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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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rone of iris pandemic has made things worse. oh, it's been described as the largest open air museum in the world. now egypt hopes the country's rich archaeological past will also play a role in the country's economic future. katya lucas lujan al jazeera. ah, this is all 0. these are the top stories. scientists say there was a new corona, virus variant detected in south africa, could spread more easily and could be more resistant to vaccines. a growing list of countries including u. k. israel and singapore of imposed travel restrictions, the w h o says it'll take a few weeks to determine exactly how easily spread the new variances. we don't know very much about this yet. what we do know is that this variant has a large number of mutations. i'm in the concern is that when you have so many mutations that can have an impact on how the virus behaves. so right now,
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researchers are getting together to understand where these mutations are in the spike protein in the fear and cleavage site. and what that potentially may mean for our diagnostics are therapeutics and our vaccines. i would say we have concern, but i think you would want us to have concern. ah, and i want the viewers to know that we have people who are on this francis council meeting with the u. k. aimed at tackling people smuggling in the english channel. and comes after prime minister ballast johnson criticized the french authorities for their handling of the migrant crisis. while french fishermen have blocked access to the euro tunnel on channel ports there, protesting against post briggs at fishing arrangements. the deputy head of sedans governing council says last month's military takeover was the best option to stop what was becoming a spiraling crisis. general mohammed hummed, under gallow, told out 0 in an exclusive interview, that all parties would aware of the option of
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a military intervention. and the prime minister accepted the plan but he said soldiers from australia have arrived in hon, yada in the solomon islands to help local authorities restore peace. protesters who set fire to buildings during demonstrations against what they believe is growing chinese influence. because the sun security services say they fall, what they call a coup attempt at least 15 people to be detained, including politicians and former officials, farmers in india, they continue protesting, even though the government says it will withdraw controversial agricultural laws. and mocking the 1st anniversary of the demonstrations against the legislation. farmers demanding better returns for the crops. those are the headlines. the news continues here on, on 0 after inside story, goodbye. ah,
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tension is going in a field. yeah, to right rebels are they're all i say they're advancing towards the capital. prime minister has joined the battlefield and many countries have told their citizens to leave. so well addis ababa for and what would that mean for a few p as future? this is inside story. ah hello, welcome to the program, hush him a holler. if he appears year long conflict in the north is whitening to engulf it's a 115000000 people in the civil war. hundreds of volunteers are being listed to
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join the fight. the encouraged by prime minister abbey, i am at announcing who will leave the battle against the rebel alliance from the front lines. international and regional leaders are calling for a cease fire to allow a political solution. but even with thousands of people killed by the conflict, both sides are beating the drums of war. the roots of the conflicts between the national army and rebels intake re go back decades. the to great people's liberation front or to be a laugh dominated, if european politics for nearly 30 years, despite its members making up just 6 percent of the population. but that changed when prime minister abbey a metric power in 2018. the t p a last rejected his attempt to centralize government and unite ethnic base political parties. and soon after tea, gray and rebels were cues of attack in an army base in the north. and the prime minister sent in the army says, november last year,
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the to peer laugh and other groups have formed an alliance against prime minister abbey a hammered. and now they say, they have their eyes on the capital, addis ababa? ah, we will talk to our guest in a moment, but 1st let's go to czar. dig albert aha. his if he appears minister for democratization and he joins us from addis ababa. besides eric, thank you for joining us. prime minister abbey armored is in the fall line, leaving the fight against a growing forces. could you give us a sense of what's happening on the ground? and the federal government is on a similar collision and dean's office line. in order for me to throw that on there, they are, losing commanders are in disarray, following our claims to serve position to resolve me from the for class that it was in the morning harkwriter saw things are to lead by the day or is doing something
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reverse it the time on our side and debate is moving big down. when you say that the tide is on your side. the, the rebels said that the capture the crucial area on the main quarry door, which is leading to the capita about 200 kilometers from addis ababa. and that is just about a matter of time before the take control of the capital. this does not seem to be good news for your army. i was saying there is simply a wishlist deem and then i think we should have a 4 or 4. there was a whole then we add capacity to defending these for any aggregation, the limit to start using big time on the receipt. and if you have,
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if you happen to have india on the ground, you could have witnesses better. so this is changing by the date, the following types of decision to drain out of me on the front line. things are changing. so the idea of capturing has been changing into it into the un chief, the u. s. special old voice of the horn of africa have been basically saying that all the parties need to stop the fighting and give diplomacy a chance. do you believe that that is still possible, a diplomatic way out of the crisis in, if you the government will be yoga, has not problems said settling any differences between the problem is affecting our cities, killing our citizens. and the way things don't happen when crimes against humanity out of been committed. the idea of the difference, diplomatic,
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and it simply again, this was on the gum. it all seem to be pretty much happy with the latest statements made by many leaders from the international committee barrier critical of the sub i in a way or another. we kind of waited, but when i was going with the us, we believe that this will come to the will coming from the name from the information we would weigh them with enough information. so that the base of the listing combination, those that are trying to port back us or them head on so that it was going to show k. if i didn't after the rest of the international committee, we believe he's but he's on our side times on our side. where on the right we are
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fighting for vehicles that have been then taken integrity, the national video of the country. and that we will need to come up with you and you're not that you have the minister of for democratization. so basically the man in charge of reaching out to the different voices of the country to bring about a vibrant democracy in the country. the people f, the old almo liberation army, are saying that instead of reaching out and building bridges with the communities, i'm a chose to consolidate his grip on power. and that he is, he could be anything but a unifying figure. and if you help you that's that's on line government, the one that fits political business, the government get a lot of and number of lows with one in draft that we the exactly and intelligence
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this government. 197.8 percent of the seat. but charles, to share its power with a number of polishing rules ranging from district level to the federal government. now they will position the member's needing figures in their position. have the kind of, there is no reason to be said government when it comes to the government having a free form that has to change the position when it comes with the vision is the right to make it any thing to be mentioned about the government that's in the democratic vision, vatike a prime minister about a year ago said that the campaign in the to gray area is going to be just a matter of a short trip before everything is settled. a year later, the tier p l f, along with the auto mall liberation army on the verge of capturing huge territory
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in if you help you with, we're now in an in a position what is going to be difficult to defeat them? are you willing, at a moment to consider power sharing did with all the different military factions operating in the field? first, that i'm from this, in this war and we have down, we will have stopped the much of that. we have in a wave, push them back in, in 4 runs, talking about one point. so if you want to see the picture, the bigger picture of these warm white actually having said that, you know, europe. yeah. for the 1st time and it was on the part of becoming a democracy, we believe anything that comes from the mother look into the women will not be a way to do it to make it a keep their attention or dream which is making your democracy. so power sharing
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this group can only get by can only be $24.00 with them. that's what it is that i'm thinking for this government, short of power with those that are planning that are getting people that are trying to be possible. mister vondik, her therapy as minister for the courses ation. thank you very much indeed for your time. and now the time for our gas, a london martin plot, fellow university of london institute of commonwealth studies and i'm for them. jeffrey kissed us giblet philosophy researcher and managers thought com website document in the war in to greg martin, you must not listen to the european melissa for democratization is basically saying that absolutely no way to negotiate with a t p l f. how do you see the,
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the crisis moving forward, particularly with the army, suffering major setbacks over the last few weeks? well, i thought what he told you was very interesting. i mean, there are 2 points that he made which are worth recalling. one is that he said that prime minister abbey won an election with 97.8 percent of the vote. i mean, do you know any genuine democracy, democratic election that has ever been won by that kind of number? i mean it, it, that it alone should tell you that there was something wrong with it. the other thing he pointed out was that they have pushed back to grands on forefront. and we're only talking about one front. but that in itself is extremely important statement because, i mean, i think it is accurate, not that they're necessarily pushing them back, but that there are 5 fronts. i mean, for the military to be have to contend with 5 separate fronts that are advancing
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towards it. or even if that they are holding them is extremely difficult. and i think that that indicates just how hard it is for the t a p in military. at the moment, debra testers is quite interesting. the spectacular rise of the t p f over this year in particular. and one of the question is basically, how did they manage to out perform out flank one of the best trained armies in the african continent? well, let's look up a little bit into how the war started. so the military was 1st d capacity dated by removing that, the gran members of the defense forces. we are talking about 70000 members of different forces. this where comparable leaders and de remove them from their defense forces at the beginning of the war. and then they came to,
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to try and integrate by the grand forces, withdrew to demand, and they viewed the army and they designated huge divisions of the media. and dan dot gave that the grand forces a lot of exercise if you will. and also a lot of weapons and ammunition and we dot, they march forward. and remember that this, if you can forces have basically, they haven't been told why they are even fighting. and they have very different introduce. they fight among the java. for example, the fight with the, if you again, different forces directly our forces have other interest as a was a fight some time. so it's just a huge assemblage, or forces that share are almost no common goal. and i think that's why they are being defeated in almost all fronts. martin,
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do you think that the involvement of the rhetoric army of the conflict was a turning point in the sense that he to rally the anti stablish meant anti at the opium army, anti or 3 and sentiment among the to ryans? well, it wasn't just the involvement of the error trends in the actual fighting and you're absolutely right. i mean, the 2 grands were hit from the north by the era trans, and by the, from the east, and from the south by the ethiopian army. and the am hora militia, plus a force. don't forget they will. also somali troops, perhaps 3 to 5000 troops that also participated. there was a huge involvement and got really interesting. now is that president of worky, the leader of area, is not involved in the war any more. now he could launch his, his military, which are still encamped along the northern part of to grey integrate. and that
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would relieve the pressure enormously on prime minister abbey, who is apparently on the front line. although we have seen no images of him on the front line fighting in the battles that his army are conducting. now if he did that, if the error transit became re involved again, it might change the shape of this war. but at the moment it's not just us. do you think that the fight over this strategic cory door, which is a vital lifeline for the sub, about 200 kilometers from the capitol, could be decisive in a way or another. it could be the way for the rebels to take over the country. on the other hand, it could pave the way for be am i to reverse all the gains for the g p l f? well that could change. i think a lot, but i don't think it's i mean it has other options as well. so it definitely is
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a big change if they capture it and i don't know data efforts to capture that. i think there have been attempts. but let's remember that the region is a very hard time flat area not suited for the type of warfare that the grant is good at. but i think the just following the highland in so far, i think we have to remember that when they have a completion is, are incredible. let's remember what the minister was saying. you know, this is going to be kind of like, you know, fine i thing and they were a snip. i did the grant forces and there's nothing new here because they have been saying the same thing when they were going to guy when they were in the world. yeah. and when they were in the most strategic cities of dessie and on boucher and it had been defeated. so i think i,
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i don't know what the government or strategy here is. and i don't know why abby thinks dyke, he can change things by going to the front. ok. and we like martin saying, we don't know if he's in the front. i think it's also possible to suspect as a things, you know, if your guess is a tradition of, you know, taking leaders as captives or like you put them in a half hours. and as a slow, a tradition of snow are cool. as we remember from the emperor, so i think we can also suspect other things, but it's, it's really clear or it's, i think reason of it assume that the government has lost the war and it's just in, it's a fine, a desperate a ditch towards us. you know, changing the advisors, but i don't see a future for them in this. not an entire army divisions were completely decimated in the past few months. the tip here life is battle. harden
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fighters, her since 1975, they been on the ground, they were key players in overthrowing the government in 91 and the rest was history . they were basically involved in every aspect of political security and military life in ethiopia. could it be the realization that should happen now within the establishment and abby that in particular the is absolutely no way to move forward or have this in a few years without that to be, although remain a minority. i mean, you're absolutely right to point out this as an issue. i mean, at the end of the day, the 2 grands are not going anywhere. if you is not going to move into a new area, so it is absolutely vital within the end all conflict and in negotiations. the question is, what the terms is that those negates negotiations will be. and they asked to be some kind of settlement that involved not just the, the 2 grands but the aroma and all the other nationalities that make up which make
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it such an extra re, rich, diverse, and wonderful country. and you know, some kind of settlement has to be achieved, but they are really only 2 visions on, on offer. there's the old imperial vision. we says that there's one country and everybody is in ethiopia. and who cares about the nationality. the other option which was offered by the 2 grands which says we are over a federation of ethnicities. and those are the 2 basic positions that everybody falls into in the end. and, you know, prime prime minister abbey started, should we say in one position, move towards the old imperial position. and i don't know how this is going to be resolved. in the end, it has to be resolved by the people of ethiopia. there's nobody else that can do it . they have to learn each other. jabber christ as do you think that the alliance between the t p l f and the overall more liberation army the i lay is
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tactical. just to defeat. be uh huh. it could turn into some things strategic that could reach out to different communities in the near future to build a new front against a b. i meant, i think it is. it's both. i believe this 2 organizations are, have a history and a relationship that good dates back, you know, to really decades ago. the only problem is that they had a very bad relationship with people. if was part of the, if you are the of coalition, unless this body relationship gets in the way, i think they are very much related in how they view, ethiopia, they are federalist is there or confederacies. so this really, if they move from that type of, you know, acrimony, i think there's a chance that they can afford a stronger and is, and they can bring
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a lot of other groups in ethiopia. let's remember that abby am it has a very small days or so he has made it impossible. you know, for this a different ethnic groups and political groups express themselves. you have only support in the obese and yamaha region. i don't think he has my support in other area. so these 2 organizations have a huge potential in bringing, you know, all these groups in the rest of it to what is the federal federal type of view and vision for ethiopia. martin, this is a conflict that could lead to the disintegration of a theo, pia, if it continues for a longer period. and yet you get the sense that the international community, the americans in particular don't seem to be really willing to move forward aggressively to bring all the parties to the day she had
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a settlement. what more would you expect them to do? i mean, they have threatened sanctions against the open. they've already brought in sanctions against the error trends. i'm not going to put troops on the ground except to evacuate their own stock from the embassy. i didn't really see what, what else the united states could do. they worked incredibly hard, prison biden have made this one of these really a major priority fame way beyond anything that president trumpeted. and, you know, at the end of the day i'm, i'm still hopeful that appear will be able to hold together of the country. there were voices in washington that said that it could disintegrate. i think that is not particularly likely unit. it would be against the everything that the african union se down for. and while it's entirely up to the people of, of, of ethiopia, to grey or mia everywhere to make up their own mind outside them. how to after i
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you know, contradict hard work. i think that if you will survive, but that's just the gut instinct. and based on looking at the past, maybe it won't job. okay, so what do you think would be the condition that would bring or the fashions to accept a political settlement. but i think we are, you know, in a new chapter here what i think should happen is, and also what the government has offered is that there would be an interim government if the abby ford that was offered, you know, nobody shaded sentiment, but it has refuse it, but after the fall they are thinking of forming an anti government and then bringing all political parties or interest groups, you need to deliver it on the future of the country. and i think this is what we can expect here is that if you're, if you're honest with the editor,
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all the different nations and, and groups in india will have the chance to really express their vision for 80 up. yeah. and on that basis, i think the future if we get there, can be decided, but there is here a little bit of a difference. i think to grade will be a we will, will demand a different treatment. to gripe believes that genocide has been committed, are appointed to grand people and i think are a friend and will be caught on to guy on ways or to guy will continue or is it your p r or not? that is what i believe so. so that, that i'm ok, so this new chapter will decide the future of europe and all events in the future will decide the outcome of what happens in a therapy at martin. 2018 people thought that this young man, a hammered, would generate momentum. take the nation into a new uncharted territory. now the sentiment is that his reputation has been
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severely dented by this conflict to the point where many think that his presence with just continue to further undermine stability in a therapy are to you. that of you. i think that he is finished. i don't think that there's much case for him continuing to play a major role. he's. he's made huge errors. i mean, you, you pointed to what he said, right? the beginning of the war, this would be a short policing operation. it would be over in a couple of weeks. he's made a huge areas. you know, frankly, the nobel peace prize was a ridiculous price to give him at that stage. but, you know, maybe the power has already actually transferred to the deputy prime minister. and maybe he is the real power in the land. now we just don't know. and you know, we'll have to see in the next few, few days and weeks walk the walk. what turns out,
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but the other priority that we haven't mentioned is absolutely vital aid gets to great. there are hundreds of thousands of people that are on the edge of starvation that cannot be allowed to happen. martin plots job request us just a really appreciate your insight. thank you. and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. i'll just see another call for further discussion with our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside saudi can also join the conversation on twitter. i'll 100 is a james. i story from the hash about about on the entire team here in don't like ah,
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with a guest with the story of a small community. in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians,
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we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's eldest lead the fight for self determination. please read lead time thinking of the not because was the same as thinking of trans government by the people on al jazeera. ah, it's just gone 1200 hours g m t here on al jazeera, come all santa maria with a check of your headlines and scientists worldwide. a concerned about a new karone virus variant detected in south africa, which could spread more easily and be more resistant to vaccines. a growing list of countries, including the u. k. israel and singapore of all imposed travel restrictions. meanwhile, the w. h. i was saying it'll take a few weeks to determine exactly how transmissible this new variance is. we don't know very much about this yet. what we do know is that this variant has a large number of mutations. i'm in the.


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