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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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entries and deaths use, of course, ah, subscribe to you chew dot com forward slash al jazeera english ah . demonstrators pay tribute to the dozens kilbane sedans protests while the deputy head of the sovereign council tells al jazeera, the prime minister was agreeable to the military takeover. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. you're watching al jazeera life from london. also coming up the satellite pictures obtained exclusively by al jazeera that show the u. e is providing military support to the ethiopian army political arguments over people's lives. the u. k. and french governments blame each other for
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a cross channel tragedy. peacekeeping troops are sent to the solomon islands. a switch in diplomatic allegiances leads to 2 days of rice. ah, the deputy head of sedans, ruling sovereign sovereign council, as told al jazeera that the military take over a month ago, followed long discussions between the political parties which failed to produce results. general mohammed hummed, and the gallow said it was an option known to the prime minister who was detained during the political turmoil. he also denied that his forces were involved in arresting senior officials or detaining activists and protesters comes in over here . what's happened on october 25th was the ultimate, i would come of a long process since that change started in sudan during such process. many
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discussions were made and many initiatives were proposed by various parties, the prime minister himself proposed to initiative. and during our meetings and the transitional partners council or the sovereignty council, with the cabinet of ministers, we made maximum effort. but we couldn't reach a breakthrough. and at that point, we were left with 3 options. the best of which was the move we had taken, who was, it was completely agreeable to the prime minister of the work. we did not make such a move on our own. they said with another it will, it will come and be the prime minister was in agreement with us as to the decision we had adopted. however, for him with the move should be endorsed by the freedom and change coalition. as i said, we were left with 3 scenario freedom and chase coalition, endorsing the dissolution of the government, which was next to impossible. the 2nd was the move we had taken,
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and the 3rd was the collapse of our country. we adopted the best option available as we made that decision from our perspective. and at the same time you prevented the collab. and you can watch the full interview with general de gallo on talk 120730 g m t on friday. now the comments followed the use of tear gas by sudanese security forces to disperse crowds of protesters. ah, they were demonstrating across several cities to honor the 41 people killed over the past months. during rallies against the military takeover security forces deny using live fire during the increasingly violent crack down. prime minister, abdullah hm. doc has ordered an investigation into the violence. he was reinstated as leader after signing a deal with the military on sunday. he but morgan is following events for us in the
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sudanese capital cartoon. most of the protests around the capital stays hot, tomb and various parts of the country have been dispersed husing live ammunition and tear gas to dispose the protesters. this is, of course, despite the prime minister of the lamb, duke stating that he has instructed the security forces, though not to use force against the demonstrators, and said that he has guaranteed in his agreement with the military, which was time in november 21 on the 21st of november that the freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protests will be protected. now people have been also taken to the streets against that deal that are saw prime minister humbug reinstated. once again, many of them say that he was once the symbol of civilian rule, but then once he signed that agreement with the military, he has turned into a betrayer for many processes on the streets. they say that the fact that he had actually agreed to sign in with the army and to compromise. one of the things that they were against shows that he's now against the revolution. and they will
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continue to protest not just against the military, but against prime minister, him duke as well. but as we mentioned, dozens of protest her as have been killed since the military takeover al jazeera is arrest will start that met one family, grieving the loss of their daughter. the fight for democracy has come with the high course who wants to run his family, then a package, a mother lost her youngest daughter sit on the full on november 17 in protest against a military take over a month before back her says her 24 year old daughter was a nurse who dreamed of saving lives, but her life was suddenly taken away from them last week. a little, quite low iowa. when i learned she died, i couldn't see or feel anything. i started screaming and my heart was about to stop . i couldn't handle that. she was like a mother to me even though i and her mother. what else can i say? for this video taken by fellow protested on
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the day doc, him as the final moments of seat and the fours life. her friends who were protesting with her, carried her body back home. her father was at work when he got the call about his daughter mooney, the little red battery. i'm trying to deal with the loss of my beloved one. i got back home. the door was locked and i saw her dead body being carried by her friends . i cried. her friends cried. she was taken from little hundreds of thousands in some done, had been protesting against a military which is to power on october 25th, dissolving the companies 2 years transitional government and arresting senior political figures. more than 40 people have been killed as some 200 others injured sedans, police have denied using light ammunition on protesters, despite several videos showing man in uniform fighting on civilians. the military takeover has thraso down into
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a political crisis. prime minister up to la humble who was under house arrest, has been reinstated, as part of an agreement with the military to try and bring the company back to it's part of transition of the decades of military rule. but many protesters have posed a deal saying they want the military out of power and held accountable for the lives lost, or the 1st serve and other protest her who was injured in one of the demonstrations . despite those injuries, he told us that security forces detain him for 2 days, which he described as the toughest of his life. the man, no. the security forces attacked us. i fell down. i was shot and then arrested bob . i've been beaten and hurt. they took me in the truck, so then every single soldier there hit my heavy. my hands and legs were handcuffed . prime minister, hum duke has polish to set up a committee to looking to the death of protesters for xena beckers, family and investigation will not bring her daughter back. but see them full sister
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says that she find some comfort. in the reason her sister participated in the protest as it then when i'm a mother may know what when she was about to die, she told her friend, i'm dying for my country. i caused that many others how paid and more could pay as a transition to democracy in sudan remains, fragile families grieving, loved won't say on the complete democratic rule can deliver them to justice. they demand. russell said that o j 0 horton al jazeera has obtained the satellite images that show the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army. the army is in the midst of a year long battle with to grey and rebels, which has left tens of thousands of people dead and forced hundreds of 1000 into farming or flight charts reveal that 90 trips have been made between the u. a u d. c. o, p in the past 2 months alone, the u. e has hired 2 european companies to run military support flights to ethiopia,
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including ukrainian fly sky and spanish europe. let's take a closer look. this is the largest air base in ethiopia, the harass may, the bases just south of the capital, addis ababa. it plays a major role in the country's military offensives. these satellite images reveal and extensive operation involving war planes and military cargo aircraft. this is a chinese made wing loom drone, the 1st ever documented in an ethiopian military base. and this is illusion. here. the plains are seen, offloading their military cargo flight charts and satellite images show that these planes have recently arrived from sway, hun base in abu dhabi in the united arab emirates. now between september and november, there were 90 flights between the u. e. and the seo pier many intentionally concealing from where they took off and where they landed. the military cargo
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planes were operated by spanish and ukrainian private airline companies. the spanish europe air organized 54 flights between the u e n. d c o p r, between october 6th and november 4th of this year the ukrainian fly sky airlines made 39 trips between the u. a n d c o p, a between september 6th and november 8th. the u. e had used the same ukranian company to supply arms to libya's warlord halle for halftime in the past. the cargo air lifts are still ongoing. is he open for a minister, ibm? it is reportedly on the conflicts front lines a day after saying he would lead his troops in battle. independent journalist, samuel get a schoo has more now from the supper, according to the job and spokesperson at the prime minister, still in the battle ground. he is giving a leadership. he has said, there are many people that are joining him and his footsteps and signing up and the
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100 they have said in the thousands. perhaps there are also famous ethiopians doctors and supports some are olympian lake, kylie, good rest. and last, see the saying he's willing to supply support financial, so worth and if need be skewed, even be going to the bottle. going to join the prime minister. he has said this is not a call of the prime minister in his interview. she has said, this is a call that's coming from ethiopia. so the prime minister has been saying, this is a fight for the foundation of the country. and that's why he's heading. but again, in town that's both 126 meters away from the sub deborah behind citizens have been told to produce ideas hub ladies. and they've told id peace to stay in their own neighborhoods and no go anywhere. and also the movements of people have been restricted, showing you that this conflict is really going to the home search. ah,
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the u. k. and france are trading blame of a who's responsible for the deaths of at least 27 people who drowned when their boat sank. into english channel. it's the worst such a disaster there since the us started keeping migrant records, which is about 7 years ago, the french police have made several arrests in connection with the fatal crossing. andrew simmons reports now from the french city port. the port city of cali, near where the migrants set off rescue boats are on patrol less than 24 hours after the tragedy there. surveillance from above please. so using beach buggies and what passes for normality in cali, migrants and refugees being escorted to buses, bound for some sort of shelter. no, for our police. and mobilized day and night. not only yesterday or the day before, but they have been from the very start. they are on our external borders. never his france had his many police officers and it timed soldiers involved in
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a fight against illegal immigration. this is about addressing long tamper factors smashing the criminal dance at sheet human beings as cargo and tack in supply chains. all along this part of the french coastline, more than 50 kilometers of it. there are spots where in secrecy, people, smugglers arrange the sudden, boating of small inflatable boats. it's happened before, and it's still happening. these images were filmed on the same days. the migrants died. people intent on getting to the u. k. no matter what the risk. it's hard to imagine the level of desperation for these people in braving the seas to cross the english channel. but that doing so in there, thousands of numbers are growing this year alone. 25000 have made the crossing that triple the number of 2020. so many of the people arriving in cali, this is where they are given help. carrots as
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a charity tries. it's best to persuade people not to make channel crossings warning of the hazards. most of the time they fail. they don't just blame the people smugglers, they blame governments on both sides of the channel. even though after what happened yesterday, people will try again. so it's really tang to change the politics here. it's really, it's really time to change the situation and to and into open safe and the guy routes to lead people and to cover basic needs when people are ear and to lead them settle in france as well. the british and french governments often blame each other for the problem, getting worse. what's the rhetoric dies down though? there is some hope that wednesdays deaths could bring a new level of cooperation. what was intended to be a new beginning? was a tragic end for the men, women and children who died in the english channel. how many more may have to die before there's an increase of humanitarian moves to help these people, instead of politically motivated actions on both sides of the english channel.
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andrew simmons al jazeera kelly and still here from cal april. brandon meanwhile, is following developments from dover on england's south coast. it's already bitterly cold here on the south coast of england, but the window of opportunity for migrants who are thinking about making the dash across the stretch of 30 miles or so open water between france, england, the window is closing because the weekend gale force winds forecast and it will be like that for several days afterwards. so it's entirely possible that yet more migrants, despite the tragedy on wednesday, we'll make that attempt the debate over how to deal with this has intensified here in the u. k. on 1st day with the intervention of. busy busy church leaders, the chief rabbi, both the church leaders of the roman catholic church of england,
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saying the frank, the something has to change. the system itself needs to change on that sentiment was taken into the parliamentary debates as well with the home secretary, pretty patel saying that the crossings were illegal, unnecessary, and desperately unsafe and pledging to get even tougher with the criminal gangs that are organizing them. but just on the leader of the opposition labor party said frankly, he was sick of the home secretary playing through the headlines on there is pressure upon this government of forest johnson to try a new way to open up legal ways for refugees to claim asylum without having to arrive here on british shaws before having to do so. as the current system dictates, the refugee council said that frankly, it should be a wake up call for the government to rethink its approach to the channel migrants. but it is important to have the context that this government is a populist government,
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and immigration was an absolute keystone issue. both in the most recent general election and in the breakfast vote that preceded it. the idea of taking back control of board is a central issue. in the vote that so far is johnson when his majority and parliament and so britain leave the european union. so it's one thing to have humanity and compassion, but for the politicians in charge of this country votes appeared to me at the more so that's a situation in the english channel. meanwhile, the italian coast guard as rescued about 300 people from the mediterranean sea rescue crews say the boat was in distress because of rough sea conditions and overcrowding. the vessel was about 20 kilometers from the island of la producer, which is a frequent arrival point for migrants trying to reach europe. the rescue operation involved 3 ships and an aeroplane. italy is also seen a sharp increase of people arriving by boat in recent weeks. still to come on,
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al jazeera, germany's cove at 19 dest whole passes, 800000. as europe battles, it's growing 4th wave. and the reason to celebrate and luxurious born of state music and dance are back on the menu as the threat of vocal. hm. phase ah hello, there europe is experiencing a taste of winter at the moment and there's more of that to come. as we move towards a we can not just in the north and the south, but across those central areas. now we've already seen significant snow for across northern areas of spain, which is good news for the ski resorts. well that is set to continue. if we take a closer look, we got low pressure pulling in the heavy snow across the north and into the northeast. as we go into saturday, it is expected to intensify. but it's also bringing wessa weather to the south west
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of france, where we have got some flood warnings out. and once again, it's southern parts of italy and western areas of greece that could see some flooding. thanks to the heavy rain, also affecting coastal areas of the adriatic sea, with some wind warnings out for croatia. now further north of this it has been colder and quieter, but it is going to get more wintery for northern areas of britain and ireland. you can see that cold front moving in, bringing significant snow to scotland. we're talking blizzards and gale's and snow . sorry. is that a stretch across into scandinavia, that wintry weather expected to intensify as well for northern areas of france as we go toward saturday. it's going to be rather cool in paris and it's going to be rather wintry for many areas over the weekend. ah, there was is, i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make body wood fence. so finally i was going
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to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and good stones, permission going behind the lambs as go to him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. lou ah, a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera security forces in sudan have used tear gas to disperse crowds of protest or is honoring those killed in recent demonstrations. meanwhile,
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the deputy head of saddam's ruling sovereign counsel has told al jazeera, the prime minister. abdulla i'm doc was agreeable to last month's military takeover . al jazeera has obtained satellite images that show the united arab emirates as providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed the u . e. higher to private companies from europe, to run military flights into the field, and britain and france, or trading blame over who was responsible for the deaths of $27.00 people who drowned when their boats sank in the english channel. french police have made several arrests over the fatal crossing. sermon is outgoing chancellor. anglo merkel says her nation stands in full solidarity with poland. over the border crisis. with bella bruce merkel made the comments and a meeting with the polish prime minister and mateusz. shasky in berlin. she accused bella reuss, of weapon izing, migrants, and asylum seekers and said, the european union must have
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a united response. australia says it's sending troops to the solomon islands as the small pacific nation faces a 2nd day of rioting. the unrest began when prime minister in manassas, wherever switched the country's allegiances from taiwan to china. the move angered many in the most populous province who wanted the solomons to continue recognizing taiwan. the protest her is want the prime minister to resign. for the solomon islands is made up of hundreds of tiny islands in the south pacific with a population of 686000 people. the capital hon, yada is 1700 kilometers north east of the australian city of townsville. from where those troops are being deployed, sarah clark reports plumes of smoke fill the skies. hundreds defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown setting fire to
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building and living shots. the protests when they buy people from the nation's most populous islands, the malay department. they want the prime minister to sit down, accusing him of failing to deliver key infrastructure in the region. they're also angry about the government's decision. the civil long standing ties with high one office, 36 years, and the clear allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is a coalescing of the historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic, the political competition in the region and unhelpful in a helpful way. the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold for taiwan. the china, the influences growing in this region now and the full pacific nation, including palau and the marshall island, i considered allies to pay attention. if china uses more financial aid to pull
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these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china and several times with taiwan, is undeniable. that taiwan is economic strength, who hardly prevent china from doings of things. by jane considers taiwan arose, breakaway profits. and once you know who put china, but the demonstrated here remained loyal to tie pay, and the valve to strengthen their protests in the coming day. here a clock i'll do 0. go to germany now with a number of covey 19 death has passed 100000, with another 351 fatalities recorded in the latest 24 hour period. that's the spot tougher restrictions coming in last week. some hospitals are calling for help from other you states, dominic cane has more from berlin. what you have to understand when you contemplate the reality of cove it here in germany, is that for a long time, the situation here seemed to be stable during 1st, 2nd,
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waves of covert. but in the course of this autumn season, the numbers of new infections, the number of deaths and the numbers of people refusing to have the vaccine. well, they have caused a real log jam as it were, a real problem here. so it has seemed, in the course of the past week, certainly maybe even longer than that 2 weeks, the not a day has gone by without one somber statistic or another happening. we've hantz the day when more than 5000000 infections had happened. now we're at 5 and a half 1000000 with had a day of record numbers of new infections at 65000. well, today it's 75000. and then perhaps lose statistic that stands out the most 100000 deaths and counting being announced today. the reason for this is because many of the unvaccinated people in this country are catching the delta variance, which we know is much more infectious than previous ferrets,
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and indeed more dangerous once it gets inside people's systems. so those people are all turning up at the hospital at pretty much the same time and the hospitals can't cope. that's why they're asking neighboring countries to take in some of their patients. because otherwise they say they're in real problems. and some of them already having to go into tree arch mode, where they prioritize patients for treatment over others because of cove it. scientists in south africa have requested an urgent world health organization meeting after detecting a new variant of coven 19 south africa. public health institute says this new strain discovered in botswana has an unusually large number of mutations. scientists are attempting to confirm if it's more infectious or vaccine resistance . cases have also been detected in hong kong reports into allegations of abuse committed under formula or former gambia president. yaya
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jamie, has recommended criminal charges be laid against those responsible the gun b as truth reconciliation and reparations commission handed that report to german successors. president adama barrow, the commission heard claims of state sanctioned the torture death squads rate and which hunts during jam is 22 year rain. after a decade of conflict, the northeastern nigeria people's lives are gradually returning to some sort of normality. government forces have gradually been pushing back the armed group, buckle her arm in its strong hold of boar. no state and civilians are once again able to hold large gatherings, which until recently would have been a target. acquitted rous reports now from bore no state capitol. my duty were rusty's colorful davos a back after years of officers, a heritage due to beck singers. as bo court,
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i'm fighters slowly lose ground music and dance of a once proud people. his bows back ah, law hess started coming back to life because her older to we cannot express during the last 10 years or saw is no gradually coming back to life again. so therefore, i to let actually take us for quite some time before her maintaining of former glory as we were known. just a few years ago, marriages were either held away from the state or organized with minimal crowds for fear of attacks. not to enable mm. despite economic hardship such important occasion that now being celebrated with pop, it's almost a lot back culture. but these telepresence oh, just
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a few years ago. but more of a secure to improve families, are jumping together, celebrating the nigerian military has stepped up, its operations against book warren in recent years. tens of thousands of displeased people and are able to go back to their homes. and with be slowly returning people here and o reviving the festivities and ceremonies of the past. due, you can always nice sud more ment or severe steam lake. as you can see, people are enjoying beer. so after services you go to walk, you go to the local government and walk. busy when you come by, you need some to like on something though, make you happy you were out. did dean dance ah, catch fawn and g st. your face? yeah. but most, it has lost many of its musicians and cultural artifacts to the 12 year old boy qual, i'm conflict. but government and traditional leaders are pushing for
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a cultural revival. something elders say, could take a decade or more to restore. for now, people here are savoring the social and cultural rebirth of their region, and they look forward to the weekends, especially to unwind and enjoy themselves. how many degrees al jazeera, my degree law is nigeria? ah, and now the top stories on al jazeera, the deputy head of sedans is ruling sovereign council has told al jazeera that the military take over a month ago, followed long discussions between the political parties which failed to produce results. he said it was an option known to the prime minister who was detained, that during the political turmoil, general mohammed hummed under gallow also denied that his forces were involved in arresting senior official.


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