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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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on al jazeera government shut off, access to social media, me is prime minister and head to the frontline of the to conflict. does rebels advance on the capital? aah! hello. how many? what, you know, they were like, well, headquarters here in the, coming up in the next 30 minutes. europe is again the api center of the pandemic because countries report record numbers of infection. poland and bella ruther accused all seriously abusing refugees and migrants on the border. plus the south denied, and they had mentioned that good one. they said the planet,
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the face cross will crash into an asteroid. find out how to stop one plummeting into uh ah, welcome to the program. we begin in ethiopia, where the conflict between the government and the guy rebels is escalating. prime minister aman has now left the capital and his heading to the front line to lead his troops in the battle. the t p rebels pushing south room to grow into the neighboring regions of a honda and a far down a major road running into the capital, addis ababa to grow. and rebels said earlier this month that they take control of these towns convolute check since only supply line linking the landlocked nation, the port city of chip booty. that last week, the rebels claim to have captured the northern town of sailor robot, about 200 kilometers from the capital. that circles over to some will got to true
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his in ethiopian journalists based in addis ababa of course, is a fast moving story. and we now he oversee the prime minister, said that he would join his troops on the front line. what more do we know about the actual move itself? well, he said that on monday night, by tuesday, according to the 8th, your band communication head, mr. la garza to lou he, the prime minister is, has it. indeed, the 11th the capital has transfer transfer to his power to his deputy da mac, m a. conan and he is in the battle ground. again, he has been saying, ethiopians are willing to go a distance, he said, we're going to fight and be here, said with our bones and blood here said. and in the meantime, the president of ethiopia salo, zonati hus tweeted earlier today saying she is heartbroken by what's happening in ethiopia, and that it should be resolved. this problem should be resolved by ethiopian. shes
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said again following the theo been side, they open governments argument that this conflict is something that should be sold by the audience with no western nations getting involved. but the prime minister, st. and d, as indeed, and the battle ground and money people aren't joining have us in the meantime, the prime minister certainly is digging in his hero, but he's also calling, as you say, on the people to support him. in this conflict, i mean, are ethiopians in general supportive of what he is asking them to do? to begin was there was a movement, a gathering of for if you're benson money, money sit, it is in fact 27 major cities in northern america and in europe, boise there. so point to this by a minister to at 80 open government and their willingness to fight a t p left head on i see perhaps approached to the capital. but there has been
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many young people that have been assigned or signing up to go and fight the t p and left dr. according to many sources are indeed advancing to the capitol, and many people are again, fleeing or the cap drug, fearing that they're coming to our d'silva and this fight will beach fort in the end of december. so i will get a check in at the side of a thanks very much for the update. now saddam's prime minister says an investigation is underway into the deaths and injuries in recent demonstrations. now, dozens of people were killed in protests against october's military takeover. police and security forces have denied using live fire of the handle cause reinstated, as the country's prime minister on sunday of the sunny a deal with the military leadership. me now the world health organization is warning that hundreds of thousands of people
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will die as a new corona, virus wave sweeps, europe. germany is that to mark 100000 deaths, a new record of more than 66800 cases in one day. over in france, 30000 people tested positive in the past 24 hours the 1st times in august. and then in the netherlands, while it's introducing new restrictions, social distance thing is that to become compulsory. again, that's called over to andrew sevens whose life was in the dutch city of rotterdam and monitoring the situation from across europe. as andrew, of course, the situation not really getting any better way you are certainly grim records uncovered 19 infections. what across europe here, the thick of 40 percent crops up, and that is the increase we call the week of covert infections. furthermore, another statistic advance 26 percent the increase of admissions in intensive care units that indicates how serious situation is also transfer the patients now from
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the netherlands across the german border to cities in that country trying to help out in this situation. it's not unusual in terms of the pandemic that have happened before. dozens of patients being taken over the border. now, 84 percent of the dutch people have have the vaccine now. so the perplexed perplexes people in terms of why the infections is so high. one of the possible reasons experts think is the very late introduction of the 3rd vaccination, the booster, jeff and furthermore, there are also concerns about and sort of restrictions being made at the moment. there's a partial lockdown going on. so now there may be further measures taken next week. that is worrying a lot of people because there were a reactions on the streets last week arrived here in rotterdam,
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and disturbances in the hague and other parts of the country. and of course, the further you might say, east and south you go of the netherlands further, the problem seem to have exacerbated that's right. and then the rest of europe over in germany, a really, really serious situation than 100000 death. that's the figure they're getting very near. now, something that they were hoping to avoid. the figure for the past 24 hours of infections that stands at $67000.00. so you have an idea of a reason why the politicians in berlin are thinking of some measures region by region. possible locked downs, france also 30000 infections a curve at 19, in the past 24 hours. reco figures set in hungary,
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also in the chapter public where they're considering mandatory vaccinations for over sixty's and health and social workers. austria where there was a full lockdown in place. it's day 3 of that right now, early to tell as to whether or not that's had an impact on reading now, right across europe, in all capitals, watching each other to see what measures has the most effect is not everywhere in europe. this is happening, but it is disturbing, and the world health organization, suggestion of worth to come, stands and is a sobering note because the figure predicted by next spring is 700000 deaths. that's 2200000 deaths since the pun, demik began in your prediction for the update. thanks very much. andrew simmons, a 4th in rotterdam, protestors in the french overseas territory of waterloo, pub burned, carson set barricades and a protest against david 1900 measures anger. the restrictions imposed as the long
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standing grievances of poverty and inequality in the region. vaccination rates remain low, were less than half of the population they don't, they just against corona virus. president monroe mccall says the crisis wasn't explosive, but probably to contain the situation. sanskrit is reporting record highs in the number of new code 19 cases. and critically ill patients, that's after it started easing restrictions this month. really 80 percent of the population has been fully inoculated as florence louis reports for south korean government, east cove, at 19 restrictions less than a month ago. but on wednesday, official say they may consider re imposing some rules. the number of new cases and seriously ill patients is rising across the country. daily infections reached a record $4100.00 on tuesday and nearly 70 percent of beds and intensive care units
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are now occupied. arguing it's in canyons or a major factor that has contributed to the increasing number of cases. and that has made the hospital bed utilization rate a bit worse, is the increasing number of infections in the elderly senior citizens were the 1st to be na, collated earlier this year. and health officials say part of the reason infections arising is because they're in unity is waning. the government says it will give them booster shots. what the government is trying to do at this point is to our ext an the deployment of booster shots, especially among the most vulnerable i as quickly as possible. there are increasing testing, especially in congregate resident. so settings such as a nursing homes and our long term care facilities. officials are also conducting tests and trace operations. after more than $200.00 people tested positive for cove at 19, at a church in the city of china. a timid from day one effort to launch it in the
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morning, the central disaster and safety countermeasure headquarters reported that around 91.4 percent of the confirmed cases from shannon shamiqua, unvaccinated under the increase in infection. so soon after restrictions when left it will be a blow to many. but although the numbers rising there, some relief that at about 35 a day, the number of deaths remains relatively low. florence louis al jazeera human rights watch has the keys dollars from poland or violating the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. the watchdog says it documented if he says on both sides of the border, the report says, bela russian guards were involved and inhumane acts towards migrants. on the border able to reach you early security forces are also accused of engaging and violent push backs. at least 13 people died of as a result of harrowing conditions. still had here phone out there or the turkish
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lira nosedive, but president edwin remains defiant in his cycle war of economic independence. and why the niger and states hardest hit by military rebecca, her arm is seeking a property and infrastructure to the stories after the break. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways. ok, stopping kona about where it should be when that really cold air which is in the north of china, comes across the warmer waters. you get snow shot. they've been the case. that's 24 hours in honju, the western slopes and her cargo. no warnings are beyond gales, but that will be a good bit of snow. otherwise it's just sunny and not especially co. briefly it's all a bit of hong kong will become more humid as bad. right. average temperature,
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there's not much in the way rain anyway and that's chill. so in india, unfortunately, the static has very poor quality for pakistan. northern and your nepal has also a lot of the same thing happening mom, buying them out of the cold you, the hazardous as of the morning does get better during the day. as for rain, ne, one soon means it's tamela. modern still, i can see the wet weather of the next day or so, which suggests the potential more flooding in china, but probably for the senses. well, maybe we'll see a pickup in the breeze down through the gulf states, which includes cantrell. that's a lightly dusty breed, and it brings the showers which will be seen 1st of all, i think in q wait and across in iran, that means for the western advantage is dry. but in western turkey, the reigns on its way beyond that allows the quiet and sunny picture. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always in the country with an abundance of results
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. right. already won indonesia, he's friends for me. we move forward to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah, the book about you're watching over there with me. so rom, the reminder, volatile stories is prime minister ahmed has now left the capital and is heading to the front line to lead his troops in battle. and that comes just hours after the
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united nations or the immediate evacuation of its international south. europe is struggling with a new quote of i was outbreak, jeremy and said to mark wasn't a 1000 deaths. while franz from the netherlands are with sage reporting reco, numbers of infections and human rights watch has the keys bell. the reason, poland, violating the rights of migrant asylum seekers. the watchdog says it documented abuses on both sides of the border. at least 13 people have died during the stand. all set vessel is on the bellows. inside of the frontier where migrants are facing freezing temperatures. while conditions in this camp here are getting harsher and harsher by today, it was freezing overnights. in the last couple of weeks, but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. not very much, be feeling very cold. this place is not, or someone can live with it all like children cannot live inside this
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building. is the warehouse not for living? this is how they're getting some water. this is how people are washing their clothes in the middle of the month. and know where they go to the toilet. there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many are cramped to get money. coughing, money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created. they leave to the back door, should official take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess, we're not going anywhere we keep waiting until germany takes them in. there's not a group who at night, tries to fill, sneak into the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult in this winter here. it is really cold temperatures. people have died already runs across and so it's a very desperate situation. bedroom ward is
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a deputy director of human rights watch europe and central asia division. and he says, both salaries and poland have an obligation to ensure a safe humanitarian access is available to people stuck along the border. the iris is in the frame for criticism here because it has been subjecting migrants and asylum seekers to the most appalling abuse. after encouraging them to come on on a false promise, trapping them in the border area, subjecting to violence, denying them access to food, water and shelter, you know, a small number, maybe in, in a shelter now. but there are many others who are not. and so that is all in a very, very troubling but what is also deeply troubling is that we found the clear evidence that poland is or enabling this abuse by pushing people back in some, in some cases repeatedly who are trying to cross into poland back into the hands of the declaration officials who are abusing them. and it's also by denying
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humanitarian organizations access to the border area on the polish side. creating a situation where people are suffering and in some cases dying because they're not able to get the kind of life saving assistance that they need. and so we feel it's incredibly important that poland responsibility is given more attention, particularly by the european union. the announcement by the european commission of a whole package of measures to address the situation, all of which were focused on galleries. and in fact, if you were to read that, that package of measures, you would have no idea that poland was there any way of doing anything wrong. and in fact, it's doing a lot of things wrong. and, and, you know, actually we ought to expect more from, from a european union member state, we ought to expect more from the european union, which is supposed to be a union of values rather than, you know, as cynical instrumentalists zation of the situation and saying that because this is valerie uses, you know, orchestrated threat. and we,
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we only need to focus on that and we don't need to look at our own responsibility for the suffering which is being experience an explosion that a munitions factory and serbia has killed at least 2 people injured 16, please say rockets were being stored in the warehouse that was destroyed drains are being used to search for survivors. thousands of coal miners in both near were striking over government plans to cut jobs as the states switches to renewable energy. more than 7000 people work in coal mines and by the government. the miners oppose plans to reduce wages and also sac, about 2000 of them. turkey lira has hit a record low against the us dollar a day after president recept. i've heard one defendant, his policy of sharp interest rate cuts. many critics have cooled on at one to reverse causes inflation, souls to nearly 20 percent. the currency has lost almost half of its value this year. so let's take a look at how we got well present edwin's 1st decade in power from 2000
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very saw strong growth. thanks to major investments in infrastructure, jump forward to july 2016 after a failed attempt. and the currency tumble $23.00 layers against the dollar. in august 2018, he was present. donald trump imposed harris on steel and alan minium and the currency crushed 20 percent. it already fallen 40 percent in the previous 12 months . the call me then actually grew 5.9 percent during the pandemic, but inflation that 16 percent wipes out any gain. the lira started trading at $13.00, but is now $12.00 against the dollar. totally robertson is renee sales capital global chief economist, he predicts the crisis will worse than if the turkish government doesn't change its policy. it goes back to odessa and having this do that. if interest rates a high companies have to pay debt, so that's expensive for them. so they put up prices if interest rates are low, companies can charge less for the products they make. so therefore inflation goes
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down. that says, theory shopping is no one in the world agrees with them. and that includes local turks. we've been selling their currency hugely for years now. i think his record over the 1st 10 years, the success for turkey was about falling inflation and falling interest rates and that help drive growth. and he's got it in his head that this is what we'll deliver . even greater prosperity for turkey, but it doesn't work in isolation from the rest of the world. and what we're actually seeing is turkey getting poorer every year. it's now not even in the top 20 world economies, thanks to the weakness of the currency, the government scenario, the central bank scenario is that you'll get to the current account surplus and that will provide enough dollars in the system to stabilize the currency reduce inflation. i think what every one of the markets is waiting for is ado on to lose the 2023 election. and for the next 18 months, it's just going to be very difficult to predict what happens. apple is saying the
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israeli cyber firm and so group over a controversial hacking tool. the attack jones says the company's pegasus software tracked and targeted its users in the us. now apple is the latest at a string of companies and governments to take legal action against the spyware producer and a, so has denied any wrongdoing, or west b is chief executive officer, a global cyber risk. he says it's one of the strongest steps and he company has taken so far. it's very significant because the software was developed to target i phones and android mobile phones. so if apple can succeed and get a ban or an injunction so that the n s o software can not be used on their phones, it will effectively kill the sd market for the software. so it's a very big move by apple one that i'm very glad to see them take, i think it's very important. they are trying to hide their fear mongering and
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they're trying to hide behind terrorists and peta files. and the fact is, they aren't trotting out examples of terrorism and head of files and their technology successfully defeating that. what we're seeing is governments that have use this technology to suppress human rights and civil rights. and ways that are countered to democratic principles. and certainly in the united states, national security interests. so they are just simply trying to hide behind israeli defense licenses for the technology and also claiming that it can be used to catch the bad guys while the bad guys may be in. so after more than a decade of violence, life is finally starting to return to dublin nigeria bernard state. the government's been at war with the bulk of her group, but security is improved in recent months and major efforts to rebuild. and now and the way i'm address returned to the capital, my degree to see the progress idea. mohammed was once a successful farmer and trade, but he's been living like this for more than
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a decade. this makes shift structure, is where he's trying to raise a new family. after bull caught on violence up route in his life. he says his chain of businesses, houses, and farms all perished in a single attack in 2010. and i didn't want cop galion loan dicking. i had more houses, more farms, more shops and warehouses and care my law than every one else. look at me now. i can't even find for myself. even the room i live in was given to me rent free by a former business partner, but with peace returning, i look forward to going back to rebuilt. wonder minute, sweetie. tell you the book. what am conflict in northeastern nigeria has displeased more than poor and a half 1000000 people, forcing them into camps. now the government wants to shut down these camps. by the end of this year, as reconstruction gathers momentum, this won't pile of rubble is what is left of the former school and home of mohammed
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use of the founder of book gorham. this is why the goose ideology was nurtured. nigeria, security forces demolished the structures shortly after the rebellion was put down in 2009. but the movement go even bigger and continues to kill people and destroy property in northern nigeria. and as to me, to 300000 people, have been killed. $6000000000.00 worth of property and facilities lie in ruins, in burden of state alone. people love company to love that mean some livelihood. many of i to get an opportunity who are destroyed about popped out and classroom for detroit. are 200 attempted to help hunter for detroit about it. 100 municipal berlin flood, deep throat comprising of ah, traditional love hans politician local grandmother cathedral,
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among others as thousands returned to their old villages. this is what they find. new houses are coming up in communities. why a 900000 homes were destroyed in a direct challenge to walk or arm whose ideologies against western education and values. hundreds of schools raised down by the armed group are being rebuilt. and most students, i in raleigh. about 60 percent of our budget, of our capital goodbye. that goes to the construction rehabilitation and settlement, and in terms of ballou of money that have been spent i, they wonder the amount is of carrying between and, and, and, and, and i'm in discipline jetty of hunters. the police, the bonus did come on. oh, for the last 10 years, for a cabinet in florida and about 2000 vehicles, thousands of kilometers of roads that have been bombed during fighting between security forces and boca, or am i being fixed?
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he at my degrees, biggest market traders load up goods to neighboring. cameroon, chad enger, a security improves farmers who couldn't access their lands, have returned to their farms. after a decade of disruptions, even hospitals that were not spared by the am group, i back offering services to the sick and wounded. but with vocal, i'm still posing a significant security threat. the restoration effort could still go wrong. a reality that hundreds of thousands of victims hope will be avoided. i'm a degrees algebra. my degree ne nigeria. no, not the spacecraft to his only mission that one day could stop in asteroid destroying the planet or above among the explains. 321. the dance mission could one day save the earth. nasa would deliberately cross a spacecraft into an unsuspecting rockery. could i move with the aim to find out
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what it would take to stop a launch asteroid from one day, crushing into the earth and devastated the planet of bill. we're gonna bump into a desk and off, i call it stadium sized in all like soccer stadium. sized asteroids that, that what that is in orbit around a body that is about 5 times larger. so that's what, that's what we're gonna de went and measure. really did change of orbit. i forgot secondary body. it's the 1st time scientists are attempting such an experiment. and this is how they're going to do it like a die more of a circle than asteroid cold did a mis nasa has waited for it to get close to earth. a mere 11000000 kilometers away . the spacecraft will reach speeds of more than 24000 kilometers per hour and head straight towards it. they're hoping the crash will take both objects out of course, even if ever so slightly. and it will all be streamed by video back to earth. and
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that would tell us a lot about if you want to deviate completely as more, less throats will be earth, what type of spacecraft or what speed, what weight? what impact will need to have to deflect an asteroid sign to say the results of the experiment. all fine, so if an asteroid measuring just a few 100 meters collides with our planet, it could have devastating consequences. what they're really targeting our asteroids that could be like regional and destroyers like something that could have a huge impact and say, a certain part of the planet. so it's really important that we have a means to protect against those scientists hope the small impact will be a huge step forward to protecting a potentially devastating impact on us. lower than a manly al jazeera. now manuscript by albert einstein laying out his theory of
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relativity has sold talking in paris, $13000000.00. the 54 page document by the nobel prize winning physicist, stand his collaborator, michelle besser, was written in 1913 in 1914 and science theory of relativity, revolutionize the understanding of astrophysics auction house christy's didn't disclose the name of the successful bidder. ah, just bear with me. so he'll run the reminder of our top stories ethiopians prime minister abbey ahmed, has now left the capital. and it's heading to the front line to lead his trips in battle. that comes just hours after the united nations order the immediate evacuation of its international styles.


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