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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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a sneeze into your own. mm ah flanagan, i'm fully bachelor window. how with the headlines on al jazeera, ethiopia is prime minister, has left the capital and is heading to the front line to lead his troops in battle . to grand rebels are edging closer to add is harbor the united nations has ordered the immediate evacuation of its international staff, kenya, and south africa have called for a ceasefire. if you'll be in journalists, i'm, we'll get a chew has more from addis ababa. he said doctor, on monday night by tuesday, according to the 8th, your band communication head, mister la garza to lou,
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he'd the prime minister as husband indeed left the capital hus transfer transfer. it is a part of his deputy damica mcclendon and he is in the battle ground again. ah, he has been saying if your parents are willing to go a distance, he said we're going to fight and be here said with our bones and blood here said europe is struggling with a new corona virus outbreak. gemini said to mark a 100000 deaths while france and the netherlands are among those reporting record numbers of infections in south korea covered 19 infections have reach a record high with more than 4000 cases. the number of critically ill patients is also at record levels. raising fears hospitals could be overwhelmed. many of those affected are the elderly prompting. a push for booster shots. human rights watch has accused bela ruth and poland de violating the rice of migrants and asylum seekers. the watched on says it's documented abuses on both sides of the border. at
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least 13 people have died during the sand off turkey's currency. the lira has hit a record low against the us dollar a day after president for ship typo on, defended his policy of shop interest rate cuts. the lira is currently trading at $12.00 against the dollar. many critics have count on odo on to reverse car size inflation sauce nearly 20 percent. the currency has lost almost half of its value this year. left off the sell answer of launches, spacecraft that's going to deliberately smashing to a small space walk. scientists hope they can alter his course by colliding with it . it's a test run in event. a giant faced wrong needs to be directed away from it. and those are the headlines i'll be back with the al jazeera, who's our a, another 30 minutes. i'll just hear world continues next. ah, english crime within israel,
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palestinian community is on the increase, and tomorrow miss holl of al jazeera arabic is examining wine. in 2020 a record 96 murders were reported almost double the figure of 5 years before everyone's agreed on the numbers, but not on the reasons why they're increasing. even among israelis before the whole show shamperdeen animal planet lies before yes. fall, been motion to cover me will be the much in the company, marvin over palm in the title of if you look at the hospital and she will not see them, the small shallow i've been on the mit she's in. if they've been, you know, having a feel shit mil, early funny shock kits. him up. she on the star, professor bush in locker hobby, mom and i still seem to least visit gun fish,
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not dumb sugar then with the suck is any revive, use any of the american cannot get on it. other than that enough. the local, a mom and michelle and vicinity. so local i'm, i'm an industry and a my size of the attorneys, cultish affinity is on $100.00. the casino on this, you know, the bum exam of the on the she been old. you'll dean me, boy, him, autumn bush in how machine or lonely a site or letter, or your ha venetia, or hail, or south of your dinner there within the kettle, santa barbara reynolds. all the coreg. ha, ha, ha, ha, much more pushing will you'll tell her. zach made of overly the vehicle. me start the car shack. i me money, game or money. good that. or when the game on see parley or money can cover the him vermillion, my sure hail a little,
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re storm it up. it living in the palestinian city of omar farm can be risky. solomon al maria is a former mare and survived an assassination attempt in january 2021. he's only too aware of the risks of combining activism with public office. the city's current mer opposes the criminal gangs, but says he only has limited powers to use against them. not one of us, not in, nor m a d need or is, will be a full do how to, with jeremy. i learned that if and the daughter of how to get even what a lover, max of the mammal of half me, then he didn't move to hello. hello, lemons have had them or it was in the queue to me and leave had water met the on the fraud in the doorway in the, in the hill, her adobe home or the pick up will be a mil for him if, if it's an old law he'll all patel should in shop best sellers,
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philip pallet them because you find it and it's a let me know other issue and highly of i mean we have she, yesterday we missile deem she level dash alarms about half of it so of a low they or chill, she mama seem will him to go when the thought of them support because it hasn't been this issue for sure. mommy haley like usually mom but tell me the figures however, tell a different story. according to the times of israel, the was 71 killings among palestinian israelis in 2018. 89 in 201996 in 2020. this is 5 times higher than the murder rate in jewish areas. because i'm in one of them is i'm with the mr. medical a feeling what it can have more than a man who step. if most of them spend coffee,
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me adapt was to set them silly. was the, the closely manageable. you could call it cfc war him, call him holly, who i call them and they had deaf and most of the philosophy me, i've been, well, how often is i'm in one of them at the haughty what could be more of what i've done this death and because it's the se good is there like now you can corn balloon the walk. what mean a sofa? we don't the waffle and more had hit create that kind of workable. mean? give him a hub up li. welcome bob. before the soft cs you want to shut off the merry when the shop harvey could many tamar then a layman of barrier why he suspected the israeli security services were involved, and it won't let them fee the late fee, as is
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a fun assault fee, and i can do that the, we'll let j harbor off off enough to locate some hon the law having enough that may be that can you tell them in a lot more about them as well. how about the young men, mccann, i met with my vehicle around 11 will do the end. the year around i comes to the a. m dot com just a little bit. when jerry was the last of the victim, jimmy had said that that will sell of either marcel badly enough muscle on shelf in on x oxley at betty's us. bob, the higher law had the heel amen. and ethan assistant is soleah to hedrick, had the he and do you have a digital media to her softly yet betty's in lead though your tobacco
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been this bet luasa said is ladia moseto annex, which is a lot of chart that much of on a lot of share money. palazzios sheila medina, a lima suckling, gorbinko mas swimming colored luma. unashamed, my slummy, a unequal ship chair beside my mccormack alicia, my li mcdonald commander, to fill up. my slum, you'll be m a t. i met them in a similar spirit. i am. it could, they law law law in the sick but, but also the human cost of organized crime among palestinian israelis is rarely reported 21 year old mohammed nasa ug. buddy was the 4th member of his family to be murdered in the space of 18 months. he was shot dead, the normal thumb the day he was murdered, he returned from a protest against violent crime and the lack of in his railey government response
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to it. no one above that has yet to minute together. will deny that bid on hamilton rob. walk of, it's a sierra hammer, rob buckley, about the lack of the new iraq, a customer, bad, new butler. i le barbie's bit jolly mostly till i can bid, how they deliver out that you will. you must not thought more thought not to let him know but on but you them him. and if i look at it, i nursed us to look for you not only to come and get america elisha in liverpool. it's durand. i am hungry this manner in no a shuttle is sonya serrato bit comparable and young men had his hats marked and even common hammer, the late hum. ciocca saw is true, thought diana, do a bit of teach the sla almera luther w a dog fella do so the t m cannot to shut down people bed via kitty lab. how does is that a lot of people, what dog dad, dad,
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has to put bed castillo to cover her doll? macalucio issue mccann. my particular be ended july hasta. had time to john. gov for. how are you the good on it, john? you to poke directly to head for an opinion, dollar oliver on that, but with but the tell the mom, but will of sure mean the file boom. only. what do go have the dominant of t shirt the hammered? how don't with oral math, but 1st, jackie, tell you your minutes it up th mccarthy in the b o. b o man love says who will not fit out that julia bar of dish are there as the american barracuda de la, your beach attorney. what do i need to call your finance sin? mccaden incatel. fee it nick well and the bad mug. better ebony as the truth of the foolish divvy out of our in the hall a mac mac is my my video camera. ma'am. i did go backward just to, to include why didn't the help a little bit, le meal could admit to have the public akilah lemonade. hulahan is truthful. what
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it does look at that, if them him at home mccallum like bugs and get them juma al jazeera asked the israeli police if and the week before mohammed doc murray, his murder on the 22nd of january 2021. any of their units had entered the victim's family home to search for weapons? they replied, saying that their investigation did not find that a search was carried out as indicated by our request. ah, there is clear evidence that the murder rate in palestinian israeli towns and cities is increasing these communities also think that the israeli police could do more about it. but it's not so clear what motivates the gang members themselves?
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why do young people get involved? how do they choose their victims? and most importantly, where do they get their weapons from? one man who, being a gang member for around 15 years, agreed to speak on condition that his identity be concealed. darlin cur is wrong regard to slur her through issues receivable, solar photos. well, we'll talk fun of them. well, fusion lou isn't for an undetermined hurdle around for dog secular bushel while the has how you learn on them. so brother hung on the bottle for know those just will be all good. all just will renew, sir. for no reason why will is hello. so when the little little one is on us, why you knew i sent him the a little small. he's our boy. you should do a little bit on his mind. we have,
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i didn't mean it is north is all on you have to for know of you to be any bit older. so you want us to she let's and we are you sure why you know what? hold on, does not lose or shift on my food. how much would i miss moon and learn of the blood over the risk and i had no wish to little even know who, which i don't lose. so we have some money in with our my element is wrong. i shun feels don't bury massage in 60 been do we funded member? has a bill over elliptical, i be a hawk. call me the. she'll be there on the star and in the bill because we started, we should be cited ok of a gun. the gumbo ship you the visual co much kasheila of kid him, show me
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a shout back and be a whole visit on the done before mr. bill it with him on the spot are mommy darcy, mushroom lecture. no hurry. that's crucial to me. star. i mean, how much the only show don't we start our fear in the muslim nobody or how does that work? just as soon as you know, where is robin enough and his head was really nervous and you must have been in the mob all that english. i can go, how do you see it and leave it mister roberts offered journey and liberty suddenly thought of eternally harlow. we saw we saw the door with him. we should do it all or we do have an issue. we want to talk to no one on the market at that. ha, ha ha. so name my law. and without me, he joe was, sees shame haley. never actually all. i am
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a shot back. let him on the star. the shaheen. better for him, for him, out of the of, and the local ship. see holly uttered. come on low that put him on the duke. her com with the hendrick cooling. you can feel the patient a 100 loads up a cba shanisha tara moment scully's more deadly doughty emma pumpkin will feel awe . al jazeera, contacted the israeli police for a response to the allegation that they collude with palestinian crime syndicates. it also asked them to respond to the allegation that it's not doing enough to protect palestinian israelis from the activities of palestinian crime syndicates. a police spokesman replied, saying, these accusations have no basis, please, railey police operates incorruptible through the year for the personal safety of the citizens of the country. while it's doing so,
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one of the main goals that they is really police have laid to it's doorstep is a violence, an arab society. pleasure. the police operates extensively against all criminals, including the seizure of illegal firearms, arrests and filing charges against them. israel police will continue to act with all means at our disposal in order to treat the scourge of violence. one of the most controversial aspects of this whole issue is where the palestinian gangs get their weapons. reports say that around full $100000.00 unregistered weapons or in circulation. these reports and statements by israeli officials say that 90 percent of these arms and ammunition has stolen from israeli military camps in january 2021. these railey army admitted that around 93000 bullets had been stolen from
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a training base in southern israel. this was an o daisha raid on a large military base. whether have been several alleged thefts in the past decade . liam can and your from valid alert. mon kilo fuko ahead, well, you know me, i live on the moon. i in a i thought was other fella woman was pharma, biopharma who will be having you know, about the matter with all of my family as you know, as well as well. me aiela, moon valley for homeless clinical home have a telephone like at home. now, why couldn't you let me out if you feel out of the way in a metal some me some over the know a lot in let me let me still wait, let's be me done. well, the only thing that the volume i will love in me more where we do have system with
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an issue mima, viola thumb, is she mission trip, or let me talk to her of a lawyer, hollywood, sheffield, of new check. lo, holy shit, she couldn't mod, manisha bar have all of it. may gear massey seem a lame when at the 100. with the 100 let me, stella. yeah, to me shop rather. could you get shan miss? you look here. june get called mckinley or any, how much will it cost us any them a call college that money dollars give us more of the fish that the him and was the ssl is riley and was the still is it him assess it in the enter just in he and followed them, one of them and followed them. one of them is in the here. i bought all, i'm a cilla, a limo. dude. how want me to get that to laugh. that was not a lot of it where he it tomorrow. i mean, i jeezy me, it's really it,
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therefore we could do it will have the seller and demo your what just the, the who it didn't come home, how can they were lacking in and i don't know how the your, what did the muslim to suggest a man has in july and did mature, who nocka co op loaner got to love the ugly, probably a cedar. what will soon oh so who little soon he well pop on at the water other item, i'll get you fun and was re me and anal fairly. it will be he us, i've been an older hearse from clearness, mcgarr me son m a 100 son. mig. in the vault there are hug of and they voted to me . but so gum disorder and it'll show me much of oklahoma shamar. no, i could be social call him in. they go mean mazata or bed to him of embezzling she because similar mcdonald's on their machine,
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it per se. michel been more the welcome sharon person, but her them perfect lucia. when all of our fish rebellious warfare wrestler from arbor. look soon for lou earlier, i heard blood new super case. the duster off. when in the rear we can liberal was heard were more wounded, was to the sla windemere slower will nurse and soon this is brooklyn. warm of so i don't know, she is, the majority is sort of all amazed so they're not, she will see it's about of a nurse and i know duly and there's has a whole lot of them and i was easy, but nobody else has like charlotte, but i didn't, i don't know, i feel coming out of the mafia. i want to al jazeera, contacted the israeli army about the fact of large numbers of weapons from israeli
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military comes that allegedly ended up in the hands of palestinian crime gangs in israel also asked about collaborators within the army. said to be operating in israeli military bases. that replied, saying, incidents of theft, an attempt to attack from closed military zones and training basis in the south by eas, really, citizens are recurring incidents which the i d, f. and these are only police are actively working to prevent they added protection and security surrounding idea bases are constantly and continuously being improved and upgraded as evidence to such the frequency of both theft from and braking to idea of basis. you steadily declining the in february 2021, then israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced a new strategy to combat increasing violence in arab areas of israel. he pledged
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$32000000.00 us dollars for the plan, which he said would remove weapons and reduce crime. netanyahu appointed a return, police major, general har on franco to implement the plan. franko is a controversial figure, who previously called palestinian israelis, quote, ungrateful, the clenching with police. those of that or of the die in law on us, the higher, more them as old will hustled, than frankly, who are slow and it was for me all 3 men possibly had inside of the a lot of other the philistines shackle am lacking. i in yeah, team and as elementary. medford, oregon. yeah. new. unlike a normal normal ha ha ha, call me and i'm looking for her to the sharing a sure to us one be doing mushroom or be doing better damage. would be door hot. yeah. ship and to us, and that could it was or me as you until i happened was,
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i mean that was how do you off it was or had you, how can i ask any pain channel or that sort of law? was it a thin thin it macalester? i'm with beer. if i'm not under a warmer, in thorn elmore, it a little more moments of had the loss. elena, what is your fell if the for her there from go, the fall will have libya feeling a long cerebral started out of it, develop model model for both of them. medical cool little part on a back as i was intellectual career, the more affordable is him or mar, 4th of on a layer will be enough. al jazeera asked major general franco to be interviewed, but he declined. ah, early 2021. thousands of palestinian israeli is protested against what they said was a deliberate lack of action on organized crime by the israeli police. the protest has expressed a little confidence in the new israeli crime fighting plans. one palestinian
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research said it was not a solution, but rather quote, a mockery of the situation. ah, a german, one of them had a scenario practical. mister mindful of seni, webinar theory. the fecal mister mal philosophy, me you're good heather. mister mark. good though. thought i lamb was, you had a csf at the museum or the club. you the book and he will share. sure you have all of it. so me the him, a mildness, multi 1000000000 to vote the been the blue to manage, you know, and was rightly yet one i what i'm saying, if i need a ride to the hud, him, it would be another a silly ha, i'm you get an yahoo! the seller han, i'd be dunphy and mister mal villas, lini like another silla yeoman say a corn katahdin is to what you see ya, dolo labriola dollar, it's a radio. why does i as, as the who d shall shave?
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ah no. other of him. a law zoom again, look on mccomb of a out of him mccain. she, i'm the nurse to throw it away or sort of al gum or you will deal with him. leo love inches. he gave me a good a lasting solution to this problem that's acceptable to both sides. still seen some way off. the increasing death toll has a tragic human cast and the perceived failure of the israeli police to confront the issue is exacerbating arab israeli tension. it remains to be seen whether a horon franco's initiative will address a problem that continues to blight palestinian israeli society today. ah
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ah. almost a year after violent protests and a former prisoner became president, the courteous people head to the polls once again. on november 28th, they will vote for a new parliament. will this election bring long the way to change to the country? hermiston books, special coverage on al jazeera. there was, is, i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make bollywood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition de studio chose was off my own village and it's das
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permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle airways. it's been sundering again and it's back to the more more of the site. this is a mess of white clouds taking the big thunderstorms into brazil all wrapped around itself. i think we'll see the most heavy downpours in peru or bolivia and the western side of brazil, which leaves it fairly drive southeast here and then towards wanted. today, in uruguay, which is 30 degrees, but we'll change that show we the next batch of sundry, well it means 23 degrees and significant thunderstorms on lightnings seen over the river plates. very exciting area of a storm, which is this last solution. come 1st, the still potential of yet more flooding in western columbia,
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which is seasonal rain. and we've got a bit of a movement in the likelihood of showers for the north, this line through the turks and k cause hispaniola. eventually, puerto rico was suggest showers also in jamaica and down at home, jose less so now in the time that was the case yesterday and not particularly sherry mexico, either in the earth as we head toward the actual day of thanksgiving. it's about to get colder. you don't see a great drop in temperatures yet, but that is and all the breeze to the plane states the winter is sitting out over the mountain, states leaking in this direction, then it had so creates a frontal zone of thunderstorms. for texas. potentially behind have dropped. why anything up to 10 degrees for the weather sponsored by cats are always in columbia, transforming urban, waiting to building a same waste. plus the war. we can finish the america in singapore critical farms and living building. anything you do on land,
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on the ground, it doesn't make sense to do them high on the building. can we might have not just decorative that can we make it biologically productive. first rise to scott is cutting edge solution for sustainable city on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, this is in use our analogy 0 am fully bracky ball live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, ethiopia is prime minister, head to the front line as rebels advanced on the capitol. europe is again the epi center of the corona virus. pandemic countries reports record numbers of infections . also the sour bella ruse and poland are accused of seriously amusing refugees and migrants on their border.


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