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[000:00:00;00] ah, the u. s. and 5 other countries will tap into day oil reserves and a bit to bring down a saw in fuel prices. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up europe's cove at 19 emergency. the world health organization says 700000 more people could die by march. kohls for safe fire in ethiopia, video shows thousands of government troops being held as prisoners of war by to grind rebels. and it's not quite om again and, but find out why nasser is going to deliberately crash
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a spacecraft into an asteroids. ah, we begin the program in the u. s. which he is releasing 15000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's part of a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. president joe biden made the announcement after coming under increasing pressure to act at white house correspondent kimberly hacket reports ahead of one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. thanksgiving, you as president joe biden announced the release of 50000000 barrels of crude oil from america's emergency stockpile, known as the strategic petroleum reserve. the big part of the him, of the region americans are facing high gas prices because oil producing countries
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and long is companies have not ramped up the supply of oil quickly enough to meet to the math. the reserve holds a one month supply at current us consumption levels. it's intended for dealing with supply disruptions caused by things like natural disasters, not for managing prices, but the white house has been under pressure to tap into reserves as gas prices continue to rise in the u. s. leading to falling approval numbers in recent months for the president. the biden administration also says for the 1st time it has coordinated similar releases from countries like china, japan, and south korea. the united kingdom says it will allow oil companies to voluntarily release their reserves to help supply. biden is also cracking down on gas companies who have been enjoying lower oil prices in recent weeks,
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but not passing savings on to americans. that's why bash the federal trade commission to consider whether potentially legal now competitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing at higher prices for consumers. the bottom ministration touts clean energy as an alternative to costly fossil fuels. but the u . s. infrastructure is nowhere near ready to achieve that goal. my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. all eyes will now be on opec plus countries, which include saudi arabia, other gulf nations, and russia. they must decide now how to respond to this latest move. there is a big risk for them if they get the production numbers up too high, because they're not sure what economic underline economic growth looks like. a fight for control of the global energy market could now be underway. opec plus officials warned of a potential response if president biden and other world leaders tapped into their
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reserves. opec plus is scheduled to meet next week. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house and one how it works at the center of global energy policy at columbia university. he says, is not clear if the move will have much impact. was very conspicuous about this strategic reserve release is that it does not involve the i, he is such, this is the 1st time this happens in the past that there's been several god, it releases in the history of the own market. all of them have been under the auspices of the idea. this is not the case this time many a year. countries are not participating in this. the itself is not participating. but you do have countries that are not part of the i, you know, that joining in the really, so it's a very new kind of event in the market. as soon as the announcement was made today, the price recovered,
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some lost ground and went up and it is not clear that it's going to work out badly because this is a problem. the strategic reserves were designed to tackle disruptions in supply reach. the price is not up because of a disruption in supply today, because the producers are not ramping up to play very fast, and the amount is recovering, perhaps faster than expected. so there is an imbalance in the market, which is driven by supply management policies. and by the strategy of all companies, not buy one of disruption, and it's not clear that this move, we will address this imbalance. the release volume is not very high either or really a bit less than what the market expected. what health organization is wanting that could be and now the 700000 deaths from coven 19 in europe by march, italy right has been dabbling since late september. to write a virus, patients in the netherlands are being transported across the border to germany, to east pressure on dutch hospitals. weekly infections here to way hold on tuesday
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from to the government to introduce new restrictions. protests against the measures have 10 violence with 21 people arrested during a 4th day of unrest. andrew simmons has moved from rotterdam. we're seeing now, really a lot of concern on the streets. you saw last friday on this street and the of the riots and the police actually opened fire with live rounds for protest as were injured. that is now com. but don't forget that there is still concern about restrictions here because the level of restrictions is reasonably high. it has to be said, there is a work from home policy. there are restrictions where i d, 's have to be used for that seems to get into public places, bars and restaurants around here. we close at 8 o'clock every night and there are
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other restrictions to now moves to make some of those restrictions into law making people really concerned. so yes, that is really a division in people. and the, the stunning plan is that 84 percent. all people here are vaccinated, so that's a high number, and a high infection rate, it doesn't really fit some claim. it's behavior over the people here, but this is a situation that's alarming to all concerned. the german government is also considering for the messages. as corona, virus infections hit record highs there, some officials of calling for public spaces to be restricted to only vaccinated people, or those who recently recovered from carver 19. while authorities in the french overseas region of modern a say, protest is opened fire during a demonstration against coven 19 restrictions. demonstrations against a strict vaccination requirements imposed by the french government, have caused civil unrest in both man to make. and what a loop,
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french president manual ma chrome has sent a special forces to the caribbean island to help diffuse the situation. john eve bonia is head of marketing employees association. contact enterprises. he can't seem to end to the violence anytime soon. is ring because the level of violence in waterloo, mainly just thought it maybe last night. martinique? well it's been been very worrying because the new product. so no shooting of the poly marriage. very serious situation. the police are marie being run the life. we know that there was a lot of munitions circulating and they young brother, specially if they think through to use them against the cover,
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then came infections have reached a record high in south korea now as well with more than 4100 cases. the number of critically ill patients is also at record levels raising fees. hospitals could become overwhelmed. many of those affected the elderly prompting push for booster shots. the rise comes awakes after social distancing rules waste to keep singing. in the case of the elderly, it's observed that the immune effect the vaccination decreases rapidly overtime. accordingly, after about 4 months of break through infections have been observed to increase. so the government has shortened the interval required for a booster and is rushing to administrate and you zealand will remain shut off to foreign visitors for another 5 months. the government announced on wednesday fully vaccinated travellers will be allowed to enter from april. it's part of a cautious easing of border restrictions, as part of the plan at new zealanders who are in australia and have had both jobs.
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can travel home without having to quarantine from mid january and new zealand is living elsewhere can return from mid february to other world news now in the presidents of both kenya and south africa have called for a cease fire in ethiopia. it comes as footage has emerged of thousands of federal troops being held as prisoners of war by to grain rebels victorian gotten be found this report i some of prime ministers, abbey ahmed soldiers, and now prisoners of war and the 2 grains have been parading them before the cameras, the presidents of kenya and south africa say all parties must commit to ending the violence. we expressed our mission that the school for barrel amends. the appeal i beg with junk with reference, grocery,
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texas. i sent over to cobra as the woodrow is closer to the ethiopian capital plans to defend addis ababa or intensifying these women have joined a neighbourhood protection, forced to guard against advancing rebel forces. they've set up road blocks as searching vehicles for weapons and a checking people's documents. but they haven't but the bi latha lug nuts and again we women believe that random security checks and passes by a very important we also encourage others to do the same. because when we do this, we have no doubt that's trained to send records with their cathy denner. abby has informed the nation that he's going to the front line, why he'll personally lead the army. and he's asked ethiopians to join him in what he calls the battle to save the nation. the u. s. is calling the military escalation alarming, and says it threatens any diplomatic progress between the government and to grain
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forces at us is under great threat. ah, and it also means that there's likely to be considerably more suffering. and people should leave now to avoid the worst possible sin scenario, which could be ah, rebel forces entering at us or starvation or deprivation. germany and france of joined the u. s. in urging their citizens to leave ethiopia, while the un says it's temporarily relocating the families of its staff. meanwhile, more than 2000000 ethiopians have now fled their homes with reports of human rights abuses on both sides. and 7000000 people are in need of food age, victoria gates, and be al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera, metro, self defense. the jury deliberates the face of 3 white men of the killing of a black man in the us state of georgia and tech jain. apples, susie's rallies by way. make a pegasus which is at the center of it's
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a violence scandal. ah, it's exit changing. weatherwise once again, slowly from most places to breathe. that this is wednesday's forecast out of iraq and down the gulf, which will be dusty's. it has been for the last day or so in turkey. this cold is coming out of eastern europe would use widespread rain snow for the mountains and that cold breeze will move down towards northern iran as well. you might find a change even effecting terrible time. you get to says the snow back in armenia in eastern turkey, a bit of snow in the fog northeast this picture was pakistan, for example. otherwise, winters, not really being felt at the moment into shan bay, some account or tashkent the studies out and said as it is across iran,
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the few shall we have seen in the live and have moved into iraq. this next batch, which will come with what's already happening in turkey, will reach as far south as lebanon, but probably won't make it many, much impact in land, at least behind a rather sunny picture. in turkey, there's a big pitch for friday. a few shall gone through iraq, into western iraq, but it's not exactly a wet picture, nor is it where it should be. for example, in kenya on tons of near the short range are almost over, but they were pretty pole. in fact, concentrations further inside a miller way, it could be quite wet. ah, the question the narrative, if you don't have ways to shake weight or disinformation is real or not, you don't have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are walter national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm
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going to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media. on out to sarah. ah ah ah hello, are you watching al jazeera, i'm emily young. when a reminder of our top stories, the salam b u. s. government is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves . it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to reverse soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. the world health organization is wanting. there could be another 700000 debts from carbon 19 in europe by march. cases have been rising as weather gets colder, with the data, right?
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doubling since like september. and the presidents of kenya and south africa have cold for sci fi in ethiopia. it comes as 40 each has emerged of thousands of federal troops being held as prisoners of war by took lion rebels. north macedonia and bulgaria had begun an official period of morning following europe's deadliest road accident in a decade. at least 45 people were killed in a fiery bus crash in bulgaria on tuesday. as rory challenge reports, the vehicle was returning to north macedonia from turkey. the cha wreckage of the bus makes clear how intense the fire must have been. the vehicle crashed and burned on a bulk area and highway in the middle of the night. it was taking mostly north macedonian tourists, back home, after a weekend trip to assemble. but it's not yet known. why? so few people made it off alive,
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or what caused this disaster in the 1st place. this damage suggest the boss hit a barrier before carrying on to crash into the central reservation. bulk air is interior minister said he was deeply shocked by what he'd seen was. not everyone can stand such a picture. the picture is terrifying. the details of this tragedy will be investigated. north macedonia, foreign minister visited survivors in hospital, in bulk areas, capital, sophia, local. so we'll need to go there for you. i'm here in the hospital to get more information. what we know is that a horrible tragedy has happened. you know, bulgaria, with the bus that carried not macedonian nationals were traveling from his tablet copier. they were over 50 passengers in the bus. dozens of them are children, over 40 were killed, some of the wounded, but consummate here. but let me for see the situation and i'll be back later with more police in north macedonia, have begun an investigation into best trends, the bus and travel company. this man came to it, shut it office in north macedonia,
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his capital scope, looking for news of his nephew from seattle check stub. so information about the crash at 6 am this morning. i saw it on the internet and as my nephew was in turkey, i started searching on the internet. i called based trends for the number to 34 hours. we do not have any information for them, nor are they answering the phone. and the investigation continues by daylight on the stream of highway into the worst bus crash in bulk area in history will reach helen's how to 0. the european union says it's working with britain, the u. s. and candidate to impose more sanctions against bell. ruth, you is accusing president alexander lucas shanker. of trying to destabilize the block by encouraging migrants to cross into poland. it says it wants to stop punishing transport and travel companies involved in human trafficking. the block has rejected. lucas shank is suggestion the a you take in more refugees
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a particularly cool form of hybrid threat has emerged with a state sponsored instrumental ization of people for political ends. this is not a bilateral issue of poland, lat ventless one year with bella was it is the european union as a whole that is being challenged. this has been initiated and organized by the new crush ankle regime and its supporters, the urine, people to the border with a cooperation of migrant smugglers and criminal networks. and step, fasten is on the bell russian side of the border where my friends are facing freezing temperature is well, conditions in this camp here are getting harsher and harsher by today. it was freezing overnights in the last couple of weeks. but now it's also freezing. during the day and it has started to snow, not goods,
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it very much. you can be feeling very cold. this place is not, or someone can live with it, like children cannot live inside this building. is the warehouse not for leaving? this is how they're getting some water. this is how people are washing their close in the middle of the month and where they go to the toilet. there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many a crime to get a money. a coughing money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created, they leave to the back door, and officials take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess, we are not going anywhere. we keep waiting until germany takes them in and is not a group who at night tries to still sneak in to the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult in this winter here it
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is really cold temperatures. people have died already trying to cross and so it's a very desperate situation. been as while as elections were held under basic conditions, indoors of previous polls, according to your main union observers. but it had declined to say whether the vote was free and fair. sundays election was the 1st and nearly for years to include opposition figures as to raise a bar reports from correct. yes. it was the report everyone had been waiting for for the 1st time in 15 years. you opinion of served the regional elections in minutes. wheeler and presented their preliminary findings. last year me a few elections were in better conditions in comparison with previous elections. the electoral council that was renewed in may 2021. it's the most balanced council in 20 years. the political campaign was filled by the excessive use of state resources . even the law says,
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how compete should be handled. there were no sanctions to the violations. on sunday, venezuelans voted to choose mayors and governors across the country. they, you, mission was invited by the electoral council and by the opposition who agreed to participate for the 1st time in 4 years. the report by the european union of servers is for many a 1st step towards the dialogue and future elections in this country. but they report also indicate that even though the elections happened with efficiency, the whole process was affected by lack of independence in the judiciary. and also lack of respect for the rule of law, something that affected the equality and transparency of the process. the government says the actions were an example of democracy, the ruling socialist party, $120.00 of the $23.00 governor shaped the opposition warning the total national vote. even though 60 percent of the population did not participate. divisions
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within the opposition prevented them from winning more states opposition leader emily got pre less as the election was not defeat now c, c o o d 80. let us also position up then them once about this is a best assault on the last 17 years. we never did these resolved before, the opposition of not falling, who was falling as muddle. the big defeat is for the government. i can honestly say nicola, my luis, desperate to regain international credibility was a murder, though, if i don't think i remember nicholas madura was willing to give him more governorships in exchange for validity of the electoral process and himself. this is not a transparent election from the perspective of a liberal democracy. it begins with the electoral council that has 2 members out of 5 of the opposition. we celebrate those 2, but they are a minority. can you imagine any country accepting that? then his will is trying to recover from an economic crisis. but sanctions from the
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united states and the european union complicate the government plans. protests and sanctions have not been able to force motherhood are out of office, which is why the your position is back in the polls. very so i'll just see that tech us a jury in the us state of georgia has wrapped up the 1st day of deliberations in the trial over. it operates death. demonstrate has gathered outside the court in brunswick. they calling for the 3 white men, accused of chasing down and killing, operate to be convicted of murder and 25 year old black man was choking through their neighbourhood when he was shot dead last year. graphic video of the incident was late online. the prosecution made a final pitch for conviction before the jury began that deliberation. dismissing the defendant claims of self defense. in this case, they committed 4 different companies, including the aggravated assault with a shotgun. they started it, they do not get to claim self defense. and then of course, publication, you can't force someone to defend themselves against you,
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so you get to claim self defense. this isn't the law flat. 17 wives, supremacist, leaders and organizations in the us have been order to pay more than $25000000.00 in damages of violence, interrupted during a fall right rally. i can 2017 and also was bought by 9 people who suffered physical and emotional injuries during a night. the ride welling in charlottesville, virginia, the following day, a woman was killed when a car was driven into counter for us. federal jury has ruled 3 pharmacy chains, c, v, s. walgreens and walmart recklessly distributed massive amounts of painkillers which helped fuel the opioid crisis to counties in the state of ohio blamed, betray for not stopping the pills, flooding into the communities. the problem is said to have cost those counties about a $1000000000.00. hundreds of people have died from overdoses in the state of our hire, the amount of damages each company must pay, will be decided by
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a judge. next year. apple has filed a lawsuit against and his rally, cyber assume it's controversial hacking tool. the tech james is anissa groups, pegasus software targeted and tracked into users in the us. apple is the latest in a string of companies and governments to pursue the spyware maker. earlier this month, it was placed on the tri blacklist by us officials, jody will be chief executive officer at global cyber risk. she says it's one of the strongest steps any company has taken so far. it's very significant because the softer was developed to target iphones and android mobile phones. so if apple can succeed and get a ban or an injunction so that the n s o software can not be used on their phones, it will effectively kill the s o market for the software. so it's
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a very big move by apple. one that i'm very glad to see them take, i think it's very important. they are trying to hide their fear mongering. and they're trying to hide behind the terrorist and peta files. and the fact is, they aren't trotting out examples of terrorism and head of files and their technology successfully defeating that. what we're seeing is governments that have use this technology to suppress human rights and civil rights. and ways that are countered to democratic principles. and certainly in the united states, national security interests. so they are just simply trying to hide behind israeli defense licenses for the technology and also claiming that it can be used to catch bad guys while the bad guys may be in s. so inflation across the world has been linked to supply chain disruptions and a global shortage of chips used infected ranging from phones to cons has heat manufacturing, that's from the samsung, the south korean electronics giant to announce plans to build
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a semi conductive factory in the u. s, state of texas with $17000000000.00 construction is set to begin next year with operations to staff in 2024. in just under an hour from now master is set to launch a spacecraft and it's going to deliberately smash into an asteroid. it's a test run. in the event, a jain space rock needs to be redirected away from the devil asteroid read erection . it test. oh, done for sure is being aimed at an object code to move is scientists hope they can alter its course by colliding with it. amy thompson is a contributor at space dot com. she says the mission could provide essential technology in the future. this size of asteroid is really hard to detect with telescopes here on earth. so astronomers are probably only found about 30 to 40 percent of these asteroids that are orbiting near the earth. so the purpose of this
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test is to see if they can move an asteroid, so that if one is, you know, on track to impact the earth that they can prevent that from happening. the really big asteroids which are planet killers are pretty easy for nasa. and astronomers to detect, so what they're really targeting our asteroids that could be like regional destroyers like something that could have a huge impact and say, a certain part of the, the planet. so it's really important that we have a means to protect against those. this is going to be a test, obviously to push an asteroid just a little bit out of its orbit, but this technology can actually be scaled up so they can use it for different things in the future. maybe for moving objects in deeper space or moving different types of satellites. that type of thing. among his groups, by albert einstein laying out his theory of relativity has been auctioned in paris
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for $13000000.00. the 54 page document by the noble prize winning physicist and his collaborator, michelle besser, was written between 913 and 14 einstein's theory of relativity, revolutionize the understanding of astrophysics. ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera and these are the top stories. this our u. s. government is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices. white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has moved. i was, has a lot to do with the timing of the american thanksgiving holiday. this is


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