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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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about them, a palestinian israeli crime waived on al jazeera you that's him. you busy up and wanted to show you something beautiful. what is it? under constant looking at what the tele ports, of course, 50000 square meters, secure facility, stated the arctic and oh, the antennas. it's got a palmetto of bod. oh i can see why you love looking at it. it's all about the t. t and seamen, telemetry tracking and see command. you're not the only one who knows everything, nudging ash hale sat space to deliver your vision. lou ah,
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this is alex, is here, a quick reminder, all the top stories this are you keep i minister boris johnson has announced tighter karone of irish rules. after 2 cases, a thing you only con variance were identified. he said, it appears to be more contagious and could evade vaccines. the white house has taught medical advisers since the uni discovered variance is probably already in the united states doctor. and in fact, she says there's no reason to panic on the i sense it's great. the concerns about the escalades and conflicts in ethiopia and has called for urgency negotiations, european prime minister out the office as joined the army on the front lines, a gates to drive rebels from the north. thank you back. so top story, know the lease is covered, 19 variance might disrupt the global economy just as it was starting to show signs of recovery. years of the only crone variance had an immediate impact on wall street. storks and treasury yield sank on friday that led to the biggest oil price
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drop. since the pandemic began, europe's biggest economy, germany was already struggling to recover before a 4th wave hits grew my just 1.7 percent in july. a global supply chain could also face huge setbacks. the several countries impose restrictions and loc stones, further disrupting manufacturing and shipping, and there are indications, interest rates could rise in the coming months. cornelia meyer is ceo of myer resource. she explains the market reactions to the new variance. oh mike, it's always overshoot and under shoot. but it's, it's, it shows a real of wariness amongst, amongst trade us amongst everybody in terms of what does this mean? what will that mean for air travel? you know, some people say it's not that much that will be, will be closed off because it's right now southern africa to,
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to other countries. but you know, if, if should this very and spread if then the trans atlantic roots and things like that close down again, that would be bad. so markets are fearing for the worst. we are rightfully concerned. and you know what we see in europe, especially missy, austria's having shut down. some belgium is having shut downs. parts of germany are having sort of semi shutdowns. so it's, it's, it's become more and more economies are going back into further shut downs and should this variant prove that the vaccines are not really geared up to, to defend people against that, against this variant dad would be, that would be, that would be bad. so one on the good side though, when we see we thought now several waves and we have sat, several waves of shop downs, every shut down has had an incrementally less bad impact on the economy.
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so whilst it is not good, it's less bad that it was the last time around. russia who's been mobilizing sizes of troops near ukraine, sparking fears of an escalation in a long simmering conflict. let's take a look closer. look at how the crisis began. it all started here on the crimean peninsula. this is fair. russia has one of its most important naval bases. it's also an area of major offshore oil and gas resources. mo, in 2014, rushing back, 5 to seize control of crimea form ukraine moves. the united nations declared illegal under international law. and may 2014 russian, separatists declared independence. and on the hands go to a referendum triggered the conflicts between ukraine and the separatists. despite a cease, fire agreed in minsk sporadic fighting as continuing between ukrainian forces and pro russians separatists along. lines of contacts meant to separate the 2 sides.
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and for the 1st time since 2014 russia. as warble eyes, tens of thousands of soldiers in crimea, and near the border with eastern ukraine. it's also moved military units closest to the border with paris. a close ally of the kremlin will don't have the senior director over the atlantic cancels you, raise your censor, and a former us ambassador to ukraine and jones to fly from fairfax city in virginia. it's good to have you withers. what exactly do you think russia is doing right now? mobilizing troops so close to ukraine territory. will moscow is positioning troops that have moved to threaten ukraine, or perhaps actually to water major escalation of awards? currently conducting in done boss? oh, moscow hoax at a minimum? by threatening to ukraine to get ukraine to make some concessions or get the united
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states and the western powers, vall, like germany and france to make some concessions. that what exactly did they, once, i mean, ultimately this russert, once they take bank all of ukraine, it and what, what are they getting out here? moscow's goal is to influence substantially ukraine's national security policy. they do not want to ukraine. establishing close relations, either with nato or with the you. that's why they seized crimea with russia, troops the little green, then. that's why they lost the russian control war and done boss. what russia's war and don't boss has fail of. that's why they're threatening major escalation again, their goal is to push ukraine towards russia and away from a free choice of association with you and with nato. and is that likely to work up their war in done, boss has failed. i believe that if they're bluff of an escalation is
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solidly opposed by the united states and its partners, russia will not. in fact us go sanctions we were already impose of course, the russian economy, one to 1.5 percent of g d p growth year. and if they were to escalate substantially now that be much more punishing sanctions as the by the administration has made clear bed. and but russia as being sanctions a, it seems almost constantly. countries just keep adding sanctions on and, and keep adding sanctions, owen and, and certainly in europe the many countries are quite keen to tone diving the rhetoric and, and to get closer again to russia. at this, it seems that we are in quite, quite a bit of an impasse here. and russia seemed quite likely to continue down this path . how likely is it that the west is going to take anything more of decisive action? not just sanctions. i don't have any doubt 1st that if moscow,
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those escalate, substantial, know the word sends its own army, use its own air force, use its own navy to sees additional cranium territory. there will be sanctions which will hurt the russian economy much more than the current sections. and glank in a secretary of state has been reaching out to europe for the past 2 weeks and building support for such a policy. and you've had american diplomatic criss crossing the continent, your to build up that support, even though some european countries would rather not see it. but united states and great britain and other data countries are also such weapons to ukraine. so that if moscow decides to escalate substantially, you cray will be able products, a certain amount of fight. this will be in washing casualties. and the russian people do not want watch and soldiers fighting credit. which is one of the reasons why hide the fact that russia officers are directing current military operations numbers. but if it does get that bad,
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is it likely that we'll see need to getting involved or ukraine's asking for more help than just weapons? neither the united states or any country is offering crane to send their soldiers to fight russia, but they are offering to send weapons to ukraine. and again, western countries, united states with the you have an imposing serious sanctions or pose far more serious sanctions. if moscow doesn't sac escalated current war. ok and well that is not certain to deter. i think it may well succeed. ok, john had fair joining us from fairfax in virginia. great. get your analysis. thank you. thank you. well, it isn't kyrgyzstan, we'll go to the polls on sunday for a rerun of last year's parliamentary elections. the results of that foods, spots of revolution that unseated governments. and so former prisoners of the power of when the presidency by a land slice on friday,
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security forces detained. 15 people accused of tossing a cou, including politicians and former officials. on sunday, millions of honduran full had the ballot box to elect their new president. the current liter one, orlando hernandez, is not seeking another term. it could be facing drug trafficking charges in the us . after leaving office san pedro sula my note up a little reports on the legacy of one of latin america's most controversial leaders . in march of 2021, tony advantage, a former hunter and congressman was sentenced to life in prison by us federal court over weapons and drug trafficking charges. so that is what the news sent. shock waves across honduras, tonia london. after all, is the brother of hunter and president, one, orlando, edmond, is for many, it was evident enough that 100 was under the control and leadership of
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a family who for years had been rumored to use violence and corruption to transform the country into what many now considered to be a norco state, in the case of the president, in the case of one lumber man, this. all he has to do is answer one simple question. the june that know that your brother was trafficking arms and cocaine into united states. you were the president, you were the most and foreign person in the country, at least in theory. you didn't know when a landlord and then this became president of honduras in 2013 and in 2017, he would go on to win a 2nd term in office, despite a constitutional prohibition against reelection. and under what international monitoring missions characterized as questionable circumstances. in the 8 years president wander, landlord amend this has been in power. political observers argue his government has led a dismantling of democratic institutions and the siphoning of public funds for the
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political gain of the ruling national party. one of the most recent and emblematic pieces fraud and corruption under the watch of president and man. this is the case of the mobile cobit 19 hospitals using the pandemic as a pretext, the government made a purchase of 7 so called mobile koby care use at a cost of more than $60000000.00. from what metallica on dr. carlos ammonia, president of the honduran association of medical professionals, tells al jazeera the case is one of the biggest scans ever pulled by the government and, and directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of 100 citizens upon his f agreement. the less oh manila one the, it's a crime against humanity when you rip off an entire population that needed health care. when you steal public funds. when you look at this and see how people died in the street. and in the trial centers over a lack of oxygen, it definitely amounts to a crime against humanity. and some day those who did this will have to pay the
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consequences. oh, according to national human rights groups, the poverty rate in honduras is also grown significantly during the it and then this administration inch are leading to a historic exodus of migrants fleeing to the united states. and as general elections draw near the challenges of improving conditions in honduras are becoming ever more apparent. the new go with whoever wins is gonna inherit an extremely difficult situation. economically, with the health crisis. obviously, the pandemic, ah, with the economy trying to rebuild the trust of investors not only for him, but also nationals. and of course, rebuilding all this legal framework which has been destroyed, has been debilitated in an extreme manner by v's last 8 years of one lumberman here. handy. i do apologize for his part president and is, has maintained his innocence instead touting how his government has reduced the
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national homicide rate and mean strides and combating drug trafficking public policy. experts however, argued that turning honduras into one of the most corrupt countries in the world will ultimately be one orlando airline. this is true. lasting legacy menu ended up a low al jazeera, some federal sula, honduras, nigeria, ne, and born on the state is offering free vocational training in an effort to reduce youth unemployment on has been the epicenter of nigeria as more than a decade long conflict with book are on finance, measure drinks reports from the state capitol. my degree isaac peter, has landed. his 1st job was still in the middle of training program to be a metal fabricator. the 25 year old has already started dreaming big. i want to be among der, been yona, and a wall. so doug, my name will be counting among those successful people in the world.
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isaac, along with 10000 other young men and women, whistled graduate from 15 of the st centers in bordeaux state. open to start their own businesses for those in cutting tree and, and jonah will much them return plugged in on pasadena, welding fabrication ah, building construction and solar solar and electric hello. do go to get. i don't venture into thinking cason. housing construction is, was, if you give them a cont, our them a contact like 10 houses, if you look amok, liberty. 14 skills are taught in the centers and as soon as i said graduate, another is brought a feature. so the fee is learned by young people in these training centers will keep them away from, from the biggest concern is about them being used by, i'm goof like borum, which is conducting a large recruitment drive. at the moment,
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the i'm group has lost many fighters and confrontations with nigerian and regional armies. expert say illiteracy, like of skills and poverty are some of the reasons that pushed most fighters into joining the group. but no state which is hit hardest by the conflict says it's stepping up efforts to avoid rolling back recent gains against bo quorum. we are trying to clear jobs a time to create well thought at, ah, the youth in, but most it will be on the, on this is the only without my vision is to see that 1st of all. but enough to this was cut that the number wantin between dynette visit and to secure attendant waterman. many residents say they want to see more centers established as poverty and unemployment room and high after 12 years of book. what are bondage that they say could speed up recovery and stop young people from turning to crime?
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i'm a decrease algebra. my degree nigeria, the bodies of 3 people have been found in a burned out building in the solomon islands capital with a fin rising for days. more than 100 people have been arrested to sarah clark, reports. bodies were found in the building in the chinatown district. this area was the flash point for the last 3 days of writing. like a report suggests to the remains of looters, who trapped inside the stool. people to push them on wednesday, kennedy had enclosed an indefinite nighttime tc civil show race that more than $100.00 people on ra related charges. the prime minister isn't hiding places surrounded his residence after is targeted by anti government groups led by the people of the later province, most populous district in the solomon islands. mulligan, people,
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or the lack of people of muleta, what the prime minister to stand down because of the things he isn't addressing with the prime minister didn't address issues that were affecting the province. their thing has been widespread across the capital. people are now queuing for fuel and food. supermarket are the birds to the ground for clothes, a thrilling troops and military personnel from pop and you're getting around the ground to help restore order in the capital. is obviously pens we've seen the last couple of days. there has been some destructions and losing its volatile situation . the streets may become for now, but there's been simmering discontent, predict heights to the people of them, a later province, dissatisfied with the prime minister, accusing him of neglecting their province. that's compounded by anger over the central government's decision to dump their allegiance with taiwan. recognizing china instead with the prime minister, refusing to budge on the protest demands that tension is unlikely to ease. sarah
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clark al jazeera, still hands on al jazeera, liverpool crews, pans, samson in the family or league will show you the goals after the break. awe from the al jazeera london broke off, fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation leads as a person of color. it was the struggle here. it would be much easier for me. mike felt that white people part to go into cheddar and sing a song, right? that again, carry other people's way. is that is the minute you get way down. you stop what you're doing and maybe one studio b unscripted on al jazeera. there was, is, i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make bollywood films. so finally,
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i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and good stones. permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. lou. ah. back to the sport, here's on the thank you so much. have a live a pull of made within a points of lead is chelsea at the top of the english premier league. they were for nail winners at home to south hampton, diego jots escort. liver pulls 1st 2 goals. mohammed silas, setting him up for
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a 2nd, that tioga concert of his midweek owens, the host champions league went out of force or with this effort. and virgil vandyke wrapped up the when in the 2nd home liverpool next place. if you've ever sent in the movie side, they'll be on wednesday when you can see and it's still searching for the premier league one of the season. that's now 13 games. now picture that latest war coming at the hands of arsenal, the k sucker finishing off that move to school. the opener also and doubling the lead. 3 substitute gabrielle ma finelli, who now the fun school is typical enough in the family when your when you're fighting and scrapping for points. but if you've got a big deficit, it becomes very difficult. so naturally, i think everyone connected with the club wants to get that 1st when as quickly as possible. you know, as i've seen the dresser, we got some very good players here. we're lacking in confidence of the moment,
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naturally to not winning a game the season, but i think we will naturally, i think, attract criticism and we'll have to take that. we have to have broad shoulders. you try then you have to drive them and you then come in after difficult moments. you've not in a real trust and, and i thought that they needed another chance and, and they've gone into there because they showed during the week how hurt they would have that if it and how willing they were to put it right today or much. and i had reached an agreement with earl fragment to take cover the insur manager until the end of the season, the 63 year old. i won't be in place in time for united game against chelsea on sunday. rudnick, a big influence on a generation of german coaches, which includes live pools. you can call on chelsea thomas to help me a lot because he was my coach. and then he was one of the main figures to to convince me to try coaching. so he had a huge influence on all of us at this,
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at this time. chevy and, and this is about for face his 1st away test as barcelona is head start playing villareal. and mid week boston held to a new meal drawer. and the champions league at home can spend feet they yet to qualify for the knockout rounds. and in the spanish league that down in 7th place, 10 points behind leaders rail we boarded under, but others to respond to those 3 points. a very important for us, we're playing a tough stadium and against the direct rival. i think villareal could be fighting for a place in the champions league. it'll be a turning point, but each game is like that right now. because we're in an urgent situation. we must win each game. that's a goal. then we'll see saturday, how we are and how we can pay the idea to go and win those 3 points clearly. oh gulf job open in south africa was reduced to 36 holes because of covered 19 a bad weather hung play tristan laurence ended up with the trophy, thunderstorms and bad weatherman. no more play was possible on saturday. so round zullie, laurence picked up,
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the title also qualifies for next year's open championships. the emergence of the micron variance meant that many european gulf as it quit the events after the 1st round. you know, the whole week has been strange weather. but y'all are still out there with the mentality to finish a tournament and you know, we, i don't think anybody started will turn out this way. so it was quite, you know, the white wasn't nice to hear a lot of rumors with what could happen and what might happen. but it's a real obviously, as it sounds it, but it says lifelong dream that's, that's come to a liberal. james as being fond, $15000.00 for making an obscene gesture during the game against indiana on wednesday. and the lake is thought couldn't inspire his team. so when against sacramento kings on friday, his team had losing and triple over time. darren folks reported 34 points, believe it came to a full point when james did score 30 points in his 2nd going back from suspension. and the gods came off during and i shall game between the boston bruins and the new
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york rangers boston's broad martians. taking aim here, it ranges our semi pan are in both of them. hit with a 10 minute misconduct penalty after the game washing plane the pair had just been discussing what they've been having are for their thanksgiving. ok, thanks, board is looking for thanks very much indeed. and the, and finally, stephen sondheim, one of america's most influential composers, as dives at the age of $91.00 is works include the broadway classics west side story. gypsy and sweeney taunt drank a got her foot back on his life, mood, rudy? ah way up her he could make words. flo and seeing me here at last on the ground, but to describe station sundance tenant and courier is to deal with superlative. m a claw. ah,
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he was a titan of american musical theater. one of the most original, some writers, and the greatest composers of the 20th century, much like his extraordinary skills, his accomplishments, and audacity were unmatched on broadway. her born and raised in new york city, san time songs revealed the inside, teeth and triumphs of modern life. with humor and sympathy. o. a unique style. the turn musicals like west side story into the woods at sweeney todd into classics. ah, his freaks who musical company which debuted in 1970 receipt, 14 tony award nominations. what started as an interest and music when he was a teenager, became
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a taryn courier that revolution i storytelling on the broadway stage. in 2015 president barack obama awarded san time the presidential medal of freedom. he won an oscar eat grammy awards and 8 lifetime tony awards. more than any other american composer and lyricist it's, it's nice to get an award. it's nice to be recognized. just the way it's it, i'd rather have an audience like what i write than this, like what i write, but primarily i want to write. so you know, that's what called suntan transformed the musical theater shondra by setting his dazzling words to unforgettable melodies every day. his legacy now includes music that will reach far beyond the broadway stage. stephen sondheim was 91. 0 and that said for this new desire to stay with us. lauren taylor is up next in
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london before the dcs. ah! ah . the listening post cuts through the noise we're talking about computing now the seeing modern day course being used to perpetuate the listening post your guide to the media on as j 0 in the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for green economy, blue economy,
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and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress, invest even easier now. december on and just either guitar hose, the feedback arab cup, a momentous event for the region, and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 world cup. people in power invest the gates, the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace, lori recognized the safeguarding freedom of expression as a precondition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries to in depth explain. his portal showcases the best vouchers, ears, digital content as the year draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on
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a jesse europe ah, mold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera ah more flight restrictions imposed, but the bit to contain the new current of ours variant could already be too late. this period is spreading around the world with 2 cases so far identified here in the u. k. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. was it coming up? i'd see people to get to really get vaccinated at this point. a concern is closer to home in africa where low vaccine, right.


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