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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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for certain crimes, everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again to ranch. now together that feeling that way forward into the new reality. the use as more countries ban flights in southern africa because of a new coven, 19 variance. america's top infectious disease expert says, and i was not the time to panic. ah, that i'm how am i here? since i was to 0, life from home. also coming up for us is calling for urgent negotiations to end the conflict in ethiopia, our prime minister is on the frontlines rioting on the street. so for quino,
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fossil is spend the strangers event, their anger demands in presence, that done and cured gets tons. president opens up to al jazeera after what he says was a foil the curtain. ah, we begin in the us for the white house is taught medical advisors as the newly discovered only crone go with 1900 variance should not be a reason for panic. of results to answer the phone, she also says he would be surprised if the variance is already in the united states . well, the u. s. has joined a growing number of countries around the world that have bands or restricted travel form of southern africa. or the evidence suggests the new strain could be more contagious than the filter variance. we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of trans miss ability and you're already having
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travel related cases that they've noted in israel and belgium and other places. when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over the issue a blocking tray, a travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better. that's the reason for doing that, not any reason to panic, but we want to give us some time to really fill in the blanks of what we don't know right now. well, we've got correspondence on both sides of the atlantic following this story for you, for brandon is in london to give us details on how the case responding to the 1st confirmed cases. their 1st though, let's get the latest i over the united states for heidi to castro, joins is now. hi d. don't say she is saying that this new reason for panic. i want people taking this. are they starting to panic in the united states?
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while it is still a slow winding down of the holiday weekend here. hello. so many people are still digesting this information. the of course we saw the stock market's humble yesterday when this variant was announced. but we heard from doctor anthony felt you, that there are so many unknown still regarding this or me, kron variance, how transmissible it is. whether it makes people thicker. and notably, whether the current vaccines work against it. and scientists in the u. s. are working on that very question now in the laboratory setting, testing those vaccines against all me, crohn and the fear though is because of the majority of the mutations on the very end are, are in it's spike protein that it may be more resistant to the vaccines because the protein is exactly what these vaccines are engineered to attack, but some definitive answer is expected from these laboratory studies in about 2 weeks time. ne, while the travel band,
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which will kick in on monday on visitors from those 8 south african countries that is meant to by time, as you just heard from doctor anthony fell cheap and he expects that. he says he would not be surprised if the very end is already in the us, which comes at a vulnerable time given the holiday travel with the t. s. a reporting that yesterday alone, 1800000 people pass through us airports, which is approaching pre pandemic. levels ha, okay, how did you capture the life for as in washington dc hydro, thank you very much in deeds. well, the u. k. has confirmed its 1st seen cases as the only con, variance infections on length and we're trace to southern africa as results. the health secretaries such a jump in and i'll start and go la, mozambique malawi, and some view will also move to the countries waitlist. as a sunday is
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a steeply concerning new variant and we do need to learn more about it. but the fact that now we now have these 2 cases in the united kingdom means that we do need to take further measures. and that's why i've just set this out today. this is a real reminder toes all that this pandemic is far from over. and if it's one thing that everyone can be doing right now is if they're eligible, please take your vaccine. what is your 1st shot, your 2nd shot or your booster job if you're eligible, please take a backseat. well, let's get more now from paul brown and he joined, says from london airport. we've heard there from the u. case health minister. we're also gonna hear though, from the prime minister, currently in just about an out of time from now. yes. the prime minister boris johnson, and not just him who we flanked by his chief scientific officer, patrick valence and his chief medical officer, chris with he as well. so you can see the seriousness with which the british government is taking this to confirmed cases revealed this afternoon in the u. k.
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one and actually it's brentwood. it was initially since we chose for it, but it's been corrected now for brentwood in essex. best east of london, another one in nottingham and the midlands. both of those are linked together and both of those are linked to travel in southern africa and the extension of the travel bounds to more countries it's a total of 10 southern african countries now which are subject to travel bands for travelers trying to come out to those countries and enter some european countries shows the concern with which the u. k. government is having is treating this. what we don't know is what exactly the prime minister will say. it has been speculated and it is being intensely speculated that he will start to think about moving to what he called plan b. now, at the moment the u. k is basking in the relative freedom of. busy no masked, wearing the compulsory, at least the vaccination program paste has gone very well. is pretty high level of vaccination here in the u. k. and people are able to mix in bars and restaurants freely. that said, he always says burris johnson,
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that he would be rethinking that if the, if the need arose, unplanned be essentially means a reintroduction of compulsory mask rank. and the possibility, the very high possibility that unvaccinated people would be bought from entering certain public spaces, such as cinemas, restaurants, bar, that kind of thing. we're not there yet. he may not, he may hold off at today's, today's press conference may just be a warning on a progress report, but it is something that's on the back button. i may come to the front burner pretty rapidly. ok, well we'll wait to see what's the u. k. prime minister says when he announces whatever measures he has, tonight's 1700 gmc, but for now poll bread and life from london. paul, thank you. south africa is foreign ministry has responded to the travel bands saying it's being treated differently than other countries that have discovered new variance. a ministry statement says it believes the country's being punished for its work. detecting the only con variance and that excellent science should be
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applauded and not punished. it says global cooperation and partnerships of what's needed to manage the pandemic or for me to miller has more on that statement form to hand osburg. that's the precisely the message that the government is putting out that we've done good work. our sciences have been at the forefront of ensuring that they stay on top of the changes in the virus in detecting any mutations. and that's exactly what they've done. and they've also been transparent, and now instead of that being appreciated, i suppose of africa and the southern african region is being punished for coming forward with that information, especially as we see cases in other parts of the world. the government has called it nothing less than punishment and that it's unwarranted. it creates uncertainty and panic. and we've also heard from sciences in south africa who have said that we
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need to be cautious about what we do next. we need to and cover more information. we need to collect data, and we end is need to understand that exactly what this variant means, how transmissible it might be, and just how vaccines will continue to work to keep people safe. but there really has been an outcry, not from the government is also trickled down to the general public. people were trying to travel out of the country, perhaps return to the u. k. for instance. but also people in south africa ahead of the holiday season, who were expecting people to travel to south africa, especially when there's been a massive slump in the economy. and south africa usually gets tens of thousands of visitors from europe and the united kingdom. and this would have meant a boost to the economy. and now that's just been shattered. the latest coven 19 variants might disrupt the global economy, just as it was starting to show signs of recovery. use of the only kron variance hands an immediate impact on wall street. storks and treasury yield sank on friday
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. that led to the biggest all field drops. since the pandemic began, europe's biggest economy, germany was already struggling to recover before 4th wave hits. it grew by just 1.7 percent in july. the global supply chain could also face huge setbacks. several countries impose restrictions and locked owns further disrupting manufacturing and shipping. and there are indications, interest rates could rise in the coming months. cornelia meyer is ceo of my resource and she explains the market reactions to the new variance. oh mike, it's always overshoot and under shoot. but it's, it's, it shows a real of wariness amongst, amongst trade us, amongst everybody in terms of what does this mean? what will that mean for air travel? as you know, some people say it's not that much that will be, will be closed off because it's right now southern africa to,
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to other countries. but you know, if, if should this variance spread? if then the trans atlantic roots and things like that close down again, that would be bad. so markets are fearing for the worst. we are rightfully concerned. and you know what we see in europe, especially missy, austria's having shut down. some belgium is having shut downs, parts of germany are having sort of semi shut downs. so it's, it's, it's become more and more economies are going back into further shut down. and should this variant prove that the vaccines are not really geared up to, to defend people against that, against this variant dad would be, that would be, that would be bad. so one on the good side though, when we see with that now several waves and we have sat, several waves of sharp downs, every shut down has had an incrementally less bad impact on the economy.
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so whilst it is not good, it's less bad that it was the last time around. still has its own al jazeera electric vehicles, may be the future in democratic republic of congo mining for materials used to make their batteries devastation likelihoods. ah ah, look forward to scores with sponsored cutaways hello there. let's have a look at the weather across south asia, and there's more rain on the way to southern areas of india and sri lanka. not just because of the north eastern monsoon, but we've got low pressure that sticking to this area, bringing heavy falls to places like under pradesh. and some will not do where we had more than 200 millimeters of rain full over the past 24 hours. and that caused
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for the flooding, but by the time we get into monday, the rain's going to pick up in care of that, stretching up towards go as well. and so those central areas will see some of those showers. but the further north we go, the dryer it is, it's wife and you dealt with sunshine, but it is hazy thanks to air quality issues here and air quality issues remain full . a whole in pakistan is what is my do in the po, but well that north eastern area, things are looking a lot more settled as they are across much of mainland china and the korean peninsula. it's an improving picture as well for japan. by the time we get into monday, a lot of the wintry and wet weather willis swept away, leaving sunshine behind in toko, but it is going to get rather chilly in beijing you can see the temperature drop there. we've got some sleep coming into play on monday and they'll be showers in shanghai on monday, but it will dry up as we head into next week. that's your update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always in the country with an abundance of results
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for the trade already won indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs through invest. let's be part when denise is growth and progress. invest even easier now. ah . the me. things out here, a quick reminder of the top stories for you, this are the white house is top medical advisors. since the newly discovered omi
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crone call with 1900 variance should not be a reason for panic. but dr. anthony says he wouldn't be surprised at the variance is already in the united states. the u. k. has confirmed it to the 1st 2 cases of the new variance infections are linked to travel from southern africa. 5 minutes devoris johnson and his top advisers pulled a briefing, 1700 gmc and the u. s. s. is greatly concerned about the escalating conflicts in ethiopia, and has called for urgent negotiations. if you've had prime minister has joined the army on the front lines against the growing rebels from the north. the us says it's greatly concerned about the escalated conflicts and the few here was called for urgent negotiations. state departments, statements for a phone call between the secretary of state and kenny as president, if you'll be in prime minister, has joined the army on the front lines. he said that his forces are making gains.
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fam gets chosen independent journalist and a saba. he says, the boring policies are cheese of war sites, international goals for peace, the relationship between the us and the to the breaker, low, the ground government accusing the us. i have to say the bite and ministration of fighting with a t p left in which the job went by the order of parliament. that is a terrorist organization. the job, sorry they took that government side has been saying, forcing them or pushing the pressure them to negotiate with a t p. it's almost like, you know, pushing the u. s. food sit down and negotiate with the algebra. and i've gone to stuff. but we come unit employee that has been going back and forth looking at the situation, having a conversation with a friend government. the leadership and mckelly still sees
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a small window of opportunity and the us has been forced to play a sub 14 role to this id card and you didn't invoice. but once again, between the both sides, there doesn't seem to be any kind of interest to tease this, come to an end. the prime minister is in the bottle gown. and he was shown on national tv, giving interviews in the open. he has said that he wants to see this and, but he wants to bury the enemy and it shows you that military might, is more practical in this, from the perspective of both sides and the state of the peaceful resolution that many countries are calling sedans reinstated, prime minister abdullah hun, don't curse dismissed the chief of police and his deputy comes a week after a lieutenant general howard's mother, the bra, him defended his security forces. he claimed police only use legal means to contain
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nancy qu, demonstrations over dr. say at least 15 people were killed by my fire last wednesday, the highest daily death all since the military takeover had been, morgan has more on the public reaction from the capital heart tomb. the public have been opposing the fact that he has signed an agreement with the army in the 1st place. they were demanding accountability. they still are demanding accountability for the 41 protest who were killed in addition to the 200 port that says will have been injured over the past month or so. but they've also been processing something else over the past week. and that is the fact that prime minister had done the ham dog who was the, was the symbol of civilian rule, up until november 21st. when he finds that agreement with the military. now they're protecting that signature of that agreement, which they say is a betrayal to the demands of the revolution. they had made it very clear that they wanted no negotiations with the army. they didn't want to give this military takeover and legitimacy. and they say that with prime minister hands or signing
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that agreement with the military, that is what he has done. now, one of the clauses of that agreement that was signed, it was the 4th him clause agreement. one of that clearly states that there will be accountability, and there will be investigations into the processor, into the death of processes, as well as the violence of that was committed over the past month. and now, protested may not take this easy despite the fact that it could be a step taken by the prime minister to appease the streets and try to use the momentum of the protest is to try to minimize the amount of people taking to the 3, demanding accountability, it's laclare if that would have any impact, especially because the anger is at the agreement more than the anger is that we could more at the agreement. and the fact that prime minister the lamb took, signed an agreement. and the 1st place, protest is in book in a phone. so we're calling for the resignation of president ro, cut border as anger against worsening violence. lounge groups 3, but can fossil soldiers killed during an attack wednesday, president cavalry has promised to and what he called dysfunction within the
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military. nicholas hark, because reported extensively from booking to fossil enjoys, was not from the car in neighboring senate goal. nick, just tell us more about why the protesters are so angry. there's so much for them to be not just angry, but furious at the government right now. just a mid november. there was an attack on a security arch, donnelly, outpost security forces. outpost in enough that were 50 a security forces, members of security forces were killed. now they're on the front line. it turns out that they had not received their food rations for almost 2 weeks, forcing them to hunt in order to survive much to dismay into the shock of people in burkina faso. that's one of the many reasons why people took to the streets in support of the security forces, but also against president hawk macavoy, who has done in their eyes little to stop the violence of the escalating attacks
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from arm groups affiliated to i. so and also to al qaeda. but of course this protest that was bound has spread from the capital was due to other towns to kaya to bobo gyla. so we're seeing footage right now of people, a wounded protest her that have gunshot wounds. holla and nick were also hearing reports. vanessa galatian and neighboring ne share were protesters of attempted to book a french convoy of what saddle about? well that's linked to what we're seeing in breaking of fossil this conway was 1st in i re coast than it travel through burkina faso last week, but it was stopped by protest. her as in bobadilla. so cayenne walk. i do go where we're seeing protest today, as some of the protesters, demonstrators chanting, anti french slogans, accusing the french of arming the arm groups that have launched attacks in burkina faso. but of course, the french are, they're not just american of fossa, but also new year, and molly,
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to support governments in order to neutralized attacks there. but despite their presence and despite of 14000 strong un peacekeeping mission in molly, the situation has deteriorated dramatically. so we've seen that convoy according to the mayor of terra, which is in the neighboring area of, of, of news year by the border of burkina faso. he, he says that some of the protesters have gunshot wounds suggesting that perhaps the french or a security forces within jerry had to shoot on protesters, disperse the crowd. now, these french forces are headed to go where the backend, the french operation are based. but it's clear that there's mounting resentment not just towards the french, but towards the governments in place, in their lack of ability or powerlessness in the face of mounting attacks from arm groups. holla ok. nicholas hoc. there lie for us in the car. we appreciate it. nick, thank he for presidency minute macro has the key is the british prime minister
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boris johnson of not being serious about migration in the english channel. the french of also this invited the u. k. from a european crisis meeting is the latest deterioration in relations between the neighbors. days after at least 27 people, drones off the coast of northern france or morning drove her as a lecturer at the university of essex. he focuses on refugee and immigration policies. she says the migrants are making the crossing because they're living in desperate conditions in france. one of the problems is that you k is not taking efforts to provide rights to asylum seekers will arrive in the u. k. and another problem is that france is also not protecting rights of refugees, so neither country is really providing the rights that refugees need. in france, refugees often can't access basic necessities like housing and shelter. they end up
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living on the streets or in calais, and so they were still lives trying to reach the u. k. but they can't reach the u. k. safely, because there are no visas where they can access safe transport to the u. k. and so this leads to the tragedy that we saw now, according to french law. if your and asylum seeker, you should have access to housing and food while you're waiting for your assignment, claim to be processed. but france has intentionally not provided a budget to ensure that refugees aren't homeless. so for example, the french parliament recently agreed to allocate a budget for 4 and a half 1000 homes for refugees. but there are 50000 refugees who have just recently been applying for asylum and you have situations where refugees not only live without homes, but if they tried to set up a tent on the streets, police will flash the 10, destroy it, and confiscate sleeping bags. so the government is actively trying to course
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individuals to leave the country. and that's one of the reasons that they risk their life. trying to cross the channel. police in iran have arrested 67 people during protests against water shortages. if are tear gas to disperse, protested in the city of is for hon iranian authorities and promised to compensate farmers for losses. and kurds in the drug had areas, forces and care gets down. we'll go to the pools on sunday for a re run of last year's parliamentary elections. the results of that boat sparked a revolution that unseated the government, and so former prisoners said, dear, you're far off. when the presidency i landslide on friday, security forces detained. 15 people accused of putting a co, quitting politicians and former officials will al jazeera has spoken to curious as president said, they are your part of. he's played down the arrest of so called qu plotters and
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organized opposition to his rule. i'll embassies, berrigan regarding the detention of people yesterday might that they are insignificant, not even politician. is they are criminals. are they re convicted before and so of jail term as they are just a small group? there is no massive support behind this group in the population that are on the contrary. the majority does not support the lot of and curses the list gets we, the government will not let this stupidity happen on the elections or to morrow. and elections will be conducted and you will see the day after elections. there won't be any mass gatherings by but small, insignificant leadings always up with in trailer. it's not only in our country as reward. why that is happening. if you see the custodians of democracy america, although they also witnessed this after the presidential elections by donald trump, have argued over power. i mean, there was unrest. we won't let unrest happen because we have established justice legality. furthermore, we have established the principle of fair elections with which human rights groups
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and democratic republic of congo, st. chemical spills, and cobalt mines. a runing, locals, livelihoods wilds, demand for cobalt. soaring is rich countries switched to electric vehicles that use batteries that contain the mineral welcome web reports from challenge linda in the love of province, lizard wiki loan servicing, kasan goes fish dead. he says he found them in this pool until acid leaked from a nearby mine here in democratic republic of congo. i don't guess in what says it killed the plans and that he found the fish floating. it was a month ago. he says he can't afford to clean the pools and replace them though a move to. i feel pain because this is how we pay school fees for our children. this is how we always lived. now they've done this and we have nothing to do next to the poof therapy, guys, cabbages. but they're stunted and inedible. we says the acid spoiled the soil. his
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neighbors say the same community live near an industrial cobalt and copper mine called casey. see, most of the world cobalt comes from congo, extracted it mind like this. they use large quantities of acid to separate cobalt from rock rights groups say, spills are common and environmental regulation is almost nonexistent. this pipe is one of the places that the acid spilled out of the mind. the minds just on the other side of this embankment surfin farm, about 2 kilometers down this stream, and all of the people that we've spoken to in the communities here whose fish pool formed and livelihoods with spoiled they. they still haven't been compensated. the mind belongs to swiss trading and mining giant glen call, which supplies cobalt to us. electric comic a tesla for its batteries. glen course at it accidently spilled, electrolytes here a month after the acid. its work has scattered lime to neutralize some streams and
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rivers. but activists say it was too little too late. there was a manual and pool as been researching the impacts of the spills. he says dozens of people's livelihoods have been destroyed, and he's documented cases of cough, headaches, and skin burns caused by the acid. which glen cool denies, connected, what we according to do, is to identify our victim and to find how truly bad, how to make compositions. glenn cool, told al jazeera in a statement that it tested waterways after the spills and found their p hates level to be neutral. that fish likely died for an unrelated reason, and the conditions in vegetable gardens had not been impacted. emanuel doesn't buy it the good way to save the image to, to recognize the problem and to fix it is not to hide millions of dollars worth of cobalt a trunk out of congo every day. clinical minds about
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a 5th of it. he recorded trading profits of more than 3000000000 dollars last year . sarah fin says he and his family have lost most of their income. there's a handful of big winners in congos, rapidly growing cobalt industry. sarah fins, not one of them. malcolm web al jazeera chairman than the democratic republic of congo. ah, he sees al jazeera, these are the headlines. why has this top medical advisory since the newly discovered only crone go with 900 variance? she'd not spear reason for panic. with doctrine $35.00, she says he wouldn't be surprised if variances so grantee in the united states. the u. k. has confirms its 1st 2 cases of the variance infections are linked to travel from southern africa. primary subarus johnson and his top advisors will hold a briefing in.


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