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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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in the last episode of democracy, maybe we explore how sharon's eldest lead the flight, the self determination residing at that time. thinking that the na coast was the same as thinking of children's government by the people on al jazeera ah 3 to one. lift up. fountain 9 dark. i'm now that's a lot to the mission that one day could save the earth. a space crash will crash into a small space. rock detest. how to stop an asteroid. crashing into earth. nice view . ah. the whole rahman you're watching out is there a life my headquarters here in doha? also coming up the u. s. and 5 other countries will tap into that oil reserves and
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a bit to bring down soaring fuel prices. also calls for a cease fire in ethiopia. video shows thousands of government troops being held as prisoners of war by to grind rattles. lastly, un warns the future of lebanon's children is at stake, millions going hungry or false to drop out of school. ah, welcome to the program. nasa has launched a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into a small space rock sciences. they can alter its course. it's a test run in case a giant space rock needs to be redirected away from earth or the asteroid. they are aiming to hit this time. isn't a threat to the planet e. some hagi is a planetary scientists towards me alive from los angeles. good. have you with us live on al jazeera sir. i mean it's a hollywood storyline,
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now becoming reality sort of changing the trajectory of an incoming asteroid. i mean, nasa really seems to be planning for all event dualities. yes. and so is he saying, so it's not really a hearty wood story. it's a story that did happen before, so it's far away from being it science fiction is part of our history. so let's all remember that the dinosaurs were stronger than human beings and probably more distributed than human being on the surface of the earth. and they disappeared 18000000 years ago by an asteroids. why faith our, our planet? so the chances of being hit again by another asteroid, it's frost, is thought is far from being a science fiction. so how does this site and nasa project actually work and how far away is, is asteroid? so this is very fascinating project. so it's very so this, this asteroids, it's 11000000 kilometer away from the earth. and, and the project will send
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a spacecraft that will hit this binary idea thrones, which is that the more force and dim office is a moon rotating around this more a series of demos. and so that hit would happen at the speed of 24000 kilometer per hour. so it is $25.00 claim. the speed of a plane on earth. and that speed that hit would provide would change the dynamic of the moon of the asteroids. that's mon asteroids, which is 150 meters in diameter by one percent. and we would be able to measure that small deviation, changing the rotation of the orbit of that small 2 bodies of each other from the earth. and that would tend us a lot about if you want to deviate completely small asteroids from the earth. what
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type of spacecraft, what speed, what weight, what impact we need to have to deflect an astros? when will we know whether this experiment has been a success? because the results themselves will have to be analyzed over some time. so in addition to that, the spacecraft will hit the more that would be a small, it start in cube sat that will, will, will be f aiming that impact and attending back these these, these images in the to the earth between brackets. so it would take 2 days after that, the head, our mission from the space agency and less to 10 year when the present demarco's. and we'll study more, the impact and the change of the cap. and due to this, to this, to the dark impact, of course, you talked early on in this interview about how the dinosaurs were made extinct by an asteroid hitting the millions of years ago. but the earth has been hit by
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asteroids in the not too recent present. how much is the earth under threat from asteroids and meteors hitting its surface right now? and should we be worried? i think we should worry because not because we want people to worry, but because these impact happens and because deflections of the asteroids by impact between, between each other happens every day. so we can encounter any one of these and we need we have a strong observation program, but we don't have a deflection program, and this is the 1st one. so, asteroid and the older, a few hundreds of meter over 100 meter and plus the other 3rd 2 to 2 years. and we need to quantify that threat. and we need to quantify our deflection. capability to the fence is a fascinating project, and we'll, we'll keep if i place i for the name and e son had g in los angeles. thanks so much
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for joining us. now the u. s. is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from a strategic reserve. it's part of a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle flooring fuel prices and combat inflation. president joe biden made the announcement to coming under increasing pressure to act. white house correspondent kimberly healthcare has more ahead of one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. thanksgiving us president joe biden announced the release of 50000000 barrels of crude oil from america's emergency stockpile, known as the strategic petroleum reserve. the big part of them, of the reason americans are facing high gas prices because oil producing countries and large companies have not ramped up the supply of oil quickly enough to meet the demand. the reserve holds a one month supply at current us consumption levels. it's intended for dealing with supply disruptions caused by things like natural disasters,
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not for managing prices, but the white house has been under pressure to tap into reserves as gas prices continue to rise in the u. s. leading to falling approval numbers in recent months for the president. the biden administration also says, for the 1st time it has coordinated similar releases from countries like china, japan, and south korea. the united kingdom says it will allow oil companies to voluntarily release their reserves to help supply. biden is also cracking down on gas companies who have been enjoying lower oil prices in recent weeks, but not passing savings on to americans. that's why bash the federal trade commission to consider whether potentially legal now competitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing higher prices for consumers. the bottom ministration touts clean energy as an alternative to costly fossil fuels. but the u
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. s. infrastructure is nowhere near ready to achieve that goal. my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. all eyes will now be on opec plus countries, which include saudi arabia, other gulf nations, and russia. they must decide now how to respond to this latest move. there is a big risk for them if they get the production numbers up too high, because they're not sure what economic underline economic growth looks like. a fight for control of the global energy market could now be underway. opec plus officials warned of a potential response if president biden and other world leaders tapped into their reserves. opec plus is scheduled to meet next week. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house? the united nations has ordered immediate evacuations and family members of its international staff from ethiopia. that is growing alarm after to grow and rebels
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claim to be edging closer to the capital, addis ababa, the presidents of kenya and south africa have both call for a cease fire, victoria gate and be report i some of prime ministers, abbey ahmed soldiers, and now prisoners of war and the 2 grains have been parading them before the cameras. the presidents of kenya and south africa say all parties must commit to ending the violence. we expressed our conviction that the school for by lab amends, the roaring parties in europe. i beg with attempts to convince durham it's in reference, grocery says wire. busy i've been all inclusive political dialogue as the woodrow was closer to the ethiopian capital plans to defend addis ababa or intensifying these women have joined a neighbourhood protection,
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forced to guard against advancing rebel forces. they've set up road blocks, a searching vehicles for weapons and a checking people's documents. but they haven't but the ball as a luggage. another luggage we women believe that random security checks and passes by a very important we also encourage others to do the same. because when we do this, we have no doubt that strangers to record with their academic abby has informed the nation that he's going to the front line where he'll personally lead the army. and he's asked ethiopians to join him in what he calls the battle to save the nation. the u. s. is calling the military escalation, alarming, and says it threatens any diplomatic progress between the government and to grain forces at us is under great threat. ah, and it also means that there is likely to be considerably more suffering and people should leave now to avoid the worst possible sin scenario, which could be ah,
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rebel forces entering at us or starvation or deprivation. germany and france have joined the u. s. in urging their citizens to leave ethiopia, while the un says it's temporarily relocating the families of its staff. meanwhile, more than 2000000 ethiopians have now fled their homes with reports of human rights abuses on both sides. and 7000000 people are in need of food age, victoria, gate, and be al jazeera was going to some you'll get to choose an independent journalist johnny, now from addis ababa. this is a fast moving story. yes, samuel. so let's just get an idea of where we think the to grime forces are actually right now, in terms of the capital, addis ababa at the local government. it both be
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or indication that they might be coming about. but be just because one of the fact that that being but the fact that he was joining and be be able to join the piper. got so many people that you feel bad to fight against the late the the last. okay. sure. yeah. really just holy and see that for some people because they have the same qualities. and so great, so apologies. 12 you as i but we'll try and come back to you through the day for an update. so you'll get to to that 4th in addis ababa. well still had here on al
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jazeera southwind struggles with a new surge of k with 19 that's putting the health system under pressure and mining in the democratic republic of congo. it's a dangerous job. we'll tell you about the push to make things safe, straight after the break. ah. now most of yours are the snowed or it's feeling cold, which is of course, right as it should do is time the. the next phase of code is on its way in. is this wind here which is bring you some arctic at moment the snow is a long way nose, iceland, old norway. but that cold wind will bring snow showers to scoffed and eventually for the softening the now head of it is already cold. in much of nolan, europe temporarily with the cloud coming in any fog will lift times of temporarily rise, but they are on the way down again. this is a cold wind and there's been snow significant snow in in spite. does malta comes
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a warning out for wednesday? the 20 sent to be so sir, in the northeast, and where it's not snow on the high ground of inland spain. it's going to be raining in boston, it's wet, wet, and pepin. yours is southern france, particularly wet and italy satari beings. okay. you'll notice that if you run through the audience that's heading towards italy, i suspect later on thursday, the whole system gradually moving eastwards, but not abandoning spain completely. as you can see. now for the south, we have got rain coming out of space into both morocco and algeria then is a big gap. and although we get a few showers west of the gulf of guinea, much of north africa now is dry. ah, with frank assessments, this crisis just continue to weaken a look, a shell, even though they're cap cbd, of the beginning of the spectrum,
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informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of these critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story on al jazeera lou. the book back, you're watching over there with me. so he'll run the reminder of all top news stories. nasa has launched a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into a small piece of rock phones and hope that they can alter its course. it's a test run in a case. so in case mass,
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troy's needs to be stopped from crushing is worth federal prices that prompted the u. s. government to 15000000 barrels boil from its strategic reserve. the decision as part of a group assets involving several of the nations to make petro cheaper and combat inflation. and united nation loaded immediate evacuations of family members of its international staff from ethiopia. that's going alarm after tea grind rebels claim to be edging closer to the capital, addis ababa sedans. prime minister says an investigation has been launched into violence, committed against protest, as dozens of people were killed in demonstrations against october's military coup. now the police on security forces of denied using life fire the handle was reinstated, as soon as needed on sunday, after signing a deal with the military leadership, nearly 80 percent of lebanon population is estimated to be living below the poverty line. the un says that it's forcing families to make decisions out of desperation.
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it's calling on the country to take urgent action to protect children. after documented a rise in child labor, then a holder has more from the capital, a root, children at work. their numbers are increasing in a country where a worsening economic crisis is pushing more people into poverty. nearly 8 and 10 people in lebanon are now poor. nearly half of the workforce is unemployed. those who still have jobs struggle because of the collapse and the value of the local currency. for many like matching up de la, this means having to decide whether to send their children to school. and i have 5 children to of the teenagers. don't go to school any longer. they work at a hair salon and da cafe to help us pay bills. they are among the victims of lebanon's, economic collapse, and skyrocketing inflation. that has particularly affected children. a recent study
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by the un child agency, unicef shows 3 and 10 households have cut spending on education for and 10 have been forced to sell household items to buy basic goods. $7.10 have had to buy food on credit or using borrowed money. the united nation says living conditions have deteriorated dramatically and just a few months with more children going to bed hungry and not receiving the health care they need. i never seen a guy who was mother noticed in this country before. but the recent that i witnessed by myself a child who is really suffering from malnutrition. so those desperate the mothers and fathers who are being forced to take this, but it measures only because they need to survive all martelli is among them.
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this vegetable seller used to be able to support his family before the financial meltdown began 2 years ago. not any longer than that means alisha and hulu are among what the un says are the 260000 children of school age whose education is at risk. their father tells us the priority is to feed them and all that about them. i can send them to school every day because i don't make enough to give them pocket money or to buy the books stationary and all other items they need it. and hundreds of thousands of children are already living without the basic needs being met. and the lack of political will to change a system that has inflicted misery on the population means the crisis is set to worse than than other osha, sita balte, kevin 900 infections have reached a record high in south korea with more than 4000 cases. the number of critically ill patients is also record levels. racing fears at hospitals could become
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overwhelmed. many of those affected the elderly prompting a push full booster shots. the rise comes weeks of the social distancing rules. what eased senior, in the case of the elderly, it's observed that the immune effect the vaccination decreases rapidly over time. accordingly, after about 4 months, break through infections have been observed to increase. so the government has shortened the interval required for a booster and is rushing to administrate and protest as in the french overseas territory of guadalupe per burnt cars and set a barricades in a protest against cove. at 900 measures, anger over restrictions imposed has stirred, longstanding grievances over poverty and inequality in the region. activation rates remain low. with less than half of the population inoculated against corona virus present. nicole said the crisis was explosive, but promised to contain the situation. renew zealand. her it will remain shut off
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to foreign visitors for another 5 months. the government announced on wednesday that fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter from april. it's part of a cautious evening of border restrictions, as part of a plan that new zealanders who are in australia and had both jobs can travel home without having to quarantine from mid january and new zealanders living elsewhere can return from mid february. we have knowledge that it has been very tough. families have been separated. people have found themselves having to shelter and places they did not speak to say for prolonged periods of time. and we are acutely aware of the impact that these restrictions have had on individuals live in the livelihoods of our seed standing here many times before. when it comes to curve at 19, they're often no easy decisions. and we've often been faced with the task of making the least worst decision because we know that whatever steeps we've taken there are
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being consequences and people's lives have been affected. and the border is clearly an example of that. now the opinion says it's working with britain and the u. s. the sort of candidate to impose more sanctions against salaries. you is accusing present, alexander the shanker, of trying to destabilize the blood by encouraging migraines to cross into poland. it says it wants to start punishing transport and travel companies involved in human trafficking. the block has rejected lou shane because suggestion that you take in more refugees. a particularly cool form of hybrid threat has emerged with a state sponsored instrumental ization of people for political ends. this is not the bilateral issue of poland, lat ventless one year with bella was it is the european union as a whole that is being challenged. this has been initiated and organized by the new crush ankle regime and its supporters, the urine,
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people to the border with a cooperation of migrants, smugglers and criminal networks. that fastened is on the bellow, russian side of the border migrants facing freezing temperatures. well, conditions in this camp here are getting harsher and harsher by today. it was freezing overnights in the last couple of weeks. but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. not very must be feeling very cold. this place is not or someone can live with it all like children and cannot live inside just building warehouse, not for living. this is how they're getting some water. this is how people are washing their clothes in the middle of the month and where they go to the toilets. there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many a crime to get money or coughing. money are getting ill. so increasingly people are
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choosing to be repaired, created, they leave to the back door, fellowship officials take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess, we're not going anywhere we keep waiting until germany takes them in. and there's not a group who at night, tries to still sneak in to the polish border and try to cross secretly. but foundations of course have very difficult. and this winter here, it is really cold temperatures. people have died already runs across and so it's a very desperate situation. thousands of balls and in coal. mine is a striking against government plans to cut jobs as the state switches to renewable energy, walden, 7000 people working coal mines and by the government. the mine is opposed government plan to sack about 2000 mine isn't reduced the wages of those who keep their jobs and an explosion as munitions factory and serbia has killed at least 2
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people injured 16. please say rockets were being stored in the warehouse that was destroyed by the blast. trains are being used to search for survivors in the crater left by the explosion. a made a shows of chips is affecting global supplies as calls mobile phones and other electronic devices. it's prompted some, some the south korean electronics trying to build a multi 1000000000 dollar semiconductor factory in the us state of texas. also in jordan possible from washington d. c. this is the 2nd facility for samsung in the austin, texas area. austin, of course, is the capital of the state of texas. and that facility that samsung has had in that city has been there for about 25 years. this facility is going to be much larger. it's going to be located in a small suburb about 30 minutes away from downtown. it's going to comprise some 5000000 square meters, and it should hire between 1502000 people. once the plant is open for
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business. now this is also going to bring about $6000.00 jobs in related construction and, and so recalls during the construction period. but in a state of 29000000 people. that's a drop in the bucket. that said, this is the single largest of foreign investment in the state of texas as history added bank. so good on a promise that both the state officials and federal officials have said about trying to bring manufacturing back to the united states. there's also one of the fact that for the 1st 10 years of this new plants existence, samsung is going to get a rebate on up to 93 percent of its property taxes. property taxes are what paying for public services in the state of taxes. and so while everyone is saying this is a good thing, economically, there are going to be questions raised about whether this corporation will be
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paying its fair share. the cobalt is one of the most sought after minerals in the world. it's a key ingredient in the batteries at power, electric cars and mobile phones. much of it comes from the democratic republic of congo, but mining there is dangerous work, and the government is pushing to improve safety. malcolm web reports from coloma mine in law province. these miners work at one of the largest informal cobalt mines in the democratic republic, a candidate for the 1st time. some of them have been given safety jackets in hot hands and the manages planned to limit the number that things didn't go to plan. thousands of mine is once worked here. none of them can afford to miss a day's digging. there are a few jobs in congo, growing demand for electric vehicle batteries, for which cobalt is used in these men and about $4.00 a day. about
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a 5th of the countries cobalt is extracted by hand with unknown minds. most of them are legal. nobody can, with the accidental death the government says it wants to formalize the sector and by pool its cable, the government is going through the price. the government is going through the production, the government's going through, everything it has to be there was, anyone can come in the country and do everything they want to do. the government says it will. new law isn't a mining size, not care. what will happen to the existing mind process a warrant that we shut down for breaking roof. that's why they're providing hot, happy for the 1st time. we met the man who controls this mind. the hotel he's building in the nearby city of callaway. the. he says he's frustrated by the government plan called general cobalt enterprise or e d. c. c h,
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i met edc. prioritize is creating a monopoly. it will be a problem for us. the priority is to formalize the artistic mining sector. we don't want to be blogs, we will continue selling minerals to those who actually finance our operation for them. i use it up or less, but because i'm not back of mine. the shift is short. managers say they need more time to make it face point thing out of the work in about $200000.00. a little puzzled about a 1000000 original number of people are getting very rich when the coal mining industry. no. okay. so the table here, i'm so barely be paid anything for the shore shift if a tool there's no order here. we need order because we have too many. we need to
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buy the people in the group to work on different days more appealing for better conditions. so we can work properly. none of us have a good position in life. if we weren't here, we'd be stealing things in town to survive. many wondering if any reforms will actually happen and mine as a wondering if they'll make them safer or cost them that job. malcolm web al jazeera kalama, mine democratic republic of congo. ah, just bear with me the whole rob reminder volatile stories. nasa launched a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into a small space. rog, scientists hope that they can alter its course. it's a test run in case an asteroid needs to be stopped from crashing into earth. soaring petrol prices that prompted the u. s. government to release 50000000.


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