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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 10:30am-11:01am AST

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because we are too many, they need to divide the people into groups to work on different days or more appealing for better conditions so we can work properly. none of us have a good position in life. if we weren't here, we'd be stealing things in town to survive. my new mother, many a wondering if any reforms will actually happen. and mine has a wondering if they'll make them safer or cost and that jobs malcolm web al jazeera cow. i'm a mind democratic republic of congo. ah, your children with me said robin. a reminder of all top stories, nasa has launched a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into a small space. rogue scientists hope that they can alter its course. it's a test run in case an asteroid needs to be stopped from crashing into earth. soaring petrol prices are prompted the u. s. government to release 50000000 barrels
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of oil from its strategic reserves. the decision is part of a group effort involving several other nations to make petro cheaper and combat inflation. la white house correspondent, kimberly alcott has more i well has a lot to do with the timing of the american thanksgiving holiday. this is a holiday that americans typically get into their cars and they drive great distances. and the problem is right now, some people can't do it because the gas prices are just too expensive, it's cost prohibitive for them. so that, that's one reason. another reason is i, in addition to the rising gas prices, what we're seeing are empty shelves in the united states supply chain issues. and that's led to some low approval ratings for joe biden. united nations has ordered immediate evacuations of family members of his international staff from ethiopia. as going along matter to grime rebels claim to be as close to the capital addis ababa sedans. prime minister says an investigation has been launched into violence,
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committed against protest, as dozens of people were killed in demonstrations against october's military coup. the police and security forces have denied using live fire. the european union says it's working with britain, the us and canada to impose more sanctions against bela bruce. the you is accusing president alexander lucas shanker. of trying to destabilize the block by encouraging migrants to cross into poland. cave in 19 infections have reached a record high in south korea with more than 4000 cases. the number of critically ill patients is also at record levels. raising fairs, hospitals could become overwhelmed. the rise comes weeks after social distancing rules were eased. officials say the number of serious cases considerably higher than expected. those were the headlines. i'll be back with more news and half now. next it's inside story to stay with us. china has been very strategic in the way it's expanding of reach in indian ocean. what is it,
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and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghan economy? counting the coast on al jazeera mistrust and miss information riots on a french caribbean island against co. 19 restrictions. amanda treat vaccinations. why are people on guadalupe fighting back against injections and can the governments change their minds? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i am rob matheson violence on the streets of guadalupe, a french island off the eastern coast of dominican republic, and more than 6000 kilometers from paris president emanuel macro is calling this
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situation. explosive. cars and buildings burned, roads barricaded schools, cancelled. special forces had been on the streets to try to calm things down. its part because the government of france says all health care workers must be vaccinated against covered 19. and every one has to carry proof. they've had the injections, but people on guadalupe are resisting. they say they don't trust the vaccines. the authorities on the island or the french government is covered infections and distrust sweep across quite a loop. can people be convinced they should get the jam? the french foreign minister has said the government will not back down on this decision to impose the new restrictions. junker sex blamed the violence on a small group of people seated petite to me. no, he did. you'll aunt, it's a small violent minority that robs stores, blocks roads holds motorists for ransom, prevent sick people from accessing sometimes vital care and even shoots at law enforcement. i condemn these acts of violence in the strongest possible terms. the
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perpetrators are and will continue to be arrested and tried. i also want to express my solidarity with our fellow citizens of guadalupe who are the 1st victims. ah. okay, let's bring in our guest. camel's abbey, the war is a journalist whose joining us from point a piece crime was john e. vonner is a president of contact enterprises. it's a business association. he's in fort france in martinique and from legacy guadalupe . stephanie emilio annette, who's a sociologist, welcome to the program. all of you and clements. i want to start with you what's have been like there actually i'm in front of it and it's quite so i come today after some violence this weekend. and that if i say i was in the field yesterday night with some protestants, and they say that the fight will continue until they have answers from paris for
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them. and they don't have any answers. so they will continue. how much is this about not trusting the vaccine, how much of this is about not trusting the government almost everybody that i met and also because of their thing bout and paris doesn't want to hear them here, that they need to drink a bit of water that they need for jobs that they need some help from paris. so they are thinking that berries doesn't want to listen to them. and that's also why they don't want to take the vaccine because it's a thing from far away from paris for the friends mainland, but not for the carry bins. stephanie, how much of this is a distrust of this vaccine and how much of it is a distrust on global guadalupe of all vaccines? well, i think that the chance that the vaccine is much
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lower link to and i will see the anti colon, your spirit, that is a characteristic of 10 people. i mean more and more the 1967. geez. anyone before that? because it's a cycle, so it really didn't feel that that's part of the gee, that it's not so. and each time there is a crisis, the re i mean these, those issues just come back, you know, on the front front. and i'm not sure that the problem is with the backs in the vaccine is for me i will see the point,
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the subject. that's else people. i mean, nation is people national movement to voice all the other playmates because of caused a discharge because of the con, before you know, the source and the bodies of the people here. because it meant and then bolts back a few years ago to, to keep the girl that the site is. that there is also a lot of information regarding the faxing and other fake news and fake courses or, and proven course he's and he sees really a lot of the needs that are made together. and that makes that else. i would say that prevents better the vaccination being to, to go further just to be clear,
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harder on if i understand it correctly. it was a poisonous pesticide that was used in banana plantations and i think that was until 993. and i believe it was a set to increase the risk of prostate cancer. i want to talk about that in a moment. but even martinique, there are similar situations that we're beginning to see in martinique here in response to the imposition of mandatory and injections. tell me what's happening there on the ground. i think we're not as bad as was a loop at least. and we do hope that we do not reach the level of unrest we, we have seen in the, in the loop. however, last night, there were some, some streets right, but it was coming into a small part of the capital for the friends. there are also some, some demonstrations for the day yesterday. and there are still some very kids on
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the road. so the traffic is, is very difficult today, and basically a lot of people could not go to their to their, to their workplace. and this is the situation, but not much, much violence. yes. at least came off. stephanie was referring there to call to con, that that's what became known, i believe is the called a con affair. this was back in 1993. it's still clearly resonates with people in guadalupe. why is it that governments and guadalupe have been unable to regain some sort of trust of the people there since that time? i think it's because the front to the men's didn't it wasn't that transparent and it's still the case for the moment because some of the people are still thinking that when many lane trying to all some stuff about
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the, the cloud a gun. and the in fact in the regiment, and i'm sure fields on the article rocco hell also, and i think that's why it's still a big, big, big thing for me because some of even young protest has told me that there is light before. so, i mean, it's difficult for them to trust paris today. it's not about vaccination, it's about, it's more about paris and they are simply afraid and to be to be lied again. i think stephanie, what role is misinformation about the vaccines playing and all of those to think well, the means information i would like 1st to to, to react to what my failure would you be in. i said about the
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quality conan, i think it's linked to an issue of a back saying the problem with the quality conscientious it dates back to 1990 s. yes. but the 19 ninety's is the moment where the, when the government finally cohabitate the use of the space, the 2nd glad to be. and it was already forbidden. indeed, mission parties and france scenes the 1970s. and he knew that it was really untrue to their bodies and, and, and, and certainly could cause cancer's and people, you see something that we have on seeing here in glen group. we observed that there was an increase of cancers in women and men at prostate cancer. due to this one cancer, and as well of breast cancer and, and as well,
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and do and do. and dmitri uses as well, a lot of cases now and, and, and the fail. the government denies the fact that link between the car to come pesticide, poisoning and increase of cancers on the prostate cancer is because nice as posed by the crime. because a lot of men working better up condition and as well the recently did the trial because there was a child into defendant the associate association that at that that tried because then was faced with the refusal of the one of the court to go further because of the what the say the prescription because it was 990 that we still see the effects of the
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chronic con and we will have the spec for 70 ration. so with that, of course, the reason trust now the earth, that means i are against the government, the french. and then because 1st the new been for 20 years that people were using the current here on the better, not 10 patient people eat bananas a lot here. i mean staple food and as well, a lot of people worked into that end up condition and he knew that was ample. so that's why now people, maybe me the issue of the car, the car leaves decent. also the expectations occurring are period and slave map. and saying that the devotee and did the are always exploited and they can be armed by the french of them then that's why yeah, that is stressed. i can, i can understand clearly why as you say, why there is a level of mistrust. there is songs that there is almost a perfect storm,
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isn't there because there is an existing mistrust of the government. and also as i was talking about before, we have a wave of misinformation which has been sweeping across the world. we know, but it's obviously it's still affecting guadalupe as well. to what extent is that misinformation and social media playing a role in people's augmenting if you like, people's distrust of the government of the vaccine? i think that g pool, i think that there are 2 things that we need to consider. the 1st is for me for example, when i speak about the ha b and n a that as last now or will be kate's. see the 1980s i we met him, so any physician or researcher, or whatever, speak armenians. if there was not really a finding an in the add something that could sure help prevent
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emp, the people and contamination h i b. now, the, the fact that it is so easy now to speech online to the online, and at the se, in the political debate. and then in the half debate that everybody just attended the laptop and just say what they want to say. so that's the 1st thing for me. and the 2nd thing is that people now here and glad to do, they receive a lot of videos from whoever has sent a video and posted video and saying. a we've that i would say anti government speech and the make once again for me, it's a manner of and i can make what these want to know, like, ok, we up, that means visio against the 9th. and people will see that governance, just hear people. so they will believe that because it seeks we've what the all we
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believe. so it's easier to, to trust when deborah comes from outside than whatever comes from the frenchwoman geneva. are you finding a similar sort of thing in martinique or because obviously that is an on both these items, but particularly martin is an island that, that depends very much on tourism. when you're part of a business association, the economy is driven by that. and what kind of economic impact is, is hopping on people's lives there. allow me trusted to make a slight correction about the protocol and where it is found. there is no protocol in the band. and so i want to make that clear from there in the root crops, yes. in the water and in the, in the some the fish, some fish, and the christmas ends up. see yes, the impact of what is happening is, is obviously huge to resume is part of our economy here. it's not
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completely driven as it is, for example, in summer and they both the neighboring highlands where he sprayed. i mean it's, but how much it's an important component of our, our and clearly the business community is purely worried about all of these are we, we call that a few years ago. the whole story was probably size and actually created more harm to the economy. but it is a program, it is a real problem and it has to be honestly, it's not does it properly initially by the government. i think president micro acknowledge and made the government liable, but it has to go farther and people need answers. clemens, this is really the, from what you're telling me the heart of the problem in that the people of guadalupe and one. but imagine martinique as well feel that they are so far distant
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from the government in france. that if i understand what you're saying correctly, they feel sideline. they're not feeling listened to. is there any confidence there? do you think that france can respond positively to try to fix this? and actually, i don't know. i mean, when you send the police forces, and i'm not sure that it's a good answer or actually that the island is per night and we need to to, to, to respond to the situation because it's difficult now to find a gas in the service station to find the food in some supermarket, so it's difficult, it's true and the, and the situation can not be acceptable any longer. but i think that they need to talk and to find a resolution because some,
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some cities in guadalupe doesn't have the drinkable water every day. so, so there is to listen to that and not to just send police officers. johnny, when you were trying to make a point there, what would you like to say 8 megabyte issue there? i feel you try to bring an end response to a problem that are long term problems and it's kind of complex and i agree most are sending the be the, the 40 isn't the police may have to control the situation, i think, but it cannot be the only response is salability only risk, but i think the, the problems are in the, in the heart of, of the countries of the territories. and they are, we need to go to the roots. stephanie, you mentioned before that their situation was being used by nationalists to draw attention to our, our highlight. they base the so wider social problems,
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the wider issues that said that both islands have obviously, and guadalupe particularly. and but how concerned are you that the tension may be getting away from the initial problem? which is the vaccination rate in covered one would imagine that the social problems unfortunately still exist but covered can be dealt with. do you think people are losing sight of thought of that distinction? if you like? well i think that one he sees are i would say maybe i would have some enemies when i say that. but i think that this is the problem with the strategy of this movement. because by level, if we go back in the early, 2000 and. 3 $1009.00, it was only a big strike and 40 for the strike. tracking was
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a new and also not to meet against what you shall have, who does job in p o. she's that we have a very hard time between making and meetings because that pressures are very high and everything because we have that other taxes. and there is a multiple kind of make mana 4 in the can be ends up very small part of the population. who is the descendants of colonized. so of course that's part of the problem. the fact is, each time we start with i would see a claim means certain things. sometime we just focus the conversation on on a point that is not i would say the sense of the topic. i mean,
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the initial topic here is the same thing in the vaccination, but it's a comb with a lot of the problem was it isn't bearable that people don't have 19 and so many meters don't have water in the top. in many part of the island, and this is for the kids now and in certain professional got taken with people need not, i will see need to work. so this is the moment for them for me to, to old, the problem of speech with that situation and ask for them to, to, to be so long term problems as my, i mean, our friend for much unique said a few minutes ago. so of course it's for me, that's why me situation. so entropy, because it's complicated to, to, at the moment in the middle of that class is that f class is that, you know,
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goal days. i mean, the top priority of the sense of a meant to resolve all the problems. but example, we got in the l b shoes and the mean that means that we have, yes, we did the newer people that it's being built. but in the middle of the crisis with the bill, keith, i'm not sure that the helping the us to go to to emerge and be i mean to, to shut the very practical, the class. he said, mom, i want to bring in clemons here because if i get correct me if i'm wrong, but i understand that. so some medical stuff have also been refusing to take the vaccine because they believe it's untested. they don't have faith that they don't know what the long term effects are. now that, to me, strikes, instruct me as being a fundamental problem in the messaging here. because if you have medical staff who
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don't essentially trust the vaccine, how can you get anybody else to trust it as well? yeah, it's complicated, but actually i have to say that and almost 9 percent of the workers in the main house telling what loop is needed. so it's for a small box of workers anyway. yeah, it's true, but they're also saying that we can, we took care of our patients at the beginning of the crisis and without the vaccine, so we don't need it now for some of them, it's a, it's the point of view. so yet it's complicated, but i think they are also in fear because they help so many things. we talk about the fake news. and yet if you can also to be a journalist at this moment because they said that we don't want to trust you
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because you are working for the government, we just want to talk with their local tv and we just want to trust them. so yeah, it's, it's difficult. johnny in martinique. we've, as you were talking about, we've seen a strike against this. what other action do you think people in martinique are prepared to take? i am not sure we are not sure that the population will like the population in the 2009 where the the strike was really matthew when we 1st full support of the population. really? yes, they generally try started. their whereabouts are less than 2000 people are marching and demonstrating in the in for the friends the capital. that's very small compared to what happened in 2009. so we're not sure but the population will follow this. i just want to come back to clemens for a final word. we only have
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a few seconds left. so perhaps in a sentence, how far do you think that the people in guadalupe are prepared to go if they feel that the french government and the authorities are not listening to them? and i hope that they will get an answer very quickly. but i think that they are ready to, to find because as we, as we said, it's more than just about the vaccine. it's about a fight against mother t, then 5 for job fight for to be fine. they need to be consider by paris. and i think they are so some of them they are ready to fight and they have answers so much. thank you very much. indeed. i want to say thank you to all our guests amongst our paper ball, johnny ivonya and stephanie mary. your next thank you very much indeed for being with us. thank you to for watching. if you see the program again,
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any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha. inside story, you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a inside story for me, rob matheson and the whole team here. good bye for now. question the narrative. you don't have ways to check whether this information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are wanting, national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people died because of the listening pace, deconstruct the media on altus era, african stories of resilience and her in i get younger me and i have all of
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them aware of is a lot about is one problem i got your little boy, them tradition and dedication to move out a little more global buffet of also with short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9. and the bookmaker africa direct on al jazeera weavers, drying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from towards him isn't enough. here at the hour selling national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parishioner than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00,
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much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, mm mm. o. left off the fountain, dine and dart. i'm not so large as a mission that one day could save the planet. a spacecraft will crash into a small space rock to test how to stop an asteroid crushing into earth. so again, a nice view, ah, a robin, you're watching out there alive. my headquarters here in doha also coming up a coordinated attempt to bring down soaring fuel prices. the u. s. u k. ch.


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