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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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for algae 0 rate with no, he belgium becomes the 1st european country to confirm a new corona, virus variant assigned to say, could make vaccines less effective. ah, logan come, i'll santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera started as a migrant crisis. now war of words, france canceling talks with the u. k over how to deal with those, trying to cross the english channel. also in the news target sounds, government says it's foil. the qu, days before, parliamentary elections,
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foreign owned companies in democratic republic of congo, are accused of exploiting and abusing their minors. ah, the breaking news out of belgium and the last hour is that the country has confirmed one case of the new corona virus. variance is the 1st time we've seen it in europe. as nations world wide rushed to impose new traveled restrictions. this was announced by virology to works closely with belgium's public health authorities . his name is mark van ross. he says one sample was confirmed as the novel sch out varying to be 11529, returning traveler from egypt. and that was returning on the 11th of november. so what's that 15 days ago and 1st symptoms? 4 days ago on the 22nd. that sample confirmed in the last few hours. so dominant came in berlin, keeping an eye across developments in europe. more on the swan than dominic.
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well the reality therefore is that if mac for lance is correct, then that person would have been incubating the virus for 11 days while they were free to come and go inside the restrictions that were already in place in belgium. since we know that from the 11th to the 22nd of this month, that the person concerned was back in belgium. so we also understand that the person concerned was unvaccinated, which will obviously raise its own questions for the medics and ministers who will be analyzing what has been discovered, trying to work out what effect this might have on the vaccination strategy. and indeed on the management of cove, it strategy that's in place, not just in belgium, but across the you. the interesting thing is that said, other reports suggest that 2 individuals were had suspicious findings as it were in their system. but obviously the one confirmation is the one that you
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referred to there, which should be increases by mark from glanced, who works with the c n sooner. public body in belgium that's looked at as it were, looks after the tabulation of results and that sort of thing. these ivy covert dominick them in some other developments in germany, wanna talk about the air force flying coven, 19 patients to other parts of the country. to reduce pressure on hospitals, just have a quick listen to germany's acting health minister the been estimates in for the 1st time during this pandemic, we will be forced to transfer around 100 intensive care unit patients with in germany. also with the help of the german air force situation is dramatically serious. never before during this pandemic, has it been so serious in every time and were spoken to you a lot dominic about the situation in germany and just the past few days in the last week. every time that seems to be this new layer added in the german official sounds, very serious. yeah,
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they couldn't get much more serious or what it would seem without wishing to use too many superlatives here. but the reality is that over the course of the past 5 days, just this working week on 3 of those days, germany has established a new record 3 times for the number of cases that have been reported in the previous 24 hours. so today it's more than $76000.00. now, if you then start to drill down into where these cases are being reported. well, there are 3 states in the former east, germany, where they have had 10 percent or more of all the infections they have ever had have happened in the past week. and that's why, particularly in one state saxony, which is the stage of around 4000000 people in south eastern germany. well, there you have hospital saying we're in tree arch mode. we're trying to work out who we will prioritize and who will have to wait for treatment because there are so
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many cove in patients. that's why you hear there the can't take your health minister, mr. spahn. talking about the luftwaffe of the german air force flying in intensive care units to help out precisely because the hospitals have so many patients with cove. it, they're not sure how to proceed. that's why they need this help dominic. one more question for you, and that is on the world health organization, which has been holding an emergency meeting today in geneva. we haven't had a different definitive out of it yet. but what's been the tone of what they've been saying? one line that's come ounces. what the w it showed the deliberations of the been taking place has come from one of their spokespersons mister lint, maya, who was referring to the decision by some e u countries. and indeed, the recommendation by president funder lion of the european union, the president of the commission. that countries should try to bring in an emergency break on travelers coming to the e u, from southern africa because of this new varian that has 1st been identified there
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. the view from still in my, who represents the w h o, is that decisions such as those should be based on risk based assessments rather than some sort of knee jerk reaction rather than some sort of thought or we must do whatever we can. rather, he says that it will take some time to work out the trends. miss ability, that's his phrase there. of this new variant. and it would be precipitous. i would be too quick to impose a blanket ban on travelers coming from southern africa. that's what he has been saying, that's the only strand that i've seen so far from that w h o. meeting that is taking place. but obviously more strands will emerge from that as time goes on in the course of to day dominate cane is right across the situation. the coven situation in europe this friday. thank you, dominic. well, there has been a travel been imposed on south africa by the u. k and
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a number of european countries over this at new variant, it has driven some people to rush to the airport in south africa to get out. and many them are frustrated about it. is a big inconvenience. we had our flights booked for a week time. but we got the news from our daughter in the u. k. about 4 31 o'clock last night saying that you were going to introduce the read list. it's unfair, sun justified. it's abrupt and it's not good for tories in for south africa. we understand that this is been bringing in a lot of tories into south africa and ever seen these regulations we passed last night. people up frantically trying to get back into the u. k. you'll remember we started referring to variance by their geography, but then it may the w h i renamed of old to try to avoid stigmatizing best
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countries. so that's now why we have, of course, alpha, beta, ghana, delta, et cetera. as you say on this chart from covariance dot org little confusing way. but if we follow that greek alphabet naming system, then this new variant be 11529 would actually be called the new variant and you that is. but when visualizing variance, it's always important to remember, they are constantly evolving in scope and science. now, this is from next strain dot org sound, a little ominous. it's a global picture of the variance over the course of the pandemic. now all of these ones that you see, i'm gonna circle them here, the greens and blues here, those are all del, for on. there are inefficiently 3 delta strains easily. it is the most prevalent and, and long lasting. and i'll just get rid of those, and we'll go a little further down and you will see these other blue and purple ones. gamma is their alpha is there, and beta is there. they sort of piece it out. but then we have 21 k here. this little red dot, which is our new variant. that's the global view. but if we switch to an africa
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focus, you see here, same red dot a bit bigger. it's growing. and as i'm saying, it is potentially the worst so far, fine to say it has around 30 different mutations, which is twice as many as the delta variance had spoke with helen rece, chair of the w. h. o regional immunization technical advisory for africa. he says, scientists still don't know enough about the site is very and to stop sounding. the alarm genetics develops in south africa, has been outstanding throughout this whole pandemic period. and that's why we've been able to identify when changes occur. and we also supporting from national surveillance program, many of the neighboring countries and getting specimens. and so that we can also evaluate, we must be quite careful the fact that we are able to identify changes quickly is good news, good news for the world. but we must be careful that we just then jumped the conclusion of what about equals, it came from here,
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it came from there. and it means that this or that we need to understand much more about this. i would also just say one other thing to scientist is that i think it's our responsibility to use cautious language. we're. ringback still understanding this, we are being very careful. there are many will mutations that don't seem to have had a big leap from the kinds of variance that we've seen before in the changes we've seen before. but i think using, along with language, if you're a scientist, i think the world needs to keep calm. you science have proper responses, but not create panic. but if you don't move quickly, you could find yourself in another position that we had with the delta strain. the i know people are sick of locked down, they think of restrictions and the light, but is there not a greater risk and not reacting quickly? there's a difference between using, along with language and react and quickly read quickly is a public health. and we now know what to do,
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and we have to do it. so that's because still got all the measures and face of mosque wearing distancing, ventilation. one of that is still here. but we are now going to be looking very urgently, whether we need to, once again increase our numbers are very, very low. so what we've seen as an increase in numbers up from a very low. so certainly we are acting very quickly at the national level. and i think globally, joe and the world is right to, to look quickly at this. busy but then i think we need to be sensible. what is the evidence that we have about this variance, and what are we worried about? we wanted about be more transmissible, and we're worried about the potential that it might be more resistant to the action of vaccines. we don't know much about it for things like to the severity. that's what we're worried about at the moment. we need to respond to that worry. and so i totally support that, but i'm saying, let's keep, let's keep the measures. we do not want to call the local panic because sanchez sound like that's sort of jumping up. we need to learn about this as we've done
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with the other very a lot more mutations doesn't necessarily mean lots and lots more bad things. we just don't know. some of these mutations haven't been seen before, we don't know what we'll do and some that we also met with with suggest, sorry, i haven't, you mentioned the vaccine say, which is obviously important while we talk about the double vaccinated and people talk about the boosters and the light, i assume that the good folks that mcdonner and find their masters in a kernel is places are constantly monitoring and developing the vaccines and changing them in line with what we learn because they just now use boosting up on a vaccine which is quote, unquote old, no, we've always known this, i mean, the vaccine development world has known this from the outset, the vaccines. we have gone to the developers to adjust the original frame that we have. and so we've always known that we, what we might well have to change vaccine. so we've been looking at things like, what's the vaccine backbone? that was a balance to rapidly change in the event that we sort of vary and that was action.
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so, so that has all been put in and for some of these technologies, we've now got the ability to modify it back in, quite frankly, it is, it's already there. and what we would need to do 1st is to identify more about this, this very and so we would know if we need to modify the vaccines in the future. what, what would we need to modify in them? and what would we need to target? and then you very in the news ahead, a senior official from finance governing council tells us the are the prime minister of delta. hum dog. actually back october. it's mandatory. take over ah ah hello there, let start in south asia and it continues to be
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a very wet picture in the south of india and for sri lanka we've got warnings out for heavy rain once again across town will not do an under pradesh. we could see further flooding in places like chin i and that's thanks to the north east and one soon enhancing that rain by the time we get into sunday, it's going to push into places like carola and that rain will move into more sensual areas. but the further north we go, the dry it remains new delhi, seen the temperature climb into the high twenty's, but the air quality here remains hazardous to some a story for pakistan, lots of sunshine, but unhealthy air quality as well as for nepal, come on, do seen equality remain unhealthy as well, but for the north east corner, it's looking rather settled as it is for much of east asia. we've got high pressure in charge for much of china and the korean peninsula look at that sunshine. there it is. going to get wet to however, for the south, we've had rain in taiwan as we going to sunday. that's going to push into coastal
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areas of east and china and remains rather wet and wintery for japan. but look at that, it does ease by the time we get into sunday, 14 degrees in tokyo, that's your update. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results. great followers won indonesia whose terms bore me. we moved the pool to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy week, the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me part when denise is growth and progress, invest in indonesia. now, lou
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ah, on al jazeera, these are the top stories since scientists are concerned about a new corona virus variant detected in south africa, which could spread more easily and be more resistant to vaccines. belgium's become the 1st european country to confirm a case growing list of nations including the u. k. israel and the philippines of imposed travel restrictions. the german air force is fine, covered 19 patience to other parts of the country to help reduce pressure on hospitals. fis on the air force is used. it's so called flying intensive care units trance has canceled a meeting with the u. k. m, to tackling people smuggling in the english channel. this is off to prime minister parts. johnson criticized french authorities for the handling of the migrant crisis . both governments were expected to work together to prevent more refugees and
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migrants from dying while trying to cross the channel. these $27.00 people drowned off the northern french coast on wednesday, ged, strategic to do as it could be. i spoke 2 days ago with prime minister barak johnson's in a serious manner, but on my end, i seek to continue doing as i do with any country in any head of state. i'm surprised by methods and they are not serious ones. if you don't communicate from a leader to another on these matters via tweets and letters, you are making public. we are not whistleblowers. come on, pull. brennan are following the source in the british coastal town of dover. mean pull. you would hope that humanity would chum politics, but at this point it seems political deadlock is thea, the top story. almost indeed nothing. quintanilla needs. just be careful about the nuance here as well. it's not that francis could as cancel the meeting with britain . the meeting is going to go ahead on sunday this meeting, this gathering of france, belgium, the netherlands, and the european commission. it will go ahead. it was initially supposed to have the u. k there at the table,
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but france has essentially disinvite it uninvited. the british home secretary, pretty patel, because of this row over the way that boris johnson has gone about publicizing via social media. that the letter that he wrote to president micron on thursday night. you heard there the exasperation of president micron, saying this is not how we conduct diplomatic business. and what it seems is that britain is always trying to bounce france into allowing a go into accepting the proposals that britain wants to see in order to try to combat the migrant su, am specifically the issue of joint patrols between involving british, a police and army potentially on french beaches to try to stop these boats putting to see now as early as wednesday evening that was being rekindled, suggested and the french were pushing back on. they say no, that's a crazy idea. and as a small matter of sovereignty, which you british would know from your breakfast debase. and yet the british
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repressed but pursuing this an ongoing pretty patel. i mentioned it in parliament on thursday. and then on thursday night, this letter from boris johnston to president macklin made a fall request for joint patrols. and by issuing it simultaneously on social media, it had the effect of always seeming to try to bounce the french into agreeing it. and it didn't go down well and it has backfired desperately. so what we have is a situation where the debate about what to do will go on there will be a meeting on sunday. britain will not be at the table. and in the meantime, hundreds of migrants are still waiting to try to risk their lives. trying to cross this treacherous stretch of water pull brennan is reporting from dover on the english course. thank you. pull lease from australia began patrolling the streets of honey ira in the solomon islands. after 2 days of rioting, dozens of peacekeepers was sent off to a request from prime minister manassas, without a protest or angry about the prime minister's decision to 7 diplomatic times with taiwan. and instead normalize relations of china,
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and they accused the government of corruption and letting foreign workers take local jobs. the deputy head of sedans, governor council told out 0 that last month military takeover was the best option to stop what he calls a spiraling crisis. general mohammed hum done that gallery is also known as humidity, says the move is discussed with all parties, and that includes the prime minister of the landmark from say it over here. what happened on october 25th was the ultimate outcome of a long process. since that changes started in sudan during such process, many discussions were made. and many initiatives were proposed by various parties, the prime minister himself proposed to initiative. and during our meetings and the transitional partners, counsel all the sovereignty council, with the cabinet of ministers, we made maximum effort. but we couldn't reach a breakthrough. and at that point, we were left with 3 options. the best of which was the move we had taken, who was,
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it was completely agreeable to the prime minister himself of the work we did not make such a move on our own. russell said has been speaking exclusively to key political figures as efforts have been made to bring back civilian rule. he explains what might happen next incident. people have been asking whether really the prime minister of the lamb duke was aware of the call, or was a part of the call of the admitted to take over into come to not. and when i into waived, mr. hum, duke. i asked that question, what are you aware of that some people say that you were part of it. he very clearly am vague term and they said that he did not know that the military takeover is coming. he could somehow some, he was suspicious of that, but definitely it happened. it didn't happen with their consultation with him. but now the deputy chairman of the 70 council of sudan and the head of the rapids support was the strongest. the region of the army says that actually they have
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discussed with the prime minister of the law duke as well. and that he need the military take over 3 years to the day that it took place. so it is quite a bold one. will see what mr. luke is going to say regarding these allegations, but definitely it will have that occasion because as you mentioned that he was on how to, how there is when they were negotiating a deal. and people who are already the question his independence. but he said that he's going to be fully independent, and now off there, there is legation. people are going to question more, he's less to see more. and that is definitely going to make his job quite tough and also could potentially support anger among the people who are already will pause in this deal. and iran police have been firing pellet guns and t a gas that people protest against water shortages. this video is posted on line showing a number of people injured in the city of it's for han protestors who are mostly
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farmers. of course rely and water to make a living and have been demonstrating for weeks now. around there has been suffering from chronic drop for more than 20 years. and still with iran, the top nuclear negotiator there says talks in vienna will fail of sanctions and not lifted late. but he was also asking washington for guarantees that it won't leave any future agreement. iran's new government is due to hold its 1st talks with international powers over its nuclear program on monday. and target some security services. the thing if for to an attempted coup, at least 15 people have been didn't have detained, including politicians and former officials. they're accused of trying to stage a violent protest against the results of parliamentary elections. now characters on president south to jump it off is expected to maintain his grip on power. after sunday elections. critics accuse him of suppressing defense, labor throbbing, his capital biscuit. he's been speaking to a politician who is running against the ruling party. blinded by a child who disease thus unbecoming,
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have struggled with depression at an early age. the pursuit of knowledge, he says, saved him and led him to a career as a lawyer, once a member of the party, overthrown by curtis jones presidents, other jaffar of the acting, and he is now running for parliament as an independent read his campaign slogan. i see the truth a play on his disability suggest he has not lost his sense of humour and perhaps a job at the current leadership. he may be blind, but even he is able to see the people's real problems. when you might. so planning, social media is just like tv you can recognize about you can make appeals from social media, but you will not lead your waters to the billet boxes. that is why personal contact the moment when you are chatting with your potential voters, it better the chances that this water will come and work for you in a system that has for years run on political favortism, thus done walking, the beat makes him a rare breed the election for a new parliament is only
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a few days away, but walking around the capital, bish cat, you wouldn't be able to tell. this is the lowest level of public activity this country has ever seen before. a vote. now that may be down to a nationwide case of what some experts are calling political fatigue. this is after all, the 4th round of poles. this country is conducting in a year. political heat from opposing forces is also noticeably milder. descent has been muffled by allegations of corruption, opposition activists and leaders are out of the country or in prison. and front runners that are likely to fill parliamentary seats largely back the president. japira has not been as heavy handed as previous leaders, but has cracked down on political opponents, intimidated critics and pass laws to weaken press freedom things. he said he would not do the public promises that make him popular. his critics say, are a cover for the same corruption of past governments. many fear the elections will be followed by hostility. the newspaper, you could get some interest,
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which i have no doubt that's going to have history shown us that such dictators as the current government, white for elections only to strengthen their vertical power. as soon as i have enough support, as soon as they have the parliament in the court in their hands, they will intensify their fight against us. voter turner is going to be an important indicator of the health of democracy in correspond. and after years of ballots cast out of fear, under pressure or for payment, turn out this time is expected to be extremely low. they in basra, the odyssey rubbish keck farmers in india. so they will continue protesting. despite the government's announce the announcement that it will withdraw its controversial agriculture laws, their marketing, the 1st anniversary of their protests against that legislation. rights groups are accusing foreign owned mining companies in democratic republic of congo of widespread abuse including physical beatings. malcolm web has been looking at that story from called worthy and love a province. just
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a warning that his report does contain some disturbing images. jaron colombo went to work as normal on the 11th of october. his family haven't seen him since. he was a truck driver. it's an industrial cobalt mine that belongs to a chinese company here in a democratic republic of congo. his wife to traumatize, to talk about it. gerard's brother, john patrick was told about what happened by another worker. because my pharaoh van his truck broke down into mine at around 3 30 in the morning. he reported it on the radio, invaded for help. when his colleague arrived later and opened the truck cabinet, found only his heart had his shoes and blood and other work his film, what they saw in a mobile phone. she don't, they saying you chinese of slaughtered him. whereas his body days later, this video was circulated on social media work of films, 2 men wearing the minds uniform and accuses them of burying a body. it left gerad,
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somebody wondering if it was him. they went to ask the mine, they said the managers gave them $500.00 and this signed paper stating that the money was the morning. but they didn't answer any questions. this is where sharon worked. the company's called sick. i mean, it didn't respond to our request for comment. it's one of several state back chinese companies that have bought most of the cobalt mines. gerad disappearance is just the latest of many allegations of abuses committed by foreign mind managers. mind minerals make up almost all of congo. is that force? and here the city of coal lazy is in the heart of exist beslee for cobalt for a mining company that a lot more wealth from it. the most of the work is here and there's a feeling among many mine is that some of the forum work is simply don't care about the right of people. i guess the social media video shows
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chinese manages ordering commonly soldiers to be men who tried to steal rocks with cobalt for which demand is soaring for its use in electric vehicles. well, the provincial governor told us she's cracking down on miss treatment in mind. when i saw one of the week i've been beaten. you can ask, i'd make my decision disjointed. these people was been arrested. there was in prison. the arrest was well publicized rights groups say they were discreetly released soon after liberty did it. the state authorities are very weak in the face of chinese economic and political enter it up to the chinese companies have ministers and m p. 's in on their deals. this makes them very powerful and uncontrollable john and his brothers meet almost every day by the court house in co wavy to check on the public prosecutors investigation into jarrett disappearance.
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they say the delays and excuses just keep coming. they wore it, they'll never be justice gerad, but they keep seeking it. there's nothing else they can do. malcolm, web al jazeera co ways, the democratic republic of congo. ah, exactly, hop on the wrong, jesse are, these are headlines, belgium becoming the 1st european country to confirm a case of the new corona virus very. and this one detected in south africa. scientists are already concerned, it could spread more easily and could be more resistant to vaccines. there was a growing list of countries including the u. k. israel and the philippines, who have all imposed travel restrictions in germany. the air force is flying coven patients to other parts of the country, trying to reduce pressure on hospitals. germany faces record the current of virus and.


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