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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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a 16 nations going head to head in 6 purple stadiums for 2020 to keep you across the action as capital prepares for the regions reduced ever sporting events that be for our cup on al jazeera. ah, how does era obtains a satellite imagery revealing the u. e is supplying weapons? the ethiopian government, as it fights to ryan rebels. ah, hello there, i'm is darcy. this is out of their life and also coming up violence in the solomon islands. ang, amounts against the government's growing allegiance to china, covered 19 deaths in germany. surpass 800000 pass european countries rush to contain a resurgence of the corona virus,
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and women's rights activists and georgia use the government of failing to acts against rising online abuse. ah oh, we begin with breaking news from ethiopian al jazeera has obtained a satellite images that showed the united arab emirates as providing military support to the ethiopian army. and the report reveals that a total of 90 flights have flown between the u. e and ethiopia. just in the past 2 months to learn, the u. e has hired 2 companies from europe to run military support, support flights to ethiopia, and the same ukrainian firm was used by the u. e to supply arms turn libby as ward calif. i hafta, i'm such a closer look. this is the largest air base in a few pia. the her are meadow base, is just south of the capitol, addis ababa. it plays a major role in the country's military offensives. the satellite images reveal an
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extensive operation involving warplanes and military cargo aircraft. this is the chinese meet wing loom drone. the fust ever documented in a few p in military base. and this is aleutian 71. here the plains are seen, offloading their military cargo flight charts and satellite image show that these planes have recently arrived from sway, han base and up with abbey. in the united arab emirates. between september and november, there were 90 flights between the u. e on. if he appear, many intentionally concealing their code at the time of take off and landing on as for him, samuel gesture, he is in 8th european journalists and joins me now from addis ababa, samuel eritrea. as we was saying earlier, and got very involved in this conflict. early on now the u. e. can you talk us through the foreign involvement that we're seeing here on the side of the government? well, the job and government through its prime minister has been saying that they're
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working, or they're willing to work with friendly nations. he has said the friendly nations that he has been referring to you as a turkey being one that has provided the drones that have been you know, striking different targets and, and to gray in mckelly to be exact. but again, you're burnside seems to want to work with. ready new friendly nations make you a, but again, the u. s. which has been a partner in the field, has been, we do, the relationship has been reduced to a historic low this our at the u. s. embassy, there is a public protest. hundreds, if not thousands of people are gathering to protest against the byte, an administration which the government has said. even the people in the main stream argument that they are supporting the t p. and earlier today, the u. s. embassy was warned by the open government to its minister of government
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communication. the saying to the u. s. is really providing misinformation about the happening of the us embassy has been telling it citizens to stay away from public areas, face restaurants and saying there might be a terrorist attack in december, which has been denied by the government from your between the call that we've been hearing from the government to defend us and the round ups we've been hearing about of t grinds. can you talk us through the situation in the capital at the moment, especially as we hear that rebel advance getting closer again, the children government is insisting this has nothing to do with ethnic background . they're saying it's about supporting the people that are being detained. are accused of supporting that he left with a children. government continues to say by the parliament order as a terrorist entity. however, the head of human rights daniel. but kinda has seen some kind of ethnic elements.
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he has told me in the last few weeks, but in the sub about everything and the daytime seems to be normal in the face. the rest, the streets are busy, but at night if you're good in the state of emergency detainment. so people random checks of random knocks on your doors and inspection because according to the job and government, this is a state of emergency. the state has more power and has the responsibility they have said to provide some kind of safety to the sub about. but i get any citizens are leaving at this time about or you know, obviously because of concerns samuel got to to speak to us from out of some of our thanks so much samuel. thank you. oh ellie. we spoke to william davidson. he's the senior. if you're, if you're unlisted in national crisis group and he says the dig ryan rebels and are losing support as they're surrounded from all sides. nice and types of
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suspicions have been that since the beginning of the war last november, that was the 1st phase of this was really when the federal government, the eritrea and government and allied forces entity to remove the government, the regional government that and it was a pretty brief phase of conventional war before the great leaders had to leave the regional government and head to the countryside to start a rebellion. and the use of drones, which are believed to have been supplied by the united arab emirates. there was no real confirmation that was critical and destroying some of the military hardware that the 2 great regional government had actually just come on, did off the federal military rights at the outset of the wall. as a grand people backing the armed resistance. whether that's inside pick, right, in terms of the support that's being provided. obviously,
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just populating the, the force that's being created. we can assume that perhaps some funding is coming in to take away from that the but the point one of the key element of this war is it has been completely in circles, whether it's to the west can sit on no access that i'm also retract the north and obviously with the theory the really that has been knows if can external support for the rebellion losing all now and ensued on rallies have begun to honor those killed during protests, against a military takeover. last month. demonstrations are taking place in the capital cartoon. and other cities, at least 41 people were killed and the violence that security forces deny using live fire on protesters. prime minister abdullah han dog has ordered an investigation record. he was reinstated after signing a deal with the military on sunday. not speak to have a morgan she is in call to enforce hipaa. there's obviously been so much opposition
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to this deal, but it does seem that ham dock is ploughing ahead. is acceptance growing? while he has, he seems to be plowing ahead and he has ordered the security forces to guarantee the safety of protest participating in today's protest. now to this test, in honor of the people who died or lost their lives over the past month, it's been a month since the military take over the memory. think that they but they also showing their anger at the deal that was signed on, on november 21st between the military. i'm prime minister, how many people are thing that they'll all take this opportunity to express their anger at what they said was a betrayal by the prime minister for accepting to negotiate and to sign a deal with the military. now, since the takeover people have been demanding that the military completely step aside from the politics of the country and had a power to complete civilian government, restoring the position of 5 minutes of the lamp, the queen using all political prisoners, but also having no role in the day to day affairs of the country now after the
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agreement signed between prime minister handbook and the army elliptical prisoners are supposed to be released only 5 haven't really so far. dozens of others are still in detention, and people are thing that they do not trust the ministry to honor that agreement, especially since they say that the constitutional declaration, which was time between the for the freedom and change coalition, the civilian coalition and the army has been fight lying. so many of them are saying that this is a chance for them fixed their anger at the fact that that agreement has been put aside at the fact that prime minister handbook has decided to side with the army. and the fact that this democratic transition that was under way has been halted or rubbed by the military. and the fact that at least 41 people have died more than 2 hundreds have been entered into process demanding for them. return back to the path of democratic transition. have been morgan that with all the latest force from the sudanese capital. thanks so much. now in somalia, a bomb attack has killed at least 5 people in the capital market issue and voted to
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have targeted a convoy of african union mission vehicles. and the school close to the blast has also been damaged. well, mister alia, says it's sending troops for the solomon islands. as the pacific island faces a 2nd day of rising, the unrest began when the prime minister switched the country's allegiances from taiwan to china. not move an good many people who want the solomons to continue recognizing tie pain. now the solomon islands is a small pacific nation with a population of less than 700000 people. it's a 1700 kilometers northeast of the trading city of townsville. some my soldiers now being deployed their o'clock report plumes. it's mike, feel the sky is hundreds. defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown setting fire to building and moving shots. the protests when they buy people from the nation's most populous island, the malay to pullman. they want the prime minister to sit down,
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accusing him of failing to deliver the key infrastructure in the region. they're also angry about the government's decision to civil, long standing ties with high one office, 36 years, and the clear allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is a coalescing of the historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic, the political competition in the region and unhelpful in a helpful way. the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold to taiwan. the chinese influences growing and the region now and the full pacific nation, including palau and the marshall island. i considered allies the top pay lexington if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china and several times with taiwan. is undeniable. taiwan is economic strength, who hardly prevent china from doings of things by james can to this taiwan arose,
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breakaway profit. and once we, you know, hit china. but the demonstrated here remained loyal to ty, pay and the valve to strengthen their protests. in the coming days. sir o'clock, i'll do 0. hostile had here on out of the political upheaval of sweden as a new prime minister quit just now is after taking up with, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle ways. the force of the cold wind has been blowing at the mainland across to japan is weakening somewhat to the showers aren't accompanied by gale force winds, but it's still cold enough. a height to gives no shout on the high ground in honshu and hawkeye though they form over the warmish waters left behind is the cold. but
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sunny weather for most of child korean pulling to the as it should be at this time of year with a high temperature habit of minus fall in beijing about plus 11 hong kong at $24.00 with low humidity. the settled weather which is typical of the winter for all of northern india, nepal and pakistan. as you know, just gathers pollution. air quality remains low, very poor or hazardous. are seen this same in mon bye and he's not going to change . sees no rain is going to, i think get worse in january time. another that was tra lanka. it's pulsing in a night. flooding seems quite likely as a result. another sees no aspect bit of a shamal blowing down it weakens during friday. the shower note incorporate that into words west inside of iran. think about time you get to satellite when picks up again and this time it could be quite a dusty one. the weather,
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sponsored by cattle airways, boated worlds best airline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of resource trade. la ruined juan indonesia whose firms former we moved full to grow and froth . we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest literally part when the this is growth and progress, invest in the new fia now ah ah, hello. they are watching al jazeera. that's remind you of our top stories to south
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. al jazeera has obtained a satellite images that show the united arab emirates as providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed the you, a hive to private companies from europe, to run military flights into ethiopia. australia says it's sending troops to the solomon islands to help restore order their as the country faces the 2nd day of rising. the protest as want the prime minister to quit saying the government's neglected, their island not least 11 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a mine and rushes, siberia region. emergency services rescued more than 200 people who were trapped. dozens of others were injured and a rescue operation remains underway for more than 40 people who are still inside. now the findings of a 3 year inquiry into alleged abuses under former gambia and present via jamie are due to be delivered very shortly. and again, the as truth reconciliation and reparations commission report was supposed to have
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been released back in september. the day has sparked protests in the capital banjo, all the commission heard claims of state sanctioned torture, death, squads, rape, and which hunts during jimmy's 22 year reign. and at least $27.00 refugees and migrants bound for britain have drowned after their boats sank in the english channel. new cali. it's the worst disaster on that crossing since the u. n's international organization for migration started keeping records 7 years ago. both french and british leaders say they need to step up joint efforts to prevent people from making that dangerous journey. andrew simmons reports now from cali. no silence for the dead. no flowers. there was grief though, and anger among a small group of migrant rights activists. men, women and a child seeking a better, more secure life with dead exploited by smugglers. their regular events on the
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french coast, those who died would have set about the journey. just like these fellow migrants and retinue. even with winter setting in their determined to reach britain 14 had died on the crossing this year. now more than twice that number all died together. the worst ever tragedy in the english channel involving migrants and refugees. a fisherman said he could see from his boat to inflate, boding is one, was overloaded with people. the other empty bodies were floating in the sea. they stood no chance submerged in icy cold water. many of them couldn't even swim french prime minister jean cast ex said in a tweet that his thoughts were with the missing and injured victims of criminal smugglers who exploit their distress and misery. the british prime minister called an emergency meeting in london. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to
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cross the channel in this way. and it also shows how vital it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who were sending people to see or in this way i say, to our partners or across the channel. now is the time for us all that to step up or to work together to do everything a we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. these people did make it to the english coast on wednesday. after being picked up by life . folk volunteers around 25000 people, crossed the english channel from france this year, 3 times last year's figure. britain still receives far fewer asylum claims than countries such as germany or france. but the governments currently introducing legislation which would penalize asylum seekers who use so called illegal roots
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like crossing the channel rights groups point out legal routes are inaccessible for most and given how desperate these people are to reach the u. k. this may not be the last tragedy on the scale. andrew simmons, alger 0 kelly. i'm returning now to our story from the gambia, where the findings and the 3 year inquiry into alleged abuses under former guardian present guy, a johnny argy to be delivered. well, nicholas hack has reported extensively from the candy. he joins us now from decker in, senegal. nick, presumably the release of this report and its contents can be really fairly devices . exactly very defy civic given the timing of the release of this, of this report. just 2 weeks before presidential elections, this comes after 400 people. victims took to the stand the truth
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reconciliation, reparation commission between january 2017 and may 2021. giving gruesome description of state sanctioned torture of sexual abuse of people there under the rule of ja. between 199420172017. during this 22 year long rule security forces have been accused of torturing people, throwing people to, to, to crocodiles. a h, i'm experimenting on, on some of the citizens of gambia, claiming that he could cure against h i v and aids. so all these people took to the stand trying to ask for justice, but there wasn't just the victims. there were also the perpetrators members of the security forces, member of jamie's entourage taking to the stand at what came across during these hearings, as none of them actually felt any remorse, there was no apologies made. no, no, no sorry's heard. and so the commission and this report that will be given to adam
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barrow will strongly recommend that there will be no amnesty that these people that have committed crimes while should be prosecuted by the gambia in state. natasha will know, given that this report comes just a week before elections because it has an impact on that. absolutely. given the also adam barrow who at the time when he beat ja, jamie, during those elections that were tightly contested. he only when those election by 18000 votes over ya. well, he's running for the next upcoming presidential election. so are 2 other people that were victims of, of, of via germany. there were tortured under jojo jamie's rule. and so that is going to have an effect on, on, on these elections. but most importantly, it's this idea of impunity. the next president has to ensure that there is the rule of law that there is justice. i mean, there's a lot of grievances amongst cameron's natalie about the,
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the issues of corruption or the fact that the justice isn't being served, or at least as being served only in a, in, in, in essence, for those that are in power. so there's a sense for many ambiance that those promises made when you're jamie left power in 2017, have not been fulfilled in, in these elections. what's at stake is to ensure that whoever becomes the next president will make sure that those recommendations made by the truth reconciliation, reparation commissions will be put into law. but also that all these other grievances, corruption, and all the other issues that cameron's face will be addressed during those elections. massage f nicholas hat in duck on sanibel across that for us. thanks so much nick. well sweden's fast female prime minister has resigned just alice after she was confirmed by parliament. magdalena anderson was leading a minority coalition with the green party for then quit when its new budget was
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rejected. the green said they were only and power to pursue green policies that were voted down. anderson for her part says she hopes to try again as the leader of a single party government. now to the pandemic and germany's current of ours desktop has officially passed 800000 authorities recorded at 351 deaths just in the past 24 hours hospitals. there are rapidly filling up across the country. and some of even called the help from other you states. germany announced tougher restrictions last week to try to catch the outbreak. well, let's bring an dominant cane. he's in berlin. dominic are called germany started taking impatience from the netherlands and now they're asking for more help than sounds. what's happening is effectively that the german government and german states individually are helping out where they can and also asking for help where they need it. remember that's with the statistics the
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way they are right now. there are some states who are in what they call a state of catastrophe. regarding cove it and the numbers. well, the number that stands out on this particular day is more than a 100000 people have now died in germany from cove. it since the pandemic began as a $100000.00 out of more than 5 and a half 1000000 cases. that number, by contrast to certain other countries is lower. so we know that for example, in the united kingdom, the death toll is very considerably higher than it is here in germany. the death was also higher in france, where there have been more cases as there have been more cases in the u. k. 2. but here in germany, it's focusing people's minds on what actions the federal government is taken and the state governments are taken. and there is an increasing dr from many certainly on the conservative side of politics. for something much more drastic, perhaps a mandatory requirement for all to be vaccinated. of of course, that hasn't been confirmed yet. dominic, as you alluded to,
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there were also saying record numbers across various other european countries. can you talk us through what we're seeing now across the rest of the continent for one interesting development that is being repulses. so far to day is that the ear is proposing to impose a 9 month limit on the validity of vaccinations in order for people to be able to come and go either inside the e u or to enter the e u. in other words, that would may space sickly, say to those who have been vaccinated, they would have to get a booster after 9 months in order to continue to benefit from the, the freedom of movement that they have being able to prove they've been vaccinated . if you see what i mean, but also there is clearly a sense that the numbers keep rising here in germany, for example, $75000.00 plus infections. new infections announced today.
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that's the number that has never happened before in this country record breaking. but it's also being repeated in other countries around that the, you certainly, and the questions many people wondering is what's happened in austria, the sort of thing that's going to have to happen in their country to. and that means tycer restrictions locked and potentially a mandatory vaccine requirement for mccain. they live overlay as far as from berlin . thanks tony. i'm leaving on an haiti is entering prime minister has sworn in his new cabinet more than 4 months after taking power. ariella reed took offense after president general am ways was assassinated, makins lying. the new cabinet faces many challenges including arise and gang violence and fuel shortages are human rights groups in georgia, say that online abuse towards women is on the rise. and they accuse the government and failing to act not comes as an international treaty to protect women from violence faces backlash. robin forrester. walker reports witnesses wednesday. it's
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as put a bullet in her head. these georgia lawyers defend the rights of women, children, and sexual minorities. and in return, they get threatened online almost every day and i was on to the show and then the guy was saying that don't be surprised if one day again, a find heard that somewhere and you won't be able to recognize her. some perpetrators don't even bother to hide their identities. so far, none have been prosecuted. officials admit the law may need to change on the one hand, his pinch is not acceptable. but on the other hand, we have freedom of speech and the to keep this balance between the 2 values is very important and sometimes very challenging. georgia is one of $34.00 countries to have ratified the istanbul convention. the council of europe's treaty to protect women from violence. the council has now introduced new guidance to tackle the
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digital dimension of violence against women. if that will convention is based on far pillars or it is prevention, it's protection, it's prosecution and coordinated policies. so i, in all those 4 pillars, e could see how you can use the articles of the convention, not only for the offline balance, but also for the online balance. and also our technology facilitated violence against women. it's been 10 years since the establishment of the establish convention and work continues here in strasburg to tackle violence against women, both in the real world and in the digital domain. but the convention faces a very real challenge from those who see rights protections as anathema to so called traditional values. turkeys withdrew from the convention earlier this year, drew international and domestic condemnation,
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yet conservative governments in bulgaria. slovakia, poland, and hungary were threatened to do the same in georgia for rights groups aligned with the orthodox church attack activists and the media on pride day. 54 people were injured. one journalist later died, yet the government said it would defend the interests of a moral majority rule. is that what? what when 95 percent of our population is against holding a demonstratively propagandistic march or parade? we should all obey it. human rights defenders feel increasingly vulnerable. this guy is asking for like a machine gun to kill us all. it's very frustrating, but you need to find some power in you to continue working on to when what you do because it, you know that you're doing right thing and you're just protecting someone else wife . so yes. and when the advocates themselves no longer feel safe,
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neither to the client's prime robin 1st year walker by al jazeera stress book. now the pentagon has formed a new task force to investigate you f o sightings. the ribs job is to identify unexplained aerial phenomena and then determine whether they posed a threat and comes after the u. s. government released a report back in june, noting a 144 sightings of mysterious flying objects. ah, and are there this is al jazeera and these are the headlines out 0 has obtained satellite images that show the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed the u. a. he hired to private companies from europe to run military flights into ethiopia and sudan rally as have begun to honor those killed during protests, against a military taker, everlast lumped demons.


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