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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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picture to france, switzerland, germany is a cold air from the north, moisture from the south, persistent stove someplace is austria case in point. this is the forecast for ins, book getting colder and snowy. and he robin, the news ahead will take you to nigeria is born. i states where people's lives, peter returned to normal, as i put aside their fear of the armed route. booker, her rom, women's rights activists in georgia, accused the government of failing to act against rising online abuse. and in sports, this nfl superstar is on the defense once again. what is putting it will find out more later ah, in the country with an abundance of results, rate bar and walk indonesia, his firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy,
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blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest indonesia, now pay, pay us em yet. check out what's going on, what's going on. these guys are amazing. our satellite telecom connectivity means these mobile teams know exactly where they're going and exactly who and what they need to do to help your one ever kind a sale. what do you mean one? there's 2 of us, dude, ash hale, sat space to deliver your vision. oh,
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a. there on the news here at al jazeera and these are up top story. we have obtained satellite images showing the united arab emirates providing military support to the army investigation revealed a hive to private companies from europe, to run military life into australia, sending troops to the solomon islands to help restore order as the country faces the 2nd day of rising, the protest is what the prime minister to quit saying the government has neglected there. and at least 11 people have been killed off for fire, broke out in a rock of mine in russian 5 area bridge and emergency services rescued. more than 200 people who were trapped about further rescue efforts have installed because of the threat of an ocean. let's get you caught up on corona virus news. germany's death toll has now officially past 100000. 351 further depth recorded in the past
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24 hours. hospitals rapidly filling up across the country with patients. some of them have called for help from other e. u states. germany, of course, announced tougher restrictions last week to curb the outbreak cases also in the rise in the united states. i'm going to talk to alan fisher about that shortly on what is thanksgiving holiday today in the us. let's start with dominant cain in berlin and how things changed dominic, germany, which started taking in patients from benevolence for example, and now need to help themselves. the interesting thing here is the, over the course of the pandemic, the german government and the government of the individual states have been helping out their, their neighbors across borders. when those neighbors have said, we just don't have the space to look after. some of our coven patience. and yet now as you say, there are some states in germany, where it's the state to officially of kent,
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of catastrophe because of coverage. and they can't look after all their patients and still provides top quality medical care to all other patients. certainly, that's the scenario playing itself out as a say in some states. the point is that it's a somber day for many germans, because that milestone more than a 100000 people have now died because of coven during this pandemic. and it seemed void. it has seemed certainly in the course of the last week or so that every day has brought one somber record or another. today's somber record is more than 75000 new infections announced in the previous 24 hours, beating by a very considerable margin. the previous highest day for infections, which was just this week where that was announced. so somber days indeed. and dominic, the picture across the rest of europe picture across the
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rest of europe is said across the rest of the e. u is also particularly bad. we know that in countries such as the netherlands, belgium, but austria as well with spiking numbers for new cases for new deaths and measures being brought in some which really have incurred the wrath of a minority of people. certainly in the case of belgium and the netherlands, where restrictions have been proposed by governments on people's freedom of movement. when also in austria at the same thing happened, where there and full locked down. now, the e. u and an interesting level not connected specifically with infections. the e u is now proposing a 9 month period during which vaccination certificates will be valid. and that once those 9 months of expired, a person would need to have a booster in a vaccination in order to retain that status will. that's important because that's the way that many countries are saying are giving people freedom of movement. we can prove you've been vaccinated, so that sir developments on
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a political side of things. but clearly everybody's minds of focused on these spiking numbers. not just here in germany, but across many e u countries. thank you. dominant came for that update from berlin. and now alan fisher, as promised in washington d. c. on thanksgiving thursday allen, i believe in any normal thanksgiving, you look at around 50000000 people actually traveling across the united states. now, are we looking at those sorts of numbers even during pandemic times? we're close to pre plan demick times a if you think that there are $92000.00 new cases reported every day across the united states. that's leaving to about roughly a 1000 deaths every single day. more than 30 states are reporting that there has been an increase in cases they are thus putting a strain on hospital systems across the country. some intensive care units are close to full. a number of hospitals are turning away non urgent cases, simply because they can't deal with the number of people who have covered and still
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around 30 percent of americans remain unvaccinated. and the majority of them, interestingly identify, is republican. no, take that situation and added to the mix. thanksgiving where we are now, as i say back at pre pandemic travel levels, more than 2000000 people through t s a checkpoint. security checkpoints in the united states on wednesday, many millions in the days before that people will be traveling by train. they will be driving as well willing, most of them heading the heading to big family gatherings that are traditions of thanksgiving parades that are thanksgiving parties at the football games that people will go to as well. which a year ago we would have called super spreader events. so the, the experts here are really worried that this thanksgiving could lead to a search in cases even greater than we have seen. and that could put a real strain on health care systems across the united states. so,
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so there was no sort of recommendation or, or, or warning from, from any one about maybe don't travel. i mean, i know there was this time last year, obviously in the thick of things, but is this all sort of part of the attempt to get back to normal? well, let's take the president as an example. joe biden is in nantucket and holiday resort . he's there with family and friends and he will celebrate at thanksgiving. there now he is vaccinated, most of his family is vaccinated and but we don't know the situation with his friends, we presume that they are vaccinated as well. and if the president thinks is okay to get together in these gatherings, then others will think it safe as well. but of course, if you're standing next to someone at a thanksgiving period, you have no idea if they are vaccinated. if they are cheering and shooting, and there's a possibility that you too could be infected, even if you have vaccinations. so as much as america wants to get back to normal. the reality is that this is the new normal. allen fisher reporting from washington
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d. c. on thanksgiving, thank you, alex haiti's, inter and prime minister sworn in his new cabinet more than 4 months after taking power. arial henri took office after president jovan annoys was assassinated back in july. the new cabinet faces challenges, including a rise in gang violence and fuel shortages. sweden's 1st female prime minister has resign just hours after she was confirmed by the parliament, magdalena and a shawn was leading a minority coalition with the green party but quit when the new budget was rejected . and as the green said, they were only in power to pursue green policies which were voted dumb. under sun says she hopes to try again as the leader of a single party governs. after a decade of war in northern nigeria there is a sense of normalcy. returning people and born oh state. the epicenter of the conflict are once again attending large gatherings. similarly,
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no longer worried about attacks by the and group book a her rum appendages as our report now from the capital of bonus state, my degree varosti is colorful davos a back after years of officers, a heritage data back centuries as book or am fight is slowly lose crowd music and dance of a once proud people has bounced back, ah, born or hess started coming back to life because her older to we cannot express during the last 10 years or school is no gradually coming back to life again. so therefore, i to let actually take us for quite some time before her maintaining our former glory as we will. i'm known just a few years ago. marriages were either held away from the state or organized with
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minimal crowds for fear of attacks. not anymore. despite economic hardships, such important occasions and our being celebrated with pop it or not a lot back out. but these telepresence couldn't hold just a few years ago, bought him as a secure, to improve families or jumping together, celebrating the nigerian military has stepped up its operations against book. or i'm in recent years, tens of thousands of displeased people and are able to go back to their homes. and with be slowly returning people here. and now reviving the festivities and ceremonies of the past. you can always be in this moment, but staying like, as you can see, people are engendered after you go to war, you go to the local government and walk. busy when you come by, you need something like something though, make you happy. you did dance,
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coach, phone and g st. your face. but in a state has lost many of its musicians and cultural artifacts to the 12 year old boy. quite a conflict, but government and traditional leaders are pushing for cultural revival, something eldest say, could take a decade or more to restore. well, now people, yeah, i savoring the social and cultural rebuff of their region. and they look forward to the weekends, especially to unwind and enjoy themselves. the decrease, i'll just say to my degree low. if my julia now in somalia, a bomb attack is killed at least 5 people in a capital market. tissue reported to have targeted a convoy of african union mission vehicles. and a school close to the blast was damaged as well. a report to allegations of abuse
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committed under the form of gabby and president. yes, jama has recommended criminal charges relate against those responsible, the can be as truth reconciliation and reparations commission handed the report to john, a successor, president them a borrow. the commission heard evidence of state sanctioned torture, death, squads, rape, and which hunts during. and john is 22 year rein, a global goal to attain net 0 emissions by 2050 is contributing to a surgeon demand for electric cars. now the batteries of power, these vehicles contain cobalt, not sure which is bind in democratic republic of congo. dangerous work to get that cobalt many minus say they aren't getting their fair share of the spoils. malcolm web visited a mine in calligraphy, in lieu of a province. this is what the world soaring demand for cobalt is doing to the democratic republic of congo. on the each of these shelters. a deep tunnels dug by
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hand. they often collapse at the end of them, a deposit of cobalt which congo exported nearly $2000000.00 worth in 2019 and export growing fast with the minus say they're being cheated. new york young men were working very hard and digging very far to take the south time. but we're getting almost nothing for it. the conditions are dangerous, but we are not paid for our level of sacrifice under the ground. and the sacrifices a great mine is working here, say when they enter the shop, takes them one and a half hours to climb all the way down through the narrow tunnel to reach the rock . faith cutting out the cobalt shift. it takes them even longer to climb the way back out when it does look safer till they're a crack in the side of the crop with tree branches. and since the
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people here told us to miners were buried alive the day before we visited, when they didn't come home from work, they wise came here to find out what happened there, waiting for the bodies to be dug out. the week before people told us these men died here in another claps. as soon as the bodies and debbie ever moved, the miners keep digging out cobalt. nobody here can afford to stop. there aren't any other jobs for them. this is the end of a line of about 40 men, stopped deep on the ground. that a 5th of congress cobalt is dug out like this by hand. government planning reforms . it says it wants to make the sector safe. one was taken from everybody to be crushed and tested, boring stations like this one. most of them have been taken over by chinese companies will be from yes. amount of cobalt is measured on this machine called
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the mine is respect to the machines. usually rig as all the weighing scale, are they taking us for fools or slaves when we take our minerals to the chinese, they cheat us on the quality and the weight. and how can we as con, gleese benefit from this way of working? they spend digging out earth or rock without any cobalt on paid to these men of our better luck. they gather at the minds edge to divide their cash. on the best days, they say they can make about $12.00 each. who usually his less than half that much of the cobalt will go into the batteries of the world's latest electric cars. here is pushed out to the pit on old bicycles. they risk it all to dig out one of the world's most thought after minerals for they only see a tiny fraction of its profit. malcolm web al jazeera, co way, the democratic republic of congo. now the united nations today is observing the
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international day for the elimination of violence against women in georgia. for example, human rights groups are online abuse towards women is on the rise. may accuse the government of failing to act. it comes as an international treaty to protect women from violence places its own backlash. this report is from force to what, what does this one thing, it's as put a bullet in her head. these georgia lawyers defend the rights of women, children, and sexual minorities. and in return, they get threatened online almost every day and i was on to the show and that the guy was saying that don't be surprised if one day than a find. heard that somewhere and you won't be able to recognize her. some perpetrators don't even bother to hide their identities. so far none have been prosecuted. officials admit the law may need to change on the one hand, his pinch is not acceptable. but on the other hand,
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we have for the most pitch and the to keep this balance between the 2 values is very important and sometimes very challenging. georgia is one of $34.00 countries to have ratified the istanbul convention. the council of europe's treaty to protect women from violence. the council has now introduced new guidance to tackle the digital dimension of violence against women. if that will convention is based on 4 pillars, it is prevention, it's protection, it's prosecution and coordinated policies. so are in all those 4 pillars ear could see how you can use the articles of the convention, not only for the offline balance, but also for the online balance. and also our technology facilitated violence against a man. it's been 10 years since the establishment of the estoppel convention and work continues here in strasburg to tackle violence against women,
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both in the real world and in the digital domain. but the convention face is a very real challenge from those who see rights protections as anathema to so called traditional values. turkeys withdrew from the convention earlier this year. drew international and domestic condemnation, yet conservative governments in bulgaria, slovakia, poland, and hungary, and threatened to do the same in georgia for rights groups aligned with the orthodox church attack activists and the media on pride day, 54 people were injured. one journalist later died, yet the government said it would defend the interests of a moral majority rule. is that what? what when 95 percent of our population is against holding a demonstratively propagandistic march or parade? we should all obey it. human rights defenders feel increasingly vulnerable. this guy is asking for like a machine gun to kill us all. it's very frustrating,
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but you need to find some power in you to continue working in doing what you do because you do, you know that you're doing right thing and you're just protecting someone else life . so yes. and when the advocates themselves no longer feel safe, neither to the client's prime robin 1st year will come by al jazeera stress book. your sports news is coming up. all the light is faction from the champions league matches in your with santa, in a moment. mm .
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ah cool lou. our
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talk your sport here. thank you very my to come our war we all, much with have qualified for the knockout rounds of the champions league, beating sheriff tennis ball or 3 now to continue their outstanding run in the group stages of the competition. the alibi opened the scoring for the 13th time european champions. this brilliant free kick tony cruz a doubled their advantage after the break. and carrying bands in my seal the when for the carlo and to lot is side that just hours after the french international was found guilty and attempted to blackmail case it. victory sends the spanish giants a back to the top of the 2 points clear of 2nd place in milan. oh my god, i have spoken with him. he is fine. people has been talking about this story for a long time, and i think he is fully focused on his job. he did very well. i saw him relaxed
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before the match and he did very well during the match. and so milan reached the last 16 thanks to one of the competitions, old campaigners in jekyll. it was called his 1st champion, the go more than 12 years ago. and on wednesday, the 35 year old bozeman got to mortgage sa says on it too. now it finished to the italian champions that the sum fell amount as the city came from behind to be a palace. sam's al manriques lost 16 as group a winters city dominated the 1st half, but industry. secondly, and honestly franklin boppy in case in the box freshman made no mistake in getting past edison for one knell and a chance to prevent her last year's semi final defeat. but raheem sterling hops up with his 3rd a goal and 3 games to level home site. and gabriella, this is sidney. harness the parish, the fence to want to city. yes,
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you also advanced for the na cascade general. we make it a really to performance, happy to be in the next stage. of course. congratulation through team everyone in the club for many years in a row being there in the last 16 and now focus in the premier league. and in february we tried to arrive in the best conditions possible to yeah, to want to go to final o 6 on one as livable will already assured of tops fought in their group, but they still feel that the strong team, they included mozilla for the game against portal dazzle, alcantara but livable ahead in this one. and so i added a 2nd to now the final school until was by not having a permanent manager in place majesty united that qualified for the last 16 on tuesday . as the city boss, brendan rogers insist, he's not in the running to replace ali goodness, all. sure. but i was gossip and speculation and i suppose that will always be
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there until manchester united pointer, full time manager. but. but for me, i've always said my, my commitment to here, you know, my commitments for this group of players this team. and we've create an environment and culture here, which is about that continuous development of the team and the players and, and that's where i see it and even more so when this period where our results are a little bit inconsistent, argentinians are prepared to mark the one year anniversary of the death of football legend, diego myra donna, wildly regarded as one of the greatest plays of all time. i don't a captain argentina to the 1986 woke up when to statues are set to be on veiled in naples where he spent a part of his career. my daughter died at his home on november 25th 2020 after suffering a cardiac arrest. he was 60 years old von james and let the only
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ever suspension of his and be a courier get the better of him. the lakers thought came back on wednesday to the to side to win over the indiana paces. james finished with the season high, 39 points as the lakers rally the 424200. 16 all the time went in search of one game suspension for striking mother player move. he said it was an accident if in the case with my dad to get it warmer, i'm about to warn judge and because of what happened after you know, having me try something again and what could possibly happen here. so the suspension on one of the house of a sam rogers is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons. this time the
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green bay packers stars denial reports. he has a coven toe, the 37 year old who lied to report his last august about being vaccinated has just returned to action. after recovering from corona virus or just has been struggling with the tow injury, he says he picked up in quarantine and crossed rumors that he had any skin lesions from the virus. just so i guess show you the lesions on my foot around. so if i have enough room on the camera, let me see if i can. oh, others, no lesions whatsoever to you. i can't believe i have to. again, come on here and talk about my medical information, but i have a fracture. so i never to go with before. ready no lesions on my feet, and it's just a classic case of this information or more of our rogers for later on. no one of the sport, but for now i don't. that was more than enough. it was too much. don't like st.
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couldn't space on them. we're back with more news for you. chapter 3 robins. time of the event. ah. december on a just either guitar host, the 5th a arab cup, a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 wildcat. people in power invest the gates, the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace. lori if recognize the safeguarding freedom of expression as a precondition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries too in depth explain as portal showcase is the best voucher zeros digital content as the year draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on a jesse europe informed opinions, there was
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a need fabulous federal government to take action to really facilitate aid to take right in depth analysis of the dates. global headlines inside story on al jazeera assassinations in broad daylight and increasing moderates, towns and cities. living in fair al jazeera world examines the rise and criminal gangs, and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and are the ready authorities doing enough to combat them? a palestinian israeli crime waived on al jazeera you. a war in afghanistan is now called will non taliban figures make up a part of with that that american youth can only port within the taliban?
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believe that there will be a powerful to tell about the inside story packet. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now, however you listen to podcast. ah, al jazeera obtains satellite imagery revealing the u. e is supplying weapons to the ethiopian government, as it fights the tig or i rebels. ah, again, i'm come out santa maria, here in doha with the world news from al jazeera. there is violence in the solomon islands, anger mounting against the government. allegiance to china, also cover debts in germany. surpass 100000. does european countries struggle to contain a resurgence of the bar.


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