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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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it's very frustrating, but you need to find some power in you to continue working on doing what you do because it, you know that you're doing right thing and you're just protecting someone else life . so yes, and when the advocates themselves no longer feel safe, neither to the client's prime robin 1st year walker by al jazeera stress book. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories al jazeera has obtained satellite images that show the u. e is providing military support to the ethiopian army investigation revealed bad. the u . a hired to private companies from europe to run military flights into ethiopia. community forces in sudan have used tag asked to despise crowds of protesters. demonstrators gathered to remember 41 people killed since when she took over last
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month. person in france saw trading blame over who is responsible for the death of 27 refugees and migrates, who drowned when they're both site in the english channel. as the was disaster there since the u. n. started keeping record 7 years ago. the british home secretary, pretty bizarre, says more needs to be done to stop people making the dangerous crossing up. there's no quick fix. what happened yesterday was a dreadful shock. it was not a surprise, but it is also a reminder of how vulnerable people up and put at pero when in the hands of criminal gangs. there is also madam deputy speaker, no quick fix. this is about addressing long term poll factors smashing the criminal gangs that treat human beings as toggling and tapping in supply chains. elsewhere, some 300 migrants have been rescued at sea overnight by the italian coast guard. ruskie cruz say the boat was in distress because of the large number of people on
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board on the rough conditions, out sea by twos, around 20 kilometers from line and of land producer. a frequent arrival point from migrants trying to reach you of germany says it sounds and fulfill doroty with poland in the car. bullock rises with batteries aren't going tones the angler. michael met with her polish counterpart in berlin on thursday. she accused bella bruce of weapon izing, migrants, amazon m seekers, and said that you must have a united germany karone of ours deaths. all has officially passed 800000. forty's recorded 351 deaths in the past 24 hours. hospitals are rapidly filling up across the country. some have called for help from other you states. germany announced tougher restrictions last week to cab the outbreak. okay, does he headlines witness coming up next? ah
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ah oh. oh room. no dental group, cobra for all. what else can already it will? does he have that is your why don't you definitely can you just cannot uniform as will be worth or yes case was a non, as
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a biller, whatever you know, anything going on with one of them got to was it was i live here regard discuss, gary or be from a little over and ask her, but i scan your school experience from the battery opened, but these are the most money of the border the for the larger worker for general medical care home mid or non. i know her name was going on. mean her mitty, and what not because
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a little bit after him on bus, on the same night, saying the same note john, last night he was john. i got a minute of yada memorial market. i think it's called me . mm hm. and i just, i was, or where do i want it was only down to more than that or not. but he will want to live by said lever.
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now we're going to be doing with the be done really going to be want to go the pocket on what we're going to go over here that are so what are we going on at all? and we have to log on to xander and i saw the agenda was spot opening to your doctor or was it? will we? me? yes, i guess they were going to call and talk to in order to money like all of ours because it wouldn't have been a robot calibrated. but your voice because it was because i got a johnny afternoon. mean it was good. there are a lot of that, it's already been up to me,
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salt salt you but she's an uncle. the deacon bought copies going to be on video me, but was in cassandra there with a car just like the media to go the bomb is. and if you wanted make a hockey police report get bothered, you would be a full cell one here. or there tories california lucky coverage and going to be ok . is it all paid? shani ok. it was taken a lot to me about. there was a big but you get a scar . don't take it to me. i mean that means the end of to meet me stop maximum, but you because the i pick it back up. you gotta
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do. ready, go go to leave it on the new. yeah. got a doctor's or got them. it could be other jewish program. i in all the history starting with the many after 15 days and they come on mega. the d. n images indeed
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is in the late the muslim. but you also name modern snake, which is equal 10, d b was due to me, but you will always get these law montana to you when you leave them on the way they can be here because i really like ah, then we do show how did that will put you on the what do you, how to believe them as i don't know if i will get
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them then them all over dinner buddies. short term furnished your target the bottle because he's gonna get all that it will be better . so that's a problem. maybe the know them yeah. go with them and wrong and they always courses on the centers, right? a get back with the with with will it is and if somebody are but you'll get got them gone,
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book or left legitimate, upside down by god, god, validly up the portability godfather. go up in the august, dominate the dog with ms. n. okay, kind of give, i had the mind, anyone who was army said i'm up much down some of the john to g. i'm it shoes a real. there's not a big wild with a hint. then i will be out with marlene. my name is all the, it was helpful very, i'm already with everybody,
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but i do a good may yet the man to modify that with who a a sunny jamini. i'm walking all well, yes. excellent. black eyebrows. oscars have but i'd like you to put on like a while, but other than total just say,
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well it was you can do or put them in. even these are the dominant most of one more luckily so i will don't go that nobody does enough and are about to walk
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in the door to water, money of 100 families over here. as well as how was the word? well the, i would have ready to come that oh, and i would those i know groups all the will be talking to women what would be the most was all going to get what opened out with a couple of hold on those. and so you all would have to order i me oh, i hope a large it's a little but i think i will let them in the report. it will not have been on my way out on the sucking.
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sit out. no, no, no, no, no one, no, i don't know if someone went on the, on the one more com, vivian job. getting it watermark earlier on the job on me. i me
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i aah. innovatively i hope to be here. and i told her that i thought it was gonna look in his credit. good. why? i see the gear i used to with one in one or 2000000000 as one of the about what the other who
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think it was in philadelphia who i bought a bit of work with women. i will seriously think of gallagher's then. anyway, other on her marriage is hold rober log up in it, but don't really believe that i get a bit of a will bit of organize over kilo boss called me, but she'll be her that the group that the bad that yeah, yeah. what i was about to talk about the july looks was little west which will center but tory windows a but you're comfortable with johnny walker. i generally will. won't go over there . town go. i got there. failures already. yeah. yeah. it. but yeah,
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but it's we doggy, his other idea. do you bother there'll be a bother. wouldn't go through is that? do you by control? got to get cardelia any mondo mandate on me about. com. though dean. your job is it . i have to have one of the alex or other mega tardy. the other. nah. michel mowbray. here we now again the yeah, but we'll news was janitor. but when see the sallow daughter aviana criteria for you'll die now, but you are my guy named brian. yeah, we're generally maralie them. zahn number 2 separate vehicle values for to but if
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i'm lucky then i guess i'll be the out the door with the school or negative, but it probably there was the golden infomatica. yeah. they're gonna go all the way . but if you sent out a folder, it's really more got it. and oh, it's an will make no like a tell, but they did all that. the d o a plus region might have been blocked. miss and i
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was always good to get those papers. it was like you that said he doesn't move the sky. salisbury kid, i gather pilgrim's pride to me. i mean, it would be we even need to gave you the doctor and i know that you got up to my well that i'm going to marry, but it be, you know, you know, the main shared cut for everybody just to be know name w continue to be volleyball.
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the medical medical we're going to be don't have a 1000 people get mad, but every year came on you can join me. she gave way. but you could give me the wrong god. they need money, but it's not all well i get. but why did, because like job a job will be invited by, i think, i guess i know when they get a job, which will be money that in dental offices, out of a tardy can we build basel lumina? what's your 1st name is buddy is ana with an ad gundy. yeah. was it was one of getting a job or do you get a i would but i got a daughter but you know,
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but those kids i was bodily metallic. i didn't hear any dog. i'm not, but i'm going go, but you know? yeah, no, but not the blakely box. you got out. you got gentlemen, nausea, but little boswell, luca mirage so much that i got room will go further about. i wish you got to the door. we own p a port. okay. oh, well, i heard that it is. so if you do have the body that will do it for 40 year, for me, one i do new mom will out today the be and i will go here. also may i say we know we think that we won't go read them to hear
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data novel, but you get a 1 dollar a minute. one will probably miss out of it. maybe i'll get it bobby with my temper mica martel. most of us a lot here, but if any of the mental one of you what you play bama got very out. does he but did magically binding with the lamps that you know, jeff,
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dick you any more than a by a bit about any but you didn't have it in again as he met them. marbella, gala guess you could send us yet if he might mean us. good, but i'm only, i get the mental model. get a chill guy, but you jack over again. this he doesn't then that they don't in general the case a bit, but in these are the only one by even by the last i bought a tiny leg beyond this been going to say got new things he could, but i got it. put again, i'm going to do that because even got me a mighty but i'll be yeah. or when he's gonna bother you guys or
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do i figure god in a fight yadda not goes cutting a book, i think going to school, but i don't. i'm not going to use them, but you don't have them on me. oh, good luck. i want to get on the ability to go out and they're going to walk up the order more to be able to talk about single saw position been here of source, but i
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will family image are going to leave or government do i will scott down the scale score that those go down to the almost missing me ah yes or no. what happened? i got my i was just ready ready when i was doing the got the delivery. i don't believe i always
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get the name of the love you had over on the valuable for the damage. pretty good for now, dr. delight. ah, then it was. how does it go gorge? in order to do that, i will send you gomez can shoulder double. who's on the wall? one of the biggest. how about going to hope the news yesterday, and i
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ah, a freaking stories of resilience and carry a tradition and dedication to live without a short documentary by african
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filmmakers on the white night. and the bookmaking africa direct on al jazeera with almost a year after violent protest in a former prisoner became president, heard these people had to the polls once again. on november 28th, it will vote for
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a new parliament. will this election bring long away to change to the country? her gifts, phone books, special coverage on al jazeera, ah al jazeera, obtain satellite imagery revealing the u. e. supplying weapons to the european government asset fights to grow and rebels. ah, well, why? money inside this is out. is there a lie from doha. also coming on. fortune and france. trade blame over the death of 27 migrants in refugees who drowned when that boat sank in the english channel. scientists investigate a new cove at variance in south africa with can sounds that it.


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