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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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cronum prime minister johnson, and nothing new to stop refugees and migrants attempting to make the treacherous crossing. these 2 countries so close geographically remained so very far apart on this thorny issue, paul brennan, al jazeera dover. 52 people have died in a mining accident in russia's siberia region. it's the worst incident in the countries mining industry in more than 10 years. now, 3 people have been arrested, suspected of negligence and breach of safety procedures. bernard smith house more from moscow for russia's poorly regulated mining industry. the news was as inevitable and as bleak as a siberian winter. dozens of people killed, including 6 rescuers, probably by methane poisoning in the shafts of the list. we actually are mine. i have no words else. i've already said that me thing was over the limit. my husband came home from work every day and said it wouldn't end well, it was so with the limit that all the senses were beeping. and on the night of
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november 14th, the 15th of fire broke out of the unit. no measures were taken. he is the result here. just 10 days have gone by and they're all lying in there. there were 285 people in the mine when it began to fill with smoke. on thursday, rescue team scrambled, but the situation on the ground was so unstable. they had a little time. after a few hours, the rescue attempt was called off because of the risk of another explosion. 50 people are in hospital according to local authorities. the miners who made it out alive, described a frantic scramble to evacuate. i was crawling and then they felt them grabbing me . i reached my arms out to them. they couldn't see me. the visibility was bad. they grabbed me and pulled me out. if not for them would be dead. the director of the mine and his deputy had been detained, police in siberia say to state security inspectors have been arrested on suspicion of criminal negligence. investigator save inspectors, had issued
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a safety certificate for the mine in november, but had not actually checked the facility 3 days of mourning of begun in the siberian region of kamer over this is the worst mining accident here in 10 years. it's a very dangerous industry in russia and across the former soviet union safety standards . a poor was a lack of oversight of working conditions, an aging soviet air equipment. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow, well still had here. all the news are more protests of the solomon islands against growing chinese influence. australian peacekeepers have flown into control the situation and will tell you why. india's farmers are once again holding rallies, despite the government's decision to repeal a controversial agricultural and sport river plate regained their title from their great rivals. genius and argentina's fulfill leads to stay with him on the officer
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uneasily. ah hello, they will have a look at africa in just a moment, but 1st to the middle east and air quality remains a problem across iran. for nearly 2 weeks, we've had high levels of pollution recorded into iran and the city remains cloaked in smog. but weather wise, it is settled and dryer. here we got a few showers popping off in the east, but across much of the region it's dry. it does get a little bit unsettled. thanks with shamar wind that's blowing down across the gulf states. we're going to see some dust kicked up, hey, the sunshine for guitar for the u. s. e. and as we go into sunday, that wind is going to intensify stretching down into amman and yemen. now with a move across to north africa, the wind picks up across northern areas. we got
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a bit of the horrid dust to be found there in places like egypt and in libya for the wet weather. we have to move over to morocco that thanks to low pressure across the mediterranean, that's bringing some storms and showers here, as well as coastal areas of algeria. and it was, we moved to central africa. it's not as wet as it has been recently. we are seeing some heavy falls effect, southern areas of somalia. we could see flooding here, but for south africa it's been very wet and windy in cape town, but it's an improving situation this weekend. ah a guess
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ah with and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think we're ditching the sound bites and we're digging into the issues from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the lars. dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. upfront with me, mark lamar help on out 0. ah ah,
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look back, you're watching. i'll deserves news out with weeks ago, robin a reminder of all top stories. the world health organization has held an emergency meeting and announced a new variant of concern. the highly mutated strain is being called omni chrome. it was 1st i did find in south africa. early evidence suggests it is more infectious. a growing number of countries are suspending our travel to and from southern africa while introducing tough a quarantine rules you is calling for a ban all slides from the region. news of the new current virus variance has been impacting global markets. u. s. store sit down and european jazz. a search for the worst cells in a year. oil prices hit a 2 month flow. now the w a chose maria of honor, texas, have spoken shortly after the emergency between geneva and said urgent work is being done to assess the risks to the public. so omicron
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b 11529 is name is a variant of concern because it has some concerning properties. this variant has a large number of mutations in some of these mutations have some worrying characteristics. right now there are many studies that are underway. there's a lot of work that is ongoing in south africa and in other countries to better characterize the various itself in terms of trends, from stability in terms of severity and any impact on our counter measures like the use of diagnostics therapeutics are vaccines. so far, there's little information, but those studies are underway. so we need researchers to have the time to carry those out. and w h l will inform the public on our partners and our member states. as soon as we have more information front says it'll postpone a mandatory vaccination deadline for health work, is it? it's caribbean territories. the country's health ministry says the order must be adapted to the health and social situation of the region. guadalupe and martinique have seen days of often violent and rest in response to coven line restrictions
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farms in india, marking one yes, since they begun the biggest protest of the country's modern history. they were triggered by plans to bring in new laws for the agriculture industry. the rallies have continued despite government promises to show the legislation or india correspond as the parent of reform from single on the outskirts of new delhi. yeah, thousands of farmers gather on a highway near the village of single. it was here a year ago that they launched their protests against plans to bring in new doors on farming. many travelled from the states of punjab and had yama to celebrate what they see as they victory over the government. on race court has been at single since day one, leaving behind her children and punjab. they have mamma, we are going through all the trouble for our right and for a better future for our children. we don't mind leaving here because we are fighting for the next generation. the biggest protests,
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an independent india's history began after the government pushed through laws to deregulate agriculture. the government said they would benefit farmers by giving them access to big markets. farmers said the laws would remove minimum prices for they produce and leave them at the mercy of large corporations, or spoke on the good thing about this protest is that the farmers across the country who are fighting different battles have now come together. it's because of this that the indian government and the corporate world, which most represent, that's about down and repeal the laws. farmers like part of their sing took turns, traveling from their hollins to protest sides, to keep up the pressure on the government to repeal the laws of target. and a good thing about this protest is that the farmers across the country who are fighting different battles have now come together. it is because of this that the indian government and the corporate world, which more the represent, had to bow down and repeal the laws. harmony being the pressure resulted in an
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unprecedented, you turn from prime minister miranda morty. he announced last week, the laws would be scrapped. pharmacy, emboldened by the victory against the most popular leader, india has had decades and they have more demands tottle. so they are going to end these protests until the government gives them guarantee. they want a minimum price for they produce charges against protesting. farmers dropped penalties on pharmacy burned and cropped, residue removed, and the junior home minister sect, one of his sons, is accused of running over. i'm killing, protesting pharmacy last month. that incident, along with the laws has caused prime minister modi support ahead of important elections in the states of probation and punjab. next year. it's widely believed muddy decided to repeal the laws in a bid to hold on to pallet and author, page. farmers make up a large part of the states population and say the government must meet all their
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demands. if modi's about the agenda party, once they vote again, elizabeth perron and al jazeera single rights groups are accusing phone owned mining companies in the democratic republic of congo, widespread abuse, including physical beatings. malcolm web has more for ma callaway, the lab, our province. a warning this report contains disturbing images. geron colombo, went to work as normal on the 11th of october. his family haven't seen him since. he was a truck driver. it's an industrial cobalt mine that belongs to a chinese company here in a democratic republic of congo, his wife to traumatized, talk about it. gerard, brother, john patrick, was told about what happened by another worker. on my side of van. his truck broke down into mine at around 3 30 in the morning. he reported it on the radio, invaded for help. when his colleague arrived later and opened a truck cabinet,
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found only his heart had his shoes and blood, and other workers filled what they saw in a mobile phone. she don't. they saying you chinese slaughtered him. whereas his body days later, this video was circulated on social media work of films, 2 men wearing the minds uniform and accuses them of burying a body. it left gerad, somebody wondering if it was him. they went to ask the mine, they said the manager gave them $500.00 and this signed paper stating that the money was for morning. but they didn't answer any questions. this is where sharon worked. the company's called sick. i mean, it didn't respond to requests for comment. it's one of several state back chinese companies that have bought most of the cobalt mines. gerad disappearance is just the latest of many allegations of abuses committed by foreign mind managers. mind
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minerals make up almost all of congo. is that force? and here the city of co lazy is in the heart of it's essentially for cobalt for a mining company that a lot more wealth from it. the most of the work is here and there's a feeling among many mine is that some of the forum work is simply don't care about the right people. i guess the social media video shows chinese manages ordering communities soldiers to be men who tried to steal rocks with cobalt for which demand is soaring for its use in electric vehicles. well, the provincial governor told us she's cracking down on miss treatment in mind. when i saw one of the week i've been beaten. you can ask, i'd make my decision, discharge, nice people was been arrested. there was in prison. the arrest was well publicized rights groups say they were discreetly released soon after louis did it. the state
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authorities are very weak in the face of chinese. economic and political interest of the chinese companies have ministers and m p. 's in on their deals. this makes them very powerful and uncontrollable john and his brothers meet almost every day by the court house in co wavy to check on the public prosecutors investigation into jarrett disappearance. they say the delays and excuses just keep coming. they wore it, they'll never be justice gerad, but they keep seeking it. there's nothing else they can do. malcolm web al jazeera co ways, the democratic republic of congo. now there are concerns and new gander about armed grades from neighboring democratic republic of congo coming into refugee camps. for years he and his governments of the allied democratic forces were defeated and pushed out of the country. but that little seems to be the case conference or reports. now in the town of book hunger, now you go to the border with the deal safe,
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where the police told down to 0 that they may have dismantled what they're calling, domestic terror cells. mohammed she gone to was a major in uganda, an army he was killed in 2015. he was one of several former commanders of the allied democratic forces. rebel group were integrated into the military after seeking amnesty. his reader tells us before his death, to going to had been scared and expressed fears about people trying to kill him. walker, to all your life when he died, we started hearing that the adf was targeting. if one had left them and dreamed the government, maybe they thought he had secrets he was giving to government. adf, has its roots in western uganda. it was kicked out by the military in 2001 and set our bases in eastern democratic republic of congo. security forces here blamed the group for a number of assassinations. and recent attacks were civilians were killed and
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others injured. they have intensified patrols and surveillance in the city in areas bordering d. r, congo. they say the rebels have increasingly been recruiting young ugandans into their ranks. after this young children, you refer recruiter, a gentle pull over at us, find ways of smuggling them out of the country into the dnc after they've been hunted, into the willingness of committing actual violence against your guns and they get where we're back into the country. the re emergence of the adf in uganda. so many years after the group was pushed out of this part of their wins or re, mountains, is worrying many, including refugees from the d. r. congo escaping attacks by the fighters in a region troubled by rebel groups. divers, a con, release form across the border in the eastern democratic republic of congo. come to
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this reception center every day because of the conflict in not cable province and a tory. some of those we talk to say the a fling from adf rebels. compiler carlise fled from the outskirts of penny in north kiva province. he's concerned about a possible infiltration of a dea fighters in camps for refugees. powers of fang you're probably cannot protect our families. we cannot go to the farm to do any work. people are living in fear, in villages. they are burning vehicles on the roads. i still has claimed the most recent attacks in the name of its central african administrative division, which the adf is believed to be a part of police and military commanders say they have everything under control, but also not ruling out the possibility of more attacks. katherine saw all jazeera western uganda police in the solomon islands have imposed indefinite nighttime
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curfews in the capital. after days of violent protests, tear gas and warning. shots were fired on friday to disperse crowds, gathering, haunting ara, please or from australia. i was rived to restore. com no, sir. clark reports fires, burn, and thick smoke billows across the solomon islands capital. this is the aftermath of 2 days of riots. latest ransacked local stools after $36.00, our curfew is lifted. we've just passed through a lot of buildings and you know, a lot of our businesses that we've been down and behind me that that's the police response team. the out of the trying to control the situation here. more than 100 police diplomats and defense personnel from australia had been deployed to honey ira at the request of the solomon islands, prime minister. but the new guinea is also sending a peacekeeping team in or to try and restore. com. we have a stride into
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a brightly going back to the solomon islands, to support our pacific family to ensure that we can have stability in place, so that i can resolve issues internally. the flash point for these anti government protests was the chinatown district demonstrate, is targeted the chinese on businesses and government funded buildings from and here we are gravely concerned over the attacks on chinese citizens and chinese funded enterprises and have asked the local government to take all measures necessary to protect the safety of chinese nationals and institutions. the group behind these demonstrations are from the nation's most populous island. them a later province that accused the prime minister of ignore your needs of the region . and they want him to stand down request, he's refused. this is about i, i think a pretty deep seated grievances on the part of many ordinary solomon islanders.
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i'm about the way they see government behaving about the way that our development occurs in solomon islands. ah. as to why the economy structured corruption and perceptions of corruption and all of the way that the central government deals with the provinces protest is there also angry at the central government's decision to cut ties with taiwan after 36 years and form and allegiance with china. that decision was made in 2019, but with china's growing influence in the 14 nation pacific islands, it continues to fuel discontent. sarah clark out his ear wells to lad. hail on al jazeera, some african sport is facing up to a new shut down due to concerns over the latest quota virus. fair. and andy will have the story straight after the break.
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ah ah
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oh o a bona his andy, thank you so much. so i will south african sport is facing us for large scale shut down due to the detection of that new karone of our is variance. south africa crickets is did play the netherlands on friday, but the rest of the series is in doubt as is the test series against india in december, 15, british and irish gulf is withdrew before the 2nd round of the job. open it even seat off early this friday. rugby being hit. see with south africa having just welcome full european cups for tournaments,
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at least 2 of those on now trying to leave it is being assessed. it is been evaluated. some of the european countries f responded by red listing some countries, so we will be guided by the science will be guided by the findings. and we saw that the world was moving in the right direction. and that progress was been made concerning opening up. now for president john in francine, the key, those who oppose his point of holding more regular world cups as being scared of change infancy, you know as being caro, attending a meeting of african football leaders. the consonants member countries voted the backup plan to state the world cup every 2 years. the european and south american football confederations, though they've spoken out against the idea those against those who are at the top, it happens in every sector of life when that are reforms and changes, those what are the top? they don't want anything to change because they out of the top and they are afraid
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maybe that if something changes, their leadership position is at risk. we cannot close or do we need to keep the door open. we need to give hope. we need to give opportunities for the entire world . and i know we spoke to african football, right to gary i'll smithy told us why the constant voted in favor of a biannual world cup and why some players could split from their national things. well, is just a question of money every 2 years, guarantees that at least $5.00 to $6.00 were ma associations or get a substantial amount of money in that all it's about really and it might seem like a very selfish point of view from africa. but what can african countries do when the world cup overwhelmingly, fav s continents such as europe and asia, and probably north america. so that's the argument. it boils down to money. there is the real threat because it again will ball down to bread and butter issues. the
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salaries of these players on a week lead basis are paid for by these clubs. and so by question all, by some agreement, these thought may decide to step away from the national teams. and increasingly, we are seeing more and more frequently as being more vocal as you know, because it does not seem like the international football calendar is kind to them. and as they grew, you might question whether there's too much football for them already. now are the european champions, italy, or christian or allies? portugal will miss out on next year's world cup in cats. all the teams are put on a collision course at the drawer for the european play of semi finals, portugal plate, turkey and italy take on north macedonia. the winners of those 2 matches will face often again to decide who progresses to the finals as have a look about dro in full. in the 1st bracket of 4 countries, scotland will host ukraine, while wales have been drawn time to austria. and in path b, as it's known,
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it's russia versus poland and sweden taking on the check republic, the semi finals and finals we played at the end of march next year. liverpool manager, your club says the arrival of ralph rog, nick at manchester, united has just made his life more difficult. clubs, fellow german is set to be appointed as united insur manager until the end of the season follows the sacking of are going to socio $63.00 old rocking. it was a big influence on a generation of talented german coaches including club and chelsea, thomas to call unfortunately good go to is going to be doing send out is to manchester united. so life is obviously a really, really experience manager built most famously towards come to 2 clubs from nowhere to proper threats and proper forces in germany with health and i'm alive. take along the day that argentina remembered that late football stall, diego madonna, his old club bucket junior,
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so the league title going back across one is aries into the hands of their rivals river plates here. all the river plate found celebrating that seem secure the trophy with 3 games despair. ab rushing club for now. the 37th league title in the history 3 more than book form australia test counts in tim pain is taking an indefinite leave of absence from all forms of cricket. announcement comes just 12 days before the start of the ashes, and means he will miss the series against england pain, resigned discounts in last week. after an investigation into explicit text messages . he said to a female colleague back in 2017 fast ball pat cummins who's on the right that will replacements captioning with steve smith as his deputy. okay, that is high score is looking for now. second, thanks very much and a, and that was the i was there at news amr rim to miles will have more news from our
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london the center until and from under me and the news. our team, thanks for your time and your company ah. a war in afghanistan is now old. will non taliban figures make up a part of that american you can only for within the taliban to leave it. there will be a powerful to tell about the inside story packet. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now however you listen to podcast. if america held up
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a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not a lot of people, we're only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts. we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, on currency, the coast count japan's new prime minister taco income inequality plus will the world trade organization. how the countries to secure corporate 19 vaccines will be speaking to the w t. o. s new director general. counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, showcase is the best documentary films across the network. on al jazeera aah al
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jazeera with whoa. global alarm of a new cove at variance in southern africa, thousands of miles away. europe has its 1st case and prepares to restrict travel. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel. ah.


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