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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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heard these people head to the polls once again. on november 28th, they will vote for a new harlem. will this election bring long away to change to the country? purchased on books, special coverage on all to 0? ah. 31 people trying to reach britain have drowned in the english channel in the worst recorded migration disaster on the crossing. ah, i'm have them think of this is as you see, that live from dot also coming up. all 3 men charged in the death of a black man shot while jogging through the neighborhood in georgia, all convicted of his mud bottom protests against corona virus restrictions in the islands of martinique and guadalupe report from the french caribbean bus. i'm
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a show that i'm in a 5 gravels reintegration camp in southwest columbia, where many are wondering if the governments can still deliver on the promises of a landmark peace treaty signed. 5 years ago, i at least 31 refugees and migrants on their way to britain have drowned in the english channel near cali, off to their boat sank. the international organization for migration has called it the single largest loss of life in those waters in 7 years. french and british leaders say they need to step up joint efforts to prevent the crossings that the baba reports. well, you know, do you have regular sewing on the french coast even as winter sets in refugees and migrants determined to reach britain? and now a reminder of the dangers they face. news that so many people have died at sea
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after setting off from kelly. on wednesday night, the french interior minister arrived there to meet local officials and hospital workers. when us look at this also was jefferson. as far as we know, 33 people capsized of dunkirk and kelly as of now 31 people died and 2 people are currently being treated. but their lives are unfortunately in danger. among the 31 dead, we know that there were 5 women and one to go. for now we don't have any more information on the identities of these people. french prime minister john cast x tweeted, the shipwreck in the english channel is a tragedy. my thoughts are with the many missing and injured victims of criminals, smugglers who exploit their distress and misery. while the british prime minister called an emergency meeting in london. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. and it also shows how vital it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who were sending
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people to see or in this way i say, to our partners or across the channel. now is the time for us all that to step up or to work together to do everything a we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. these people did make it to the english coast on wednesday after being picked up by volunteers from the royal national life boat institution. there among the roughly 25000 people who've crossed from france this year, 3 times last year's figure. but and still receives far fewer asylum claims than countries such as germany or france. but the government currently introducing legislation which would penalize asylum seekers who use so called illegal roots like crossing the channel rights groups. point out legal routes are inaccessible for most and in reality, given how desperate these people are to reach the u. k. more tragedies can't be rolled out. nadine barber al jazeera 3 white men in the u. s. state of georgia have
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been found guilty of murdering alma aubrey. they pursued the 25 year old black man in their trucks as he was out jogging through the neighborhood last year. all 3 said they acted in self defense. she returns the reports from brunswick, georgia. sure. all 3 men involved in the killing of albert were found guilty of his murder count, one malice mer we the jury find the defendant, travis speak, michael guilty. we the jury found the defendant. greg mc. michael guilty. we the jury find the defendant, william our brian guilty of $27.00 charges against travis and gregory mcmichael and william bron. the jury found them guilty of $23.00. a panel did not accept the defense is arguments that the men had the right to chase the black drug in the pickup trucks. 2 of them armed one with a shotgun and confront him and shoot him dead on the pretext of self defense. outside the court house, there was surprise,
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relief and jubilation. that justice is done. it also realism, that one court victory does not mean the end of systemic racism in the us. well, when, when i grew up, we couldn't, everything was separate bathrooms, water, fountain, even places. and that's a big difference, but we got a long way to go, a long way to go. i wouldn't, i wouldn't go as far as to say it was a huge leap, but it was a step in the right direction. nonetheless, it is striking that in the state of georgia, one of the most historically notorious of the south almost slave learning states, a jury of 11 white people and one black person could reach sub unanimity and in such a short amount of time. and let the word go floor of all over the world that a jury of 11 white and one black come out in the deep south. good up in the court router has said that black lab do matter. oh,
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thank you. thank you. but those might those who pray most of the walls and freight, your floor, empty guy. and now now with that with, you know, i'm, as a mon add, no, i'm is when he will now resting with, amid the joy there is a bitter awareness that off to on it, aubrey was moses. the police and prosecutors in this county accepted the men's argument that they had every right to chase and kill a black jogger in their neighborhood because they had an inkling that he was up to no good. it was only 2 months later when video surfaced other meds, grassroots pressure that the state intervened. so that question hangs in the air. what about all the murders that weren't captured on camera? she ever time. see al jazeera brunswick wasn't based st. john's us live now from a baltimore maryland to talk more about his he is a former prosecutor in baltimore and
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a criminal defense attorney. thanks very much for being with us. so the general sentiment then from, from those who, who wanted these 3 meant to be found guilty, is that justice was done, but there is a long way to go. it. would that be your sentiment? yes, good evening. ah, yes. thus jeffrey, my stance meant justice was done the 1st step, but there is a long way to go. ah, this is just start you at now how the sentence and you can have appeals. but once again on this, but for the video and but for the grassroots effort, these men would never have been charged. yeah, just to pick up on that. what does it tell you about the system that right now that it took several weeks um, for the authorities to act on this only after the emergence of this video. and as you say, the weeks of protests or what it says is that we really need to make sure we have
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prosecutors that are going to be open minded, that are going to be honest and fair. and this is the case in which the prosecutor 1st had the video that they then tried to covered up. i believe that prost food now has even face and charges because of this. and what it says is that when you have a video, then maybe just a little different, but that's why we have so far to go. what about all those cases where there was never a video? and that's important as well. that's why prosecutors really do matter when reference to the criminal justice system. and the comment was made there in, in, in our report from, from al sharpton that the civil rights activists that, that this was notable for the fact that and nearly all white jury in the deep south, i had found these 3 white men guilty of killing a black man is that is, is that a form of progress to you as well? it is, i mean, i practice kit
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a gun case all around the country. and so it is because what you do is you have a jury that clearly looked at the evidence, saw the victim as being that truly a victim. and then the prosecution, they really put on a very good case and putting on the type of case they did the jury, had me a fall, the law and they had to find him. all 3 of those gentlemen guilty at the just, just to kind of take the step step back in. all of they said more generally speaking, you know, when you talk to a lot of people or who observe what's happened in the u. s. over the last couple of weeks with that, with the rittenhouse verdict. and now with this the u. s. does seem like a very divided country right now to a lot of people on the outside looking in. is that, does it feel like that to you? unfortunately it is, it's very divided, you know, we had a president, former president donald trump, that i began to divide us in many ways and that division has only gotten worse. i
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think the written house one hand you look at the written out case, you see what happened. you see the prosecutors, they weren't the same caliber and so once again, when prosecutors don't have their cases together, you see what happens. this was a different case where that the prosecutors that had their case together and this case in many ways, it brought the community together. it bought the african american community together, brought everybody together. so it clearly shows that we do have things to divide us where we often have a number of things to unite us. get to talk to ivan bates. thanks very much for your time. thank you. are the son of libya's former leader ma market? daffy will not be allowed to run in next month. presidential election. se phyllis lam good daffy is one of 25 candidates who are disqualified. libby as electro commission says he's ineligible because he's been convicted of a crime. a wall of holly for half to along with 72 others remains in the race if he
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opiates prime minister abbey ahead has been leading the military at the front line since today's tuesday. that's according to the government there. it comes as fighting between the governments and t. grey rebels escalates. returning again. the reports abbey at med, wants described war as the epitome of hale, but ethiopia is prime minister, is now front and center in a conflict that's been raging for a year. he reached the front line on tuesday, according to government spokesman, and is now personally leading the military against rebels from the northern t gray region, leaving the business of government to his deputy is a big gumble if you look past kind of similar gambled. when charlie and ben tried interested in it res debbie went to the front lines and he lost his life even when b and actually defeated the rebels in china. and so i believe my niece is risking is ah. 6 abby's decision to go to the. 6 front line,
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his boosted recruitment for ethiopia, beleaguered armed forces. thousands have signed up to follow abby's lead, including olympic gold medalist high league, upper selassie. the 48 year old retired champion says he felt compelled to act in sports. i only thought about butter a sportsman. it was an ambassador for peace. now when i say i am going to the front line, people could say, wait a minute, you have been a mediator and you're a sportsman with a lot of sports is about peace and love. you know how good, what should you do when the existence of a country is at stake? they just put down, everything's nothing will stop you. o fighting between the ethiopian government, anti graham rebels has escalated in recent weeks. rebel fighters are now around 200 kilometers from the capital, addis ababa, the presidents of kenya and south africa, as well as the u. s. secretary of state have reiterated calls for a ceasefire. there were concerns the war could spill over across the horn of africa
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. already the horn is very unstable. we so darned the recent. there are some odd. yeah. still disintegrating. archibald gaining ground there. now the last thing that they're written wishes to have is a disintegrate. and if you and the west's interests are going to really just go up and flips ah, as these new recruits prepared to head to the front line to join government forces and negotiated settlement doesn't look likely any time soon. victoria gate and b al jazeera, are still ahead on al jazeera worries about a surgeon coven, 19 cases, as millions of americans travel and gathered to celebrate thanksgiving. the truth is out there. u. s. military forming a new group to investigate you. f o sightings. ah
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. ah, look forward to burly to sky's the weather, sponsored my cattle airways. this will be a pretty sight the air is so cold in northern china is as it should be at the moment as it comes across the warm sea generates big showers. all thunderstorms and they are showing snow. oh, dropping snow on the western slopes of the high ground of hon. shoot her card. otherwise it's going to be thunderstorms. pretty strong, wind on that coast, but beyond it all behind it all is just sunshine and quite with a little bit of rain. the far south of china, particularly in taiwan and maybe lose on as well. you see the orange streaks of big thunderstorms, or was it quite picture is as it should be. seasonally correct, the line that takes you from news on towards vietnam shows the rain going south. they behaved in cambodia the far south of talent. and it's the malays as well. and southern sumatran, java look like to get some big shows once more,
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as is the case seasonally correctly and tom, now these are lanka, and again, we might have to include china in this in the next couple of days. most of central nolan is suffering from settled weather, which means any pollution crate is trapped. and you know, that means you give you poor quality in new delhi. the whole, for example, the stretch dancer met about to buy all suffering from very poor, even hazardous air quality. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. serious darkest days, with one man leading the country through us. present to alice out his last legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? when the reason that could effect any human ah,
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sight master of chaos on all jazeera blue, the, me, again, you're watching as a reminder of our top story. at least 31 refugees and migrants trying to reach britain have drowned in the english channel, and they can off the boat saying un officials said the worst disaster in the crossing since they stopped to keep the records 7 years ago. 3 white men in the u. s. had been found guilty of murdering a 25 year old black men who was out jogging. ahmed aubrey was chase down and shot dead in their ga neighborhood. last year. the son of libya, former leader mama daffy has been bought from running in next month's presidential
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election. the electoral commission says safe, phyllis lamb get daffy is ineligible because he was convicted of a crime. war holly, for after, along with 72 others, remains the race. a time may be running out on a landmark peace deal between the states and font rebels signed in columbia 5 years ago. the promised peace has not been achieved or sandra, and yet he travelled to the calico region to speak with former fighters, struggling to integrate into society as new armed groups fight for control of the territory. former fight grabel william william is rightly proud of is big farm. it's one of 3 projects. he started with hundreds of other demobilized fighters investing the roughly $2000.00 each. they received this part of their agreement to design. we're selling an average of $160.00 pigs a month, 40 per week of around 100105 kilos. we hope that with the 2 new sites will reach
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a 10120 a week. william says, reaching this point has been very difficult approval for the project arrived only a year ago, after long fights with bureaucracy says was set up to fail them in mobile. ya know, katie o, as in today's, this government has done everything possible to make a deal fail if it wasn't for the united nations and the international corporation that are guarantors of the process got on. i wonder if i would be here is the government signed its historic piece deal with the fark 5 years ago, bringing to an end the conflict that killed more than $200000.00 people over more than 5 decades. but many of the hopes of that day are unfulfilled, even though most combatants as laid down their arms by addressing poverty and inequality, promising road schools and jobs in many neglected rural areas of the country. the peace deal was supposed to and the root causes that fuel the war. but 5 years later,
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little has changed. emerald alita, lujan is at many accused. the conservative government of even do care of slow walking the deals, implementation. studies show that just 4 per cent of the promised rule reform measures are complete. while cocaine production is at an all time high and new arm groups and fart, dissidents are perpetuating new cycles of violence. many reintegration camps are mostly empty after former fighters moved their way under threats by armed groups. like claudia crews with former comrades has been trying to start a fish farm. first, they were forced to leave their camp. then their leader was killed. oh, they are barricade. we live in fair, i know this is worse than during the war. back then we could at least defend ourselves less after 5 years. i thought we would have a place to live a little land and basic security. we feel disillusioned yet we endure aka. but
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despite their enduring commitment success for them and the country remains elusive and a lasting peace is not guaranteed. allison them gayety al jazeera cal dawn are kauger . health officials in the us are concerned about a possible search in coven 19 cases. that's as millions of americans travel for the facts getting holiday this week. rob reynolds reports, holiday travel is expected to be near pre pandemic levels. this thanksgiving with air travel expected to be up 80 percent over last year. for some, it's the 1st time at crowded airports since the virus brought travel nearly to a halt. it's a little nerve wracking. we have lots of hand sanitizer lot, the light, all. not the face mask. honestly nervous to be in the airport. it's a lot of people, but there's good reason for that. trepidation, st. eyes relaxed. although 195000000 people in the u. s. are fully vaccinated. that
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still, under 60 percent of the total population and coven case rates are rising across the country with $92000.00 new cases and $1000.00 deaths per day. heading into that 1st big holiday of the season into thanksgiving. we are seeing coven numbers rising in most states. nation wide, 30 of 50 states are showing increases in the number of covent cases being reported . and in the upper midwest in particular, we're seeing a really severe outbreak. states like michigan have been hard hit on potentially a sign of things to come. we're far over capacity and really working hard to care for us. i'm afraid that what we're seeing here in michigan is probably just foreshadowing we'll see across the country. despite the warnings in more than 770000 deaths, a large group of people,
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2 thirds of whom identify as republicans remain unwilling to get vaccinated or to vaccinate their children. infections among the unvaccinated continue to drive this pandemic hospitalizations and death trash lee at a time when we have vac. seeing that can provide incredible protection. doctor's recommend. people gathering for thanksgiving celebrations, exercise caution. that means masking indoors. that means perhaps doing rapid tests prior to gatherings. that means taking those extra precautions that yeah, we hoped we weren't going to have to do this year. nearly 2 years into the pandemic . weary americans are dealing with the new normal rob reynolds al jazeera. and when i curfew is holding in the french caribbean island, the water loop off the days of violent protests against cobra. 1900 restrictions. it's 3rd long standing grievances over poverty and inequality. vaccination rates
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remain low, less than half the population getting corona virus jabs. the protests of spread to the neighboring on the martinique as well attached to butler has been following developments in plants. pip in guadalupe. well, there is a nighttime curve. he said the streets are empty, everything is shot, but the situation remains 10. mainly because some protesters have built barricades across the roads in several parts of the island. so that is meant that it's very difficult to get around the island. we've heard some people have been unable to reach hospitals. other people have simply been too scared to go on the road because they're very worried about coming across these bar case. and these law case now, the unrest began more than a week ago. it began as a strike, a demonstration against the coven health, paul, and again, mandatory vaccination for health workers, but it is simply spirals into something so much bigger as many people use,
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no use the opportunity to voice their grievances against the french government is the social and economic situation in what we're talking about as property, high unemployment figures and a feeling amongst many people in court. they are simply ignored by the government and metropolitan frog. they are treated as 2nd call citizens by parents. i will, of course, has been compounded by the fact that the french government has not yet sent a minister to quote loop the overseas a situation. this week. however, the french prime minister on cas thanks, did meet officials and pays by video conference from court loop to talk about their grievances. he's opened up what he's called a form for dialogue, where they can talk about some ideas will solutions. the priority for the french government is though to restore calm and law and order and they have flown in more than $200.00 police officers and special forces. there's been more rioting in
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the capital of solomon islands, despite the government imposing a 36 hour lock down there. early on when they approached this is set fire to several buildings in the capital, including one on parliament grounds. they traveled to the capital hon yara from a neighboring island, the demanding prime minister, manasseh, so governor a resigned. they say that island lacks infrastructure and has been neglected by the government. china has reacted angrily to the us inviting taiwan to its virtual summit for democracy next month, along with $109.00 other countries. china and russia have not been invited to long . ginger and china is firmly opposed to the united states invitation to taiwan authorities to participate in the so called summit for democracy. there's only one china in the world. the government of the people's republic of china is the sole legal government representing all of china and taiwan. is an inalienable part of chinese territory. the one china principle is
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a universal recognized consensus of international relations. taiwan has no other status and international law aside from being a part of china. when the u. s. government has announced the new u. f o task force, it will work to identify unknown aerial objects and determine whether they posed any threats. comes off to the intelligence community release to report earlier this year. admitting they had been a series of u. f. o sightings, practical high and has more from washington this all goes back to those videos. we've seen most of them taken by military pilots cut a grainy on their radar and you see these objects far off in the distance, weirdly shape, flying ways don't seem possible that it speeds don't seem possible. so back in june, the department of defense released some of those videos and said they were to come up with the task force to look into this because they looked into what i'd identified flying objects and came back out and said yes, still identified. we don't know what these are could be, could not be. so they'd be having this task force. now this is just another
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bureaucratic step. they're moving it into a working group. so what that does is it sort of finalizes the chain of command. it also include include members of the intelligence community, but it will get them to the point where they can actually know who to report to evolve more parts of the department of defense. so it's more of a formalizing of the process. they're going to have a budget, they're going to involve the intelligence community. so now just, they're going to be the airborne object identification and management, synchronization group. unemployment levels in thailand have top to 16 year high countries, hoping things will improve with the return of foreign tourists. but alongside the pandemic, the crisis is not one that will be quickly resolved. as tony chain reports, when the cap to bangkok ah, an abandoned building in the suburbs of bangkok, but look closely. and there are signs of recent life since covered struck, homelessness has been a growing problem in bangkok, with unemployment rising and the economy entering
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a prolonged downturn. wrong sir has been living here for some time, scraping a living, selling empty bottles and other rubbish. even his narrow margins have now been cut in half on the left, this is a very difficult time for me. i'm collecting less scrap to sell, and a price of recycling material has gone down. i used to make around $12.00 a day, but now i'm lucky to make half of that. and this is an increasingly common site and thailand people queuing for daily handouts of food. the government promised that economic recovery was on its way. but since the end of thailand's covert isolation, things only seem to be getting worse. i think the answer. hi, the whole coven situation is not really improving. but the government isn't facing the truth. more people lost their jobs. more people are ending up on the street and becoming homeless. people who have no choice from they don't have money to pay for their essentials and have no safety net and no welfare. despite the fact the
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vaccinated visitors can now return. few are actually doing so. that's bad news because tourism is such an important employer and income generator. here on bangkok, celebrated cow son road, there are still relatively few backpackers and despite lifting quarantine conditions, it's expected that visitor levels next year will still be well below those. before coven, the government already facing criticism for it's slow vaccine rollout is putting on a brave face. it's predicted moder, a growth, and a swift recovery to pre coven economic levels. but the indicators seem to be pointing in the other direction. household debt is rising, oil price is rising, inflation is getting more of a concern and tress rates are about to rise. the lots of uncertainties in 2020 to bangkok, famous night life will remain shuttered for the rest of the year. even when the
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bars and clubs are allowed to reopen, in january 2022, many will remain closed for good. right now. there isn't much to celebrate. tony chang, al jazeera, bangkok. ah, this is al jazeera, it's got a round up of the top stories, at least 31 refugees and migrants trying to reach britain have drowned in the english channel near cali after their boat sank. un officials say it is the worst disaster in the crossing since they started keeping records 7 years ago. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. and it also shows how vital it is that when i step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to see or in this way i say to
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our partners or across the channel. now is the time for us. oh, i have to step up to work together.


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