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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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lou allen has m. c. k. in doha. the headlines on al jazeera, at least 31 refugees and migrants trying to reach britain have drowned in the english channel near cali after their boats sank. the international organization for migration has called it the single largest loss of life in those waters. in 7 years. french and british leaders have called for emergency meetings. this disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way. and he also shows how vital it is that we are step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to see in this way. i say to our partners across the channel. now is the time for us all at to step up to work together to do
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everything a we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. 3 white men in the us have been found guilty of murdering a 25 year old black man who was out jogging. ahmed aubrey was chased down and shot dead in a ga neighbourhood. last year. all 3 men claim they acted in self defense. they all face life in prison. the son of libya's former leader margaret daffy has been bought from running in next month. presidential election safely slammed. duffy is one of 25 candidates who bought from standing libby. his electoral commission says he is ineligible because he's been convicted of a crime. warlord holly, for after, along with 72 others, remain in the race. and when i curfew is holding in the french caribbean territory of guadalupe off the days of violent protests against cove in 1900 restrictions. it stared long standing grievances over poverty and inequality. vaccination rates
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remain low with less than half the population, inoculate. leaders of 3 german political parties have agreed to form a coalition government after 2 months of port. i'll f sholtes will take over as chancellor early next month. it will be the 1st 3 way coalition government, in nearly 70 years. the u. s. government has announced the new u. f. o task force. it will work to identify unknown aerial objects and determine whether they posed any threats. a comes off the intelligence community release report earlier this year, admitting there had been a series of slides. those are the headlines now back to the edges in a world. ah, ah, organized crime within israel, palestinian community is on the increase. and tamara al miss harl of al jazeera arabic is examining wine in 2020
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a record. 96 murders were reported almost double the figure of 5 years before everyone's agreed on the numbers, but not on the reasons why they're increasing, even among israelis before in the whole short shamperdeen, an alternate level can be flail. yes, pal, been much amicably. me will be in the much of the company marvin of if i mean i, mr. i think those were him of him. k u. v. look as a hinge attorneys article short latino families walheim shallow avalon associates b. emit she. infidel been used in loving a fellow she knew early from him shar kits. if archie, i'm a star professor, taper pushed him hooker hotels, monuments of cynthia lisky vis again. pish, now i, bum sugar. they'll be forgiven. if we provide you with any aubrey. melissa melissa
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fennel is on it. of and women the nothing so local among the name is shavon river status. i local mom and in the shavon vow a my favorite, i love e rattan. it's cult members. shall thirties on health, hunt up the casino on this get on either kasha, bum exam, harvey, and machine. i'll be node you'll dean me or him, or thump bush in ha, machine. all along the us. i teresa, or your ha bernisha hale or put south of identity within the kettle, santa bohack, and also the correct ha ha ha ha. the maps ma push in, were you the hassock? midlevel they had the vehicle. me start the car, shackle me money, game or money, good that or when the game on see parley or money give or to him vomiting. my sure hail i sit on the stomach of living in the palestinian city of omar farm can be risky. suleiman alan maria is
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a former mare and survived an assassination attempt in january 2021. he's only too aware of the risks of combining activism with public office. the city's current mer, oppose is the criminal gangs, but says he only has limited powers to use against them. not one of us, not in nor amadine. it is one of the year before i had it with me. i learned that if and the thought of how to get a waste of a max and i didn't have me then he didn't move to hello. hello, lemons have had them or it was in the queue to me and leave had awarded medea on the fraud, in the doorway, in the, in the hill, her pit in adobe home, or the one pick some of the image for him. if, if it's an art law, he'll all patel. why should he shop best seller philip pallet them? because you find it, let me know how they should halle of unequal yesterday. we missile deem she level
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the alarm still about half of it so of a low they or chill, she mama seem will him to go when the thought of them support because it hasn't been this issue for sure. mommy haley, like actually mike of all of the figures however, tell a different story. according to the times of israel, the was 71 killings among palestinian israelis in 2018. 89 in 20. 1996 in 2020. this is 5 times higher than the murder rate in jewish areas. um and one of them is i'm with the mr. medical esteem. examine what can had of what had them are a man boy, a step if and most of them spend feeney p adapt was effect until he was the 1st amendment. but you can call it c s. he was him,
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call him holly, who i call feed them and they had death and mostly the csc of philosophy. me, well, i have been well, how often is one of them at the haughty what could be more to help me while i understand that because it's the se, what is there like now? you can and the horn beyond the walk? what mean a sofa? we don't the waffle and more had it clear that the csc, the kind of workable mean give him a hub up for li. welcome bob. to fill up the soft cs. you want to shut off the merry when the shop harvey could many tamar then a man barrier why he suspected the israeli security services were involved and them ok and let them fi fi and i just want to thought the idea that the we are legit mojave up or sold off enough to locate
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some honda law. has it as is it not that men see that it can you talk to them and talk about that much about the young men, mac, and i mean it, we may have a few come up, lee, and we'll do the end. the year around comes to a m dot com just a little bit when jerry was the last at the bottom, jimmy had i think that will sell either myself or the medina muscle on shelf in on x oxley. yes, betty, that the higher had the heel. i'm in my system if a lot to had it had he in do you have me in to shop for you that is in your total when this is what was the head annex which isn't lit up is of chuck the notch of on the local shame money left. yes. hello medina?
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a foot. we've got a big misleading quality. ma, i'm not sure why slummy. and the whole ship michel motel my limit on the applies. let me you will be my, i met them in a similar still the time it get a little little bit, but the human cost of organized crime among palestinian israelis. israeli reported 21 year old mohammed nasa, buddy was the 4th member of his family to be murdered in the space of 18 months. he was shot dead in normal farm. the day he was murdered, he'd return from a protest against violent crime. and the lack of any railey government response to it. no one above that has, you know, you will do not a bit and i will rob what come to see how much rub?
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because the lack of these are what a good listener, bad new butler. i le barbie's bit johnny mosul till i can bid, how they deliver out that you will, you must not sought, not flock, not to let him know miranda, but did him him. and if y'all are it a nurse the seller, so you're not the only to come and get it america. elisha pivotal drawn upon hunger . this manner in no a shuttle is highly xerox. bit comparable. a young men had a sad smock than even common hammer. the late hum show casa is true, thought diana, to bate with teach the sla almera luther w a dog fella give so that the young cannot to chopin dip is bed the kicky lab. how does is that a lot of people, what don't yada cast up with a bed castillo to cover her dar, macalucio issue mccain my but the to be. and did you not? hester had time to john cow for how are you did on
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a journey to poke generally to head her unacquainted? allah! allah were undone! but the but the telemark them but will of sure mean the fight boom! only! what do go have to terminate the t shirt? the hammered? how don't with or a whole mad, but 1st job he's done with your min app. sit up, dish cut it in, b o b o man. not says who will not sit out there, joy yarborough of dish alleged as w marapoo to la, your mich attorney. what do i need to call you? we not seen the guys in kettle fee it me well and the bag monk kettle ebony, i've got to shoot up the foolish divvy out of our own in the hul a mac. mac is my mafia come abroad than i do to. backward restoral to include y d in the hell palo bit, let me, i could, i had ye bit to have a public akila, la jolla. how is trooper what it does? look at that if then him at home a canyon without bubbling petaluma. al jazeera asked the israeli police if in the
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week before mohammed doc murray, his murder on the 22nd of january 2021, any of the units had entered the victim's family home to search for weapons. they replied, saying that their investigation did not find the de search was carried out as indicated by our request. ah, there is clear evidence that the murder rate in palestinian israeli towns and cities is increasing. these communities also think that the israeli police could do more about it, but it's not so clear what motivates the gang members themselves? why do young people get involved? how do they choose their victims? and most importantly, where do they get their weapons from?
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one man who'd been a gang member for around 15 years, agreed to speak on condition that his identity be concealed. darlin her is wrong, regardless of her through issues. receivable soul follows. well, we'll talk fun of them. well fusion who isn't turner, and i'm learning how to log on fun all. check your liberal russell while the has how you learn on them. so brother on, on the bottle for know most history read. ha, gloria just will be no sir. for no reason why winners homo, why, why, when the little one is on us, why you knew i sent him the a little small. these are, but you should do a little bit on this one we have, i didn't miss it. north is on you of the after the 4 of you to be any bit older. so you don't have to she let's, we are you sure are you know,
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what does, it'll hold on to miss lose or shift on muscle muscle. what i mean is moon learned of the blood over the risk, and i had to know we, we still have another renewal with la who, which we so we have some money on my element is wrong. i shawn, don't be a massage in 16 bit. do we fund member has been over religion for i fear hawk, call me the. she'll be there on the star on the bill because we started, we should be cited ok of a gun, gun bush, if you would call my schedule of giving me a shout back and be a whole visit on the done before mr. billet damage,
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though. even on the spot in miami, darcy, mushroom lecture, no hurry, that's crucial to me. star. i mean how much we shall dump the we start our fear in the muslim world. how does that work? just as you know, we was rob enough and he was really nervous. and you wouldn't have been in the mob all that english are going to go. how do you you see and i leave it. mr. roberts just got off journey and it was 100 thought of attorney harlow. we saw, we saw the do we still do it all or we do have an issue. we want to talk to no one on the market at that. ha, ha ha. so name my law. and with our name he, joe will cease. shame haley name is actually all i am a shot back. let me start the shaheen. but a korean valerie mom of the of, and the local ship, see holly or jessie. come on load that the put him on the door,
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keep her coming to him. the cooling, you can feel the patient. i love the posse. bah, shanisha tara moments colleagues more deadly doughty emma. functional feel al jazeera, contacted the israeli police for a response to the allegation that they collude with palestinian crime syndicates. it also asked them to respond to the allegation that it's not doing enough to protect palestinian israelis from the activities of palestinian crime syndicates. a police spokesman replied, saying, these accusations have no basis, please. rarely police operates incorruptible through the year for the personal safety of the citizens of the country. while it's doing so, one of the main goals that plays railey police have laid to its doorstep is a violence and arab society plays really police operates
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extensively against all criminals, including the seizure of illegal firearms, arrests on filing charges against them. please road the police will continue to act with all means at alga, supposedly, in order to treat the scourge of violence. one of the most controversial aspects of this whole issue is where the palestinian gangs get their weapons records say that around full $100000.00 unregistered weapons or in circulation. these reports and statements by israeli officials say that 90 percent of these arms and ammunition is stolen from israeli military camps . in january 2021. these railey army admitted that around 93000 bullets had been stolen from a training base in southern israel. this was an odysseus raid on a large military base, whether have been several alleged thefts in the past decade. liam can
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anew from valid hello, men kilo figarola. why here and the home. yeah. live on the moon. i, you know? yes, i was other fella woman was pharma falling mom who will be having a little mad at my family as you know, as well as well. now, la, moon valley, california. when we have done the horn, like it home tonight, why couldn't let me out if you feel out of our hiding was yeah, i would imagine some me for over the video and i thought in let me stop or wait, but speak me death. well, the in the kill it, the volume i lou love in me more where we don't have the mate. an issue. mima, viola thumb is shape mission. fip, let me talk to her of a low hollywood chef killed of
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a new check. low holy shit. she couldn't more vanish it. bob, have all of it. may gear massey. see my lame when i'm at home about with that. how about me, stella? you're through me. show value. if you get shan, miss, you lose your job. get called mckinley or any. how much will it cost us? any them a call college if the dollars more than that the human was the ssl is really was the cell, is it him assess the enter just in he and followed them one of them and followed them. one of them is in the he a mara. i'm a cilla, alamo dude. how a lot of like me to get that laugh and was a lot of it. well he, it to lot of mean come on. i jeezy me is really it therefore could move with it will have the cilla and them are you what the you who tim the call come to. so how
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can the to, when i can, and i don't know how the, what did the muslim to suggest a man has in general and did mature. who naca though i thought well, when i got to love the ugly, probably a cedar we'll, we'll so low. so who little soon he well top on at the water other item i'll catch you and was re me in an alpha, eileen, we're happy here. i've been an older heard from clearness mcgarr me son. m. uh huh . not song megan, the vault. they're hug of again. they voted on it. but so gum disorder on a little, shirley, masha, oklahoma, shamar no, i could the social coin when they go mean miss over the orb bedroom of imbedding she. the casino mahonnan, san zera schmidt per se. michel been more people can sure let me pass in. but adam perfect lagoon. oliver officially, the buddhist war of his wrestler from arbor. look full for lou. earlier i heard him
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blood knew chicago. he's the duster of when in the review, when liberal was heard more when it was sort of slower when we were a slower good marathon, little more mug soon is yours muslim, warm of so on of ashes or. busy i'll other dreamer dooley or you lose sort of loans . little they're not eligible suit from a bother from birth? no, no, no. do loses. mm hm. what, what was his lube oil? well, the girlfriend marcella, hulu valuable. ugh, shoulder a little. i shoe didn't obey lumper livable sophie on the mafia. omen al jazeera, contacted the israeli army about the fact of large numbers of weapons from israeli military camps that allegedly ended up in the hands of palestinian crime, gangs in israel. it also asked about collaborate as within the army,
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said to be operating in israeli military base. is there replied, saying incidents of theft, an attempt to theft from closed military zones and training bases in the south by he's really citizens are recurring. incidence, which the i, the f and the israeli police are actively working to prevent they added protection and security surround the idea of faces are constantly and continuously being improved and upgraded as evidence to such the frequency of both theft from and breaking the idea of basis is steadily declining in february 2021. the then israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced a new strategy to combat increasing violence in arab areas of israel. he pledged $32000000.00 us dollars for the plan, which he said would remove weapons and reduce crime. netanyahu appointed
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a retired police major general, a har on franco to implement the plan. franco is a controversial figure who previously called palestinian israelis, quote, ungrateful, so clenching with believe those of that or of the die in lemon us. the higher, more that miss old will huff of and frankly, was like, it was from your own 3 mental, 300 side of the, a lot of other the, for the city in the shackle. i am lacking. i eat yet human as you'll 100. are mad for learn. yeah, they were like a normal normal. ha, ha ha, call me your la mancha for hotel sharing a sure pass line balloon, mushroom or balloon. but an amish would be the one hot. yeah. ship and to was yeah jerry, yes. and that look at it was very me and he has you until i had been, was, or me and i was or had you off it was or had you, how can i ask any hail channel and all that sort of lowell is a thin, thin, it macro left, but i'm with beer isn't i'm not. but under a warmer,
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in thorn. unordered and moved on. didn't what i was of had the loss. elena, what is your fell if the for her there from go, the fall will have libya feeling a long cerebral started out of it, develop model model for both of them. medical cool little part on a back as a year. the more affordable is him or mar, 4th of on a layer will leafy enough. al jazeera asked major general franco to be interviewed, but he declined. ah, early 2021. thousands of palestinian israelis protested against what they said was a deliberate lack of action on organized crime by the israeli police. the protest has expressed little confidence in the new israeli crime fighting plans. one palestinian researcher said it was not a solution, but rather quote, a mockery of the situation. ah,
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a german will of bubble had a scenario practical mister miles from a steaming webinar theory. the fecal mister mal philosophy, me, you've had them. them are good though. thought i them was, you had a csf at the museum for you, the book and he will shave shy home while having said that, somebody to him a mildness multi burnished foot the been the glue to manage, you know, it was rightly yet one. i what i'm so lucky if i need a right to the how do you another, a silly ha number you can, and you're gonna see the hun. i'd be dunphy on which the marvelous lini lakin other silla yeoman say of corn katara is to let you see ya. dolah labriola dollar somebody. why does i as as the u. d. she or shave? ah, noah of im. law zoom again. look on mccomb of
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a out of him. the came sham with enough to fill with of i us off a while gum or you will deal with him. leo. love inches the gum, you get a lasting solution to this problem that's acceptable to both sides. still seen some way off the increasing death toll has a tragic human cast and the perceived failure of the israeli police to confront the su, exacerbating arab israeli tension. it remains to be seen whether a horon franco's initiative will address a problem that continues to blight palestinian israeli society today. i gynecologist working as a boy here in areas of conflict is not only
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a skillful doctor, but he's also known for his time. delivering babies and treating women who medical services are limited. you're truly a doctor of humanity and hope and jesse were world. what was the doctor? medical mission piece, syria, him in southern turkey. dr with hold on now to sierra ah it's getting cold again across the united states. the is leaking out from the mountains where has been snowing and the temperature dropping of the 10 degrees is
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thanksgiving day itself is a light of showers, possibly thunderstorms in texas. behind it, the temperatures will drop and you will feel that change. the snow is restricted to probably ontario and some lake effect snow in the great lakes and there's more to come in. in b, c with rain running down into washington state. the process continues during friday, but robin push anymore cold. we stopped the push to wind stops, and the sun week is strong enough to lift, tempt a little bit your tongue of warmth, stretching back up towards the dakotas night a ho bismark up to plus 9. for example, however, we'll start the process again with more cold coming out during saturday. the snow they'll be restricted probably to the dakotas, maybe a little bit further east than that on the pacific coast. it's rain still for most places, and washington may be the feathers south extent, significant shells of drifting to the turks and k crosstown, through his spot, yellow press, a re covert future maker and honduras, and especially costa rica and panama. but if you're west that a mexico,
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it's showers mostly around the gulf coast. ah, ah, the story of a small community. in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's elders led the fight for self determination residing at that time. thinking that the not coast was the same as thinking of 2 and government by the people on al jazeera, almost a year after violent protests and a former prisoner became president, heard these people head to the polls once again. on november 28th, it will vote for a new parliament. will this election bring long away to change to the country?
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purchased on books, special coverage on all to 0? ah. 31 people trying to reach britain have drowned in the english channel in the worst recorded migration disaster on the crossing. ah, i've had them think of this is al justina alive from doll. ha. also coming up, all 3 men charged in the death of a black man shot while jogging through their neighbourhood in georgia, all convicted of his mother von and protests against corona virus restrictions in the islands of martinique and guadalupe.


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