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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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lucy swain by that stays. plenty of showers there across the mediterranean war, snow there around the da mason coast, some lobby, down polls to i would towards the black sea. it's eastern parts of europe. and this is from monday to pretty snowy for the politics. ah, in columbia, transforming urban waste into building block the use is to present the waste blast of the war. we can finish day. i was in charge the america, me just 10 years and in singapore critical farms and living buildings, anything you do on land, on the ground, doesn't make sense to do that apply on a building. can. we might have not just decorative, but can we make it biologically? productive earth rise describe its cutting edge solution for sustainable cities. on al jazeera got on one of the fastest growing nations in the way bonnie needed to oakland and development school track. international shipping
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companies to become a p, middle east, and trade and money skilfully, mcdowell, 3 key areas of development filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters. gateway to whoa trade, lou ah, and one of the top stories yolanda era growing used to countries of restricted travel to southern africa ever concerned about a new current of irish variant. first cases of on metro and have been detected in the u. k. israel and belgian south africa has condemned the measures saying is
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being punished for detecting the strain when it should be applauded people they're concerned in a worse than economic damage. countries already been struggling off to previous travel bands and lock downs, police. and because of fossil frontier gas during an anti government demonstration protest as a calling for the resignation of president ho cowboy, that angry at failures to stop a wave of violence by on groups. the widow of a south korean dictator known as the butcher of grand ju, as apologized at his funeral. the pain caused by his rule turned, do one, died in soul. on tuesday 890, he seized control of the country, 1979 in a coo and ruled. for nearly a decade, he repressed a political opponent, torture dissidence and stifled freedom of expression turned never apologized for his actions. on south greer's become a democracy there still echoes of tune do one's time in power and includes all them
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. 60000 children sent abroad during his presidency, helping to create the world's largest diaspora of adoptees. one of them is kimberly makia, korean adoption scholar, grande valley state university jones mission from chicago. thanks very much for joining us. i wonder what your feelings were when you saw that at the funeral for, for tune. i think for me, it like many adopt e as in other folks who are affected by what the political situation in south korea . we are thinking about the lives and the future that were lost in terms of those who are adopted out from korea to not only north america, but also europe and australia. and so, i mean, is it something that the, that the doctor has kind of made peace with or, or used to angry about the fact that you were sent sent out of the country? i think sometimes it's too easy to consider sort of adoptees, myriad of emotions and feelings around being sent for adoption as angry. rather,
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i think it's a little bit more complex because so often we don't talk about the need for family preservation and the reasons fueling the relinquishment for adopting which included economic prosperity and lack of social welfare support. and so what you're seeing now with the adult adopted community, both in korea as well as a broad, as a greater effort to both support unwed mothers as well as change sort of brought her narratives around why children were placed for adoption. and so in terms of how you feel about south korea, do you if you go there, do you feel comfortable there? what's your relationship with it? with the country? personally for me. yes. so i look forward once again for travel internationally to be able to go to south korea for me and for other adoptees you, when you read adopt writing many adopt these talk about feeling at home and this idea feeling of kinship. specifically, when you're able to walk around and look like everybody else,
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even though you don't necessarily speak the language and may not have the same cultural background or cultural identity. there is a sense of belonging in ways where growing up and predominately white community is adopted. don't necessarily experience and what about south korean is what they're sort of feelings about this episode and in the history of the country. well, i think as you've seen in coverage surrounding his passing and the funeral, it's very mixed. right. so you see a lot of what activists and others have been saying in terms of the legacy of his close to decade, long presidency or dictatorship and kind of the lingering after facts and reverberations and south korean society. so when thinking about international adoption at that time period, korean children were the largest export and that was really reliant on sort of the both the reproductive labor of korean women as well as just the economic labor of
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many of these economically precarious families who really was children during that era. kimmy mcgee, thank you very much indeed. defer sharing your thoughts on the subject. thank you. thank you. on sunday, millions of honduras will head to the ballot box to elect the new president. the carnita on orlando hernandez is not c, he another term. instead, he could be facing drunk trafficking charges in the u. s. after leaving office from some bedroom, sula manor apart, roughly reports on his legacy. in march of 2021, tony advantage, a former hunter and congressman was sentenced to life in prison by us federal court over weapons and drug trafficking charges that it was the news sent shock with across hundreds, tony and numbers. after all, is the brother of hunter and president, one, orlando, edmund, is for many, it was evidence enough that 100 was under the control and leadership of
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a family who for years had been rumored to use violence and corruption to transform the country into what many. now considered to be a norco state, in the case of the president, in the case of one lumber amanda's. all he has to do is answer one simple question . this june, that know that your brother was trafficking arms and co came into united states. you are the president, you are the most and foreign person in the country. at least in theory. you didn't know when a landlord, amanda is became president of honduras in 2013 and in 2017, he would go on to win a 2nd term in office, despite a constitutional prohibition against reelection. in under what international monitoring missions characterized as questionable circumstances. in the 8 years president wander, landlord amend this has been in power. political observers argue his government has led a dismantling of democratic institutions and the siphoning of public funds for the
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political gain of the ruling national party. one of the most recent and emblematic pieces fraud and corruption under the watch of president nan. this is the case of the mobile, coby 19 hospitals using the pandemic as a pretext, the government made a purchase of 7 so called mobile cobit care youth at a cost of more than $60000000.00 on what metallica on dr. catalyst manya, president of the honduran association of medical professionals, tells al jazeera the case is one of the biggest scans ever pulled by the government and, and directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of 100 citizens upon his f agreement. unless o manila one the, it's a crime against humanity. when you rip off an entire population that needed health care. when you steal public funds. when you look at this and see how people died in the street. and in the trial centers over a lack of oxygen, it definitely amounts to a crime against humanity. and some day those who did this will have to pay the
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consequences. oh, according to national human rights groups, the poverty rate in honduras is also grown significantly during the it and then this administration intern, leading to a historic exodus of migrants fleeing to the united states and as general elections draw near the challenges of improving conditions in honduras are becoming ever more apparent, but no go with whoever wins is gonna inherit an extremely difficult situation. economically with the health crisis. obviously we're pandemic, ah, with the economy trying to rebuild the trust of investors not only for him, but also nationals. and of course, rebuilding all this legal framework which has been destroyed, has been debilitated in the next stream manner by obese. last 8 years of one lumberman here, handy i have had to, i thought through his port president edmond is, has maintained his innocence instead touting how his government has reduced the
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national homicide rate and mean strides and combating drug trafficking public policy experts. however, are you that turning honduras into one of the most corrupt countries in the world will ultimately be one orlando airline. this is true. lasting legacy. manuel rap a low al jazeera, some federal sula, honduras algerians have voted in local elections that have been seen as a test of support for president update, magic to boon mass. municipal and provincial councils were on the ballot observers and predicting a low turn out to boon came to power off to his predecessor was ousted in 2019 i pro democracy protests backed by the head of the army, lease and macau, detained and questioned the territories biggest casino mobil authorities in mainland china have issued a warrant for alvin chows arrest. the head of sun city group is wanted for allegedly running an illegal cross board. a gambling syndicate, and setting up casino is in china gambling his band outside the special
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administrative territory. 3 people have been confirmed dead in the solomon islands after days of writing in the capital. only ara police arrested more than a 100 people, sir. o'clock report bodies were found in this bird house building in the chinatown district. this area was the flash point for the last 3 days of writing. like a report suggests that the remainder of looters who trapped inside the store that was on the web and local didn't put the gun on wednesday. kennedy had enclosed an indefinite nighttime p. c. that will show race that more than $100.00 people on right related charges. the prime minister isn't hiding place at surrounded his residence after is targeted by anti government group led by the people of the later province populous district in solomon islands. mulligan people, or the lack of muleta once
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a prime minister to stand down because of the things he isn't addressing with the prime minister didn't address issues that were affecting the provenance of their thing has been widespread across the capital. people are now queuing for fuel and food. supermarket are the bird to the ground for clothes of sterling troops and military personnel from pop and getting around the ground to help restore order in the capital. is obviously pens we've seen the last couple of days. there has been some destructions and looting. it's a volatile situation. the streets may become for now, but there's been simmering discontent. predict heights. the people of them a light, a province dissatisfied with the prime minister, accusing him of neglecting their providence. that's compounded by anger over the central government's decision to dump their allegiance with taiwan. recognizing china instead with the prime minister, refusing to budge on the protest demands that tension is unlikely to ease sarah
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clark al jazeera. frances said it's open to talk san grunting great, or told me to go loop. after a week of protests overcurrent of ours restrictions. natasha butler has more from the caribbean territory. well, the french government's decision to impose mandatory cove. it vaccines on health workers are in mainland france and across overseas territories is the issue that really sparked these protests and blockades that have lasted nearly 2 weeks now. now, the french government has said that it's not going to scrap those covey rules. they are bare people safety, but it has said that it will push back the day to those mandatory vaccines for health work as to december 31st to allow for more time to talk. but for people here . well, they say that's just not enough. i think we're fighting for just one thing, which is the vaccination. what actually is true, replied sinful. all the old british, i'm with good for you. and here we are all feet on. 0100 your
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well, i guess i need what, how come to me, the sense of frustration and anger saying he runs deep in the sense that paris and the government there are ignoring people care and it goes way beyond cape it, restrictions on where do people begin and guadalupe, it's difficult because we feel we have no rights or access to things that will help us improve our lives. so it's complicated for us. young people. well here in another part of the city, these people have gathered to say they want an end to the blockades. they are fed up, they say all the disruption that is bringing the economy to a near standstill le, missouri fiddle up. that's your majority of the population is terrorized by what's happening in the street access to hospitals. it's blocked on roads, looked like people are forced to stay at home. well, the french government says that it will continue to talk to or thirty's in
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guadalupe about issues, including unemployment, even a possible future will toner, me for the i know it is clear, the paris wants to calm the situation down, but whether or not that is going to convince any of the people here is another matter. nigeria is northeast and bono state is offering free vocational training in effort to reduce youth unemployment. officials hope the scheme will keep young people from turning to arm groups and crime estate's been. the epicenter of nigeria is more than a decade on concrete with booker on fighters. i mean address reports from the state capitol. my degree isaac peter, has landed his 1st job while still in the middle of training program to be a metal fabricate. the 25 year old has already started dreaming big. they want to be among their deonna and the wall. so doug, my name will be counting among those successful people in the world.
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isaac, along with 10000 other young men and women, whistled graduate from 15 of the st centers in barlow state or being to start their own businesses. for those in cutting, clean and generic were much them. we talked plum being on pasadena welding. fabrication are building construction and solar solar and electric hello. do go to get i don't venture into thinking. casa housing construction is, was, if you give them a cont, our, them, a contact like 10. how this is a little comical entity. 14 skills are taught in the centers and as soon as a set graduate, another is brought officious home. the he's learned by young people in these training centers will keep them away from. the biggest concern is about them being new by i'm group like borum, which is conducting a large recruitment drive. at the moment the i'm group has lost many fighters and confrontations with nigerian and regional armies expert,
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se illiteracy like of skills and poverty. are some of the reasons that pushed most fighters into joining the group, but no state which is hit hardest by the conflict says it's stepping up efforts to avoid rolling bank recent gains against bo quorum. we are trying to clear jobs a time to create well thought at, ah, the youth in but no said will be on that on. this is the only without my vision is to see that 1st of all. but not status was cut that the number wanted between denette visit, anticipate attentive bottom and many rest of their say they want to see more centers established as poverty and unemployment room. and high after 12 years of book. what are bothers, that they say could speed up recovery and stop young people from turning to crime? i'm a decrease algebra, my degree nigeria still to come around to 0 in sport. another goal scoring record
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for this young striker in the german league. and he will be here with us or e y a. in the light of the open seas hides a dark secret. men forced to work without paying inflate for years. but a glimmer of hope remain for the forgotten fisherman. as a group of activists delve deep into the illegal fist and industry demand and justice and freedom. ghost fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera, a mass pro democracy movement, violent crackdowns assassinations, and you imposed sanctions. all tactics in the struggle that ensued from the 2020 bella roost in presidential elections. that shook the country's self proclaimed
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dictators seat of power. and now new tactics, migrants people empower, investigates, the humanitarian disaster on to rivaling on europe's borders and asks what's next. in the battle for bella bruce, although just eda lew ah, and he's here now with the sport. thank you so much. lauren will liverpool have moved with an a points of latest chelsea at the top of the english premier league. they were for no one is at home to south hampson. they got you off the school, the middle schools 1st to goes home and setting them up for a 2nd. that concern is midway golden,
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liverpool campaigns. we went over also with benefits and vandyke rep when in the 2nd liverpool next, se rosalyn i just sent in the murphy side. so i'll be on wednesday. you can see and it's still searching for their 1st premier league when of the scene of now 13 games with the latest last coming of the hands of also because 2nd, with the opening over also double the lead 10 minutes later, almost finale with finish. so now the final scope is typical enough in the premier league when your when you're fighting and scrapping for points. but if you've got a big deficit, it becomes very difficult. so naturally, i think everyone connected with the club wants to get that 1st when as quickly as possible. you know i've, i've seen the dresser and we got some very good players here. we'll lack of confidence at the moment, naturally to not winning a game the season,
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but i think we will naturally, i think, attract criticism and we'll have to take that. we have to have broad shoulders. you try then you have to drive them and you then confident in after the moment you've not in a real trust and, and i thought that they needed another chance and, and they've gone into there because they showed during the week how hurt they would have that if it and how when they were to put it right to the and manchester united have not reached an agreement with the real fragment to take over the insur manager until the end of the season. the 63 year old won't be in place in sun life, the united game against chelsea on sunday. or there could be influence on a generation of german coaches, including liverpool. you can quote on chelsea, thomas to call. he helped me a lot because he was my coach. and then he was one of the main figures to, to convince me to try coaching. so, he had a huge influence on all of us at this,
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at this time. oh, bar salon looks set to grab a much needed victory in the spanish league. chevy seem kearney leading to warn against villareal frankie young with his 1st goal status. why boss will be 7 points behind league leaders around madrid. and mid week boss will help a goal is jorgen, spend feet in the champions league a yet to secure a place. in the knockout rounds, in that competition, early holland has become the youngest player in history to score 50 on the league goals. the 21 year old boy 18 was making his return from injury for brush goldman. roy, it's got the final goal in that 3. whenever bird russia point behind league leaders by an incentive goal for me even captain michael von says he sorry for all the heard his former see mate as the refill experience while playing for yorkshire, for fake apply or sunny descent totally british parliamentary committee last week that he suffered inhuman treatment during his time at the club and his dr. cricket
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in england is being institutionally racist for fake. also, i says, born might erase remarks. watch him and 3 of the plays of asian origin before a match in 2009 born has been night allegation, which are yours. critical in particular has not dealt with a situation at all. well, i see a young young lad, someone not played with that has gone through a huge amount hurts and i have to take some responsibility for that because i played field scary creek for, for 18 years. and if in any way, shape or form, i'm responsible for any of his hurts, i apologize for that. the whole, the situation thing for many will regret and i regret many things about it. i'm sorry for all the hurt that he's gone through. hopefully,
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time i don't think can ever be a healer in the situation that has gone through. but hopefully time can be a way of making sure that your cherry creek will never goes through this situation again and never puts themselves in a position of denial that they treated a player so badly. and the jo berg open in south africa was reduced to 36 holes because of corona are some bad weather hung player tristan laurence ended up with the trophy from the storms and some bad weather men. no more play was possible on saturday. so round to lead a lawrence picks up the title. he also qualifies for next year's open championship . emergence of that new covered 19 variant man that many european gulf has quit the events after the 1st round. we have always been a stranger to weather. but you all are still out there with the mentality to finish the tournament and you know, we, i don't think anybody thought it will turn out this way. so it was quite, you know, the white wasn't nice this year. a lot of rumors, what could happen? what might happen, but serial, so obviously as in sunken it, but it's
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a lifelong dream that's, that's come true. okay, that is a sport is looking for now. let's get back to lauren in london. thank sandy. now one of the most influential broadway composes and lyricist of all time, stevens son, time, has died at the age of 90. 1. his works include the broadway classics west side story and sweeney todd. ranking up 10 looks back at his life. oh, he could make words flow and sing me here are lost on the ground. but to describe stephen san dance, talent and courier is to deal with superlatives m look long . he was a titan of america's musical theater. one of the most original song writers and the greatest composers of the 20th century, much like his extraordinary skills,
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his accomplishments, and audacity were unmatched on broadway. born and raised in new york city. san time songs revealed the insides and triumphs of modern life with humor and sympathy. oh, a a unique style. the turn. musicals like west side story into the woods and sweeney todd into classics. ah, his greek through musical company, which debuted in 1970 receipt, 14 tony award nominations. what started as an interest in music? when he was, a teenager, became a towering courier that revolution i storytelling on the broadway stage. in 2015 president barack obama awarded san time the presidential medal of freedom.
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he won an oscar each grammy awards and 8 lifetime tony awards. more than any other american composer and lyricist it's, it's nice to get an award. it's nice to be recognized. just the way it's it, i'd rather have an audience like what i write than dislike, what i write, but primarily i want to write. so, you know, that's what called suntan transformed musical theater shondra by setting his dancing words to unforgettable melodies every day. for his legacy now includes music that would reach far beyond the broadway stage. stephen sondheim was 910 and a fit for me. norm taylor for this news out, i'll be back in just a man with another full round up of the day's news. thanks very much. indeed. fortune usa seen a bit ah
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ah and fully al jazeera london broker, fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation with no hope. and no limitation believed as a person of color. it's always the stress of yeah, it would be much easier for me might felt that white people hot to go into canada and sing a song right skin. so carry other people's way. is that in the minute you get way down, you stop what you're doing and made one studio be on my feet on algebra. there
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was is i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make body would fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was off my own village and get stones permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood in the city of cobbled his experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to . and one that's boss from easy about the situation. and now it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic price in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban, and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. but everybody will be
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safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. ah, more flight restrictions imposed, but the bid to contain the new corona virus variant could already be too late. this period is spreading around the world with 2 cases so far identified here in the u. k. ah, unearned tailors is out here alive from london. also coming up and see people it is it did, it did vixen ac episcopal concern is closer to home in africa where low vaccine rates and poor.


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