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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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again, he said, what laces, especially have is making an invisible duty b unscripted on out to thera, ah, the u. s. and 5 other countries will tap into their oil reserves in a big to bring down soaring gas prices. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin, mrs. out here live from doha, also coming up, europe's covered 19 emergency. the world health organization says 700000 more people who die by march. cole's foresees fire in ethiopia, footage shows thousands of government troops being held as prisoners of war by
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tagline, rebels. and it's now quite armageddon, but find out why nasa is going to deliberately crash a spacecraft into an asteroids. ah, we begin in the u. s, which is releasing at 15000000 barrels of oil for minstrel, tangent reserves. it's part of a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. president joe biden made the announcement after coming under increasing pressure at our white house correspondent, kimberly help it reports ahead of one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. thanksgiving, you as president joe biden announced the release of 50000000 barrels of crude oil from america's emergency stockpile, known as the strategic petroleum reserve. the big part of them,
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of the reason americans are facing high gas prices because oil producing countries and large companies have not ramped up the supply of oil quickly enough to meet the demand. the reserve holds a one month supply at current us consumption levels. it's intended for dealing with supply disruptions caused by things like natural disasters, not for managing prices, but the white house has been under pressure to tap into reserves as gas prices continue to rise in the u. s. leading to falling approval numbers in recent months for the president. the biden administration also says, for the 1st time it has coordinated similar releases from countries like china, japan, and south korea. the united kingdom says it will allow oil companies to voluntarily release their reserves to help supply. biden is also cracking down on gas
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companies who have been enjoying lower oil prices in recent weeks, but not passing savings on to americans. that's why bash the federal trade commission to consider whether potentially legal now competitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing higher prices for consumers. the bottom ministration touts clean energy as an alternative to costly fossil fuels. but the u . s. infrastructure is nowhere near ready to achieve that goal. my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. all eyes will now be on opec plus countries, which include saudi arabia, other gulf nations, and russia. they must decide now how to respond to this latest move. there is a big risk for them if they get the production numbers up too high, because they're not sure what economic underline economic growth looks like. a fight for control of the global energy market could now be underway. opec plus
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officials warned of a potential response if president biden and other world leaders tapped into their reserves. opec plus is scheduled to meet next week. kimberly, how can al jazeera, the white house, and anton house works at the center of global energy policy at columbia university . he says, it's not clear if the move will have much impact. was very conspicuous about this. strategic is a release, is that it does not involve the i, he is such, this is the 1st time this happens in the past. you know, there's been several audiences releases in the history of the own market. all of them have been under the auspices of the idea. this is not the case this time many a year. countries are not participating in this. the i h. f is not participating, but you do have countries that are not part of the i, you know, that joining in the really, so it's a very new kind of event in the market. as soon as the announcement was made today,
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the price recovered, some lost ground and went up and it is not clear that it's gonna work out. partly because this is from the strategic reserves. were designed to tackle disruptions in supply reach. the price is not up because of a disruption in supply today. it's because the producers are not ramping up to play very fast, and demand is recovering, perhaps faster than expected. so there is a balance in the market which is driven by supply management policies. and by the strategy of all companies, not buy one of disruption, and it's not clear that this move, we will address this in balance. the release volume is not very high either or really bit less than what the market expected. about how the organization is warning. there could be another 700000 deaths from car the 19 in europe by march. it's only right has been doubling. seems like september for one of our patients in
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the netherlands being were being transported rather across the border to germany. to ease pressure on dodge hospitals, weekly infections hit a record on tuesday, prompting the government to introduce new restrictions. protests against the measures have turned violence with 21 people arrested during a 4th day of unrest. andrew simon has more from what we're seeing now. really a lot of concern on the streets you saw last friday on this streets and the of the riots and the police actually opened fire with live rounds for protest as were injured. that is now com. but don't forget that there is still concern about restrictions here. because the level of restrictions is reasonably high, it has to be said, there is a work from home policy. there are restrictions where i d, 's have to be used for vaccines to get into public places,
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bars and restaurants around here will close at 8 o'clock every night. and there are other restrictions to now moves to make some of those restrictions into law. making people really concern, so yes, there is really a division in people and the stunning flat is that 84 percent. all people here are vaccinated. so that's a high number. and a high infection rate, it doesn't really fit some claim. its behavior over the people here, but this is a situation that's alarming to all concerned the german government is also considering. so the measures is corona virus infections hit record highs them. some officials are calling for public spaces to be restricted to vaccinated people, or those who recently recovered from cove at 19 authorities in the french overseas territory of monta make say protested open fire during
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a demonstration against harvard 19 restrictions demonstrations against strict vaccination requirements imposed by the french government have caused civil unrest in both martinique and quite a loop french president. manuel mccomb has sent special forces to the caribbean islands to help defuse the situation to the news now and north. macedonia and bulgaria have begun an official period of morning following europe's deadliest road accident in a decade. at least 45 people were killed in a fiery bus crash in bulgaria on tuesday as well re challenged reports the vehicle was returning to north macedonia. from checking the char, wreckage of the bus makes clear how intense the fire must have been. the vehicle crashed and burned on the bulk area and highway in the middle of the night. it was taking mostly north macedonian tourists, back home, after
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a weekend trip to assemble. but it's not yet known. why? so few people made it off alive, or what caused this disaster in the 1st place. this damage suggest the bus hit a barrier before carrying on to crash into the central reservation. bulky air is interior minister said he was deeply shocked by what he'd seen. not everyone can stun such a picture. the picture is terrifying. the details of this tragedy will be investigated . north macedonia, foreign minister visited survivors in hospital, in bulk areas capital, sophia, will need to go there and i'm here in the hospital to get more information. what we know is that a horrible tragedy has happened in bulgaria with the bus that came not macedonian nationals were traveling from his tumbled to scorpion. they were over 53 passengers in the bus. dozens of them, my children, over 40 were killed. some of the wounded but concert here. but let me 1st see the situation and i'll be back later with more police in north macedonia,
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have begun an investigation into better trends. the bus and travel company. this man came to it, shut it office in north macedonia, capital scope you looking for news of his nephew, seattle chest. so information about the crash at 6 am this morning. i saw it on the internet and as my nephew was in turkey, i started searching on the internet. i called based trends for the number to 34 hours. we do not have any information for them, nor are they answering the phone. and the investigation continues by daylight on the stream of highway into the worst bus crash in bulk area. history will reach helen's how to 0 sedans, prime minister says, and the investigation has been launched into violence committed against protest. it's according to the country state news, i've been saying dozens of people were killed in demonstrations against october's military, hers. the police and security forces have denied using live fire, dell hunger was reinstated. and sometimes later on sunday,
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after signing to deal with the military leadership the presidents of kenya and south africa have both coal for essays, fire in out a therapy. it comes as footage emerged of thousands of federal troops being held as prisoners of war by to grind fighters. victoria gang b reports i some of prime ministers, abbey ahmed soldiers, and now prisoners of war and the 2 grains have been parading them before the cameras. the presidents of kenya and south africa say all parties must commit to ending the violence. we expressed our connection with schofield barracks or manson patches in europe. i beg with joe with reference grocery, texas wire. busy and i sent over to carlos as the woodrow was
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closer to the ethiopian capital plans to defend addis ababa or intensifying these women have joined a neighbourhood protection, forced to guard against advancing rebel forces. they've set up road blocks, a searching vehicles for weapons and a checking people's documents. but there haven't but the balance for luggage. another luggage we women believe that random security checks and passes by a very important we also encourage others to do the same. because when we do this, we have no doubt that's trained to send records with their jackie, derrick. abby has informed the nation that he's going to the front line where he'll personally lead the army. and he's asked ethiopians to join him in what he calls the battle to save the nation. the u. s. is cooling the military escalation, alarming, and says it threatens any diplomatic progress between the government and to grain forces at us is under great threat. ah, and it also means that there's likely to be considerably more suffering. and people
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should leave now to avoid the worst possible sin scenario, which could be ah, rebel forces entering at us or starvation or deprivation. germany and france of joined the u. s. in urging their citizens to leave ethiopia, while the un says it's temporarily relocating the families of its staff. meanwhile, more than 2000000 ethiopians have now fled their homes with reports of human rights abuses on both sides. and 7000000 people are in need of food age. victoria gates and b al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera mera, or self defense. the jury deliberates the vice of 3 white men over the killing of the black man in the us state of georgia. and we have the story of a football with a ray who is now a refugee hunting to settle your ah,
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it's time to feel a bit more winter watch a lot more winter in the way it feels he's going to coat that coltrane. most of the united states, the snow is limited to ways the centers of low really, which is basically countered in the mountain states of the u. s. attempts is if you just pick your favorite city in watched and they were going to go down. festival was caught, a breeze come across, the plane stays in the head down towards the south. the snow is restricted to british columbia, but that system's gonna come in and bring rains very south. this has been forming as that cold comes, gets the air is already sitting there from the gulf like a line of thunderstorms for thursday. this is thanksgiving day from texas right up the ohio valley behind it. it's cold, but sunny, so most places dry. not looking too bad at all, but that cold you think?
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what would it keep flooding saved. i think not. that was just one brief push and now it just gives up. it will stay cold, those great lakes, ne, look at the plains, states the managers to get war again. bismark up to about 11 degrees. normally a cold place by friday, while the system start the push back again. so we'll see, repeat performance as you might expect. we would do, cleveland represents what happens if you're in the great lakes, even the sunshine lake effect snow on friday and sunday. ah. the step beyond the comfort zone were assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live with this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary use that old through
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perception. witness on a just the euro. lou ah, hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories. miss allen, the u. s. government is releasing at 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several nations to reverse soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. the world health organization is wanting. there could be another 700000 deaths from covered 19 in europe and by march cases have been rising as the weather gets colder, with the daily right, doubling since late september and north,
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macedonia and bulgaria have begun and official morning period following a europe's deadliest road accident in a decade, at least 45 people were killed when a bus crashed and caught fire in bulgaria on choose j on worked to nov. max journia . european union says its working with britain, the us, and canada to impose more sanctions against bela bruce. they, you is using princeton's, alexander luther shank of trying to stabilize the block. find charging migrants to cross into poland. it says it wants to stop punishing transport companies involved in human trafficking. the block has rejected. lucas shank is suggestion the you taking more refugees. a particularly cool form of hybrid threat has emerged with a state sponsored instrumental ization of people for political ends. this is not
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a bilateral issue of poland, lat ventless one year with bella was it is the european union as a whole that is being challenged. this has been initiated and organized by the lucas shank regime at its supporters. the uring people to the border with a cooperation of migrants, smugglers and criminal networks. and step, fasten is on the bell russian side of the border where my friends are facing freezing temperature. well, conditions in this campaign are getting harsher and harsher by today. it was freezing overnights in the last couple of weeks. but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. not goods, it very much. you feel very cold. this place is not or someone can live with it or like children cannot live inside this building. the
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warehouse is not for living. this is how they are getting some water. this is how people are washing clothes in the middle of the month. and where they go to the toilets, there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many a crime to get money or coughing. money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created, they leave to the back door. officials take them to the airport, but there's also quite a significant group assess. we are not going anywhere. we keep waiting until germany takes them in and is not a group. who at night tries to still sneak in to the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult in this winter here it is really cold temperatures. people have died already runs across and so it's a very desperate situation. the migrant crisis at the polen valerie border is far
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from the only bottleneck being faced by refugees is wynja, closes in across europe. many are also trapped in bosnia, where a former safety referees among 1000 trying to reach the e. u for waste has begun. looking back on a life left behind, this is food. my id card from abraham russell was a for accredited football, referee, and i forgot to stand officiating and football told him. and now he is a refugee stuck in a makeshift camp in bosnia, near the border with croatia just i want to continue my job. just want to back to my normal life one country in europe. and i try to do fix my live again. keep peace for the camera is as close as russell now gets to his former career. in reality, there's little space in his life for leisure. the 33 year old had spent 4 years
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getting this far. and he's now trying to get to crecia. he says on his last attempt to police soul his money and told him and those with him go home. but for this quarter was, is said, go to have gone it's done, go to going to son. he had is not for animals. here is not for dirty pupils. this is europe union, this is cor, was the country, the and you, you must go back to have done this done is better for your and i can i can forget that that's what they use it to us. russell and his child just to have thousands of refugees in the balkans trying to reach the european union hopes of returning to something like a normal life dented by the constant obstacles in their path. polaris out his era. a jury in the us state of georgia has wrapped up its 1st day of deliberations in
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the trial. over bruce dance. demonstrators gathered outside the court in brunswick . they calling for the 3 white men, accused of chasing down and killing aubrey to be convicted of murder. the 25 year old black man was jogging through the neighborhood when he was shot dead last d. graphic video of the incident was late online. she had her tansy has more from outside the court in brunswick, georgia. i think that's one of the key. the key issues now is whether the actions of these 3 men were just the perfectly reasonable actions of 2 of those who are concerned about crime in the neighborhood. they. so i would re running through and they wanted to, they will why, why? why is this matter? in our neighborhood that have been, have been robberies over the course of several months when they chased him to see what he was doing. he didn't stop. then they cornered him. there was an altercation and he was killed and then the process. the prosecution. however, in her rebuttal, the was saying, look, this,
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you're saying that you are trying to tell me so sort of citizens arrest which is allowed under the law or in the state of georgia. but if you do so, you have to seen aubrey. commit some kind of crime and even if you word and this is the rest, you can't use excessive force now. so, you know, killing him in some sort altercation out of self defense because you will fight and of him when you call them cell defense of your the ones who instigated instigated the altercation. the prosecutors and you just to be unhappy about a black man running through your predominantly white neighborhood as you, especially one happy when he wasn't a bang your orders. but why would he be your orders? who would a baby orders free men in to pick up trucks? 2 of them heavily own you don't actually know. and you know, companies will reasonable try to a beta of a their orders. but in the end there, this is a jury of 11 white people, 11 black person in the deep south. and the question is whether others also think, well, i don't like it either with a live person runs through my neighborhood. what are they doing? necessarily?
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17 white supremacist leaders and organizations in the u. s. has been ordered to pay more than $25000000.00 in damages for violence that erupt, enjoying a far right rally in 2017. the law suit was brought by 9 people who suffered physical and emotional injury during the night, the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, following day a woman was killed when a car was driven to counter cases. a u. s. federal jury has road c vs walgreens, and walmart pharmacies recklessly distributed massive amounts of pain killer pills, helping to fuel the opioid crisis. the problem is said to have cost the to ohio counts or higher, rather, counties behind the case about a $1000000000.00. hundreds of people have died from overdose is in the state of a higher, the amount each company must pay damages will be decided by a judge. next year. apple has filed
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a lawsuit against this riley cybersex for its controversial hacking tomb. the i find makers says n s o groups pegasus software tracked and targeted apple uses in the us. apple is the latest in a string of companies and governments to receive a tech company. earlier this month. us officials placed it on a trade blacklist. sturdy, west b is a chief executive officer at global cyber risk. she says it's one of the strongest steps any company has taken so far. it's very significant because the software was developed to target i phones and android mobile phones. so if apple can succeed and get a ban or an injunction so that the n s o software can not be used on their phones, it will effectively kill the s on market for the software. so it's a very big move by apple. one that i'm very glad to see them take,
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i think it's very important. they are trying to hide their fear mongering. and they're trying to hide behind terrorists and peta files. and the fact is, they aren't trotting out examples of terrorism and head of files and their technology successfully defeating that. what we're seeing is governments that have use this technology to suppress human rights and civil rights. and ways that are countered to democratic principles. and certainly in the united states, national security interests. so they are just simply trying to hide behind israeli defense licenses for the technology and also claiming that it can be used to catch bad guys while the bad guys may be in a so in a matter of hours, nasa is set to launch a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into an asteroid. if the test run, in a case a giant space rock needs to be redirected away from earth in the future. the double asteroid redirection test on data for sure. it is being aimed at an object code to
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morphis scientists hope they can alter its course by colliding with it for more on this story lives bringing amy thompson, who joins us live on skype from orlando, florida. she's the contributor at space, dot com and online resource for space information. amy, i'm so glad you are with us because i know nothing about space. tell us why something like dat is needed and why asteroids such as such a threat to our so thank you. so much the ashtray, this mission is targeting is roughly a 140 meters in diameter. and so this size of asteroid is really hard to detect with telescopes here on earth. so astronomers are probably only found about 30 to 40 percent of these asteroids that are orbiting near the earth. so the purpose of this test is to see if they can an asteroid, so that if one is, you know,
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on track to impact the earth that bacon prevent that from happening. so luckily about an asteroid could crashing to earth and destroy. like in that movie, i'm again really big asteroids which are planet killers are pretty easy for nasa and astronomers to detect. so what they're really targeting are asteroids that could be like regional destroyers like something that could have a huge impact and say, a certain part of the, the planet. so it's really important that we have a means to protect against those how big of an advancement is this in space? technology having equipment like gas and it's pretty big. so it's got a couple of technology demonstrations on board. one is an ion drive, which is actually a different type of propulsion system. and so it is powered by the spacecraft on
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energy that it gets from its solar arrays. so that's pretty, pretty exciting. and then the other thing is the solar res, themselves. so they are a flexible material that kind of roll out, and nasa just installed a set of these on the international space station as well. and now they're going to tested on an interplanetary mission. only what could be made for future technology in terms of dash so this is going to be a test, obviously to push an asteroid just a little bit out of its orbit, but this technology can actually be scaled up. so they could use it for different things in the future, maybe for moving objects in deeper space or moving on different types of satellites, that type of thing. well, it will be exciting to watch in just under 3 hours time. thank you very much for your insights. amy thompson,
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they're from spice dot com. ah hello, are you watching out here? and these are the top stories this hour. the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring the fuel prices. our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett explains the timing of the announcement. i will has a lot to do with the timing of the american thanksgiving holiday. this is a holiday that americans typically get into their cars and they drive great distances. and the problem is right now, some people can't do it because the gas prices are just too expensive, it's cost prohibitive for them. so that, that's one reason. another reason is in addition to the rising gas prices, what we're seeing are empty shelves in the united.


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