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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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that american troops can only afford within the taliban, leave it. there will be a house. telephone inside story pack. a frank assessment of the div headlines. subscribe now. however you listened to podcasts. ah, al jazeera obtains satellite imagery revealing the u. e is supplying weapons to the ethiopian government, as it fights the tig or i rebels. ah, m, i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera. there is violence in the solomon islands, anger mounting against the government allegiance to china. also cover debts in germany, surpass 100000 does european countries struggle to contain a resurgence of the buyers and mine is in democratic republic of congo,
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put their lives at risk to dig out a mineral used in batteries for electric cars ah, over on al jazeera, has obtained satellite images showing the united arab emirates providing military support to the ethiopian army, which is of course, currently fighting the ticker people's liberation front. the report reveals 90 flights have been flown between the u. e and ethiopia in just the past 2 months. the res hired 2 companies from europe to run this military support or the flights into ethiopia. one of those companies was used by the u. a previously to supply arms to libby as waller holly for after his a closer look. this is the largest a base and if you appear the her mother base is just south of the capital, addis ababa. it plays a major role in the country's military offensives. these satellite images reveal
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and extensive operation involving warplanes and military cargo aircraft. this is a chinese made wing gloom drone, the 1st ever documented in any fuel p, a military base. and this is lucian. here. the plains are seen, offloading their military cargo flight charts and satellite image show that these planes have recently arrived from swan basin up with abbey. in the united arab emirates. between september and november, there were 90 flights between the u. e. and with your peer, many intentionally concealing from way they took off and where they landed. at last r a spoke to martin plot, who's a senior research fellow at the institute of commonwealth studies of the university of london. he taught us through how the u. e. as a major player embassy, the open conflict, i think that they are, in a sense, a staging post for the, these weapons supplies mean some of them come directly,
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some of them go through the way. but the ways clearly underwriting what is happening. and once you forget that the peace deal that was done between era, which is the other major player in this war, and the ethiopians was itself underwritten by the u. a, they've been a very big play in the, in the war. integrate, i think that the drones are important because i think that they have taken up some of the weapon systems that the grants had at the beginning of the war. particularly the missiles, which they hit, the era trend, cap of glass mara and some other targets. and those we haven't heard about, and i think it was because the drones took them out. they've also been used a gates, a particular military targets, some of the leadership of the team grants. and some of the generals have been attacked. and i think the 3rd thing that is used for is for trying to observe what is going on. a lot of the fighting is done in very dense mountains. rugged areas
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are very hard to see what's going on from the air, drones ideal to that. the grade levels of course began their advance from their home areas late last year in the north, 1st taking control of empower and afar, excuse me, and then a major road which runs south to the capitol at a sound without the strategically important towns of the sea and culture also fell earlier this month. and then last week you can add, show it to that as well. independent journalist. some you'll get your has one according to the job and spokesperson at the prime minister, still in the battle ground. he is giving a leadership, he has said, there are many people that are joining him and his footsteps and signing up and the hundreds they have said in the thousands. perhaps there are also famous ethiopians doctors and supports some are olympian lake. kyle higgerson. lassie is saying he's willing to supply support, financial sub worth, and if need be skewed,
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even be going to the battle. gone to join the prime minister. he has said this is not a call of the prime minister in his interview. she has said, this is a call that's coming from ethiopia. so the prime minister has been saying, this is a fight for the foundation of the country. and that's why he's heading. but again, in town that's about 126 meters away from the suburbs. debra bron citizens have been told to produce ideas have ideas and they've told id peace to stay in their own neighborhoods and no go anywhere. and also the movements of people have been restricted, showing you that this conflict is really going to the home search onto other news and australia, resending trips to the solomon islands. as the pacific island faces the 2nd day of rising, the unrest began when the prime minister switch the country's allegiances from time one to china, the solomon islands, a small pacific ocean with a population of less than 700000 people, 1700 kilometers northeast of these trading city of townsville from were soldiers
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are being deployed. sarah clark with our port plumes of smoke fill the skies. hundreds defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown. setting fire to building and moving shots. the protests when they buy people from the nation's most populous on the malay department. they want the prime minister to sit down, accusing him of failing to deliver the key infrastructure in the region. they're also angry about the governance decision, the civil long standing ties with high one office, 36 years, and the clear allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is a coalescing of the historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic. there's you political competition in the region in unhelpful in and i help the way the south pacific has been
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a diplomatic stronghold to taiwan. the china influences growing the region now and the full pacific nation, including palau and the marshall islands. i considered allies the top pay lexington if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china on several times with taiwan. is undeniable. ty, one's economic strength, who hardly prevent china from doings of things by jane. and to this taiwan arose, breakaway profit, and one reason i had put china, but the demonstrated here remained loyal to ty, pay, and the valve to strengthen their protests. in the coming day, sir, o'clock, i'll do 0. at least 27 refugees in migrants heading for britain, have drowned after their boats sank in the english channel near cali. it is the worst disaster in the channel since the us international organization for migration started keeping record 7 years ago. french and british,
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they did say they need to step up joint efforts to prevent people making the dangerous journey. it's here from andrew simmons. he is on the french side of the english channel and kelly, they were out a half way across. we think to england, the white cliffs of dover, ahead of them, the sea was calmer at the time that it is right now. but nevertheless, it was far too much for the tiny, small, a very frail boat flimsy it capsized. it's believed that deflated the people were in the water. it was bitterly cold and they, well, they stood no chance. emmanuel makram, the french president, has said security all along the coastline is fairly intense and they're doing their very level best. but something like 25000 people have crossed this channel this year alone, and that's triple the number of the previous year. so the situation is described by
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one charity dealing with the immigrants coming here all the time and rounded up and, and sent to a shelter has described it really as not just the responsibility of the criminal gangs. the people smugglers are who are being criticized so heavily by politicians, but also by the french and the british governments for not doing enough to dissuade these people and give them a legal form of crossing to get to the u. k. and speaking of the u. k poll brennan now in dover, on that side of the english channel and tell us what you've been seeing there a since this morning will. what we've had 2 boats arrived this morning that i'm aware of certainly here at dover. the arriving before dawn, one at 430 a. m one at around $530.00 a. m. bringing around 40 refugees, stroke migrants at this part of the coast line. and they were being processed in an
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area over to my right hand side and a large white marquis. i could see that their belongings being taken out in transparent plastic sacks and put on to buses and the migrants themselves. and after they'd been in the white marquis being given at treatment, having the details taken, i will put on to a double decker read london bus just as a holding area up before they were then bused to other to the, to the next destination at which you weren't told where that was. so it's clear that the tragedy or of weapons they has not put off other migrants from, from, take him to the water. you can see the conditions they look benign, but it's prettily cold. there is a biting, a strong breeze from the north, which is blowing on shore from the french perspective at blowing them effectively. a head wind in their face and whipping up the ways to what's described in nautical terms as moderates. and that's 2 and a half meter high waves out there in the center of the channel. one of the coolest
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aspects of this narrow, 30 mile crossing is that it's so close that you can see it. but it is so busy with large tankers and devilishly fiendish currents that it's a very, very dangerous crossing it. and that the, the closeness is effectively a mirage. thank you, paul bernard, for that report from dover in the u. k. l sir, on 300 migrants have been rescued at c over night by the italian coast guard crew. say the boat was in trouble because of the large number of people on board in the rough conditions at sea. it was some 20 kilometers from the island of land produced a frequent arrival point 4 microns trying to reach europe. italy has seen a sharp increase in people coming by boat in just a recent weeks. now european union representatives are in the gaza strip to discuss humanitarian conditions. the e q does contribute to the social welfare allowances of people in gaza, but protest is outside un office to say they haven't received any funds in the last 6 months union, i'll fire spoke to the head of the use delegation deficit set as $1300000000.00 us
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dollars completely unsustainable. this deficit steps principally from the fact that east su, occupying power does not fully commit to its come to as obligations under the parents protocol. was holding important amounts of funds, which initially were supposed to be part of the domestic revenue of a lot of the per your 30 unfortunately. and that is a specific issue right now in 2020. the issue comes to a new financial programming period from $21.00 to $27.00. and there is a process whereby we need to program for the entire t of the neighborhood, the eastern and another neighbor including palestine. the overlap and this process is being finalized as we speak of as a result of which it was impossible for us to move as any finance for the p a. in the course of 2020,
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with the exception of the amount which i just authorized about one month ago, salaries and pensions of $50000000.00 for the p. a. that however, that does not explain why nothing has been paid to the poor families and garza entered the west bank into the 20 check the world. whether next and then fears, glory for the lives of thousands of russian miners trapped down the shaft in siberia and marching in their honor rallies held in sudan to remember, the process is killed since the military power. ah is going to be more flooding reported. i think the foss at the time, and down through the peninsula of malaysia and down to what singapore and that same areas, i get more right in the next day or so. the ne, one student hans,
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is it will catch some vietnam and some lose all otherwise, this is standard phase. what you might expect was time is to march has been on and off. bound archer has been flooded. now it's the size. i think that gets that forecast right, and it's dry mostly for the knoll throughout john and the green bridge that these are snow shall rain on the coast, snow in the mountains, the wind is eating off. it's an improving situation, not quite as cold in the sunshine now the sub 0 in hobbin, but about 11 in beijing and 24 down in hong kong. now you'd like to think it was the same in most of india, this tom 0 as you well know, polluted day gets trapped. all of the northern plain of india good pot and the pole and pakistan is suffering that way. the cities are particularly bad, very poor to have the same quality. the season or rain is peppy up again for chin. i tumbled louder and down in sri lanka and probably cross in carola as well. and the sees nor wind is picking up through the gulf, a few showers in q 8 and iran,
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but friday see the brief demo safety it comes back. i think it could be a dusty one. ah, ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition noon where beautiful possibilities are offered. ah, ah ah,
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on al jazeera, these are the top stories they sala. we have obtained satellite images showing the united arab emirates providing military support to the tube unami investigation reveals the u. e. hide to private companies from europe to run military flights into ethiopia. at least 27 refugees and migrants heading for britain have drowned off to their boat, sank in the english channel near cali. it is the worst disaster in the channel since the un international organization for migration started keeping record 7 years ago. and australia is sending trips to the solomon islands to help restore order of the country faces the 2nd day of rising. the protesters want the prime minister to quit saying the government has neglected their koran of iris news, germany where the death toll has officially passed 800000. now with authorities recording $351.00 for the test. in the past 24 hours, hospitals been rapidly filling up across the country with patients and some have
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called for help from other states, germany and tougher restrictions last week to curb the outbreak more with dominant cain in berlin now. so 2 things that dominic, one, this death toll climbing up over a 100000. and then the fact that germany, which took in patients from the netherlands for example, now needing to ask for help themselves. the other 2 things are connected, kemal. why? because what's happening right? now is, if you believe government ministers, a pandemic of the un vaccinated, many of the hospitals are filling up with people who have not been vaccinated and have caught the delta version of the corona virus. which, as we know, is much more infectious and proved to be much more dangerous once it's inside people's systems. and so those unvaccinated people all coming to hospital pretty much at the same time and giving those hospitals little option other than to go
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into tree arch mode. certainly that's the case in one state in germany, in the state of saxony. but other states to have put themselves in what they call a catastrophic situation. so as to be able to release the funds and try to deal with the problem. but it is the reality that with hospitals filling up, they can't find enough places. and so they're asking europe and allies to take in some of their patients. and it's a somber day because that total, that death toll over a $100000.00 now. and it has seemed, in the course of this week that it's one somber stat after another. it's not that long ago that 5000000 cases was reached and it's now 5 and a half 1000000 cases. it's not that long ago that the highest ever infections per day was around $65000.00 today. it's $75000.00 plus. so lots of sombre statistics around in the course of this last week. but the one reality is that
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covert is filling up hospital wards in the shape of unvaccinated patience. germany is struggling to deal with this number of people, the pandemic of the unvaccinated, as they say, thank you. dominant cain at reporting from berlin. at least 11 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a mine in a russian siberia region. emergency services rescued, more than 200 people who were trapped with dozens of others injured rescue efforts have been stalled because of the threat of an explosion. bennett smith following this one from moscow. the rescues of being hampered by the risk of a further explosion. we know 9 people have been killed and 46 remain trapped on the ground. now there were $285.00 underground at the time of the accident. so most of those have been brought to the surface and alive. there isn't much more information on what's happening at the moment. this mind has hard previous
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accidents. there was one in 2004 where a me say an explosion killed 13 people. and unfortunately, these sort of accidents are not unusual in russia is mining sector is very, i was a very bad record when it comes to safety standards is monitoring of safety standards and the poor maintenance of this old sort of soviet era equipment. so these sort of accidents happen more frequently and frequently than it than they would elsewhere in the world. in sedan, security forces have used to tear gas to disperse people, holding rallies to honor protested, chilled during demonstration. last month was in the district quoted, fun province. in october, the 41 people were killed with security forces. the voice denied using live fire on protest as prime minister of the landmark as ordered an investigation. after he was reinstated, he signed to deal with the military on sunday. it's april morgan,
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finding the reasons behind these protests, particularly in catching this test in honor of the people who died or lost their lives over the past month. it's been a month since the military take over the memory, think that they, but they also showing their anger at the deal that was signed on on november 21st between the military, i'm prime minister, how many people are think that they'll take this opportunity to express their anger at what they said was a betrayal by the prime minister for accepting to negotiate and to sign a deal with the military. now, since the takeover people have been demanding that the military completely step aside from the politics of the country and had of power to complete civilian government, restoring the position of prime minister the lamb took releasing of political prisoners, but also having no role in the day to day affairs of the country now after the agreement signed between prime minister handbook and the army political prisoners are supposed to be released only 5 haven't really so far. dozens of others are still in detention,
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and people are saying that they do not trust the ministry to owner that agreement, especially since they say that the constitutional declaration, which was time between the force of freedom and change coalition, the civilian coalition and the army has been fight line. so many of them are saying that this is a chance for them to express their anger at the fact that that agreement has been put aside at the fact that prime minister has decided to side with the army. and the fact that this democratic transition that was under way has been halted or rubbed by the military. and the fact that at least 41 people have died more than 200 have been entered into pro, has demanding for them. return back to the path of democracy to transition our reports into allegations of abuse committed under former gambia president. yet had jama as recommended criminal charges be laid against those responsible. the dam is truth. reconciliation and reparations commission handed the report to john his successor, president obama barrow. the commission heard claims of state sanctioned torture, death, squads, rape, and which hunts during jimmy's 22 year reign. nicholas huck reported extensively
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from the gambler he isn't accost synagogue reporting today. that is, that is quite a list of stuff there. nicholas. yeah, absolutely. i mean over the course of several years from january 2017 to march 2021. we've heard over $400.00 people taking to the stand in this truth and reconciliation, reparation commission telling in gruesome details, details in which people were tortured or killed to death by gambia as the security forces under the order of ya. i mean allegations from, if you remember aaliyah jimmy who at the time thought that he could cure from h i. v and aids experimented on his own citizens for those that were people that, that were part of the descent or people that dared to question his will while they
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were fed to his pet crocodile. so gruesome details were, were, were said at and now a $14000.00 page document has been released to adam borrow. and the message is clear that no one should be there should be no amnesty in that every single case should follow justice and people should be prosecuted. no other than that, no one has been mentioned by name, but certainly there is this will amongst human rights lawyers to see yama j a. jamie was currently free, living in excel inequitable guinea to face justice for those crimes committed under his rule. come all who has mean this is a very broad question, nicholas, but how has life changed? i mean, when you've gone from 22 years of that to a new president's. how has life changed in the last few years in the gambia? well, there's certainly more freedom for people to express themself, india than under the time of ya, jamie. so you have
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a sense that people now want to go further than just express their grievances, but want to see the rule of law being enacted and justice being served. but in this, this, this report comes just weeks before the presidential elections. and in this bizarre twist of plot, you remember adam, borrow, who, who was the head of this coalition, that one the last elections against j a. jamie will now he's in alliance with judge, i'm his political party. he this fight at the time saying that he would not run for a 3rd a 2nd term. well, now he's running for reelection. there are other candidates, some of them that have been tortured by a security forces under yay edge army. and they clearly want to see a step taken further. now, according to the t r r c, the truth reconciliation repair, reparation commission. adam barrow has 30 days to enact or whatever they they
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recommend. and he will this document will be distributed to un secretary general to the african union. and so people want to see now where there he'll put word to action and, and put people and to, to ensure that some people face justice, notably yagami. come on, nicholas. hark, keeping an eye on events in the gambia from dakota, they thank you. in somalia, a bomb attack us kill at least 5 people in the capital market issue reported to have targeted a convoy of african union mission vehicles and a school close to the blast was damaged as well. oh, the global goal heading net 0, carbon emissions by 2050 is contributing. you'd contributing, i'm sorry to a surgeon demand for electric cars. the batteries, the power these vehicles contain copel's, much of which is mind in democratic republic of congo. now it's dangerous work. and many might have say, they just aren't getting their fair share of the spoils. malcolm web visited a mine in called worthy in love or province. this is what the world soaring
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demand for cobalt is doing to the democratic republic of congo on each of these shelters. at deep tunnels, doug by hand, they often collapse at the end of them, a deposit of cobalt which con, get exported nearly $2000000.00 worth in 2019 and export the growing fast with the minus say they're being cheated on the young level that we're working very hard and digging very far to take this out of time, but we're getting almost nothing for it. the conditions are dangerous, but we're not paid for our level of sacrifice under the ground. and the sacrifices a great mine is working here. say when they enter the shop, takes one and a half hours to climb all the way down, through the narrow tunnel to reach the rock, faith. cutting out the co shift it takes them even longer to climb the way
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back out. and it doesn't look safe until they're a crack in the side of the crop with tree branches. and since people here told us to miners were buried alive the day before we visited. when they didn't come home from work, they wise came here to find out what happened there, waiting for the bodies to be dug out. the week before the people told us these men died here in another claps. as soon as the bodies in debris ever moved, the miners keep digging out cobalt. nobody here can afford to stop. there aren't any other jobs for them. this is the end of a line without 40 men stamped deep on the ground. about a 5th of kong, as cobalt is dug out like base by hand, government planning reforms. he says he wants to make the sac to safe one more
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taken from everybody to be crushed and tested. boring stations like this one. most of moving, taken over by chinese companies in recent years, amount of cobalt is measured on this machine called the mine as we speak to the machines usually rigged as all the weighing scale. are they taking us for fools or slaves when we take our minerals to the chinese, they cheat us on the quality and the weight? or how can we, as congolese benefit from this way of working they spend digging out earth or rock without any cobalt on paid to these men of our better luck. they gather at the minds edge to divide their cash. on the best days, they say they can make about $12.00 each. usually his less than half that much of the cobalt will go into the batteries of the world. latest electric cars here is pushed out to the pit on old bicycles. they risk it all to dig out one of the
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world's most thought after minerals, but they only see a tiny fraction of its profits. malcolm web al jazeera, co wavy democratic republic of congo. finally, it is the thanksgiving holiday in the us today in the annual parade in new york has returned with all the trimmings which the pandemic had to abandon life pictures here from the streets of new york, packed with people and balloons, and floats, and marching bands and home, instead of everything, an event that stretches 4 kilometers through the island of manhattan. ah right, this is out of here, and these are the headlines and we have attained satellite images showing the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed to you a hired to private companies from europe to run military flights into.


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