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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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upfront with me mark my hill one out there. oh, be the hero world needs right. ah, marsha, in, ah, the u. s. as it will release millions of barrels of oil reserves. joining forces with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to try to bring down the soaring prices. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, europe's code 19 emergency, the world health organization ones. another 700000 people could die by march. an investigation begins after bus carrying tourists home crashes in western bulgaria,
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getting at least 45 people, including a dozen children. and a jury are sent to decide if it was murder or self defense, left armada, aubrey and unarmed black men dead at the hands of 3 white men. under the u. s. as joined forces with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to release their strategic all reserves. it's meant to combat soaring inflation and high petrol prices, which are forcing people to cut back on essential supplies. it also puts the u. s. and its allies on a collision course with oil producing nations who have so far refused to increase their output substantially. india, as it will release 5000000 barrels. the u. k. one and a half 1000000 from private reserves. and japan and south korea will announce details in the coming days. it's the u. s. that's releasing the most 50000000
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barrels. $32000000.00 will be exchanged and then restocked. and the remaining $18000000.00 were already authorized to be sold. as a drop in the ocean of the total u. s. reserve. any 605000000 barrels stored in salt caverns deep under louisiana and texas. still this will be one of the biggest releases those due to libya's uprising, hurricane katrina and the 1st gulf war. we're only around 10 to 30000000 barrels a. here's the problem. a steady increase in wholesale oil prices, which may have cooled lately, but i've still fueled high prices at the pumps. announcing that the largest ever release from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve tell, provide the supply we need as we recover from this pandemic. in addition, i brought together other nations to contribute to the solution india, japan. republican korean, the united kingdom have agreed to release additional oil from their reserves. and china may do more as well. this coordinated action will help us deal with the lack
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of supply, which in turn helps ease prices. the bottom line. today we're launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil and effort that will span the globe and his reach and ultimately reach your call, your corner gas station. god willing white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has law on the president announcement. it was also a speech that was geared towards those nay sayers that say the president is making a mistake by releasing the strategic petroleum reserves. what the criticism has been, is that this might resolve the issue in the short term and lead to some, in the immediate future, lower gas prices. but ultimately, because the issue of supply and demand globally has not been resolved, that this will drive the prices up. so what you heard there is the president not only saying, look at this is a global problem, but the fact that he's also saying that this will work power in the end. one point
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to know in all of this is that with regard to the release of these reserves, the president isn't just releasing it all over night. in fact, there's going to be one portion done in the 1st 3 months and then another portion in the coming months. and this he believes is going to allow for this kind of staggered approach that will ensure as the supply catches up to the demand as a result of people turning the economy back on. due to the coven pandemic, that this will resolve those issues. and the prices will stabilize at a lower rate. that's what this bind administration is counting on. one other announcement in there of importance, and it really affects domestic consumers, though, is the point that the president was making that he believes oil and gas companies are exploiting the situation. and really he accused them essentially of price gouging of illegal behavior, and that they are now seeing lower rates and the oil supply, not passing that on to the consumer. so the president announcing there that he will
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be investigating that the world health organization is warning that could be another 700000 dest from code 19, in europe, by march, the day rate has doubled since late september. and the netherland some patients are being taken over the border to germany, to ease pressure on hospitals. but us government has introduced new restrictions. protests against them have turned violent with $21.00, arrested during a 4th day of unrest. under simmons has more from rotterdam. we're seeing now really a lot of concern on the streets. you saw last friday on this streets and the of the riots and the police actually opened fire with live rounds for protest as were injured. that is now com. but don't forget that there is still concern about restrictions here because the level of restrictions is reasonably high. it has to be said, there is
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a work from home policy. there are restrictions where i d, 's have to be used for that seems to get into public places, bars and restaurants around here. we close at 8 o'clock every night. and there are the restrictions to now moves to make some of those restrictions into law making people really concerned. so yes, there is really a division in people. and the stunning fact is that 84 percent of people here are vaccinated. so that's a high number. and a high infection rate, it doesn't really fit some claim, its behavior over the people here. but this is a situation that's alarming to all concerned. as you mentioned, some of the patients in the netherlands are being taken over the border of the border, but germany is already struggling with record cases. it's government is considering new restrictions come a cane as the basis from berlin. part all the new rules that were brought in last
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week is that when the incidence, the hospitalization incidence reaches a certain level then harder measures kick in. so obviously receiving patients from other hard hit countries is going to have an impact on that hospitalization rate. but it's worth making the points that here in this country, the numbers are in some people's minds. and when i say people, i mean politicians who are making decisions is catastrophic. so for example, the prime minister of the politically important satan, the south bavaria has been tweeting today that's in his stage right now. every 25 minutes, one person dies of corona will, that's extrapolated to a 24 hour rate is 50 and more every day, more than 50 bavarian dying of corona point here is in terms of the actual numbers. 2 different milestones are in people's minds. the 1st one has already been
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exceeded more than 5000000 cases in this country, since the pandemic began. and the 2nd one, which is perhaps psychologically much more significant, is going to happen the next 2 days, potentially a 100000 people dead in this country. from corona right now, it's just below 99 and a half 1000. but with 300 people dying every day in this country from cove. it chance to saw that in a couple of days time that mark will be reached. ah, investigations had begun in bulgaria into the west bus crash in the country's history, and he's 45 people were killed after fire and gulf the vehicle when it was carrying tourists back to north macedonia, which is declared 3 days of morning or a challenge of course the charred wreckage of the bus makes clear how intense the fire must have been. the vehicle crashed and burned on the bulk area and highway.
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in the middle of the night, it was taking mostly north macedonian tourists, back home after a weekend trip to assemble. but it's not yet known. why so few people made it off alive for what caused this disaster in the 1st place. this damage suggest the bus hit a barrier before carrying on to crash into the central reservation. bulky, air is interior minister said he was deeply shocked by what he'd seen was not everyone can stand such a picture. the picture is terrifying. the details of this tragedy will be investigated has the good north macedonian foreign minister visited survivors in hospital, in bulk area of capital. sophia lucifer employed in i'm here in the hospital to get more information. what we know is that a horrible tragedy has happened in bulgaria. with the bus that came not macedonian nationals were traveling from his tumble to scorpion. they will over 53 passengers
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in the bus. dozens of them, my children over 40 were killed some of the wounded but concert here. but let me 1st see the situation and i'll be back later with more police in north macedonia, have begun an investigation into as a trends the bus and travel company. this man came to shut it office in north macedonia. capital scope you looking for news of his nephew from seattle chest. i so information about the crash at 6 am this morning. i saw it on the internet and as my nephew was in turkey, i started searching on the internet. i called bass trends for the number for 34 hours, and we do not have any information for them, nor are they answering the phone. and the investigation continues by daylight on the stream of highway into the worst bus crash in bulk area in history will reach helens how to 0. she does. prime minister says an investigation has been launched into violence, committed against protest us, according to sedans,
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state news agency, dozens of people have been killed in demonstrations against october's military coup . the police and security forces have denied using live fire of della hun, doc was reinstated as to don's leader on sunday, after signing a deal with the military leadership the president of kenya and south africa, of called for a ceasefire in ethiopia, and follows a promise by ethiopia, prime minister abbey ahead to travel to the front line. the conflict has intensified recently with fighters from the northern tig or i region advancing towards the capital, addis ababa footage has now emerged of thousands of federal troops being held as prison of prisoners of war by rebel fighters and put on public display in the regional capital mckelly over the weekend. the u. s. is calling the military escalation, alarming, and says it threatens any diplomatic progress between the government and to grind forces. germany and france have joined the u. s. in urging their citizens to leave
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with your peer or the u. n. says it's temporarily relocating the families of its staff if european journalists, samuel, detach, who has more or may not have a bath. when even done norsemen, he is heading to the battle ground was a shock to many people. but he has been, his leadership style is something that's too practical for even by ethiopians standard. but he is expected to go. we've been checking, we've been looking at social media, but we can't seem to get any kind of image or confirmation that he has indeed going to the battleground. but what we know so far is the sub, still a city that is quiet at night. there are many, many people at lee at the suburb law, including french and turkish citizens, the latest being living into the living tomorrow night. we have confirmed all of that. most of their citizens have bought tickets to be able to go away from your
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bank stating that the fighting that's happening in a far away place. and i'm part of region is certainly coming to the suburbs. but the local government is saying that your best should take a reach, said their arms, defend their interest, should the t p, which date your plan government is a terrorist organization comes to town and there is a job in the state of emergency money to 10 months at night it's quiet at nights, the clubs, the coffees, the restaurants are very quiet. i've made showing you that i'd be some of us turn, a place to that's too quiet done. it's no longer normal city that it used to be. the un special envoy for libya has quit just weeks ahead of the country's elections . official reason has been given the resignation of young who is beating the role for less than a year. nearly $100.00 candidates have registered to run in december's presidential vote, including the warlord holly for hafta and
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a son of formerly dam womack. gadhafi. still ahead of al jazeera, there any children, but they going to what? we look at how levin is painful collapse is hurting its youngest people and more than a 130 years after slavery was abolished. while the battle for racial equality in brazil is far from ah, as you know, australia is considered to be a big does it, but you wouldn't think so the last 23 weeks and that much the spring has been very wet and this indicates he's going to carry on that same vein is an active frontal system of thunderstorms, in the tropics, all the way down to tasmania. the concentration which is in effective in the red does it center, has already produced flooding. it'll do the same in south australia in new south
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wales, in queens and, and possibly for the south in victoria. as you know, the orange things indicate pretty deep thunderstorms, and they are widespread that they've left behind dry weather in western australia about some we get to says they said he to now and pers pretty warm is in the twenty's in most other places. and the opposite seasons also talk to him quite nicely. it's we can dry in mr. chime about ne monsoon, which is seasonal, will just enhance the rain for a bit longer in vietnam and cambodia and increase the i think on the eastern side of do solomon has been equally in carla, but that's gone for the service now as for india, but as you know, there's been awful lot of circulation around, particularly tamadrius funnels. his chin are this you seasonally normal, but this circulation here hints that we might get a bit of a risk from flooding in sri lanka over the next 2 or 3 days. ah, with the story of
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a small community in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's elders lead the fight, the self determination residing at that time, thinking that the not coast was the same as thinking up to end government by the people on al jazeera lou. ah, ah, amount of top stories here in our 0, u. s. is teamed up with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to release oil reserves. they're trying to bring down petrol prices and combat soaring inflation.
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it's expected to anger oil producing countries which are being refusing to increase output. the world health organization is warning that could be another 700000 deaths from coven 19 in europe. by march cases have been rising as the weather gets colder, with daily rate doubling. since late september and investigations have begun in bulgaria into the worst boss crash in its history. and he's 45 people including 12 children, were killed when it caught fire jurors in the u. s. state of georgia and our considering their verdict in the trial. a 3 men charged with the killing of ahmad aubrey demonstrations have gathered outside the court in brunswick, calling for them to be convicted of murder. the 3 men who were all white are accused of chasing down and killing albury, who was an unarmed black man. out jogging in the neighbourhood with prosecution made a final pitch for conviction before the jury began deliberating,
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dismissing the defendant's claims of self defense. in this case, the warning for companies including the ag resolve shotgun, they started it. they did not get to claim self defense. and of course publication, you can't force someone to defend themselves against you, so you get a place off the back. this isn't the wild west chamber towns. he joins us live from brunswick in georgia. so tell us more about those, those closing arguments. well that was the rebuttal to the defense argument that we had on on monday that the actions of these 3 but perfectly reasonable. these just concerned citizens of the neighbourhood, worried about bud, reasons of a cut over the course of several moments. they see i would re jogging through that neighborhood and i think you know what, we should all seem what he's what he's doing it. we should make our inquiries, they give chase. aubrey doesn't stop them if it, well, why is he running?
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if he hasn't done something wrong, one of them decides to attempt to citizens arrest aubrey isn't, isn't cooperative in the, in the ensuing struggle. what are the man feels that his life is in danger and shoots aubrey dead? we should realize. remember, by the way, this is always one of these tangential but pretty important systemic issues is that the police believed all that is only 2 months later, after of resent when footage occurred of the incident that actually the case is reopened, as well as the police can so that was a perfectly normal, normal state of affairs. i could have happened. and i suppose the point of the be the defense is that someone on the jury will think, well, that was a perfectly normal state of affairs. you know, you see a suspicious class and you view jason, this could, could well happen. the difference is, of course, that we do have the video and the investigation did take place into the prosecutor saying, wait a 2nd. you call to make it citizens arrest. as you've seen aubrey already do something wrong. none of these men have feet over. do anything wrong and you call claim self defense as we had if you or the one who instigates and be able to cation
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not only that you're committing various felonies as part of that part of that altercation, but it just takes one juror to see the men's actions as reasonable, it's the jury of a level white people, one black person, we're in the deep south. and we could see, at least, what are the lawyers for the defense seeming to appeal to someone on the jury by saying, you know, but we always shouldn't be seen as a victim. he's just a man in khaki shorts with no socks to cover his dirty, dirty, long, overgrown toe now. so why would you say that? and unless you thought there is some sort of seem him to exploits, so the jury will have to decide at it's, yeah, it just takes one person to throw the charges out. she have a chance to thank you very much indeed. now apple has filed a lawsuit against c and is ready cyber firm over its controversial hacking tool. the i phone maker says, and so groups,
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pegasus software tracked and targeted apple uses in the us. apple isn't maliciousness, string of companies and governments to pursue the tech company. only this month. us officials pasted on a trade blacklist. meanwhile, italy's competition watchdog is find apple and amazon, the total of more than $220000000.00 for restricting resale of tech products. it found they made a deal to buy any resellers of apple and beach products other than amazon and selected sellers. apple says it's done nothing wrong. and amazon says it will appeal nearly 8 and 10 people 11 and i estimated to be living below the poverty line. the un says it's for somebody to take increasingly desperate measures is now calling on the country to take urgent action. alfred on an increase in the number of children being sent to work. st hot reports from bay rich children at work. their numbers are increasing in a country where
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a worsening economic crisis is pushing more people into poverty. nearly 8 and 10 people in lebanon are now poor. nearly half of the workforce is unemployed. those who still have jobs struggle because of the collapse and the value of the local currency. for many like matching up de la, this means having to decide whether to send their children to school. i'm just, i'm calling. i have 5 children, 2 of the teenagers don't go to school any longer. they work at a hair salon and da cafe to help us pay bills. they are among the victims of lebanon's, economic collapse, and skyrocketing inflation that has particularly affected children. a recent study by the un child agency, unicef shows 3 and 10 households have cut spending on education for and 10 have been forced to sell household items to buy basic goods. $7.10 have had to
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buy food on credit or using borrowed money. the united nation says living conditions have deteriorated dramatically and just a few months with more children going to bed hungry and not receiving the health care they need. i never seen a guy who was mother noticed in this country before. but the recent that i witnessed by myself a child who is really suffering from malnutrition. so those are the mothers and fathers who are being forced to take this, but it majors only because they need to survive. omar daily is among them. this vegetable fellow used to be able to support his family before the financial meltdown began 2 years ago. not any longer. the one and that means alisha nan hulu, are among what the un says are the 260000 children of school age whose education is
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at risk. their father tells us the priority is to feed them or anemone or that of other non medicine. i can't send them to school every day because i don't make enough to give them pocket money or to buy the books stationary on all other items they need in antiquity. hundreds of thousands of children are already living without the basic needs being met. and the lack of political will to change a system that has inflicted misery on the population means the crisis is set to worsen center. their alger theatre, beirut, the head of the european commission, says officials will blacklist transport companies involved in trafficking people to the e. you around 7700 migrants have arrived in the block fire belarus this year or so from the lion says she's coordinates, coordinating with the u. s. u. k. and canada on further sanctions against the better russian government. valerie says it has sent more migrants back to their home countries on repatriation flights, but hundreds are still trapped in freezing conditions at the polish border. a
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particularly cruel form of hybrid threat has emerged with a state sponsored instrumentality, zation of people for political ends. this is not a bi lateral issue of poland. lat friendly swanner with bella was it is the european union as a whole that is being challenged. this has been initiated and organized by the luke ankle regime and its supporters uring people to the border with a corporation of migrant smugglers and criminal networks, steadfastness only belew side of the border well, conditions in this can peer are getting harsher and harsher by today. it was freezing overnights in the last couple of weeks, but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. not very much, be feeling very cold. this place is not or
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someone can live with it, like children living inside this building is the warehouse not for living. this is how they're getting some water. this is how people are washing their clothes in the middle of the month and know where they go to the toilet. there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many are cramped to get money, or coughing. money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created, they leave to the back door, officials take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess. we are not going anywhere. we keep waiting until germany takes them in. and there's not a group who at night, tries to fill, sneak into the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult in this winter here. it is really cold temperatures. people
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have died already trying to cross and so it's a very desperate situation. a 6 person has died after a man drove a car into a christmas parade on sunday. in the us city of walker show in wisconsin. the prosecution is seeking a $5000000.00 bail for 39 year old darrell brooks. he's appearing in court and we charged with intentional homicide or the 60 people, including children were injured in the instant. november is black conscience, month in brazil, which was the last country in the americas to abolish slavery. it's 1988 constitution made promises to amend the wrongs of the past. but 3 decades later, black brazilians are still battling for equal rights as monica. yet to care for reports, for munger chiva, this meeting takes place every november in the settlement of slave descendants. it's a moment to relieve stories of brazil's dark and silence path. she loves romance.
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many say slavery is over so, but we still feel its consequences or can undergo a lot of pressure to leave that lance, which are rightfully ours. 60 to families live in the sky. long women got sheba, 130 kilometers from the city of rio de janeiro. it's one of the $5000.00 communities scattered around brazil, billed by former slaves. many of them had run away, hiding from their masters. the 1988 constitution gave their descendants the right to claim their lands and keep their traditions like small scale farming. c that's easier said than done the munger. tuberculosis has been at the center of a battle with an investment company that wants to build a resort on it's lance isaac university on which will not negotiate our history, nor our rights were only here today because we resisted otherwise would have been kicked out. until recently, people who live here, we're not allowed to win toward leave the settlement freely. they were stopped at
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the gate built by the company and force to hand over 50 per cent of their produce. that changed when they were put under state protection laws that are barley brothers, jo gillam, boiler. we stepped in because their lives were being threatened and are still at risk. the eco invest company doesn't allow the electrical company to install electricity in the colombo. it devolved phillipe, he blames the lack of electricity for the death of his oldest daughter, olivia. she had leukemia and needed medicine which had to be stored in a refrigerator. but we couldn't have one because we had no light. earlier this year, the man got achumba, columbus scored an important victory. the brazilian state finally recognized its plans, which include landmarks of the settlements difficult past. these are the ruins of one of many plantations in rio de janeiro that thrived until brazil became the last american nation. to abolish slavery, in 1888. your zonal dameon was,
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takes her son to the places where their african ancestors were forced to work. slavery may have ended 133 years ago, and blacks in brazil now up number wise. but the struggle for equal rights, she tells him, is far from over monica. and now give al jazeera munger at sheba, ah, top stories and i'm 0. the u. s. has teamed up with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to release all reserves. they're trying to bring down petrol prices and combat soaring inflation. he was president joe biden says, the release weren't sold global supply issues overnight, but it will make a difference announcing that the largest ever release from the us strategic petroleum reserve tell, provide a supply we need.


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