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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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said yes, dillard identified, we don't know what these are could be, could not be. so they've been having this task force. now, this is just another part, bureaucratic step. they're moving it into a working group. so what that does is it sort of finalizes the chain of command. it also include includes members of the intelligence community, but able to get them to the point where they can actually know who to report to and evolve more parts of the department of defense. ah, so it's more of a formalizing of the process. they're going to have a budget. they're going to involve the intelligence community as are now just, they're going to be the airborne object identification and management synchronization group. ah, i type a quick check of the top stories here on al jazeera, at least 30 on refugees and migrants trying to reach britain of drowned in the english channel of near calais after their boat sank. it's the worst as aust on the crossing since the u. n's international organization for migration started keeping record 7 years of this disaster underscores how dangerous it is
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to cross the channel in this way. and it also shows how vital it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to see or in this way i say to our partners across the channel. now is the time for us all a to step up to work together to do everything a we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. 3 white men in the u. s. have been found guilty of murdering a 25 year old black man who was out joking. ahmad albury was chased down and shot dead in a georgia neighbourhood. last year. all 3 men claim the effort in self defense and they will face life in prison. health officials in the us are concerned about a potential surgeon cobra. 19 cases that says millions americans travel 3 thanks giving holiday this week travels expected to be near upon the pre i'm going to
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levels that's despite most states seeing rise in case numbers. i know when i could, if he was holding on the french caribbean island of guadalupe after days of violent protests against cobra, 1900 restrictions, it stirred long standing grievances of poverty. the protest have spread to the neighboring island of martinique, as well as in more writing in the capital of the solomon islands. despite the government imposing a 36 hour locked down, demanding prime minister manasseh vari resign. i say the island has been neglected fine to government and the son of libya's former leader, more mock adolphe has been borrowed from running in next month's presidential election safe. alice land offi is one of 25 candidates who've been bought from standing. so those were the headlines and he's continues here on now to 0 after democracy, maybe stadium, thanks for watching pop in less than a year. capital high in the middle east. well, in preparation the country,
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it's staging a major problem. and the 16 nations going head to head in 6 potter felt stadium to 20. 20. okay. we'll keep you across the action as capital prepared for the regions . the biggest thing of the fee for our cup on al jazeera, me ah, political look at the and maybe there really be. yeah, the most was got enough order. but if we could
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meet the moon both are in the old and if you look on that, i'm on the sort of out i meant there are people, but i'm also will associate out of the ratio of lisa more how come into my to the me the mr. mrs. law and may he was alex uni
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in augusta. i should like him to richard. not so much but it, but on the bottom, the, my data, the director say like, you're not enough, but i'm waste that is seen or less seen a few years. giving elaine, the cutlass form was a most tra, motors number. i'm in the future and not the name was alex eunice. not, not the same with neil jeremy, no, alex eunice parking no, no. thomas ah levin will cut us. hipaa nozzle closes. acela's cause us for no sultan must seek another. the lame bung. ah, one of these with a mitchell with him as important as he's given. but went to madison with
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less, was he that is that at the out of the yeah, the the, the like getting a liquid thus i'll update us on like a silly chill. no at the in the last day monday, asking easy elementary for implant gospels locally here with a booking books on that i sent with both keys on the medical respite medicine van dolah. this is eunice k settlement out in karen. so this he leave us for a dollar lost his trip. all a lot of that, you know, aunt is the, the call, toyota moses, deceased him my legal viola, not even intersect. go to the level of the children. be,
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be on call. mia con. they more possible the call was like where work starts the only, i mean mass us ah oh, i flew. i am which has made us less guilty. men are going he so separate he st that yes mr. casso this i put another minute where i was in this dilemma is jaden 2nd b to d of book or book who a known at gwinnett mass go and their mother valencia come with the rest of my truck and went race to the me. he called behavior this me latin. oh,
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settlers was because his dad seen that they were styles put him at that like len, this d now all went up as could leader couldn't vivian have either they separate his he those we have either young ladies that have been disco chaired, gal, you know, anything those sounds bad sequestered but i'm not certain sad and then you can even order. gandhi, so if me smoke up inside in it will be a no b, children isn't that says, ah, ah, a gentleman from when i look us up any medical center on the matter months. out of madison drive, i mean voice message almost in your kitchen publish scenario. ah,
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i'm not sure. yeah. not sensible. yeah, unless i'm gonna send my son away as an interesting question. lucy diaz with a bhaskar. yeah. must. i guess i want to thank everyone. i did or not, but another must have been to better jacob bands out, especially because so little butch, to live and i would, i would like me ah, ah, with anybody that this data at one time in my father of this work, if we must have
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a really i you that yeah, legal cannot move up on them. it does give. okay. in order to compete with ah no more near your move on me hold a minute. campbell, but we live in a month. yeah. young, lucky knuckle. yeah. all you know, scramble even the fellow month. ah, he's on the list. hadn't myra fabulous american came about was going to follow for bank. i think you'll be going out there this. yeah, i think i see already. i mean that they use them in the other influences. yeah. see you look pushy. gonna seek with bay allen up with it. yeah. and i'm on the agenda.
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got you in sima. you understand your middle general legacy up with a ah ah, ah, in to the every way in the a get it on this, you know the addy, the my less go says is his month. ah, our just them was have landed another thing. so we love you day and then this year to asked to eat a san diego, where does he not to us is day while envious when they see the most intern late? those. hm.
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mm yeah my my then you moved to be a kind of are you are there? yeah, go said eligible, almost even with going on with sports when he 1st comes to cities in the summer. so i know stella a month more for us to pay that out. if you want to live on this one, you bought a new job either both for myself or am. i am not in the pony to lock into the oven. yeah. and you get beat out by law a couple to school. so i wanted to get rid of, i lost it. i've got a junket on the get going, my mother get all this stuff just almost an
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a c. so like i know with now most casual liskey models was community pasadena discusses. a lot of alberta felt almost being in the who i could get my role. so i k, the wound up in front of the who i could call gabrielle this adult. yeah. and so it happens. i'm in till they lost my yoda special. no, my, you ordered the same bus at then, can you get here on and get on? not almost as seamless and geron. no. my pamela hand, 11th. i mean to leave it on. if we is in cl meant the board, let her fafsa bed or even maybe up amanda ice, the process will be knowing a link. i got the key and this is starlen corners. human being that politi coin
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recycle money. there are a lot of, i mean the human since you don't easily society old billy cyrus part of the low spot, our number i moist us and went to represent dentist and worth so told you that his he concluded, must not for that sheet and he wanted to know to me, there have been sadness that is heated window. just explore. some was the worst meant this intensive chit on the cd. but it won't dallas my job is going with a gant. this was, you know, under the wireless. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah . just going to go see him, but if once you're never quite out of any, said alice, when this kid is, he'd get thought, i love this, you see on a scheme back, then i like them. when you at the ymca had done my that board, though, must carry them with chair i, as i'm bless, have a lot of i know mussing both on the case a load going to little apple got a milam weird it in a 2nd. even less forgot. does good noise, so noise set and ready to go to before you go seen ok. sec. the wendy scuse, anesco didn't get rid, go, go more like when, when he, that's, you go to any send those a product on vehicles has given us the most good,
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aimless danica to come in. that's all that, that's all i will needs. did he get will stop. i will need a in critical point. his weight. generally, almost at that point we'll see. no, it almost amelia. yet i'm. if i'm in a, i'm of the, i'm with who i speak with jack while give him a few items for me for that with give for leave because normal game often is deplorable or gable because this woman, i can say this with those a soon. ok. that that'd be thought oh speak with me one moment.
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mm hm. is he stammered when he quoted an easy i said on my cell, neither more could i see a lead actor? yo, an animal can i see every i can add, add on or not, but it keeps you on the front end. the little gazed. love bullied dick. a burdock laconia better than being a quarter. nice. thus for the mice they will be at them. casey, i am been sagal, he santa that he saddle. there's in those ancestor kiss event whose i, susan danica. we can joke
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which month anymore. they look at any children is when a shampoo damian, they go more say boy they a b, b, e. so whatever you know, i love you, as i think was des. yes. gallon manos. and he started me to work on an audio them on unicorn spending their, their own, bought the la bella was get thrown out last year and some of the general of my credit score and eat and be in love with my unit. so i don't ask, you know, then last everybody up, but i will, portable, nick, i'm pretty angela to marty gets. but he woke up in me and i could get quite a most key in his emerald thought by ease getting his lundy stops, you'll not get. but if he didn't believe the paschal could remain on the road with them, leaving him to get there. he said you can pull. busy it
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a little mild if you look at me or not, but it is summer. good. yes. are they called on? but i don't know the more grassy a but i know they spade though, but i don't like the little boy the go may i don't know if the new sentiment that the polish too much as much as i know none of them were and that the play made okay, most is really what's best in business that they seem they did last year. keep that they've got me know, i'll give you a new lesson. audi,
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diana. so my little check. they are not on my limo store. boy will sharon bailey. i will not us on, i don't by me, william a mom nisha most here was on the lot really that because families, me be in the niecy i most me, they came office i for to sell it, blanket them. amazon. grab the phone up. those don't have those that my most yeah, no, but a mid blue they had, i'll pull it all, she has a must pull that off with . * i mean
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ah and i think we're, we're not entered on a soon as we're in a camp blow, golardo, basil e. they were not as he's been checking their, their own a their one best bet about ethnical c. c dual in context of and on. they are not that are we saw them, which i think was d. c. s e. good. okay. no, not at that. i thought they sent it out on the web mobile. so you know, they've been saturday. i hope they get my name as to whether i could add one more. one more, they don't well for my body to see it on by means him got into the no, no the be analyst battle he them in they'll know they'll be out there for monday. and is it will be in this week, gamino pains have, are you making up one, which is cornelius on which is okay. it bad? okay. unmanned to say that he so he said, well,
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i left with ellis babylonia. jenny sat in context on no one cumberland lexia millennium open as your casey end is a. there's a lot by laboratory and you're going for little bit more real once you have recently been in business, united case on the list. look, if there was a, the in the know in dante, la la, the man back is his dad's was he done that is badly that i remember i wasn't boy look, you know, so don't blow. does he know i lost i lost. i love the finance you gain in dallas. well, we'll just go see a little less unit indiana in. yes. for a north you don't. but that is that the more that i see is he's in a cincinnati and we'll get out of work. a lot of units in the him as a see him brands you all's well. i'm in. they're going to the us in a moment. believe me, 2nd isn't point though i hugo in both ways. you, anthony says, i is
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a little more liberal if you have any medical came in on this as if the answer. good medical if that's and in the us, yours or british those me target and i got most of them and do the rest. i got blood work that they, i got a school was puzzled by that they did those. so it was good getting this is done in was that other but it doesn't come up with that. is that those is i was going on. this input is us, get that are back on your miss more does this is like or jim is the then must get other in your peers to with aah for a galaxy stem up or lead equally economical kicks eastern. make eco more nasty on case as domain pecansgroup?
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nope. or labeled baldwin. allah, my miracle morn did not just i must rehear local. go get any more rec or what are the legit on? it's in those work ah ladder. legendary luck group jennifer. this is alga k. c jim provided dilemma, benito asking if he got up will they equal knowledge knowledge by days it is gone. the comments on this problem? ah, lot groups, young boy who he in is in i just come and guardian. he said that he sent them at the most little community, but he's also head of his customers. it asks me he is on ok. so you can get gap or gay a soon as an article money that you know by now korea, then see on it. you know, la la format in gonna say, yoga i so is that them a deepening
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with mean dna give the middle isn't really ethic when the entry most is started, but it's intended to start over and under control. no. so trust yours is really good and come view knows that the gold, the mean in which i can pick him was better to be honest, the community or the intent that if it said one of the mac address, yeah. but okay, well let that element they let been up what a good, but i know something in the feca boys viewed and under say various. ready that are going to think of ways transfer data lowered sandwich that you can play, but there are more more just give them that that gets to come. you know,
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levels again we'll push about if i choose, ah ah, casualty videos. he said as a perio to gay, sophia, that is bonus. he gets all 3 of those 3 different book. as you seamless soci in look at it, if you will, no matter i will just speak to mentor because the song last cannot exist. it was time in the video and we started
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i think you must been fine. look, a lot of you get the might be natal 15 americans economy cause a lot of c. as in ramos, as it will not mean daddy already so soon. but up in south america, better soon the noise took leave you alone. o. m guy. okay. bought at e. m was they goes to read is they better they will good as you come? yeah. no, no money born area or nobody bought again is on non break a yes down we moved at that hotel, but i left by an associate ah,
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ah ah, ah ah, pays doesn't labels, but i leave my they wanna a for money for and they will be in boise in him, please eat the good eat because me for it there's no he has good because a man under eskimiya is in my number less bits or no, they're big guest omby the endo e guest value chandler. the idea is that i even got your, he know this will head those good whist seen sam and his understanding that i say when i don't get it done you is i look at think, i mean, i'm booky to my son and did get dinner. caserta this little boy of love, bided boy, lloyd, put it look and don't say censured. i'm st. enter. construed there's their god,
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delaware. so in this column we mima widow, good amos ski is the grill man did on the left the letter then look at us, your code r d r c o. a moon from the al jazeera london broadcast, fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generational black versus people and we had to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries, film direct, thank you. in to tell me thing a songwriter in, you think about racism making stuff and they have is making often visible jojo be
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unscripted on out to thera who the covey 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india. one 0, one east meets those fighting to say hon. children on al jazeera. ah, dozens of people drowned after a migrant boat sinks in the english channel is the worst single loss of life on the crossing from france. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. ah, hello darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from de. also coming up 3 white men found guilty of murdering ahmad aubrey. a black man who was shot dead while out


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