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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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a vote horse else's ears offices in garza, are housed in that building. cover has come back. little before in human history has the once prestige environment of the arctic in such peril. ah, the u. s. and other energy supplies will release millions of bows of oil from their reserves in a bit to tackle inflation. ah, well, i'm has them secret. this is, as you see, it are live from the also coming up, murder, or self defense. the jury deliberates the fates of 3 white men over the killing of a black man in the us state of georgia. anger grows over corona virus measures. in frances caribbean, territories, protest is open fire on police. in martinique,
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the you says it's working on more sanctions against fellow roost, accusing it of using desperate people, the stabilize its neighbors. ah . although the u. s. is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. resident been made the announcement off the coming under increasing pressure to act. our white house correspondent, kimberly how could reports ahead of one of the busiest travel holidays of the year . thanksgiving, you as president joe biden announced the release of 50000000 barrels of crude oil from america's emergency stockpile, known as the strategic petroleum reserve. the big part of them, of the reason americans are facing high gas prices because oil producing countries
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and large companies have not ramped up the supply of oil quickly enough to meet the demand. the reserve holds a one month supply at current us consumption levels. it's intended for dealing with supply disruptions caused by things like natural disasters, not for managing prices, but the white house has been under pressure to tap into reserves as gas prices continue to rise in the u. s. leading to falling approval numbers in recent months for the president. the biden administration also says for the 1st time it has coordinated similar releases from countries like china, japan, and south korea. the united kingdom says it will allow oil companies to voluntarily release their reserves to help supply. biden is also cracking down on gas companies who have been enjoying lower oil prices in recent weeks, but not passing savings on to americans. that's why vash,
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the federal trade commission to consider whether potentially illegal now competitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing at higher prices for consumers. the buttons, ministration touts clean energy as an alternative to costly fossil fuels. but the u . s. infrastructure is nowhere near ready to achieve that goal. my effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. all eyes will now be on opec plus countries, which include saudi arabia, other gulf nations, and russia. they must decide now how to respond to this latest move. there is a big risk for them if they get the production numbers up too high, because they're not sure what economic underline economic growth looks like. a fight for control of the global energy market could now be underway. opec plus officials warned of a potential response if president biden and other world leaders tapped into their
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reserves. opec plus is scheduled to meet next week. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house. a jury in the u. s. state of georgia has wrapped up its 1st day of deliberations in the trial over ahmed aubrey's death. demonstrated gathered outside the court in brunswick, calling for the 3 white men accused of chasing down and killing him to be convicted of murder. 25 year old black man was jogging through the neighbourhood when he was shot dead last year. graphic video of the incident was leaked on line. the prosecution made a final pitch for conviction before the jury began deliberating, dismissing the defendant claims of self defense. in this case, they committed 4 different companies, including the egg result shotgun. they started, they did not get to claim self defense. and then of course, provocation, you can't force someone to defend themselves against you. so you get the place off
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the back. this isn't the law class. she a proton. she has more now from outside the court in brunswick, georgia. i think that's one of the key. the key issues now is whether the actions of these 3 men were just the perfectly reasonable actions of 2 of those are concerned about crime and the neighborhood they saw with re running through. and they wanted to say, well why, why, why is this man in our neighborhood that have been, have been robberies over the course of several months when they chased him to see what he was doing. he didn't stop. then they cornered him. there was an altercation and he was killed and then the process. the prosecution. however, in her rebuttal, the was saying, look, you'll saying that you are trying to tell us citizens arrest which is allowed under the law or in the state of georgia. but if you do so, you have to seen aubrey, commit some kind of crime. and even if you were doing this in the rest, you can use excessive force in killing him in some sort altercation out of self
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defense because you will fight and of him. well, you can't claim so defensive your the ones who instigated instigated the altercation? the prosecution is saying, you just have the unhappy about a black man running through your predominantly white neighborhood as you especially was happy when he wasn't a bang your orders. but why would he be your orders? who would a baby orders free men in to pick up trucks? 2 of them heavily own you don't actually know and you go no, because you feel reasonable to a bay that they their orders. but in the end there, this is a jury of 11 white people. was one black person in the deep south. and the question is whether. busy others also think, well, i don't like it either with like persons runs through my neighborhood. what are they doing necessarily of 17 white supremacy leaders and organizations in the us have been ordered to pay more than $25000000.00 in damages for violence that erupt during a fall ride rally in 2017. the lawsuit was brought by 9 people who suffered physical
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and emotional injuries during the night. the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, following day a woman was killed when a call ran into counts of protesters. the world health organization is warning. there could be another 700000 deaths from cobra 19 in europe. by march, the daily rate has been doubling since late september. covered 19 patients in the netherlands are being transported across the border to germany, to ease pressure on the hospitals. we clean infections, hit a new record on tuesday, prompting the government to introduce more restrictions. protests against them have turned violence with $21.00, arrested during a 4th day of unrest. the german government is considering further measures as corona, virus infections hit record highs there. some officials are calling for public spaces to be restricted to vaccinated people, or those who recently recovered from covered 19 authorities in the french overseas territory of martinique. se protesters open fire during
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a demonstration against covered 19 restrictions protest against the strict vaccination requirements imposed by the french government have caused civil unrest in both martinique and guadalupe french president manuel call has sent special forces to the caribbean islands to help diffuse the situation. was john e. barnett is head of martinique. employers association contact enterprises. you can't see an end to the violence anytime soon. this is why you were worrying because the level of violence we have seen in waterloo, mainly just thought maybe last night and martinique everywhere. it's been been very worrying because the new product, so no shooting the poly very, very serious situation. the police are marie being run the life so that we know that there was a lot of munitions circulating. and they young
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brother, specially if they think through to use them against the sedans. prime minister says an investigation has been launched into violence committed against protesters. that's according to sudan state news agency. dozens of people were killed in demonstrations against october military coup. the police and security forces have denied using life file on the land that was reinstated, as sedans, prime minister on sunday, after signing a deal with the military leadership of the presidents of kenya and south africa have called for a cease fire in ethiopia, saying all parties must commit to ending the violence. it comes with pictures of emerge of thousands of federal who's being held as prisoners of war. by to grind fighters the year long conflict has intensified in recent months with fighters from the northern t gray region advancing towards the capital, addis ababa. the u. s. is calling the military escalation in ethiopia. alarming. it
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says it threatens any diplomatic progress between the government and to grind forces germany and france have joined us in urging their citizens to leave it up here. while the un says it is temporarily relocating the families of its staff. if you open journalist journalist samuel, get the job, has more from addis ababa, well, even done, norsemen. he is heading to the battle ground was a shock to many people. but he has been his leadership style is something that's too practical for even by your brand standard. but he is expected to go. we've been checking, we've been looking at social media, but we can't seem to get any kind of image or confirmation that he has. indeed, going to the battleground. but what we know so far is the sub, still a city that is quiet at night. there are many, many people that had a plea,
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id suburb, including french and turkish citizens, the latest being, living into the living tomorrow night. we have confirmed all of their, most of their citizens have bought tickets to be able to go away from your bank stating that the fighting that's happening in a far away place in a region is certainly coming to the suburbs. but the local government is saying that your best should take a reach, said their arms, defend their interest, should the t p, which date your plan government is a terrorist organization comes to town. and there is a job in the state of emergency many to 10 months at night. it's quiet at nights, the clubs, the coffees, the restaurants are very quiet that night, showing you that the sun was turned a place to that to quiet. it's no longer normal city that it used to be or the head of the you are, nuclear was so says he's hoping to reach common ground with iran over its nuclear
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program. rafael grossi has been meeting senior iranian officials into iran last week. his agency detailed his concerns, including a lack of access to surveillance footage from nuclear science ship comes just days before. well, powers are set to try to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal with talks planned in vienna . there are a number of issues that we are working on as the president just said. it's very important that we put this in the perspective of the peaceful nuclear program of iran at a time where climate change demands that we work together that we ad cleaned, lucre energy to the mattresses around the world. and as it was discussed just a few days ago in glasgow, dasa jabari has reported extensively from iran and has more on the day's events from dall. first, there were delays, and then
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a cancellation of the press conference by the director of the international atomic energy agency who spent less than 24 hours in the waiting capital meeting with high ranking officials. russell grossi was supposed to brief the media about what took place in those meetings, but it appears that now is not the time. there is a board of governors meeting in vienna where he will address those members about what is taking place in the nuclear facilities in iran. and of course, there are many issues remaining, one of them being accessed by the inspectors, and specifically to one site. that is a catch just outside of terror on it is where i knew that the radians are building their own central futures. since that there was an attempt to sabotage attack in june, there are 4 cameras at that facility, and one of them was attacked at that time. the radians then took all 4 cameras offline and the i. e has not had access to any of those recordings or anything that
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has happened since then. and this is a serious cause for concern for the director general, who has said that it is very crucial that the iranians allow the i e a to go back in there and to see what has been taking place. that it remains to be seen. what has the director general of the a managed to accomplish during this visit? and if it's enough to move forward with these nuclear talks for the time being we're, we'll have to wait and see what the final reports will say from the 8 before the nuclear talks resume. on november 29th, a still head on al jazeera, the un warns the future of lebanon's children is at stake. good millions going hungry horse to drop out of school. then we'll have the story of the football referee who's now refugee hoping to settle in europe. ah ah look forward to brighter skies the
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weather sponsored my cattle a ways right when to proper has tucked in now is snow falling in the northeast of china. having come out of magnolia, the cold wind, an arctic wind, really going across the still open waters, but hitting a huge number of snow shouts in the western slopes of hans sure. and how could it possibly enough for warnings of avalanches in a couple of days time, even if not that we've already got gail warnings on the coast is a strong wind, but it's left behind. a vast amount of sunshine attempt is on the low side, will creep up a little bit in the next day or so. it's a dry pictures throughout china now. it's not us human as it was in hong kong, but it still 24 warm degrees. that ne, one, so now settin will tend to give you rain. nissan. sal is on as it is in vietnam and cambodia. it's not going to the same in bangkok. finally, nolan and central thailand is dry. this is most of mere marks. if in the far south, and you will get periods of flooding in bangalore, ro, hyderabad, and chin eyes,
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you know, they don't normally exist this time the year, but they have been now we settled down to a normal pattern with sri lanka and thomas nodded. being the wet, his places in this season, unfortunate the northern plane of both india and pakistan and much of the pole suffers in the cities from persistent poor quality. oh, the weather sponsored by katara, always serious, dull his days with one man leading the country through us present to alice out his last legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? may be a reason that could effect any human ah, sight master of chaos on al jazeera lou
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. the me again, you're watching. i just did a reminder of our top stories this out. the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 bows and oil from a strategic preserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to reverse soaring fuel prices in combat inflation. a jury in the u. s. state of georgia has wrapped up its 1st day considering his verdict and the racially charged trial of alma aubrey's debt. 3 white men are accused of chasing down and killing the 25 year old black man. last year, the world health organization is wanting. that could be another 700000 deaths from koby 19 in europe by march cases have been rising as weather gets cold up with the daily rate doubling since late september the european union says it is working with
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britain, the us and canada to impose more sanctions against spellers, you is accusing a president, alexander lucas shanker, of trying to destabilize the block by encouraging my goods to cross into poland. it says it wants to stop punishing transport companies involved in human trafficking on the block as rejected. lucas shank, a suggestion it take in more refugees. stevenson is on the bellow russian side of the border where my grants are taking shelter from freezing temperatures. while conditions in this camp here are getting harsher and harsher by today. it was freezing overnights in the last couple of weeks, but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. not goods, it very much. you can be feeling very cold. this place is not, or someone can live with it or like children and cannot live inside this
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building is the warehouse not for leaving. this is how they're getting some water. this is how people are washing close in the middle of the mob and know where they go to the toilets. there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many a crime to get a money. a coughing money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created, they leave to the back door, hello, should official take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess. we are not going anywhere. we keep waiting until germany takes them in and is not a group who at night tries to still sneak in to the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult in this winter here it is really cold temperatures. people have died already runs across and so it's a very desperate situation or the migrant crisis at the poland bella roost border
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is far from the only bottleneck being faced by refugees as winter clothes is in across europe. many also trapped in bosnia, where a former fee for referee is among thousands trying to reach the full rece has more one vacant, looking back on a life left behind. this is food. my id card from abraham russell was a fee for accredited football, referee, and i forgot to stun officiating and football. told him. and now he is a refugee stuck in a makeshift camp in bosnia, near the border with croatia just i want to continue my job. just want to back to my normal life one country in europe. and i try to do fix my live again. the 2nd, keep your peace for the camera is as close as russell now gets to his former career in reality,
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as little space in his life for leisure. the 33 year old has spent 4 years getting this far, and is now trying to get to krisha. he says on his last attempt, or the police stole his money and told him and those with him to go home. but sir fuller's court was who said, go to afghanistan, go to have gone to son. he is not for animals. and he is not for dirty pupils. this is europe union, this is cor, was a country you knew, you must go back to afghanistan. is better for you and i can i can't forget that. that's what they use it to us. russell and his child are just to have thousands of refugees in the balkans trying to reach the european union. their hopes of returning to something like a normal life dented by the constant obstacles in their path pole rece out. his era investigations had begun in bulgaria after euro's deadliest road accident in
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a decade. at least 46 people were killed off the fire engulfed a bus that was returning to north macedonia from turkey. only several people on board survived. worry challenge has more. the charge, wreckage of the bus makes clear how intense the fire must have been. the vehicle crashed and burned on the bulk area and highway in the middle of the night. it was taking mostly north macedonian tourists, back home, after a weekend trip to assemble. but it's not yet known. why? so few people made it off alive, or what caused this disaster in the 1st place. this damage suggest the bus hit a barrier before carrying on to crash into the central reservation. bulky, air is interior minister said he was deeply shocked by what he'd seen was not everyone can stun such a picture. the picture is terrifying. the details of this tragedy will be investigated. north macedonia, foreign minister visited survivors in hospital,
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in bulgaria, capital, sophia, lucifer for. i'm here in the hospital to get more information. what we know is that a horrible passage he has happened in bulgaria, but the bus had carried not macedonian nationals were traveling from his tumbled copier. there were over 53 passengers in the bus. dozens of them are children, over 40, were killed, some of the wounded, but concert here. but let me 1st see the situation and i'll be back later with more police in north macedonia, have begun an investigation into better trends. the bus and travel company. this man came to its shattered office in north macedonia capital scope here, looking for news of his nephew. for marcia shes sub. so information about the crash at 6 am this morning. i saw it on the internet and as my nephew was in turkey, i started searching on the internet. i called visit trends for the number for 34 hours. we do not have any information for them, nor are they answering the phone. and the investigation continues by daylight on
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the stream of highway into the worst bus crash in bulk area in history will reach helens, how to 0. nearly 80 percent of lebanon's population is estimated to be living below the poverty line for you and says that's forcing families to make decisions out of desperation. it's calling on the country to take urgent action to protect children . after documented, a rise in child labor, zayna hall, the reports from beirut. children at work. their numbers are increasing in a country where a worsening economic crisis is pushing more people into poverty. nearly 8 and 10 people in lebanon are now poor. nearly half of the workforce is unemployed. those who still have jobs struggle because of the collapse and the value of the local currency. for many like masha, the up de la, this means having to decide whether to send their children to school. on the
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console in, i have 5 children, 2 of the teenagers don't go to school any longer. they work at a hair salon and da cafe to help us pay bills. they are among the victims of lebanon's, economic collapse, and skyrocketing inflation, that has particularly affected children. a recent study by the un, so child agency, unicef shows 3 and 10 households have cut spending on education for and 10 have been forced to sell household items to buy basic goods. $7.10 have had to buy food on credit or using borrowed money. the united nation says living conditions have deteriorated dramatically in just a few months with more children going to bed hungry and not receiving the health care they need. i never seen a guy who was mother noticed in this country before. but the recent that i witnessed by myself a child who is really suffering from malnutrition. so
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those this but the mothers and fathers who are being forced to take this, but it measures only because they need to survive all martelli is among them. this vegetable seller used to be able to support his family before the financial meltdown began 2 years ago. not any longer one and that means alicia and hollywood are among what the un says are the 260000 children of school age whose education is at risk. their father tells us the priority is to feed them and them and all that about and say i can send them to school every day because i don't make enough to give them pocket money or to buy the books stationary and all other items they need it and hundreds of thousands of children are already living without the basic needs being met. and the lack of political will to change a system that has inflicted misery on the population means the crisis is set to
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worse than than other osha, sita, beirut, when his weight is elections were held under better conditions than those of previous contest, say you, observers. but his head declined to say what the vote was free and fair sundays election was the 1st in nearly 4 years to include opposition figures. theresa bo reports from crackers. it was the report. every one had been waiting for it. for the 1st time in 15 years, there you appear on union of serve the regional elections in venezuela and presented their preliminary findings last year with you on their san berman battle . the elections were in better conditions in comparison with previous elections. the electoral council that was renewed in may 2021. it's the most balanced council in 20 years. the political campaign was filled by the excessive use of state resources. even the law says how campaign should be handled. there were no
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sanctions to the violations. on sunday, venezuelans voted to choose mayors and governors across the country. they. e. u mission was invited by the electoral council and by the opposition who agreed to participate for the 1st time in 4 years. the report by the european union of servers is for many a 1st step towards a dialogue and future elections in this country. but the report also indicate that even though the elections have end with efficiency, the whole process was affected by lack of independence in the judiciary. and also lack of respect for the rule of law, something that affected the equality and transparency of the process. the government says the elections were an example of democracy, their ruling socialist party, $120.00 of the $23.00 governorships. the opposition wanting the total national vote . even though 60 percent of the population did not participate. divisions within the opposition prevented them from winning more states. all our position leader
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embry gabriella, says the election was not a defeat. now, what is your object that a salvador position obtained them one for bell? this is a beth felton the last 17 years. re no updating these results before the opposition of not falling. who was falling as my little the big defeated for the government? i what can you annually say nicole? am i louise, desperate to regain international credibility was a murder, though it puts under guerrmo nicholas madura was willing to given more governorships in exchange for validity of the electoral process and himself. this is not a transparent election from the perspective of a liberal democracy. it begins with the electoral council that has 2 members out of 5 of the opposition. we celebrate those 2, but they are a minority. can you imagine any country accepting that? that is, will as trying to recover from an economic crisis. but sanctions from the united states and the european union complicate the government plans,
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protest and sanctions have not been able to force muddled or out of office, which is why the, your position is back in the polls. betty, so i'll deceit at that. i got a manuscript by albert einstein lay out. his famous theory of relativity has been auctioned in paris for $13000000.54 page document by the nobel prize winning physician and his collaborator, michelle meso, was written between 1913 and 14 einstein's theory of relativity. revolutionized the understanding of astrophysics auction house christy's didn't say who the successful bidder was. ah, all right, let's get around up the top stories. now the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 bows of oil from a strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring.


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