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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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terrible demonstration of the failure of humans, so that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, ah, this is al jazeera, ah, it is 1300 hours g, m t at 4 pm here in doha, and come all santa maria with the news. our and i'll just hear has obtained satellite imagery revealing the u. e is supplying weapons to the ethiopian government as it fights the rebels from to gripe. also in these violence in the solomon islands. anger is mounting against the government's growing allegiance to china. covered debts in germany, surpass 100000. does european countries struggle to contain
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a resurgence of the virus and mine as in democratic republic of congo, putting their lives at risk to dig out a mineral used in batteries for electric cars. and is for we are madrid have qualified for the knockout rounds of the champions, the, the 13 time reco that when, as it beat cherry, effect asphalt free. now to continue their outstanding run in the group stages. ah, so developing story out of ethiopia this thursday. well, $20.00 has obtained satellite images showing the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army. now this report has revealed 9 t flights flown between the u. e and ethiopia in just the past 2 months. the u. a's hide 2 companies from europe to run this military support trans flights into ethiopia. one of them in ukraine was used by the u. e to supply arms to libya's
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warlord halle, for after his close book. this is the largest a base. and if you appear, the her mother base is just south of the capital, addis ababa. it plays a major role in the countries military offensives. these satellite images reveal and extensive operation involving warplanes and military cargo aircraft. this is a chinese made wing bloom drone. the 1st ever documented in any future in military base. and this is lucian, here. the plains are seen, offloading their military cargo flight charts and satellite image show that these planes have recently arrived from swan basin up with abbey, in the united arab emirates. between september and november, there were 90 flights between the u. e and if he appear, many intentionally concealing from way they took off and where they landed are
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that's the background. his mountain plot without not from london senior research fellow at the institute of commonwealth studies at the university of london. martin pleasure to have you with us today. i mean, this is interesting. so from the detail which we've managed to get from the satellite images shows a very clear picture. but i wonder if we can actually go back 1st of all and look at who has already been arming ethiopia in this conflict. well, they've already been a number of claims of the chinese army, the pins with the wing long drones. and the turks have also been providing the drones for the pins that happened after the visit to anchor on the 18th of august this year by prime minister abbey when this deal was done. so there are essentially 3 different sources. you have a wrong, china and turkey who are all providing the weapons to the ethiopians via the, by the way. ok,
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so this is what i wanted to ask is how does the u. e, or does the u. a change the picture? do they offer something different or is it just increased volume? i think that they are, in a sense, a staging post for the, these weapons supplies. mean some of them come directly, some of them go through the way. but the ways clearly underwriting what is happening and why shouldn't forget that the piece deal that was done between era, which is the other major player in this war, and the appearance was itself underwritten by the u. a. they've been a very big play in the, in the war integrate. so all of this weapon coming the way of the european government is that the type of thing which can swing or change this whole conflict . i mean, it's been going on for months and actually you have to say that the advance is that the t p life have made from the north, heading down towards out as out of i have actually been very strong. they have in the i think that the,
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the drones are important because i think that they have taken up some of the weapon systems that the had, sorry, that the grands had at the beginning of the war, particularly the missiles which they hit the era trend cap of glass mara and some other targets, and those we haven't heard about. and i think it was because the drones took them out. they've also been used a gates, a particular military targets, some of the leadership of the team grants. and some of the generals have been attacked, and i think the 3rd thing that is useful is for trying to observe what is going on . a lot of the fight is done in very dense mountains. rugged areas are very hard to see what's going on from the drones ideal to that. whether the on the flip side, martin, whether the to grinds, get their fire power from an early against i spoke to today was making the point that so much of that northern part of ethiopia is sealed off as other countries obviously concerned about the conflict spilling into their borders,
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so who's on the, to grants them the fear appears through the weapons that they take brands capture there is no. busy way that you can get heavy weaponry through to grade. it is completely sealed off in the north by their trends and in the west, by the trends. there's no link to sit down. there's no way through. should you booty at the moment? and from the south of the east, of course the here be an army seals, it all. so air to great is sealed off. there's no way you can get the weapon systems in. you may be able to get in, you know, a few mobile phones and some satellite phones that is possible through smuggling roots, but nothing heavy at all. extraordinary internal conflict, isn't it martin? thank you so much for your time. really appreciate your, your expertise on the subject. pleasure. well a t p l f rebels. as we were saying began their advance from ticker i late last year they 1st took control of them hotter and afar. and then
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a major road running south towards the capital out of santa the strategically important towns of convulsion and death eat. they both fell early this month and then last week they also seized show up probate samuel get a tree to take us through some of these advances. he's with us from add a sap about they just getting closer and closer, aren't they? the t p left towards that is up above. but now this news we hear today about the government being even further armed than they were. i mean, it just all points toward the big conflict coming when the job and prime minister has said that he's willing and he is working with friendly nations, a china and turkey being a close to a quarter of this prime minister, the age of endorsing supporting even financially, some of his reforms, so this was an open secret from the get go. but i have to say the u. s. also has
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really been having a reduced relationship, a historic relationship between the 2 countries as really getting to the lowest level. there was an open protest that happened in front of the u. s. the u. k embassy. there was a leak of zoom conversation between your leadership of the past and for land bus address. so the u. s. then from you countries talking about post the video was linked by a key to a historian named named jeff pierce, who is in toronto. so the relationship has really suffered. so what has replaced that historic relationship between the u. s. n d r. this countries including u. e, about prime minister abbey himself, the man who said he would lead this fight from the front. well, according to the chief ben spokesperson at the prime minister, still in the battle ground, he's giving a leadership. he has said,
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there are many people that are joining him and his footsteps and signing up and the hundreds they said in the thousands, perhaps there are also famous ethiopians doctors in support. some are alone. can they kindly give us the mercy, saying he's willing to supply support financial worth? and if need be, he would even be going to the bottle, gone to join the prime minister. he has said this is not a call of the prime minister in his interview. she has said, this is nicole, that's coming from ethiopia. so the prime minister has been saying, this is a fight for the foundation of the country. and that's why he's heading. but again, in town that's about 126 kilometers away from the sub deborah behind citizens have been told to produce ideas have ideas and they've told id peace to stay in their own neighborhoods and no go anywhere and also movement. so people have been restricted, showing you that this conflict is really going to the home star chance coming,
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isn't it? ok, thank you. time you get it. you're in a sob of thank you. on to other news, sedan, 1st of all, where around these have been hell to on of those killed during protests, against the military take over the last month, demonstrations happening in the capital cartoon. and in other cities, remember, at least 41 people were killed in the violence even though security forces still deny using live fire on protest. prime minister abdullah hum dog has ordered an investigation. he was reinstated after signing a deal with the military on some to have a morgan now explaining the reasons behind these protests and culture. that is for us in honor of the people who died or lost their lives over the past month. it's been a month since the military take over the memory thing that day, but they also showing their anger at the deal that was signed on on november 21st between the military, i'm prime minister, how many people are thing that they'll also take this opportunity to express their anger at what they said was a betrayal by the prime minister for accepting to negotiate and to sign it with the
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military. now, since the takeover people have been demanding that the military completely step aside from the politics of the country and had a power to complete civilian government, restoring the deposition of prime minister the lamb took releasing all political prisoners but also having no role in the day to day affairs of the country. now after the agreement time between prime minister handbook and the army political prisoners are supposed to be released only 5 haven't really so far. dozens of others are still in detention, and people are saying that they do not trust the ministry to owner that agreement, especially since they say that the constitutional declaration, which was time between the force, the freedom and change coalition, the civilian coalition. and the army has been fight line. so many of them are saying that this is a chance for them to express their anger at the fact that that agreement has been put aside at the fact that prime minister has decided to side with the army. and the fact that this democratic translation that was underway has been halted or rubbed by the military. and the fact that at least 41 people have died more than 2
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hundreds have been entered into pro has demanding for them. return back to the path of democratic to transition. hey, but morgan there and now wrestle sada, who has met one family who lost a daughter in the protests. the fight for democracy has come with a high course for once to then his family. then up occurred, a mother lost her youngest daughter, she done the food on november 17 in protest against a military take over a month before becker says her 24 year old daughter was a nurse who dreamed of saving lives. but her life was suddenly taken away from them last week. no, i love, i love. when i land she died, i couldn't see or feel anything. i started screaming and my heart was about to stop . i couldn't handle that. she was like a mother to me, even though i and her mother. what else can i say for this video taken by fellow protest as on the day documents to find the warmest off
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season affords life. her friends who were protesting with her, carried her by the back home. her father was at work when he got the call about his daughter mooney, the little red battery. i'm trying to deal with the loss of my beloved one. i got back home, the door was locked and i saw her dead body being carried by her friends. i cried, her friends cried she was taken from little, oh, hundreds of thousands in sudan had been protesting against a military, which is a power on october 25th, dissolving the companies 2 years transitional government and arresting senior political figures. more than 40 people have been killed and some 200 others injured students, police have denied using like ammunition on protesters. despite several videos, children, man in uniform fighting on civilians. the military takeover has thraso down into a political crisis. prime minister up to law humble, who was under house arrest,
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has been reinstated, as part of an agreement with the military to try and bring the company back to it's part of transition of the decades of military rule. but many protesters have posed a deal saying they want the military out of power and held accountable for the lives lost. i defer syrup and other protest her who was injured in one of the demonstrations. despite those injuries, he told us that security forces detain him for 2 days, which he described as a toughest of his life. thumb missouri, the security forces attacked us. i fell down, i was shot and then arrested bad. i've been beaten and hurt. they took me in the truck to sir. then every single soldier there hit me heavy. my hands and legs were handcuffed. prime minister, hum, duke has pledged to set up a committee to looking to the deaths of protesters for xena beckers family. an investigation will not bring her daughter back, but see them full sister says that she find some comfort. in the reason her sister
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participated in the protest. has it been one of my mother now? what when she was about to die, she told her friend, i'm dying for my country. i caused that many others how paid and more could pay as a transition to democracy and student remains. fragile families grieving, loved one, say on the complete democratic rule, can't deliver them the justice they demand. russell said that ojo sierra cartoon just one quarter past this news are here's what's coming up. fears growing for the lives of dozens of russian miners tramps down a shop in siberia. also concerns of a 5th wave of cove at 19 as millions of americans travel for the thanksgiving holiday. we'll get an update from washington and sport and ron james, back to anyways. after serving the only suspension of his career ah, it's ready. it says it is sending troops to the solomon islands as the pacific
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island faces the 2nd day of rising. the unrest began when the prime minister switched the country's allegiances from taiwan to china. the solomon islands is a small nation with a population of less than 700000. it is 1700 kilometers north east of the striking city of townsville. from where soldiers are being deployed. sarah clark has more. the plumes of smoke fill the skies. hundreds defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown setting fire to building and living shots. the protests when they buy people from the nations most populous on the malay to home. and they want the prime minister to sit down, accusing him of failing to deliver key infrastructure in the region for also angry about the government's decision. the civil long standing ties with high one office, 36 years, and the clear allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is
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a coalescing of the historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic, the political competition in the region in unhelpful and health away. the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold to taiwan. the chinese influences growing in this region now and the full pacific nation, including palau and the marshall island. i considered allies the top pay lexington if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china and severed ties with taiwan. is undeniable, tie ones, economic strength, who hardly prevent china from doings of things by james can to this taiwan arose, breakaway profit. and once we, you know, hit china. but the demonstrated here remained loyal to ty, pay, and the valve to strengthen their protests. in the coming days. here a clock i'll do 0. at least 27 refugees and migrants heading for britain have
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drowned off their boats sank in the english channel near cali. this is the worst disaster in the channel since the un i o in the international organization for migration started keeping record 70 years ago. french and british leaders say they need to step up their joint efforts to prevent people making the dangerous journey . so let's start with andrew simmons joining us from the front side in cal. i. andrew, the latest from you. yes, 17 men, 7 women, one believe to be pregnant and 3 children dead. there are 2 survivors, and they are iraqi. in somali, it is known the nationalities of the rest, all their names. they were out a half way across. we think, to england, the white cliffs of dover, ahead of them. the sea was calmer at the time that it is right now,
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but nevertheless, it was far too much for the tiny. a small, a very frail boat flimsy. it capsized. it's believed that deflated the people were in the water. it was bitterly cold and they, well, they stood no chance. now emmanuel macro, the french president, has sent security all along. the coastline is fairly intense and they're doing their very level best. but something like 25000 people have crossed this channel this year alone, and that's triple the number of the previous year. so the situation is described by one charity dealing with the, the immigrants coming here all the time and rounded up and, and sent to the shelter as described. it really as not just the responsibility of the criminal gangs, the, the people smugglers who are being criticized. so heavily by politicians,
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but also by the french and the british governments for not doing enough to dissuade these people and give them a legal form of crossing to get to the u. k. ah, andrew, the political side of things, i'm always cautious with this because obviously this is 1st and foremost a humanitarian story. but there will be political fallout inevitably and that happened more or less straight after the the condolences were given to the dead. and then both british and french ministers really started criticizing each other that's come down now. and the french have invited immigration ministers from not just the u. k, but also belgium and germany for a meeting on sunday here in cali to discuss how they treat this problem. differently now, gerald darman, the immigration minister here to criticize the british saying that that there was
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a labor market that was all wrong and that the people here were wanting to engage in, in casual work in the u. k. something that is available a lot. now it because of bricks it so this, this trading of woods between the 2 countries accusing each other of allowing this situation has not died down completely in lo love loss between france and britain right now, relations rock bottom for a number of issues. some of them related to bricks it, but right now the situation tragic though it is, it may of course shock, but it could have been avoided. and really there's nothing to say that situations like this can happen again as things stand. okay then andrew simmons, they're in cali. it is just 33 kilometers as the crow flies to the southeast coast of england on the other side of the channel pole. brennan is there for us in dover
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poll. tell us what you've been. thing since the morning. well, the sunshine is somewhat beguiling, i think because the bitter cold from the north wind certainly gets into the bones. it's officially around 7 degrees centigrade. but with the wind chill, it's down to around 3 degrees at out in the english channel, the weather conditions, according to the north go forecasts off moderate seas, that's 2 and a half meter ways and gusts of force 6 in excess of 43 kilometers per hour. here in dover, we've seen 2 boats arrived before dawn this morning. wanted around 4 30 am to 5 50 am bringing around 40 refugees migrants on to shore. so it's clear that yesterday's tragedy is not stopping the flow of migrants willing to take the risk to come across the english channel. those refugee migrants have been processed over to my right hand side. i've seen them being held or processed onto
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a red london double decker bus after they've been taken through a large white marquis. that belongings backed up into transparent plastic bags and then, and they've been issued with will and blankets in order to warn them up. clearly after kind of streaming grueling crossing. so yeah it's, it's not the yesterday's tragedy is not stopping the flow pull. just as you are speaking in dover, i've just got half an eye on pretty patel the home secretary who is taking urgent questions in the british parliament. right now, she's been talking about doing everything they can talking about joint patrols with the french, etc, etc. justice andrew was saying on the french side, the political will, the potential political fallout is enormous. here it is. i mean the macro and spoke with boris johnson,
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the british prime minister on wednesday night, the reader from the u. k. side of things with the bars. johnson described itself as shocked upholden, deeply saddened by what he described as the disaster, but nevertheless, the finger pointing continue as far as john's thank. we've had difficulty in persuading some of our partners, particularly the french, to do things in a way that we believe that the situation demands. so it's clear that the british don't believe that the french are taking the situation seriously enough to prevent those migrants actually setting to see in the 1st place. but there are questions about the british government's approach to all of this as well. home secretary pretty patel is taking the rather prosecutorial approach to this. saying that anybody who comes here will be reported immediately thrown into prison. refugee groups say it's the lack of a legitimate way of planning asylum. while you're before you arrive in the u. k that it's forcing these migrants according to the refugee groups to take to these very dangerous, very precarious migration crossings. i may say that the governments,
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if it really wants to tackle the problem, needs to offer a legitimate way for these migrants to come to the u. k. poll brennan is in dover, reporting for us there. and on the right hand side of your screen, as we said, pretty patel home secretary from the u. k. government, she has said this crisis demonstrates we need to do more together with international partners, but she says there's no quick fix. and what happened yesterday was a dreadful shock, but not a surprise. at least 11 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a mine in russia's siberia region. emergency services did rescue more than 200 people who were trapped down. dozens of others were injured. rescue efforts have been stalled because of the threat of an explosion. his war from bernard smith in moscow. the rescue operation ongoing, although the rescues of being hampered by the risk of a further explosion, we know 9 people have been killed and 46 remain trapped on the ground. now
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there were $285.00 underground at the time of the accident. so most of those have been brought to the surface and alive. there isn't much more information on what's happening at the moment. this mind has hard previous accidents, there was one in 2004 where a me say an explosion killed 13 people. and unfortunately, these sort of accidents are not unusual in russia is mining sector is very, very bad record when it comes to safety standards is pull monitoring of safety standards and the poor maintenance of that old sort of soviet era equipment. so these sort of accidents happen more frequently and frequently than it than they would elsewhere in the world. european union representatives are in the gaza strip to discuss humanitarian conditions. the you contribute to the social welfare. a lot
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of the people in garza but protest is outside you in office and say they haven't received any funds. in the last 6 months, you may fired, spoke to the head of the delegation deficit, said as $1300000000.00 us dollars completely unsustainable. this deficit steps principally from the fact that easter as the occupying power does not fully commit to its come to as obligations under the parents protocol. withholding important amounts of funds, which initially were supposed to be part of the domestic revenue up of the past 30 . unfortunately, and that is a specific issue right now in 2020. the issue comes to a new financial programming period from $21.00 to $27.00. and there's a process whereby we need to program for the entire t of the neighborhood, the eastern anthem, not a neighbor, including palestine this up. and this process is being finalized as we speak of as
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a result of which it was impossible for us to move as any finance for the p a in the course of 2020, with the exception of the amount which i just authorized about one month ago, salaries and pensions of $50000000.00 for the p. a. that however, that of a does not explain why nothing has been paid to the poor families. and garza entered the west bank in $1220.00 now libby's election commission says the son of former leader monica daffy, is ineligible as a presidential candidate. so i felt some good fee is $1.00 of $25.00 candidates bod, from running in next month election. the commission roll them out because he's been convicted of war crimes while article, if a half to the in 72 others remain in the just before we take a break on the news, our check of the world, whether with rob this snow, on the way to most of europe this coming next few days,
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but it's already arrived in some places and police. they are to see it, particularly in the ski resort of northern spain because this particular one has been closed for about 2 years. for various reasons. cove, it being the main one. well now the result though, the list on work is clearly scalable and there's more snow to come. in fact, the picture of the rest, the thursday, still the normally breeze getting snow on those slopes in the northeast. warnings are fading away and i've, it's been rain has been the problem. further east in the south of france has been particularly heavy. they're the one of extensive flooding, but the rain is moving on by the time we get to friday. it's a dryer looking pictures, more sun in the sky, and the rain has gone through the barracks eastwards through sardinia towards italy and the adria, in fact, the picture on friday of the jetty coast is quite a potentially damaging one. that's in the up to $100.00, maybe more millimeters of rain, a bit of height. you get snow, it doesn't last long. it goes through. however, there's an area where it does last quite a long time. the bigger picture to france,
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switzerland, germany, is of cold air from the north, moisture from the south persistence though, for some places. austria case in point is the forecast for ins, book getting colder and snowy. thank you robin. the news ahead will take you to nigeria is born, i states where people's lives. peter returned to normal as i put aside their fear of the armed route vocal, her rom, women's rights activists. then georgia accused the government of failing to act against rising online abuse. and in sports, this nfl superstar is on the defense. once again. he's put his foot in it for find out more likely. ah, in the country with an abundance of results. right. well, i really want indonesia whose terms for me we moved fool to grow and frank we balanced for.


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