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generosity and comes to mind because that's the only way we can try to sell any of these problem is together. that's why it's so important. we make those connections . ah and you corona virus, variance in south africa, countries ban flight. so scientists warning could be even more resistant to vaccines. ah, i'm robinson, this is audra 0 live from doha. also coming up reports of a fall coup in kurdistan will have the latest from the capital. the skag for migrant crisis to political crisis. france counsels talks with the u. k over how to deal with the problem plus, ah,
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egypt and veils it's ancient path of god with lavish parade. with scientists, a warning, a new corona virus very detected in south africa, can spread more easily. and it's better able to be vague vaccines, israel and singapore are among the latest countries to impose travel restrictions on southern african countries. but he wants to use emergency powers to stop travel that comes up to the united kingdom, announced travel bands of its own. we will be suspending all flights from 6 southern african countries and we will add in those countries to the travel read list. those countries are south africa, namibia recessive, s what teeny. and is involved way and for twana. and we will be requiring anyone that arrives from those countries from foi am on sunday
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to quarantine in hotels. well, let's go back to pharma, miller miller in johannesburg. what do you know about the new corporate variant? well, so far, scientists have expressed a quite a lot of concern around this. you varian, specifically because it has multiple mutations. they say they in their sequencing work, they have seen similar mutations before, but this is now more complex and far more than they've seen before. and the issue around that is, what does it mean for trans miss ability, how the virus will sprayed from person to person. and also the impact it will have on people who have already have covered in terms of their resistance and how antibodies could be affected and how it would neutralize the virus a. but also they are questions around whether or not the vaccines that are out. they will ready will be effective in terms of protecting people. they have said
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they are continuing to collect data. there are some uncertainties. and one of the countries that has been impacted there are 4 cases in botswana. specifically, the government has said that the real world impact of the variant has not yet been established. so scientists have also been careful in terms of saying that this is alarming. they are surprised in terms of the mutations they're seeing. but they also want to be cautious about the daughter and what happens next. and as we were just saying, more countries are, are bringing in travel restrictions, but they've been doing it very quickly. how are the countries in southern africa responding to this the been a number of countries in just the last 24 hours that have said that they are either on the other, their, their, their limiting entry through borders or they're having tight to border controls or entire bands until, you know, if in the future date that they haven't given but southern african countries,
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many of them depend on tourism and also trade between i'm some of the countries in southern africa, all of them in fact and countries in europe. and this of course has an economic and business impact south africa, specifically was on a u. k. read list for at least 5 weeks and spent a lot of time negotiating with the british government around that red lust in south africa was just recently taken off that list. and now as we head to the holiday season, many south africans industries here were expecting a boom in terms of tourism, people visiting, traveling back and forth at the moment about a 1000 people travel between south africa, the u. k. every day. and that was expected to increase in the coming days. and now this is puts a span a in the work. so certainly concern from the south african government who has also said that this band has been rushed. and they really want to talk to the u. k. around that, but it looks for the moment that really the,
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the priority is around containing the spread of a virus mutation that is very concerning from ada. thank you very much. indeed. that's familar miller talking to us from johannesburg. check republic has also announced restrictions and travelers from southern africa, but it's dealing with its own surgeon cases. the governments declared a state of emergency. the counters reported almost $27800.00 new cases in the last 24 hours at the highest level since the pandemic. the gum and slovakia has gone into a 2 weeks locked on. people can only leave home to buy essentials or to go to school or work. okay, this is with let's begin with breaking news from kirsten with security services are saying they filed what the calling a coup attempt at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials will ology xena, xena, gustavo, in the capital. this check with more on what's happening, what more to be know about what's going on?
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well, rob, what we're hearing is coming from an official government statement that was released by the security service. they say that in tandem with the ministry of internal affairs, they carried out a series of raids in which they arrested 15 people who were planning an armed who in the post election period. now, this comes just less than 48 hours before the country is due to go to the polls of 4 parliamentary elections. and the report suggests that what was going to happen is that these were organizers that were going to try to amass as many as a 1000 people in the days after the election to contest elections, not in the halls of government, but on the street. as is very common in kurdistan. now what we were hearing is that they were planning to have a clashes with police and security services, and try to use that as an excuse to overthrow violently present his other jabbar of government. ironically, president salvage a par. i've just left here,
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rose to power in similar circumstances. this country is seen 3 violent revolutions in the last 15 years. and upcoming parliamentary elections or something that the government is trying to use to show that they are the adults in the room that they are the government, the stability. and this report of a foiled who plot it has to be said is happening at a very convenient time just days before the parliamentary vote. thus to talk about those upcoming elections. i mean, where does the opposition, for example, stand with regard to, to the elections? say well, you know, one thing that's happened during the campaign season is that president southern jaffar of he is extremely popular, but he's been criticized for cracking down on those that are against him. his critics, any sort of political descent as well as tracking down on press freedom. but the fact of the matter is in the rule as well as urban areas. he is still the most popular political leader currently in the country. blinded by
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a childhood disease dost on because i have struggled with depression at an early age. the pursuit of knowledge, he says, saved him and led him to a career as a lawyer. once a member of the party overthrown by curtis dance president saw their jaffar of the acting m. p is now running for parliament as an independent b. his campaign slogan, i see the truth a play on his disability suggests he has not lost his sense of humor. and perhaps a jab at the current leadership. he may be blind, but even he is able to see the people's real problems. where my plan in social media is just like tv. you can be recognizable, you can make appeals from social media, but you will not lead your waters to the billet boxes. that is why personal contact the moment when you are chatting with your potential voters, it better the chances that this water will come and work for you in
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a system that has for years run on political favortism. thus done walking, the beat makes him a rare breed the election for a new parliament is only a few days away. but walking around the capital, bish catch you wouldn't be able to tell. this is the lowest level of public activity this country has ever seen before. a vote. now that may be down to a nationwide case of what some experts are calling political fatigue. this is after all, the 4th round of poles this country is conducting in a year. political heat from opposing forces is also noticeably milder. descent has been muffled by allegations of corruption, opposition activists and leaders are out of the country or in prison. and front runners that are likely to fill parliamentary seats largely back the president. japan has not been as heavy handed as previous leaders, but has cracked down on political opponents, intimidated critics and pass laws to weaken press freedom things. he said he would not do public promises that make him happier. his critics say, are
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a cover for the same corruption of past governments. many fear the elections will be followed by hostility, probably nice. we're going to get some news that i have no doubt that's going to happen. we have history shown us that such dictators as the current government, white for elections only to strengthen their vertical power. as soon as i have enough support, as soon as they have the parliament in the courts in their hands, they will intensify the fight against this voter turner is going to be an important indicator of the health of democracy in august. and after years of ballads cast out of fear, under pressure or for payment, turn out this time is expected to be extremely low. they must ravages arabic heck, france is cancelled or meeting with the you came in to tackling people smuggling in the english channel. the cancellations of protest against british prime minister boris johnson, who is criticized french authorities, their handling of the migrant crisis. both governments have been expected to work together to prevent more migrants from dying while trying to cross the channel.
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that's after at least $27.00 refugees and migrants drowned off the northern french coast on wednesday. they set off from near the french port city of cali, from where andrew simmons reports. rescue boats are on patrol less than 24 hours after the tragedy there. surveillance from above police are using beach buggies and what passes for normality and cali migrants and refugees being escorted to buses. bound for some sort of shelter. no, for our police. and mobilized day and night. not only yesterday or the day before, but they have been from the very start. they are on our external borders. never his france had is many police officers and it timed soldiers involved in a fight against illegal immigration. this is about addressing long tamper factors smashing the criminal dance at sheet human beings as cargo and tack in supply chains all along this part of the french coastline. more than 50 kilometers of it.
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there are spots where in secrecy, people smugglers arrange the sudden boarding of small inflatable boats. it's happened before and it's still happening. these images were filmed on the same days . the migrants died. people intent on getting to the u. k. no matter what the risk . it's hard to imagine the level of desperation for these people in braving the seas to cross the english channel, but they're doing so in their thousands of numbers. a growing this year alone, 25000 have made the crossing that triple the number of 2020. so many of the people arriving in cali, this is where they are given help, carrots as a charity tries. it's best to persuade people not to make channel crossings warning of the hazards. most of the time they fail, they don't just blame the people smugglers, they blame governments on both sides of the channel. even though after what happened yesterday, people will try again. so it's really tang to change the politics here. it's really,
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it's really time to change the situation and to and into open safe and the guy routes to let people, i mean, to cover basic needs when people are here and to lead them settling in france as well. the british and french governments often blame each other for the problem, getting worse. what's the rhetoric dies down though? there is some hope that wednesday's death could bring a new level of cooperation. what was intended to be a new beginning? was a tragic end for the men, women and children who died in the english channel. how many more may have to die before there's an increase of humanitarian moves to help these people, instead of politically motivated actions on both sides of the english channel. andrew simmons al jazeera kelly, aaron's top nuclear negotiator says, talks about his nuclear program will fail unless all the sanctions against his country are lifted. i live, i carry is also asking the u. s. for guarantees that it won't abandon any future
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agreement aaron's new governments due to hold as 1st nuclear talks with foreign governments. on monday, still ahead on al jazeera senior official from sedans governing council. tell soldiers, here are talkers military take over half the backing of the foreign minister. more protests on the solomon islands against what done a search of c as growing chinese influence research from from australia, loaner controlled situation. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather across south east asia, and you can see that dense cloud sitting across the south china sea bringing heavy rain to northern areas of the philippines as well as southern parts of indo china heavy falls, the southern vietnam and cambodia. we could see some localized flooding here. by
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the time we get into sunday, it moves into central areas. the rain also picks up for the malay peninsula and southern areas of thailand. heavy falls as well expected across java and into borneo. we could see some flooding here. that was we moved to australia. we have seen flooding in the east, thanks to some pretty intense storms across queensland and new south wales. we've had rain in sidney for the past 8 days. that's set to continue. at least over the weekend, but across a central and northern areas as well as to the west. it is a lot finer and dryer. more settled. we seen a lot of warmth in perth. that temperature is going to start to come down over the next few days. it will remain dry and settled here. now as we move across to new zealand, it's remaining rather settled for the north island. it's down in the south. we got that wet and wendy weather pulling in. we've got warnings out across the west for heavy rain and it's going to be a wet weekend in christ church at 17 degrees celsius.
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ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results. red bar and walk indonesia, his friends forming, we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou. ah,
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you watching old, is it a reminder of our top story? is this our scientists worried a new for all of our was very detected in south africa. would spread more easily and could be more resistant to vaccines. several countries including the u. k. israel and singapore of impose travel restrictions. and we're following breaking news from congress. time for the security services is saying they follow what they're calling a coup attempt. at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials. iran's top nuclear negotiator says talks and the countries nuclear program will fail unless all sanctions on lifted runs new government is due to hold eight's 1st line of nuclear negotiations. foreign governments on monday jailed turkish activists osland covered as due to appear in court by video link. kabbalists accused of attempting to oust the government by force. prosecutors say he financed the 2013 gazing park protests and played a role in a coup attempt 3 years later. cabal has been in custody since october 2017. last
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month ankara threatened to expel several western diplomats when he called for his release. william john nabarra course, one it soon costio lou, who's in istanbul. this is a particularly controversial case, isn't it? definite to rob. this is a very controversial case, a turkeys of trial history, especially after the failed. good, 2016 corolla was 1st accused of, as you said, a financing and august rating did. a nationwide anti government gives a protest. he was acquitted actually last year, but on the very same day, he was a he, he was added to the us. it added to the failed co attempt file for a conspiracy for political conspiracies. however, the european court of human rights actually,
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it decided that he should be released 2 years ago. the easier char had this decision. however, a cover law has still been under arrest. and in, in the last to the hearings of his trial and that due to corporate conditions, he was actually attending to trials by a video conference. but in the last 2, he ranks, he doesn't even attend. he said that this case is a highly politicized, and whatever he does to defend himself, he knows that, ah, a, this is going to be a political decision by the turkish judiciary. however, everything went a little bit gray when the western ambassadors also issue the joint social media statement supporting the isa chart decision and asking for cover last release, which was taken in a negative way by the turkish president. turkish present accused the ambassadors and easier char, for interfering into turkish judiciary and a domestic political issues. today is some people say there might be a verdict. some people said, since our don takes this case
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a personally and highly politicized, he might stay in prison. but i have to say that on november 30, there will be a e u counsel ministerial meeting. and if it, the turkish courts do not release him or there is a sense of violation. turkey can a can face sanctions by the ear. rob said him, thanks very much indeed. that's sim kashana who's in his time, but we're going back to cinema. obviously that has not changed progressions. the deputy head of sedans governing councils told al jazeera that last month's military takeover was the best option to stop. but he's calling a spiraling crisis. general mohammed hummed on bigelow, who's also known as committee, says the move was discussed with all parties including the prime minister. humbug. i'm sitting over here. what happened on october 25th? was the ultimate outcome of a long process. since that change started in sudan during such process, many discussions were made. and many initiatives were proposed by various parties,
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the prime minister himself proposed to initiative. and during our meetings and the transitional partners, counsel all the sovereignty council, with the cabinet of ministers, we made maximum effort. but we couldn't reach a breakthrough. and at that point, we were left with 3 options, the best of which was the move we had taken. it was completely agreeable to the prime minister himself of the work we did not make such a move on our own. they said with little saga has more from cartoon people have been asking whether really the prime minister up the la hambrick was aware of the call or was a part of the call of the admitted to take over into come to not. and when i into waived mr. how do i ask that question? what are you aware of that some people say that you are part of it. he very clearly am they to him. and they said that he did not know that the military takeover is
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coming. he could smell some, he was suspicious of that, but definitely it happened. it didn't happen with their consultation with him. but now the deputy chairman of the 70 council of sudan and the head of the rapids support was the strongest. the region of the army says that actually they have discussed with the prime minister of the lamb duke as well. and that he knew that the military take over 3 years to the day that it took place. so it is quite a bold one, will see what mr. duke is going to say regarding these allegations, but definitely it will have that pin occasion because as you mentioned that he was on the how to how good as when they were negotiating a deal. and people were already the question, his independence, but he said that he's going to be fully independent. and now up there, there's a legation. people are going to question more, he's less to see more, and that is definitely going to make his job quite tough. and also could
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potentially support anger among the people who are already will pause in this deal if i am as in india. so we'll continue with our protest despite the government announcing it's going to withdraw controversial agricultural laws. the mocking the 1st anniversary of their demonstrations against legislation are correspondent elizabeth put on him in new delhi. one of the largest gatherings. o fema. yeah. the other day, the term again, from the neighboring states, ayana to celebrate something that well, no one else has been able to achieve during the past 7 years. the prime minister in the body has been in power, and that is getting him to back down. it's been more than a week since he announced that the government really repealed the phone note that may have been protesting against a emboldened by their victory. no waiting for parliament the law and may have more demand as one is the repeal. and this saying they're not
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going to end on protests, none of those among submit. they include things like the withdrawal of an electricity bill which privatized as effective, and also the de romulan charges against pharmaceutical testing over the past year. describing of penalties on comments and big crops between the seasons and really importantly, the packing and the rest of india's junior hon minister, son with tom running all of them getting protesting commas in the state of different age. and it's told the police from australia patrolling the streets of kenyata in the solomon islands. after 2 days of rioting, dozens of peacekeepers have been sent out of a request from prime minister monastery sagal holiday. protesters are angry about the prime minister's decision to several diplomatic ties with tar one a normalize relations with china and the accuser, government of corruption and letting foreign workers take local jobs. sarah clocks, monitoring developments from brisbin. we've had 2 consecutive days of quite violent
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rot and protests in parts of the capital. honey yara, in particular, around the area of chinatown, there are also some unconfirmed reports. i should say that some protest is now looking to target one of the prime. this is residences in longer, but the latest reports and the vision that we've seen and the one of our colleagues is on the ground in our has told us that basically the 5 to burning the streets strewn rubbish across them. a lot of people, widespread losing in some of these areas have been bent down and as of last not around 31 stretches big stretches. when i say that part of the department building the central government parliament in the parliamentary precinct, it has been damaged in part of it. but we've got a bank that's going down a high school that's been torched and some of these areas that are being targeted chinese businesses, chinese funded operations. and that's the target of what you mentioned before,
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the anger that triggered this particular demonstrations. these people are angry at the prime minister to go by, they want him to resign. their anger is focused on the fact they say he's holding back on delivering infrastructure. he's giving big contracts to foreign firms and not the locals. and of course, the long running anger has been fueled by the government's decision in a 2019 to switch in different medical legions from taiwan after 36 years to china. so that's triggered this and what we are expecting. we've got the strong peacekeepers who arrived, but we are hearing that the crowd a gathering for a 3rd day. and i should note that the 72 out to you was lifted this morning. so people are allowed back on the streets. it's whether or not they gather to cause balance and certainly continue the burning of these my infrastructures and government buildings in the capital. it's thanksgiving day in the united states is a holiday that generally starts the lead up to the festive season. coven! 19 vaccines? mean many more people can travel this year to be with family,
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but as mike hannah expense from washington d. c. a supply crisis in china is dampening the use of thanksgiving day shopping spree. in past years, this target store would have been bustling on thanksgiving day. the day that formerly marks the beginning of the holiday retail season. but last year, during the pandemic target decided to close all its stores on thanksgiving day, along with a number of other retailers. this in part to avoid the crowds gathering during a pandemic. but also a response to unions who had long asked that staff be given the day off to spend time with their friends and family. now target another may to retailers have confirmed that the closure will be permanent, acknowledging an extension of the holiday retail period. and also marking a movement towards online rather than in store retail black friday. and so
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monday are all about 3 big names m walmart, amazon target, and then the 4th would be macy's. all of those sell online cyber monday happens online. black friday also happens online, amazon is doing a black friday week all of this week. so put that all together. add. it's more about the retailers and less about the specific day. as with all matters retail, there's also a profit motive involved here. when target looked at its book said, realize that with the closure of stores on thanksgiving last year, it sales had increased by some 8 percent. this because of the extended holiday shopping window. and now target another retailers predict that their sales could increase by a another 10 percent making the closure on thanksgiving day, a profit driven strategy, as well as one acknowledging the needs of stock. egypt unveiled an ancient walkway
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. the dates back thousands of years. it lay buried near the city of look, saw until it was discovered in the late 19 forties was being restored to its former glory after decades of work by archaeologist, casual of his. although young has wore a glamorous ceremony to unveil egypt latest archaeological treasures. it's an ancient pathway call the avenue sphinxes, and it dates back more than 3000 years. pilgrims, it's believed, walked along the 3 kilometer promenade, mark, in a procession from the famous carnac temple to the nearby looks or temple. lo, donate them utterly good luck. so deserves this, and mo, the city has the most important antiquities in the world. for centuries, this ancient track was buried under sand and but that changed in 1949 when an egyptian archaeologist discovered one of several statues for decades, morris with ations and renovations followed, ah,
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president of dell font. i'll cc who attended the ceremony is eager to revamp egypt, struggling tourism industry. it was hit hard by years of political turmoil. and the corona virus pandemic has made things worse. ah, it's been described as the largest open air museum in the world. now egypt hopes the countries of rich archaeological past will also play a role in the countries economic future. katya low missile again, al jazeera. ah this is al jazeera, these are the top stories assigned to say, there was a new corona virus, very undetected in south africa. could spread more easily and be even more resistant to vaccines. several countries including the u. k. israel and singapore of imposed trouble restrictions gum or from following.


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