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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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ah, it's been described as the largest open air museum in the world. now egypt hopes the countries of rich archaeological past will also play a role in the countries economic future. cartier low. this of the yan al jazeera, ah, your ga 0 with me. so rama reminder of our top stories. belgium has confirmed europe's 1st case of a highly mutated crone of iris barriers 1st identified in south africa. the world health organization is meeting behind closed doors to assess the risk. a growing number of countries are suspending air travel to and from southern africa while introducing tougher quarantine rules. no, they include the u. k. the netherlands at hong kong. the president of the you was at all i travel suspended between european countries affected by the variant. it is now important that all of us in europe act very swiftly,
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decisively and united. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in southern african and other countries affected. to limit the spread of the new variant on air travel to these countries should be suspended. they should be suspended until we have a clear understanding about the danger posed by this new variant. news of the new current virus, our entire st global, market's falling. you or stocks were done on friday, after reopening from thanksgiving. and european shares are set for their worst self and a year fears the new very good means further locked downs of lead to investors, pulling out of at risk industries. oil prices of it a 2 month low either because prime minister, they are mad as visiting soldiers fighting rebels on the front line in the north. according to state television,
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he told reporters that the armies morales high an enemy forces have been pushed back. tpl f rebels began their events from the dry region earlier this year, their advance and sparked fears. the group and its allies could reach the capital at isabella france as canceled a meeting or with the u. k. aimed at tackling people smuggling in the english channel. it comes up to prime minister boris johnson, criticized the french authorities for their handling of the migrant crisis, encourages certain security services on saying they foiled a q attempt at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials. they're accused of trying to stage a violent protest against the results of parliamentary elections. if one of those headlines on our website at our dessert dot com, i'll be back with more news here in half an hour next it democracy may be i
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lose. ah ah ah political look at me be a really be yeah. most of the most was i don't know if we could meet the vote or know if you can see that i'm almost out. i meant there are people that i'm also associate out of the stuff up all of my country lisa.
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let me see. i'll come into my to the me the next week and may have course alex the only way. you'd like him to richard. no. say almost. but if i ran the bottom, then my net, i needed the say licks you're not he no,
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but i noise does outdoors that is seen or less seen a hasty to she honest giving a line the catalyst kumasi almost masters number me into geron. not the name was alex eunice, not little know disassembled, daniel jeremy. no, alex eunice for can no, no. what else? let him or could i ship on? amazon closes. acela's course as potent also tells me is most seen can naveen the lame bung. ah, india, wendy. every man a mitchell with him as important as he's given the went on money to money. but in essence with much less was he that is that at the out of the yearly, like getting
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a liquid. thus i'll update us on our case. hailey, hailey hill. no at the in the last day monday, asking easy elementary for implant gospels locally here with paper game books on that. and i sent with keys on the for the medical respite medicine van dolah, this is eunice k settlement out in karen. so this eve, us bought all our losses to paula that you know, on thursday we call toyota moses deceased him my legal viola. not even intersect. go to the level of him. the chairman, b, b and con. mia con. they more possible the goal was like where works towards the only,
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i mean mass us oh, good with i'm which has my native seamless kid could he may not of any sales have but he st that yes, mr. garzo this i put another minute where i was in this dilemma. disney, jr, as it can be 2 d of book or pu, a known at gwinnett mass go and their mother valencia come when the rest of me chuck and wind raced at me, he called. but every year this me luncheon acela's was because his 17 though they were status for him. that like len this dina, all went up as could leader coordinate with him.
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i've either they said, but it's he, those we have either young ladies that have been disc witchard this i'm basically stress but i'm not certain sad and then you can even order gandhi, so if you me smoke up inside in it will be a no b, children and isn't that says, ah ah, a gentleman from a dish when i shook us up any medical center matter months. i model. so i mean voice message in almost in your kitchen publish scenario. i'm not sure. yeah. not sensible. yeah,
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most of them are some similar type sunray as an interesting question with any bosky i must because i want to thank every up on what they don't know, but another must have been to better jacob bands out, especially because so little butch, to live and my with our white me ah with ah, i see that this plan in most all the work if we must i believe i you that you can not move up on it a
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with ah no more near your move on me hold a minute. campbell, but we live in a month. yeah. young. lucky luck with the yeah. final, you know, scramble even though it's a lot a month. ah. he's on the list. hadn't myra, from iraq one came about was gonna follow moving. i think you'll be going out. that is, yeah, i think i see already. i mean that they use them in the of influences. yeah. the uniform, they're gonna seek with bay, alabama with the damage on the go by you and see me. you understand your middle regional lucy up with hey
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ah ah, looking through every way in the a get it on this you can be added to my less go says answers my ah, our just them was have landed another things i we love you day and then this year 2 as 2 years and years ago, but as he knocked to us is day while in vs when they see the most into those ah, yeah, my mom and you moved to be on kind of are you are there? yeah, go said and almost even with going on was corpse weighed before she called.
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she said it in the summertime, i did mail stella a month for us to pay that. i used to live only tell you that that be a new job either i get i get them both for myself. i am not in the pony step to lock in the oven. yeah. and you get beat out by law a couple to school. so i wanted to get lots of this, i've got a jacket on the get go, my mother get on best of just almost an a c. so like i know with most casual liskey models was
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come your new pass in discussions a little better. now felt almost being in the who i could get my role. so i k, the wound up in front of the who i could call gabrielle this adult. yeah. in pu. so it happens. i'm in till they lost my yoda special. no, my, you ordered the same bus at then, can you get here on and get on? not almost as seamless and geron. no, my pamela, can't. the 11th, i mean to leave it on. if we is in cl meant the board let the fafsa barrel in may be up. i'm in p, i step process will be knowing a link. i got the key and this is the one going to see in the pull that quality coin recycle money. there are a lot of time in the human since you don't easily society old billy cyrus pur,
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people spot our number i moister us and went to represent dentist and what's totally that is he conclude must not for that sheet any bas wants to know to me there have been sadness that is the window just explore. some was the worst government this intensive chit and this. but i won't lose my job as conway to gant this once. you know, under the wireless ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah,
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ah. was gonna speak with him, but if once you're no one find out a gun, he said alice, when this kid is, she'd get thought i left this. is she on a scheme back then? i like when, when you at the ymca had done my that board. so the most carry them with chair i assembly is a lot of i know mussing both on the case a load going to the level got lim cleared it in a 2nd. even less forgot. does good noise. so noise that underneath you go to before you go see no, because heck, the wendy scuse and his get didn't get rid, go, go more like when, when he had to go to any send those separate come vehicles as kinessa this graham was danica said, grampian that's all that's all by will needs. did he get where will stop?
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i will. neither in critical point is always generally i most, i think we'll see noise almost, amelia yet i'm, if i'm in a i'm of the i'm with whom i spoke with jack while give him a few items familiar with globally because normal game often is deplorable or gable because this woman, i can do this with a that one of those a soon. ok that, that'd be done. oh, look with that moment.
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mm hm. is he stammered what he quoted an he say i said go my son. i then move grass, you edict that. you own anymore, could i see? i re i can add add on or not, but it keeps you on the front end. the little gaze. lab bullied ticker burnout laconia better than being a bi corey internet and stuff. for tomas, they will be at m o. k c and been salvo, he santa that he so there's in those unsafe event goes to who's a susan danica. we can joke which mind ah, anymore. they look at the nature and it's when a shampoo damian, they go more say boy they a, b b, e. so would it be vive no, i love you accessing cost is yes. got it,
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man. i was in it. he started me to work on an audio there minute ago and spent there's a lot, okay. there's a lot better than what i spoke to you last year and some of the general of my credit score in it. don't be in love with my unit. so i don't ask, you know, then, last i'll be rudy up but i will. portable, nick? i mean it's pretty accurate though. marty gets pretty in here for the most up in the and where to get quite a most of them thought by ease going in lundy stops. you're not a bad kid, but she's in the pastoral cream and normal. nice the roadway and then the the him to get there. he didn't say you see and the lady a low mileage is a look at be may or not, but as summer. yes, of course, but i don't know. she's still the more grassy
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a but i don't want to stay is fatal but i didn't like the little boy the go may i don't know if the new sentiment that they polish me to dumber than a custom made up or which as much as my son none of them were and then the that the is rarely read that some other scenes they did last year that they may not get out. diana to my little chair they they and they now my limitless 3rd a little share. i'm not i son, i don't buy me when i
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show those. i see a mom nice. yeah. marcia wilson really that his family may be in the museum. most ne, they him also south florida. so they get them moving up at us on not those don't know who those that were most. yeah, no me was they will, they will shadow my bullet also i believe. * * the use
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in my hand, or that will we're not entered on asian shambler, gladto the r e. they will not. he's been a bit better. go see, do i go in context and on the i'm not that i may tell them which includes devious e good. ok. no, not that they are more so you know, they've been saturdays job. i hope they get my name to where they will more than one for my buddy. he checked on for me and my got into the no, no the be any list that'll he them in they'll know they'll be out there for my defendant is it will be an gamino pain, sab, or you might, you know, put them, which is cornelius, on which is okay, does better. okay. and amanda said that he so he said, well i put up with
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a list that you'd have the money. i can only start entirely alone context on my little one cumberland, netflix or 2 and they let him open. i see. okay. see the end is a, there's a lot by labrons in new york, 114 little bit where little when have eastern you've been in business in id is k. so noise, look, if that was a, the in the know in don't is la la, the man back is his dad. was he done this badly? that a, i mean, bill i was, i blow, you know, sometimes blows. you know, i last, i lose. i love the finance you gain in dallas. well, we'll just go see a little less in indiana isn't yes. but if you don't back the stuff they're more that i see is easier than many, many more garcia. well, let's go left in this in the him as a seam, brands yours. well, i'm in, they're going to the us in woman. believe me trick on isn't point though i hugo in 3rd place. you, anthony says i is a little more liberal to cynthia medical picking it up and get it done this as a vianza get medical if that's on living in the us. yours or british those me
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target and i got a living do that. okay, i got blood work, got it. i got several melita, las boy las colinas brussel got by the day, little so in was good getting this is than in. was that other but it's in does your income of yet mothers that live on property? that is that those i was given this number to have good that are welcome you miss this is like or jim is the, the in must get other in look years with ah, valencia there. my politi going to go. no michel existing. make equal manase on case as domain to court rope. nope. all. there was baldwin. allah. my miracle mom did not just i must rehear loper. go get any more rec or whatever widget on those.
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whatever ah ladder. legendary luck group, jennifer. this is alga. casey, jim provided, lemme know the nato asking if he got up where equally going on this. but is, it is going to come in sellersburg. lemme ah, blackwood hopes, young boy who he can is in i just come and got you see. and he said that he sent them at dba laguna, but kissane's ahead of his customers. it asks me yes or no kidding you can get get . but again, a soon as an article money that you know by now, korea, since young it's, you know, la la format and gonna say, yoga i so is that them in deepening
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with mean dna give the middle isn't really that good when the entering the standard. but it's intended riders that govern and the control. no. so trust yours is really good and can be, you know that the gold them in which i can think it must be to be honest. community boardington that if it said one of the mac address. yeah. but okay, well at that element they let been up what a good, but i know something in the feca boys viewed, i don't know, garcia. ready where they started going see, and it weighs 20 data lowered sandwich that you can deploy, but there are more more just give them the way they get to come. you know, a lot was again, push it out if i
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use ah ah seen video this he said as video to gay sophia, that his bonus gift will to those 3 different book. as you see most soci customer in look at it here as well. no matter yet, i just, they speed it all meant that because song last week in existence was time in the europe in which i think you must be inside. look,
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a lot of you have the must be natal booking. americans economy cause a lot of you have the v as in north ramos as a daddy already so soon brought up a lot. a lot of cooper assume the noise took leave you alone. oh, good. okay. bother. yeah. they goes to read is they they're there. they will good as you come. yeah. no, no money born area or nobody bought a gay is on america. yes. down more more that that hotel by left, by next year. ah, ah ah
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ah ah, he's doesn't labels but i leave my they wanna a for money for it and they will be in boise in implicit. the good eat, because more for it is now he has good because a man under laconia is in my monday l'esperance or no there be guest omby, the end, or e guest, belo chandler. the idea is that i been gone. he now this will head those good with caesar. mentors are responded that i say when i don't is getting done you is, i'll go get think, i mean, i'm booky to my son. indeed. get enoch asserted as a way of looking at it. boy what it wegolook and does says inch and st antigens to read. there's their god that of his own as column. we mean ema beto good aim was gay. busy is the l men did on the leper levered at them?
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look at us. yes. code i d as in dog. yeah. ah, ah ah. is done
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with a lot of the stories that we cover a highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do. ah . phase of a new cobit very into prompting, widespread travel restrictions from southern african countries and sending stock market into free fall. ah ha ha robin, you're watching out. is there a lot more headquarters here in doha, also coming up on the front lines. ethiopia is prime minister visits troops battling t p l. a. fighters in the northeast also from migrant crisis to political crisis.


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