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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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to play on monday and they'll be showers in shanghai on monday, but it will dry up as we head into next week. that's your update. so had all now deserve nigeria is offering free, vocational training for young people will stop them from turning to own groups and crime and will tell you why. there isn't much enthusiasm for this weekend's parliamentary lacks an income in all european champions, italy and christiana. rinaldo want to go or put on a collision course ahead of the next is welcome. in catherine. ah, to meet the country with an abundance of resources sprayed all over and walk indonesia whose firms for me. we move full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively insuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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welcome back to watching al jazeera reminder, our top stories this hour south africa is hitting back against the actions taken by countries like the u. s. in brazil to close borders with southern africa. plains is being punished for detecting the new on recall code 19 variance. the u. s. says, is greatly concerned about the escalating conflict in ethiopia at his court. urgent negotiations gave them crime and established that has joined the army on the front lines against to grant rebels from the north. and the bodies of 3 people have been found in a burn bout building in the solomon islands capital, where they have been days of rising, for just as one prime minister manassas had given it to resign. morocco has suspended flights to and from france gee to rising current of ours cases that travel as a rushing to make it back to france. before services are stopped. covered 19 cases
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happen rising rapidly in france to more than 30000 a day. a 1000000 moroccans live in france and the baron leaves them unable to travel between the countries before good mo, most of the museum thermo, put, i had to change my ticket because i was supposed to leave on december 2nd. but then i had to go out of my way to get a flight to day, so i wouldn't get stuck. so i live in casablanca, so i left in a hurry, instead of spending a week here with my son. he's a student comparison. what france is delaying making coven 19 vaccination? compulsory for health workers in its caribbean overseas territories. i've been riots against the policy on the islands of guadalupe and martinique. the situation is still tense on guadalupe where protesters are blocking roads out as there is. natasha butler reports emma leaky bell is saving what she can in what used to be a home in the city of plenty, pete in guadalupe. she still can't believe that
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a lifetime of memories could be destroyed in minutes in a fi that was started by looters during protests earlier this week. she was lucky to escape. now she's trying to pick up the pieces. and then for football, quote, there are no photos left. not even a picture of my mother. demonstrations of shaken the french caribbean island for more than a week. emily says she understands people's frustrations, but not what has happened in her neighbourhood. spectrum's like last year, this isn't how the economic situation in guadalupe is going to improve. yes, there are problems, but it's not loading vandalizing and burning that are the solution. next door, a waiting shop run by this man's family for generations is ruined. i love it with him. what can i do? what can i do? only my eyes to cry. the situation in guadalupe is tense. a strike that began more
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than a week ago of a mandatory coven. vaccines for health workers has widened into a demonstration against the french government and become entrenched as protest is continued to block the islands, major roads. there is a murphy tailback of calls on this road. and i've been speaking to some of the people in the cause and what they say they've been waiting for more than an hour and what they're waiting for is for that blockade up there to be cleared. and once it is, the police will let them all through all 6 of suited review, we thought we could pass, but we have no information. we don't know if it'll open or not, but we don't want to turn back now or probably durham, however, it's a bit complicated, but we have to live with it and be patient near the islands main airport. these boat owners have started a new business, selling rides as a way of bypassing the blockades. this man just arrived from the mainland. he was worried about the situation. actually multiple margaret bus for the moment. we can't get home easily because it's a bit of
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a was in between the locals and the police. we can't get past some blockades to we're forced to find a plan d like dyslexia both skis, alibaba, city by law. the french government is talking with authorities and guadalupe to find solutions to the crisis. meanwhile, people on the island are managing as best they can, as they try to keep things running, but with no end to the situation on the horizon. some people's patience may begin to wear thin. natasha butler al jazeera, 20 feet. what loop protests as an burkina faso on calling for the resignation of president rodge. ca, board. as anger against a worsening violence by arms groups 3 bochita fast. the soldiers were killed during his hack on wednesday. present, cowboy has promised and what he called dysfunction within the ministry. nicholas hank has reported extensively from burkina faso. he joins us now live from
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deco in sat seneca, al nick, tell us more about why protest is angry to. well, they're not just an angry. that's an understatement there furious right now. protest has spread from the capital to other cities. the 2nd biggest city bobadilla . so where we've seen protesters, young men taking to the streets, clashing with security forces, mostly the local police that have responded by firing tear gas. it's also spread to the city of kaya, where there's a, more than half a 1000000 refugees or displace attorney displays. people that have sought refuge there. so really a situation where people are frustrated with the security situation in brooklyn, of fossil has that has gone from bad to worse specifically in the last few months. and the, the, what really made them the, the people so angry is the latest attack against a compound of the security forces in a place called the knots up. now thou compound was attacked just 2 weeks ago. it
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turns out that the security forces had gone without food rations for 2 weeks, and that had to hunt for their food before they were attacked by armed groups affiliated to i. so, and that's really exacerbated anger and frustration among the population. we've seen the security security situation really gotten really worse and a feeling that the government is not doing enough to, to quell this anger in this frustration, moline, and we're also hearing of reports for an escalation in neighboring naja. i protested, have attempted to block a french convoy. what more can you tell us about that? well, this fringe convoy 1st travelled through burkina faso, and it's no coincidence that these protests are happening in places where the convoy was stopped by protest stirs during the past week. so in bobadilla. so the convoy was stopped in that and kaya it was stopped again. the french security for
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the french military had to retreat, and then it, it was, it managed to get out through an escort from the brooklyn of fossa forces. now it's headed towards molly, towards the city of go. now there are these convoys on a regular basis. every month, but this gives you the, the essence and the feeling of frustrations for many people in cuba, burkina faso. but despite the presence of french forces, the attacks and the viciousness of the attacks from arm groups associated both from al qaeda affiliates, but also i so has really, has really been, it seems that the, the government has felt powerless despite the presence or the support of french forces and thus really is why so many people are protesting in brooklyn, of us. so, and now in neighboring these year, a, despite the presence of french forces on the ground. moline, thank you for that. nicholas hack reporting that from deca. the french president
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emanuel macro has a keys, british prime minister, boris johnson of not being serious about migration in the english channel. the french have also disinvited the u. k. from a european crisis meeting on the issue is the latest deterioration and relations between the neighbors stays off at least $27.00 refugees in migrants drowned on the coast of northern france. molly gave us a lecturer at the university of essex. she focuses on refugee and immigration policies. she says, the migrant to making the crossing because they are living in desperate conditions in france. one of the problems is that you k is not taking efforts to provide rights to asylum seekers will arrive in the u. k. and another problem is that france is also not protecting rights of refugees, so neither country is really providing the rights that refugees need. in france, refugees often can't access basic necessities like housing and shelter. they end up living on the streets or in calais,
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and so they were still lives trying to reach the u. k. but they can't reach the u. k. safely, because there are no visas where they can access safe transport to the u. k. and so this leads to the tragedy that we saw now, according to french law. if your and asylum seeker, you should have access to housing and food while you're waiting for your asylum claim to be processed. but france has intentionally not provided a budget to ensure that refugees aren't homeless. so for example, at the french parliament recently agreed to allocate a budget for 4 and a half 1000 homes for refugees. but there are 50000 refugees who have just recently been applying for asylum and you have situations where refugees not only live without homes, but if they try to set up a tent on the streets, police will flash the 10, destroy it, and confiscate sleeping bags. so the government is actively trying to course
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individuals to leave the country, and that's one of the reasons that they risk their life trying to cross the channel . now jerry is northeast and bono state is offering free vocational training in an effort to reduce youth unemployment owner has been the epicenter of nigeria is more than a decade long conflicts with vocal her on fighters interest reports from the state capitol. my degree isaac peter, has landed. his 1st job was still in the middle of training program to be a rental property. the 25 year old house already started dreaming big. i want to be among death, b, yona, and the war. so that my name will be counting among those successful people in the world. isaac, along with 10000 other young men and women, whistled graduate from 15 of the st centers in bolo state, hoping to start their own businesses. for those in cutting training,
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jonetta will much them return plum being competitive welding fabrication ah, building construction and solar swollen, electric hello, do go to get. i do eventually to give them casa housing construction is, was, if you give them account, i would in a contact letter like 10 houses, if you will, commack liberty. 14 skills are taught in the centers and as soon as a set graduate. another is brought, a preacher told the few learned by young people in these training centers will keep them away from, from the biggest concern is about them being new by i'm group like borum, which is conducting a large recruitment right. at the moment, the i'm group has lost many fighters and confrontations with nigerian and regional armies. experts say illiteracy like of skills and poverty are some of the reasons that pushed most fighters into joining the group. but no state which is hit hardest
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by the conflict says it's stepping up efforts to avoid rolling back recent gains against bo quorum. we are trying to create jobs a time to create well thought at ah, the youth in but no said will be on that on. this is the only without my vision is to see that 1st of all, but enough to it is well scott, that's the number wantin the tin dynette, vincent, and physically retentive would have been. many residents say they want to see more centers established as poverty, and unemployment remained high. after 12 years of book, what are bothers, that they say could speed up recovery and stop young people from turning to cry. how many degrees al jazeera, my degree, nigeria. though t, as in kite estella will return to the post on sunday for a re run of last year's parliamentary elections, the results of that vice ought to revolution that unseated the government. and so
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the former prisoner sat a job of when the presidency on a landslide, japanese now needs to gain a broader legitimacy and deliver on his promise a fair elections. st. pat's ravi has more still before election day freezing temperatures. another hurdle for people in the city of bush kept going to the polls to vote in parliamentary elections, turned out is expected to be dangerously low. in kurdistan, doubts over the legitimacy of elections can quickly turn into violent protests, discontent over rising prices. the slow pace of promise, frustrations that rural and urban voters share at a memorial dedicated to care gives people killed and past revolutionists. many say they won't vote this time. the gap and trust between them and their leaders too wide to cross is from the less they no longer knew. what makes us feel sorry is that laws are not working. even if we say this to the authorities,
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the legal system doesn't work. they don't listen to us, even if we have our own coal, our own gold, our own water, we are not in control of our resources. this is why we don't trust any member of parliament or any president, we're against all of them. those in the president's inner circle say it's too soon to pass judgment and undoing decades of corruption will take more time period as republic has grown up in missouri, adults in the room. and so it will be a very confident and competent government. and our main goal is to improve efficiency of the state, is not going to be easy, but also a re accept. i accept the skeptical domestic opinion to make lasting change. the president will need support in parliament. the election will c care. these people vote in 90 new m p 's down from a 120 but even in its weakened state as a smaller part of a new shared system of power hermiston parliament matters, had looked about up, came out to power off following controversial events last year and he needs to gain
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abroad and legitimacy within society. if he can deliver on his promise to conduct fair elections and ensure that parliament ever presents society as a whole. he might enjoy a legitimacy for a longer period of time, sufficient for him to conduct the reforms at his face. the government is keen to avoid the violence of protests of the past and with pulls due to open on sunday. the country security service says it's rounded up 15 suspected coup ladders allegedly planning an armed overthrow of the government. the raids a show of strength seen by many as a warning to anyone hoping to contest election results on the streets. a rubber stamping parliament march towards one man rule preservation of democracy for voters . right now, these kinds of political concerns are secondary to more basic needs. in this
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country is in the grips of an energy crisis. and throughout the campaign, voters have been asking all the candidates the same question. what is being done to make sure there is enough power for them to stay warm? because winter is coming and days before the election winter is already here. zane bas ravi al jazeera miscast still ahead on al jazeera. we look back at the life of one of america's most influential composer, lyricist stevens, some day who's died of the age of 19 and is full of find out what's behind this heated exchange during an, an a child game or a will be here with that story ah, african stories of resilience and courage. i get younger, be a little boy that tradition
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and dedication. but it was, i was like a short documentary by african film, make it on the white 9 and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera. ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. were creepy, even supplied by tradition. noon, where beautiful possibilities are offered. ah
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o. one of the most influential american composes on lyricist steven sondheim, has died at the age of 90. 1 whose works include the broadway classics west side story. gypsy and sweeney told on time is known for songs like sending the clowns and ladies who lunch. he's credited with re inventing musical theater. priyanka gupta takes a look back at his life. oh, he could meet, once flew and seen. what describe stiff and sometimes talent and courier is to deal with superlative murderer. ah, we up her me here at last on the
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ground ye was a titan of america's musical theater. one of the most original song writers and the greatest composers of the 20th century. much like his extraordinary skills, his accomplishments, and audacity were unmatched on broadway born and raised in new york city. san time songs revealed the insides and triumphs of modern life with humor and sympathy. oh, a unique style. the term musicals like west side story into the woods and sweeney todd into classic his breakthrough musical company, which debited in 1970 receipt, 14 tony award nominations. what started as an interest in music? when he was, a teenager became a towering courier that revolution i storytelling on the broadway stage.
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in 2015, president barack obama awarded san time, the presidential medal of freedom. he won an oscar eat grammy awards and 8 lifetime tony awards. more than any other american composer and lyricist, it's nice to get an award. it nice to be recognized. just the way it's it. i'd rather have an audience like what i write than dislike. what are right, but primarily i want to write. so, you know, that's what called suntan, transformed the musical theater genre by setting his dazzling a unforgettable melodies every day with his legacy now includes music that would reach far beyond the promptly stage. stephen sondheim was 91 ah, sketson's sport his far volume. thank you so much arsenal are taking on new castle
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right now in one of 5 matches taking place in english. premier league on saturday. our school are hoping to bounce back from a dismal performance against liverpool last week. the guys are currently sitting 5th in the table while newcastle are rock bottom. the latest from m. ritz, our small, our leading, one. know. liverpool take on south hampton later reads vos juergen crops. as the arrival of ralph redneck at manchester, united just made his life more difficult. club scholar, germany is set to be appointed as united's inter manager, until the end of the season fall is the sacking of all a gunner soldier. 63 old, ragged neck was a big influence on a generation of talented german coaches, which includes club and chelsea's, thomas to go unfortunate. good coaches got me doing linda, so that's how it is soon to interest united. so obviously a really, really experienced manager built my most famously to computer to clubs from nowhere to a proper threats,
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improper forces in germany with health. and i would love to it seems, and the superstar lebron james has got himself into trouble again. the lakers forward has been to find $15000.00 for making an obscene gesture during a game against indiana on wednesday. meanwhile, the foreign time mtv could not inspire his team to win against the sacramento kings on friday, the lakers losing in triple overtime. darren, fox quoted 34 points, lead the king's to a 141 to 137. when james had 30 points in the game in just his 2nd game back from suspension, the lakers losing for the 5th time in selling it. but it, it makes no make no mistake. we're still going to play, you know, little bathrooms still going to be for level. we're going to shoot a ball office. we natrona ball overall to to my horrible turnovers amal power. for like i played a horrible game individually and all myself to our sen national. not going to be
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better for his team, you know, especially when we're going to, we're going to do, i know on the full valet clippers had no problems again for the detroit pistons. reggie jackson's for 21 points as he led the cleverest to 107 to 96 victory. the game also saw the return of detroit. isaiah stewart, who came back from his 2 game suspension after being involved in an altercation with abroad. james pistons play the lakers again on sunday. yeah. which will molest on the dress in all washington. and you know, i'm only partially, you know, i thought was actually, oh, well is my last, i'm addressing my main focus for multi my teammates and getting bad rascal. i'm not gonna let that find who i am. you know, i'm gonna let you know what the truth drive it for. the fun, why, you know, the way i play last or it's a lot of toast. chevy hernandez spaces his 1st away test as
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a spanish giant get ready take on villarreal on saturday. ours, how. how did disappointing week they were held to a nail nail, drawn the champions league at home against ben feca. they continue to struggle in league as sitting down in 7th placed hand behind leaders, round dread spike winning his 1st match in charge. last weekend. shabby, says the club needs a quick turn around, or the season will be over. rugby, golf, and cricket are the 1st major sports to be affected by the new coven? 19 very. and just as things were starting to return to normal. 2 years into the pandemic, the african combinations coming up in january in cameroon, the head of the continents football says the measured response is required. it is being assessed, it is been evaluated. oh, some of the european countries if responded by red listing some countries. so we will be guided by the science will be guided by the findings and we thought that the world was moving in the right direction. and the progress was being made concerning her opening up either european champions, italy or christiana,
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run all those portugal will miss out on next year's world cup and counter. the teams were put on a collision course of the draw for the european clay on semi finals. i porch go play turkey and italy take on north macedonia. the winners of those matches will face off and again to decide who progresses to the finals in portugal. and a glove came off during an any shall game between the boston bruins and the new york rangers. boston's broad martian who is known for getting under the skin of players did it to rangers or to me, pan or it of them were slapped with a 10 minutes misconduct penalty. well, after the incident, martian rushed off saying they were just talking about what they had for thanksgiving dinner. yes, sure they were not. is all your sport for now back to you milan. thanks for. that's it for me, molly. inside for the sneeze. i'll be back in a moment with more today's news. keep it here on out there.
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ah, this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of a new era and television. you. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone for a moment to go to miss also landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on time. we saw the surgeon army flag hoisted high in the city. many people here have told me that that war will not end until they secret duffy and his son brought to justice. gonna get 90 seconds for this on. so we're being told that this, an army is very real coming. our way buying brides is lack of respect for women and lack of any value that a woman i was just over here guys,
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by the police on purpose. there's at least 20000 for him to refugees who live here . i'm on l 20. i got to commend you. you're not trying to push people to believe in this or believing that the atmosphere has completely changed you with a road or i'll dizzier is offices in garza, our house in that building time. the tower has come down. the other before in human history has the once pristine environment of the arctic students such peril. there were says, i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make body would felt. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and it stands
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permission going behind the lens as got missing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. mm. lou we're being punished for detecting the new virus very in the south african government hits back at travel bonds. the new wave of virus restrictions raises b is signs of a global economic recovery may take a hit. ah . hello money by this is out. is there a lie from doha also coming up the u. s. is calling for negotiations to and the conflicts in ethiopia while prime minister abbey as.


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