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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there i'm how am i here, dean. this is the al jazeera, nissan come and you live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, british prime minister boris johnson announces a raft of new measures to try and control the spreads of the new corona, virus variance. and as more countries ban flights from southern africa, because of that you variance america's top infectious disease expert says no is not the time to panic. the u. s. is calling for urgent negotiations and the conflicts in ethiopia, while foreign minister avia murder is on the front lines and turns times on the
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border. ukrainian soldiers say they're ready for any possible incursion as russian troops carriers exercises nearby. and his small liverpool move up to a 2nd in the english premier league, a foreigner whenever so handsome. taking them within a points of me was charles ah, or we begin in the u. k. were prime minister boris johnson is titans croon of iris rules as countries worldwide try to contain the new omicron variance. the u. k. has confirmed 2 cases of the highly mutated strain, all the rivals in to the country. what may i have to do a p c r test on day 2 and self isolate until they get a negative result, face coverings or once again be mandatory in shops and on public transportation.
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our scientists are learning more hour by hour and it does appear that only chrome spreads very rapidly and can be spread between people who are double vaccinated. there is also a very extensive mutation, which means it diverges quite significantly. from previous configurations of the virus. and as a result, it might, at least in part reduce the protection of our vaccines over time. well, england's chief medical officer says on the con, represents a noticeably different risk and delta, which is why they're acting so quickly. i think it is important though, to stress that the, the risk here is different. delta delta was primarily driven by the ability to spread really rapidly that less concerned about the vaccination escape this one here. really, the biggest thing that is leading us to wish to move rapidly is to do with the
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least strong theoretical reasons for thinking about some degree of vaccine escape is likely given a number of mutations. let's say taking life night to london where paul brennan is standing by for us. and paul, it does look like the u. k. is very, very, very quickly here. particularly after tea cases of this new strain were detected in england. well, the reason was most explicitly stated thereby by the chief scientist where he was talking about it's, it's almost about this mutation. this variation could actually undo all the good work that the u. k. has done so far in its vaccination program. if this variant is on the contrary and simply bypasses that, then obviously all that good work would be undone. boris johnson in the past month has had criticism of his competency and his judgment. so this hastily scheduled news conference on a saturday evening was, i think an attempt by him to show that he is front and center of the case attempts
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to control this situation and also the precautionary nature of this. these announcements also shows that i think he is wanting to move fast. bearing in mind, he has been criticized in the past for moving too slow and being too reluctant to introduce new measures. the measures included, for example, more face math to be want to in shops and also much, much tighter controls on the restrictions the people have when they come back from overseas travel instead of lateral flow test is quick test. people now have to do p c r tests on day 2, and they will have to isolate until a negative result from that p c r is obtained, so people will have to stay at home for at least 2 days. perhaps even fall after they return from any foreign holiday. and the other thing is that the contact of people who test positive will have to isolate for 10 days previously, you didn't have to isolate if you would just to contact unless you should symptoms yourself. well that's, that's been swept away. now if you're a contact,
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if somebody is tested positive, you now have to isolate yourself as well. so much tougher. it stopped short plan be that he was that this is increased regime that he had on the back burner up. it stopped short of that, but it's still pretty tough. measures, particularly on travel restrictions and post the picture in the united kingdom. but there have also been other confirmed cases in europe. what more do we know about that? yeah, this goes to the idea that this is spreading a lot, how rapidly it spreading. we had one confirm case in belgium, regatta 2 cases. i understand that in germany, we're still waiting. we're still waiting for the results from the 61 positive covey tests that were returned by passengers who came back into amsterdam shipple airport from south africa on friday. now we know that positive for cov, it, but tests are continuing to work out whether any of them have the on the chrome variance. so if there is a grave concern that the travel restrictions on that huge wave of southern african
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countries has not stopped the very end from escaping into europe and the scientists there on edge. okay, po brandon, there lie from london po. thank keep the yes. so what harris's top medical advisor says, the newly discovered on the corner cove, with 19 variants may already be in the united states. that still should not be a reason for panic, or the u. s. has joined a growing number of countries around the world that have band or restricted travel from southern africa, c, d c. and the state department of just issued what's called a do not travel warning. only evidence suggesting the strain at could of course be more contagious. van, the delta variance we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of trans miss ability and you're already having travel related cases that they've noted in israel and belgium and other places.
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when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over the issue. a blocking tray of a travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better. that's the reason for doing that. not any reason to panic, but we want to give us some time to really fill in the blanks of what we don't know right now. let's take an i to washington d. c. and heidi jewel, castro. i do, we heard there from joseph g as saying this isn't the time to panic, but the c d. c has a nice, they won't say as long as people not to travel from these countries in southern africa. was that all about? that's right. it just a matter of hours mixed messages coming from different parts of the u. s. government with the cdc in the state department, just issuing minutes ago this level for travel warning against those 8 southern
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african nations do not travel warning due to the high high rate of cov, if 19, of course is all because of the army kron variant and americans here though, in the us, have been traveling, this is the holiday season, which also means that if on the cross is indeed already in the country, the likelihood of its spread is even greater. the t as a reporting that 1800000 travelers passed through us airports just yesterday alone on the tail end of this thanksgiving holiday. me while just as doctor anthony voucher, he said us government scientists and scientists with drug developers like pfizer. our quickly assessing the characteristics of this very and, and top question out there now is whether the current vaccines work against this very, and we expect to have some data from those studies in about 2 weeks time. holla ok,
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how does your cache or they live from washington d. c. heidi, thank you. also, if africa government has condemning the international travel restrictions before a ministry says the country's being punished, the flight is rapid detection. all thinking variance is going concern that the band will impact and already struggling economy for me to miller reports from johannesburg. while the south african governments urged people not to panic, many or worried, especially as some continue to rush to leave south africa. my family generally of the whole is just ready to deflated by the entire situation. disappointed, not feeling as though wishing catch a great. we haven't seen each other for 3 years. many have struggled through a slump in the economy because of previous travel bands and locked downs. and the now uncertain about how the new army cron variant will affect them. some been civil
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leveling and, and then let's go and get vaccinated. especially people my age. so we can protect ourselves. that's all i can say. i know we all have our opinions about the vaccines, but on my side, i want to get vaccinated. but there's been a slower than expected vaccination rate in south africa. slightly more than 40 percent of adults have had at least one job in terms of um, vaccinations. oh to. oh it's, it's some of choice with little bricks. needle nod whitlow, too, too, too much or 2 people to get in. did. he did mention a suit at this point because the living in lake avila, excuse gifford. reg, look right now, this anita davidson is in as soon as possible as the holiday season approaches, the tourism industry had expected an increase in visitors, many of them from the u. k and europe to bring in millions of dollars worth of revenue. the south african currency,
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the rounds already lost its value. after the announcement of the new variant, the government says south africa has been at the forefront of testing and tracking changes in coven. 19 and sciences have stressed. it's important to see what the data on the new variant will show before making any decisions. and that sentiment trickle down to the general public way. many believe south africa's being treated unfairly. the government is worried, the global reaction has caused unnecessary panic. it says it's begun talks with the european union and the united kingdom on the latest round of travel bands saying other countries didn't receive the same treatment. when you variance were detected elsewhere. for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg. will us get more detail on the situation in the netherlands with dozens of passengers from south africa tested positive? here's what we know. the t flight sickle from kate turn on johannesburg at 1 am local time on friday, with only 600 people on board that don't share line can't say whether
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a negative test was required before departure. midway through the 11, our flights country started shuffling their borders or shutting their borders rather to south africa and islands announced its own ban i once they arrived in amsterdam, people were kept in plains on the tarmac for hours before being bused to testing facilities. and so far, at least 61 people have tested positive for corona virus and being kept in isolation. lamps are still analyzing those samples to see if they have tested positive for the only kron variance. that is the situation there. let's get more detail on the as far as from accent pisec here at she is with the university college london school of pharmacy and joins us. no life from at geneva is kids have you with us on the user. we know that this or mccomb variance is more transmissible. but what we don't know yet is i much more deadly is it's,
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do you have any more information at this stage? no, we don't have more information on the severity of simpsons. but one of the key aspects that was discussed in the press conference with the prime minister boris johnson. i was the concern around immune escape rendering the vaccines less effective, which could then mean that we would see more severe symptoms. so it will take weeks of an analysis in order for scientists to come to a conclusion around that variant was discovered very early on. so which is great, but the trade off on that is that it will take some time for further understanding . and it is, of course, if anything we have learned from the pandemic so far is that acting early is key. so if there has been a false alarm on this,
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gave countries enough time to prepare a for a worst outcome scenario, which if we go back to march 2020 many countries did not. so again, too early to say, but there are some key concerns around the number of mutations and the fact that so many of them are around genes that are related to despite protein, the nuclear caps and which are related to enhancing a transmits ability and infectiousness. but this was the thing with these viruses member all turn again. so i'm a to rapid simulate just here. but one of the messages that came, i think following those was that viruses which tend to be very, very transmissible. the symptoms are not as severe, are the exceptions to that, that, that train of thoughts, the more transmissible something is. it could also be more deadly or is it just far too early to, to make any assumptions whatsoever?
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in some cases, we've seen that with certain viruses, yet the more i transmissible it has become, it's been a bit of a evolutionary trade off in terms of the severity, but that's definitely not definitive. and i don't think scientists are encouraging that line of thinking in this scenario, due to the vaccine escape issue about the vaccines, i sorry to jump in because we, we heard there from the u. k. prime minister in his press conference. the people who had been double vaccinations were still contracting this new variance, but he also said, but the wanted to keep vaccinating people and a bit to protect them. and that seems kind of intuitive. why are we encouraging people to take boosters? if there is already a form of escape with this variance will be his a booster will add another layer of protection even if we see that the level of protection has gone down. adding another layers just even more crucial. i with that
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however, i think we'll also have to look at other strategies, which is why. in the interim, we may see a further public health measures rolled out, including mandatory masking in public spaces until the vaccine companies tweak the existing vaccines to make them more effective. but certainly not boosting just because of a reduced effect, wouldn't be the way to go forward. because it does still work better, particularly after 2 doses by broadening the immune system response. ok, and just finally and very quickly, if you wouldn't mind, what can viewers do to try and protect themself from this new strain? certainly, i think increasing testing all of the same public health measures that we've been discussing over the past 2 years. again, a p, c, r, when traveling,
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but also if you are going to be going into crowded places and doing a lateral flow tasks more frequently than perhaps in the past. continuing to wear a face mask and practicing over spirit 3. hygiene. and if you haven't gotten your booster dose yet, this would be the time to come forward. certainly it will make a difference coming up to the christmas season. ok, it's on a peasant, thank you so much for joining us on the news, or we appreciate it. thanks again. thank you. at this point, we're still ahead on this news are including writing on the street. so burkina faso protests was bent their anger, demanding the president step down. and we look back at the life of one of america's most influential composer, lyricists stevens on time, who's died at the age of 91 allen sports over 19 and bad weather
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combined to produce an unexpected finish at this golf defense in south africa. ah said ons reinstated, prime minister, abdullah, hum, dock has dismissed the chief of police and his deputy is comes a week after have tenant general colored mathee bra him defended? says security forces. he claims police use only only use legal means to contain antique who, demonstrations, whatever doctor say, at least 15 people were killed by life fire. last wednesday i asked daily death all since the military takeover. heber morgan has more on the public reaction form capital cartoon. the public have been opposing the fact that he has signed an agreement with the army in the 1st place. they were demanding accountability. they
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still are demanding accountability for the $41.00 protest. who were killed in addition to the 200 protesters will have been injured over the past month or so, but they've also been processing something else over the past week. and that is the fact that prime minister had done the dog who was the, was the symbol of civilian rule, up until november 21st. when he finds that agreement with the military. now they're protecting that signature of that agreement, which they say is a betrayal to the demands of the revolution. they had made it very clear that they wanted no negotiations with the army. they didn't want to give this military takeover and legitimacy. and they say that with prime minister hands or signing that agreement with the military, that is what he has done. now, one of the clauses of that agreement that was signed, it was the 4th him clause agreement. one of that clearly states that there will be accountability, and there will be investigations into the processor, into the death of processes, as well as the violence of that was committed over the past month. and now, protested may not take this easy despite the fact that it could be a step taken by the prime minister to appease the streets and try to use the
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momentum of the protest is to try to minimize the amount of people taken to the 3 demanding accountability, it's laclare if that would have any impact, especially because the anger is at the agreement more than the anger is that we could more at the agreement. and the fact that prime minister the lamb took, signed an agreement in the 1st place. the us says, greatly concerned about the escalating conflicts in the c o, peer and his coal for urgent negotiations. the state department's statements follows a phone call between the us section state and kenya's presidents. if you'll be a prime minister of the, as has joined the army on the front lines against decline rebels from the north, he sent his forces aren't making games. fam, you'll get to show is an independent journalist and the saba, he says, moring parties are choosing war despite international calls for peace. the relationship between the us and the to the breaker, low,
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the ground government accusing the us. i have to say the bite and ministration of fighting with a t p left in which the job side by the order of parliament is a terrorist organization. the job, sorry they took that government side has been saying, forcing them or pushing the pressure to negotiate with a t p. it's almost like, you know, pushing the u. s. food sit down and negotiate with the algebra. and i've gone to stuff. but the, the, off, the come unit employee that has been going back and forth looking at the situation, having a conversation with a friend government. the t p. leadership and mckelly still sees a small window of opportunity and the us has been forced to play a supporting role to this id card and you didn't invoice. but once again, between the both sides, there doesn't seem to be any kind of interest to tease this. come to an end, the prime minister is in the bottle gown and he was shown on national tv,
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giving interviews in the open. he has said that he wants to see this and, but he wants to bury the enemy. and this shows you that military might, is more practical in this, from the perspective of both both sides and the state of the peaceful resolution that many countries are calling protests is and became fulfilled were calling for the resignation of president rockmart, cut boring those anger against worse than violence, violence groups. steve acute fossil soldiers were killed during an attack on wednesday. president caberry has promised to end what he called dysfunction within the military. nicholas huck as reported extensively formed king of faso. he has the latest forms, a car in cynical the latest type that took place just mid november in nata, on a, on the shore w security forces, outpost to where, where they were attacked and 50 people were killed. but the,
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the information that leaked out falling the attack that they had gone 2 weeks without food ration and that they had to hunt to survive when they came under attacked. well that caused dismay and shock and anger, amongst many people in burkina faso. and in fact, those that are protesting to day, they say that protesting in support of the security forces, but against the president hawk macavoy. now he's announced on thursday after almost a week of staying quite silent about this, this whole affair. he's an else on, on them, on thursday that the, he would make some sort of reforms to the military allowing a less space for corruption. and yet, despite this announcement mean, there's really what has happening right now is there's little trust between the presidency and the government and the people. 1.3000000 people in burkina faso are displaced 60 percent, the vast majority of them are children. and despite reassurance is made by the
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government, things are just getting worse. human rights groups in democratic republic of congo, say chemical spills, and coal mines, runing, locals, livelihoods, wilds, demand for cobalt, a soaring as which country switch to electric vehicles that use batteries that contain the mineral. i'll come with reports from chum and then the in lab. the province lizard wiki loan of services, kasan goes fish dead. he says he farm them in this pool until after leaked from a nearby mine here in the democratic republic of congo, i guess in one says it killed the plans and that he found the fish floating. it was a month ago. he says he can't afford to clean the pools and replace them though a move to. i feel pain because this is how we pay school fees for our children. this is how we always lived. now they've done this and we have nothing to do next to the pools surfing guys, cabbages,
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but they're stunted and inedible. we says the acid spoiled the soil. his neighbors say the same community live near and industrial cobalt and copper. mine called k c . c. most of the world's cobalt comes from congo, extracted it mind like this. they use large quantities of acid to separate cobalt from rock rights groups say, spills are common and environmental regulation is almost nonexistent. this pipe is one of the places that the acid spilled out of the mind. the minds just on the other side of this embankment surfin farm, is about 2 kilometers down this stream. and all of the people that we've spoken to in the communities here whose fish pool formed and livelihood with spoiled they. they still haven't being compensated. the mind belongs to swiss trading and mining giant glen call, which supplies cobalt to us. electric comic, a tesla for its batteries, glen course at it accidently spilled, electrolytes here
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a month after the acid. its workers scattered lime to neutralize some streams and rivers. but activists say it was too little too late. there was a manual and pool as been researching the impacts of the spills. he says dozens of people's livelihoods have been destroyed, and he's documented cases of cough, headaches and skin burns caused by the acid, which glen cool denies it connected. what we, according glank on to do is to define our victim and to find how truly been how to make compositions. glen cool, told al jazeera in a statement that it tested waterways after the spills and found their p hates level to be neutral. that fish likely died for an unrelated reason, and that conditions in vegetable gardens had not been impacted. emanuel doesn't buy it the good way to save the image to, to recognize the problem and to fix it is not to hide millions of dollars worth of
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cobalt a trunk out of congo every day. clinical minds about a 5th of it. he recorded trading profits of more than 3000000000 dollars last year . sarah fin says he and his family have lost most of their income. there's a handful of big winners in congos, rapidly growing cobalt industry. sarah fins, not one of them. malcolm web al jazeera chairman than the democratic republic of congo. so hes on else to sierra kyrgyzstan as president speaks to, to see were viewing more details about the parents coupons, legacy of one of america's most controversial president signs over some things in home. doris, board or misery from newcastle united states and the primarily ah
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hello there. let's have a look at the weather across the middle east and it's northern areas that we are seeing the unsettled weather. we've got wet and wintry conditions. pushing across turkey into the caucuses and we will see showers in syria on sunday. but. 8 it does dry up by the time we get some monday remains dry across much of the region and extending east into iran. but we are things unsettled conditions around the gulf. thanks to small wind is going to pick up kicking up some dust for places like guitar and the u. a. and for dough and dubai, we are going to the temperature dipped down slightly over the next few days. it will feel slightly cooler. and it's gonna get cooler across that northwest corner of north africa. thanks so not wesley wind. it's blowing in some heavy showers and storms. we could see some flooding across more than areas of algeria across central areas. and those winds kicking up some of that's the hard decimal places like libya and egypt for the wet weather across those central areas. we have to head to the
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east southern areas of somalia as well as kenya, seeing some heavy showers. we could see some flooding here, the southern areas of africa, it's angola that sees very wet weather and we've seen blustery showers in cape town as we move to south africa. but it's an improving situation as we head into the new week that sure update. ah, assassinations in broad daylight and increasing moderates, towns and cities living in fear, al jazeera world examines the rise and criminal gangs, and the palestinian israeli community power. these violent crime syndicates operating and the is ready authorities doing enough to combat them. at palestinian israeli crime waived on al jazeera, you met him, you busy up and wanted to show you something beautiful. what is it?
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i'm just kind of looking at what the teleported post. 50000 square meters, secure facility stated the all tech and oh, the antennas. it's got a palmetto of bon oh, i can see while you love looking at it, it's all about the t t and see man telemetry tracking and see command. you're not the only one who knows everything nudging as hale sat space to deliver your vision . lou ah.


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