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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 2:00am-2:30am AST

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i to day that i had someone that went to boys school and her family very truths on a jesse euro. ah, all the us and all the energy supplies will release millions of bowels of oil from their reserves in a bit to tackle inflation. ah, hello and hasn't think of this is i just get a life and also coming out? europe's coven, 19 emergency. the world health organization says 700000 more people could die by march. metal, or self defense. the jury begins deliberations in the trial of 3 white men, the killing of a black men in the u. s. state of georgia,
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and more than 130 years after slavery was polished, why the battle for racial equality in brazil is far from over. i the u. s. is releasing 50000000 bows of oil from a strategic reserves. it is a coordinated effort with several nations to tackle soaring fuel prices and combat inflation. president biden made the announcement off the coming under increasing pressure to act. actual prices have more than doubled compared to a year ago. china, india, south korea, japan and the u. k. also releasing from their reserves. and monopolies, that the largest ever released from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve tell, provide the supply we need as we recover from this pandemic. in addition, i brought together other nations to contribute to the solution india,
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japan. republican korean, the united kingdom have agreed to release additional oil from their reserves. and china may do more as well. this coordinated action will help us deal with the lack of supply, which in turn helps ease prices. the bottom line. today we're launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil and effort that will span the globe and has reached our white house correspondent, kimberly how can, has more now on the decision. it was also a speech that was geared towards those nay sayers that say the president is making a mistake by releasing the strategic petroleum reserves. what the criticism has been, is that this might resolve the issue in the short term and lead to some, in the immediate future, lower gas prices. but ultimately, because the issue of supply and demand globally has not been resolved, that this will drive the prices up. so what you heard there is the president not
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only saying, look at this is a global problem, but the fact that he's also saying that this will work out in the end one point to know. and all of this is that with regard to the release of these reserves, the president isn't just releasing it all over night. in fact, there's going to be one portion down in the 1st 3 months and then another portion in the coming months. and this he believes is going to allow for this kind of staggered approach that will ensure as the supply catches up to the demand as a result of people turning the economy back on. due to the coven pandemic, that this will resolve those issues. and the prices will stabilize at a lower rate. that's what this bind administration is counting on. one other announcement in there of importance, and it really affects domestic consumers, though, is the point that the president was making that he believes oil and gas companies are exploiting the situation. and really, and he accused them essentially of price gouging of illegal behavior. and that they
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are now seeing lower rates and the oil supply not passing that on to the consumer. so the president announcing there that he will be investigating that well, anton half joins us live now from paris to talk more about this. he works at the center on global energy policy at columbia university, and is a former chief oil analyst at the international energy agency. thanks very much for being with us. so is this move by the u. s. president and other nations going to work in, in tackling the higher prices. not sure dollar are actually the price when i left of the announcement they had come down quite a bit in expectation of a release in the last few days. but as soon as the announcement was made to dead, the price recovered. some lost ground and went up. but it, it, it's not clear that it's gonna work out badly because the strategic reserves were designed to tackle disruptions in supply. the price is not up because of a disruption in supply today. it's up because producers are not cramping up,
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supply very fast and, and demand is recovering, perhaps faster than people are expected. so there is an imbalance in the market, which is driven by supply management policies, and by the strategy of all companies, not buy one of the disruption. and it's not clear that this move, we will address this sir, this imbalance. the release volume is not very high either or really bit less than what the market expected. is there a danger as well that the, the opec plus nation's lead by saudi arabia and russia, who both have lots of oil themselves? will they simply because they want prices to remain high? will they simply count this by, by cutting supplies a day and at their, in a to, to stabilize the price? there's been some talk of that and there's been some, some, some mentions of this possibility by producer countries. i'm not sure this will
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happen. i'm sure i'm not sure it needs to happen, but even if it doesn't releasing onto day or from the reserves, we leave consumer countries more exposed to future disruptions and more are subject to the pricing power of producer countries in the future. this also brings up what's interest? yeah, i'm sorry, go ahead. i was gonna say what's interesting and in the release there's a couple of things that are pretty new. first of all the, the amount of release of the release from the u. s. is not that high and a lot of the volumes is really made up of 222 pieces. one piece is about 30000000 barrels that need to be swapped, that are swap that need to be replaced, put back in the, in the, in the reserve. in the next few months when the price is expected to go down. but it might not go down at all. and then 80000000 hours are actually parents that were
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scheduled to be sold. and the sellers just moved up. so it's not really volumes that are really added to the market is just volumes are moved. now it had to be taken back into, into the, the reserves later or, or so, or, or says that were expected, but are happening faster than the other thing is. what's very conspicuous about this strategic is a release is that it does not involve the i, he is such, this is the 1st time this happened in the past. you know, there's been several god, it releases in the history of the oil market. all of them have been under the auspices of the idea. this is not the case this time. many a year countries are not participating in this. the itself is not participating. but you do have countries that are not part of the idea that joining in the release, so it's a very new kind of event in the market. this also brings up the question of the whole purpose of this sas strategic petroleum reserve, which is the u. s. has it's,
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it's an emergency emergency stock pile that is there to preserve access to, to all well in case of natural disasters and national security issues, things like that. is this the right tool then to try to fix what is essentially a short term supply problem? you know that the selling, the something that can be debated is not what the result was intended to do. but at the same time, what's becoming apparent is that in this energy transition that started where we are including more renewables in the, in the energy mix, we actually need more buffer stocks to handle the viability of renewable supply. we've seen this over the last few months with the law when supply in europe over the summer with lot hydro supply from china and brazil because of drought. we've seen more demand for natural gas than the market expected. and some true switching
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from gas to, to all in an event to call. as we move forward with the transition, we're gonna need more and more buffer stocks. and it's unclear that commercial stocks can't really handle this need. and maybe the government has a bullet to play in that sense. beach release that was enough today. it may be the 1st in the series may be a preview of what the market whitney that we'd experience over the next few years. good to talk to you and twan. how? thank you. you're welcome. or the world health organization is warning. there could be another 700000 deaths from coven 19 in europe by march. the daily rate has been doubling since late september, co with 19 patients in the netherlands are being transported across the border to germany, to east pressure on hospitals. weekly infections hit a new record on tuesday, prompting the government to introduce new restrictions. protest against them have turned violent with $21.00, arrested during a 4th day of unrest. andrew simmons as more from rotterdam,
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we're seeing now really a lot of concern on the streets. you saw last friday on this street and the of the riots and the police actually opened fire with live rounds for protest as were injured. that is now com. but don't forget that there is still concern about restrictions here because the level of restrictions is reasonably high. it has to be said, there is a work from home policy. there are restrictions where i d, 's have to be used for that seems to get into public places, bars and restaurants around here. we close at 8 o'clock every night and there are other restrictions to now moves to make some of those restrictions into law, making people really concern. so yes, there is really a division in people and the stunning flat is that 84 percent. all
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people here are vaccinated, so that's a high number, and a high infection rate, it doesn't really fit some claim, its behavior over the people here. but this is a situation that's alarming to all concerned. the german government is considering further measures. as corona, virus infections hit record highs, some officials a calling for public spaces to be restricted to vaccinated people, or those who recently recovered from covered 19 authorities in the french overseas region of martinique. se protest is open fire during a demonstration against coven 19 restrictions. protests against strict vaccination requirements imposed by the french government have called civil unrest in both martinique and guadalupe france president emmanuel, or mcroy, has sent special forces to the caribbean islands to help defuse the situation. our jury in the us state of georgia is considering its verdict in the racially charged
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trial over alma aubrey's death. demonstrators have gathered outside the court in brunswick, calling for the 3 white men, accused of chasing down and killing him to be convicted of murder. 25 year old black man was jogging through that neighbourhood. when he was shot dead last year. his death became part of a larger national reckoning on racial injustice in america after graphic video of the incident was leaked online. or the prosecution made a final pitch for conviction before the jury began deliberating, dismissing the defendant's claims of self defense. in this case, they committed for different companies, including the aggravated shock than they started it. they do not get to claim self defense. and then, of course, provocation, you can't force someone to defend themselves against you, so you get to claim self defense. this isn't the law. black. she ever chassis joins us live now from brunswick in georgia. so she have a very keenly
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a way to decision. now for this jury, in a trial that has once again underscored the demit, the divisions in america over race and guns and property as well. and i think that sort of the key, the key issues now is whether the actions of these 3 men were just the perfectly reasonable actions of those who are concerned about crime in the neighborhood they saw with re running through. and they wanted to say, well why, why, why is this matter in our neighborhood that have been, have been robberies over the course of several months when they chased him to see what he was doing. he didn't stop, then they call it him. there was an altercation and he was, he was killed and then the process, the prosecution. however, rebuttal the was saying, look, the zone you'll saying that you are trying to tell us citizens, the rest of it is allowed under the law or in the state of georgia. but if you do so, you have to seen aubrey, commit some kind of crime. and even if you were doing this in the rest,
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you can't use excessive force. that's killing him in some sort altercation out of self defense because you fight and of him. well, you can't claim so defensive. you are the ones who instigated instigated the altercation. the prosecution is saying, you just have the unhappy about a black man running through your predominantly white neighborhood as you especially was happy when he wasn't a bang your orders. but why would he be your orders? who would a baby orders free man and to pick up trucks? 2 of them heavily oem do you don't actually know and you know, companies for a reason to obey their, their orders. but in the end there, this is a jury of 11 white people, 11 black person in the deep south. and the question is whether. busy others also think, well, i don't like it either with a black person runs through my neighbor. what are they doing necessarily perhaps as one of the, one of the defense lawyers suggested aubrey was, was up to no good. i think the, the line so far that we had of the entire trial perhaps,
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was one of the defense lawyers characterizing aubrey, not as a victim, but someone in chino shorts without sulks to cover up his overgrown dirty toenails. why would she say that unless she felt there was some kind of see me here, mine amongst these one of the jurors and takes one of the jurors to feel that the prosecution hasn't proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt. all right, she had thanks for that. she had potential life or stare in brunswick, georgia. i'll 17 white supremacist leaders and organizations in the u. s. have been ordered to pay more than $25000000.00 in damages for violence that iraq did during a fall. right rally in 2017 and also was brought my 9 people who suffered physical and emotional injuries. during a unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, falling day, a woman was killed when a call rammed into counter practice. the still ahead on al jazeera of coal for
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nationwide protest is focused on is continued to feel the pressure from ramping inflation rescue efforts continue in southern india after thousands escape major flooding. ah, it's time to feel a bit more winter watch a lot more winter in the way it feels is going to coat that coltrane. most of the united states, the snow is limited to asia, the centers of low really, which is basically countered in the mountain states of the u. s. attempts, you just pick your favorite city in washington. they were going to go down. festival was caught, a breeze come across the plane, stacy head down towards the south. the snow is restricted to british columbia, but that system's gonna come in and bring rains very south. this has been forming as that cold comes, gets the air is already sitting there from the gulf like
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a line of thunderstorms for thursday. this is thanksgiving day from texas right up the ohio valley behind it. it's cold, but sunny, so most places dry. not look in too bad a toll, but that cold you see what would it keep flooding? so i think not. that was just one brief push and now it just gives up. it will stay cold. there is a great lakes, northeast look at the plains, states, the mansions to get war again. bismark up to about 11 degrees. normally a cold place by friday, while the system start to push back again. so we'll see, repeat performance as you might expect. we would do cleveland represents what happens if you're in the great lakes, even the sunshine lake effect snow on friday and sunday. ah, with one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, the contract needed to oakland and develop it whole international shipping company
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to become a key middle east. and we'll try them to come monday skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the work connected to the future while the cato kata gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, again, you're watching, i just get a reminder of our top stories. the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it is a coordinated effort with several nations to reverse soaring fuel prices, combat inflation,
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wild health organizations warning that could be another 700000 deaths from coven 19 in europe by march. cases have been rising as the weather gets colder daily, right? doubling since late september, the jury in the us state of georgia is considering its verdict and the racially charged trial. ahmed aubrey's death. 3 white men are accused of chasing down and killing the 25 year old black man. last year. the president of kenya and south africa have called for a cease fire in ethiopia, saying all parties must commit to ending the violence that comes as pictures of emerged of thousands of federal troops being held as prisoners of war by t grier fighters. they put on public display in the regional capital mckelly over the weekend, the year long conflict as intensified in recent months with fighters for the northern te gray region advancing towards the capital, addis ababa. the us special envoy for libya has quit just weeks ahead of planned
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elections. there no official reason has been given for young cooper's resignation. he had been in the row for less than a year. nearly $100.00 candidates registered to run in december presidential votes, including the war on holly for thought and a son, a former leader mama, daffy diplomatic editor james bay, says the resignation is a major surprise. mister cooper. she is one of the u. ends. veteran negotiators. he's a former foreign minister of his country sla vacuum. he read lead un missions in tajikistan, in afghanistan, in iraq, and in lebanon before coming to libya, the beginning of the year, as the special envoy on what the un considered a very important piece process. they've made a lot of progress so far and it comes to its combination elections, go ahead on the 24th of december as planned. and yet mr. cubic is leaving one month and the day before those elections. and i can tell you i've spoken to you and
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officials, i've spoken to security counsel diplomats and they are shocked that he is leaving. at this time we knew that he probably was going to leave his post at some point because the plan is he's based in geneva to have a new un chief who is actually based in tripoli. but the fact he's leaving a month before the elections does really beg, lots of questions. and despite me pressing the un repeatedly to detail his reasons were not really being given any reasons at all. the only thing i'm being told by some diplomats is that mr. cubis is not in perfect health and was happy to do a job in geneva, but doesn't seem fit enough all appeals. he might not be fit enough to do the job in tripoli. the head of the u. a nuclear watchdog says he's hoping to reach common ground with iran over its nuclear program. raphael grossi has been meeting senior ronnie officials into iran last week. his agency detailed his concerns, including a lack of access to surveillance footage for nuclear slides. trip comes just days before. well,
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powers are set to try to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal with talks planned in vienna . apple has filed a lawsuit against and israeli cyber place controversial hacking to the iphone makers says in a so groups pegasus software tracked and targeted apple uses in the u. s. apple is the latest in a string of companies in governments to pursue the tech company. earlier this month, the u. s. u. s. officials placed it on a trade blacklist. rescue and recovery operations are continuing in southern india after devastating floods. at least 30 people are dead or missing. thousands have been evacuated to relief camps as more heavy rain is predicted over the next few days. elizabeth, for on a report. the southern city of ben glued who has received more than $400.00 times the amount of rain it usually does in november. flooding has led to the deaths of at least 24 people in the state of car malika and thousands have been stranded,
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emergency workers using boats to rescue people from their homes. but a lot of writing is that heavy rating is probably likely to continue 3 or $4.00 to $603.00. it's not nearly 3000 because we are living in other parts of the glue to many can't get into their homes. we can't go inside the house and there's too much water in front of it. all the groceries are inside and we've been outside the house since last night. many people are concerned, they could be more flooding as several lakes are overflowing. but it's been more than 12 years since the lake became full. and this is the 1st time it's been overloaded and the drains to become blocked. now water is overflowing and it has rained very heavily to the states of under the common nod and put a cherry are also badly affected. dozens of people including rescue workers,
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have died. an entrepreneur dish with an indian air force as a lifting people to safety. many parts of southern india are experiencing excess of rainfall. environmentalist say unpredictable and extreme weather across south asia as being driven by climate change and made worse by deforestation, the construction of dams and excessive development. while the rain has eased the worst effected state entrepreneur dish people in thumb and not preparing for more heavy down port. elizabeth moran and al jazeera new delhi of people in pockets on a struggling financially as inflation rises in the economy was the price of goods has hit 70 high and the local currency has slumped against the u. s. dollar or some of bon jovi, reports about all the vendors have increased, but the number of buyers is decreasing. used clothes and shoes are sold at this
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roadside market, which has been here for decades. the business is not, but it used to be put on about the body of i have been selling youth shoes for a long time. it is only this year when prices have showed up so high that there are no customer people who have no purchasing power. i'm struggling to feed the children. the buckets on loopy is at its lowest against the dollar and commodity prices at their highest in 70 years. to keep the economy afloat, the government has borrowed from allies like saudi arabia, as well as loans from the international monetary fund, facing a double whammy of us charity and inflation. people are complaining about essentially being too expensive from food to fuel and utilities, including electricity light. i've had a lot of hope and prime minister ron cons, government and been totally disappointed. even people like cars who have never had to look football game from the street or struggling to for the basic medical policies in the opposition have called their supporters to the streets in protest
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against inflation and say they will march to the capital if the economy continues to decline parkinson's rate of inflation has driven in the last few years and 9.7 percent in the last 3 years. the prices of basic food items rocketed. aquino, sugar now costs 90 cent. instead of 35 liter of milk cost $0.70 instead of $55.00 and the basic staple that back to florida is that $3.00 instead of 2. the government says the price of wheat and focused on is half of what it costs in neighboring india. and bangladesh, and it blames a global increase in oil prices for the search and fuel and electricity charges. currently, our country is in a bit of hyperinflation. there are many reasons behind it when one of the most important reasons and the most visible reason that one can identify. the incompetency of our government is not the case says the prime minister, even on hand, blames the previous governments for the current economic troubles with anybody who
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get hum, buy because i'm happy to announce the biggest welfare program in pakistan's history . yes, there is inflation in the country, but we should also look at what the government is doing to alleviate the situation . but near the prime minister's house, buyers and sellers in his arm about used items market say their incomes are no much for pocket funds, inflation. some of the job down to 0 is love about november is black conscience months in brazil, it has the largest black population outside africa and was the last country in the americas to abolish slavery. it's 1988 constitution pledged to amend wrongs of the past. but 3 decades later, black brazilians are still battling for their rights. monica jani, q reports from among gotta sheba. this meeting takes place every november in the settlement of slave descendants. it's a moment to relive stories of brazil's dark and silence path. she loves milk many
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say slavery's over song, but we're still feel its consequences or can undergo a lot of pressure to leave the lance, which are rightfully ours. 60 to families live in this killer women garrett. she bought 130 kilometers from the city of rio de janeiro. it's one of the $5000.00 communities scattered around brazil, built by former slaves. many of them had run away, hiding from their masters. the 90 needed constitution gave their descendants the right to claim their lands and keep their traditions like small scale farming. that's easier said than done the munger. tuberculosis has been at the center of a battle with an investment company that wants to build a resort on it's lance and isaac university on which will not negotiate our history, nor our rights were only here today because we resisted otherwise would have been kicked out until recently, people who live here, we're not allowed to win toward leave the settlement freely. they were stopped at
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the gate built by the company and forced to hand over 50 percent of their prod. years that changed when they were put under state protection. most that are barley brothers, jo gillam boil, which stepped in because their lives were being threatened and are still at risk of the eco invest company. doesn't allow the electrical company to install electricity in the colombo. it devolved to phillipe he blames the lack of electricity for the death of his oldest daughter, olivia. she had leukemia and needed medicine which had to be stored in a refrigerator. but we couldn't have one because we had no light. earlier this year, the mom got at sheila columbus court in important victory. the brazilian stayed finally recognized its plans, which include landmarks of the settlements difficult past. these are the ruins of one of many plantations in rio de janeiro that thrived until brazil became the last american nation to abolish slavery, in 1888. your zonal domingos takes her son to the places where their african
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ancestors were forced to work. slavery may have ended 133 years ago, and blacks in brazil now up number wife. but the struggle for equal rights, she tells him this far from over monica and not give al jazeera margaret sheba. ah, this is exit. let's get a round up of the top stories. the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 bows of oil from a strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring fuel prices. our white house correspondent, kimberly how can explains the timing of the announcement i will has a lot to do with the timing of the american thanksgiving holiday. this is a holiday that americans typically.


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