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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2021 11:00am-11:30am AST

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village and gets danced. permission going behind the lens as gotten saying brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. o. reports of a foiled, who encouraged it's done, we'll have the latest from the capital base gack. ah. don't know about this, and this is all to say, rely from doe hob, also coming up. and you corona virus variant in south africa countries ban flights as scientists want, it could be even more resistant to vaccines from migrant crisis to political crisis . france counsels talks with the u. k. over how to deal with the problem. senior
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official from sedans governing council tells al jazeera that a toppers military takeover had the backing of the prime minister. ah, we're going to begin with breaking news from coat. his son with the security services are saying they've filed a coup attempt at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians, and former officials. i'll just say the same bus stop is on the phone of a capital disconnect with more on what's happening. just tell us what we know so far. well, rebel, we know is that with less than 2 days to go before an election to vote in un, please, to the countries parliament. the government security service, along with the ministry of internal affairs, as you said, has detained more than a dozen people. now, according to the report that they've released, this group was allegedly planning to carry out an armed political coup in the aftermath of upcoming parliamentary elections. the group in question reported, we,
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as you said, includes m. p. 's as well as former government officials and those associated with political parties opposing the current president, southern power of as well as his current cabinet ministers. that a plan, according to this government report, was to unite parties that are unhappy with whatever the election result or whatever the outcome of the election is. and in the post election period, a mass as many as a 1000 people to instigate clashes with police and the security apparatus. the goal being to try and over the president to power off in a repeat of the kind of protest and street violence that saw him rise to power over a year ago. now we have to be said that the elections tension over elections, any sort of contestation of elections in correspond, often happen on the street, not within the halls of power. and the timing of this report is clear. the government here is very, very keen on making sure that these upcoming votes that election in the next 2 days
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is one that sees a stable and normal transition of power of far away from any sort of the street violence that we've seen in the past. now last year was the 3rd time this country saw a violent revolution in the decade. and the upcoming election is the 4th time that people will be going to the polls in, in about a year and 13 months. so there is definitely a lot of sensitivity around these upcoming polls. then obviously this is a breaking story as things develop, we're going to be coming back to you to get some more of the details before now. thank you for much indeed. president sat, his effort of is expected to maintain his grip on power after sunday's parliamentary elections as aim was just explaining their critics or accusing shut off of suppressing descent. they spoke to a politician running against the ruling party, blinded by a child who disease thus done, the cache of struggled with depression at an early age. the pursuit of knowledge,
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he says, saved him and led him to a career as a lawyer. once a member of the party, overthrown by curtis sounds president southern of horror of the acting, and he is now running for parliament as an independent much more his campaign slogan. i see the truth a play on his disability suggests he has not lost his sense of humour and perhaps a jab at the current leadership. he may be blind, but even he is able to see the people's real problems. when you might said plan in social media is just like tv. you can be recognizable, you can make appeals from social media, but you will not lead your waters to the bell at boxes. that is why personal contact the moment when you are chatting with your potential voters, it better the chances that this water will come and work for you in a system that has for years run on political favortism. thus done walking, the beat makes him a rare breed the election for a new parliament is only a few days away. but walking around the capital, bish tech,
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you wouldn't be able to tell. this is the lowest level of public activity this country has ever seen before. a vote. now that may be down to a nationwide case of what some experts are calling political fatigue. this is after all, the 4th round of poles this country is conducting in a year. political heat from opposing forces is also noticeably milder. descent has been muffled by obligations of corruption, opposition activists and leaders are out of the country or in prison. and front runners that are likely to fill parliamentary seats largely back the president. japira has not been as heavy handed as previous leaders, but has cracked down on political opponents, intimidated critics and pass laws to weaken press freedom things. he said he would not do the public promises that make him popular. his critics say, are a cover for the same corruption of past governments. many fear the elections will be followed by hostility. nice, we're going to get some news that i have no doubt that's going to have
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a history shown us that such dictators as the current government, white for elections only to strengthen their vertical power. as soon as i have enough support, as soon as they have the parliament in the courts in their hands, they will intensify. the fight against us voter turn is going to be an important indicator of the health of democracy in correspond. and after years of ballads, cast out of fear, under pressure or for payment, turn out this time is expected to be extremely low. they in basra, v o jazeera, bish tech, we side as a warning, a new corona virus varian detected in south africa can spread more easily and it's better able to evade vaccines. israel and singapore are among the latest countries to impose travel restrictions and southern african countries. the you once to use emergency powers to stop travel that comes after the united kingdom and travel bands that south africa has criticized as rushed. we will be
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suspending all flight from 6 southern african countries and we will add in those countries to the travel read list. those countries are south africa, namibia recessive, s what teeny. and is involved way and for twana. and we will be requiring anyone that arrives from those countries from foi am on sunday to quarantine in hotels. okay, let's go live to farmer miller in johannesburg. what do we know about the new variant? whole sciences in south africa have expressed some shock at the number of mutations in this very and saying that they're more than 30. and the issue here is that that number of mutations could potentially affect how antibodies neutralize the spike protein in this particular virus.
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they are awaiting further daughter to determine the extent of transmissible, etc. that's really the spread of the virus from one person to another. and also just what impact it will have on people who are vaccinated an effect seeds keep people protected in south africa. a the dominant variant so far has been the delta variance, but scientists are saying this new variant has some of those elements but far more and this is why they are worried. this is why it is a variant of concern. the world health organization is meeting to discuss what to do about this particular variant, where they it, as is as dangerous as they think it is, or if perhaps it is identified as one of interest and may potentially by be down scale. but so far, as you've said, we already have those restrictions in place from european countries or, well the u. k. in particular, potentially other e u countries around travel from south africa,
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the virus. and this new variant specifically, has been detected in botswana where there are 4 cases of people who had traveled into that country as well as hong kong. how is south africa reacting to the speakers? these decisions that are being made by other countries are pretty happening pretty quickly on thing. and if we look back over several months, for 5 weeks of africa was on that wed list where they were bad. and some people traveling from south africa band from traveling into certain countries, having to undergo some sort of quarantine and they had at a massive effect on the economy. and especially in the country in south africa where there is a huge dependence on tourism. and this is why the government has criticized that moved by the u. k as being rushed. but the minister of health has said, he acknowledges that this is a variant of concern. and potentially they may increase the cobra 19 restrictions
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in south africa at the moment. if that is the lowest level level one where there really is a lot of freedom, but ahead of the holiday season, it's likely south africans may be subjected to higher restrictions from a to thank you very much. that family miller in johannesburg, corona, vice infections put the check president back in hospital just hours after his release from a 6 week long stay. 77 year old mila zeeman had to cancel a meeting, which was to officially appoint the new prime minister. the check governments declare the state of emergency in response to record infections. suffolk is gone into a 2 week lockdown. people can only leave home for buying essentials or if they have to go to school or work. so back he has moved follows austin, which put a lockdown in place on monday. oh, frances cancelled a meeting with the u. k to tackled people smuggling in the english channel. cancellations, a protest against british prime minister boris johnson. who blamed the french
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authorities on their handling of the migrant crisis. both governments had been expecting to work together to prevent more migrants from dying as they tried to make the channel crossing. that's after at least $27.00 refugees and migrants drowned off the northern french coast. on wednesday, they set off from near the french port city of calais from where andrew simmons reports. rescue boats are on patrol less than 24 hours after the tragedy there. surveillance from above police are using beach buggies and what passes for normality in cali, migrants and refugees being escorted to buses, bound for some sort of shelter. no, for our police and mobilized day and night. not only yesterday or the day before, but they have been from the very start. they are on our external borders. never his france had his many police officers and it time soldiers involved in a fight against illegal immigration. this is about addressing long tamper factors
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smashing a criminal glance at cheat human beings as cargo and tap in supply chains all along this part of the french coastline. more than 50 kilometers of it. there are spots where in secrecy, people smugglers arrange the sudden boarding of small inflatable boats. it's happened before and it's still happening. these images were filmed on the same days . the migrants died. people intent on getting to the u. k. no matter what the risk . it's hard to imagine the level of desperation for these people in braving the seas to cross the english channel, but they're doing so in there. thousands of numbers are growing this year alone. 25000 have made the crossing. that's triple the number of 2021. for many of the people arriving in cali, this is where they are given help, carrots as a charity tries. it's best to persuade people not to make channel crossings warning of the hazards. most of the time they fail,
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they don't just blame the people smugglers, they blame governments on both sides of the channel. even though after what happened yesterday, people will try again. so it's really time to change the politics here. it's really, it's really time to change the situation and to i mean to open safe and the guy routes to let people, i mean, to cover basic needs when people are here and to lead them settle in france as well . the british and french governments often blame each other for the problem, getting worse. what's the rhetoric dies down though? there is some hope that wednesdays deaths could bring a new level of cooperation. what was intended to be a new beginning? was a tragic end for the men, women and children who died in the english channel. how many more may have to die before there's an increase of humanitarian moves to help these people, instead of politically motivated actions on both sides of the english channel. andrew simmons al jazeera kelly. so had an audi 0. we're going to tell you why.
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india's farmers are once again holding rallies after a controversial agricultural law was repealed plus and fans around the world paid tribute to football legend. dig a modern dollar a year after his death ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there winter is certainly being felt across europe and there's more wet, windy and cold weather to come in the days ahead. particularly for the north west. we've got storm r when working its way south, bringing arctic blast to britain, an island it is remaining unsettled as well though in the south, if we take a closer look, we got low pressure that's pushed across the mediterranean. it's cause flash
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flooding, a lot of that wet weather in mouth, and it is going to be concentrated here that wet and windy weather for the next few days, got warnings out for southern parts of italy, coastal areas of the adriatic. and by the time we get to saturday, it's going to be very wet. indeed, for western areas of greece. we've also got a wintry mix pulling in once again to northern areas of spain. we're expecting a meter of snow to fall in paces here. and along those wintry conditions extending up into the northwest. thanks to sto, storm when that's bringing wind speeds up to a 120 kilometers per hour. so gale force winds affecting northern parts of scotland . a lot of that snow sleet and wind to remixed moving down into the south. by the time we get into saturday, the temperature in london and paris is going to sit at 5 degrees. it's going to feel rather chilly that to weather update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always healing the debate. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from
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a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the flu treat. now it's not a lot can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all this to you are now to sierra with wow, ah, you want to not 0 reminder what top stories this hour were falling, breaking news and sugars done with the security services are saying before what
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they call it a coup attempt, at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials. scientists are worried that a new corona virus variant detected in south africa could spread more easily and be better able to evade vaccines. several countries including the united kingdom, israel and singapore of impose travel restrictions. france says it's canceling a meeting with the u. k. aimed at tackling people smuggling across the english channel. it's a protest against british prime minister boris johnson is blaming paris for failing to handle the migrant crisis. the deputy head of sedans governing council has told al jazeera that last month's military takeover was the best option to stop what he's calling a spiraling crisis. so mohammed hummed under gallo, also known as committee, says the move was discussed with all parties including the prime minister, abdullah hum dog comes in, hitting it over here or what's happened on october 25th. was the ultimate come of
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a long process since that change started in sudan during such process. many discussions were made and many initiatives were proposed by various parties, the prime minister himself proposed to initiated and during our meetings and the transitional partners council or the sovereignty council with the cabinet of ministers. we made maximum effort. but we couldn't reach a breakthrough. and at that point, we were left with 3 options, the best of which was the move we had taken, who was it was completely agreeable to the prime minister himself of the work. we did not make such a move on our own. russell said he has more from cartoon people have been asking whether really the prime minister of the lamb duke was aware of the call, or was a part of the call of the admitted to take over into come to not. and when i into waived mr. hum, duke. i asked that question,
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what are you aware of that some people say that you are part of it. he very clearly am vague term and they said that he did not know that the military takeover is coming. he course somehow some, he was suspicious of that but that one of the it happened, it didn't happen with a consultation with him. but now the deputy chairman of the 70 council of sudan and the head of the rep with support was the strongest. the region of the army says that actually they have discussed with the prime minister of the lamb duke as well . and that he need the military take over 3 years to the day that it took place. so it is quite a bold one. will see what mr. duke is going to say regarding these allegations, but definitely it will have that pin occasion because as you mentioned that he was on the how to how they're as when they were negotiating a deal. and people who are already the question his independence. but he says that he's going to be fully independent, and now off there, there is a legation. people are going to question more,
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he's less to see more and that is definitely going to make his job quite tough and also could potentially support anger among the people who are already will pause in this deal. farmers in india. so they're going to continue with the protest despite the government announcing the controversial agricultural laws will be withdrawn. their mocking the 1st anniversary of the protest against that legislation. well, let's cross over to our correspondent elizabeth per annum whose life for us in new delhi. talk us through what's going on there 1st, elizabeth, ha. oh, no problem. yeah, and these singly protests i taught being one of the biggest and demonstrations and thousands of people have gathered today. the child again from the neighboring states and honey on to celebrate on things. while no one else has been able to achieve during the 7 years that problem and that in the morning has been passed and
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that is getting him back to back now. and it's been more than a week since he announced that the governments repeating. 2 the final may have been protesting against a, emboldened by their victory waiting for a review. and they're saying that they're not going to end on protests until those amounts of methane fluid. things like the withdrawal of an activity which privatize us effective and also. busy the drama of charges against pharmacy be more testing on the scrapping of penalties and big crops between the seasons. i'm really importantly the packing and the rest of is junior high minister, a running all of them getting on protesting commas in the state of all the information. it came as a surprise that the government did back down with the agriculture reforms they
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wanted to make. so the farmers not have more demands. is there any indication that the government is going to exceed to those demands as well? oh, yeah, absolutely rob. i don't know that they have a trouble cod in them, and that is a really important state and also probation and why i'm the as a job with mom as of from including honey ana. it's a widely believed here, that prime minister moiety decided to repeal the whole because his popularity was waning and all that with because of the laws, he had no, it had but of the agenda party. oh, to me that state no communist a body has an a precarious position. his entire image is about being a strong leader who doesn't mack down and read the now that he is not available.
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and it is really interesting to see just how much more on that and back up opposite parties, bad enough thing to watch, you know what it was they will be able to utilize on that is but thank you very much indeed. that's elizabeth put on. i'm talking to us from new delhi police from australia have begun patrolling the streets of honey ana in the solomon islands is up to 2 days of rioting. there. dozens of peacekeepers were sent out of a request from prime minister, monna se, sock of audi processed as accused the government of corruption and letting foreign workers take local jobs. are also angry about the prime minister's decision to several diplomatic ties with taiwan. and normalize relations with china said clogs, monitoring developments from brisbin. we've had 2 consecutive days of quite violent rot and protests in parts of the capital. honey yara, in particular, around the area of china town,
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there are also some unconfirmed reports. i should say that some protest is now looking to target one of the prime. this is residences in longer, but the latest reports and the vision that we've seen and the one of our colleagues is on the ground in our has told us that basically the fire burning the streets strewn rubbish across them. a lot of people, widespread losing in some of these areas have been bent down and as of last not around 31 stretches big stretches. when i say that part of the department building the central government parliament in the parliamentary precinct, it has been damaged in part of it. but we've got a bank that's going down a high school. it's been torched and some of these areas that are being targeted chinese businesses, chinese funded operations, and that's the target of what you mentioned before, the anger that triggered this particular demonstrations. these people are angry at the prime minister bar. they want him to resign. their anger is focused on the fact they say he's holding back on delivering infrastructure. he's giving big contracts
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to form firms and not the locals. and of course, the long running anger has been fueled by the government's decision in a 2019 to switch it deeper medical legions from taiwan and after 36 years to china. so that's triggered this and what we are expecting. we got the strong pip, keep it who arrived, but we are hearing that the crowd a gathering for a 3rd day and i should note that the 72 out cookies was lifted this morning. so people are allowed back on the streets. it's whether or not they gather to cause balance and certainly continue the burning of these my infrastructure and government buildings in the capital authorities in the french island. mawson e have ordered a curfew, follow several days of unrest. protesters looted shops instead of barricades on thursday as demonstrations against tova 19 restrictions turned violent. many in the french overseas territory opposed measures imposed by paris, including compulsory vaccinations and protesters have gathered in peruse capital
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lima in a short support for president petro casteel. the opposition is trying to remove christie from power. that questioning his moral ability to govern during to corruption allegations police in turkey fired tear gas to dispose hundreds of people who were rallying for women's rights in istanbul, demonstrators took to the streets and international dave for the elimination of violence against women, to demand that turkey returns to a major treaty, the parks was designed to better protect women and girls, but some in the governing party said it was inconsistent with turkey's values. football fans around the world, paying tribute to diego madonna and the anniversary of his death. thousands of people of gather outside the stadium, the bears, his name in the italian city of naples, and in his native argentina. players from his former team and their opponents came together for a special tribute venezuela reports from one to santos. ah,
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and veiled on the 1st anniversary of his death on the walls of the diego madonna stadium, herbert containers. julia's, when the player began his professional football career as a precocious talent just before his 16th birthday. her mother silky at a low was one of the collective art, is determined that madonna's legacy should live on both in his art and in his studio, with his collections constitute a sanctuary to the man known effectually as simply diego, on number 10 to amazon, gregory obama father thought it was wrong. if we take a tour of my stood you, you'll see nothing that says diego forever or he died on such and such date, because here diego is still alive. diego as breathing? no, no, no. that's what i feel in my heart. the moment they were outpourings of grief around the world when he died last year from a heart attack, a few days after brain surgery. he's death like his life has been controversial.
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legal case is still proceeding over his care before he died. diego may be gone, but he lives on the murals like this one which had been painted all over one osiris and beyond. in showing the creation of a legend likely to endure for generations to come on is credited with winning the world cup for argentina. in 1986, he brought joy to millions of fans in argentina, spain honestly, who view him as more than just a football player. maxi says, he's proud to have married donna under his skin are used to days a sad day, but not so sad because ross, he's eternal, will remember him on every corner on every t shirt, every tattoo. and whenever we watch a match, after 10 minutes, the fans will chant the name, diego, others wasn't even born when he retired from football. and i never saw him play and all the video footage can again. in the last years to study kenneth,
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i believe that when you take into account where he came from, he took his ideals around the world. never forgot his convictions. that's what i like about mary donna. why i came here. he's in my heart. i don't know what else to tell you. i never donna retired from playing football in 1997, already addicted to drugs and alcohol. he managed a number of clubs but was never, far from controversy over his health. his relationships with women and conflicts with the media. but he never stop winning friends and admirers. and a year after his death, the magic of madonna shows no sign of fading them showing the route to 0. what osiris? egypt has reopened an ancient walkway, the deeds back 3000 years. the avenue of the sphinxes was unveiled during a glamorous ceremony in the city of luxor. it was buried on the sand for centuries
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until it was on earth by an archaeologist in 1949. ah, this is our desert, are these are the top stories were falling breaking news from kroger's son where the security services are saying they've followed what the calling a coup attempt at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials. so i'm to say they're concerned that a new corona virus, very undetected in south africa, could spread more easily and be more resistant to vaccines. several countries, including the united kingdom, israel and singapore, and imposing travel restrictions. we will be suspending all flights from 6 southern african countries and we were adding those countries to the travel read list. those countries are south africa, namibia.


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