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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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or in human history as the once per steam and barn to the arctic in such pearl? ah, ah, adequately beautiful no. al jazeera has obtained a satellite imagery that reveals the you a is supplying weapons to the ethiopian government for their fires, against to grind rebels. ah, hello there, i'm is darcy a day. this is al 0 life and her also coming up violence for a 2nd day and the solomon islands, as anger grows against what protest to say or fail the government promises
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worst migrant tragedy and the english channel. and yes, raises alarm, and both france and the u. k. this disaster underscores hub dangerous abuse to cross the channel. women's rights activists and georgia use the government of failing to act against rising online abuse. ah, well, we begin this bulletin with breaking news from ethiopia. al jazeera has obtained a satellite imagery that shows the united arab emirates is now providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation has revealed the u. e. hide to private companies from europe to run military flights to ethiopia. the images also show drones as nice european ebert in the capital, addis ababa?
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well, let's now bring in samuel, get a true, he's an ethiopian journalist and joins us now live from the capital. samuel, we obviously know eritrea got involved in this conflict very early on and now seemingly to you a just what do we know about foreign involvement that's taking place on the side of the governance where the prime minister has been saying that he's willing to work with the nation, he has been supporting some of the reforms, so by minutes of the giggle, they provided fun when the job was running for export incense. and this is no surprise, but you'll be receiving support from the so called family nation, including turkey, that provided military assistance, visit the country. this came up as a prime minister business key, which is one of the biggest 4 in the country and trying military agreements with the president of kian. this is, most of the time you obviously seen
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a huge recruitment drive as well. and between the call to defend the capital adis and the round ups we've been hearing about have to brian's what's the situation like in the capital at the moment? what about or say there be a movement of young people that are being recruited that are coming out and saying we want to be part of the job. and army that came about up to the prime minister, literally announced on monday night, saying he's about to doing the ground and heading to the bottle. but that has since been confirmed by the spokesperson safety open government. he said that the prime minister's indeed in the wrong or putting a leadership to some of that. so just of people that have been fighting with, again, it's a t p, but we also know fox, the hours the least cheerful debra behind which is about
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a 120 kilometers away from the set up of toll or to carry their id se. and they've been telling the id piece to stay in the shelter. and they have also arrested the police chip because he has been not willing to detain or rest, you know, people that have been supporting that samuel, a 120 kilometers doesn't sound very far away. it's all, i'm curious, how strong all the forces heading towards the capital at the moment. we obviously know a number of other factions are also involved. yet the only question front as part of that, the teacher left the, you know, somehow managed to find the common enemy in this 5 minutes there. and they feel government they've been, you have to know the background information on the relationship between the teacher and left. while they were in government,
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they had been fighting the dominated coalition government for the last 27 years before this prime minister came to the relationship between them as need to be the prime minister and see a rigid a change of government id. but me exactly, don't know how successful they are, but however the left has to be saying that they knew i'd be saying it for the last year about to come to abroad. but that was proven to be wrong. but there was a teacher that's been there was the last last night there was a zoom meeting that was neat, bike need an activist saying that had been looking for some kind of transition government in the field. and, but since the month has been changing, you know, ever since they've begun to get closer to december, but you've been recognized by the us invoice. i think that the month is increasing, putting in doubts,
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the kind of compromise that needs to take place. and this complex be gone again. and again, i think that minutes with some you'll get to that with all the latest for a, from a capital other. saba, thanks so much, samuel whole as international evacuations continue from madison international call for a diplomatic solution to end the violence in ethiopia. also growing the u. s. and the un calling for immediate end to the fighting it. but assess of the past, the columbia. the peace process in columbia today inspires me to make an urgent call to the protagonists of the conflict and ethiopia for an unconditional, an immediate cease fire to save the country and to allow for dialogue between ethiopians to resolve the crisis and allow for a therapy to go back to contributing to stability in the region, and i would like columbia to be an example to follow for the leaders of ethiopia idolized. now moving on and astray earlier says it's sending troops of the solomon islands as the pacific islands. now face is a 2nd day of rising,
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the unrest began when the prime minister switched the country's allegiances from high one to china that move and get many people who want to sullivans to continue recognizing tie pe. the solomon islands is a small pacific island nation with a population of less than 700000 people. it's a 1700 kilometers northeast of these trail in city of townsville from which soldier the now being deployed. so o'clock, proposed plumes of smoke filled, the sky is hundreds, defy a government locked down and take to the streets of honey. our anti government protest is marched in the east of the capital and in chinatown setting fire to building and losing shots. the protests when they buy people from the nations most populous island, the malay department. they want the prime minister to sit down, accusing him of failing to deliver the key infrastructure in the region. they're also angry about the government's decision to civil, long standing ties with taiwan office,
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36 years and declare allegiance with beijing. what we're saying is a coalescing of date, historical tension between the provinces and the central government, which have been exacerbated by the jew politic. the political competition in the region and unhelpful in an helpful way. the south pacific has been a diplomatic stronghold to taiwan, the china, the influences growing in this region now and the full pacific nation, including palau and the marshal island. i considered alive the top pay was looking to if china uses more financial aid to pull these diplomatic countries to establish relations with china and sabotaged with taiwan. is undeniable. ty, ones, economic strength, hardy, prevent china from doings of things. by jane can put as taiwan a road, breakaway profit, and want to read, you know, with china. but the demonstrated here remain loyal to tie pay,
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and the valve to strengthen their protests in the coming day. well let's pick up there with sarah clark. she's across this forest from brisbin and trailer saras. we've been saying this isn't the 1st time cameras actually deployed peacekeepers to the solomon islands. but the last time it was militia, violence prime minister scott morrison is taking these runs very, very seriously. and this is the 1st time that a strategy to play trips in the way go the optimize of that decision by the central government to pledge allegiance to china, not taiwan. so it's a very deep, a different diplomatic situation we have now. and the last, the hours, so the prime minister here in australia, scott morris, and he held a national security committee meeting and agreed to the request from solomon islands to fin trips. and he's an out around $100.00 troops, a mix of military personnel and federal police. being deployed to hit the capital and coming dies, he describes the situation as bullet hall and escalating. and he said he's hoping that by sending the struggling police and that i can help support the police to try
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the local way to, to pace and some sort of order he's urging to come to the fucking to other in the region, including with the gene companies getting late and he said that that was green lighting and it's taking some of them by surprise traveled by here in australia has also been upgraded to the 2nd day of spreading across our that indeed. and as we can see here from these live pictures from honey, are those fires very much still burning? we've seen plenty of anti chinese sentiment there in the sullivan. i'm before including chinese and business has been loses and burned. i think china is now trying to address the situation as well, but china has responded as well in the last, a little while that had held the ministry for the phase daily press conference. and they've addressed the situation to in the solomon islands. and of course,
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that they in truck, the prime minister of our i to store order and stability as soon as possible. they said this seriously conservative actually highlighted this particular issue. some chinese citizens are being targeted and he's bought a protest sweeping costs honey. our is also signed a consent about these chinese funded institutions and companies that are being targeted or looted or certainly set a lot in this up prior to this definitely a growing and chinese sentiment from some of the people who mentioned the most populous province, which is malaysia, and i are the ones that to the people who still believe to remain loyal to top high and have not switched the leisure to diplomatic agents to china. so the properties are being cognitive, no doubt, the struggling trips being sent in. that's certainly going to the diplomatic hot in the region as a result as well. so the, the situation we can say escalating and the processes have defined that curfew and
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returned to the streets again, despite government authorities telling them to stay home. so we can certainly see the situation continuing overcoming day. we'll continue watching very closely. sarah clark there for us in brisbane. australia, thanks so much here. i'm moving on and libya is election commission says the son of formerly the one that fee is ineligible as the presidential candidates safe al islam gadhafi is $1.00 of $25.00 candidates bod. from running in next month election. the commission is rolled him out as he's been convicted of a crime. whole article if a half to the along with 72 others remain in the race. well, let's bring in libya, correspondent medic, trina, he's here with us in doha molig. we always news safe from conviction might be controversial and he's also indicted by the international criminal court, but he has broad support there, right. especially in the south. so is this actually the end of the story, or is there potentially away from still to run? well, safer,
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some definitely he does have support in southern libya. so he was convicted and sentenced to death in libyan courts and tripoli a few years ago. but after that, there was a part in by the parliament base and eastern libya for safe was lab. so at the moment there's a 3 day period where candidates who have been perceived as an eligible. they can appeal to, to try to reinstate themselves and put themselves back into the race. others also an appeal for those who have been allowed to continue on for people to try to get them like for instance, sleep i have to meet people can appeal to try to borrow, borrow them in this 3 day period. so there is a chance, i don't think it's very likely. so i don't think we're going to see the safest lamp run in this election. well, given that he was considered a bit of a front runner, what does this then mean for the rest of the field? well, just shows you how polarized libyan politics is at the moment. there are so,
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you know, you have people, you have a holly for have to, from eastern libya, one of one of those who are expected to have a lot of support. but you also have to be up to having to be. but the current prime minister and term prime minister and he has brought support across the entire country, has been very good at gaining support and trying to unify the country. so a lot of people support are becoming debate whether or not he'll be able to run. we're gonna have to find out the election commission is going to publish a list of the final candidates for the presidential elections in the coming 10 days . so we're going to have to wait and see. but it's at the very polarized situation in libya right now. and a very interesting election, very interesting indeed are libya corresponded my latrina here with us. thanks so much money. how stella had here on out there, a mining tragedy in russia's siberia. we'll have a live update from europe curve in 1900 crisis. more than
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800000 people have now died in germany. ah, there's the right time the year to see significant rain on the east inside and lose all land in vietnam because the ne monsoon is setting out to dry wind, but it tends to enhance the shower and it's doing that the next day or so won't last the whole season and the wet season really should be for the south, me tears in malaysia and the western side of indonesia, the concentration has been put in the malaysia, some parts of sumatran. i think it's southern sumatra and java and as you probably know by now, australia had a very wet spring and we're this picture of cloud and the full cross. you can see this more to come. there are flood watches or warnings out for the whole this eastern side of australia, stretching the tropics, was dan tasmania,
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tasman. he gets away of the probably, but the rain last into the weekend in the form of heavy thunderstorms down the coast of queens and, and usa was talking back to a c t and into new south wells. victoria sees a slow improvement that does go on shore, something that's a better day, but it be very wet and muddy underfoot. in the west, it is warm, 35 in perth. well above the average. and the time being, it is warm in some parts, new ceiling in christ church, but this rain comes in from the south. so your temperatures will drop dramatically . ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results, rate, bar and walk indonesia, his friends for me, we move pool to grow and frog. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is broke and progress, invest in indonesia now. ah oh. hello there, i'm miss darcy attained ohio. that's remind you of our top stories here. the salad al jazeera has obtained a satellite images that so the united arab emirates is now providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed that the you a hired to private companies from europe to run military flights to ethiopia, australia says it's sending troops to the solomon islands to help restore order
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there as the country faces the 2nd day of rising. the protest is what the prime minister to quit saying the government has neglected their island. libby as election commission says the son, a former leader mcgaffey is ineligible as the presidential candidate. se found islam. gadhafi is one of $25.00 candidates borrowed from running a next month for election. the commission ruled him out as he has been convicted of a crime. what articles for huffed other along with 72 others remain in the race. now at least 6 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a mine in russia's siberia region. a rescue operation is underway for more than 40 people who are still inside. well, let's get the latest with bernard smith. he is in moscow, but i know this is all very much still developing. but what do we know at this stage? stacy, this is happening at the mine in siberia and the latest information we have is that
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can people of been killed on the ground and 46 are still missing, trapped down there. and we understand that the authorities have lost contact with them. there were $285.00 in the mine at the time of the accidents, most of them have been brought to the surface. it's not the 1st accident at this mine. there was another one back in 2004 methane blast that killed 13 people. and in russia, unfortunately, these sorts of mining accidents are not unusual as a combination of poor oversight, poor safety standards, poor maintenance of aging, soviet era equipment. and this incident today, we don't know what the cause of it is yet, but is another in a long line of accidents in russia's minds. then it's miss with all the laces for us, all not from moscow will stay across that for you here on out there. thanks. been
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now, at least at $27.00 refugees in labrenz bound for britain, have drowned after the boat sank in the english channel near keller. and the west was also on that crossing since the us international organization from migration started keeping rec for 7 years ago, both french and british lead to say they need to step up joint efforts to prevent people from making that dangerous journey. and simmons reports not from kelly, no silence for the dead. no flowers. there was grief though, and anger among a small group of migrant rights activists. men, women and a child seeking a better more secure life with dead, exploited by smugglers. their regular events on the french coast, those who died would have set about the journey just like these fellow migrants and retinue. even with winter setting in their determined to reach britain. 14 had died on the crossing this year. now,
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more than twice that number all died together. the worst ever tragedy in the english channel involving migrants and refugees. a fisherman said he could see from his boat to inflate a building is one, was overloaded with people. the other empty bodies were floating in the sea. they stood no chance submerged in icy cold water. many of them couldn't even swim. french prime minister jean cast ex said in a tweet that his thoughts were with the missing and injured victims of criminal smugglers who exploit their distress and misery. the british prime minister called an emergency meeting in london. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. and it also shows how vital it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who were sending people to see or in this way i say,
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to our partners or across the channel. now is the time for us all at to step up or to work together to do everything a we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. these people did make it to the english coast on wednesday, after being picked up by life. folk volunteers around 25000 people, crossed the english channel from france this year, 3 times last year's figure. britain still receives far fewer asylum claims than countries such as germany or france. but the governments currently introducing legislation which would penalize asylum seekers who use so called a legal roots like crossing the channel rights groups point out legal routes or inaccessible for most and given how desperate these people are to reach the u. k. this may not be the last tragedy on this scale. andrew simmons alger 0,
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kelly hunter, the pandemic now and germany is korean of iris. deaf toll has officially passed 800000 authorities recorded 351 deaths in the past 24 hours. hospitals are rapidly filling up across the country and some of even called for help from other you states. germany announced a tougher restrictions last week to try to catch the at bank. meanwhile, an overnight cathy was holding on the french caribbean island of waterloo, off the days that violent protest against curve at 19 restrictions. its been stirring long standing grievances over poverty and inequality. the protest of also spread to the nearby island of martinique. some health officials in the united states are concerned about the possibility of another surge of private 19 and comes as millions of americans travel ahead of the thanksgiving holiday this weekend. rob reynolds reports, holiday travel is expected to be near pre pandemic levels. this thanksgiving with
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air travel expected to be up 80 percent over last year. for some, it's the 1st time at crowded airports since the virus brought travel nearly to a halt. it's a little nerve wracking. we have lots, a hand sanitizer there. lot the light, all. not the face mask. honestly nervous to be in the airport. it's a lot of people, but there's good reason for that. trepidation, st. eyes relaxed. although 195000000 people in the u. s. are fully vaccinated. that still under 60 percent of the total population, and coven chase rates are rising across the country with $92000.00 new cases and $1000.00 deaths per day. heading into the 1st big holiday of the season into thanksgiving. we are seeing coven numbers rising in most states. nationwide. 30 of 50 states are showing increases in the number of coven cases being reported. and in
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the upper midwest. in particular, we're seeing a really severe outbreak. states like michigan have been hard hit on potentially a sign of things to come. we're far over capacity and really working hard to care for us. i'm afraid that what we're seeing here in michigan is probably just for shadow we'll see across the country. despite the warnings in more than 770000 deaths, a large group of people, 2 thirds of whom identify as republicans remain unwilling to get vaccinated or to vaccinate their children. infections among the unvaccinated continue to drive this pandemic hospitalizations and tragically, at a time when we have vaccines that can provide incredible protection. doctor's recommend, people gathering for thanksgiving celebrations, exercise caution. that means masking indoors. that means perhaps doing rapid tests
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prior to gatherings. that means taking those extra precautions that yeah, we hoped we weren't going to have to do this year. nearly 2 years into the pandemic . weary americans are dealing with the new normal rob reynolds al jazeera. now have his interim prime minister has sworn in his new cabinet more than 4 months after taking power, arial reed took office after president driven on louise was assassinated back in july. and the new cabinet traces challenges including arise and gang violence and fuel shortages. police and turkey have detained dozens of people demonstrating that against the government. they are protesting against its economic policies for the country's currency plans. so it has started a day earlier. it's actually, mira has lost almost half its value this year, and violation is close to 20 percent. well, human rights groups in georgia,
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se online abuse towards women is on the rise. they, he's the government of failing to acts not comes as an international treaty to protect women from violence faces a backlash. problem, forrest walker reports was, this was a, it's as put a bullet in her head. these georgia lawyers defend the rights of women, children, and sexual minorities, and in return they get threatened online almost every day. and i was on to the show and the guy was saying that, don't be surprised if one day you're going to find heard that somewhere and you won't be able to recognize her, some perpetrators don't even bother to hide their identities. so far, none have been prosecuted. officials admit the law may need to change on the one hand, his pinch is not acceptable. but on the other hand, we have for the most pitch and the to keep this balance between these 2 values is very important. and sometimes very challenging. georgia is one of $34.00 countries
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to have ratified the istanbul convention. the council of europe's treaty to protect women from violence. the council has now introduced new guidance to tackle the digital dimension of violence against women. if them will, convention is based on 4 pillars or it is prevention, it's protection, it's prosecution and coordinated policies. so i, in all those 4 pillars, e could see how you can use the articles of the convention, not only for the offline balance, but also for the online balance. and also our technology facilitated violence against women. it's been 10 years since the establishment of the establish convention and work continues here in strasburg to tackle violence against women, both in the real world and in the digital domain. but the convention faces a very real challenge from those who see rights protections as anathema to
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so called traditional values. turkeys withdrew from the convention earlier this year, drew international and domestic condemnation, yet conservative governments in bulgaria. slovakia, poland and hungary were threatened to do the same in georgia for rights groups aligned with the orthodox church attack activists and the media on pride day. 54 people were injured. one journalist later died, yet the government said it would defend the interests of a moral majority. will this? that's what, what when 95 percent of our population is against holding a demonstratively propagandistic march or parade, we should all obey it. human rights defenders feel increasingly vulnerable. this guy is asking for like a machine gun to kill us all. it's very frustrating, but you need to find some power in you to continue working in doing what you do because it,
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you know that you're doing right thing. and you're just protecting someone else life. so yes. and when the advocates themselves no longer feel safe, neither to the client's prime robin 1st year walker by al jazeera stress book. now, the pentagon has formed a new task force to investigate u. f. o sightings. the group's job is to identify unexplained aerial phenomena are men, determine whether they posed a threat and comes after the u. s. government released a report back in june and noting a 144 sightings of mysterious flying objects. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. al jazeera has obtained satellite images that show the united arab emirates is providing military support to the ethiopian army. the investigation revealed the you a hired to private companies from.


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