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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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every access to health care, it's something well, we want to know how does these things affect people we revisit places day, even when they're no international headlines. also they're really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist, let me this is al jazeera, ah hello there, i'm the star. and this is the news i live from our headquarters here in durham coming up in the next 60 minutes. tough, a code of 900 restrictions on the way in front of the virus searches across parts of europe. germany political parties agree a deal which we'll see or left shall succeed anglo marco as chancellor, easier of his prime minister says he's heading to the front line of the conflicts as rebels advance on the capitol. and is the truth out there. the us military is
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forming a new group to investigate you f 1st and in sport, french international cream. benjamin has been hit with a one year suspended jail term. benjamin has been found guilty of conspiring to blackmail a fellow french football. now the world health organization is warning that hundreds of thousands more people will die as a new current of iris. waves sweeps europe. well, germany is now set to mark a 100000 deaths as it hits a new record of more than 66800 cases. the netherlands is also introducing new restrictions, social distancing is set to become compulsory there again. and in france, 30000 people tested positive in the past 24 hours for the 1st time since august. the d baba reports in paris. the festive displays grabbing the eye, but so
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a french covered 19 rates. a month before christmas. it's beginning to look a lot like late august the last time the number of weekly new cases went past 200 per 100000 people. what old? real benefit? ultimate gar? today we're announcing 30000 covet cases of the last 24 hours. this is a major increase in infections that shows if it was needed in any way that we are indeed in the midst of a 5th wave of the pandemic level felons urging people to get vaccinated and have booster shots across the european union. 67.7 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, but rates vary widely between countries. and the world health organization says there's growing evidence protection against infection and mild disease is declining . it wants a vaccine plus approach. combining vaccinations with measures such as face mask wearing, claiming more than a $160000.00 lives could be saved if mast coverage of 95 percent was achieved. daily covered related death across the you have reached nearly $4200.00,
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nearly double the level 2 months ago. in germany, the latest 24 hour figure was $335.00 deaths. a new infections are at a record high at nearly 67000. the w h chose warning the by march, there'll be high or extreme stress in intensive care units in almost all the 53 countries that comprise it's europe. region of this hospital may cologne, like in many places, covered patients needing intensive care, a mainly younger on vaccinated people that it of it soon at man euro. we've increasingly got younger people in intensive care. the amount of time they're treated is significantly longer and it blocks intensive campus for longer period, which they're not available for the care of other patients on it. some german politicians are now advocating compulsory vaccination at least for specific professions. austria is already announced. cove jobs will be compulsory for every one from february, and the countries just returned to
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a full national lockdown. the measures have seen a large increase in demand at the largest vaccination center here in vienna. meanwhile, as cases rise sharply in the netherlands, they've started transferring corona virus patience to germany, to ease pressure on dutch hospitals. nadine baba al jazeera. oh, that's nothing to andrew san antonio and rotted and my, his monitoring the situation across europe for us. andrew, i see the you health agency is now thing maxine boosters should be considered for all adults. can you talk us through at that my mean in terms of rollout, this is really important development. they've effectively taken a u turn of because back in september, this agency is the european center for disease. and prevention control actually directed gave policy advice to the rest of the european union. basically saying that sir, the booster was not necessarily an urgent a way of dealing with coven 19. i was really just meant for elderly frail people,
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or indeed people with weak immune systems. now it's saying it's an important, it's an important vaccine and should be rolled out, but basically everywhere. and this is now really something of a, an extra and health, if you will, in trying to deal with something that's exploding right across europe of the highest rates in many countries. yet in this pandemic, there is a, as you heard nadeem barber's report, right across the constant is a critical situation. and indeed he was referring to the medical center behind me, which is actually an hour sending some patients across the border to germany. there is a 26 percent increase in the number of cases in intensive care, and there was a new figure out nearly 24000 new infections in 124 hour period. the
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past the 24 hours. that is, and indeed a 40 percent increase. here in the netherlands or for the whole of that week on week cases. so a pretty critical situation right across the board or no surprise then at the netherlands has introducing more restrictions, despite the riots we've seen and recently, how are those new restrictions going over? will so father's been the radiator? why i could put it as a gentle rollouts of some new restrictions, one of them being the social distancing measures, but this countries under a partial lockdown. anyway, he and it's expected now that the new measures are being considered an announcement . we're now probably on friday evening. yes, there is tension about these measures. the riots of last week, which took place mainly here in the streets near by. in fact they
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go up to more than a 1000 people going through the courts for that matter. and also now a concern that these basically just people described by ministers here as, as, as basically, hooligans, vandals, not meaningful protest, is that this is, nevertheless, a phenomenon that is actually concerning a lot of people. so yes, there is a great degree of concern about which way this country is going in terms of restrictions . but like so many european countries, something has to be done because infection rates are going up with alarming rates. and just an unfair for us, en route down across that for a thank you and jay, who speaking of dissent against coven restrictions protested in the french overseas, tertiary of waterloo, burned cause and set up barricades in
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a protest against coban, 1900 measures their anger over restrictions has been stirring along stand in grievances over poverty and inequality in the region. vaccination rates that remain low with less than half the population now and not connected against the current environment. now leaders of 3 german political parties have agreed to form a coalition government following 2 months of talk of schultz is now set to take over his chancellor. early next month. he'll lead that coalition with the greens and the free democrats. it will be the 1st 3 way coalition government that and nearly 70 is when it's bring in dominic cane. he's following developments for us in berlin. dominic elections took place. what back in september there's been plenty of political hyperlinks since then. so what do we now know about who gets what in the coalition will for the past 45 minutes. also the relevant leaders of the relevant parties have been speaking at a news conference. it's still going on where they're fielding questions from
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reporters, about precisely what it is that they've agreed. we know that broad strokes about what has come out of this, the policies that each party really cares about what they've trying to achieve. so for the social democrats, while they're gonna have the chancellor, olaf shots in all likelihood within the next 10 days or so is going to be ratified and voted in in parliament. and that will therefore vote outs angular miracle from her position. so the social democrats will, they get him as chancellor, they get 6 or 7 other cabinet posts, and they get the key pledge that mr. shots referred to in the campaign and afterwards raising the minimum wage in this country. well, that's going to happen. the greens will, they're going to get control of a powerful new ministry, the economy ministry, which will be boosted and become a combating climate change ministry as well. and the free democrats, the center right party called the liberals here in germany, while they yet the finance ministry and 3 other key ministries in the new cabinet.
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one caveat here, this has got to be voted on by the respective parties internally, but they are all sounding as if they think that's pretty much a done deal. so we're looking at the possibility of this coalition called the traffic light coalition because of the colors of the parties taking office, perhaps at the start of the week after next. i will dominic, as angela alluded here just a few minutes ago, germany is also trying to grapple with record co that numbers for the movie that's going to be the government's 1st priority. well the funny thing about that is that before he even talked about coalitions or anything like that, in this news conference, mister shots addressed germans about cove. it about what needs to be done and what difficult decisions there are going to be. the interesting thing is we know that the person he is about to replace in the next 10 days or so angle america.
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privately, she wanted germany to go into a 2 week lockdown, similar to what the austrians are doing, right now. least those of that's been widely reported here, but that mister shots and his new colleagues really were not prepared to go that far. another interesting thing, the health ministry, which will obviously be fundamental in combating cove it in this country. it appears as though that's been the hot potato that no particular party wanted control of that ministry, but that's, that's ahead of them. there are other problems. the green party have got control of this new climate ministry i talked about, but also the environment ministry. but some of their policies that they want to put through and not particularly popular with their new coalition partners, the free democrats will they stay alongside each other inside the tent, peering out all will they start to argue with each other about that. and then one final thoughts by agreeing this new coalition, they are effectively consign angular,
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michael's christian democrats to opposition. and in that metaphorical opposition where they licked their wounds. those conservatives were realized that they are able to really make things difficult for this new traffic light coalition in the other house of parliament. and that matters in germany because this bicameral situation you have here. if they, if this new coalition can't get its way through the other house apartment, that makes real problems politically. and i understand over had done that care for us across that in bell. and thanks so much tongue. i'm leaving on an ethiopian prime minister. i be asked med, says he is heading to the front line to lead his troops and battle as fighting between the government and rebels. escalades. the rebels from t rowe has now pushed into the heart in a far regions for some time, and also down a major road running to the capital, addis ababa. the rebels took dessie and culture earlier this month and from butcher sits on a supply line linking the landlord nation to the port city of debussy. last week,
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the rebels also claim to have captured several robots about 200 kilometers from the capitol. well, it speak to samuel gets a treaties in europe, in journalist, in the capital at isabella. so, i mean, do we actually know what abuse at the moment? well, according to the ethiopian government spokesperson, he is saying that the prime minister has indeed gone to the battle ground that he said on monday night. and he, according to him, once again, he said he is providing leadership to the troops in battle ground. but in addition, the fuel band government has today the irish diploma for, for the 6 diplomats to leave the country saying that they've cited with again, it's the interest of yoga in return for a minister of our land. simon kobinie has the took a position that's consistent to what the european union has taken. so this conflict
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begun a year ago. it really doesn't seem to end anytime soon. both sides are saying they're going to fight to the end and it's going to be anticipated. some kind of conflict will happen in the capital b sub box wishing money, diplomats to leave the country, the liters being french citizens that are living tonight on the advice of the embassy. they have been provided them, should they need any kind of financial support them. but you told them they're able to provide them, but they really have to leave it. they were told me, you mentioned from say, i say the u. k is also asking their nationals to levy to appear. how real now is the threat on ada? well again, this is a conflict with one fact, but different versions to them. you know, if you, there are rumors, they're nearby, they're within 200 kilometers. local citizens have been told to register their arms
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and defend their neighborhoods. should that come to town? we have been seeing lots of volunteers, the supervising screens at night. there has been detain many people that the government things are closely aligned with a t p once again a t p i left from the perspective they took on government saying that the terrorist organization but again, roadblocks. busy and nor corneo, dora is, has become a norm while it's still in a state of emergency. but the us invoice has also had, he had sent some kind of hope that this conflict will end. but he has also ted ones that he has started to push to the side of their demand has increased pushing this conflict to an area that it can, it can no longer be sold. but guardian has been saying that he still sees
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a small window of opportunity and a number of other groups are also getting involved. so i'm, you'll get to choose speaking to us from out of about, thanks so much. i mean, there's still plenty more ahead here. this news are including mining and democratic republic of congo is a dangerous job. will be telling you about the push to make things safer. the turkish lira knows dives that prisoner while remains defiant, and his so called economic war of independence and ins for the los angeles lakers struggle in the absence of their star player. not story coming up. lisa, this news out ah, a landmark peace treaty between the state and fog rebels was signed and columbia 5 years ago now. but the promised peace is yet to be achieved and the window for doing so appears that might be closing alessandra. yet he travelled to the calico
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region and the country southwest to speak with former fighters, struggling to integrate into society as new armed groups now fight for control of territory. fuller fight grabel william marielle is rightly proud of is pig farm. it's one of 3 projects. he started with hundreds of other demobilized fighters investing the roughly $2000.00 each. they received this part of their agreement to design. we're selling an average of a $160.00 pigs a month, 40 per week of around 800105 kilos. we hope that with the 2 new sites will reach a 10420 a week. william says, reaching this point has been very difficult approval for the project arrived only a year ago, after long fights with a bureaucracy he says was set up to fail them in roja, nor acadia, or as well. there is. this government has done everything possible to make the deal fail if it wasn't for the united nations and the international cooperation that are
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guarantors of the process got on. i wonder if i would be here is the government signed its historic piece deal with the fark 5 years ago, bringing to an end the conflict that killed more than $200000.00 people over more than 5 decades. but many of the hopes that they are unfulfilled, even though most combatants at laid down their arms by addressing poverty and inequality, promising road schools and jobs in many neglected rural areas of the country. the peace deal was supposed to and the root causes their fuel. the war, but 5 years later, little has changed. emerald alita, lujan is at many accused. the conservative government of even do care of slow walking the deals, implementation. studies show that just 4 percent of the promised rule reform measures are complete. but cocaine production is at an all time high, and new arm groups and fart dissidence are perpetuating new cycles of violence.
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many reintegration camps are mostly empty. after former fighters moved their way under threat by armed groups. slay cloudy crews with former comrades has been trying to start a fish farm. first. they were forced to leave their camp, then their leader with killed. they all failed. okay. we live in fear. this is worse than during the war. back then we could at least defend ourselves with after 5 years i thought we would have a place to live a little and basic purity. we feel disillusioned yet we endured aka. but despite their in doing commitment success for them and the country remains elusive and lasting, peace is not guaranteed. allison, them get the al jazeera, cal dawn or coca? well, that's not brand dominique or us, and she is the colombia country direct from the norwegian refugee council. she joins us now from bol:
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gotta dominique. and after all the hope of the last 3 years has anything really changed. it feels like for many people, especially in those very rural areas, that things are really only gotten worse. why the so that i think what we are seeing in rural koran, the remote parts of the country is that unfortunately the implementation of the peace agreement has been local and the vacuum created by the park. putting down arms has been large fields by other non st. are, are stores that are currently fighting for the control over their dories and their economies. and we are seeing an increase in humanitarian needs of the population. this year there are 7000000 colombians in need of humanitarian assistance. and we project that next year in 2022. this number will increase by 1000000 more. there's
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a huge number dominica. i think some of our viewers would be surprised to hear that columbia has the well to the 3rd largest number. i've been telling you to space people and you behind the deal, see in syria and tripled over the last year. isn't these new armed groups that's causing stuff, functions stability or doesn't go deeper than that? well basically the problem is the slow progress in the implementation of the peace agreement and the state feeling the vacuum. so there is an insufficient presence of getting institutions in the remote area and to be able to provide protection to the civilian population. according to the government of columbia, they recognize the displacement of more than 8000000 people in the start of the conflicts. and we confirm that at least 5000000 still remain displayed. the new displacement this week, this year has a hit record high f compared to last years. and it has been the highest number of
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displacement scenes that we have seen. the pro, ration of our groups and the lack of clear command in the recycling of groups and the move between the french territory. so the arrival new, those that are there, i think the local population and you say there's a vacuum when it comes to the institutions of government. is this a question that is also the political well when there is definitely the question of resources to some of the, the big issues of columbia, what it actually needs is social and economic development. obviously it requires political will and resources not only from columbia, but also from from don't on countries that have been decreasing their support to the finding of the peace agreement. the humanitarian assistance has been funded less and less way, but the needs are becoming higher and higher. dominica. then let me ask you,
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the u. s. now appears poise to take the fall off. it's tara blacklist. will that make a coherent, concrete difference on the ground? when it may make some difference, but the issue today is actually not only around the fire group because the group, when the segment was signed and many members of the far end are now taking arms and joining other groups are busy than of the far that continue to fight because simply the peace agreement has not, and the promises of the peace agreement have not materialize or so the discussion is not on the around the far. what about all the other for probably for the signing of course dominica, arsenic. they're the columbia country director with an agent refugee council. thanks for joining us, and we wish you all the best with your work to many. thank you very much. now your
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opinion representatives have arrived and the besieged gaza strip to discuss humanitarian conditions. and you contribute to social welfare allowances in gaza, but purchased is outside you and headquarters say they haven't received any funds during the last 6 months. you know, side has moon for several months now. more than 81000 families in the gaza strip have not received their social affairs, cash allowances, and as their issue fluctuates into the answer to anything of the date of the new payment doesn't have gather theory. the gaza strip in front of the un headquarters in conjunction with the european delegations visit to the gaza strip. and i would have been with him in june lynch. my children are starving president, our bus ob amazon should come to gaza and see how we live. my husband is sick and can't move and i support 8 members of my family and my kids are young. oh, the delay has caused
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a great resentment among the families who receive these are allowances for whom they are from the most vulnerable groups in gaza and depend fully on the allowances for their source of living. while the palestinian authority has attributes at the unique that the deficit in the authorities budget and to the retreat in the finance commitment by the european union. whereas the is the cash allowances are supported by 3 parties. the european union, the world bank and the palestinian authorities. now the u. s. department of defense has announced a new u. f o a task force. the new group comes after the intelligence community admitted there were a series of unexplained aerial phenomena sightings by the military earlier this year. well, let's check in now with alan fisher. he joins us from washington, dc. i am the government appears to be taking these u. f. o sightings very seriously indeed. so there is presumed to be some kind of defense component here. well,
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this new group will be called the airborne object identification and management synchronization group. catchy, isn't it. but it acknowledges the fact that the ministry of defense thinks that there is something there that is worth investigating. we had the report on june, they said there were a number of incidents that couldn't easily be explained. they couldn't say that they were you a horse and they couldn't say that they weren't new efforts. and most of those reports had come in from navy pilots. so what this is going to do is know, look at these reports as they come in. they will be streamlined by this new group. and this new group will in time decide if there has to be any policy changes. or if there has to be some sort of legislative or defense involvement in this. and it's important to remember that because not only is that the pentagon, it's the director of national intelligence that are involved in this group. no, in the past, if anyone karen and said, i think i've just seen a u. s. for the remitted were met with knowing nodes and ruling eyes. but this
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shows that the u. s. government is taking this seriously. and the fact that both the ministry of defense and also the department of the, the department of national intelligence, a director of national intelligence is involved, is that they think this could possibly be a threat to national security. so it's something that they have to do something about, i imagine a large number of people who follow you affairs are excited about them and they're excited about this and curious that how is all of this going over with lawmakers there? why it's the thanksgiving holiday year, sir. so no one has had any real time to react. most of the people on capitol hill are back in the congressional districts or back in their states. certainly there are those on capitol hill who have thought that this could be a threat, that there is a concern there that they can't just let these things be floating around in the ear and in the ether of it, the military has to have some sort of response,
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so those that have been pretty hawkish about this will be delighted that at least at the pentagon, and also the director of national intelligence is taking some concrete action, even if it is only setting up a new group. it is certainly streamlining the reports that come in to see if there's something more if it's just a weather balloon or something that perhaps a foreign agency or a foreign government has got technology that is beyond the cane of the united states. so they have to do something about it. allen, for today with all the latest for us from washington dc. thanks so much. i well still ahead here on out there, a lift off the fountain dime, a dark nasa launch is it has to mission that could one day save the planet. a spacecraft will crash into an asteroid to find out how to prevent one hitting a nice view. and in school at the top to test teams and well cricket get ready to
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resume their rivalry and they will be here with that story. ah, there's wind building up again to blow out of iraq and down to the gulf towards katara on the everett's. there's a bit of dustin it went turns back it's probably going to be or does through saudi need towards iraq much it's suppressed by the few showers, iraq iraq on thursday. and they've been running in from the levant, in fact, does more rain to come in at least western syria and lebanon a little bit more around the far north of iran. otherwise it's quite sunny and not cold yet. for the most part, she's just not a big surprise to tell me. what's happening in the middle in the black sea is changing the weather in turkey. turkey will dry up for friday, except where the rain comes in. again, cross the bathrooms, in particular,
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wrist and bowl. well, end up with a wet night start wet sometime on friday, but it dried up in cyprus, syria, and lebanon. by this time, in tropical africa disappointedly dry. in this short run, he sees, particularly in kenya. so a small amount of good news, a hint of some growing showers here and some more in somalia for what was a tropical depression just came across the horn of africa in sudden after a particular south africa where it's been dry for a while. there's a huge amount, right, and that's why 1st of all, up in malawi, mozambique, but look at this development of widespread thunderstorms in the eastern cape and elsewhere in south africa. ah. in the light of the open seas hides a dark secret men forced to work without pain in slave for years, but a glimmer of hope remain for the forgotten fisherman.


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