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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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miss sit at 5 degrees, it's going to feel rather chilly, that she, whether update ah frank assessments, this crisis just continue to, we're going to look a show up even though their cap see, believe them the beginning of the spectrum. informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think they should be facilitated? not sure. okay. it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel child swanson inside story on al jazeera is and less than a year. capital will host the middle east 1st. well, in preparation the country is stage in a major settlement with 16 nations going head to head in thanks purpose bill stadiums for 20 to 22 will keep you across the action as council prepared for the
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regions biggest ever sporting events. the fee for our cup on algebra. blue ah, you're on the news out here at al jazeera and these are the top stories, france as canceled a meeting with the u. k. i aimed at tackling people smuggling in the english channel. that comes off to prime minister bars. johnson criticized french authorities for their handling of the migrant crisis. been care gets down the security services, say that thought what they are calling a coup attempt at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians, and former officials. and our top story, scientists concerned about
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a new corona virus bearing detective in south africa, which could spread more easily and be more resistant to vaccines. a growing list of countries including the u. k. israel and singapore have all imposed travel restrictions. well, let's take a closer look then at this new variance and just a bit of back story 1st as well. you remember we started by referring to variance by the geography, you know, when i originated, but then in may, the w h. i renamed them all to try to avoid stigmatizing those countries. so now we have alpha, beta, gamma delta, as you say on this chart from covariance dot all little bit confusingly, if we do follow this greek alphabet naming system, then this, the b 11529 very, it will actually be called the new variant. and you and the w h, i was actually meeting in geneva in the next. now to decide if this is the variant of interest or concern. meanwhile, if we want to visualize the variance and it's always important to remember that they constantly evolve in scope and size of got this from next strain dot org,
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which sound a little bit all minutes. this is a global picture of the variance over the course of the pandemic. first of all, look at this, all of this, these green and blue say that is all delta variance. there are officially 3 delta strength that is easily the most prevalent and long lasting and then further down we'll get rid of that. we've got these sort of blue colored ones. hey, you've got your gamma than alpha and then feta down there, which is all mostly pated out. and then right down here, this little red dot 21 k. that is our new variance. but if we switch to an africa focus like this, well you see on your very and down here again, and it is definitely bigger, and it's growing. and some a saying it is potentially the worst. so far, scientists say it has around 30 different mutations which is twice as many as the delta variant had. so let's talk about those. joining us from bro bought this as of the enable him, his director of med biotech, a medical biotechnology, the bar tree. we thank you so much for your time. was this sort of thing inevitable
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variance they changed a new ones, come along and we were always going to be sort of chasing out over a little bit on this. i have to congratulate you on the explanation that you gave back to the thank you to thinking it's great to see that. so, but i think it, i came on many times on magazine actually talking about that. and there was saying that we could actually manage nicely the pandemic in our countries, but i think coming out of it would be a global thing. and i think we are seeing that we almost sure sure, actually that to the southern part of africa will be having and host in lots of very variance simply for one reason. because there is lots of immunocompromised person in south africa, namibia, a lot of countries like that because of the aids epidemic. so i think when you have
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a person that is immunocompromised, what's happened either he will be dian with the 1st phase of the colby. if he survived disperse, kind of flu like symptoms, he will be having most likely the virus for many months and a very virus will be ripley caves in duplicating itself. and by doing that, you will have more and more mutation coming out. and by the end you would be have in what we call a ryan's with the new characteristic. right? oh, and i assume that is albany lane. i'm sorry to interrupt you. that is only compounded by the low vaccination rates in africa. absolutely, absolutely. i think that's a we did lots of lobby is money on your channel. actually saying that you can not leave africa actually without vaccination because of that we operate in with our health and the half of the world than we are playing, catch 22 k. and often we might, we might come back to square a 0. so if you have lots of immunocompromised 1st and what can happen,
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one person like what's happening right now, one person can give you a new variance and his voice. now it's called actually and they're monitoring barnes and the man monitoring. and after that, you have the class upper, it's what we call the variance of interest and answer what we have is variance of concern. the worst case scenario. actually, if you gets combined the b and those are meaning that the variance will be spread in quickly. and given you and can escape actually immunity and alexi in this case, it's gonna be really, we are confronting a new ours. and would it be really a health hazard for everybody? there will be a lot of people watching this and reading about this new varied and thinking. oh my goodness, here we go again. and i will obviously be thinking, gosh, we're going to have locked downs again. we're going to have travel restrictions again, and we're already seeing those things. is it a case of though, that we must learn from the past? and that actually reacting quickly is really important here so that we don't find
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ourselves in another delta situation. exactly, i think we are a that we will have to anticipate the virus. i think we are not going to come back to actually or january 2020. but i think because we have lots of tours, we know what we are, confront him and we were talking actually about the situation before. so for me, it's not surprising. and i think for you as a surprise and either because we know if we live this population without vaccination, what can we have the huge risk to have this kind of violence. but i have to be clear so far is not the delta is not the bit, not so far. we are just looking at this variance and we see that there is more mutation in it. we have 50 mutation that we have right now. 30 in the spike. 40 and we have 10 more than to vent a, so we suspect that maybe this warrants could be escaping. but are we going to take this risk? and i think that the question that you, you are asking, and i'm asking to really good come context there from as it abraham in robust. i
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thank you so much. i really appreciate that. thank to india now where farmers say they will continue protesting despite the government announcing controversial agriculture laws will be withdrawn mocking the 1st anniversary. in fact, of their protests against that legislation. and elizabeth per item is there for us if you can hear me. all right, liz. tell us what's happening the very now with the guy that once again, what i way between the states of how you know they have occupied the campus. that was problem in the morning and power embedded the back of the modem.
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yeah, we're going to be based on tune juice you remember me guarantees asking for the group in relation is employed over the past year to be dropped the seasons and also importantly red india is due to running over the testing fall. mom
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will leave you the eating. a great job begins to let sound in the background, but it is a little difficult to hear that when maybe just for now, no ride scripts are accusing foreign owned mining company. this is in democratic republic of congo of widespread abuse including physical beatings. malcolm webb has that story now from called worthy and love a province. just a warning. his report does contain some disturbing images. jaron colombo went to work as normal on the 11th of october. his family haven't seen him since he was a truck driver. it's an industrial cobalt mine that belongs to a chinese company here in a democratic republic of congo. his wife to traumatize, to talk about it. gerard's brother john patrick was told about what happened by another worker who got my pharaoh van. his truck broke down into mine at around 3 30 in the morning. he reported it on the radio, invaded for help. when his colleague arrived later and opened the truck cabinet,
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found only his heart had his shoes and blood and other workers film what they saw in a mobile phone. she don't. they saying you chinese of slaughtered him. whereas his body days later, this video was circulated on social media work, a films, 2 men wearing the mind uniform and accused them of burying a body. it left gerad, somebody wondering if it was him. they went to ask the mine, they said the managers gave them $500.00 and this signed paper stating that the money was for morning. but they didn't answer any questions. this is where sharon worked. the company's called sick. i mean, it didn't respond to our request for comment. it's one of several state bank chinese companies that have bought most of the cobalt mines. gerad disappearance is just the latest of many allegations of abuse is committed by foreign mind managers
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. mine the minerals make up almost all of congo force and here the city of co lazy is that our civics, especially for cobalt for a mining company that a lot more wealth from it. the most of the work is here and is a feeling among many minors that some of the forum work is simply don't care about the right people. i guess the social media video shows chinese manages ordering communities soldiers to be men who tried to steal rocks with cobalt for which demand is soaring for its use and electric vehicles. when the provincial governor told us she's cracking down on miss treatment in mind, when i saw one of the week i've been beaten. you can ask, i'd make my decision, disjoined, these people was been arrested. there was in prison. their arrest was well publicized rights groups say they would discreetly released soon after he did it.
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the, the state authorities are very weak in the face of chinese economic and political interest of the chinese companies have ministers and m p. 's in on their deals. this makes them very powerful and uncontrollable john and his brothers meet almost every day by the court house in co wavy to check on the public prosecutors investigation into 0 disappearance. they say the delays and excuses just keep coming. they're worried, they'll never be justice gerad, but they keep seeking it. there's nothing else they can do. malcolm web al jazeera co ways, the democratic republic of congo, the real estate sector and nigeria bono state is on the rebound. after being devastated by years of conflict with booker, her, um, distort nearly a 1000000 homes develop hundreds of new ones and being billed every month and thousands of people are getting work. managers has that story from i do agree, the capital of nigeria born and state these work is building a housing estate
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a project due to be finished in 13 months. it's one of many, here in a degree, the capital of state. on average, the house, the liberal in the state, we are talking of maybe one toes on how the one that you've been a bit that has been delayed. but the mid month during the conflict with vocal harm that began in 2009 and estimated 900000 whom sub been destroyed and millions of people forced into refugee camps. but following renewed offensive against the i'm group by nigerian state and regional forces. com is being restored and demand for shelter going up. the real estate boom here is being fueled by the large scale construction of new homes and businesses as com is report in many parts of put in the state. and the presence of more than 40 humanitarian, a non governmental organization here is adding to the demand for new housing. and
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with that demand competition and property price inflation, bahama tomorrow, is a property agent. because of the include people. the cost of let us know appreciate if i'd even coastal but ain't here how your house laying on them all the time. many out of work and low skilled workers pushed farther to poverty by years of conflict. say in life is getting better. developers say low cost housing is mostly in demand, but as well the people who fled book or i'm returned to see just like my degree. the construction of expensive homes is also on the rise in a species consolidated in nigeria. ne people here are hoping this is the start of a bright future. edris algebra may degree that report part of a special al jazeera series on the rebuilding of born i state. and the next part
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will tell you more about an ambitious program to train hundreds of thousands of young men women to start their and businesses stop turning to crime. that is on saturday, on al jazeera to egypt now, which is unveiled an ancient walkway that dates back thousands of years that lay buried near the city of luxor until it was discovered in the late 19 forties has been restored to its former glory. after decades of work by archaeologists, kathy lopez oberon has been a glamorous ceremony to unveil egypt latest archaeological treasures. it's an ancient pathway call the avenue of sphinxes and it dates back more than 3000 years. pilgrims, it's believed walked along the 3 kilometer promenade, mark, in a procession from the famous carnac temple to the nearby looks or temple. lots on it, then october, good luck. so deserves this. and mo, the city has the most important antiquities in the world. for centuries,
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this ancient track was buried under sand, but that changed in 1949, when an egyptian archaeologist discovered one of several statues for decades, morris with ations and renovations followed. ah, president abdel font, i'll cc who attended the ceremony is eager to revamp egypt, struggling tourism industry. it was hit hard by years of political turmoil. and the corona virus pandemic has made things worse. ah, it's been described as a largest open air museum in the world. now egypt hopes the countries of rich archaeological past will also play a role in the country's economic future. katya low missile, the young al jazeera sports is coming up with far as football san diego mar donna is remember the year after his death, new allegations are still casting a shadow over his legacies. multiple minutes. are you in about
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ah with with mm
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pool. ah ah, on 4 look at you spoke with flora. come on. thank you so much. african member countries have overwhelmingly decides to support plants to hold a world cup every 2 years comes as the confederation of african football holds. an extraordinary meeting in cairo. a cafe president, patrice mont, saint bay has already expressed to his support for the plans endorsing fee for president john in for tito's proposal. the moon comes despite the threat to the continent, flagship tournament, the african cup of nations, which is held every 2 years from our on this story were joined by african football
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journalists, gary al smith. and gary, why is cap so in favor of the idea of having a world cup every 2 years? well is just a question of money every 2 years. guarantees that at least $5.00 to $6.00 been bought associations, holger, a substantial amount of money. and that's all, it's about really, and it might seem like a very selfish point of view from africa. but what african countries do when the world cup overwhelmingly saved us continents such as europe and asia and probably north america. so that's the argument to both on to money. okay, now europe and south america. don't back the proposal. is there the danger of a split with many of africa's big stars who do play in europe? there is a real dress because it again will ball down to bread and butter issues. the
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salaries of the flesh on a week, lee bases are paid for by these clubs. and so by question all, by some agreements, these thoughts may decide to step away from the national teams. and increasingly we are seeing more and more frequently as being more vocal. and you know, because it does not seem like the international football colanda is kind to them. and as they grew, you might question whether there's too much football for them already. now, an african super league from the continents top clamps has also been discussed. and what's the decision on that? it has been overwhelmingly approved as well. now the interesting thing, the far eyes that we don't know how to whack, we don't know how much is involved. we have no idea about the modalities. all we know is that they have memory associations have voted for it and we just have to wait and see how it's applied. i mean, we literally, i've no idea how is going to work. none. okay, i gary al smith,
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thank you so much for your time. will speak to you again soon. thank you. as a ball fans around the world are paying tribute to diego mer donna, a year after his death. thousands of people gathered outside the stadium that bears his name in the italian city of naples and his native argentina. players from his former team and their opponents came together for a special tribute daniels weimer reports. when his aires lou availed on the 1st anniversary of his death on the walls of the diego madonna stadium hobbled, welcome. tina's julius, with a player, began his professional football career as a precocious talent just before his 16th birthday. her mother silky at a low was one of the collective of art, is determined that madonna's legacy should live on both in his art and in his
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studio. with these collections constitute a sanctuary to the man, though the effectually, as simply diego, on number 10 to amazon. gregory obama foster authentication of a free ticket tour of my stood you. you'll see nothing that says diego forever. or he died on such and such date because here diego is still alive, diego, as breathing through. that's what i feel in my heart. remembering, oh, there were outpourings of grief around the world when he died last year from a heart attack. a few days after brain surgery, he's death like his life has been controversial. legal case is still proceeding over his care before he died. diego may be gone, but he lives on him euros like this one which had been painted all over one osiris and beyond. in showing the creation of a legend likely to endure for generations to come. not only is credited with winning the world cup for argentina in 1986, he brought joy to millions of fans and argentina, spain honestly,
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who view him as more than just a football player. maxi says he's proud to have married donna under his skin. today's a sad day, but not so that because for us, his eternal will remember him on every corner, on every t should every tattoo. and whenever we watch a match, after 10 minutes, the fans will champ the name, diego. others wasn't even born when he retired from football and i never saw him play an old video footage can are gay. i mean that i see a society jimenez. i believe that when you take into account where he came from, he took his ideals around the world. never forgot his convictions. that's what i like about marijuana. why i came here. he's in my heart. i don't know what else to tell you. a little donna retired from playing football in 1997, already addicted to drugs and alcohol. he managed the number of clubs but was never, far from controversy over his health. his relationships with women and conflicts
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with the media. ah but he never stopped winning friends and admirers. and a year after his death, the magic of madonna shows no sign of fading ah sang showing the route to 0. what osiris marcy had been knocked out of the rob believe the french side were beaten. 14 by gal tasser i the turkish calabria. now top of their group been guaranteed a spot in the north at rounds wind. babbles, horned gallus house, or ice force on friday. the dutch striker is sent to release his autobiography in the form of an 8 track wrap out of high relenting west hammer, also going through as the winners and their group. they beat rapid vienna to now this match was played behind closed doors in australia due to coven 19 restrictions . what sams, ron is already their best performance in a european competition for 40 years? very well taken. penalty matters united are closing in on the coach. they hope will guide the club through the remainder of this season, ralph rag,
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nick looked set to join you not on a 6 month contract. the 63 old german is currently the head of sports and development at locomotive moscow. our soul manager and me keller, testers says he'd like to bring former boss arson, bangor back to the club. banker is currently working with fi fi and is heading their push to stage teacher role cups every 2 years during more than 2 decades in charge of arsenal. he led the team to 3 primarily titles, one the f, a cup on 7 occasions. an automatic offside system is set to be tested at the upcoming arab cup, and qatar tournament starts on tuesday as part of the country's preparations for next year's world cup. using artificial intelligence, video, assistant referee will receive an instant message when the player is off side of this live trial is successful, then the system is likely to be used at the 2020 to finance and former australia test. captain tem pain says he's taken an indefinite leave of absence from all
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forms of cricket. the announcement comes just 12 days before the start of the ashes, which means the 36 year old will miss the series against england pain resigned from captain c last week following an investigation into his sexually explicit tax. he had sent to a former female colleague back in 2017 passport when pac cummings were we'll place him as skipper with steve smith to be his deputy. though i haven't had too much experience as captain i'm. it was always in the back of the mind that this might pop up at one at one stage. and yet ronald started nasty series, but i feel like i've been really, i'm really well equipped. i've had a good um, a few years of training. if this did pop up and a black stave, other teammates around support staff i think would be pretty seamless. okay, and that is all your sport finance banking. come on. thank you. far. we'll see far again an annex. these are at 1300 as g m. c. l. c for that as well. next though it
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is rob, there is rob matheson with you. next news bulletin on al jazeera. ah ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. work re, tv, even supplied by tradition. noon were beautiful, possibly with are offered there was, is, i was
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a little boy in india. my dream was to make what you would fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was off my own village and asked permission going behind the lens. godson, sing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood foster clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees one stood tall and cheap and see you scroll, conservationist say they are yes. warming with nico tim below cousin borges, 4 years ago. the government is sitting in the, on the east, the ban on the timber trade with that decision only open a floodgate of uncontrolled illegal looking sierra leone is home to more than 5000
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was to gibbons. he's more than $1500.00 of them are found on the normal mon to range and on their far from safe. cuz the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking and the return of ah a new corona virus variance is causing a long around the world. flights from southern africa are being banned as scientists morning could be more resistant to vaccines. ah, i know about this, and this is how does it alive from doha also coming up from migrant crisis to political crisis, funds councils talks with the u. k. over how to deal with the problem is he officially sedans governing council tells al jazeera that prime minister of.


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