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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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is still quote, for a new polar will vis selection, bring long way to change to the country. heard your phone books, special coverage on all to 0. ah i'll 0 obtain satellite imagery revealing the u. e. supplying weapons to the european government asset fights to grand rebels. ah, mother, why money inside this is out? is there a lie from doha? also coming on. britain and france. trade blame over the death of 27 migrants in refugees who drowned when their boat sank. and the english channel scientists investigate a new cove at variance in south africa with concerns that it may be more transmissible
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and resistant vaccines. more violent protests in the solomon islands against government, switching allegiance from taiwan to china. ah, al jazeera has obtained satellite images that show that the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army, which is currently fighting the to gripe people's liberation front analogies. their investigation has found that 19 flights have been flown between the u. e t. o pier . in the past 2 months. the u. e. s. hide 2 companies from europe to run military support slides into ethiopia. one of them in ukraine was used by the u. e to supply alms to libya's warlord holly for hafta priyanka group has the latest. this is the largest air base in a fuel pier, the her army,
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the base is just south of the capital, addis ababa. it plays a major role in the country's military offensives. de satellite images reveal and extensive operation involving warplanes and military cargo aircraft. this is a chinese made wing loom drone, the 1st ever documented in an if the opium military base. and this is illusion here. the plains are seen, offloading the military cargo fly charts and satellite image show that these planes have recently arrived from sway. han bees in abu dhabi in the united arab emirates between september and november. there were 90 flights between the u. e. and if your pio, many intentionally concealing from where they took off and where they landed, the military cargo planes were operated by spanish and ukrainian private airline companies. the spanish europe air organized 50 full flights between the u. e on if
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you appear between 6 october and 4th, november this year. the ukrainian fly sky lines me 39 trips between september 6 and november 8th. the u. e had used the same ukranian company to supply arms to libya's war lot clever half star. in the past. the cargo air lists are still ongoing. the t p life rebels began they advance from tank ry late last year. they 1st took control of em horror and afar than a major road running south through the capital, addis ababa and the strategically important towns of dessie and combo chair fell earlier this month. and last week they seized shower rabbit. independent journalist, samuel galucci, has more. according to the job and spokesperson at the prime minister, still in the battle ground, he is giving a leadership. he has said, there are many people that are joining him and his footsteps and signing up in the
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hundreds they have said in the thousands, perhaps there are also famous ethiopians doctors and supports some are olympian lake, highly diverse, nazi saying he's willing to supply support, financial worth and if need be skewed, even be going to the battle. gone to join the prime minister. he has said this is not a call of the prime minister in his interview. she has said, this is a call that's coming from ethiopia. so the prime minister has been saying, this is a fight for the foundation of the country, and that's why he's heading. but again, in a town that bought 126 meters away from the suburbs, debra bron citizens have been told to produce ideas, have ideas, and they've told id peace to stay in their own neighborhoods and no go anywhere. and also the movements of people have been restricted, showing you that this conflict is really going to the home search security forces in who dont have use to gas to disperse crowds of protesters.
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me, $41.00, kill that protest since the military took over last month. demonstrations to honor them have happened in multiple cities security for deny using live for minister data. hum, doc has ordered investigation. he was reinstated, also signing a deal with the military. on sunday there was a met with one family whose daughter was killed in the protest. the fight for democracy has come with a high cost for once with his family. then at becca, a mother lost her youngest daughter sit on the food on november 17 in protest against a minute to take over a month before becker says her 24 year old daughter was a nurse who dreamed of saving lives. but her life was suddenly taken away from them last week. a little, quite low iowa. when i land she died,
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i couldn't see or feel anything. i started screaming and my heart was about to stop . i couldn't handle that. she was like a mother to me, even though i and her mother. what else can i say? this video taken by fellow protested on the day documents to find the warmest off seat and the fours life. her friends who were protesting with her, carried her body back home. her father was at work when he got the call about his daughter uni that i told her about him. i'm trying to deal with the loss of my beloved one. i got back home, the door was locked and i saw her dead body being carried by her friends. i cried. her friends cried. she was taken from little, oh, hundreds of thousands in sudan had been protesting against a military, which is the power on october 25th, dissolving the companies 2 years transitional government and arresting senior political figures. more than 40 people have been killed and some 200 others injured
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. so don's police have denied using live emission on protesters despite several videos showing man in uniform fighting on civilians. the military takeover has thraso down into a political crisis. prime minister up to law humble, who was under house arrest, has been reinstated, as part of an agreement with the military to try and bring the company back to it's part of transition of the decades of military rule. but many protesters have opposed the deal saying they want the military out of power and held accountable for the lives lost, or the 1st serve and other protest her who was injured in one of the demonstrations . despite those injuries, he told us that security forces detain him for 2 days, which he described as the toughest of his life. the millionaire, the security forces attacked us. i fell down, i was shot and then arrested. i've been beaten and hurt. they took me in the truck, so then every single soldier there hit me. my hands and legs were handcuffed. prime
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minister, hum duke has polish to set up a committee to looking to the deaths of protesters for xena, because family, an investigation will not bring her daughter back. but see them full sister says that she find some comfort. in the reason her sister participated in the protest as it then went to my mother now what, when she was about to die, she told her friend, i'm dying for my country. i caused that many others how paid and more could pay as a transition to democracy in sudan remains fragile families grieving, loved won't say on the complete democratic rule can deliver them, the justice, they demand. russell said that i'll just era cartoon with japanese korean of eyes, death toll has officially passed 800000 authorities recorded 351 death. in the past 24 hours hospital was
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a rapidly filling up across the country. and some have called for help from other you states. germany announced tougher restrictions last week to cab the outbreak. dominic cane has more from balin. what you have to understand when you contemplate the reality of coven here in germany? is that for a long time the situation here seemed to be stable during 1st, 2nd, waves of covert. but in the course of this autumn season, the numbers of new infections, the number of deaths and the numbers of people refusing to have the vaccine. well, they have caused a real log jam as it were, a real problem here. so it has seemed, in the course of the past week, certainly maybe even longer than that 2 weeks, the not a day has gone by without one somber statistic or another happening. we've hands the day when more than 5000000 infections had happened. now we're at 5 and a half 1000000. with had a day of record numbers of new infections at 65000 will to day it's 75000. and then
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perhaps lose statistic, that stands out the most 100000 deaths and counting being announced today. the reason for this is because many of the unvaccinated people in this country are catching the delta variance, which we know is much more infectious than previous fairs. and indeed, more dangerous once it gets inside people systems. and so those people are all sending out the hospital, it pretty much the same time and the hospitals can't cope. that's why they're asking neighboring countries to take in some of their patients. because otherwise, they say they're in real problems and some of them already having to go into triology mode where they prioritize patients for treatment over others because of covert they check government has declared a state of emergency after surge. in corona virus cases, it's unveiled a series of new measures, including ordering, restaurants,
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bars and clubs to close at 10 p. m. the czech republic has one of the wells highest infection rates for the size of its population. it's largest hospital says it will stop planned operations to deal with an influx in cove. it patients? south african scientists have requested an urgent world health organization meeting after the taking a new coven 19 variant. national public health institute says the variance has an unusually large number of mutations. exparza trying to confirm if the strain is more infectious and vaccine resistance cases have also been detected in botswana and in hong kong. had in reese is the senior figure at the world health organization. she says, while there is reason for concern as more questions to be answered, i think when we see something like this and we don't yet understand it, we must all be very concerned. and scientists have to turn their full attention to trying to understand it,
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but i don't think people should jump to panic. as we've seen with the delta strain, for example, that it was more transmissible. and it was more resistant to the action of vaccines . the antibodies induced by vaccines, but nonetheless, the vaccine still prevented severe disease and hospitalization. but that, that this is why we're now trying to identify how widely spread this is. but we also, there will be a lot of work looking at, is it more transmissible? is it associated with any more severity of disease and is it does, does it render the vaccines less effective, those at the piracy questions that we'll be looking at. but in the meantime, a big, big a request in south africa. but to, to the world really in terms of vaccinating the african region is what we've been saying all along. please get the vaccines out into the region because as we know, variance don't stay in one country. and as we saw with the delta variant, it became the dominant very at world wide. so we really need to push vaccination as
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we continue to understand what this very means. stella had on out his era truth and reconciliation in gambia along the way to report issues it's verdicts into allegations of torture on killing. and we meet the families of the victims killed by security forces, an indian admin, kashmir, our humanitarian and political crisis is deep. ah season the winds are sing deriving please this time of year, particularly in the gulf, and there's bit of a breeze picking up on friday. but note this orange here, this is sand picked up into the air which got to be brought somewhere. beyond that, there are few showers in the round. something in the east is out of turkey, this rate on its way into western turkey as well. it's quite in between. so say on
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friday the wind starts, then di, is there a shout in q 8 and crossing into iran? but the justin ears could be brought somewhere to be gathered up. i think brought sas in, that shamal strong one on saturday. dusty one as well. brought 3 back rain cut out on towards you or you then it'll probably become fine after that. the bigger picture to the north is different wind direction and more about rain than wind i taught taught that was coming in through greece into western turkey. well, it's all good to amalgamate a to some degree, but the isa that we're still talking saturday, not much is going on. central asia, winter keeps trying to come in, but it has not succeeded. now i'd like to say good news of the whole of africa and for kenya from the point of view of the short range showing a little bit of a burst. well, something in somalia, there's not much more afraid in kenya, but there is rain developing in south africa, particularly in cape town, where it looks quite stormy. ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results. right. i really want him to leave his friends volney. we move full to grow and fraud. we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be possible in his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this,
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our al jazeera has obtained satellite images that showed the united arab emirates as providing ministry support to the ethiopian army investigation. reveal that the u. a. he hired to private companies from europe to run military flights into ethiopia. security forces in see don have use take asked to despise crowd to protest, demonstrates is gathered to remember 41 people kill finish, took over last month. jeremy's current of ours, detto has officially passed 100000 hospitals, are rapidly filling out across the country. germany announced tougher restrictions last week to cope with the outbreak. person in france have been trading blame over who is responsible for the deaths of 27 refugees in migrants who drowned off to their boats sank in the english channel. and the west thought disaster there since the un started keeping records. 7 years ago, british home secretary pretty patel says more needs to be done to stop people
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making the dangerous crossing out that there is no quick fix. andrew simmons has been following developments on the french side of the english channel. they were ounce a half way across. we think that to england, the white cliffs of dover ahead of them, the sea was calmer at the time that it is right now. but nevertheless, it was far too much for the tiny. a small, a very frail boat flimsy. it capsized, it's believed deflated. the people were in the water, it was bitterly cold and they, well, they stood no chance emmanuel macro. the french president has said security all along the coastline is fairly intense, and they're doing their very level best. but something like 25000 people have crossed this channel this year alone. that's triple the number of the previous year . so the situation is described by one charity dealing with the the immigrants
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coming here all the time and rounded up and, and sent to, to shelter has described it really as not just the responsibility of the criminal gangs. the, the people smugglers are who are being criticized so heavily by politicians, but also by the french and the british governments for not doing enough to dissuade these people and give them a legal form of crossing to get to the u. k. elsewhere around 300 microns, have been rescued. ant c, i. the 9th by the italian coast guard creek say the boat was in trouble because of a large number of people on board and the rough conditions at sea. it was in 20 comedies from the island of land and he said, frequent arrival point the migraines trying to reach urine. it's lea, a scene, a sharp increase in people coming by boat. in recent weeks. germany says it sounds in full solidarity with poland in the current border crisis with bella. bruce
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aren't going chance langley. michael met with her polish counterpart in berlin. on thursday. she keys bell a race of weapon izing, migrants an asylum seekers and said the e, you must have a united response. well this was on to human rights watch a keys, both galleries and poland, a violating the rights of people aiming to reach the new lease facing people died as a result of harrowing conditions. in recent weeks. the watchdog says it's documented obese is on both sides of the border. powell jablonsky is the on the secretary of state at poland, ministry of foreign affairs, responsible for african, the middle east. he says poland is acting within the international law. we believe the treatment of his fever is terrible. this is the worst situation that we can see would generating especially weather conditions. the treatments or the federal barbershop forces should stop immediately. these people need to be allowed to
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return home. what happens is how much strength is in the loading these people to his country promising them false hopes of possibility to go easily to utopian union . this is something that lead them to the situation. and in fact, we need to increase pressure and i'm still guessing that he allows them to say that it turn and on top of that obviously. so that he doesn't bring any more and doesn't put any more people in the situation where there is no obligation to let anyone wants to cross the border to the country of the choice. we have obligation, internationally select 10 people that are bringing war post acute action that can be considered refugees. and in fact, we did that in august when we had the accepted over 1400 people from afghanistan edition and thought a different situation. we know exactly. we have full intelligence, how these people arrives and bowers. they were loads into this,
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this troubles by faith, travel agencies. they were instructed by ballistic forces, how to pretend that they already exist. in fact, they are not. they are not sales. the criteria for to be considered refugees, that is why we cannot let them enter because dish would violate our obligation to protect the board or the board of poland and of european union a report into allegations of abuse committed under the former gabby and president john a has recommended criminal charges be laid against those responsible, the can be as traits. reconciliation and reparations commission handed the report to john, a successor, president adama barrow. the commission had claims state sanctioned torture, death squads, rape, an which hung steering janis 22 year reign. nicholas hack has moved from data over the course of several years from january 2017 to march 2021.
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we've heard over $400.00 people taking to the stand in this truth and reconciliation, reparation commission telling in gruesome details, details in which people were tortured or killed to death by gambia as the security forces under the order of jojo jammy mean allegations from if you remember earlier jimmy, who at the time thought that he could cure from h i. v and aids experimented on his own citizens. for those that were people that, that were part of the descent or people that dared to question his rule while they were fed to his pet crocodile. so gruesome details were, were, were said a and now a $14000.00 page document has been released to adam barrow. and the message is clear that no one should be there should be no amnesty in that every single case should follow justice and people should be prosecuted. no other than that, no one has been mentioned by name,
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but certainly there is this will amongst human rights lawyers to see yama j a. jamie, who is currently free, living in exile, inequitable guinea, to face justice for those crimes committed under his rule, australia, sending troops to the solomon islands. as the pacific island faces a 2nd day of writing, the unrest began when the prime minister switched the country's alliances from taiwan to china. solomon islands is a small pacific nation with the population of less than 700000 people. and 1700 kilometers north, east of the australian city of townsville were soldiers a being deployed. sarah clark report. plumes of smoke fill the skies. hundreds defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown setting fire to building and living shots. the protests when they buy people from the nations most populous on the malay department. they want the prime minister to sit down,
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accusing him of failing to deliver key infrastructure in the region. there also angry about the government's decision. the civil long standing ties with high worn office, 36 years of clear allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is a coalescing of the historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic, the political competition in the region. in unhelpful and health away. the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold for taiwan, but china's influences growing in this region. now any full pacific nation, including palau in the marshall island, i considered allies the top pay lexington. if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china and several times with taiwan, is undeniable. ty, ones, economic strength, hardy,
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prevent china from doings of things by james can to this taiwan abroad, breakaway prophets. and once we do not hit with china, but the demonstrated here remained loyal to ty, pay, and the to strengthen their protests in the coming days. sarah clark out his ear one of ash's oldest and most respected human rights. grapes could be shut down as gauges are trying to persuade the supreme court that memorial is violating russia's foreign ancient law and its mass reports from moscow. the millions of russians murdered or imprisoned under joseph stalin, remembered here in the archive of the human rights group memorial. it spent decades exposing stollins crimes. now state prosecutors want to close down the group. the kremlin prefers to focus on the soviet victory in world war 2. under stalin. losing my memorial is uncompromising. the past is tightly bound with the present and the
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defense of human rights to day. we think that all historical events should be visible. standing side by side only when some one knows all of their country's history can they be a real citizen without a one track mind. outside the supreme court in moscow, hundreds of people showed their support for memorial. the group is being prosecuted under russia's foreign agents law. it's been used against the network of crumbling critic, alexia valley, and media and civil society groups. the authorities say the law protects russia from foreign interference further poorly because it's a total disgrace to trying to liquid us on totally absurd invented charges. this is above all a crackdown on russian civil society. prosecutor say memorial has failed to add the label foreign agent to all its public communications. the group says it's already paid more than $80000.00 in fines. supporters hope the case will be thrown out as happened in 2015 when the supreme court rejected another case against memorial brought by the justice ministry. but the political climate has changed
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significantly since then with a widespread crackdown on descent. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow, asked if it's a warning that the humanitarian political crisis in indian administered kashmir has worsened in recent weeks. and insecurity, forces have been accused of crack down on opposition, figures in the disputed territory, including rights campaign is an jonas elizabeth problem, reports the madre family of mourning, the loss of their son and brother, 22 year old army was one of 4 people killed in a security operation and indeed administered kashmir on november 15th. it will all be done because all power has to fight the poor thing was innocent, working as a cleaner making t and you label him a militant. i have 2 more brothers and they to have to go out for work. this has terrified us. we live in fear of leaving our house. if this is what they do,
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they've done a great injustice to us. army was working as an office attendant and the regents capital city schraner good. his family deny police accusations that he worked for a pakistan, a militant who was also killed in the operation along with 2 civilians. armies, father mohammed shows al jazeera his award for bravery in fighting rebels in 2005. what you're talking about. it's very sad that one man has been fighting for india and his own son is killed and called a militant, what kind of justice is this? and on top of that, his body isn't even returned to us. i, the healing of the 2 civilians, of the same incident, led to protests and in a ram, move security forces returning the bodies to their families. the government has ordered an investigation into the operation, but civil society groups, they won't be independent. i don't think my, this ill inquiry would be to anything additional inquiry would be more independent
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. but whether that will also satisfy the local population is very difficult to see . such is the level of distrust between the central government and the local people . and hardly anybody gets punished, they having some people who got punished in the past. but otherwise, nothing which happens. international organizations joined in the criticism of the indian government this week. that's after the national investigation agency or n i a rated the home and office of prominent human rights activist couldn't part with. they arrested him on the anti terror legislation. rave soti year or just mail the ongoing rates are those who have been suspected receiving foreign funds, d n i a is investigating agency and nothing to be scared out. there is no injustice done to anyone who comes out clean from the investigation. but the you and special rapport tour on human rights defenders called pot versus arrest disturbing, saying he's not a terrorist. he's
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a human rights defender. part of it is ran the genuine cush mead coalition of civil society that's been documenting human rights abuses for more than 20 years. as a margaret family hope and wait for army to body to be returned. supporters of bud where say his work is now more important than ever. elizabeth per on al jazeera new delhi. ah. this is out there are these you top stories? let's give you some breaking news. the deputy head of sudan sovereign council has spoken exclusively to aunt zara. and has denied involvement in the arrest of senior officials. mohammed hamden douglas, also known as committee said last month, men or she take over followed long discussions between political parties. we'll have more on that interview at the top of the next hour.


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