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the prime minister has lost his chance apiece at choosing war. the measures taken by our b of med a desperate. it would have been better for him to suggest solutions for peace and negotiations. yet he chose war. he should have upheld the opportunity for peace. canada has now joined a growing list of countries who are asking the citizens to leave. and with the fears that the battle could move towards the capital, and that the fighting could get a lot worse. prime minister abbey asked meds, decision to move to a front line, apparently in the region where fighting is not actually so serious at the moment. is apparently intended to galvanize his support base and mobilized new recruits for the armed forces. and that's not likely to be effective. i think many people may respond to the call, but this war is being fought with heavy weapons and and in some cases,
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well trained battle hardened troops. so volunteers at this late stage, little training and few weapons and not going to make a difference. the civilians are already paying the price of a few appeals here long conflict. more than 9000000 people are facing hunger. hundreds of thousands on the brink of famine. but so far, both sides have refused to buy down. why what the un colds? the textbook definition of a humanitarian crisis continues to unfold. brianca to 0, you still at the london is almost to lead on the program. planning to flee. i've said change, run drying doris, head of an election. many. c is already ranked. sport with a plate fan, set of res, another tie. so when in argentina and you will be here with castaway. ah,
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how i we got a lot going on in the weather across here put the by with lots of weights and when the and at times when she weather for many over the last couple of days we have got a storm, our wind swelling away in the north sea, behind that bringing in some very cold air, cold and all the winds coming across many parts and that means some snow. it means a very low temperatures as well as you see temperatures. well, that is the single fingers crossed. many areas that cold, harass, sinking right down across france. we have already seen some snow significant snowfall in maine, and there's more where that came from as that cold normally blasting around when that's going to bring some wintry flowers into eastern scotland, eastern parts of england, even down across the snares of east anglin. norfolk advocacy when a to win fee flurries here single figures once again and a driving wind winds gusting to around $56080.00 companies per hour as we go through saturday and on into sundays easing
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a touch. but it's still there and it's pushing right through significant snowfall around the mountains of northern spain fair. but a snow just around the alps as well. and even crossing to powder we could see at when she makes continuing. when she showers to just along with dalmatian cosen heavy showers, they're pushing quasi to se positive europe. we're more heavy rain the grace. ah there were since i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make hollywood films. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and it stands for mission going behind the lens as gotten saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. when the news breaks,
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when people need to be hot and the story needs to be told, ah, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, the processors are saying the pressure exerted molasses cur that is hurting their interests. and that's why they remain on the streets. al jazeera has teens on the ground, they are demanding an immediate restoration off the civilian government to when you move award winning document trees and live nice lou. ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. the u. s. has joined a number of countries in banning travel from south africa, where
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a new very into the krona virus has been detected while health organization has designated it a variant of concern. french president emanuel mark on his cancelled an invitation of the british home. secretary to a meeting on the migrant refugee crisis is warmer, you pay to get serious or remain locked out of discussions. and ethiopian state television is broadcast images which appeared to show the prime minister ave ahmed visiting soldiers on the front line in the countries conflict with the to grind rebels. now in other news, we're following security services in care gast on say they have falls and attempted coup. they're just out of sundays, parliamentary elections. at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials are accused of trying to stage a violent protest against the result. president solder jumper of is expected to maintain his grip on power. and then in ukraine, the president very saying that these cure she serves also uncovered to plot
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involving russians for an attempted coup against his government. laudermill zalinski told a news conference. the alleged takeover was scheduled for next wednesday and thursday. russian troops have been building up near the border with ukraine, although it's dismiss claims is planning to invade. don't williams? am i supposed to lunch islam lushin, designing wooden dissolving me put along? i cannot that, not only do we have the information, but we even have audio recordings of representatives of ukraine. let's call them that discussing with, let's call them representatives of russia occur in ukraine. well, large tracks of eastern ukraine in the la hans can. danielle regions remain under russian control since the incursion 7 years ago. and as charles stratford found, it's not just the russians, but ukraine's own leader. that's worrying them. he had a frontline this is the town about you have come about 3 kilometers from the front line. it's seen so very heavy shilling and fighting in the morn, 7 and a half years since this conflict started,
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many of the residents have flayed and many of them say the situation has got even worse in recent weeks since the reported build up of tens of thousands of russian troops on the russian side of the border. we have heard what sounds like shelling in the distance. many of the residents here are increasingly angry with their president. they say that he is not doing enough to protect them and he's not making as much of an effort as he promised to end this war. luthey wouldn't just really cut against the rely a dollar was shell. and today, as there is every day, the situation has definitely got worse and there is shooting was heavy weapons are not just small arms. i'm like nearly 8 years and no one can sold there, said the former president, he promised to end the war in 2 weeks. and in the same rubbish from president lansky wise, him, he said come to the election in 29th, you vote for me and i will finish ever since in a year at mama. but did he grin?
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of course not. russia is staunchly denying that it has any plans whatsoever for an invasion of ukraine. indeed it is. describing reports in the international media is such as being nothing short of hysterical, but meanwhile, there seems to be no real prospect for a lasting political solution. to this conflict, miserable colossal nuisance lensky didn't start the war, but he promised to finish it. and people believed him all things that got even worse now, all of your children and the elderly di from mothers and fathers are forced to shelter in their basement, sir, grew zalinski needs to negotiate with putin and the separatist. you mr. sit down and talk. otherwise. how can there be peace all wars and through negotiations. so start russia accuses ukraine, have not sticking to it's part of the mince to agreement and agree signed in 2016. that stipulates that ukraine gives special political status to the air is controlled by the pro russian separatists. whenever ukrainian government say that
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that would potentially give russia to grow to hand in ukrainian affairs. meanwhile, the ukrainian presents determination to eventually get nato membership for ukraine continues. and that is something that the russian president seems determined to stop. char stratford al jazeera of d of co. now russia is mourning the death of at least $51.00 people killed in a mining accident in the country's siberian coal mining heartland. facial say, a methane explosion was the likely cause of the disaster. 3 people have been arrested, suspected of negligence and a breach of safety procedures. 5, rescuers are among the dead or months after it 1st began. the global supply chain crisis is still holding up their supply of chinese goods to major markets, lightly. us to make matters worse, cost of raw materials, his might in the country 0 tolerance approach to coven 19 is also having an impact
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. katrina, you reports now from badging. this factory on the outskirts of shanghai produces 3000000 bicycles every year. they're shipped all around the world, but most are sent to the u. s. to be sold in later sports and department stores. the pandemic has led to a boost in demand, but a crisis in global supply chains has made them more difficult to transport. is a what, what is little at the bikes already produced to do, but they just sit in my factory rod. we can't send them to america because of the shortage in logistics. so after rent a warehouse just to florida, you and that as an extra cost to my product because of the transportation and the porters lay good, says reduced freight has led to soaring container costs. he now pays an additional $2000.00 per shipping container, bringing the total to more than $10000.00. bicycles aren't the only products effect it. chinese manufacturers of items such as electronics, clothing, toys,
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and furniture are also facing backlogs. over time, that's been roughly a $2.00 to $1.00 ratio where 2 containers go out, wanted to container comes back in. now that we're seeing this 1st and global demand, that ratio has shifted. we're probably about $5.00 to $1.00 now. and so what that means, his, the containers are piling up in los angeles and there is none of containers available here in shanghai to put goods into care. kids has china's 0 tolerance approach to the current of ours has worse and supply chain problems. ports in the south and east for shut down. after stuff became infected, incoming crews must undergo strict testing in quarantine, fueling bottlenecks, closed borders have also led to staffing problems for foreign operated companies. quarantine is an issue ah, availability of commercial flights is an issue. and also more consistency and transparency around who can come in and under what circumstances,
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flooding and central china and a nationwide electricity shortage have further slowed production. authorities here say that power crunch has eased in many factories, have returned to normal production. but smaller export as are struggling to cope with the surgeon cost of room materials. factory gate inflation hit, a 26 year high. you know, tarver lay girl says he's carving with his losses by increasing the price of his bicycles. his confidence, his factory will ride out the global supply chain storm but expects the difficulties to continue next. yes, katrina you all to 0 aging. although supply chain issues are having an impact on black friday, the annual shopping bonanza united states joining and i've won this is robert scott, a seni, it's a national economist. the economic policies as you joined us from rockville in maryland, those covered that's one thing. but also the discounts was generous this year. that like you to have much of an impact on people shopping habits. i don't think so. i
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think this year we're, we're finding that the consumers are feeling that their, their pockets are full. they have been seeing strong growth in jobs and, and wages in this country. and so there isn't having an impact on consumer spending, which is up, but where they're spending has changed. they're not spending as much in retail shops and malls. much more of the spending has shifted to internet based distribution companies like amazon and wal mart and target. so there's been a huge shift and how retailing takes place in the united states over the cupboard recession and recovery. because he was wanting to spend on goods in that i suppose they're spending earlier and earlier. how is this supply chain bottleneck affected sales this year? what we see sales continuing to increase the data i've seen today for,
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for sales on black friday, suggests that the numbers are up significantly from last year. no doubt that the supply chain problems are limiting those sales in some way. on the other hand, retailers are our b of being able to charge higher prices, so their profits are higher and, and i'm sure that they're happy to get those returns. i think though, the deeper problem is that the u. s. has become just massively over reliant on imports. and that's one reason why we have the supply chain shortage is showing up, especially on the west coast while these ships stacked up in los angeles and, and long beach. this is because we've, we've had this incredible dependence on imports is just exploded, especially in the last 4 or 5 years. we're going to import almost 2 and a half trillion dollars worth of goods. this year. trade deficit will exceed $1.00 trillion dollars in goods and, and that's just
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a clogging up everything. i'm wondering about how traditional retailers might been affected by the way in which amazon does business. and are they, are they looking more recent signs with black friday and cyber monday and all these things? we think more signs of taking a page out of amazon's book by using 3rd parties to, to, to sell their products. a certainly we're seeing that i know that the computerized distribution networks, the same big growth in sales him and it's not just amazon and target are that are using these networks. increasingly smaller firms are learning that they have to distribute over the web. i was out today and one of the big bucks retail stores and, and to get something and, and frankly, the stores weren't very crowded. there is a search of cove it here in maryland and around the us. and i think shoppers are
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cutting back on traditional shopping in the stores and shopping, more online. thank you very much, robert scott and farmers in india, marking a year since they began the biggest protest in the countries modern history. it was triggered by plans to bring a new law for the agriculture industry in the car, one at elizabeth problem reports now from single on the outskirts of delhi. oh yeah, thousands of farmers gather on a highway near the village of single. it was here a year ago that they launched their protests against plans to bring in new doors on farming. many travelled from the states of punjab and had yanna to celebrate what they see as they victory over the government. andres court has been at single since day one, leaving behind her children and punjab or the other. they have love us that we are going through all these troubles for our rights and for a better future for our children. we don't mind leaving here because we are
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fighting for the next generation. the biggest protests, an independent india's history began after the government pushed through laws to deregulate agriculture. the government said they would benefit farmers by giving them access to big markets. farmers said the laws would remove minimum prices for they produce and leave them at the mercy of large corporations. off comes, the good thing about this protest is that the farmers across the country who were fighting different battles have now come together. it's because of this that the indian government and the corporate world, which moti represents, had to bow down and repeal the laws. farmers like pipe in there sing took turns traveling from their homes to protest sites, to keep up the pressure on the government to repeal the laws ocean party in power. great, you're good thing about this protest is that the farmers across the country who are fighting different battles have now come together. it is because of this that the
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indian government and the corporate world, which multi represent, had to bow down and repeal the laws. jamini been the pressure resulted in an unprecedented you turn from prime minister miranda morty. he announced last week. the laws would be scrapped. pharmacy, emboldened by the victory against the most popular leader, india has had decades and they have more demands fall. so they are going to end these protests until the government gives them guarantee. they want a minimum price for they produce charges against protesting farm and dropped penalties on farmers burning crop residue removed. and the junior high minister sect, one of his sons, is accused of running over i'm killing, protesting farmers last month. that incident, along with the laws has caused prime minister motor support ahead of important elections in the states of the predation and punjab. next year is widely believed muddy decided to repeal the laws in a bid to hold onto
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a pallet and author punish. farmers, make up a large part of the states population and say the government must meet all their demands. if modi's bought at the age and the party wants their vote again, elizabeth per on al jazeera, single. although it isn't under us, we'll go to the post to elect a new president on the sunday, but many don't believe the vote will bring any change to pervasive corruption, violence and policy. instead, the planning to join the 10s of thousands of people who have fled. the country money rapidly reports now from the city of some federal sula, in northern honduras, juliani and her family live in the outskirts of some federal sula. last year they were left homeless after 2 back to back, hurricanes, slammed into central america. displacing more than a 1000000 people with the help of a non profit, yolande was able to once again put a roof over for families heads. but she says times are still hard. and the thought of migrating to the united states is always in the back of her mind,
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where i'm up by avenue collateral plan. we can't even pay our rent. we can't pay for anything. when we see that we are at rock bus and we say that we're going to leave, there's no other option because here we can't do anything in law separate mat. juliani showed us around her neighbourhood. it's clear from the political posters on the sides of homes that election season is in full swing, i, bonanza. but while politics appears to be the only topic of conversation among neighbors, not a single person we met during our visit had any intention to vote. or if anything, many are debating whether or not to do what tens of thousands of others have already done in recent years are joining a migrant caravan and making the perilous journey north towards the united states. that when that is on its own age, i'm after these elections, i'm leaving because i don't have hopes of anything. my mother has a house here, but she's leaving to is being here is to live in anguish. it's something horrible. horrible. over the past few years,
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migrant numbers from honduras have skyrocketed. a historic wave of migration fueled by rampant corruption, keeping public services like health care and education ever further out of reach for majority of citizens. on doris house, one of the highest poverty rates in all of latin america. and as national elections draw near, many of the people that we've spoken to tell us, they have no confidence that a new government will improve their lives. in fact, the overwhelming sentiment, at least for many in this community, is that thing sooner leave the country than wait for it to change for the better you. lenny says the only reason she hasn't left is b of her children. her 16 year old daughter jamie, suffers from severe scoliosis and she worries jamie wouldn't survive the 4000 kilometer trip to the u. s. southern border, like many others. you'll any says she feels helpless and i think would benefit you no matter who wins the elections, things will stay the same. because i think the only thing the politicians want is to grow and become rich. right now they need poor people for the vice,
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but later when they're in power, they forget about us. more than 75 percent upon durance live below the poverty line in experts warned that number could grow to as high as 80 percent by the end of the year with a forecast like that. there's little hope. the next generation of hundreds will have a better opportunity to choose an option other than migration. manuel that are below al jazeera, some federal sula, honduras, and he's an out of a sport. thank you so much, mary. mile south african sport is facing a large scale shut down due to the detection of thought. new corona, virus, variance, south africa's crickets as did play the netherlands on friday. but the rest of that series is in doubt as is the test series against india. in december, many european golfers withdrew before the 2nd round of the jo berg open at even heed off earlier today. rugby being hit with south africa having just welcomed for european clubs over for its full elements and at least 2 of those now trying to
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leave the head of african football says a measured response is required. it is being assessed, it is be the evaluated or some of the european countries if responded by red listing some countries. so we will be guided by the science will be guided by the findings. and we thought that the world was moving in the right direction. and that progress was been made concerning her opening up while fee for president johnny and francine as a case. those who oppose his plan of holding more regular will cups of being scared of change. infancy has been in cairo, attending a meeting of african football leaders. the continents member countries votes, it's a backup plan, stays the woke up every 2 years. the european and south american football confederations though, have spoken out against the idea of the contribution. and those again are those who are at the top. it happens in every sector of life when that are reforms and
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changes those what are the top, they don't want anything to change because they out of the top and they are afraid maybe that if something changes, their leadership position is at risk. we cannot close the door, we need to keep the door open, we need to get home. we need to give up what unit this the entire world. while we spoke to african football right to gary al smith, he told us why the content did vote in favor of that bi annual welcome plan and why some players could end up splitting from their national teams. well, is just a question of money every 2 years, guarantees that at least $5.00 to $6.00 associations will get a substantial amount of money. and that's all it's about really. and it might seem like a very selfish point of view from africa. but what can african countries do when the world cup overwhelmingly, fav s. continent such as europe and asia and probably north america. so that's the
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argument. it boils down to money. there is the real threat because it again will ball down to bread and butter issues. the salaries of these players on a week lead basis are paid for by these clubs. and so by question all, by some agreements these that may decide to step away from the national teams. and increasingly, we are seeing more and more frequently as being more vocal and you know, because it does not seem like the international football calendar is kind to them. and as they grew you might question whether there's too much football for them already. or the european champions, it's lee or christiane or and i was portugal will miss out on next year as well. cupping cat. so the teams instead of being put on a collision course of the draw for the european play of semi finals. porch cool, like turkey and it's late take on north macedonia. the winners of those 2 matches will face often again to decide who progresses to the finals. let's have a look at that. draw in full in the 1st bracket of 4 countries. scotland will host
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ukraine. will wales have been drawn at homes? austria in path b, as it's cold, is russia versus poland, and sweden will take on the check republic, the semi finals and finals we paid at the end of next march. liverpool manager juergen club says the arrival of ralph rodnick at manchester, united his just made his life more difficult clubs, fellow germans set to be appointed as united for insur manager until the end of the season. the 63 year old was a big influence on a generation of talented german coaches including clot and chelsea, thomas to call unfortunately good go. ready to is going to send out is to manchester united. so life is obviously a really a really experience manager built most famously to come to 2 clubs from nowhere to proper threats and proper forces in germany. health and i'm alive take on the day that aren't insane. or
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remember the late football stall? diego madonna, his old club buck a juniors. so the lead time we're going back across one is aries into the hands of the fish rivals river plate. river plate fancies, celebrating the same victory after they secured the trophy with the 3 games to spare. they just beat rough and club for nail. 37th lea cancelling their history 3 more. and booker and football st. it says captain tim payne is taking an indefinite leave from all forms of cricket. it comes just 12 days before the stone of the ashes, which means he will miss the series against england pain, resigned his counts in last week after an investigation into some explicit text messages he sent to a female colleague in 2017 cummins will reply soon as captain with steve smith, his deputy. ok, let's have for looking for now. let's get back to marian inland. thanks very much, andy. that wraps up the news. but i'll be back in a moment with a full bulletin for you.
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ah. ah. and a compelling journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? i made. fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running the listening post
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cuts through the noise was so keen, competing. now, seeing wanting me to perpetuate the listening post, your guide to the media follows joe 0. the latest news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with detailed coverage. country like silly because of its geographic conditions has an enormous advantage from around the world. what's happening here is local farming communities, using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies one tedious, not all. 419 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human sony that we
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meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah. ready 2 global alarm over a new cove at variance in southern africa, the u. s. restricts travel europe has its 1st case and prepared to do the same. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel. ah, hello, i'm mariam to mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. just stays off to dozens of migrants perished in the waters between them.
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france and britain stumble over politics in the search for solution. ethiopia as prime minister vows to bury the enemy as pitchers.


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