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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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agent for mon, 16 nations going head to head in 6 papa phil stadiums. 20 rental tape will keep you across the action as capital prepared for the regions. the biggest ever school thing. event that the for our come on i was is there a little oh, hello. i hadn't c k and all how the top stories on as you see in the u. s. is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from a strategic reserve. it is a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. president bud made the announcement off the coming on the increasing pressure to act. petrol prices have more than doubled compared to a year ago. china, india, south korea, japan and the u. k. are also releasing oil from their reserves. white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more on the decisions. it was also
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a speech that was geared towards those nay sayers that say the president is making a mistake by releasing the strategic petroleum reserves. what the criticism has been, is that this might resolve the issue in the short term and lead to some, in the immediate future, lower gas prices. but ultimately, because the issue of supply and demand globally has not been resolved, that this will drive the prices up. so what you heard there is the president not only saying, look at this is a global problem, but the fact that he's also saying that this will work out in the end one point to know. and all of this is that with regard to the release of these reserves, the president isn't just releasing it all over night. in fact, there's going to be one portion down in the 1st 3 months and then another portion in the coming months. and this he believes is going to allow for this kind of staggered approach that will ensure as the supply catches up to the demand as
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a result of people turning the economy back on. due to the coven pandemic, that this will resolve those issues. and the prices will stabilize at a lower rate. that's what this bind administration is counting on. one other announcement in there of importance, and it really affects domestic consumers, though, is the point that the president was making that he believes oil and gas companies are exploiting the situation. and really he accuse them essentially of price gouging of illegal behavior, and that they are now seeing lower rates and the oil supply, not passing that on to the consumer. so the president announcing there that he will be investigating that, how the world health organization is warning that could be another 700000 deaths from covered 19 in europe by march. covered patients in the netherlands are being transported across the border to germany, to ease pressure on hospitals. weekly infections hit a new record on tuesday, prompting the government to introduce new restrictions. protests against them have turned volatile. authorities in the french overseas territory of martinique say,
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protest this open fire demonstration against covered 19 restrictions protests against strict vaccination requirements imposed by the french government will have cause civil unrest in both martinique and guadalupe. a jury in the u. s. state of georgia has wrapped up its 1st day in the trial over armored aubrey's death. demonstrated, gathered outside the court in brunswick, calling for the 3 white men accused of chasing down and killing him to be convicted of murder. 25 year old black man was jogging through the neighborhood when he was shot dead last year. the prosecution made a final page for conviction before the jury began deliberating, dismissing the defendant's claims of self defense. in this case, they committed 4 different companies, including the aggravated assault, the shot gun. they started it, they do not get to claim self defense. and then of course, provocation,
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you can't force someone to defend themselves against you. you get to claim self defense. this isn't a law flag. the presence of kenya and south africa have called for a ceasefire, and ethiopia saying, all parties must commit to ending the violence. it comes with pictures of immersed a thousands of federal troops being held as prisoners of war by t grier fighters per year. long conflict has intensified in recent months with fighters from the northern te gray region advancing towards the capitol. at his album, the head of the you are nuclear war stock says he's hoping to reach common ground with iran over its program. last week, rafael grosses agency detailed is concerns including a lack of access to surveillance footage from nuclear sites. those that headlines were back after i said, master of cale ah
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ah, the civil war in syria has now been fought for more than a decade. around half a 1000000 syrians have died and the conflict of more than $12000000.00 of left the country tens of thousands are held in government prisons within the series, but bought out all our son is still president of the. so i don't to see a side as the real cause of the problems in syria. he was not as hands determination
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to remain in power has had global consequences. neighboring countries have been overwhelmed by millions of refugees. other countries have been drawn into the conflict and new geopolitical dynamics of developed because of russia support for us. but how did this whole come a bumped before the war aside to developed a reputation over 10 years as a reformer. and this has made his government's actions since 2011. all the more shocking. the best analogy could you see that it can be my term. he'd be a good kind of a person. you would wanna have a dinner party going back. i did not see any evidence that a cheryl are sad, could become the premier war criminal of the 21st century. ah
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ah ah ah french t. v. filmed with us at a few months before government troops attack demonstrators in the street, in march 2011. here he seemed driving to the opera in damascus with his wife asthma you have to put your seat belts on. otherwise the police with therapy class had studied medicine and damascus and then up from ology in london. but when his elder brother basil was killed in a car accident, in 1994 basha returned to syria as heir apparent. actually we'd like to go very much into concert tonight from french music, of course, because young of course,
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very, very old one there. nobody can say, but from the university, mary matthew and you're assigned to people. i would have i go to my world to the fed up. i. i only drive myself, but it's very unsecure. no, no, no. it is very secure. company bulletproof can open the window. it open your window yet otherwise there will be living in it like living in a cage. nobody wants to live in a cage. when i saw its father, hafez died in 2000 mashhad inherited one of the most notorious and isolated dictatorships in the outer world. ah, ah
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ah, in january 2011, the series of uprisings known as the arab spring began. first the chimneys ian president xena al aberdeen. ben ali was toppled, then egyptian president hosni mubarak step done baran. this time i said, met the u. s. ambassador to syria. he was very nice. i asked president martha, are you worried that the winds of change will come here? and he said he was not worried. he said the syrian people strongly supported him, strongly supported his government. ah. 7 just 2 weeks later, there was a large demonstration in damascus. a, in a market called althea,
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it happened very spontaneously very suddenly, wasn't planned. and it was immediately filmed by syrians with their cell phone. ah, and we sent a message to washington that night and said it's coming in the fire wood is very dry and it's coming. 3 days later on the 18th of march, 2011 young people in the southern city of deborah wrote on their school wall. it's your turn next doctor. their arrest and torture provoked a wave of protests which swept the country. syrian security forces attacked unarmed protesters who were colon for more freedom ah.
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at the beginning the classes we met with british ambassador friendship masses of medic, on the mass of those, i felt that i am the ambassadors. enum, western ambassadors have a concept in that heads that decide the city and people and at prices that fit and people and new abdul respond to the 3rd and pupil. i had a meeting with both sanisha van at the presidency and i said, because of the internet, because the satellite, tv eyed people will know the world will know what you do. and if you shoot a lot of people, if you kill a lot of people, every one is going to know every one in syria and every one around the world and you will be condemned. you have to a mister tactics the us offered to help us. i'd engage in talks with opposition leaders while they thought the was still time. what they would say is yes, we welcome that discussion. can you even help us organize it?
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we said we would try, but every time we got close to a discussion, ah, the syrian secret police would move in and break up meetings or arrest people. mm. internally, assad government was divided between those who favor taking a tough line and others who wanted to adult a more moderate approach. asada noticed he would make a speech on the 30th of march 2011. 0, you feel that this is speech really willing obese will bring solution because we are fried from where reverbs tuition we go. and in the 1st months, actually i went to the prison 2 times. i said it must be renew, hey anaconda is minnesota,
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which is at min assess even us so by law savvy on had it? no, i should be in nor artillery because up to laurie sally already said it, the lady was i fi and not been in hell. and to lawton law. lunesta bit will merit that tammy gillian. global could 20 not for shadow. can nice bustle talk sadly. what be late enough, he can know. yeah, you cut off min? no enough. alleviate luck was shot. my thought will be a slot. who will be? i'm in a slot than w w. f a. who about that? i don't believe i'd be. i'd like the out of i ludo thought she might be wednesday than i really why bill is jemma i there are no, none of it. none of a hello. emily, driven than the head of
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the building, is just now beside him, but i give him a lot a lot on where the hoodie latina nautica leon for anna was al ambia when he since 871. but when in my office it's as they put with it is more of them for to build on. and it's only the silence and eyes that believe that the wasp will coming. we are going to the war. wow. for one self is i said, man, i thus giddy loud, or is your moody it with what le dictates or how quickly will that then but that e deb, hey i lawton, and i think that's already there to learn azure of hoa. must villa on this matter? either web b, well let us hate for gonna lab. no, oh, his name is sarah, east london. warmerston. if you any more nor have for corolla, i must still,
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le will more than it be in all oh, had the shop oh my be seeley swati. oh, assad's 1st move was to close down the protesters. ah oh. but this simply spurred on his opponents who themselves began to take up arms. their ranks were bolstered by soldiers deserted the syrian army. soon they received international support. that's easy because they open the war all over the country. i mean, it's much easier to fight the war along your border. but whenever i saw the president, it would say we're going to be here and we're going to fight and we're going to be
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victorious. we will prevail, no problem, no matter how painful it is, but at the end we will prevent ah, by the summer of 2011, the syrian government forces had lost control of half the country. media images circulated, showing the widespread killing of any opposition the world watched. in shock on serious assad's position weakened and western governments turned against him. mary lou, i have indicated repeatedly that present alice out as loss legitimacy that he needs to step down. rather than drag his country in the civil war, he should move in the direction of the political transition. the view in the white house was as sad, is essentially finished and he is finished near term.
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and our concern in the white house is that he may be finished before the president of the united states says he should be finished. therefore, we need to get the president up to make the statement to be on the right side of history before it happens. ah, this was quite a turnaround for a president who had previously managed to project a very positive image to western leaders. he speaks english. he's a handsome man, wedding suit than the thigh, and therefore one was an official used to come to him before the war. they said to him, well, i do, i was an educated. he what didn't indicated is that in the left for 2 years,
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and then the west thinks that's why he is good. that's why his flexible, that's why he's enlightened because he is, was denied, means he'd like us. you know, it means we'll give him the honor to describe him that he is one like us. but he is, is therion. ah. the war caused a massive refugee exodus as hundreds of thousands and then millions of syrians flagged the fighting. this increasingly drew eastern european and other western countries into the whole crisis. france became one of the louder voices calling on our side to step done up. we shall not foresee lou policy all good supercharged us up a little bit from political book. you'd want buffy of couldn't read both of you in
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june 2012, the u. n organizer conference in june, attended by the u. s. russia, china and britain. it agree to set up a transitional body in damascus, involving the government and the opposition. but when you are secretary of state, hillary clinton suggested that aside should 1st step done. russian foreign minister loved off showed concern. it was clear to us by 2012, he would only negotiate under pressure. we hoped we hoped that the russians would apply that pressure. what does she put on the loop and you know, like, you don't even know to go what i mean, traditional jesus wanted sure would be. well, that was the soft tea along with did it for him. she was, you know, big e, her love off. i need to know how to do. the inference
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was that russian president vladimir putin chose to protect aside as syrian leader. russia had a naval base there and put in did not support the revolutions of the so called arab spring. all the idea that western countries were champions of human rights was them . oh i see where you put on because of look. oh there must leash, hostile rush, hour of need infection was fresh on my actual work with new orleans kritisha. go ahead. what are you at the new? oh sir. but missouri, wells fargo got them, miss fortune is only going to address them this she lived with and she thought they actually knew that my last leg broke of diplomacy stalled. so western governments led by the us and france increased their support for the syrian opposition in exile . and it's armed when the free syrian army. what can we do to accelerate that process? the united states and other governments decided that they would try to coalesce,
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the opposition provide it support so that it was strong enough to at a minimum, negotiate a transition in syria. oh, the west port. hundreds of millions of heroes and dollars into weapons and training programs for the soviet position. with this level of support, the opposition succeeded in gaining ground until government forces shown here in red, controlled only a 3rd of the contract. by
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early 2013 asada was becoming increasingly isolated. he rarely left the presidential palace and several former allies defected, only the continued support of russia. iran and the armed lebanese group has bhalla, enabled the government to avoid defeat with what i've been, where time when i felt that things are very, very difficult. and when i felt that it could be the last see it i live. and because we had only let them, we lay of what learn what leopard dan said, i would learn live and fight and die. and celia newman. ah, well,
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this strategy began to pay dividends. i thought supporters rallied around him and he built a firm following among the middle class and the other white and christian minority communities. at the same time, the west also began to lose patience with the syrian opposition. if your own avener have an opposition strong enough to take on a standing army and a regime with security forces that's backed by russia and iran, then you needed to be powerful in united. and i think one of the challenges we faced was it turned out the opposition was neither strong nor united self. does it a more debris, poor shoot at your keys at the same proportion? you get down journey, c. c. did or did any fuel? any people in, if you will, because she will have bony us from what i me them all her sit to and i to push out
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her with the opposition. however, certain armed groups began to gain more info than others getting stronger. they had money, they had ammunition, they had food, they could pay salaries to their fighters. a lot of young syrians, her joining them. i recommended and i know colleagues at the cia recommended that we helped those more moderate elements, who were on the one hand, competing with the al qaeda affiliate in syria, called the nurse her front. and on the other hand, were fighting asa the moderate opposition was therefore forced to fight on 2 fronts with . and asa was present the west with a greater challenge than thoughtful thought on the murat hooked in
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a hut that you'll level cut them a lot of on the 21st of august 2030 syrian government forces used chemical weapons against opposition held areas. hundreds of people were killed, including many children. hasn't had visited troops nearby, 20 days before the time i do show with the, with the us it announced a year before the chemical weapons were a red line not to be crossed. any use they said will be met with an american
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response. france also said it will be prepared to support the us with a or power. ah. president obama has the military to prepare for quite a significant response. some of the senior syrian officials sent their families out of damascus because they were worried. ah, then you might get more fighting in damascus itself. it would have been physically devastating for ah, for physical assets of the syrian regime. the precision that i know it would have reduced to, to almost 0. the potential for non combat to be killed. a few hours before the plant strikes, obama called
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a white house crisis meeting. there was a long national security council meeting that was focused. it's fair to say more on how to go about military response than whether the turning point moment was when to president came to the conclusion that he changed his mind lawsuits. lou christa america, a pin, the whole say, look is or bob or yes. really good. say to play or is almost no. so if you see lou lou for critical food and to top wife than you know, we generate the money to because took what i want to do that. tell me how to sell it. don't cure since it's got to implement. sure m, all that bona bar complete resume. his major concern is
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that the day after and american strike goss, i would still be there and might even use chemical weapons again. so then we have to hit again and maybe this time a bit harder and take out some more air defense. and then again, the logic would be to escalate into a bigger strike. and i think the president's concern was he would not be in control of that decision. it would be awesome. mm. mm. oh, community. in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's elders led the fight for self determination. reflecting on that time thinking that
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the not coast was the same as thinking of trans government. hi, the people on al jazeera, graves of the unnamed evidence that schools designed to strip indigenous people in the us of their culture also claimed the lives of their children, abuse, corporal punishment forced to child labor loss of identity, loss of language, fin, loneliness. the discipline was horrific. kids were killed. there isn't any native personal life today that hasn't had someone that went to boy's school in their family. very truth on a job 0. almost a year after violent protests and a former prisoner became president, heard these people head to the polls once again. on november 28th, it will vote for a new parliament. will this election bring long the way to change to the country? her just on both special coverage on all 0 ah,
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al jazeera with hello on has him speaker in doha, the headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from a strategic reserves. it's part of a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle flooring fuel prices. all white house correspondent, kimberly how could explains the timing of the announcement? i well, it has a lot to do with the timing of the american thanksgiving holiday. this is a holiday that americans typically get into their cars and they drive great distances. and the problem is right now some people.


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