travel bound unless anywhere in the world since a new highly mutated cobit $900.00 varian was identified in south africa this week, or a force it has more now from west jerusalem. will. it's the result of a late night emergency meeting of the corona virus cabinet, which took place late on saturday evening after a brief announcement from the prime minister, natalie bennet, that israel needed to act very quickly in the midst of all this uncertainty and not risk the progress already gained against the current of iris pandemic. and so the measures now extremely stringent, all foreign travelers into israel will no longer be allowed in that is quite soon after our tourism was allowed to get into towards the beginning of november. so
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this is a major reversal of that policy is rainy's coming back into the country. if vaccinated will have to currency for a minimum of 3 days unvaccinated 7 days. and it's coming back from one of the newly red listed african countries. they will have to go into a government quarantine hotel until a test negative. on top of that, there will also be a return, at least partially to the use of the internal security agency. the shit that monitoring phones, that was something that was pretty controversial when used in the early stages of the pandemic to say the least this time around. they're saying that they are the reports, that they will just be monitoring those with confirmed cases of the new ami kron variant. all of this is pending full cabinet approval during the course of sunday that's expected to go through. and if it does, then these new rules come into force from midnight local time, sunday and monday. and the army, kron, variance of coven 19 has been detected in all parts of europe. the dutch government
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believed several cases or among travellers had been isolated after arriving from south africa, which 1st identified the variant pulled brennan reports. it's fast becoming the nightmare before christmas with much of the planet still battling the resurgence of the delta vary into code 19. the new omicron variant is spreading countries a scrambling to close their borders to travelers from the south of africa, where on a chrome was 1st identified family gatherings in winter. holidays are in jeopardy, not to mention the potential global economic impact. my main concern. i'm not going to get back to england for full full am tomorrow morning, which is the few more and more likely. and i feel very sad for the people here as well, going back on the list again and who knows for how long not being able to see family in europe after one confirmed case in belgium. cases have been found in germany and
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the czech republic. the netherlands is still conducting tests for alma cron, among the $61.00 covey positive passengers who arrived at amsterdam ship alt airport on friday. and there are now confirmed cases in the u. k. all of them connected to recent travel in southern africa, previously accused of acting too slowly on co it. this time the u. k. government is moving fast. we're not going to stop people traveling. i want to stress that we're not going to stop people traveling, but we will require anyone who enters the u. k. to take a p c r test. by the end of the 2nd day after their arrival, and to self isolate until they have a negative result. closing borders won't keep out the variant, but scientists hope it will by time. when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over the to a blocking tray, a travel from
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a given country is to just give us time to assess it better despite the ohm icon very and having significantly more mutations than previous variance, there is cautious optimism that existing vaccines can be adapted to tackle it. you're not going to see a new vaccine in the next few weeks, or even, you know, the next month or so. but it's gonna take longer than that, but it will not take the amount of time that it would normally take to manufacture and deliver that seem. it can be done at speed now because of the understanding and knowledge, but we are the biggest di lemme for politicians. and scientists of the question of public compliance with violent anti locked down protests in the netherlands and belgium last weekend and switzerland votes this weekend. weather to scrap the countries vaccine certificate scheme. despite rising infections that the uncertainties around the on the chrome variant. the precautionary restrictions will likely meet push back the whole brennan al jazeera,
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the south african government is complaining about the way it's been treated since identifying omicron part of a foreign ministry statement reads like this. this latest round of travel bands is akin to punishing south africa for its advanced geno mac sequencing and the ability to detect new variance quicker. excellent science should be applauded, not punished for me. the miller reports now from johannesburg, while the south african governments urged people not to panic, many or worried, especially as some continue to rush to leave south africa. my family generally as a whole, is ready, deflated by the entire situation. disappointed not feeling as though wishing catch a break, we haven't seen each other. the 3 as many have struggled through a slump of the economy because of previous travel bands and lock downs. and the now uncertain about how the new army cron variant will affect them. some been civil
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leveling and, and then let's go and get vaccinated, especially people my age so we can protect ourselves. that's all i can say. i know we all have our opinions about the vaccines, but on my side, i want to get vaccinated. but there's been a slower than expected vaccination rate in south africa. slightly more than 40 percent of adults have had at least one job in terms of um, vaccinations. oh to oh it's it's some of choice with little bricks. needle nod whitlow too, too. too much or 2 people to get in did he did big sneezing. if his point, cuz the living in luke avila excuse, do full drug look right now, his administrative beginners, and as soon as possible as the holiday season approaches, the tourism industry had expected an increase in visitors, many of them from the u. k. and europe to bring in millions of dollars worth of
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revenue. the south african currency, the ryans already lost its value. after the announcement of the new variant, the government says south africa has been at the forefront of testing and tracking changes in coven, 19, and sciences. have stressed, it's important to see what the data on the new variant will show before making any decisions. and that sentiment trickle down to the general public way. many believe south africa's been treated unfairly. the government is worried, the global reaction has caused unnecessary panic. it says it's begun talks with the european union and the united kingdom on the latest round of travel bands saying other countries didn't receive the same treatment. when you variance would take to elsewhere. for me to mila, i'll to 0 johannesburg. dr. oscar elaine is an epidemiologists and us public health official. he told us earlier, he understands south africa's position, but governments are right to act on what they know about the new variant. you have
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a variant which has about 30 mutations on the spite protein. so that alone is alarming. or there's concerned because of not much information about it, about it's rapid rate of spread. in addition, unknown whether there will be more implications on the treatments that are available. will it disable or make the vaccine effort minimize or, or lessened, or even the anti react monochrome antibodies would be other treatments? will it have a negative impact? so with that, i guess there's an error on the side of caution, but i totally understand the concern from the south african government, especially because of the policy and the financial implications to its industry as well. but we are in the mid to the global pandemic, which is showing us that it's not slowing down. and that's where, you know, you have to balance what is possible, what is doable, and underlying all of these particular scenarios. it is the other side of the coin
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that of the human behavior, individuals who have covered fatigue or pandemic fatigue. and in summary case, at some way, shape or form not necessarily adhered to the guidance around mask wearing or, you know, slowing down social a connectedness. so all of these things do have a significant impact on top of the fact that we just reopened and we're trying our best to come back to a state of normalcy. but it is very difficult given the scenario that is before us at this new variant, which invariably can be very problematic. ok, let's move on to the other big stories today. hundreds of demonstrates is a block major road, cindy serbian capital to protest against mining projects. some fought with the police critics of an upcoming referendum. murray, a yes vote, will allow foreign companies to mine to freely in serbia and plunder its resources . the government says mining projects are crucial for the economy. police in book unify says capital, have 5 t, aghast during
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a demonstration against the president protest to say rush caberry had failed to stop violence by arm groups. nicholas hark has more. there is anger in bertina foster. this was supposed to be a peaceful protest in support of security forces and against a president who's been unable to stop a wave of attacks by arm hoops affiliated with iso in arcadia. they shout, we want president temporary to resign. the government has lost control of border areas, the north and east, forcing millions of people, mostly children, and teenagers, to flee the violence free burkina faso, they chant, police fire tear gas. in response. he got used to step down. this is the end of the resume or rock board. he has lost our trust and attacked my arm groups on a police outpost anita earlier this month killed dozens of people sparking nationwide outrage after it was revealed. the officers had gone 2 weeks on the
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front line without food rations, forcing them to hunt to survive. not a single government official was present at their funeral. after being largely silent for weeks, the president finally made a statement on thursday. faced with sony defeats on the battlefield, the president is calling for reforms in the military, or as much as we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our defense and security forces to support and encourage them in their heroic struggle. and we must be uncompromising with all those whose behavior is not acceptable of our soldiers must not be left to fend for themselves because of bureaucracy or gross negligence. there's growing resentment in the ranks of the army. mobile internet has been shut down for nearly a week after a french military convoy crossing through burkina faso on its way to molly was stopped by protesters chanting anti french slogans. the convoy now in his chair is facing protest there to both the president of britain of us. so an easier have
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praised the presence of french forces in the region. but the security situation has deteriorated and there's growing resentment that governments in the region are using security forces to climb down on protests. instead of protecting their countries against armed attacks, the demonstrators are ignoring their governance called for calm and dialogue for them. this is not the end, but just the beginning. nicholas hawk algae 0. lot more still to come for you here now to 0, including these stories will speak to villages coming under fire as fighting and shelling intensified in easton ukraine. and as han urines are set to choose, a new president will look at the legacy of a leader accused of turning his nation into one of the most corrupt in the world. ah, ah,
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look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello the weather, steering up nicely. now for japan, we have seen some winfrey weather. recently particular across the western part of her honshu into her card. i was still there. this normally blast on our winds, but that will ease as we go on through the 2nd half of the weekend into the early part of next week. so by the end of sunday, this lassie, fine and try with some pleasant sunshine try to across the korean peninsula. while she try to across a good part of china or lay down towards a se, got some lively showers just coming in here. and that her wet weather will continuously go on into monday. we'll driven through on an easterly or even in northeastern when so that's the ne monsoon, which has been pushing that wet weather down across the south china seas. we've got some wet weather still in the forecast there for good part of central and southern vietnam along with cambodia. and if anything that where to where the will pair part
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further pushes a were to was a malay peninsula as we go on into work monday elsewhere. it's sunshiny showers across the region for your showers across the southern parts of india. longer spells of brain. we have seen flooding across recently into tom. na do. have he showers continuing therein to us on part of under burdette little circulation in the arabian sea, also turning it wet for the western gas. oh, with sponsored by cats. all right. ways. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not? a lot of people are only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera award winning documentary from around the world on al jazeera
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a the me welcome just joining us, you're watching life. let's update top stories. israel says it will been the entry of all foreigners for 2 weeks off the emergence of a new cobit 1900 variant. once approved, this will be the toughest traveled banner anywhere in the world since ami chrome was 1st identified. meanwhile, army chrome has been detected in more parts of europe. the dutch government believes several cases among travelers. isolated, arriving from south africa. johannesburg is complaining about the way it's been treated since the lives in the world about the barrier. it's government says country should be congratulating it,
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not punishing it. the reuters news agency is reporting that 6 cities soldiers have been killed in an attack by ethiopian forces. it happened at a certain these army post close to the border. the military said in a statement, groups of ethiopian army and militias attacked its forces in alpha shaka and al sugar, which resulted in death. samuel gastro is an independent journalist with the latest now from addis ababa. this is a disputed area that your parents claim is part of the field. basically the regional district on the claim with us there on. but there was an agreement during the t p. i left which granted the village to this is danny side, but allowed the most the eat, your brand horse who died without any kind of restriction. but since the prime minister came to power and the love last time of its power, there has been a condition that it really played down the interest of meteor giving way to
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a land that really belongs to ethiopia, according to the field side. so this kind of conflict has been going on on and off for a while. opponents a peruse president petro castillo helping back out on the streets, calling for his resignation. opposition parties are trying to remove him from power . that questioning his moral ability to govern, given his corruption allegations earlier this week, s t, a supporters running against an impeachment motion presented in congress. russia says his recent build up of troops near the border with ukraine poses no threat, but fighting between ukraine's military and russian back separatist has been getting worse. charles, threat with now reports from the village of novell sc, near jeannette sc. this is what heavy weapons do. to people's lives in eastern ukraine. it was 1 am. when the shilling started,
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nearly and her husband were fast asleep, they woke, buried under the rubble of their home. and they were rescued by the neighbors superfluous, that the horse preferred to be woke and our home had been completely destroyed around. i prayed that if we were to die, then please god make it quick that a couple i hear you can hear her. do the roll. if you go i have so much emotional pain. i wanted to die. we had ever seen. we need it in life. now it's gone. people try to comfort us, but it's so very hard to cope. around 400 people used to live in this village before the conflict between ukraine and russian back separatists started more than 7 and a half years ago. now, fewer than 40 remain and most of leaving because they're afraid of more shelling. places home was also hit. she's lived here for nearly 50 years. she's diabetic and
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spend most of her $100.00 a month pension on food and medicine. she can't afford to rent another home. so she's moving to her daughter's a few kilometers away. the cranium soldiers constantly here. they seemed to do rotations every 6 months or so. they were living in different houses in the village when the recent shelling started. friends, helper, collect, would from the destroyed, shed to use his fuel. at her daughter's house. i was frightened in 2014 when the house was shelled, but i was with my sick husband about this time i was alone and overwhelmed via this village hadn't suffered any shilling for the last couple of years. but that all changed on november. the 14th residents tell us that they don't know which side opened fire 1st, but they're all exchanges of fire across the more than 400 kilometers front line
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almost every day. and it's important to recognize that there are terrified civilians living in the villages like this one that have been destroyed by ukrainian army shells. just a few kilometers from here. there are what seemed to be disused ukrainian military posts in the village. the military says its base is away from where the few remaining civilians live. occasionally, the ukrainian soldier appears. every one seems to be leaving. this man asks us if we want to buy his horse. i can leave her here because i don't know when the shelling will start again. he says, russia says it's recent true build up on the border poses no threat to ukraine. the fighting has got worse, with no sign of any lasting agreement between ukraine, the separatists and their back as in moscow,
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nelly and her fellow villages joining them more than a 1000000 people who have already been forced to flee their homes. cha stafford al jazeera neville ski eastern ukraine, known escalation, and the fighting between who the rebels in the army in central yemen has forced another 90000 people from their homes. they are now in displacement camps adding to the world's worst humanitarian crisis. is mohammed vol. i say is doing what she can to feed her 9 children. what when it comes to the fierce winter cold of humans? mary province, she stands helpless. the family lives in this war, now tent, in the summer camp for this place. people. this is their 3rd stop in a few months after they fled, there holds my luck. i don't know quite enough. my children are freezing to death. i'm saying the truth, god is by witness. we've been suffering all our lives, gaping from one place to another route. it wouldn't let us lead
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a normal life. i'm not crying in vain. have mercy on our poor soul. i walk miles for some water, but there are more than 1200 displaced families of somebody a camp. they fled the fuel fighting between the horses and the national army. in the districts of hype, you're by and see why in mary progress, none of these families have the most basic necessities. the winter cold is making their life more miserable, fundamental, but about children suffering, not only from hunger, but also from the freezing cold. we have no mattresses or covers 3 families living altogether. a single tim, many of the women here are pregnant. above all, there are no proper toilets. many relief agencies come over and register their names to food supplies. but we haven't seen anything so far and, you know, at this time of year all these children are supposed to be at school. but that has become difficult now. me any, not the residence of this camp,
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braving the toughest conditions. with the advent of winter, they need covers. it is true, many relief agencies have come to help from us, but their contributions remain very limited. the total number of internally displaced people in the profile of medic alone exceeds 2000000 that represents more than half of all those displaced across human estimates about 4000100 fund. i'm just the widow of a south korean dictator known as the butcher of glen ju, has apologized that his funeral for the pain inflicted during his rule should do one, died and soul. on tuesday, at the age of 90, he seized control in a $979.00 coo and said him power for nearly a decade during which dissidence were tortured and political opponents repressed. shouldn't never expressed remorse. he was condemned to death in 1996, but was pardoned. we spoke to kimberly mckee, who was among more than 60000 children, sent abroad during sean, who had one's presidency. i think for me like many adoptees and other folks who are
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affected by what the political situation in south korea, we are thinking about this the lives and the future that were lost in terms of those who are adopted out from korea to not only north america but also europe and australia, sometimes it's too easy to consider sort of adoptees, myriad of emotions and feelings around being sent for adoption as angry. rather, i think it's a little bit more complex because so often we don't talk about the need for family preservation and the reasons fueling, the relinquishment for adoptees, which included economic prosperity and lack of social welfare support. and so what you're seeing now with the adult adopted community, both in korea as well as abroad, is a greater effort to both support unwed mothers as well as change sort of broader narratives around why children were placed for adoption. so when thinking about international adoption at that time period,
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korean children were the largest export and that was really reliant on sort of the both the reproductive labor of korean women as well as just the economic labor of many of these economically precarious families who really was children during that era, hon jaron will vote for a new president on sunday. the current leader on orlando hernandez isn't standing again and may face drug trafficking charges after leaving office from san pedro sla manuel ro paulo as more in march of 2021, tony amended a former hunter and congressman was sentenced to life in prison by us federal court over weapons and drug trafficking charges that it was the news sent shock waves across hundreds. tony amanda's, after all, is the brother of hunter and president, one, orlando, edmond, is for many, it was evidence enough that honduras was under the control and leadership of
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a family who for years had been rumored to use violence and corruption to transform the country into what many now considered to be a norco state. in the case of the president, in the case of one or lumber members, all he has to do is answer one simple question. the june that know that your brother was trafficking arms and co came into united states. you were the president, you were the most and foreign person in the country, at least in theory. you didn't know when a landlord and then this became president of honduras in 2013 and in 2017, he would go on to win a 2nd term in office, despite a constitutional prohibition against reelection. in under what international monitoring missions characterized as questionable circumstances. in the 8 years president wander, landlord amend this has been in power. political observers argue his government has letty dismantling of democratic institutions and the siphoning of public funds for
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the political gain of the ruling national party. one of the most recent and emblematic pieces fraud and corruption under the watch of president and man. this is the case of the mobile cobit 19 hospitals using the pandemic as a pretext, the government made a purchase of 7 so called mobile koby care use at a cost of more than $60000000.00. from what metallica on dr. catalyst manya, president of the honduran association of medical professionals, tells al jazeera the case is one of the biggest scans ever pulled by the government and, and directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of 100 citizens upon his f agreement, the less oh, manilla, one, the, it's a crime against humanity when you rip off an entire population that needed health care. when you steal public funds. when you look at this and see how people died in the street, and in the trial centers over a lack of oxygen, it definitely amounts to a crime against humanity. and some day those who did this will have to pay the
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consequences. oh, according to national human rights groups, the poverty rate in honduras is also grown significantly during the it and then this administration inter are leading to a historic exodus of migrants fleeing to the united states. and as general elections draw near the challenges of improving conditions and honduras are becoming ever more apparent than you will go with whoever wins is going to inherit an extremely difficult situation. economically, with the health crisis, obviously the pandemic with the economy trying to rebuild the trust of investors not only for him, but also naturally. and of course rebuilding all of this legal framework which has been destroy. it has been debilitated in an extreme manner by the last 8 years of one of the franchise. for his part, president mondays has maintained his innocence instead touting how his government has reduced the national homicide rate. in
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b strives and combat in drug trafficking. public policy experts however, argued that turning honduras into one of the most corrupt countries in the world will ultimately be one of london. and this is true. lasting legacy. monday ended up a little al jazeera, something a little sooner hunter, because the news exactly how passed the out. this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. israel says it will ban the entry of all foreigners for 2 weeks after the emergence of a new cove at 19 variant. once approve, this will be the toughest travel band last anywhere in the world since ami chrome was identified, every faucet has worn out from west jerusalem. will it.


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