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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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oh, a lot of the stories that we cover a highly complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do. ah . phase of a new cove, it very into prompting. widespread travel restrictions from southern african countries and sending stock market into free fall. ah ha ha ha rahman you're watching out. is there a life more headquarters here in doha, also coming up on the front lines. ethiopia is prime minister visits troops battling t p l. a fighters in the northeast, also from migrant crisis to political crisis. france cancels talks with the united
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kingdom over how to deal with the problem. and kirk stands, government says it's foiled a qu days before parliamentary elections. ah welcome to the drug. we begin with breaking news coming out of belgium, which is now confirmed. europe's 1st case of the new corona virus variant as nations world wide rushed to once again imposed travel restrictions. the variant was confirmed in a traveler who had returned from egypt on november. the 11th, they 1st reported symptoms on monday, and the sample was confirmed within the last few hours. the world health organization is meeting behind closed doors just as just how concerned we all should be. it's already cautioned governments against hastily imposing restrictions . countries can do a lot already in terms of savannah and sequencing,
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and work together with effective countries or globally to works and typically to fight this for ryan and to understand more about it so that we know how to go about . so at this point, again, implementing travel measures is being cautioned against formation to europe in the middle east nation worldwide. and l rushing to bring in new travel restrictions banning, travel to and from southern africa while the president of the e. u. once all and travel suspended between europe and the countries affected by the variant, it is not important that all of us in europe act very swiftly, decisively and united. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in southern african and other countries affected. to limit the spread of the new variant. all air travel to
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these countries should be suspended. they should be suspended until we have a clear understanding about the danger posed by this new variant. south africa health minister says early studies suggest the new variance may be more transmissible, but the decision of other countries to impose travel restrictions is unjustified. we went to as sure as other kids and a in the world that then we'd be live that some of their reaction has actually not been justified. i'm referring here specifically to the reaction of the countries in europe. the u. k. m. a number of other countries i'm told that also a number of commission countries are also going to late, similar reaction. let's go over to step bass and who's in the hague in the
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netherlands and stuff. obviously, i have a west windy night that major storm handles towards europe. it's not going to help matters. the tool, especially on the continent where various loc downs are in place, not just in belgium or in the netherlands, but also in belgium, germany, austria, even the u. k, now, huge credit of iris figures. it's a real dilemma now. this new variant that submerged yes, absolutely, and this is the situation in the hague, just an hour before the netherlands. the prime minister will announce further lockdown measures. police is heavily guarding the area because that's the situation in the netherlands and also in other countries, people are less and less accepting these kinds of matches. the government is really struggling, has been struggling since the beginning also fund that make, but i think it's really high all over europe and particularly here in the
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netherlands because the balance has been laid back. summation for late boost shop have been given lay there actually have barely started giving most of shots. so hospitals are really now alarming to government that a coach black will be announced soon, which means that the hospital really has to refuse patients into the i see use already. right. who should opperation are being cancelled? and then of course, the government is struggling with the security elements because we have seen protests in the last couple of weeks. and also more protested, are here expected for the announcement of this lockdown, which will be an evening lockdown as we have heard. which means that off the 5 pm, non essential shops, restaurants said everything should be close. but on the other hand, schools will remain open and we know that a lot of infections are currently in school. so that's going to be a real question. will these mattress that are now being taken all over your will
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that be enough? and this very and that we are now knowing about coming from south africa already in belgium, traveling in early november. it's possibly here already. so maybe all the travel bands now and being and, and both might be far too late, that travel bonds lockdown you and i, as journalists, as well as many of the global community and not immune to what happened over the last 18 months message, thing has been crucial in trying to make the public understand the dilemma and the gravity of the situation. how important will mark router's speech to the nation be in a country that is so adamantly defensive of the liberties and that freedom very crucial. but he marked the prime minister has been criticized. send a thought of the data for not be clear about the government's policy. it has been
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going back and forth. it's not been consistent. there were contradictions in the policy. madeline very late, also wearing me off and also the government has actually from the beginning being saying that my don't really help against that over at 19. so people have become really confused about what is exactly the government's policy. and also the source of knowledge is known as a fancy with the far reaching liberties. and that's why communication is even more important to explain that this is a collective measure to make sure that the whole population is being protected. but people have been going on for the free offering for the individual rights to be protected. so there's a real contradiction here with what's going on in the hospital and what people are saying on the street and in the hague. thanks very much for the update. while news, all of the new kind of hours therein has been impacting global markets, you are stalks. we're down friday after reopening following thanksgiving. and
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european shares are set for their worst cells in a year. there's that the new variant could mean further locked downs. i've also seen investors pull out of at risk industries. oil prices have hit a 2 month le. let's bring in gabriel alexander his line for us now from new jersey with reaction out of the u. s. net. just begin with the markets. gay, we knew they were going to drop and fall. how serious has that dropped been after the thanksgiving holiday? ah, well, looks like this is going to potentially be the worst day on wall street. this year . the markets close here in new york stock exchange, closes the market in about a little less than one hour from now. but we'll know then, but bottom line is it's looking a quite bad. oh, and the worry is with this new variant, that is what is worrying traders. and that's what have them. i wouldn't say
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panicking at this point, but definitely in the selling and not buying mood. stocks that are being hit, the hardest, no surprise. are the travel stock anything related to travel because of the potential for new lock downs and new travel restrictions? the airline industry struck stocks in the u. s. so far today, down more than 10 percent united airlines at about 13 percent down. the cruise line, a stocks crews like companies, they down around 10 percent as well. hotels, 10 percent. you get the picture here. that's where we're going in that far as the oil is concerned, oil stocks also down more than 10 percent. the worse so far this year, uncles is black friday where you are and across most a countries around the world, they do so do tend to, you might say, commemorate the fact that it's a time for shoppers to getting the ball gains before the festive holidays. how busy is it where you are at all people less concerned about a new variant,
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if they've heard about it or about, you know, recession and rebuilding the american economy after what has been, well, it has been devastated. hasn't it? over the last 18 months it has been here at least a small that i'm out in east rotherford, new jersey. it has not been as busy as you might expect. a few years ago pre pandemic. there were a few lines when the mall open at 7 am, and you can probably see behind me, there are some people here, but nowhere near what we've seen in previous black fridays pre pandemic. that's got to be very worrisome for the retail industry. they're facing basically 3 crisis is at one time in the retail industry, number one, supply chain problems that we've been talking about for months now. they're just simply are not enough products getting into the store front here because of the supply chain issues. there's also a shortage of workers in the retail industry here in the u. s. and elsewhere that's
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really being felt very closely here. and also inflation worries here in the u. s. at all that up, and it's essentially a perfect storm. and that's why this is for lack of a better word, a very weird holiday shopping season, because there is a lot of pent up demand for people to buy. but there's also a lot of these other factors going around that are affecting that in terms of your question about how people here are feeling about this new variance. quite frankly, most people in the u. s. are just learning about it in the last day or 2. it has not been found here in the us yet. and so i think here, at least with the people we've interacted with here at the mall, they aren't paying very close attention to it. yes. but that could all change because it's one stock market. analysts said to me a couple hours ago. he said listen, the market sell off is because who knows? well, if this new varian shows up in the united states next week,
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we simply don't know if it could show up here in the us next week. and if it does, that is certainly going to lead to a lot more worried. bottom line right now, a lot of people are at least of people that are here shopping. not so much concerned about the variance of that could change any day. gabrielle is under that force in new jersey. thank you. so how do the beginnings of this new area look when compared with its pre assess if it's come all santa maria with more, you'll remember we started referring to variance by their geography, but then in may the w h. i renamed of old to try to avoid stigmatize those countries. so that's now why we have, of course, alpha, beta, gamma delta, etc. you say on this shot from covariance dot org little confusing way. but if we follow the greek alphabet naming system, then this new variance be 11529 would actually be called the new variance and you that is. but when visualizing variance, it's always important to remember, they are constantly evolving in scope and size. now this is from next strain dot
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org sound, a little ominous if the global picture of the variance over the course of the pandemic. now all of these ones that you see, i'm gonna circle them here, the greens and blues here. those are all dell for on their own efficiently 3 delta strains easily. it is the most prevalent and, and long lasting. now, i'll just get rid of those and we'll get a little further down and you will see these other blue and purple ones. gamma is there, alpha is there, and beta is there that sort of piece at our house. but then we have 21 k here, this little red dot, which is our new variant. that's the global view. but if we switch to an africa focus, you see here, same red dot a bit bigger, it's growing and as some a saying, it's potentially the worst so far, fine to say it has around 30 different mutations, which is twice as many as the delta variance had excel a pacific as a global health advisor and electra at the university college london school to pharmacy. she says any variance should not come as a surprise, and vaccine inequality is largely to blame. world health organization has been
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warning us repeatedly on month on and really since the beginning of the pandemic. that vaccine inequities will continue if we can have high income countries forwarding vaccines, such that entire continents are left to very limited access to vaccines that inevitably this will lead towards a more fit viras, a potentially vaccine resistant virus. unless there is a more coordinate approach to words, vaccine distribution. so if we look across the entire african continent, there's less than 3.5 percent uptake of vaccines at the moment. and that has been due to a supply issue. so only focusing on high income regions has been a short term, i'd say view of the issue. and we also have taken for granted that delta is the
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worst barrier that we could come across. and now we have some evidence that could point to otherwise, it is of course, early days, but what scientists have come across is deeply worrying about us of africa. they have all been very quick to share their genetic sequencing in the international community. has also stepped into really escalate the response to that is absolutely positive thing that we have the systems in place for early detection and response. what we are concerned about with the 32 mutations on the spike protein as well as on the nuclear caps. it is that this could become a more infectious virus, would enhance trans miss ability. it is too early to say whether it could lead to more severe symptoms, which would dictate higher rates of hospitalizations. we just don't know that yet. there is, there is a lot of uncertainty and further work that is needed. well,
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still had hail on al jazeera. lucy would use 3 lucca. there was sherland today as the reef every day. fear on the front line and it's a new crane of thousands of russian troops gover on the border. and when you can do where the return of a bonded rebel group is threatening, vulnerable communities, the stories after the break ah hello. they will have a look at africa in just a moment, but 1st to the middle east and air quality remains a problem across iran. for nearly 2 weeks, we've had high levels of pollution recorded into iran and the city remains cloaked in smog. but weather wise, it is settled and dryer. here we got a few showers popping off in the east, but across much of the region it's dry. it does get little bit unsettled. thanks
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with shamar wind that's blowing down across the gulf states. we're going to see some dust kicked up, hey, the sunshine folk, a tar for the u e. and as we go into sunday, that wind is going to intensify stretching down into amman and yemen. now we move across to north africa, the wind picks up across northern areas. we've got a bit of the horrid dust to be found there in places like egypt and in libya. but for the wet weather, we have to move over to morocco that thinks the low pressure across the mediterranean, that's bringing some storms and showers here, as well as coastal areas of algeria. and we move to central africa. it's not as wet as it has been. recently. we are seeing some heavier falls effect, southern areas of somalia. we could see flooding here. but for south africa it's been very wet and windy in cape town, but it's an improving situation this weekend. ah . the end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade
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already won indonesia whose turns for me. we moved before to grow and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let be part when the lease is broke and progress invest in indonesia now. ah ah, welcome back. you're watching all just bear with me. the hell robin. the reminder of all top stories. belgium has confirmed. europe's 1st case of
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a highly mutated cro virus darren's 1st identified in south africa. the world health organization is meeting behind closed doors to assess the risk. a growing number of countries are suspend, again to travel to and from southern africa, while introducing tougher quarantine rules. they include the u. k, netherlands, and hong kong news, all the new credit virus. darien has been impacting global markets. u. s. stocks a down european chess, a set for thy worst self in a year. oil prices fit a 2 month flow if his prime minister of the amount is this thing, soldiers fighting rebels on the front line in the north, according to state t. v. i told reporters, the armies morale as high and enemy forces had been pushed back. tpl of rebels began their offensive from the dry region. early this year, though, advance of sparked fe is the group and its allies could reach the capital, addis ababa? i'm again using the group. the enemy doesn't know capabilities and preparations
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because of their contempt and from their wrong evaluation of us. they've made attempted attack. but instead of sitting in us, we made a change and decided to come to the front. as you can see, this mountain was held by the enemy until yesterday. now we have captured it today also, we will capture cheaper and burka ukraine's president, ludovic lensky says, security service says, have uncovered a russian bank plot for an attempted coup against his government. lensky told a news conference. it was scheduled to take place next week. earlier. kev warned moscow against invading ukraine, saying it would pay daily. russia has dismissed growing western claims that it's preparing to send troops across the border. let's get more from charles stratford who's been talking with residence in death, hear about their fears of the deepening conflict. this is the town about the car, about 3 kilometers from the front line. it's seen so very heavy shilling and
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fighting in the mall 7 and a half years since this conflict started. many of the residents have played, and many of them say the situation is got even worse in recent weeks since the reported build off of tens of thousands of russian troops on the russian side of the border. we in the last half an hour. so have heard what sounds like shelling in the distance. many the residents here are increasingly angry with their president. they say that he is not doing enough to protect them, and he's not making as much of an effort as he promised to enter this war. lucy, would you still got the instrument was shell and today as the read every day, the situation has definitely got worse and there is shooting was heavy weapons for not just mal arm so much, nearly 8 years and no one can solve this section. the former president, he promised to end the war in 2 weeks and the same rubbish from president lamp. okay, what he said,
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come to the election and $29.00. if you get vote for me and i will finish ever in the year moment, but did he was not russia is stalsen denying that it has any plans whatsoever for the invasion of ukraine? indeed it is. describing reports in the international media is such as being nothing short of hysterical, but meanwhile, this seems to be no real prospect for a lasting political solution to this conflict. laserderm skin also knew you didn't start the war, but he promised to finish it. and people believed him, things that got even worse now the children and the elderly die from mothers and fathers, a forced to shelter in the basement. lensky needs to negotiate with putin and the secretary. he used to sit down and talk. otherwise, how can pieces all wars and negotiations. so start russia accuses ukraine, had not sticking to its part of the to agreement and agreement signed in 2015. that stipulates that ukraine gives special political status to the air is controlled by
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the pro russian separatists. many of the ukrainian government say that that would potentially give russia to greater hand in ukrainian affairs. meanwhile, the ukrainian presidents determination to eventually get nato membership for ukraine continues. and that is something that the russian president seems determined to stop char strap on his era of the car. and kegan stone, security services, all saying they fall the queue, at least 15 people are being detained, including politicians and former officials. they're accused of trying to state a violent protest to disrupt the upcoming election. take a stand presidents, are there jeff, at all? is expected to maintain his grandfather power after the parliamentary vote on sunday critics of his job for off of suppressing descent. while same bas ravi is in the capital, bish kick where he spoke to a politician running against the ruling party. blinded by
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a child who disease thus done, cash have struggled with depression at an early age. the pursuit of knowledge, he says, saved him and led him to a career as a lawyer, once a member of the party overthrown by curtis jones presidents, other jaffar of the acting m. p, is now running for parliament as an independent much more his campaign slogan. i see the truth a play on his disability suggests he has not lost his sense of humour and perhaps a jab at the current leadership. he may be blind, but even he is able to see the people's real problems. when you my plan in social media is just like tv. you can do a good night table. you can make appeals from social media, but you will not lead your waters to the ballot boxes. that is why personal contact the moment when you are chatting with the potential voters, it betters the chances that this water will come and work for you in a system that has for years run on political favortism. thus done walking,
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the beat makes him a rare breed the election for a new parliament is only a few days away. but walking around the capital, bish tech, you wouldn't be able to tell. this is the lowest level of public activity this country has ever seen before. a vote. now that may be down to a nationwide case of what some experts are calling political fatigue. this is after all, the 4th round of poles. this country is conducted in a year. political heat from opposing forces is also noticeably milder. descent has been muffled by obligations of corruption, opposition activists and leaders are out of the country or in prison. and front runners that are likely to fill parliamentary seats largely back the president. japira has not been as heavy handed as previous leaders, but has cracked down on political opponents, intimidated critics and pass laws to weaken press freedom things. he said he would not do the public promises that make him popular. his critics say, are a cover for the same corruption of past governments. many fear the elections will
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be followed by hostility, newspaper. you can take some interest. i have no doubt that's going to have a history shown us that such dictators as the current government, white for elections only to strengthen their vertical power. as soon as i have enough support, as soon as they have the parliament and the courts in their hands, they will intensify. the fight against us voter turn is going to be an important indicator of the health of democracy in correspond. and after years of ballads cast out of fear, under pressure or for payment turn out this time is expected to be extremely low. they in basra, the odyssey rubbish keck finch fishermen are trying to block marine traffic in the town of cali. now they're protesting against post breakfast fishing arrangements. the u. k is giving few licenses to french vessels after his departure from the european union. but countries have been involved in a long running dispute over the right to fish and a territorial waters. and in a separate but related development, frances council meeting with the u. k. aimed at tackling people smuggling in the
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english channel. it comes off to prime minister barak johnson, criticize differential authorities that are handling the migrant crisis, at least $27.00 people drowned off the french coast on wednesday. the other concerns the new gander about armed groups from neighboring democratic republic of congo coming into refugee camps. he is going to government said the allied democratic forces were defeated and pushed out of the country. but that little seems to be the case. catherine saw reports now from the town of book. wonder. now you go to the border with the d. c, where the police told down to 0 that they've dismantled what they are calling domestic terrorist cells. mohammed, she gone to was a major in the, you've got an army. he was killed in 2015. he was one of several former commanders of the allied democratic forces. rebel group were integrated into the military
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after seeking amnesty. his reader tells us before his death to going to had been scared and expressed fears about people trying to kill him. work a table, you know, when he died we started hearing that the adf was targeting, if one who had left them under the government, maybe they thought he had secrets he was giving to government adf, has its roots in weston, uganda. it was kicked out by the military in 2001 and set up basis in eastern democratic republic of congo. security forces here blamed the group for a number of assassinations. and recent attacks were civilians were killed and others injured. they have intensified patrols and surveillance in the city in areas bordering d. r, congo. they say the rebels have increasingly been recruiting young ugandans into their ranks. after these young children, you affirm recruiter, it's insightful over it, find ways of smuggling them out of the country into the dnc after they've been
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hardened into the willingness of committing absolute violence against your guns when they get to where we're bumped into the country. the re emergence of the adf in uganda. so many years after the group was pushed out of this part of their winds, or mountains, is worrying many, including refugees from the d. r congo escaping attacks by the fighters in a region troubled by rebel groups. darville of congo lees form across the border in the eastern democratic republic of congo. come to this reception center every day because of the conflict in not cable province and a tory, some of those we talk to say the a fling from adf rebels. come by. le corley fled from the outskirts of benny in north keeble province. he's concerned about a possible infiltration of a deer fighters in camps for refugees. powers of
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a finer probably cannot protect our families. we cannot go to the farm to do in walk. people are living in fear, in villages. they are binding vehicles on the roads. i feel has claimed the most recent attacks in the name of its central african administrative division, which the adf is believed to be a part of police and military commanders say they have everything under control, but also not ruling out the possibility of more attacks. katherine sawyer al jazeera weston, uganda. ah, you're watching all desert with me. so rom, the reminder of our top stories. belgium has confirmed europe's 1st case of a highly mutated crone of iris, very and 1st identified in south africa. the world health organization as meeting behind closed doors to assess the risk.


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