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denise, the aim, the caea is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah mm mm. o lift up the falcon, dine and dart. i'm not the lord to the mission that one day could save the planet. a spacecraft will crash into a small space rock to test how to stop an asteroid crushing into earth living in a nice view, ah, gloves and robin, you're watching out there alive. my headquarters here in doha also coming up a coordinated attempt to bring down soaring fuel prices. the u. s. u. k. china,
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japan, south korea, m india, will tap into their strategic oil reserves. also calls for c foreign ethiopia. video shows thousands of government troops being held as prisoners of war by to grime, rebels, and mining, and the democratic republic of congo is a dangerous job will tell you about the push to make things safer. ah, welcome to the program. nasa has lost a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into an asteroid. scientists hope that they can alter its course by colliding with it. it's a test run in case a giant space rock needs to be redirected away from earth. laura bird manley has more 321. the dart mission could one day safety earth. nasa would deliberately cruise the spacecraft into an unsuspecting rocker who die
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more person. the aim to find out what it would take to stop a large asteroid from one day, crushing into the earth and devastating the planet. uh, we're gonna bump into a desk and off i call. i get off stadium sized in our like soccer, stadium sized asteroids that do it. that is in orbit around a body that is about 5 times larger. so that's, that's what we're going to do. went and measure. ah, really the change of orbit. i forgot secondary body. it's the 1st time scientists are attempting such an experiment. and this is how they're going to do it. die more of a circle than astroid could, did a moth. nasa has waited for it to get close to us, a mere 11000000 kilometers away. the spacecraft will reach speeds of more than 24000 kilometers per hour and had straight towards it. they're hoping the crash will take both objects out, of course, even if ever so slightly. and it will all be streamed by video back to earth. that
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will tell us a lot about if you want to deviate completely, the smallest throat will be earth. what type of spacecraft or what speed, what weight? what impact will need to have to deflect an asteroid? sign to say the results of the experiment. all fighter, if an asteroid measuring just a few 100 meters collides with our planet, it could have devastating consequences. what they're really targeting our asteroids that could be like regional and destroyers like something that could have a huge impact and say, a certain part of the, the planet. so it's really important that we have a means to protect against those separate scientists hope this small impact will be a huge step forward to protecting a potentially devastating impact on earth lore about a manly al jazeera. well, the us is releasing 60000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's part
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of a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. passenger by made the announcement after coming under increasing pressure to act. our white house correspondent kimberly hancock has more head of one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. thanksgiving. you, as president joe biden announced the release of 50000000 barrels of crude oil from america's emergency stockpile, known as the strategic petroleum reserve. the big part of him, of the reason americans are facing high gas prices because oil producing countries and large companies have not ramped up the supply of oil quickly enough to meet the demand. the reserve holds a one month supply at current us consumption levels. it's intended for dealing with supply disruptions caused by things like natural disasters, not for managing prices,
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but the white house has been under pressure to tap into reserves as gas prices continue to rise in the u. s. leading to falling approval numbers in recent months for the president. the biden administration also says for the 1st time it has coordinated similar releases from countries like china, japan, and south korea. the united kingdom says it will allow oil companies to voluntarily release their reserves to help supply. biden is also cracking down on gas companies who have been enjoying lower oil prices in recent weeks, but not passing savings on to americans. that's why bash the federal trade commission to consider whether potentially illegal now competitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing higher prices for consumers. the buttons ministration touts clean energy as an alternative to costly fossil fuels. but the u . s. infrastructure is nowhere near ready to achieve that goal. my effort to combat
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climate change is not raising the price of gas. all eyes will now be on opec plus countries, which include saudi arabia, other gulf nations, and russia. they must decide now how to respond to this latest move. there is a big risk for them if they get the production numbers up too high, because they're not sure what economic underline economic growth looks like. a fight for control of the global energy market could now be under way. opec plus officials warned if a potential response, if president biden and other world leaders tapped into their reserves. opec plus is scheduled to meet next week. kimberly, how can al jazeera, the white house united nations as ordered immediate evacuations, all family members of its international staff from ethiopia. that's going along after to grind rebels claim to be entering closer to the capital, addis ababa, the presidents of can urine, south africa,
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both cold for cease fire. victoria gate and b has the latest i, some of prime ministers, abbey ahmed soldiers, and now prisoners of war, and the 2 grains have been parading them before the cameras. the presidents of kenya and south africa say, all parties must commit to ending the violence. we expressed our fiction that the school for barrel a man's the roaring parties in europe. i beg, with attempted to convince durham it's in reference, negotiated since for inclusive political dialogue. as the woodrow is closer to the ethiopian capital plans to defend addis ababa or intensifying these women have joined a neighbourhood protection, forced to guard against advancing rebel forces. they've set up road blocks, a searching vehicles for weapons and
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a checking people's documents that hasn't. but that alaska legged nothing leg, we women believe that random security checks and passes by a very important we also encourage others to do the same. because when we do this, we have no doubt that strangers have records with their cathy denner abbey, his informed the nation that he's going to the front line where he'll personally lead the army. and he's asked the theo pins to join him in what he calls the battle to save the nation. the u. s. is cooling the military escalation, alarming, and says it threatens any diplomatic progress between the government and to grain forces at us is under great threat. ah, and it also means that there is likely to be considerably more suffering and people should leave now to avoid the worst possible sin scenario, which could be ah, rebel forces entering at us or starvation or deprivation. germany and
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france of joined the u. s. in urging their citizens to leave ethiopia, while the un says it's temporarily relocating the families of its staff. meanwhile, more than 2000000 ethiopians have now fled their homes with reports of human rights abuses on both sides. and 7000000 people are in need of food age. victoria gates and b al jazeera. what's the latest from samuel? got to tries, an infusion journalist in addis ababa, joyce, believe me, what do we know about the to graham forces nearing the capital? every indication that we've been looking up close the been from our far it seems they're getting closer. we just don't know exactly where they are. this is a conflict with one fog, but different versions so far. but what be no, is the prime minister said on monday that you'll have to pity to the battle ground . and many people are supporting him and support him are joining him in the,
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in the battle ground. the latest being highly governed, last day. the famous ethiopian logan, who has said that he is ready to join in the fight again, it's a t p i left with a government assisting is a terrorist organization by the order of the parliament. but again, their husband or effort to told no more people wait, the us invoice was in the field until monday tried to negotiate and, and this complex. but there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. and many people are continue to be. i think that and there are many displaced people that are coming out of us. well, it does seem to be a war of words and media pictures. and of course, with these pictures emerging of government detainees, government, military personnel being held as prisoners of war. this is going to concern the public at large when it comes to who is actually winning this conflict,
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so to speak. well, at the end of the no conflict, every day people are in the position to win the people with images, we're watching our everyday. that's how being impacted by this conflict, and they seem to be young people mostly. but again, this conflict has really impacts that 1000000. so if you open more than 2000000 people have been displaced. that number was even taught several months ago. and this number is expected to go much higher, but again, the impact it's heavy on the ground is will, it's practical. there are many, many people that are being impacted by. it's a coldly, again, defined by sexual violence that has really picked that woman in particular. and this conflict as it goes on and no compromise inside this is going to be affect the more i mean we've been seeing this scenario unfold for nearly a year. now normally when this happens on the african continent,
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we have large groups on the african union. echo us, other large diplomatic groups led by prime ministers and presidents who intervene very quickly within the kenny and president the south african president pleading for sci fi. why is the politics not working in this scenario? why are the sides not listening to other regional leaders knowing about the instability that this is causing across the continent, especially in the hold of africa? well when you look at the world words that are being thrown from either side, one is things the other side of the terrorist organization was the other one is saying they're committing some kind of genocide. so this goes to show you that there is no incense from both sides. really what a cause and, and what has been a crisis for your faith in so many people. the u. s. invoice had said the teacher left troops are nearing the some of their demands are increasing. the site is not
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willing to compromise. they see this as a fight or independence for the foundation of the country. and that doesn't seem to be any interest on both sides. and certainly this in a more peaceful way for that update, thanks very much time. you got to share the 4th and i decided well still had here on our desert sand. chris struggles with a new surgeon cove 19 that's putting the health system under pressure and election observers hail improvement in venezuela's election, but refused to call them free. i'm sorry, the stories after the break. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle. it weighs that it's still snowing in spain. i bet the warnings are declining in their severity. the still circulation of cloud down here is area of low pressure
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somewhere in the western mazda or every couple of weeks that growing and then shrinking again. and it's still doing it's deaf and you're not supposed to see that in aragon, but al a county was that snow. no, that was hail. so you could either on high ground snow or low ground hail storms has been resolved and the forecast is more of the same in a similar area. bit maybe bit for the north and the cost a blanket. but certainly when you cross the pyrenees we're talking ray not snow and significant, right. i think the southwest of france, spain has been left behind cold gray in places madrid about 8 degrees. and the rain is slowly edging east. about time we get to thursday. it's italy in the fray once again, and may be switzerland, mostly be talking rain once it gets not cold enough yet for snow, the winds up after a southerly and were still left behind with cold and grey skies in parts of spain is being colder for a bit of snow but not much in the rest of europe. this is east in poland. that's on that frontal. this which is bringing snow now out of the baltic state towards russia. otherwise, norway sees the snow,
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but temperatures are dropping. normally when to go all across british miles to was from oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always chilling the debate. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not our responsibility. if people log concrete responsibly, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to, to get back with all these papers. this dream on al jazeera with the
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book about you're watching out there with me. so robert, reminder of all told stories. nasa has lost a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into a small space. rock. scientists hope that they can alter its course and it's a test run in case and asteroid needs to be stopped from crushing into soaring petrol. prices of problem to the u. s. government to release 60000000 barrels of strategic reserves, the decision as part of a group effort involving several other nations to make petro cheaper and combat inflation and the united nations of all the immediate evacuations of family members of international stuff. that's going to log in to try and rebels claim to be edging closer to the capital. and it's out of them that are prime minister says an investigation has been launched into violence, committed against protest, as dozens of people are killed in demonstrations in recent weeks against october's
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military takeover. now the police and security forces have denied using live fire. della hancock was reinstated, as sedans, leader on sunday, after signing a deal with the military leadership cave in 1900 infections have reached a record high in south korea. with more than 4000 cases. the number of critically ill patients is also reco level raising fears. hospitals coated become overwhelmed when those affected all the elderly prompting a push for booster shots. now the rise comes weeks after social distancing rules. what eased the senior in the case of the elderly, it's observed that the immune effect vaccination decreases rapidly over time. accordingly, after about 4 months, break through infections have been observed to increase. so the government has shortened the interval required for a booster and is rushing to administrate and protested in the french overseas territory of guadalupe. her bent carson set barricades and
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a protest against david $900.00 measures. anger over restrictions imposed has stirred long standing grievances over poverty and inequality in the region. vaccination rates remain low with less than half the population innoculated against the corona virus. monroe macro said the crisis was explosive, but promised to contain the situation. new zealand will remain shut off to foreign visitors for another 5 months. the government announced on wednesday that fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter from april. it's part of a cautious easing of border restrictions as part of the plan. new zealanders who are in australia and of had both jobs can travel home without having to quarantine from mid january and new zealanders living elsewhere can return from mid february. we have knowledge that it has been very tough. families have been separated. people have found themselves having to shelter and prices, they did not speak to say for prolonged periods of time. and we are acutely aware
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of the impact that these restrictions have had on individuals live in the livelihoods of our seed standing here many times before. when it comes to kind of 19, they're often no easy decisions. and we've often been faced with the task of making the least worst decision. because we know that whatever steps we've taken there are being consequences and people's lives have been affected. and the border is clearly an example of that. your opinion says it's working with britain, the u. s. and candidate who imposed more sanctions against beller is that you is accusing president alexander shanker. of trying to destabilize the blog by encouraging migrants to cross into poland. it wants it to stop punishing transport and travel companies involved in human trafficking. the block has rejected. look, shank has suggested that you take it more refugees. a particularly cool form of hybrid threat has emerged with a state sponsored instrumentality, zation of people for political ends. this is not a bi lateral issue of poland,
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lat friendly swanner with bellows. it is the european union as a whole that is being challenged. this has been initiated and organized by the lucas shanker regime and its supporters uring people to the border with a cooperation of migrants smugglers and criminal networks. sebastian is on the bel ocean side of the border where migrants are facing freezing temperatures. while conditions in this campaign are getting harsher and harsher by today, it was freezing overnights in the last couple of weeks. but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. not very much, you feel very cold. this place is not or someone can live with it all like children cannot live inside this building is the
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warehouse not for living. this is how they're getting some water. this is how people are washing their clothes in the middle of the month and where they go to the toilet. there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many a crime to get a money. a coughing money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created, they leapt through the back door, fellowship officials take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess, we're not going anywhere we keep waiting until germany takes them in. and there's another group who at night tries to still sneak in to the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult. and this winter here, it is really cold temperatures. people have died already runs across and so it's a very desperate situation. venezuela's elections are held under better conditions
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and those of previous polls, and that's according to european union observers. but the groups had declined to say whether the vote was free and fair. sunday's election was the 1st and nearly 4 years to include opposition figures. as teresa reports now from the capital crackers. it was the report everyone had been waiting for the 1st time in 15 years, new appear on union of serve the regional elections in venezuela and presented their preliminary findings. laska with you on their san berlin. babel the elections were in better conditions in comparison with previous elections. the electoral council that was renewed in may 2021. it's the most balanced council in 20 years. the political campaign was filled by the excessive use of state resources. even the law says how campaigns should be handled. there were no sanctions to the violations . on sunday, venezuelans voted to choose mayors and governors across the country. they. e. u
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mission was invited by the electoral council and by the opposition who agreed to participate for the 1st time in 4 years. the report by the european union of servers is for many a 1st step towards dialogue and future elections. invest country, but they were poor, also indicate that even though the elections happened with efficiency, the whole process was affected by lack of independence in the judiciary. and also lack of respect for the rule of law. something that affected the equality and transparency of the process. the government says be elections where an example of democracy, their ruling socialist party, $120.00 of the $23.00 governorships, the opposition wanting the total national vote. even though 60 percent of the population did not participate. divisions within the opposition prevented them from winning more states. all our position leader embry gabriella says the election was not a defeat. now, what is your object that
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a fellow thought of this and then the one for bell? this is a beth for fall in the last 17 years. re no updating these resolved before the opposition of not falling, who was falling as more doodle. the big defeat is for the government. i what can you annually say nikolai, my louise, desperate to regain international credibility, was a mercury put under government. nicholas madura was willing to give him more governance ships in exchange for validity of the electoral process and himself. this is not a transparent election from the perspective of a liberal democracy. it begins with the electoral council that has 2 members out of 5 of the opposition. we celebrate those 2, but they are minority. can you imagine any country accepting that venice will, is trying to recover from an economic crisis. but sanctions from the united states and the european union complicate the government plans, protest and sanctions have not been able to force muddled or out of office, which is why your position is back in the polls base i will as the feeder paragraph
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. apple has sued the israeli cyber firm, an o s gray paper, a controversial hacking till now. the tech joins says the company's pegasus software tracked and targeted it's uses in the u. s. apple is the latest in a string of companies and governments take legal action against the spyware maker, and so has denied any wrongdoing. jody westby is chief executive officer at global cyber risk. she says it's one of the strongest steps any company has taken so far. it's very significant because the software was developed to target i phones and android mobile phones. so if apple can succeed and get a ban or an injunction so that the n s o software can not be used on their phones, it will effectively kill the s. so market for this software. so it's a very big move by apple one that i'm very glad to see them take. i think it's very
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important. they are trying to hide their fear mongering and they're trying to hide behind terrorist and peta files. and the fact is, they aren't trotting out examples of terrorism and head of files and their technology successfully defeating that. what we're seeing is governments that have use this technology to suppress human rights and civil rights. and ways that are countered to democratic principles. and certainly in the united states, national security interests. so they are just simply trying to hide behind israeli defense licenses for the technology and also claiming that it can be used to catch bad guys while the bad guys may be in s. so a major shortage of chips is affecting label supplies of cars, mobile phones and other electronic devices that's prompted some of the south korean electronic giant to build a multi $1000000000.00 semi conduct a factory in the us state of texas. now,
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cobalt is one of the most sought after minerals in the world. they used in batteries at power electric cars. i'm mobile phones, most of it comes from the democratic republic of congo, but mining there is dangerous work and the government is pushing to improve safety . malcolm web reports now from coloma mine in law law province. these miners work at one of the largest informal cobalt mines in the democratic republic at convey to the 1st time some of them have been given safety jackets in hot hands and the manages planned to limit the number that things didn't go to plan . thousands of mine is one to work here. none of them can afford to miss a day's digging or a few jobs in congo, growing demand for electric vehicle batteries, for which cobalt is used in these men can about $4.00 a day. about a 5th of the countries cobalt is extracted by hand with known as his mind. most of
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them are legal, nobody counts the accidental death. the government says it wants to formalize the sector and by cobalt, the government is going through the price, the governments after going through the production, the government's going through everything it has to be of there was, anyone can come in the country and do everything they want to do, the government says it will new autism mining size not care what will happen to the existing mind. also worried that we shut down for breaking roof. that's why they're providing hot house for the 1st time. we met the man who controls this mind. the hotel he's building in the nearby city of co ways. he, he says he's frustrated by the government plan called general cobalt enterprise or e d. c. c h i c met. if e g c prioritizes creating a monopoly, it will be
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a problem for us. the priority is to formalize the artistic mining sector. we don't want to be blogs, we will continue selling minerals to those who actually finance our operation for them. i use it up all next, but that's not because i'm not back of mine. she's sure not to just say they need more time to make it face point thing work in there about $200000.00 for a little online at about a 1000000 depending on the phone. number of people are getting very rich when the cobol mining industry. no. okay. so the table here, i'm so barely be paid anything for the shore shift. if a tool there's no order here. we need order because we have too many. we need to buy the people into the group to work on different days,
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more appealing for better conditions so we can work properly. none of us have a good position in life. if we weren't here, we'd be stealing things in town to survive. many wondering if any reforms will actually happen and minus a wondering if they'll make them safer or cost and that job malcolm web al jazeera kalama, mine democratic republic of congo. ah, challenges there with lisa who run the reminder volatile stories. nasa, her last a spacecraft. that's going to deliberately smash into small space wrong. scientists hope that they can alter its course. it's a test run. in a case that asteroids needs to be stopped from crushing earth. solar and petro prizes have prompted the u. s. government to release 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. the decision is part of a group effort involving several nations to make petro cheaper and combat inflation
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. whitehouse correspond, it can be how kit has more. well, has a lot to do with the.


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