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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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new heights joint has been cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked the package now at canton ways. dot com. oh, i don't know, tanner, and under the touch stories era, the u. s. has teamed up with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to release oil reserves a trying to bring down petrol prices and combat soaring inflation. years president joe biden says release weren't so global supply issues over night, but it will make a difference. and monopolies that the largest ever release from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve tell, provide a supply we need as we recover from this pandemic. in addition, i brought together other nations to contribute to the solution, india, japan,
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republican korean, the united kingdom have agreed to release additional oil from their reserves. and china may do more as well. this coordinated action will help us deal with the lack of supply, which in turn helps ease prices. the bottom line. today we're launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil and effort that will span the globe and has reached the world. health organization is warning that could be another 700000 deaths from 19 in europe by march. a daily rate has doubled since late september. in the netherland some patients are being taken over the border to germany to ease pressure on hospitals. german government is considering new restrictions, one infections, they're hit, record highs, some officials, according for public spaces to be restricted to vaccination people. or those who recently recovered from kevin 19 investigations have begun in bulgaria into the worst bus crash in its history. at least 45 people, including 12 children,
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were killed when it caught fire and was carrying tourists from north macedonia. jurors in the us state of georgia now considering their verdict in the trial of 3 men charged in the killing of ahmad aubrey. demonstrations have gathered outside the court in brunswick, calling for them to be convicted of murder. the 3 men who white are accused of chasing down and killing aubrey, who was an unarmed black men out jogging in their neighbourhood. ahead of the european commission says officials will blacklist transport companies involved in trafficking people to the you. almost $7700.00 migrants arrived via bell rouge this year. 100 to trapped and praising conditions along the border with poland. i'm one use in about half now. not as get back to our world of palestinian is really crime wave. thanks for watching bye for now. ah ah, organized crime within israel,
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palestinian community is on the increase. and tom or i'll miss holl of al jazeera arabic, is examining wine in 2020 a record. 96 murders were reported almost double the figure of 5 years before everyone's agreed on the numbers, but not on the reasons why they're increasing, even among israelis before in the whole short shamperdeen an alternate level. when be slow? yes, pal, been much amicably. me will be in the much of the company, marvin of if are mean i mr. art i, those were him of him. k u, v look is a him, shitoria article and short latino families walheim shalon, avalon associates the emit. she inevitable when you deem loving a fellow she near early fun, him sha kits, him archie. i'm star, professor data push im luca hotels mom must of cynthia lisky vis
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it living in the palestinian city of omar farm can be risky. solomon al maria is a former mare and survived an assassination attempt in january 2021. he's only too aware of the risks of combining activism with public office. the city's current mer opposes the criminal gangs, but says he only has limited powers to use against them. not all of us, not in nor m a d o d m a full do i have a dream? i learned that if and the daughter had a dream always lava napa lava and i've been in the middle of half me then he didn't move to hello. hello louis. have had you them all added well that in 15 minutes really had water met the fraud in the early animal did in the hill, her pump it in will be at home. all the one pick some of the real, the image for him. if well, if it's an old off will tell why they're sitting shop best seller, sell a pallet,
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them because you find it and it's a, let me know other issue and highly of, i mean have she? yes, the queen missile dean. she love with shalanda about half of it. so how low they or chill she my my team will have to go when the thought of them to be calm as a buying this issue for sure. mommy hailey look actually might have all of it but bunny stop. the figures however. tell a different story. according to the times of israel, there was 71 killings among palestinian israelis in 2018. 89 in 201996 in 2020. this is 5 times higher than the murder rate in jewish areas. one of them is that the mr. medical esteem can have more than a more man away
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a step. if most of the medical of fini mimicry adapt was the fact that he was the for the close minded, but you can call it cfc. the war him call him holly, who i call them in the most because it's the last thing i will. how it up is, i'm in one of them at the haughty, what can be more of the, how late, what i've done is stated that the mecca, the cfc good is valid. now you can corn beyond the law for a sofa. we don't the waffle more had his clear death cfc here kind of offline walkable because in hub for lead. welcome bob. this about the soft cf. you want to shut off the mary. when the shop harvey could many tamar than a man of berea. why he suspected the israeli security services were involved the need for them. okay. it them fi. i'm our finance. i just on
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assault vienna. i do that the we are legit. mojave off or salt off enough system. okay. somehow the law has looked at me. see that if you don't know when i talk about that much about the young man, mac, and i mean it, we may have a physical morocco illegal. do the end, the iran comes with am not conscious am limits when jerry was the last level, the victim jimmy had i didn't know that that will sell. why don't we sell the medina muscle on shelf in on x oxley? yes, that is the of the highest had he men i knew it was still if a lot to lick had he in. do you have to suffer yet? bury them though you are when this law says that is why the most
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honest such as a leader of the notch of on the local shame. money left the sheila medina, a foot we've got a big misleading quality. ma, i'm not sure why slummy a whole ship command komatt elisha, my limit of donald commodity shall apply, slamming. you'll be met. i met him in a similar still that i met could a little little bit but of the human cost of organized crime among palestinian israelis. israeli reported 21 year old mohammed nasa. buddy was the 4th member of his family to be murdered in the space of 18 months. he was shot dead in normal farm. the day he was murdered, he returned from a protest against a violent crime and a lack of and his railey government. response to it. no one the bible has yet
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have is truthful. what it does look at that if then him at home, can yonah budnick gets a young yamaha al jazeera asked the israeli police if in the week before mohammed danbury is murder. on the 22nd of january 2021. any of their units had entered the victim's family home to search for weapons? they replied, saying that their investigation did not find that a search was carried out as indicated by our request. ah, there is clear evidence that the murder rate in palestinian israeli towns and cities is increasing these communities also think that the israeli police could do more about it. but it's not so clear what motivates the gang members themselves?
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why do young people get involved? how do they choose their victims? and most importantly, where do they get their weapons from? one man who, being a gang member for around 15 years, agreed to speak on condition that his identity be concealed. darlin cur is wrong regardless of her through you. she receivable sorted follows, well, we'll talk fun of them. well, fusion lou isn't for an undetermined hurdle around for dog. secular bushel while the has how you learn on them. so brooklyn hung on a bottle for know those just will read. hold. good. all just will be no, sir, for no reason why we're so. mm hm. when the little little one is on us, why you knew i sent him the a little small. he's our boy. you should do a little bit on this one we have,
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a shout back and be a whole visit on the done before mr. billet damage, though, even on the spot in mommy darcy, mushroom lecture. no hurry, that's crucial to me. star. i mean, how much the only show don't we start our fear in the land? nobody or how does that work? just as soon as you know, we was robbing us and it was really nice. and you must have been in the mob all that much. i can go, how do you you see i'm a little bit mr. roberts off it journey live honey thought of attorney harlow. we saw we saw the door room. we should do it all or we do have an issue. we want to talk a little one on the market at that. ha, ha, ha. name my law in with our name, he joe was cease shame hailey cannabis. actually all i am
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a shot back. let me start the shaheen, but talk for him very much of the of, and the local ship. see holly or jessie. come on load that. put him on the duke. her com with the hendrick showing. you can feel the patient. i love that asi bah shanisha tara moment scully, the more deadly that the aim of thumb can feel. al jazeera, contacted the israeli police for a response to the allegation that they collude with palestinian crime syndicates. it also asked them to respond to the allegation that it's not doing enough to protect palestinian israelis from the activities of palestinian crime syndicates. a police spokesman replied, saying, these accusations have no basis, please railey police operates incorruptible through the year for the personal safety of the citizens of the country. while it's doing so,
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one of the main goals that plays railey police have laid to its doorstep is a violence and arab society plays really police operates extensively against all criminals, including the seizure of illegal firearms, arrests on filing charges against them. israel police will continue to act with all means at august supposedly in order to treat the scourge of violence. one of the most controversial aspects of this whole issue is where the palestinian gangs get their weapons. reports say that around full $100000.00 unregistered weapons or in circulation. these reports and statements by israeli officials say that 90 percent of these arms and ammunition is stolen from israeli military camps. in january 2021. these railey army admitted that around 93000 bullets had been stolen from
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a training base in southern israel. this was an odysseus raid on a large military base, whether have been several alleged thefts in the past decade. liam can anew from valid alert. mon kilo fuko ahead. why here and the home. yeah. live on the moon. i you know? yes, i was other fella woman. i was family bala, mom who had had about married and i was family and as you know, as well as well me aiela, moon valley for homeless clinical home have telephone like at home. now, why couldn't you let me out if you feel out of what is? yeah, i would imagine some me some over the know and i thought caro in let me let me still wait, but speak me. well, the only thing that the volume i will love in me more. we do have an issue mima,
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we could talk to like, what do we have the seller and demo, what just the, the, who the tim the call comes up. so how can i, when i can and, and i don't know how the your, what does the muslim does that does the man has in july and did may june, who nocka co op loaner got to love the ugly, probably a cedar. what will soon oh so who little soon he well top on at the water other item i'll get you fun and was re me and anal fairly. it will hardly hear us. i've been an older hearse from clearness, mcgarr me son m a 100 son. mig in the vault there are hug of again they voted to me, but so gum disorder and it'll show me much of oklahoma shamar. no, i could. the social call him in they go mean mazata of bed to him, of embedding shinagle similar mcdonald's on their machine per se. michel been more
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people can check on that person, but her them perfect. lucia. when all of our fish rebellious warfare wrestler from arbor look soon called me earlier, high blood new simple case. the duster of when in the review with liberal was heard were more wounded, was to the sla windemere slower good miracle going warm up soon? this is brooklyn, warm of so on of ashes. oh, hello, good remodeling news. sorta all amone's little. they're not eligible suit. of a lot of them are now know about don't lose asms. horrible. my was as a ruble will be girlfriend, her sla, hulu, or uber. luxury, a little issue from didn't obey levels of the on the morphine owen, al jazeera, contacted the israeli army about the fact of large numbers of weapons from israeli
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military cans that allegedly ended up in the hands of palestinian crime, gangs in israel. it also asked about collaborate as within the army, said to be operating in israeli military base. is there replied, saying incidents of theft and attempted theft from closed military zones and training bases in the south by israeli citizens are recurring. incidence, which the i v f and the israeli police are actively working to prevent they added protection and security surround the idea of faces are constantly and continuously being improved and upgraded as evidence to such the frequency of poor theft from and breaking the idea of basis is steadily declining in february 2021, then israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced a new strategy to combat increasing violence in arab areas of israel. he pledged
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$32000000.00 us dollars for the plan, which he said would remove weapons and reduce crime. netanyahu appointed a retired police major general, a har on franco to implement the plan. franko is a controversial figure, who previously called palestinian israelis, quote, ungrateful for clashing with police lows of the on the die in lamb on us. the more i must have than a friend who i thought it was for me all 3 meant the 305 that the a lot of the for the living and i am lacking. i in yeah. team and as elementary. medford, oregon. yeah. any more, like a normal normal hope. parr. how cool meal i'm okay for her to the sharing a sure to us one. be doing mushroom or be doing better. amish would be door hot. yeah. ship. and to was jerry. yes. and that look at it was very me as you until i
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happened was, i mean i was have had you off it was or had you, how can i ask any pain channel or that sort of law. one is a thin thin it macalester. i'm with beer, isn't i'm not about under a warmer in thorn and wanted a little more moments of had the loss. elena, what is your fell if the for her there from go, the fall will have libya feeling a long for you, but we started out of it develop model model for both of them. medical cool little part on a back as i was in religion career. the more affordable is him or mar, 4th of on a layer will be enough. al jazeera asked major general franco to be interviewed, but he declined. ah, early 2021. thousands of palestinian israelis protested against what they said was a deliberate lack of action on organized crime by the israeli police. the protest has expressed a little confidence in the new israeli crime fighting plans. one palestinian
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research said it was not a solution, but rather quote, a mockery of the situation. ah, a german, one of them had a scenario practical. mister mindful of seni, webinar theory. the fecal much them and philosophy. me, you're good. heather. mr. mark. good though. thought alam was, you had a csf at the museum, was it for you? the book and he will shave shy, you will have all of it. so middle him, a mildness multi binge to vote the been the glueck mounted deena and was rightly yet what if i need a ride to the id? him it would be another a silly ha none. you get an yahoo! lucila hun, i'd be dunphy and wisdom out villas, lini lakin. how does ella yoman say a gourne katahdin is to what you see ya, dolo labriola dolan, it's a radio. why does i as, as the who d shall shave?
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ah no. other of him, a law, zoom a gear, look on mccomb. of a out of him. the came sham with enough to throw it away or sort of al gum i you will deal with him leo. love inches. he gave me a good a lasting solution to this problem that's acceptable to both sides. still seen some way off. the increasing death toll has a tragic human cast and the perceived failure of the israeli police to confront the su, exacerbating arab israeli tension. it remains to be seen whether a horon franco's initiative will address a problem that continues to blight palestinian israeli society today.
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ah there is no channel that covers world news like we do. we revisit places the state of missouri really invest in that. and that's a privilege, as a journalist with, [000:00:00;00]
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with as you know, australia is considered to be a big desert, but you wouldn't think so last 23 weeks and that much the spring has been very wet and this indicates he's going to carry on that same vein as an active frontal system, thunderstorms, with tropics, all the way down to tasmania. the concentration which is hidden effective in the red does it center has already produced flooding. it'll do the same in south australia in new south wales, in queens and, and possibly for the south. in victoria. as you know, the orange things indicate pretty deep thunderstorms, and they are widespread that they've left behind dry weathering west. now straight
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about how we get to assist i city to narrowing pers pretty warm is in the twenty's in most other places. and the opposite season also tucked in quite nasty skin dry. in mr. china, about ne monsoon, which is seasonal, will just enhanced the rain for a bit longer in vietnam and cambodia and increased the i think on the eastern side of do solomon has been equally in carla, but that's gone for the cyrus now as for india, but as you know, there's been an awful lot of circulation around particularly tumble. neither is funnels his chin art. this is seasonally normal, but this circulation here hints that we might get a bit of a risk from flooding in sri lanka over the next 2 or 3 days. ah, with the story of a small community in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just this united,
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the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how children's elders led the fight, the self determination residing at that time, thinking that the not coast was the same as thinking of trans government. hi, the people on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the al jazeera news. i live from london coming up the u . s. as it will release millions of barrels of oil reserves. joining forces with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to try to bring down soaring prices. europe's cobra emergency, the world health organization says 700000 more people could die by march,


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