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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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towns and cities living in fear, al jazeera world, examines the rise and criminal gangs, and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and all these early authorities doing enough to combat them? a palestinian israeli crime waived on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of resource trade. foreign, guam, indonesia, whose firms forming we moved full to grow and froth. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy report to create quality jobs. invest. let me park when the lease is broke and programs in indonesia now ah
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ah, this is out his ear and quit kind of the top stories. this r u. s. white high since top medical advisory says, the newly discovered army crohn cold bind's invariant, she'd not spear reason of a panic to answer the phone. she also says he wouldn't be surprised if the variance is already in the united states. you kerry has confirmed, at 1st 2 cases of the variance infections are linked to travel from southern africa . prime minister boris johnson. and his top advisors will, holds a briefing at 5 pm local time. and the u. s. says since great, the concerned about the escalate and conflicts in ethiopia and has called for urgent negotiations. if you have been prime minister,
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avia hurts has joined the army on the front lines against to guy and rebels from the norm. frances delane, making coven, 19 vaccination. compulsory for health workers in it's a caribbean overseas territories that have been riots against the policy on the islands of guadalupe and martinique. the situation is still 10 sold. guadalupe for a protest is our blocking roads. al jazeera natasha buckler has this reports from the island. emily bell is saving what she can in what used to be a home in the city of plenty, pete in guadalupe. she still can't believe that a lifetime of memories could be destroyed in minutes in a fi that was started by looters during protests earlier this week. she was lucky to escape. now she's trying to pick up the pieces. and then for a football quote, there are no photos left. not even a picture of my mother. demonstrations of shaken the french caribbean island for
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more than a week. emily says she understands people's frustrations, but not what has happened in her neighbourhood. spectrum's like last years isn't how the economic situation in guadalupe is going to improve. yes, there are prevalence, but it's not loading vandalizing and burning that are the solution. next door, a wedding shop run by this man's family for generations is ruined. i love what i do, what can i do? only my eyes to cry. the situation in guadalupe is a strike that began more than a week ago as a mandatory covey vaccines to health workers has widened into a demonstration against the french government and become entrenched as protest as continue to block the islands. major roads, there is a massive tailback who calls on this road and i've been speaking to some of the people in the cars. and what they say is, i've been waiting for more than an hour and what they're waiting for is for that
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blockade up there to be clear. and once it is, the police will let them all for the ball takes us to the we thought we could pass, but we have no information. we don't know if it'll open or not, but we don't want to turn back. now. people begin. it's a bit complicated, but we have to live with it and be patient. near the islands main airport, these boat owners have started a new business, selling rides, the way of bypassing the blockades. this man just arrived from the mainland. he was worried about the situation. multiple, very both at the moment we can get home easily because it's a bit of a was in between the locals and the police. we can't get past from the case. so we're forced to find a plan b like this talks about papa city, about the french government is talking with authorities and quite loop to find solutions to the crisis. meanwhile, people on the island are managing as best they can, as they try to keep things running, but with no end to the situation on the horizon,
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some people's patience may begin to wear thin. natasha butler al jazeera 20 pete. what loop. french president emanuel. my crew has accused the british prime minister boris johnson of not being serious suppose migration in the english channel. the french of also this invited the u. k. from a european crisis meeting. the latest deterioration and relations between the neighbors things. after the $27.00 people grown off the coast of northern france will re challenge is why, for as a kylie relations between the 2 countries seem to have sunk to another law. how did it get this bad? well, the most recent flare up in this as you say, one thing situation between france and the k is down to the letter a letter that was written by boris johnson to emanuel micron,
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following the deaths in the channel the other day in this letter for us johnson made several suggestions about how they could join the tackle. the issue, one of them was that perhaps you k and french police could join the patrol, beaches like the one behind me. this is a song guts near kelly. another was that the migrants who made it across the channel should be sent straight back. the frog sent the contents of the letter, i think, annoyed the french, but perhaps what annoyed them more than the content was that just off the bar, as johnson had sent it, he then treated it out on the downing street twitter accounts. now this is already riled out the french now. money on my chrome says that it's not serious that the thick of the, the, the british double speak and to the correspondence like this should have been cats confidential between the, the establish channels of diplomacy, not broadcast on twitter to borrows johnson's many, many followers. now the question is whether this was intentional from down the
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street, did they know that they were going to ride the french this much? and if they did, why they didn't, will, shouldn't they have no, you know, this would be fantastic. there are reasons that both parties here, the french and the british or johnson, amanda micron might choose to have a spot with each other. a bar, as johnson has been languishing in the polls recently, he is under pressure basically from his back venture pays to rudy get tough on this migration problem breaks. it was supposed to be about taking back control of britain's borders and it's something that this, this government hasn't really been able to do yet. and manual macro and as well, is heading into elections. standing up to the brick city. brits is something that might play well with his support as well, but it's not helping the situation. i have to say. and rory won't politicians trade blows, but he's tougher on migration and he can do. the fact remains that people are dying,
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trying to cross the english channel. do we know anything more about the people who have failed in their attempts to seek a better life? well, well yeah, the read it says one of the people who died in the channel have identified as 24 year old marion newry, mohammed's mean dines, family is as barren now. she was a young iraqi kurdish woman who apparently was trying to make it to the u. k. to join her fiance there. and her cousin has said that britain and france need to essentially open their doors, provide legitimate ways in which people like this young women can come and establish a new life in the country that they, they want to reside in and not. so he put it force him to take this route of death . now that the british and the french do you want to tackle what they call the kind
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of the economy that the business model of the smugglers that are facilitating these cross channel migration patton's migration routes. but it's something that they will have to drop there. i'm taking a sick language that that spots to be able to do it any comprehensive sense. okay, well we challenge their life for us in cali re for no thank you. sedans, reinstated, prime minister of $1.00 kaz dismissed the chief of police and his deputy. it comes a week after the attendance general colored mafia brought him defended his security forces. he claims police can only use legal means to contain mc qu, demonstrations of adult to say at least 15 people were killed by lie fire last wednesday, the highest daily death to since the military takeover, who morgan has war and the public reaction from the capital. her tomb,
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the public have been opposing the fact that he has signed an agreement with the army in the 1st place. they were demanding accountability. they still are demanding accountability for the 41 protest who were killed in addition to the 200 protesters who have been injured over the past month or so. but they've also been processing something else over the past week. and that is the fact that prime minister had done the job who was the, was the symbol of civilian rule, up until november 21st. when he finds that agreement with the military. now they're protecting that signature of that agreement, which they say is a betrayal to the demands of the revolution. they had made it very clear that they wanted no negotiations with the army. they didn't want to give this military takeover and mercy. and they say that with prime minister homes are signing that agreement with the military. that is what he has done. now, one of the clauses of that agreement that was signed, it was the 4th in the clause agreement, one of that, it clearly states that they will be accountability and they will be investigations into the processor, into the death of processes,
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as well as the violence of that was committed over the past month. now, protested, may not take this easy despite the fact that it could be a step taken by the prime minister to appease the streets and try to use the momentum of the protest is to try to minimize the amount of people taking to the st . demanding accountability, it's laclare if that would have any impact, especially because the anger is at the agreement more than the anger is that we could more at the agreement. and the fact that prime minister the lamb took, signed an agreement in the 1st place. the bodies of 3 people have been found in a burned down building in the solomon islands capital, where there's been a days of rioting. one and 100 people have been arrested. sarah clark reports bodies were found in this bird house building in the china town district. this area was the flash point for the last 3 days of writing. like a report suggest to the remains of looters who trapped inside the store,
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the council. they pushed them by the gun on wednesday. police having closed an indefinite time to see that will show races more than $100.00 people on rod related charges. the prime minister isn't hiding places surrounded his residence. author is targeted by anti government group led by the people of the later province populous district in the solomon islands. mulligan people, or the lack of people of muleta once a prime minister to stand down because of the things he isn't addressing. the prime minister didn't address issues that were affecting the province. the thing has been widespread across the capital. people are now queuing for fuel and food. supermarket are the bird to the ground for clothes, a feeling troops and military personnel from pump and getting around the ground to help her to order in the capital is obviously pens we've seen those last couple of
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days. there has been some destruction, some losing its volatile situation. the streets may become for now, but there's been simmering discontent, predict heights. the people of them, a light, a province dissatisfied with the prime minister, accusing him of neglecting their providence. that's compounded by anger over the central government's decision to dump their allegiance with taiwan. recognizing china instead with the prime minister, refusing to budge on the protest demands that tension is unlikely to ease sarah clark al jazeera. a dispute between sri lanka and china is escalating and it all centers around organic fertilizer. the salon can government says a $20000.00 ton shipment contains harmful bacteria and pathogens which could harm crops. the chinese manufacture has rejected the complaint and his demand and payments. and i'll fernandez, has more a from a perry de near in the city of candy members of shall anchors,
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agriculture, trade unions took to the streets to support the country's national plan. quarantine service the in b u. s, which is caught up in a dispute with a chinese organic fertilizer manufacturer. the state arm responsible for ensuring plant health and bio security refused to allow a ship bringing 20000 tons of organic fertilizer to unload its cargo in colombo. after it said it found harmful disease causing bacteria in both samples provided for testing as a thumb. grandpa through bacteria for po and did though, we may as well so steadily be restored, done at the if bigger. so this def tours fame. therefore, we haven't had to short above permit to the, the chinese manufacturer. ching now see when bow jack and the chinese embassy in colombo, rejected the findings song hi may a director of the company in an email exchange without a 0 said. our products do not contain alina. the company claims that the
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unscientific detection method and conclusion of shall anchor's national blank warranty in service. regarding fertilizer samples, obviously do not comply with international animal and plant quarantined conventions that surcharge, dismissed by a number of shrunken scientists. the danger is that these microorganisms once applied to sri lanka and saw you see you cannot take them back so that if they become palm full, then there is no way that we could reverse the process. she lank amused of agriculture, who said the government would pay for about 75 percent of the fertilizer cost. told of media briefing on wednesday that there was a breakthrough. i'll be happy to understanding that they will big bishop back and send the samples again. and then we can do the requesting and we can get bishop but
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ye agriculture director general says the detected pathogens cause disease and rod and can result in yield losses for farmers while the chinese manufacturer and the government are fighting to have the shipment cleared. scientist in shall anchor opposing that saying it's a biodiversity hot spot, and it's ecosystem must be protected. minute fernandez, audio 0 para benya central shall anchor recent fighting between who the rebels and the national army in central yemen, as force more than 100000 people to leave their homes than are facing harsh living conditions and camps for the displaced mohammed fall has more i, she's doing what she can to feed her 9 children. what when it comes to the fierce winter cold of humans, married progress, she stands helpless. the family leaves in this war, now tent in the unfamiliar camp for displaced people. this is their 3rd stop in a few months after they fled their homes. my luck,
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i don't quite love. my children are freezing to death. i'm saying the true emotion god is by witness. we've been suffering all our lives steeping from one place to another route. it wouldn't let us lead a normal life, not crying in vain, have mercy on our poor soul. i walk miles for some water but keen that are more than 1200 displaced families, some of your camp. they fled the fist fighting between the horses and the national army. in the districts of hype you by and see why in mary promise, none of these families have the most basic necessities, the winter cold is making their life more miserable. find them at home, but our children are suffering not only from hunger, but also from the freezing cold. we have no mattresses or covers 3 families living altogether. single 10, many of the women here are pregnant. above all, there are no proper toilets. many relief agencies come over and register their names, the food supplies, but we haven't seen anything so far. and you know,
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at this time of year old, these children are supposed to be at school. but that has become difficult, not me any, not the residence of this camp, braving the toughest conditions with the advent of winter, they need coverage. it is true, many relief agencies have come to help us, but their contributions remain very limited. the total number of internally displaced people in the profile of medic alone exceeds 2000000 that represents more than half of all those displaced across human estimates about 4000100 fund. i'm just your lease officers in spain has been protesting against the proposed change to 2015 security law. if approve. they say it could make it difficult for them to do their job. critics of the law say it violates the right to protest and restricts free expression. the law also imposes finds for media who distributes on authorized images. oh, who is one of the most influential american composers and lyricists,
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steven sondheim, as dies at the age of 90. 1 is works include the broadway classics west side story gypsy and sweeney taunt priyanka gupta looked back on his life mood route. ah way of her, he could make words full and seeing me here at last on the ground, but to describe stephen sundance tenant and courier is to deal with superlative. m. a claw loo. he was a titan of america's musical theater. one of the most original song writers and the greatest composers of the 20th century, much like his extraordinary skills, his accomplishments. audacity were unmatched on broadway. born and raised in new
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york city. san time songs revealed the insides and triumphs of modern life with humor and sympathy. oh, a unique style. the turn. musicals like west side story into the woods and sweeney todd into classic awe. his breakthrough musical company, which debited in 1970 receipt, 14 tony award nominations. what started as an interest in music when he was a teenager, became a towering courier. that revolution i story telling on the broadway stage. in 2015 president barack obama awarded san time the presidential medal of freedom. he won an oscar eat grammy awards and e lifetime tony awards more than any other
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american composer. and this is it's, it's nice to get an award. it's nice to be recognized. just the way it's it, i'd rather have an audience like what i write than this, like what i write, but primarily i want to write. so that's what got some time transformed the musical theater shondra by setting his dazzling words to unforgettable melodies every day. and his legacy now includes music that will reach far beyond the broadway stage. stephen sondheim was 91 her to the heads on al jazeera or so. okay, if you cancel windless, sandra languishing at the bottom of the table and see where we were those after the break more ah, talk to al jazeera, we are asked,
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how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies. 90 is not all 4. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human story that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera is done with
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oh, a sandy. thank you so much out of all. we'll start with the premier league and cassie and i see a still searching for the 1st one of the season. that is now 13 gangs out of victory. that a late is last coming at the hands of all over. second finishing all this move to school. the opening go also doubled at least 10 minutes later. substitute gabriel last finale with really good finish that signal. the final school also know that if in the table months tonight you have no recent agreement with ralph regnant to take over as the internet manager until the end of the season. i'm fortunate for them. the 63 year old won't be in place in time for united game against chelsea on sunday
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. rodney, it was a big influence on a generation of german coaches that includes the full year can call and chelsea thomas to call he helped me a lot because he was my coach. and then he was one of the main figures to, to convince me to try coaching. so, he had a huge influence on all of us at this, at this time. chevy and others faces his 1st away testers boss alone, his head coach, the playing villareal a little later in mid week boston helped a new meal jewel in the european champions. think how we can spend fake it. they yet qualify for knockout rounds. in a spanish league that down in 7th place 10 points behind leaders, rail madrid, we bought it under but under solicitors to respond to those 3 points. a very important for us, we're playing in a tough stadium and against the direct rival. i think villareal could be fighting for place in the champions league. it'd be a turning point, but each game is like that right now, because we're in an urgent situation. we must win each game. that's
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a goal. then we'll see saturday, how we are and how we can pay the idea to go and win those 3 points. clearly, a lot of the european champions, italy or chris jonah and i was portugal will miss out on next year's world cup and cancel the teams. instead, put on a collision course of the drawer for the european play of semi finals, portugal plate. searcy, italy will take north macedonia with the win is that those matches facing off against decide who progresses to the finals. let's have a look about draw in full in the 1st brackets of 4 countries. scotland will host ukraine, while wales have been drawn at times of austria. and in path b as its mon, it's russia versus poland and sweden. i will take on the check republic, semi fonts and finals, we played at the end of march. le bron jane has been fined $15000.00 for making an obscene gesture during the game against indiana on wednesday. and the like a star couldn't inspire seem to win against her. his sacramento kings on friday,
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his same losing and triple oversight down folks afforded 34 points, lay the king's to a 141. so $137.00. when james have 30 points in the game, just his 2nd game, but from suspension. the lake is losing the 5th time in 7 days. but it, it makes no make no mistake. we're still going to play, you know, like a bounce while we're still going to defend our level. we got a shirt, a ball office. we now turn the ball over. obviously tonight, horrible turnover is a mile apart. i feel like i played a horrible game individually. and i'll myself to our center now. so now got to be better for us to a new, you know, especially when we're going to, we're going to right now on the floor of the alley cliff has had no progress can stay detroit, pistons, jackson, school, 21.6. the clip is to i one i 7 think 96 victory gang. also i saw the return of detroit's isaiah stewart. he came back from his pursuit game suspension of being involved in an altercation with lebron james distance by the lake is again on
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sunday. yeah, this will be my last home address. no. no, i was just so you know. no me personally. you know i so i do that. ah, what was my last home address? my main focus right now is a mighty martinez. i'm getting bad bass for. i'm not gonna let that fine wire. you know, i'm going to let you know what detroit drab it for the 5 wire, the way up late last floors. and the gloves came off during an anal game between the boston bruins and the new york ranges. boston's broad martian taking amos grange is our thing and are in both of them are hit with a 10 minute sir misconduct penalty after the game motion kind the pair. i just been discussing what they have to thanksgiving dinner. all right, most support from may. yeah. throughout the day with that is how we are looking for . thanks so much indeed. anti or what is it for this new zara. jacob here on al
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jazeera, they'll be back with you after this very short break. with more of the stacy's. see then ah graves of the only evidence that schools designed to strip indigenous people in the us of their culture also claim the lives of their children, abuse. proper punishment, forced to child labor loss of identity, loss of language in loneliness. the discipline was horrific. kids were killed. there isn't any native person am i have to do that hasn't had someone that went to
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boy's school in their family. very truth on jesse ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by tradition noon where beautiful possibilities are offered. this city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and this is another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy about a situation. now it's not clear, all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic price in particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban, and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe
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. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, that feeling that i way forward into the new reality? ah! as more countries ban flights from southern africa because of a new coven, 19 variance, america's top infectious disease expert says, i was not the time to panic. ah, that i'm how am i here? dean? this is al jazeera wife from dough home. also coming up the u. s is calling for urgent negotiations to end the conflicts in ethiopia, all prime minister is on the frontlines rioting on the street. so burkina faso
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as demonstrated as vent their anger demanding president stack done, and care your son's president.


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